The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 23, 1932 · Page 1
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 1

Frederick, Maryland
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Monday, May 23, 1932
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rnHB WEATE05B FOW8CAS? FOB 1 MARYIAND: Pair tonight and Tuesday. Not mocb change In temperature. Last Edition PRICE--TWO TEN PAGES FREDERICK, MD., MONDAY, MAY 23, 1932. VOL. LV. -- NO. 187. Full NEA Service. Me*ns Assactoted Press. WATER AND NOT INTOXICANTS IN AUTOISTS'BOTTLE Elected Bishop Disputanta. Va., Man Acquitted \ At Hearing In Peoples ! Court. EXPLAINS WHY HE DROVE ON SIDEWALK IN TURNING Raymond Toms, Near Wolfs- ville, Sentenced For Giving Wife Black Eye. 'TO FORM UNIT OF ALLIED CITIZENS HERE SATURDAY ING ALL PARTS OF US. Dr. Ira Landrith To Speak In Calvary Church. .PUINAMFEIED Chinese Greet Air Hero's Mother A unit of AlLed C.titens made up oi ai*a aci wotaeix s'ipjxrtSag the ISth amendment s!l be formed here during the All*i Campaigners' MSI', here Sat- at Calvary FLIGHT TO : Circulars Contain Facsimiles Of Ep^ooai Vh^h " Mwhodbt : Guest Of Honor At Luncheon By ' Dr. Ira Landnth, chairniari of U*e" i Xauonal Temperance Cvuncjl. ani oce Two Notes In Lindbergh Kid- * napping Case. ! of the leading champions of the proh:- j Institute Of Journalists. Sren Trat«r has its suspicion-proroi- ing qualities wheri it is in the wrong company, such as a half-pint bolt!*, WiEiam Montgomery, Disputanta, Vs., learned this morning after a thirty-six 3iour delay on a trip to Uniontown, Pa. Wben a strong odor, althoiigh of several hours previous, accompanies the botlie, the impression is worse, especially to the state officer who happened to stop Montgomery on Wist Patrick street early Sunday morning to asi him tor his license. The source of the. wet spots m Montgomery's car could not; be cleared up at the hearing before Justice Bennett in Peoples Court tais morning, except- that Montgomery was sure a drini, he had taken in Washington. D. C., on his way over, had nothing to do with them. "What did look bad was the presence of the *Tr»a" bottle, which, contained water --and gare faiac indication that, it alight previously have contained something els*. But Moses Tucker, z. colored servant of Montgomery's family, and his mother, who were in the car, explained that they were thirsty, tired and some distance from home. Near the Barbara Pritchie bridge they stopped a moment to ask s bystander for water, they explained. There was no dipper; ergo the bottle. The contents were harmless Justice Bennett agreed, when they were shown to 'p^ as evitience today, buz what about ice first brief imbibing? Montgomery was sure he was not affected, so were Mose and his mother. State Officer Quandt aad S. L Rice had beliefs the other way, and Turnkey Ira Rout was doubtful Montgomery esplainad that he ran about two feet on the pavement in turning around because he was unfamiliar with the street and a little frightened. He was given, the beneSs of the doubt and acquitted. S. Austin James was his attorney. Sixty Days For Assault. Raymond Toms, about 35. near Kbifsville, who admitted striking his jrife, Mrs. l.ucy Toms, and giving her She black eye she showed when she testified, was sentenced to 60 days in jail *ad fined SIO. A three-car automobile collision jus; east of Braddock Heights after Saturday night's, rain brought separate traffic charges against Blmer S. Summers and Bruce S. Sepler. botii of Midoleto and Curtis Quackenbush, this ci*y. The cases were held open to tonight. Cars driven by the three men were all trjiv- elinK eastward in the order named, when Summers was said to have assumed a stow rate :* speea, causing Kepler to bump him aad Qaacksnbush to bump Kepler. None of the cars was baE- damaged. OSicxr Quandt ir- restigated. After seventeen ballots had dead-, locked, the General Conference of the ] Methodist Episcopal church at Atlantic City. N. J., for several cays. Rev. Dr.: Ralph Magee (above* o! Seattle, Wash- | mgtoa. was elected a bishop. [ cause, who is touring the country under the auspices of the Allied { ! Forces for Prohibifor.. »ili speak here , i that eiexttrig ar.d v^: present plans for' ijnrip U/ITPD TA HDIIlIlf srganjtation of the ur.i- The forming UODO I l A l l j U t U URlIm , ^^i^^r^ 1 ^ TOAST TO PRES. HOOVER I Allied. Campaigners ha\e undertakes; \ j ', in connection -aith the speaking tour j which they are ROW making. ! Grand Jury In Hunterdon Coun- | "Th* P'TM » b«Eg piBhed all over Mellon. By Her Side. Performs , _ J i the" according -o Dr Daniel. *_ -i- -r i i i /·..,*:, *A. Po!inK. chairman of the Allied ty To Take Up Curtis j CONDON MAKES ANOTHER I TRIP TO NEW ENGLAND Case Soon. INTERCESSORY RETREAT ; A. Poling, chairman of j Forces for Prohibition. "We are go- · ! ing to visit 587 cities and toTvrss before · j the tour ends." i The average enrollment obtained Ceremony With Whiskey And Soda. COURT KILLS ONE ! Trent-on, K. J.. May i culars · wr 23 (AP).--Cir- ! ! during the meetings which the Allied 1 rru-de'-e-d Lindbergh babv were sent to : '-** local !sala ^ "P . ^-- * ' Aibed Citizens are mace up of three : ; lair enforcement officials , the nation today. throughout departments. One -s AUiei headed by Mrs. Jean Eushmore Patter- Mav 23 iAP».--Mrs. Amelia j the first \\oiaar. to ry '. monstrattNi today as efficient at the feminine business of 'hopping as she is at the hird.vr pursuit of fly-ng an j President Wants To Talk With | Them About Economic And Legislative Situation. WOULD SHAPE PUBLIC OPINION THROUGH PRESS i Make-Up Of Croup To Be Along : Strictly Non-Partisan 1 Lines. Coprr-tht. 1932. br T!^r A*s3e:A'.*i Prrssl Washington May 23-- President Hoover has invited a number of newspaper publishers to meet him at the White House next Wednesday nl;ht to discuss :is for aid in both the cur- a Ight breakfast at the Heroic Oath of Robert Short. American flyer '/.iHod fUhtin? f »r Chirj. over rent economic and legislative situations. The circulars conned faeces of -^-^^-^ ^^-^^ ic^^b^.T.h^ ^ i. s^g. she ^^^^^^^^T I n t n e ' ^ ^;:« S^ r^enul | The convocations went forth in , _ , t _ _ i i _-, ' A'lwrf ^f*r* _^o DV KlCfiare! rl. oCOt^TM r . _.» _ _ _ . ««·, . c-« * ^\.'.«-v"-i.»f» owv ..^» .j~ , *. ^i__ .i .. . -- . _ * _ ,, « , _ . * . _ ,, _ _ · ! 1 I · ^.^ served :o have been re- '. Allied Men. led by Richard H. Scott. i^i^^iiss^S^^HHHci ipec off to the West End shopping ter before 9 oVlock. She complied purchases in time u , ,,,, . : attend a luncheon bj the Institute of Bill Of Particulars To Be Fur-; 501 ^ officials « w request in u*; 0 "* «J "f ^f^ ^.^L^* A I,1S i Joun»aM-«d speed had » effect ^ i circulars to search their records in ^ i ^^.^ WJn ^ w " h tne A - JwJ j on her On all sidesshe re- nished On Others. "of 86 loac.ns :ia:i.»nal organizations ira\e his mother. Mr« K'.t»'j«h Short ] the past t»o days. vf Tacornx Wish. or. hrr arrival !r. Shanghi!. f-»r her sjn» fur.e-ril. Mrs Short with another *··!:. ErimT.d. Ls shown above boSnu sn-cttd by Shanghai officials. Ko: I circulars j eSort to determine the identity of the J : author of the notes. -bert was shot after courageously giving battle to three Jap- :es DECISION AT CUMBEEAKD at Great Barrtnston. ceived congratulations on the excel- i lent taste displayed in her etnergcncv | apparel--emergency because wlx-n she ; : landed in Ireland Friday all she had 23 ! Parents Of Eldridse Holler. 14. Form- j with her were the fiyr.g clothes or. her MINISTER'S SON DROWNS i.--Dr. John F. Candon, the "Jafsie" who paid $50.000 in an attemp-t to ef- j eriv Lived Here. j Mrs pm^j,!.], wt)r e a blue wool dress e Holley. 14. son of Rev and : with a fetching vchile neckpiece. Cumbe-land Mav 23 (AP).-- An in- feet the return of the kidnapped Lind- , Edridge -- ..... ........... ,, r ,r -i diciment "charging State Banking Com- · bergh baby, arrived in Great Barrington | Mrs. Watson T. Holley, Woodstock. Va., I Ambis.-5ador Andrew W. Me^on was missioner George \V. Page -snth mal- , today and said he -arouid or feasance in ofSce in connection -s-ith j search for the kidnappers in this vicin- ,he failure of the Cer.-:r3l Trust Com- j ity. Condon left his home in New as drowned in the'shenandoah riv- j present at the luncheon as was SJT , r. a mile east of Woodstock. Saturday ! John Simon. British Foreign Secre: TM T as er ThT^uth had gone to the nver D3TIT O*" liS^TTlSLSQ. W25 ijiiia^iit-vi «-w-^»k*» *···.·- «^. v ».-·«·- .-.- -- - --.«, rf wu ..-- ----.-- _ , _ _ _ -- , _ ,^ _ by the ^1-eganv countv circuit court, j York early in the morning in an auto- with his eider brother. Watson T. Ho!- 1 frratulated the sauung r.yer on "The o-der 'or qaashirig was entered . mobile driver, by 3 one-armed neighbor | fcy. jr.. and several other youths from ! feat, on the defense demurrer to the state's ' but declined to reveal his destination, j Woodstock. He was stnmming below t Using a g-ass of waier. Mrs. Putnam £ Boys' High School Band To .Will Be Held At University O f , Play First Concert. Maryland June 13 To 18. The aim of the Chief Executive is to gain support from the publishers in sliaping public opinion in their respective communities. The make-up of the group will be strictly along non-partisan lines. The number of invitations dispatched could \ not be ascertained taday at the White ! Hou'e. Nor were any of the names obtainable there It was understood, however, that a majority of those invited have their homes within a coniement distance of the national capital. In the view of the President, the con- a-d dd nor affecc o-h«- -'nd He was equally secretive upon hw ar- a bridge in wate between 10 and 15 drank a toast to the President of tne parleys he has held with representatives of other industries and professions. ere unable k tl^ v . »-»l k.-I\- OiV» party from the ! of whiskey and soda. grand jury alons with State Senator j 1-tidnappers in New England would, not j er and others close at hand Zmorv L. Coblentz. of Frederick county. . ciscuss his reasons for coming here, j to rescue him. and other officials of the bank. He said later in the day he plans so j A large rescuing »,_.... ..,,.,, -- , m ,,r»«n rvnuriT nr 111 -rn Tie state was ordered to pasei visit P;:aSeM. town finally located the body. Efforts HOUSE TURNS DOWN PLAN TO bill of particulars on these indictments j at resuscitation by apparatus rushec | nUUl)I -' 1U1U10 1/UHH 1 Unn i J which were removed here for trial from ! Waiting For Grand Jury. [ from Winchester were unsuccessful j f A Y 9 71 P¥"R PFNT the Howard county circuit court on a i Hapeweli. N. J., May 23 (AP.--White j The youth was a high school student. ! 1HA fl.lw i D f t \JUi\ I. change of venue. i John H. Curtis, hoax negotiator In ihs j stood high In his classes and w*s a SPECIAL PROGRAM ON JULY 3 \ DAILY PROGRAM OUTLINED j * onlv b-ire made for' Reprer-eutitivw; of the " ' . ^heope-v-tt of Brad*** , .ne ope.._.i, ^ t a Hoover Returns. Washington. May 23 (AP).--President ' Koov«r returned to the White House i today aZter an early morning drive from I his mountain retreat on the Kapidan Frederick · -fhere he had spent the week-end. Hi-rtrts on ' Coiimv Federation of Rural Women's j The President left Mrs. Hoover and " a .trnd the 10th Mrs. 3dgar P.ickard. of New York, »t a.vcnd t* 10th « Decoration Day. May 30. but abo for | Clubs arc planning Rapidan camp. i the entert.iinmenl of resiOen-a and j annual Short Course to be held at the j ' ^_ throughout the University of Maryland. College Park, POLICEMAN KILLED WHEN 2 GET §23,000 FROM BANK ; Robbers Slay Man Protecting Delivery Of Money. here or. a c h a r e of venue. The t-- o cases from Howard co'inty oa which tae defense demurrers were overruled and a bill o* oarticalars or- tiered, tnvolveu tile acceptable of deposits la the Washinzton Trust Company of S2icott Ciiy. z branch of the Central, Bronx, New York, early this jnommg. ] Methodist church, conducted by Rev driver, by a one-armed neighbor. He E L. Woolf. of Winchester. Va., assis:- party band. aeclined to say where he was going and ed bv Rev. R A. Lambert, Winchester. The v.eek-*nd of Julv 3 bc^.g a i '^TM ** TMTM* aUentl M ,,, , i double holiday, the Fourth of July oc-, club membra, in aauiticn to the dele-. lines split wide. . . ... The issue was on whether to dis- | ciirrin?: ^n Mondav. a large number of · fri-cs from clubs. While the purpose of the cou; when he officials knew the parent institution to be insolvent. la granting the cemurrer to the first case against Page the court ruled tia: the commissioner -r.igl-.t. have erred in heard alloTnsg the merger of the Ellicott City ' case ar.d -the prosecutor said the num- bank -a-ith the Central but there was ber of witnesses r.e was to call in no evidence of criminality or fraud. j these cases almost precluded the pos- With the ruling- on the cemurrer the sibiiity of reachir.g corisiceration of the court indicated that the trial of the in- ' faked negotiations with the Lindbergh dictments left standing would be start-ed aaby kidnappers today. -.raveled a- =uch speed that he even and Rev Dr. R L. Fultz. Front Royal. · . . w d M committee j ^ 5rvim nelrbv t:tles ,, expected, outcistancea tne de:«ti7« assigned as \a. Buna w II oe a: Ity m* ceme- ; ^^^..^ of . he Hull-O'Connor ; S the mountain ' top h-^tclrr and' his permanent escort. I tery. Laurel, about 2.30 ocJock. ! _ _ _ , _ ._,,, v,_ «,...,,!... _.-,.._ , -rw. ^TM^, m r« f . R'^Tiie Kanterdoa county grand jury was · sitting today but Prosecutor Anthony j Miscellaneous Shower. Haurk indicated the Curtis case prob- j Mrs. Edwin Plassnig. of Baltimore. ! ably would not be reached until as- entertained at a miscellaneous shower other day. Testimony is first to be at the home of her mother. Mrs. G. O. ! measure and pus i for z roil call. Hull-O'Connor | at the mountain top ·t before the House · boartiine ho;ise5 The 'Sunday'. Juiy 3. help to rural homemakers of hostelry wri 0 ^*; 1 TM more i Mar-land thrcugli lectures and demon- New Castl-e. Pa-. May 23 (AP).--A j policeman was shot and killed and two rse is to' bank employes robbed of 823,000 by i four holdup men today. i Sponsored by Democratic and Repub- , elabcrato than usual and of a patriotic strations in the art- of homemaking. in a murder and manslaughter . Hendrickson, Urbana. Saturday evening. for her sister. Miss Pauline Kendnci- son. whose marriage will tase place in June. The following guests were present: Mrs. A. C Motley. Mrs. Robert, Myers. Mrs. Albert Bu3ist«ad. Miss Helen Bum- the bill to levy or: 2 75 per o?nt beer en a petition of 145 _- anrcd bv «tl Q n . «V U.1-- lU-.t ' . France Scott Key , special enterWinmen,^ feature ^: a*o American M Le^von ' p'annrd each year, arid this season ° '" be especlaily interesting. Both Patrolman Clarerce- Campbell wes killed with a sawed off shotgun as he stepped from an automobile carrying the money to the Mahoning Trust Com- A LORD INCHCAPE DIES OFF I prc:r-m-:mt sp"«ker v.-il: be Invited to j mske the address ! The Marylind Baptist Summer As( n»5i\- .vill have charge Sunday. July events tenth anniversary of the Short Course I and tiv? George Wasiiington B'centen- ' nial 'iill celebrated «ith at !e asL one o. on Wednesday. i - In his morning bulletin Col. Schwarz- ' st«ad. Mrs. James Tracy, of Washing- ' kopf. superis-:er.der.t of state police, ion. Mrs. Robert A 34 Witnesses Summoned From Here. , who has been in general charge of the Mrs. C. Will Pout Mr£. Ross Myers. Thirty-four w.tnesses from this coun- , po-ice investigation of the kidaappina · Mr=. Lindsay Day. Miss ty who hare been summoned by the j ar.c murder of the baby, said he had sheriff and his ceputiei as wirneises in j no; yet been subpoenaed to appear be- ' the cases against, officers of the closed j fore the grand jury and that Prosecu*- ' Central Trust Company at Cumberland ; or Hauok had no; advised him yet ^cm"i. AI.I n.1 v t t,.iai*;v oi^ii^^. ,*ni.» , ... t , MONTE CARLO AT AGE OF 79 !lo «nd July I7. The assembly program j ^ed.rick county women w.J take a i has now been competed and w.U bean- promiraenL par.. ^ London ^y 2 3 ,AP,-Lord Inch- | «»n ^.^-f ^^ ^» · ^/^^L^^ShonCo^se mernl -La -frx-l.-^ 'om-ine rr,r»r\-"rT ma-mT.* l^. r C O » a . v.liS L i . . *ll» ^tll^C- ^-i t i i * . _ . . . . . . . . . , _ T^ii_i.:_ ^.^v. pany barjc in the seventh The bank employes had just arrived, with the money when the robbers walked from the lobby of the Liberty hotel. Two of the bandits stepped upon the board and Campbell jumped Forest (Ten" r *pe. n'orlo-fa'awus snippir.? magnate, i C. Royal, this city, an R^« MW-S' ---ed today on his yacht off Monte i r*ll3t«t!s tvrzanj^t.on. Lindsay Day. Miss Mary Louise Day, Mrs. Russell Hull. Mrs Lou Roei- Misses Marie Stauffer. Mary Ann Myers. Katiiryn Snook, Betty Markey. on Wednesday were awaiting the out! whether or not the Curtis case would Nancy Markey. Helen Gregory. come of tie state's argument today on ; be presented today. Bauingsrdner. Mary Rhosxis. Madaline Held By local Reformed Missionary Societies. An iatercessory retreat was held Sunday afternoon at- 3.30 o'clock in Trinity Cnapsi by the Woman's Missionary Societies of the Evangelical and Grace Reformed chtirches. The retrea; occurred simultaneously "sita the intercessory retreat; held in C^ve^ad O_ by the Cabinet of the Women's ilis- lionary Society of the General Synod ^ session there :Mayfc4-28. The program in Trinity Chapel began vrith organ music by Mrs. J. Leonard Notnagle. followed by an adoration and praise service conducted by Mrs R. S. J. Dutrow, president, of the Svan- getcal Reformed group. Tne program then was continued with representatives of the two societies participating as follows: Mrs. Levi Waskey. Grace Reformed church; Mrs. Dutrovr. Mrs. Horace S. C-utssti. Evangelical Reformed church: ilrs. Ralph S. Hanman. Grace Reformed church: Miss Zimrnennaii, Mrs. Jeannette cc'.it. Grace RefoncecJ chirrch: 2t!rs. Henry H. Abbott. Mrs. ^. A. G. Hsrnsar^:. Mr.=^ May Sir.:th Marie'.l. Brangelicsl cir.irch. Eighteen members of the Evangel-cal Refonned Missxnary Society arid four from Grace Socxty the legal questions raaed regarding tne | In his bu-letin Schwarzkopf said: i Harper. Irene Harper. Mary Smith. indictments. i "Investigators :rom this paint, are still ; Ruth Smith. Irene Price. Louise. Jones. The reply on behali of the state is J checsu^ or. the gangster who is ; Mrs. Raymond Fsut, Mr. and M-- . John being made to questions raised. May :·* ! allc-gec to have told a story (in Mary- Hoffman. by the for State Banking Coin- j lane) in reference to finding the body Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Kite. Mr. and missio-er George W. Page. State Sen- ! previous to May 12 ar.d are still out. ilrs - c - T - J-inson. Wi^ Hendr:ckiOn. ator Emory L. Coblentz of county. preslder.; of the closed bank, ar.d four associate officers. The conter.tion fo-r the defendants Carlo, said a message to his horr.e he-re. He -a as 79 years oil. His daughter, the Honorable El^;e Mackay. lost her life in 1928 tn at- t^mpt^-ii^ 21 .r5Li^iiii.»ii7i*lic n-^.^» * i*.* Capt. Walter G. R. Hinrhiifle. Ir. her s-.emory Lord and Lady Inchcape gaie The r.ation 500.000 pounds to accumulate . for 50 years at compound interest ar.d 'J3 b* applied to redurtior. of tr.e national debt. bers will be held in the Ritchie gym- Sr-rt« for Sundav. Julv 31. trC be wisum. tnd on Tuc-.aay even r.g. June e-am u^- ' 4 - a rect-j.tion to rarai v.omcn wi.1 be si-, en by Dr. and Mrs. R A. Pearson. Uv- former the president of the university The next, evening, a special · r« , entertainment will be held in the o^ Rstch'e and on Thursday. the occasion -of a ir.t-j-ical prc-g der thr f;irection or Rajir.ond K. Ilol- .ir.gc-r. Hasers'-o-'Ti. and will be folio-s- eel on Sundav nl?;ht. Angus* ~. by a program imd-r the direction of the Frederick C----:r.:v Cr.rjsti,-in Ersdr-avor - _ On Sunday ever.ln;. Augujl a garden party v.i^ be gi-.en a, Ger- from the machine. ! Covering the officer with the shotgun one robber ordered him to put up his hands and then fired without farther warning. A satchel cor/tainir.g the money was seized. The robbers fled to a maroon- colored sedan nearby and Sed toward Ohio. w.l! \y prc=erst'-d by If upon their return anything of news ! Mr - 2^° ifrs - G - °- Kenirick-ar.. Miss value -s-ruch ~H.11 not hamper the in- i ?at;Iin« Hendrirkson. Mrs. Edwin Plass. "estimation is received same Trill be re- ' n: » s " d Sdwin Plassnig. Jr. lessee in later bulletins." ' * DO-X LEAVES VIGO FOR STOP AT SOUTHAMPTON Un.on. IS. *he program :!-.'- Ka^-r.--'-.-7n Mas^r.- Cl-.o.r the c recti-n r.f A. Z L'.it?. Pro--zrr-5. f--r Sunday r.:;"its. July 25. r.ounr-:i later. ;t r 3^ =-ate=. neatix Hill uni--r the auspices of tho home economics department. Folios- SENATORS SAY CONGRESS SHOULD BE GIVEN PRAISE Washington. May 23 lAP).--The ap- ten -jb of ?Tid .vin3 Pages from The pageant, \Vash-nqlon s TAKES OWN LIFE was that the Howard was without ;unsdict:on to indict the ficia^ of the Central Trist Company, Elected To Student Fnion Office. Miss Virg.iiA Royal, this city, a a Precerick county institution, that the ' si-jden: -.i, Arerett College. Danville. iridictmerit was r.ot legally sufficient | Va. was elected an officer in th= Stucer.t Cnlon for the sessi Officers in the un.ou. the central or- ganizailon whirr, directs all relicious and that r.o alleged. Should the Fourth Judicial Circ-a.:. which is hearing the further arruntent on these questions decide for :he detVnse or. tiiest I Bible Class Elects. 1 Tr.e Co-Workers B:ble Class --.f the Doubs M. E. church held ;to annual eiect'on on Friday evening when the following officers were elected for the 1932-33.', coming year: Teachors. H. Ray Smith 3TLG IjiTTi^" lit. ^ilC"2?j^ p~S£IC£^t. HjG" gar Z. Th-oma?: vi:e-?res:cor.ts. Russell elected · Dudrow. Loree Talbott. Wal.-;er Sail' | the trial will not be leli on these in- i dictments Shotild the derutcn be :cr I tie state. ao~ever. the trial 1= espect- to begin Wecr.escay. the iate as- j c d | THE WEATHER TODAY 1 Precipitation for 24 h^urs enc^ig at 7 a. rr,, today--r.or.e. May to date--612 inches. Norrr.a: May prec.pitat.on--3.30 inches: actual May. 1931--3.52 inches. Excess In 1S32 precipitation to May 1--2.46 -nchts. K-sh temperature yesterday--72. High temperature a year ajo--70. lo 1 ^ terr.peraf-ire last night--39 Low temperature a year aro--50. Sur. ~ :s today-- 7 2i t: m -, Sun ·. - ' T O TM " ^ -- 4 5 1 a rr.. Moor. r^e~ t-trorrc's--'.-' u'J a rn. ifcoa sels toasorrow--3.43 a. B. ard p. Ross. Graver L. Mioha-el. Vemor. 7T Xicoieaius. Dr. Joseph H Ap-'.e. Frank M Der-^bs-j;?'-.. Charles ? 5-:?csr. Charles^n-er. Harry 3 L-ziherz. Harry L. Sbert. W.lliam T. D-'laplaine. 2 C. Hers-. C. Thomas 3 Hayward. Leslie X Coblent?. Abraham Hemp. Guy K. Motter. Foster C H*rrj5 -v^--o- *^3^-~ V ^C-^^-.o R H .15h Lewi;. J. Ware S?m;ar;. S Sdiarc Sr.a-v. Byron G. C-*bl?r.t2 G-y R. j Cra--.:r W Eugene Saundcrs L-r.c Sh--. R..-.-arc C, D-^trc- H. Z. M-xcs. ziiarse ;f trjst ojrr.par.y liqu:i?.t.--r. since shortly a!tt.-r its close. Mrs. G. L'ovd -^i'rn*' 1 - L^w.s:owr -s"* 4 - A f G LCoyd diro^t-or. ~ho d.£r. cne «*v-i-- - ^ *vi e i~,~£* " v ^ ~5"!.* ""-.·*·. C3~lO-" jhev. R. E. Town. L-ss D. Sefa-'tr and John A Snrle. coN"nxusn ox PAGE 5 activities in tr.e co.Sege. are today, frorr. students, who are chosen for j secretary. J. H. Carey: assiftant «-cre- l=si;e£. jrcod grades, ab l.ty and initiarire in i tary. George W Hoffman: treasurer. C religious Iwcership. The position is 1 ~ Cotr.phcr. Af:«r the election the ccnxflerid a d^'-sc; co'Jssiate honor ! fo"owir.r prograni -as rendered -s-.-h Mis'; Royal is the daughter cf Rev I 3 ^y Smith presicinc: Address of sr.d its. -vTilllsm C Rova:. '. welcome. E SL Michael: =o-; by George . j and Manon two ynss bv AHjanjrh Farm Sold. I SJS-rr.bers of Mrs. C E Whipp's das.'. The ;is-3cr? tarrr. of Earrr V Al: duet. Barbara sr.d Ethel Aro- baurrh a-d ~:fe. l^af^J near Mount ; S3^t. r-esc.n*. Doro'hy R3r.neber^;-' l r P2stc-r of t.-^e M. S -hurrh. Do"ss The Vizo. Spain. May 23 'AP --Th-e DO-X. largest fjyias boat, ir. tr.e world. took r-fl for Southamptc-n a; 10 45 2. m. 'c-day '5.45 e. s. ' i after the '·r^w , had refueled her ship got. in 1 Isst night from Horta Azores, after ! crossing the Atlantic from Harbor ' Grace. N F The IX)-X will return to G*rmacr. h-=r h"m«Jari5. af-tcr a st--p iri Sncland Suicide In R.-dce. -is purchased Saturday ' a:"-rr.c-^r. at a pusli-c sale by Williarn Hcu:k. r.:?.r Fr*-dcrirS. for S2 550 Frar.c^ Scsti Rur.klxj --as :-^tee. Wil- l.a^i M. St-vrc att^ a-d Jahr. L " "" " :a s» ar.d vi=-::-rs were tr.en ir.vit.jc '· the social r:«m where c!el.c.y-s refrts.-.- were scrvPti ur.d-r th» d.r-ct.-n °- c - "· Compher. Volume SujaH. Xcw York. May -'3 'A?'--The .lock market peeked up a little today aft-cr nui'-;ly a'usorbir.? a further srir.r.ri.;r.g - o. ^.tTuic.2_xm in t.~v mornimt i*"a^,-Ing TTB c till In small volume but the f'rrthcr r^tlr«.n"nt. of short acc-o-;nts. Stcrl.rig cables opened a.'. S3 53. ::p i of ccr.t Call mon--y 2'.- ?3r -or.t Mason-Di\on Physician VetcranV Hospital. S-?v-;; an arterv .r. h^ --0^1. Dr Perry W McLaujhl.r. ?.;-?i 49 years, a native of Masrr.-Di::-ri d:ei Fn-ay rr.ornin" :r. the L" S V-^Vrar.=' hc-.'pital at Co3"-"-..l Pa H» d-»rl a shir" t^r.~ rc-orr. it th" .".i^pltal Dr McL-s-:»hl.r. ~'-5 "-/err. ar.~ raided at Mason-D.- -n. 'Iv f-r: -·'. r. P ar.-l Anna MrLa"r.i'..n. -if that rjla:'- -ar-'O stir~,~-.v n:m al^nr -n.:h r.-^ w.a"?-'. arid ·hr#-- ,-hildr-:n- 3:"- J2n»t ar.c Xanry L-?^. a" at h^"- Thc^e oroth^rs and '-Irs \:'.ry 3-^-.i.r-- ar.d Mr? A ?.' Srr.a: er.t^r.r. tr. panisan congressional action in balancing of the budget drew the sharp rejoinder from Senaie leaders today . Diary." pre-n ~z sc-me weess ago ( tjjat -^-^-^^ }, ave t,^;. ^a aside by : r.t Middletown and -.Ivn ir. th s city i con!tress oa thls 55^5 'On Fr.d.iv JUTIC 17. a sishtoeeinz^tnp, Addressirig ihe senate. Watson and :o M-. y^TM^. u;tn WPP^' a - ao.'.u* Rob « nsoni t v e Republican and Demo- Pc-lr.t. y.ii! take p.acc. , cj-ajif. iead er5 respectively, declared Daily C^ss : --rk 7^1 fce gi^en Ji J»e j ^..g-^ mcr ied nraise for its noa- followms suojects: Foods and nutrition,; clothing hcu5p furr. shine, home mar.- ' ?.:TKI\~. health, recrcatwn. child care sr.i rr.,isic appreciation, par- l.air.T.tary law. pnblir .ccakmg. lind- trv and home ".rfrr.-.-'trat on. June 15 rtfesn actiTllT tn Jo _ fa ii lr . g ^ ac " t * " o ; crittdsm GUARD CAPITOL AGAINST BONUS ADVOCATES, REDS .tors' Day? uonicr. w..o will j'tenri tl-.e Short Cours-- v.=s r.ot. fcnown today, but it is bc'-e-. «i a la~r:p number would plar. "o. Fr^le-.-k C;jn'v Fec- Delecales Are Xamcd. At a nteettn; of the Dantas-us Ci ^~'~^' A^ori^'ioti h*-ld ^i ;h* sch.ool at Dsmasr^?. iel-eraies to the M-or.t- r;nr»rv O:ur.ty C.~c Federation wer c ·lectt-d as A W Solder. W. ClaS: M=..n ar.i ' Monocacy CInb Ontinsr Wednesday. The arntial ladx-s" r.uht of t'rc Von:ca-:y Cl-jb of th* Svar.wl.Da: Re: rrr.-rf ntn^ ac 5 30 oXcck at SauoA-'i Ir.r. ; Taneyt,owr.. address w.ll bo rr.3i- 1 by Rev. Dr. Henri I, G. Kleffer pas-or '.radley M. Woocfield. ' S.rj?iag --ill be 1-M by Austin E Rhoacls ??-r: Morgan K. Watkins with Mas Minam Rlioac. 5 . as p^sr.^' , The committees planning :.he event are ' as follows: Ticiet^. Gilmorc R Flat." ] Karvey S Zirr.rnerrnan. Ernory G. Xusz Auiust T. 3rust. William A B':ck»y. Meeting Not Iltld- The mating in the .n'--r-"- ; t c*:' rerx^l '··' th-- prc-hio.t.on la^s. whicli ·sss 'o :-.£-.« 3C~-n h- v .d Sat-irca;. r. ;".--', at Winchester Hill. w»s not held i"" to .scs E P S ar.d ?.:ch?.ri J T..;- ra^'ilr.j. said "hey had ~a,~ no p'ans as to whether to attempt to r.oltf a 'ur- tner rr.eet^n?. 5^r~.c ^ o-.-r? an: a --··'- ? Oh.-o L.or.d-n. Or.tar- i W--r'i War ;.2al vrvic**. ·s. -p.yam and tr.e -ar He 2- ·?.-?·--.-. Run Club Activities. sch-ols of a ~e~ scr~es will ixcr.r. W-ir.rfdav and will be r-.e'd May 25 26 2~ snd 2S. and t~o dunnc :*.· ·s-c? t-f J-jne 4 unrior the iirect.on of M^ss P-a-srtr.. Re^'ilsr club s.ngto-. May 23 (A?).--Congress and the Supreme Court convened today under police guard to prev-eui demonstrations by bonus advocates and ^y Communists. A s^ore of metropoliian police -siere --arshall-et: about the c^pitol to guard any disturbances by a grccp of pav the bonus new" aivocates. t:on s-er.t an-o;.ier police detail to tbe Supreme Coun c.-~mDer in the capitol building is a precautionary measure. .-a---rr.,- Gfttvs- b"-r? -college .r. *..*0^ ?.r; H-t3-:.r_! Scr.»". Man HHd. G" las ar- T)amascc: Track Meet Friday. Th/- 5iKT.". traci and field meet .or Damascus school d^trlct. ^.eluding Walter Duralj. and Georse T. Scnroeicr, Cla^etts- ' Jr : WooiScld. Mour.t Lobanor.. lransx5rtat.o:i. Guy K. ''D;d you hear Robtri-'or. sr.or.-; in church tr.orr..~.r' 1 It TTAJ ."imply "VVs, I d-d--h,e wosv ~.« up. T ....^*, Er"O"?« L^'H'iics.o, K^ri^s f i"£ins«*n ^. Snio.fy. Gf 1 j-r^o i"^^-- Vil'.y C^rJar Grove ana Darcasc^' ' rr. John K Hankey. Rl-hard S. H.'.r- =· -.- -1 F-d.-.y T'~-" =C"j: ^-;-k r - t t . .-a:--n?. R v H Rarr.^b.;.-; Wtl- ·;.. a . - j ce 01 ex."..b;t ··r . ia the class him A B-j'kev ar. 1 I -- i n g S'ay Jas- Mayor Jackson Here Tomorrow. Mayor Howard W. Ja^s=on of Bal- 1-, nteot.n? of the Kiwa.i.i Club at. the Fiari-. ^ s»tt Key ho.-l T-jriday a: :.c-jn May--? Elrs-.rr F Mui-.-h^nc-r and Dr. A A Rad:U2 are in charge c-J the oa tha.t day. i se B. Ameers ;s presiden; of ;ae club, i prograro. Sim S.I- drank bv R----k-.-.: ?:1.-" af:T his -ar It:- -".-.-·· rv. J . r.'ir Surday r-cr.: -na '·ris'.-.-!;; -r.t-- a :?phone r-'le H a -a?_-, "rXo -i SoOi) ior.d B^'h S '.' .js ^:.fl a pisser.3*r -. h^ f i r Ntcin M :' ~ ?-"-;- of G^ S-.-.r.j ^1-.- T.i:- -*-rr -r-vv--xi by Dr [Stanley Barber, oi Ga.---iiersbtirg. Orthopedic Clinic To Br Held. An o-hoped.: clinic mil be h-rld at ·.-.e Federated Cha.r:t:es BuilG^i; May 31 at 1 30 o'rloc. -n the a:i^rr.o-or. i:r.Jer the atisp.--es of the county nealth department and the Maryland Leasr.* for Crippled Children. Dr. Alien Vos- cht'.l, of Kernan Ko~p.:al. Ba.t.rr.-ore wir. De txamininjr physl-ian Los Angtles On Flight. Laiehurst. N. J . May 23 -A?.--The r.avy dirigible Los Anseles tooi off this m^rninr on a praot-.ce cruise d?m the coast xrhirh is expected to take the sh.p 35 far as Chesapeake Bay. Should Tieatlier conditions bscoase unfavorable the ship will return to its "oase at sunset. ij will remain n the cruise throii^hout the r.ight. 'Well, madam." siid the boarder as Che ^as about to leave. "I can testify that you are or^e of the most honest Miss . persons I have ever aet." the · Mara E Church cxecuti-.e se--rrtary of j That's very nice of yo-J," said th" Mirylar.d Le.ig;:e ar.d the Itocal i lanjlady ' I always try to r'eaw." , :.i:--e.-, ·*.:: a----- priced - j "Yas." he wert on "your honesty Is :r.K :h -111 -· D- V,«srhvl. ar.c Mas . conspjrjous on tr.e very Iron: of your Cnirc.i nil', ·;·." K.tav.U Club, , house. Your si?n says: "Boarders »i- i they addresses to be illus-ateo. j ea m'!"--J

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