The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 24, 1931 · Page 6
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 6

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 24, 1931
Page 6
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EF* DAILY nWB, ntEDDIGE. *D.. THTJMDAY. DECEMBER 24, 1931. SEASON IN Jfl Dip G. L. BAKERS TO MEET IU BHI HOUSE OF DAVID NEXT I Local Expected To Show Improvement In Form. Death Took Heavy Toll In Sports World Wobblv hfieid Bolstered Spending Casn. By NEW CONTRACT FOR RUTH I ^nprovnneni ts expect- j fi. _n 'h pwav of · v -* G L Bakers when t ~ev *rgntH :beir second appear di' t tie- s'.*·« \r23~--' 'AV_;.t-da\ D*- *mtotrr 30 ' Th* tease ·»_ .-a-.e pstrt pated :n ,sr»- . eraZ »on saali lacited ^s :."« "rft ?an-e ncre Tr.- B.*.'rs ?-a'-..c*3 la b-r-c.e ,,: a.' fe.i. th* Nr preser.; a - r ti. -3 --Hi-, ^i sprat a :- S-'^ter a wabb'.v ts- York Yankees should 2-- f-ont :a the 1932 J.-cs Si. K^ 1 · ~ -»" : -" = = second b^esi". ::.n: S Pi"! arid Frank Crose.i - *.i3 2r.r-i£..t a fancy price ·i- a :. n-m ::rai San Francisco, are · -- ci - c" - ""EC Vansaer Jot Mc- C*r;V. _i a-" rs to l._s fo-ipe Laripn To Go sa -JE3-. e-_- .:.':oduj' on :i a Yan:' ' -- r--a:ctec, w!i: mark it ' i- iJ-iit'jjas 1on LH- cay -n the Stiver Spriras arrr.orr. me* ! me Pr.lla!elp.'ila Pros c-7ni~Aiei of i p.vrson ard other colge *lars B--* *i N-ii Oro.c !E3!.jfr T.C Joe -v c«il*r for tie Ba'xe-s Lick of * big fait cent«r is the :rw w*«jcness cf the :*«rr., b-t xie ii p-c:.-sfd be.'o-e rex*. A"ck Gr«}.e J .ri "-cx-ch *ith High Hake fotner Ofttisburs Co-'ce '-ip-off *.*r an- ,£ t~ ".'-? t»~) £rt Red · L'tcra ace o: t.Tr B\."w»-c C»5 ''/..c ' fi "o n- *n ci'.ner :.· 'her a ' ^r · -c u'^x. If it makes '·}; ;-adc .-. S'JT- Ln. Larv All: be j~.::ed t- · r iM'. corner I*.- a G«ir; aad Babe RJth again will mpply tae b.g punch Ben Chapman. -;e leagues l^acm? base st*aler. prom- .-es to g:ie :e fars mc-e and bett^' It * planned to u 1 * ln ..IT ;jmp«K! cr.v amlnst '".' Han- o\er IV-'-Min J' s-a-ci ·'·:? '* tn D ct St.---t5 M-'\I("t3"TM.n 'i a ^rcat ·Ixc nian and uls t.ic cordi ·* t!: :ne , ocst ol ih«K5 Wi'n btreejcs he should j g.'.e the Ba«rs a strong d*fetta.\e xun- and citner Banta or j 'or- x o Contract \\orry Tec cQ^a-OJiig subject o". :ne Bamboos r.-.-a. ccr'rac: is no- oothering c.ab cSc-ais. Tney expect iiirn to sign for less than $30 000 and enjoy another fine year. With R j t t Chapman and Earle CoraS a-yar. tltc ngular outfield posw anc Saaircy Byre. Myrii Hoag and Allen Coofce in reserve, the Rup- rurtiaeri offer a splendidly ses of gardeners, The ca'xh-ns staff. *".th Bill Dickey and Amdt Jergeri* a;a!r. -eady to di- iice tae wors. lea-ves McCarthy nothing to -Rorry about Gomez, Hill "Ace" Oolabla't wtl. c--.'--.ui- to p av 'vardf IrvLsmuch as B^".*-. r. .ist , ·ear's cracfc s .ara -^ v.yi 'i 'h tc ^ A'* here last At-c :' is '.eo' ' ·"C-ibtlul if h" *;il :· er.jaK'ti bj the j Bakers ; House Of David Next. j It is very .,selj t lat tne House of j David will '. iml^n t!w opposition here ' WcJr.e.«iaY njtnt Gro-.^ has been in J tCJ r h »it.i tlicni .me! etpocts a vi:re lias the dite today The Da- , are a unique attract-on with the.r balanced ; onffp black beards, bat they can also , pla-. basketball A mcmtcr of »he club is. Gene Arcnt, a s'ar o! the Cleveland Fa\oritc Knits la*t sta.'ior. They are at present plajing in New Jcrs- and Pennsylvania MARYLAND TO OPEN WITH WISCONSIN FIVE i I Old Line Team To Make Trip To Madison. CoSeg* Pari, Dec. 23--University of Maryland's Basketball team S* patttegr I :r tensive *ork at College Park for Ha opening gaase of tae seasoc with |the powerful CrdversJty of Wisconsin i quint a-. Mhrttsoc on December 30. ! The Obi Liners bare been toiliaff ', ·a:tbout the serriee o? Charlie May, one i of their regular g"jards who »·« taken | a «ob as m»«»Mn Curing the holidays, ' and the r^.pr** are th« he wffl not be i :r. coadlUoc to make the trip to Madi- 'soc. la the meantime, Buckey Buacber from last season's freslsnsaa team. 1* in at May's pia.ce and probably be in the starting Une-up against the Badgers ""'«» the veteran gets bacfc tato practice. _ With May out, the Okl T.-in« Tdstty i quintet has been lining up as follows: JEd Ronkia and Shorty Chalmers, for- 'wardB; Jack Norra, center; Bozie Berger and Buckey Buscher, guards. The second -.earn, opposing tn the practice sessions, has been as follows: Bob Wilson and Spencer Chase, forwards: Hufus Vincent, center; Frenchy ! Cohen and Wilbur Wnght, guards. Roniuj. Chalmers. Norris and Berger were regulars on the 1931 Southern Conference championship quint. Wilaon and Cohen were reserves with thai squad, while Bascher, Vincent and Wright came up from las; year's cubs. The Old Liners, in charge of Coach | H Burton Shipley, will leave for Madison next Tuesday afternoon arriving shortly after noon on Wednesday. .Meny Christmas^ To All CU.Mis-:-.,.-. unnn:: \x.v JOH.NSON BARNARD Death took its to!! of national sports -spicuous diamond personalities to die resulting from an injury Sir Thomas gurcs during 193! BaEebaii -A as the The entire sports -aorkJ was shocked Lipton perennial challenger cf American and E W Edward Harris' Frederick A's are not oarry Herrmann, former o-*ncr of ihe r one of its best grapplcrs when Stanley rnon CSomcz. the cool Cist!'.*an. who expected to ca-.ort o;i ;.".c local board* Cincinnati Hcds. were the most con- S'asiak succumbed to blood poisoning last jcar Ir his first lull mapr league 'cealn ur.f.l alter tnc Srst. or the j«ir letes. died at his home in Youngstown. Ohio. November 29. bems in- j cpldce the City League · ace i - _ _ . He should rc'-t.^e sarac valuable help from CharLe Ruffing. George Pipgras. Gordon Rhodes, Ed Wells. Henry Johnson. Herb Pcnnack and a trio of newcomers. John Murphy. John AUcn and Waiter Ero%T AZcn. recalled J'orr. Toronto, was the ·FORMER COLLEGES TO IN FINAL BATTLE MAY FORM COUNTY LEAGUE FOR BASKETBALL SEASON Thurmont Independents Make Suggestion For Loop. At the suggestion of the Thuimont Independents bastetball team a move- , I to be started -attain | with an eye to organizing a county league. It is planned to invite Brunswick. Middletown and Smmitsburg from the county and the Y M C A and Cresap's Rifles from THE FREDERICKTOWN SAVINGS INSTITUTION BANKERS FOB OVER 100 TEAKS Friday and Saturday, December 25 and 26, 1931, are Legal Holidays. GETS NEW AUTO CITY BOWXIXG LEAGCE One Bob Melts Glirn (. ir Tor I-ulI Of Holes. I A new automobile is the Cnrlstmas . . . - , ,,..!,. i nr fMirr pre.«.*nt of tne city or Fort Worth, Texas w resr and -oo« re^dj .or £ ^^ Q ^^ manaser o f the ! cosrjvany Frederick baseball trim ~f the Blue ! Ridge League in 19J9 nrui 1930. Wells j u now living In Fort Worth where he | is employed as sales manager for a j large salt companj He has definitely j renred from basebaii Fort Worth presented Wells *'«:5i a i Hudson car «-vr-j"v w'-cn Yesterday's Results. D..inior.dr defeated Sporis. Game Monday. D'air.onds ts G L Baking Co. ' The Diamonds moved back into first pUce in the City Bowling League Wed- , r.esday night by defeating the Sports to ' Will Be Seen In F. A. C. And ail three games of a match rolled on ! :ne Diamond ailes. Tne one-sided defeat j Celtics Game Lineup. ,01 the Sports was somewhat of a sur- Game Tuesday. B..Kcry MANHATTAN COLLEGE SIGHS CHICK MEEHAN'- Game Wednesday, Eagles \s. Friendship? Game Thursday. C-s'al I-«undr- \- S;orts ·cominuBicate with O J Dubel. manager of the Thurmont team, and a meet- tn* will be called to effect an organ!- j aation- It is felt that; a league win ' fee necessary to maintain interest in !-basketball in the county. In the meantime Thurmont is busy Srise since they ime been rolling wel! j Georgetown. Alabama. Ohio State. ' .^h^easonVto Bhfe R% Inmmtt " Tuesday composed of ,,.-.... Thurmont high school stars ·=tars wnen the Frederics Athletic Club ! -_,,j OI1? those working out are: Earl and g-.d machine meets St Mar's Celtics t " toe c'eao^r Boo and "2un" Ambrose, of Ale^ar-dna. va. at McCurdy Field ' Closer! Fleagle, Hengest, ShaSer, PeeJ. Sunday afternoon at C 30 o'clock. The i .Managers" wanting games are requested champions of the South At-\~ in ,,,- j^ touch with Manager Dnbel at STIEFF'S SILVER Rose, Puritan and Clinton Patterns FULL LINE CARRIED IN STOCK EXCLUSIVE AGENT FOB FREDERICK JAMES E. DOLL JEWELER FOB OVEB 60 YEAES -?ason. Charlie Myers turned in ocst total for the single game, aita US Jesuit institution Gets Former machine «as rdo'txi *.tn bulicls d-irir.K N. Y. U. Coach. Standing of the Clubs. W 30 3- 10 '0 is 15 J l Jl 32 35 Hi-t M crs C-istlc . Pet F^her . 769 Phillips 763 Spurrier The score. Diamonds (1.631! 128 103 138 .. pistol duel between a white man and ! ntgro. Mrs Weiis had rarkcd the car Dsarr.or.os _ _ ;p. the municipal pjrkins gr^'ind while Hustlers Yors Ucc "3 -- John T Chick) at'endkij: the mcn:cs IP. i.:e meantime G L Baking Co. ileehar. roecn: y resiRiwd as head a white man and :-.eTMo bp-ame rmhro.l- Cn.stal Laundr\ coach ol ioo,oa/. at N-ew York Univcr- 'cd :n an argiirpciit ai^d wr'ed to fsre Spar's s.:y. toGay -a-as appointed director of at each other i G a r b c r ^ Bakery _pnyiica: cd-ca^o^. and head football The negro fled and too* refugf in the c-oacc at Manhattan College, a Jesuis Wells' automobile The body of the car icst.tut on In the upper Bronx wus riddled with bullet perforations Meenan succeeds John Law. Notre and the negro fntaLv injured. The white F^rda So Dora too'-c a old In- 'Keefer ca^ta-ri irt :92S. who aruiDUnccd _ man was -Rounded but Is recn\enng in ' *a d for better ^r n.-»c ' .Gcisier -T, :o trc s':rp-je of Manhattan, j a hospital the rr.atlr to t h e ' Phil No hc ' V A r..n; f ^ r *or-c but :.-^t he »;s rot rc - uming as coach He attention of the For: Worth ofE^als ' nc go; beticr -- Answer. i.a.d b«a T.erc two jeais H^ contract __ r.S of ihis season 533 To'als 300 Fry ..'38 Specht.. .186 'Renn Nash . .. Totals 101 101 .. 91 123 Sports (1.113) 84 107 81 . 86 91 ill 89 360 90 93 105 88 9? 97 laaLc Pro Football League and one of J gy the best elevens in thj section, are faiored to put a deep dent in Freder, i^k's othcrw^e excellent record, but 103 123 519 Sentence Suspended , Sentence was suspended m United. "Nig" Grove, manager of the local states District Court Wednesday on Dr. c'ub. wants to ghe fans of this city j charies M. Schmidt. LaytonsvIIle. charg- a 'oc'-t at a "big league" team .n action " " " .ind ha» scheduled tae Celtics in the I .ast same -- 103 449 473 491 iieehar. rc^.rr-cd .it Xcw Vork Uni- i ~r as rcs.snal.on because he ITvp--...- -ho piper sale, of ' xyoa.1. -- c- ids a.«V--"n of .ai ---.; rniert-.nrr.T.t o: p-os- [BRUSHING UP SPORTS . . By Laufer| Ai i.:?.- Mcehan ' C r e s -T.i --·· .-- rrc vr-.rre i:e 'h t T bo-.s a :ooa .-·»* r" -'t srrc^^ced Mec--»~s s-:Do You Remember O--c ^ * r Vso T »..rr a 73 _ prescribing narcotics and then = them himself He was placed on I probation for two years by Judge Wil- 9 , ' The Celtics moppeG up e\ery:hing in j,^ c coleman. Judge Coleman said 9 g their path this season. *ith only a ] r vas " pure -iy a me-3ic*l case and that 8S 'icore!ess tie with Ir-.-ington marring | memi)srs o j the medlcsi profesrion had their otherwise perfect record All of j agreed to s- that Dr. Schmidt got ul ; their stars eicept Les McSIenamin and treatmenfc . Joe Sweeney will be in uniform. The ' visitors have Skinny Prtce and Hens- f icy Brothers, who have played with ' Frederick several times during the sea- jsoa. Grew and McCann from Georget 5 town. Rasiowitz. ex-Pittsburgh tackle: ! jKresge. former Wisconsin guard: Deroo. | slast season's C C center ace: Myers. 1 Alabama backfleld luminary- Chnst- ,ianson. Utah star of :929. and Turner I from Pittsoureh. Afcsiral De-aey. the teams plar.ging back, w^ll also play. ' Against sucn a formidable lineup of , _ 1 e\-collcge stars. Grove expects to use 12 . T.t same players who rolled up a 31-0 ^corc against Brunswick last week Dick | ' ihe Quantico Marine who did such spectacular broken field runnaig , u: the Bnnswick game, will be station- ! cd at halfback along wiUi little Ray i Johnson. Buck Alexander will cavort at , f jllback and Grove at quarterback. Tisn jRacey. last year's star end. will be in uniform Sunday Ke was out against · y ·36 Railroaders with a sprained arikie · y On the other end will be Tom Ogle Stcelo. Kea. Dav.s. sjsncacrs aad Esterly will round out the forward wan. Game Here Tomorrow A-wl^r "scrub" gisie s ;ch as was r.ayed Thanfcssn-.^s Day w.ll be play- ca SDrr.^ig at Bafcer Pars by .-.e Y. M. C A. cleve- and tr« Fred- ^ Trojans The ^ scheduled '^r :0 o'clocit. The teams are composed cf local a'liletes with aspirations Of 'ufarc grid gliry The Y. M C A will start ·a^-i Fisher. Bwc-s, Alaugh. Z-n-.mcrnian Jases. iloss Hr.odcrlck. fr.^emsker. Best, Oyas aad KTinc The T-" sr^ ^ill ase O S-ffcpe. Bus- M-G K;-TI-«OIS S:zle-. Crc^ccr Powell Cr-~ - 3»" XI-T"!". Ard D H.-c. r ~ - raT" ,-.-'_ ; s '-ar. 1 .r;- -r -; .-·-«· r -^ ~"-- ^s~. ~... oo a THE POST A Joyous Holiday S Is Our Sincer For You Frederick Motor C THE NEWS (ETeninf) Frederick County's Home -Vc .-. Css.; :83--^-.rd T-^' 03-. -. 2 .- -.103 S-- C-.- -\ ^r of th" Y M C A e.-rcr. ^ s? - * Girrn "·.\t-u-: .^c'sv v.acer i 1 :* 1 Ft-cers «i C^r.t-cs ^rssf.'ed :\o .?f -r: apr - and a '^- Trrat ,. -.-::-. j cclcrpa Cr-5",rnis treat -·j?p.c--5 of the i^ c^..d was :x.?.«*. randy. To t'-.c son or daughter - v c y a: c^il'-ge: to a ·"- -TJ.] v.n A "^as a former resident of Fred- cr.;k or to anyone. Hood C^llSKe s'-cersts J«r- Vic send an attractive cs.ri to tlte person trbo is to receive the paper. a cenerous y -~ir Mcl.v Wise and Mrs. Ssurrdtrs had charge of t..e distributor. i Ir. t.^o lArarr at Cc-^t 'hT -' a manuscrspt. Of ,tca ji go.d letters od a serpents SUBSCRIPTION RATES Three Months $1.00 One Year. $4.00 Give Electrical Xmas Gifts They Are Most Useful Our Store Will Be Open Every Evening Until Christmas SHOWING A COMPLETE tIXE OF TOASTERS PERCOLATORS | WAFFLE IRONS I ELECTRIC CLOCKS | EASY WASHERS I ^ UNIVERSAL AND HOTPODTP g ELECTRIC RANGES S ^ GENERAL ELECTRIC REFRIGERATORS | The MODERN LIGHTING CO. | , _ 216 North Market Street $ | If Frederick, Md. §

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