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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 1

Hutchinson, Kansas
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Thursday, November 20, 1924
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READ NEWS WANT AOS EVERY DAY. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS Final Edition VOL. LI II. FOUK'lEEN PAGES. (Established July 4. 1872) HUTCHINSON, KANSAS, THURSDAY. NOVEMBER 20, 1924 .YO. 120. AQUEDUCT TAKEN BY RAIDING PARTY; \ GATES OPENED Ranchers Surrender Position, Following an Agreement. BANKERS STEP IN Los Angeles Clearing House Association Pledges Support in Settlement. Los Angeles, Nov. 20—The waters ot Uio Los Angalea aqueduct, diverted Into Owens Lake last Sunday by a aiding party of Owens Valley ranchers who seized and opened the Alabama water gates north ot Lone Pino, Inyo county, n -ere turned bock Into their course 1>y a raiding pnrty at 2: iO n. m. today, eays. a despatch to the l-os Angeles Times. The ranchers' doclslon to abandon their announced determination "to hold tho gates opon ULtll state troops are sent, or Los Angeles comes to our terms" was reached at a conl'cronce ol leaders held at Keeler, on the shores ot Owens Lake, during tho night, Bankers Stepped In. It was reached, says tho Times despatch, as a direct result ot the resolnation adopted Inst Tuesday TJJ - the Los Angeles Clearinghouse Association, promising Its cooperation In promoting a settlement of the water rights feud, "providing tlie gates r'a closed." This resolution, accompanied by a telegram from W. \V. Waterson, nti Owens Valley banker, who Tuesday la' tho I 'aao ot tho ranchers 'before tho clearinghouse association, was forwarded to Carl (Koough, proslrtent ot the Owens Tttver Canal Company, and Harry Olasscock, publisher of the Owons "Valley Herald. The Resolution. The resolution was as follows: "Resolved, that the Los Angeles Clearinghouse Association 13 in favor of law and order, and against I ob rule; that with regard to tho controversy between the people ot Owens Valley and tho city of l-os Angeles, the Los Angeles Clearinghouse Association will not take any action in lhu matter as long as a mob hcids control of city property and divert i water which should como to tho city of Los Angeles Irom tln» city aqueduct. "ltesolved further, that if tho mob will retire, close the gates which they opened and allow tho water which was flowing through the same to flow Into the city reservoir, the Los- Angelos Clearinghouse Association will use Its best K'forts) with the business Interests or this city to bring about some kind of an equitable settlement nol". .-'en the people of Owens" Valley K • I the city of Los Angelei." . Cz R. G. Railway Sale Confirmed Smoking Alters the Faces of Women Vienna, Nov. 20.—Happy anil satisfied women almost never smoke, In the opinion of Dr. R. Ilotstaeltor, gynecologist, who sometime ago asserted smoking altered womon's faces, making them look more masculine than feminine. "Women who stnoko much have a.1 ott Invariably contracted tho habit at a time when thoy wero especially unhnppy,' he docla.-cd. "Women regard smoking as something 'smart'" ho continues. "Smoking affords them nn opportunity to execute a surprisingly large number of playful aiiO therefore graceful movements and positions. It Is a slgniflcan fact that tho smoking woman Is much more concerned about the motions through which she goes as she smokes than Is tho man." CHICAGO TRIAL CALLED TRAVESTY United States District Attorney Was a Spectator During Part of Trial. Topeka, Kan., No. 20.—The verdict, in tho Leopold-Loch murder trial at Chicago was called "the biggest travesty on justice la years,' by United States District Attorney Al F\ Williams in nn address before the Kansas Peace Officers Association In convention hern today. Mr. Williams, who said ho was a spectator during part of the trial,, declared that tho failure of the court to sentenco tho convicted murderers to death lent "verity to the charges made in the street that the law Is not enforced against the rich. The district attorney cautioned the offlcors against "sentimental hysteria" in the treatment of criminals. "How many of you sheriffs relieve crime is caused by a diseased brain?" he asked. Two meu in the audience of approximately 200 raised their hands. "Thnt's two more than 1 thought." Mr. WIlllaniB said. Tho Volstead act will be enforced, he said, for two reasons'. First becauso the whiskey of today will kill the one who drtnkB i*, and second, because the younger generation is being educated out of th Idea that It Is fashionable to evade the lavs-, Ben S. l'atilen, governor-elect, who wa* scheduled to mako an ad- d-oss was unable to he preterit and Kred Vollnn'd of Topeka, represented him. THE LATEST IN SPANISH NECK-TIES DEATH WAS DUE TO ACCIDENT Mrs. Wheeler Fell on the Butcher Knife, Coroner's Jury Decides. t Webln, Colo., Nov. 20—Federal J:: yymoK announced here today that he signed last night tho order approving the sale ot tho Denver and Klo Grande Western rallrond lo ihe Missouri Pacific, and the Western Pacific railroads. Judge Kyines said he made only a few minor changes in the order. LANSING FARM Wealthy Woman Draws S to 20 Years in the Penal Institution. BRITISH TO BUILD MORE BATTLE CRUISERS London, Nov. 20.—One of the first acts of the admiralty under the now government will bo to lay down a further number ot cruisers, according lo the Dally Mail. Uo- ealllng that tho last conservative government decided to build eight, and that the Inbor government laid down five of these, Hie paper says the balance with further fresh replacements may bo begun in tho near future. HERE'S A KLAN THAT ISN'T ANTI ANYTHING. Soattle, Wash., Nov. 20.—Formation of a local unit of the International Klan of America, an offshoot of Seattle klan No. -I, described by Its officers as "all-pro, chiefly pro-Amorlcuti and not untt- anythlng," has been perfected with Charles Kurskedcn, former eyclops of the Seattle klan us president. Lamed. Kan., Nov. 2".—Mrs. Mary K. Kggleston. wealthy widow, convicted last Saturday of poisoning wine in an attempt to kill her suitor, 11. A. Ely, today was sentenced to the women's industrial farm at Lansing "until such lime as she is released by due process ot law," by Judge R. H. Wilson In Pawnee county district court. The penalty provided by law is from five to twenty years. The sentenco followed refusal ot Judge Wilson to grant her it new trial. Attorneys for Mrs. Kggleston immediately appealed tho case to tho state supreme court and she was released on $10,000 bond pending hearing of the appeal. Ileforo passing sentence .ludgo Wilson asked Mrs. Kggleston if there was any reason why she should not be sentenced and she replied "I feel that t am not guilty." Mrs. Eggleston wius accompanied to the court room by Kly. She displayed no emotion when sentence was passed on her. SHIP LEFT HELPLESS AFTER A PIRATE RAID Now York, Nov. 20.—The liner Prosldeut Harding reported lo the offices of tho United Slates Line here toilay that last evening she rendered assistance to the British schooner Veronica, which hud been • left In a helpless condition lo miles! off Capo Sable after a raid by liquor pirates. Hoover to S!:ay In the Cabinet Warroad, Minn., Nov- i.0.—Acci­ dentally falling on a butcher knife caused tho death of Mrs. Elsie Wbooler, 81. of Clcarater. Kan., In a lonely cabin in the northwest angle county, according to the verdict of a coroner's Jury. This was the news brought back lato yesterday by county officials who made the trip into tho nortn country across 100 miles of wilderness to investigate the woman's mysterious death. Relatives wore duo hero today lo accompany tho body, which was brought here by tho Investigating party. The relatives include L. T. Wheeler of Peck, Kan., father ot Dean Wheeler, the woman's husband, and Mrs. Loo tleizington of Mcpherson, Kan., a sister of Mrs. Wheeler. The Body to McPherson. Funeral services for Mrs. Wheeler will ho held al McPherson. Mrs. Y'heeler was found dead Nov. 13 by her hnsban 1 and Conrad Hagcn, with whom the couple wore staying. Hageu and Jack Coulsou, a friend, set out for Warroad to notify the authorities. They arrived here Sunday after malting the 1(10 mile trip on foot- The next day, accompanied by the county sheriff and coroner, they left on their long Journey back. When the party arrived at the cabin Tuesday, n half dozon settlers wero pressed into jury service. The Verdict, After an investigation, they returned the following verdict: "We, tho Jury impanelled in the case, find that Mrs. Dean Wheeler came to her death November LI. 1924. by accidentally falling on a butcher knife held In her own hand." Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler came here several weeks ago from Kansas una had planned to take up a homestead in this vicinity. THE RAIL LABOR BOARD TO STAY Defeat of the Howell-Barkley Bill Predicted by Senator Watson. Washington, Nov. 20.—Defeat ot tho liowell-Barlcley bill proposing abolishment ot tho railroad labor board unless it is greatly modified was predicted today by Senator Watson, Republican, Indiana after a conference with President Coolidge. Senator Watson said the thirty minuto discussion with tho president was devoted entirely to Lie question of railroad legislation. Ho expressed the hope that the rail consolidation plan supported by the president would go through on a voluntary basis hut declared that if necessary the consolidation should be brought about by compulsion. Murder Case to Jury. Wlnfleld, Kan., Nov. 20.—Tho case of Mrs. Ida Cummins, charged with tho slaying of her husband, Charles E. Cummins, at Arkansas City more than u year ago wont to the jury this afternoon. L WEATHER AND ROADS Kansas City—Clear, roads good. L'mporla— Clear, roads fair. Salinu—Clear, roads good. Coffeyvlllu—Cloudy, niacin rough, Pittsburg—Clour, roads goou. Wichita—Cloudy, roads good. Ottawa—Clear, roads good. Topeka—Clear, roads good. Arkansas City—Part cloudy, loud rough. (By Tile Associated l'l-uss) Washington, Nov. 20—Secretary Hoover has definitely decided to remain in tho cabinet despite various efforts by commercial organizations lo (secure his service?. Tho secretary matte his declsi i after President Coolldgo had earnestly requested that he remain In the service ot tho government. Here's a New Or .e. SiiHna. Kan,, Nov. 20.—Tho Kan sns Association of Elect rr.girfts was organised In Sa'lna last eve ning, fifty electrical contractors attending. It. A. Hilton. Wlch'tn. i> president; Warren Hull, Sallna, vlso president, and Charles Dairy.u- pie, Wichita, secretary-treasurer. Keep Out of Politics. New York, Nov. 20.—Railroad problems should bo considered ds economic questions, mid not as political Issues, accordina to a "declaration of policy," ls:-,-'ed by the Association of Railway Executives today. Five Perish In a Pennsylvania Fire Plymouth, Pn., Nov. 20.—Five lives comprised the toll ot a fire which destroyed seven frame buildings in the business section hore today. Tho dead are: Mrs. Martin Sherako, her niece, Emily Petroskl, 11 years old, and three unidentified hoarders In the Shorako "hotel, Another hoarder, Edward Alexlon, was taken to a hospital at Willces- hnrre in a serious condition. School Boy Shot By Chum While Hunting Winfleld, Kan., Nov. 20.—Harry Hassard, 10, of Oxford, is In a Winfield hospital dangerously wounded as a result of being accidentally shot by a school chum. Ityron Look, er, lale yesterday while the two were hunting. There is a heavy charge of lend in the boy's shoulder and jaw, but it is believed that he will recover. A MYSTERY IN THIS SHOOTING Husband of May Yohe, Act* ress, Insists It was Accidental, LABOR WOULD ABOLISH THE "LAME DUCKS" Endorses Resolution of White, of Kansas, Now in House. ALSO AGAINST THE JAPS Also Federation of Labor is for ; Abolishing Tax Exempt Securities Pretty Girl Said Her Memory Is Gor.e Chicago, Nov. 20.— A pretly young woiran. aClred in expea- sive garments, who said her memory was none, was today in the county hospital whore she was removed after being found last night f *i an uiiroiiselotis condition In a railroad station. Efforts of Hurgeon.-. to stlnnil- latn mental activity wero unavailing, but several said It appeared she was feigning the memory lapse. A nolebook with "15. If. S." Initialed on the fly leaf was the only (due to her Identity. Ptdlce expreHsed the belief she is a student. BRITISH DEMAND ACTION AGAINST EGYPTIANS London, Nov. 20.—The attempt in Carlo upon tho life of lleneriil Sir Leo Stack, sird.r ot tho Egyptian army lias aroused great indignation here and most of the morning newspapers comment severely, demanding thut the govern nient take prompt decision and action. Tho Times says tho Egyptian government must lie taught that its practice of "pandering to the extremists for political tidvantant- age" cannot be tolerated. Itoslon, Nov. 20.—Captain John A. Smuts, cousin of General Jan Smuts, South African war hero, wns resting comfortably today at a hospital where he was taken last night with a bullet wound In his chest. In tho meantime police were investigating tho circumstances of the shooting which Captain Smuts said was accidental. A note found at the south end lodging house where Smuts and his wife, formerly May Yohe, an actress had resided for two weeks, I'indlcated that he had planned to commit Btiiclde. Captain Smuts said he was sitting on a hod cleaning a small calibre revolver when it was discharged accidentally. , In a,-search of the house tho police found a note which read: "I intend to shoot myself because I have been unkind to my wife." The noto was signed "J. A. Smuts," hut the police said the note and signature wore in different handwriting. When questioned at the hospital, Smuts- warned tho authorities not to mako trouble for his wife and said: "It makes no diferonce who shot me. If you make trouble for my wife I will maintain that I shot myself, no matter what you say. I am a game fellcw. I can stand this. I love my wire." Captain and Mrs, Smuts came to Boston two weeks ago. Mrs. Smuts as "May Yohe" was formerly the wife of Lord Francis Hope and later was married to Captain Putnam Bradleo Strong, sou of a former mayor of New York. She was married to Captain Smuts in London in 1013. As the wife of Lord Hope she became possessor ot the Hope Diamond. (By The Associated Press) El Paso, Tex., Nov. 20.—The American Federation of Labor today re-afflrmed its approval oC legislative proposals to convene congress Immediately after tho general election and to abolish the short session for "lame ducks." The convention unanimously approved a report on legislation Pledging support of tho proposed constitutional nmendmetit ot Senator Norrls of Nebraska, under which newly elected senators and representatives would take their seatH in January following the November elections, Instead of In December of the next year. It 's a Kansan's Resolution. The Norris amendment already has been approved by tho senate, and is before the house In the form of a resolution by Representative White of Kansas. Efforts will be made by the federation to secure house action on the proposal at the short session next month. Opposition to any attempt to alter the Japanese exclusion clause of tho Immigration law was approved by tho convention in adopting a resolution by R. W. Robin- sou of the California Federation of Labor. "We are unalterably opposed to exclusion by treaty in the place of exclusion by law," the resolution said. It was approved without debate. The report of the committee condemned tho principle of the Bales tax. It asked abolition of convict labor and prohibition through federal legislation of the transportation of workers to communities in which strikes are in progress. Would Tax Securities. Abolition of tax exempt securities was endorsed. Continued support ot measures for farm relief was recommended by the committee. "No adequate measure of relief was passed In the last session of congress," the report said. It was unanimously approved. Re-classification of federal em­ ployes along the lines proposed In tho hill of Senator Slanfield of Oregon, now In tile senate. MRS. HARDING IS IN CRITICAL STAGE Message of Sympathy from President and Mrs. Coolidge Read to Her. Marlon, O., Nov. 20.—Mrs, Warren G. Harding was In a semi­ comatose state today at the White Oaks Sanitarium ot Dr. Carl W. Sawyer, whore she has been at the point of death for tho last week. Dr. Sawyer in a bulletin, however, said that her heart action was fair. The former mistress ot the White House, received a tolosram from President and Mrs, Coolidgo this morning saying that sho constantly was In their thoughts and that they wero anxiously awaiting word of her improvement BALTIMORE POST IS INDICTED BY THE GOVERNMENT Prosecuted for Publishing the Income Tax Lists. MAKE A TEST CASE Indictment is by the Federal Grand Jury; Case Brought Attorney General. nalihmiro. Mil, S'nv. ;!c—Tho HnHlmore Vnn I 'ompnny, publishers ol'* tho Haltimorn Daily Pont, today w;ii> linlirt f 'tl hy th.- l*ni'"d States siand jury in an action I)roujrht liy Ihe r-'overnnmnt to to?t thn legality of pubiir at :>in ui income tax returns hy li-'w.^apfr^. Tho indictment. which consi*M of fivo c»unis, <'!iarf !''7» th" mm- pauy with tin? "unlawful publication on hist Oi 'toh'T - 1 of the nam PS ami income lax return* of fivo mon. Rivlns their names and amounts* of their payments, Tho indictment followed the appearance before, tho jrrand jury tmlay of Harold Alien ami Key, special ass-U'ant^ to Attorney Stone. Cn]cn L, Tail, in•venue coll vet or for till:* wart named as tip* pro^e- Si) far an known [WEATHER] Kansas—Generally fair tonight and Friday; not much change In temperature. TEMPERATURE READINGS As reported hy tliu automatic n'Kl'*- leriio; Ktuise at the First .National 11 k OililliillK: WEALTHY FAMILIES UNITED IN MARRIAGE Now York, Nov. 20.—Two of the Wealthiest families in the country re united hy the marriage of Oil- Pert Kahii, son oi Otto II. Kahn, of tho linnltfiiK firm of Kahn. I.oeh end company, to Miss Anuo 13. Wh? li.u, of Kast. OrutiKe, .\. J., daughter of Charles A. Whehin, president of tho United Cigar Stores com puny. •1 I'. .M . .fi! 4 A. M. .. ... I!l 1! 1". M . .r ,!i i; A. M. .. ... 1'! S I'. M . "iS S A. M. .. ... -11 hi f. M ..r,o 11' A. 11. .. ... ™ 12 .MldiilKlit . .. r,o 12 Noon ... ... r-n 2 A. M. ... ..51 z i: sr. .. ... r.a ,1 (Itinera) ternal (list rlct eating witu he was the only wltm Made Tax Returns Public. The Indictment, the first ti, f i ense to be instiinteil hy thn department of justice to niilaiit judic- I'he message was road to her hy j lal construction of conflklHi-; pro ; i).sioii^ in the income lax , j charges that the I'ost. printed tie- I return,; on Income ta^cs in vie'., ! Hon of section ;IH!7 of the i ; statutes, despite a wurnlnt; ' hy the treasury deput-tinem public inspection was ordei Would Modify. Washington, N'ov. IP).—Her mollification of tho puliliciiy (are of the Income tax I.i .•: urged today in a statement, ator Harrison, Iieimicnit, Mi.-pi. a member of the senate t\r. committee, who supported measure when it passed the si- Declariu-.; lie had iieeome vincet! that the practice of f.-ivin*-t publicity to the returns would not encourage hone*! enterprise nor work to the general welfare, the Mississippi senator uskeil eo-opera Hon of the Republicans in the sen ate for changinc; tho law. Ooorge B. Cbrstlun, dr., who was President Harding's secretary. The tclogram follows: "Mrs. iCoolldRe and I send affectionate regards. You are constant- lyin our thoughts and we anxiously await word of your continued improvement. Corn In Throat, Boy Was Choking Isabel, Kan., Nov. 20.—Keinoval of a grain of corn from tho throat of five-year-old Leon Wittner, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry \V. Wittner ot Isabel, probably saved the life ot th«. child today, physicians announced. The boy was rushed to it Wichita hospital In a serious condition, after he had attempted to swallow several grains ot corn with which he was playing. Read Insurgents Out of the Party? Washington. Nov. 20.—Republicans in Congress who have been privately talking about reading out of the party, members o( the Insurgent group found an open advocate today when Representative Treadway of Massachusetts urged that the insurgents be eliminated In Republican committee assignments in tile newly elected congress. Representative Treadway, who called on President Coolidgo, said he would "advocate grouping these men as part or tho minority of the house and giving committee assignments accordingly," "We have suffered long enough from their committee influence," lis added, "and they should no longer have controlling places." BLINDED, HE WINS THE HIGHEST HONORS. Chicago, Nov. 20—Although deprived of his sight by the bullet of a Haitian bandit while ho was in tho Marine Corps In 1920, Joe Patterson Smith lias won high scholastic honors at Ihe University of Chicago, where ho will ho graduated in December. Smith listens carefully while other students take notes during lecture classes, Hu recites a synopsis of the lectures Into a dictaphone and then In leisure moments transcribes the notes into Braille characters. Maximum, 61; Minimum, it. A GANG FIGHT IN STREETS OF CHICAGO. Fair Question. "I played malt jougg last night witli a solid ivory set." "Who wero theyV"—l'ltt I'autuer. PERSHING GOES TO I PERU ON A MISSION I lloston, .N'ov. 20.-The battleship Utah sailed today lor I'eru with a first slop at New- York tu take a hoard General John J. 1'crshliiR as head of a mission from the United States which will help celebrate on December .'I the amilv«r«- ary of the end of Spanish rule iu South Amerku. 7Xe Cheerful CheruS E 'o .ch kind Vie^rt iff like 3. sur» Trva-t sWines upon p'&ssin^ crowd — How ss-d I feel on selfish d 'o-Y -s cC ^F* Wken I rv6 >ve (/\ lived Vjehind V j \.0 ' o I / t. cloud. Chicago, Ncr?. 20.—A new gang feud killing of blnekhand - assassination was disclosed today when (lie body of a man believed to he identified as that ot Tony Mancuso, who had been shot three times was found on the south side with evidence that bullets had s'.v,: across the great part ol a block. ' FARMERS CONVENTION The mystery of the shooting deepened when about the same _ imo at unconscious man was j round ill an alley two |.!uci » awav.! Oklahoma City. Okla.. N- The latter apparently had fracture. i Pawnee Rock Boy In Motor Thief Gang Wichita, Kan., Nov. 20.—Donald Bowman ot Rawnee Rock, was arrested here today, suspected of be ing a member of a gang of southern Kansas motor car thieves, which was believed to have been broken up tills week. Ilowman was arrested immediately after a charge of stealing nn automobile hud been dismissed In city court, f'uur alleged members of tho gang now are under arrest, Found Dentist's Burr in Appendix Wellington, Kau., Nov. 20.— A dentist's burr, used In grinding teeth, was found In the appendix of Miss Leota Dill. IS year old high school girl of Oxford, who was operated on ul. a loc.U hospital today. In April last year she was having denial work thnut and a burr wa.s missed but she was not sure she hail swallowed it. The burr and staff are an inch and a half long. Dr. Uhls Appeals to the Higher Court •d. e .ll :•>' .-un­ til !: lllte. Next Arms Conference To be Held in Europe (My Th- A.-xneu t"il n v -.) Oonijva, Nov. 2u.— The late, rumor circulating In fieueva on th armament o,uest!on is that i 'rr-s dent Coolidce will cnnvoUe ;1 rll ., arms conference to meet, in r .nrupi perhaps at The Hague. Those| circulat in:; this rumor it sisf that the WashiiiL-iuii guri-r: Topeka. Kun., Nov. 20.—The appeal of Dr. Kenn H, Uhls, sentenced in the Reno county district court. I to serve a term of from 10 to taeilt already has suuude,] I lie tn llritlsh government, en the Mibje.- A Flat Denial. Washington, New 2'*.—The st. ' department issued today a d-- nlal of rumors current in i;,':iev.> that the Wrishlgton government was taking steps tu convoke a dis armament, cunfeiienee in i-',urop>\ The department's statement fol lows "In answer to a iiuestion b\ the Associated Tress Today the act. iug seeretary of state nuthori/e,; the statement that there was nc ' truth in the report, circulated in years In the state penitentiary for j Geneva that the Wa-dilngtoii gov second degree murder, today was filed in the state supreme court. Dr. Uhls Is at liberty on a *20 ,f >00 bond. rnmetit. was taking vuko a disarmament. Hurope." =teps to con imfereau* Confidence Is Restored in Germany New York, Nov. 20.—America's reparation experts, who have boon In Kurope to stralc.hteii out the post-war financial muddle, returned on the steamship Homeric today convinced that the Dawes plan already had restored confidence to Germany. All agreed that the insinuation ot the plan U proceedinc, with greater succtss than iu frnmers had anticipated. AGAINST FEDERAL AID CHURCH GIVEN TO A KANSAS CITY SEMINARY Kansas City, Kan., No. 20.—A church, fully equipped and wilti a parsonage next door, has been given the Daptbrt Theological Seminary hero. The gift is- the Kgel'loll Place Haptist church, one of Ihe early Haptist churches of the city. The property Is valued at Jtid.rtoii. The property, It is announced, will be sold and tin; proceeds used to ereet. a building on the seminary grounds. UNDER THE DERRICKS EGYPTIAN GOVERNMENT )S HELD RESPONSIBLE tl :y The A '-«^K -i :iTtfI I'rc**) London, Nov. 20.— Huong hn n .i illute action will be dernancUv! by the Bijtlsh government ,z re present at ton:* to the Knyptiar ^overtuuent as a result of tin; .;t Lempt on tho lifti nf Sir Lee Stack sirdar of the KnypUan army tr Curio yesterday, it. wa.s indii attM In official quarti'nt h<>r>' today. A nolo, will probably ib-inand i:n medie.U' in vein's* ui ion of ih'* nitait and tho arrest of tin- ji:-sLiiianti and may touch upon tho .suhjci-t. o stopping tie- cii> ula: ion of ;.n"' r .rlti-m propaganda in K^y^!. THE MYSTERY OF THE CHARRED BONES UNSOLVEt j Gen. Stack Still Alive. ! (My The A-*UIM:I U «I| 1'reri-O j Cairo, K^ypt, Nov. 20. — Major ! General Sit* Slack, thu Kirdar ; of tho Egyptian army, who was j wounded by a^ ,; a sr-iiM yi-Uonlay, ; pasned a good ni-iir.. lint hi* cundl- • ii'un this iiioi'jiinii siiU \tty | serious. 1. (Oil- :iwav., skull - ! I'Vileral aid to states in the 1 rUrucCon ot hi^hwaya was con j demnod as hchi^ an invitation tot incr.a '.it.- hoiiih'd iudebLodno^i in a i commiitci* roport adopted by t Civ { Nathiiml convention uf tho, l*V,im oiV Educational and Co opora[iv»j l.'nkm oi America hen? today. ; Wlnfield. Kan.. Nov. 'JD.— UnX ana. iTtroimim Crmpajiy'.s No. 1 Spiiieiis, six niilo.s ruiuthwosu of lvro, 1 M fiMimaUd at z'^i barrels in sand from -r>7n to - TJSS tVet. Today tauks were bfin*; erected to caro for Urn nil and "if» Hand will be fcU'nn ji thorough to.-rt before, gnin^' deeper. Tim location of tho wet/ is in (he northwest of tho southwest of iu •>'.'!-:'. Ootiner No. I. which in bvdug 1 drilled by .1. A Hull Company, in i tie; southeast of tin* north half of j the southwest of 2KJl , -1 J'Jrwml \n> • hnnvlij last nij'.ht after iK'ng shot j with ten imart^. Another 1«> quart j *bot. wm to In- given it thU after- j noon. [ tlly pipe \vn.-i hi-ipg :u'1ed on the • Merman Nn. 1 toda\ with the hole. Mnndin;; full of oil. This Murium! j test is louati'd in llie southeast of : (h.- south half of (he -outliwott m : Columbu.;. O . Nov. — m.u- ner in which the hotly of .M-s, ,\.) die Sh« - '.asl»\v, ;.», uif.; of fh -i H<f- i C. V. Shfiit.-ley. pasifir ..i fhri-* Ultheian ' "hurrh of ll.-xb-v. ; iu mystery today a-* wlo'ii th" eisa; rod botien u*-re found m th- 1 lur uaco of tho family horm* ia: • Mon j day afternoon. Two days of in : . I'^IIUM t ion h\ county prosecutor John k. Kuu aided by city d^n»<-(iu>- ha t'-iilr. cd in no eh'/., th • pro ^-i ti "»r un mmno d. To Hot Springs Next. Savannah. c;c, Nov. —All pr- • cm oi'Vi*...•!•%, with oiu; two pr.on w .M-i} re-.'h'ft'd. and Hot S[.-f:iu-. -•ted as tin- 1 mnvtUj by <h" 1'nif.od !>->• e-~:ht<'r Ark , Colli" : The different'* between n y< u s suit and our lliU > 'ai lia merely a uiuliur ot time. A Hudson Dividend. Detroit, Midi . Nov. 20— 'He? i board of directors of th-; Hudson '. .'.otor Car Company ;oday dv-rh^vd : a regular divhl'-ud ol' 7*. c< ip- on : last ! (HI r t-unmoit htoeK, payibh- ,1, mi bUit aiy 'J >i. .ft -bobierH of u-r«..rd ! 1 lJt;,_uiubci T iw. i Hannony in Ncv Wa-^itiit^ton. Nic.. 2 "oiidL'.c \ ork r (atr U<- ainpb -to haraaoiy any i aiih- i h.-n , if id York. - i h H &irtio ay by Ne

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