The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on March 9, 1964 · Page 6
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 6

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 9, 1964
Page 6
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Ma**) WMP 9,ntt ntt ftt1\ Drunkenness is leading offense Ite* e»ll« is «oiirt«tr>n » i*f 4H , *t*ft Ini* III* !•«<!. seto ttofl »M two tat* r*» cover**, CftttMsl flflMMM It Ftt- 10; itoft*, 1% drirlw lew Ttar* **f» ''*> i» i«rm»f » in |»ll iturint the month OffUwrt drny* H,?» mil** m r*torv*rr ««rrrt«t out i.»- trnl* tVl *»IU>», Mill in IT"- mfint 1*0 *»eori». TN* |»*Brtm»rt»r r»prrrt«l M *<«• lmp»*Mto«, 10 4*. *1rr>y*4 Had t*o ewM« if dflf Ml*, *IIIiCliinfaiUar»e*l»M] 4wl«c III* nwatli. ofno»r* reeoverwt ttoimi pv«t«rtr mruwi »l t*«.7J. Ttwr* were l«*j e»**e of tfvrsfory, st* | »et|HMVlal*tl«s>*,t»»f MM*K, VtgraMT, *a4 *mtot*te(M*J *M fraud, i*M> ***hj MM mi*MttM*INML li. No Mm affHiee* «m re- prated durlM February. AMERICAN ILK American elk, o»ee »**r •*• llnrtlon, fw»w If* ereAHflg M vneiseHed problem- Ullon. WELCOME LAKE DRUG CO., INC CINTII WAV •/ Ulf JACISON Sunken Gulf objects to be surveyed wy of to (Mf rfWWwIW - j~ li of writ tfct nwwr *M »• MM fir* <W e< IM I MMWtl oiwrta tt* M abjMtt whieh h«w beta rtportorf la b» Mbmtnvd. Abort M fl* IM «*J«ti «•• MttNKl to M wrwlwd *H9* t with tt* rtmalndtr oM aN dmtan, VlfWS OPTIMIST ORATORICAL TROPHY Jerry Mefttln, if,, right, If •dmlrttf Ik* tint pUM trophy UM< ht to* hope* at wttatag la tto annual Lake JMkton optimist dab oratorical ooo- MM la to told inito tetter part of Mann. IHi father, J*rry. Sr.. U tto elub's chairmen for tto contest. Tto contest to open to *1I bor» «bo have MI reached their l*tb birthday by Dee. 11, Ml. Club winatrt will receive trophies lot tto first tan* place*. Tto first pteae wiDMr then con oa to MM, district, aad regional ooattttt in IM twpw <rf winoiat a (TM trip to opUmlit wtoriu- liOMl'i Convmrtlon In Jutw in DtitMr, and • OMM* tortf IOOOeoll«(«Mholu. Alp. Entry dMdliM li Muwh 10 ud uy inttrMted cpMton are »k*d to call MoMIrt, ST., tl C Y 7.2704. U school dedicates new flagpole LAKE MCXXON UK JACISON STOli OMY OVER 300 PAIR -1ADIES SHOES StmaEARANCE TAI HISS SHOIS SPOITS H* HATS UDliS' SPORTSWEAI Skirt* - Capri* - Top* - Sweater* Reg. tS.MtoII2.»9 !/ 2 PRICE FIECE GOODS SPICIAl Seamle** i l/tto 11 R*t. ite t IK 2 MII $1 Good through 14th Emboaeed Cotton Print* A Solid* R*g.4M IOYS' SHUTS •All COnONS I TAIU MfN'S P*fip*r*n Pen*!* f ASTIl SMUTS Twin Fitted - 7t« tOt OHCIIIDOHLY Hcg. »3.4t 1/2 PRICE lots JEANS Wi E1TEND A SINCiRI WELCOME TO OUR NEW NEI6HIOR AtP SUKR MAIKET OHHIM T«UIAV, lAICN If dedteatory e*r*monte* on tto Uto A«k*oo junior Hlgh> Elementary otmpu* concluded a project toon by M* Mhool'* PTMB Club la IMt. Tto Mhool't okt, war-ttm* eoaatrattod flag pote wa* re- pUeed by*MW,mor*lmprM- tlve OM tad r*lo**ted at a more daalrabte tttt. Tto flag pole's base bean a brooM pUque whtob nadn "Pre- ttotod by tto Pns* Club of lt»M3, IM344." Tto ceremony began a* Don Hood directed tto band in Playing patriotic numbers a* tto ttodtat body assembled fatlag tto MW flag pote. Danny BUM, Stwtentcowxiil Pntldent, gave tto Invocation; Richard Burrls, * member of this year't Prew Club, gave a reading "To toanAm- erican", Leah Mlron, last year's Pros* Club editor, tpok* to tto assembly briefly. Principal Grady B. Rasco tton addressed tto group. "Let u* alway* told dear tto ntpwt of our flag," to •aid, '<ror, U we lose re- •pect for our flag w* loa* respect for our heritage and tto gmtMtt (or which our ancestor* have stood for almost two etnturies. Let us here, and from this time forward, be dedicated to tto American way of freedom and Juttie*." At this point two member* of tto Student council, Stew Bryant and Stev* Browning, raised tto MW flag, which tto Council had purchased. of the U. 8. Department of Commerce, win be earrtad out by two ship*. Itllgard aad mraiawriint, wMth win call Tueadty from Kcrfetk, ft, for Oalveston. TH* bo*M tarry a crew of is maa termed tto "world's most uansual wrecking erew." Aboard tto SS4M* vMstlt, tt* ertwt will reach oatvM- ton about March SI. U. Odr. Bdwin K. McCaffrey la la command, with two offlaan aad Mven men oa each float. An area of BO mite* of coattliM from Oalveaton to vermllllon Bay, La. will to covered. Bach wreck and object win be Marched out and mapped oa tto nautical chart*. TtoM chart* will to of vatos to Odt tMpplBg u tto site and depth of tech object will to pointed out. This governmental agency, oldest scientific body la tto nation, ha* btea making survey* of tto nation'* coast* for more than a century and a half, mostly charting wrecks off tto Atlantic aad Pacific Coast*. An ana to60ml!e*offshore will to surveyed la locating tto object* which have been reported at possible hatards to mariner*. UARCBST FORKED LEAP MARION. KvT (AP) - Th* forked leaf .white oak tree on Roe William*' farm la considered by some expert* to be the lergeel of its kind alitl ettndins. In America. ' ; It In 6V* feel in diameter at the bane, 118 feet high and i* an e»lim»l<?d 1,000 year* old. PLAHTATION architecture is fttttrnd tt ItoMW AAP ttonwhichwill fiawttt •raBd opening TMiday la Lake Jackson. Tto store front* on Parking Way In th* •™^ata> *•• (CooWMed from Page 1) hardly noticed, Smallwood point* out, dM to tto ordnly, • aiy^o-follow arrangement of the*tor*. Tton an over 80 Ittoal feet of treth aad frocra meat ease* aad 3S UMtf feet of four-deck refrigerated dairy McCaii iew Clife offictr „ ,,r , , v.i. >,ci**-»J.* :.. ,To CLUTE - A MW palrol- m«n began work wttntteClnte Police Departmwt thl* wMk, • PoUe* Chief Jon Col* an- nounccf. Tlw officer, Riebard t>*» McCain, 27, ha* worked previously In TuUa, Okla, with th* auxiliary polio* and al*o with civil dcteu* m tlut clly. For awhile, fit Tulsa and locally, to worked at anctoe- trlolan but decided to get back in police work, Chief Cole «ald. McCain It married and hat cot child. Ht fin* a vacancy created by tto resignation of Clute Patrolman Lester Allen on Feb. 22. Perishable produM tt*mt an kept at peak fnchnst* la tto S4 llMal fMt of pro. dtiM caM* toaisun tto shop- par of maximum quality at tto tiro* of purchase. Tto new eton feature* tto compltte 11M of A*P't own high quality low wit food*, a* wen aa Itadlag ntUoaal brands, SmaUwood said. Tto mtrehaadiMisarrang- *d in orderly fashion on pastel ttolvins ttparated by roomy alstea to make tto •hopper'* selection most ooa- ventent. .Tto-Interior of tto V s4or* feature* * t*Jtefttl pa*. ' tel decor, for wall* and stotv- lag eompUmtoted by a coordinated tu* floor design. Ttor* an four check-out •tend* to speed tto busy stop- ptr on tor way. Ampto fnt parking I* avallabto andeour- teout attemlants an ready to tnuport tto shopper's pur- cha*M to her auto. Th* MW AtP Joins tto AtP family of mor* than 4,300 ttore* in th* United State* tad Canada. An A*P tpOMtman pointed oat that the "Tea com' pmny" a* It ItitMratlyknown In trad* elrektt, wa* founded In N*w York city in 1180 by Oeort* HunUniton Hart- fort. Hartford'* firat ttrld* in the development of the chain wa* to late tea oat of in* Howry elat* by buylnc it direct from CUM. m*odolnf,ltl*clalm- *d b* eliminated th* profltf of many mlddlemeo, thereby •nabllnf him to Mil th* commodity at a mueh tower prloe than ever before. Enoouraced by the tuooeei of hi* ventore, Hartford ex- panted hi* Umntte toother 11M* of food. Today'* AtP •tort may have upward* of 10,000 different Item* In atock. AttnotttH the take Jackeon Mor* 1* brand'MW, the k*y ptrtottMl win offer a total of almo*t 70 year* ofexperience In AtP *tor* operation and Mnrle* to th* public. downtown ana. White the exterlar (• remlnl*e*nt of in* plantation era, UMIa^ terlor la atrietly modern. -FaeteiUff photo Working under imaUwood at udttant munaftr wlttbt otto Folterman. rottemu* wat tint •mptoyad by AAV in tut la HouttoB at a eMrk. tn IM*, to wa* promoted to atdttant manager aMatUca. •d to A»P't Long MM ttM* inHotutoa. Meat Department operation wUlbetntbeeapabltbandtof B. A. R»ich,aai-y*ariwtera» A*P employ**. Retch wat finrtemplojwdby tto Tea Company la IMS. R* ha* MW MnrlM in tntral A*P ttont la tto Hnnttoa. ana, hi* mott r»e*ai atmf . ment havlngbeen lorr**pOH. Tto product DtoarttMat will b* under tto muajimait of R. j. Green. ONM alto togan hit AtP oantr lhH»S at a oterk at A»P't Ttlt- pnoM Road tton in. Hooaton, Ht wat Mrrlng transfer to Lake Jaokaon. Other toy appolntmeate w> noviMd laelUMi • •*-' Mr*. Smallwood.w toad flr*t employed by AAtf iallfi, and wat promoted to MM eathter in 1963. Sto It tto wife of manager L. R. Smallwood. Police report Lake Jackson STATE Bx w^fflWKJ|B^Brai^^ $ w flpHWhaW^Bslt A than of a valued at $40 wat reported to Freeport police at Ii48 a.m. Monday, c. p. Scott aald tto instrument wat removed from nit 19M Ford white tto vehicle at parked at a local hospital totWMn 8i40 and7i20 p.m. Sunday. ' Boy UttM by cat CLUTE - A eat which bit a Clute boy 1* being kept under ob ation, polio* reported. Johnny Ptarwa of Hi Dent wat bitten by tto cat white trying to separate It and a dog which were involved in a fight. At tto request of tto boy'* mother, tto eat it being kept under obtmatton by It* OWMT, offioer* added. A theft of two used tint on Chevrolet wheel* wa* reported to Freeport poUMSOB. day by W. S. Neal of iSOS Watt Uth who ssJdttomitjMaa;' Items wen worth about ISO. He *ald tto theft occurred Saturday night white Us IN* Chevrolet pickup wa* parked. A woman wat charged wtta disturbing tto peace alter Freeport pollee w«ncaltedto a tavern oa VIM Strnt by a report of a flght about 10i» p.m. Saturday. Otfloert reported that tto tavern OWMT, OttMrik UMM. filed tto eharg* against Ortet L. LaVaney, SO, whom to said was in a flght wtth an. ottor woman In front of ate business, disturbing patroaa. SPECIAL! Mirch 10 thranh Sftwdiy, Mwch U 100 111. BAG mm HILLS,

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