The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 10, 1918 · Page 10
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 10

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 10, 1918
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

-i V * t*A 0 K TEN. THE HtTTCHtNSON KtiWS. TTJESM?, TEMBER 10, 1918. CBassnffn@dI AdL * • * # » # < • • I) AnVKUTI.-ilNO RATK i (>•'. !• t: I-;NT A UnliH l-;.\i.'H 1NSCK- • 'I' 11 • x Al.l.r .vi:it !«-n» and Bcnes <»f In • 11.III.' ni iiuii «iiitu rouiit ».'» niio word. * I II.] r 111: >> an c lftj--'-in. «i iwlvurtmors • I Ml tt-ii in ; .;v..ii'.c th.- I'Viirl "f • 111. 1 ii<l. . ^-.VH i-l.i.H-tlfM-'t ads • t n 1.. , l.y I 'l: .11. 1 nil >1 1 1 • f -if j -'-VH' ;u-i'otiini''d;t- • t*.i.. , l.y I 'l: .11. 1 nil h > IJ < ni -: tin-- and i'liyat'Ui • tl." i ..V •w u-,: th" il.'i'..- n!' uiKcr- • t loll \ "1 i'. n .L.-i.-.M u> n -i:il»!i ::ii'V 'f • V "ii •<n U." ••.ilnt.'l |.t oliU'liJ Oil I'TC- • l,.Ml uf j,i.aciiii'iii. • • « t FOR SALE—MiaCELLANtOUA. lit HprlhR Hlm/Us. 1 HrK -1 *ti;re«| lldlfllrin bull. 1 HcjclMpl-t^l Ilnlslrtll cow. 7 gj-adf milk cms. A .M .HAVIH. .'M*. mill's wp.«t I>II ITIh Strict. 9-1't | ]PSaDa®s aft aa IBaiir^aiona |tji>;> Siiinwiiy \ Son tip -lulu piunn fit I a N.KTI| ii e. $,ir.u „t\.hli« \- Nfl>' n pian*i \ a I a hnrirain . Kilnim pian*> tf «-Ot'l at KIII.- at a Itaitfam. sen** i ill Oivlu.' K Hunt, piat .o tuner ami TjUttstnun, lOtj M» nnaii w«.^t. 1 limn* 735 il'-tl SI " ' —roRD OWHIERS— - 1 The recent announcement that no more cars of the above name will be manufactured until nfler the war makes it imperative for you to insure your present car against fire and theft. Out protection is the best. —ASK McNA<Sl¥Ef! Phone 15 v AUTOMOBILE*. SECOND-HAND IliucMlmuii is the lusica.1 majKff tor second-hand automobiles. • Frespaetlva I'uyns should watch tula column for complete l',»i uf ttftirains. l; s". a M II ':i 11 M K l.', 1ND11 ANIi ' HPS nnd tubes, till sixes. We (my old r islngs. For guaranteed pmlr woik see nil. Mid-Stale Motor 10 Co., opu^rilie Mlsourl Pacific depot. »-lf Itiiti 'lnnsuu Typewriter Co. IIOVAI. TYPEWRITERS'g lltIS 111 K< MilCllUlOH. Jt'M'UlJiiUBli-ttilcy Ul.lB. rhuhv 30S0. :3-t1 Thif tn:u I • «ln. I... MM l.t II . I 11 • til. ' ' turn.I lniv WANTED — MALE HE LP­ S'!'. .|;K M A N M il'.V. .,,,..,1 .1,1 ,,|. i ...-i.ii.ity v tor i , ,',f :iC IlIK'" . ii,',:, -*i I ,t(,,rt I i,ill l,.|S I illy I"' l'" >K SAI.I-: t „„, ulli,-lii1,vl h-lii iMtllRriv.l I.IIMIM H(,l ll ,,],n .i,i Unri-s. .^I\ ni-mtl"' I..M nil'' fXI ra M,,'o inillKM'Ml It.'lBln'i ' HUM .I,,,-; |.,,,viii lirueilxr. Utn E. I,r. 21(1 U'rst A. ID - :i, ... Ill' -Wl, ,\|M-l 'li'll. lii-i- ,il, ;\ ii, ir> Mtlit 1 :,,'.m ,,i ' I, mi ,.i,l 1 i,, ,•. i. Ii ,(h „l , I,,,., .,!•« I", s-ll -1. \-,.i,,p- ,. . t,-. >• ,i >;.,'U~ l•!-« 1' i fn, •', , i . . ,,,,,1 -alai > ,-;tr,i(-l. till ," 1,. ic-nl, .1 . ,,,l,..,l,. illy A,l•i .ll- •11-11 STKAM HOIUKH, Wo hn\f a low ),ics.<turu toiler for slram- itcat tiiK pliini, \\ ill Li a snJd at a very h.w figuri.'. Sre it at Newn UIIlcc. 1*' >H SAl,l'." K|\ t > J*h"jita; one thiUDUgh- In-i-d piyinmttli rock cckrel and one driving Ji-.i.-,., tiirro inH.-s north of 4th • in Loraiiit 1 . c. W. i.'hrJMupher. 7-lU I- • dl S.A -TflfphoiH', tfk'phone wire. si K-h •r.-'v |ii»wi 'f kcrusciic t'titfnu, fefd mill, and i-ri-ani scparatur , Call attcr six p m .at .127 Thtnl East. 10-4t WAN'I pnv it.- :•! , ,[ >tlilS ell ilM-lr if -nudl p k SI .• ,ti<<> \ \s • • w \ :;TI :i • 'i Ill.Ai'K^Ml'l H i.i.i , Ji, 1 • • J Kl-I!.« I. 'O WANT!;: ]t:u WAN I KI ..i -l .M.i >:n ill t *i »ni* r ;> - *; t •w fall L.i III' " II t \l.-tl»'|l hour; F> »Il ^ A LIO— (In»(•»'!•)• flxluros complete with watffui and luini.tjN. t.'hoap. I'ar ti.-w who called lTSfi please call S'J(i-.|. O-ll) I'OR SAMS- -t'.'wh rt'KlHler with foul- totals of cra^sh; received on at'coitnl chaise* and paid out; apply l-'rod Weesner. 7-10 l'i >\l SA 1.1-;—I'olaml China hoars. Khrop- nhln* bucks ,an<l Jeii*cy bull. ThoS. Hall, I'arUnv. Kiiny. I'liotic I »arlow 2*2. 8-H A T .\; S K cai i i> .•mpi'.yiii' nt • »N!•: 11, p. Titan tractur. New never pl"\Md an acre. Call save you I-'-JOAKI. ail' \V. Ulli. 27-tf KUK SAM-V—One No. 16 Smalluy ensilafie ] Hitler, pipe mui distributor. C. K. Du, rand I'lautalion. U--i;od-H i l'\Hl SA1.K -(JIHHI stx-year-nid horea. M. V,. Hi -artiy, ii, mi mlks sout of lliiii-hiusisn. Rill RA1>K. ' 'no Ken Truck ennuis, in flral-dasB cumbtidii; four pifntu-ally new caatnas ;u:«i lulun. Anyone wantin;; a tiuek etiasia .an s ,i \f money ny lOLiklni; tins up. Three- piaiter tun Sizo. I. \\\ C.i;>NliNU, ,:-tf aSteriinn, Kan. COLE MOST Ij*«iks ami nil..-* Ilkc-iew; offered at • ne-lwiir actual value, phone 7i)i>. V-tf KOU SAI. KUU TUAUK Sltul* baker :t J, Ttnirlhfi car ,tn ROtxl ennditlon. hell or trade, lintuite U l al Wiwt. I'litnie zn. lv-ut Kolt SAMv-1917 Kord roadster with extra h'*iy and demountable, rims; 1M 1-Pg- «er ;phone UlsW. Call- at noon or after ti p.m. 6 -tf HAIUATOllS Pruntpt services on repair work. O. K. Auto Kadla'.ar Co.. 15 South Washmffton. Phono y3t). '•i-tt T«» TK.VD13—Practically new Oakland .Six Speedster for i-ord ye^lan In condition ,or lor touriiiK car. Pnonu li»G-J. 9-1U KOU SAlaJ**.—Huick UK-lit Six; five -cord tlrox. Uetrott Kluctnc Car Co., 18 So. Walnut Phono The very dei«lrnbli! business r--»f'm at No. 4 tf. Miln for lease. Imjulro ot C@@ a ink ®lM§@IH Masonic Temple. F®ir SSaiB@ Suitable for heating plant for store or shop. Will be sold very reasonable' Inquire at News office. FINANCIAL. I'Xlll SAl.K—191" Light Six llu'ck, pnictl- cally new tlre^, line coiHlUlon, Jl.ltH). llenu Uulull (Jo. 6-U I 'OU SAL.1S—New Alito Tire tubes, 20 per cent ott. Maytleld lladlutor Shop, 11, south Walnut. • 2vi-tf Kult ot lots t:—Kord tourintr body and pair 14th West; phone 21-l'"-4. 7-13 KOU SAL.E—181" Ford truck. Uu'.-'hlnson Foundry & Ataelillie \Vurks. ls-tt !'\"m SAI.l'J—OverlutKl DO, nili G.U30 mliea. i'hone 321-J. 3--t MOn TO LOAM on city home*. Lwnjj terms on monthly pay mont plan. Farm loans. TUB KWKUi AGENCY. Phone 20DD. State Exchange Bank Bide- 9-U. DO YOU NEED »50t Private loans on furniture, piano, eti. Easy payments. 1 Sherman west. 1-lf FARM LOANS? CITY LOANS7 —ask McNaghten! First Natiunal-Bldg, 10-tf CITY loans, any amount. Newtin Manning Co. UOVi North Main. 7-£>t LOST. ONE Saxon six. nearly new. k. ..,,p>y: VII t„M,ll :i-tl ; Hill SALE— My entire fl .K 'k of IliKh- K, „,.!(' elli'^f i.'n-il Ali'.Munai ; phone 'J0I,™. G-tr |,,-i .,1 I ii; ilii,l, r-:t;,l WHITE Kn.-nn.'l |,.l.i,l^il table, :i 1 1, il.l.MK. 'Ide board and 110 \V. Uimrei- iloclor's . W. A. ..mi IN. .,I ,i'i>• i'i,i; SAl.1^2 r M heiiers, bred. LtuliOiy i nry K <"»1 >carlin^ Hereford bull 2S-11 wlnlefa,.,, K L. .Martin. ' One One 10-11 r'nw nth I LOST—A guld 'wrist watch with mono- j.u« loin. Kram u M R urd hii|( oS a ]lnk bra(;e . __|let .Iteward; call 750. 9-2t MeVey Livery. S tf LOST—Ladlea' hat on Main street between 1st and Ave. Ii . lteturn to Postal I Telegraph Co. Keward. 3-tf KOU SALE--Fo,-dii. FOR KENT—FURNICHED ROOM*. l-'OU KKNT—Eleeant suite of furnishe*! front ii'oms. nrst f.oor, private bath, j I/^ST— said degree furnace heat . one furnished l-ouln on sternal Itoor; uaiat^e If desired. I'hone 301,11. ^lo A East. 9-tt KOIl BENT—Room. flrst-cJ!t-is, :ll modern huu.e; desirable lor teacii.-ri; i.uly pre- fel-r.d: 612 Noitll Poplar; phone t,oj. G-tf black ribbon, rtcwurd . l'^-lo charm, or Kclurn to News ofrlec, 10-31 Kolt ItENT—Very desirable rooms with buard: tlnfle ur en suite; 21 East Sixth; j phone 2.7, 3-tt , NOTICE—MISCELLANEOUS. NOTICE—To real estate men; my properly at 1U17 North Madison is uff the market. Jos. J. Ueek, 7-11 C. H. JAJilES, contractor and builder, Plans and specification furnished. Phono 39-F6. D-tf. BOOSTING THE FAIR Planned to Have Business Men Get Their Employes to Go. MORuAN- TOLD OP TRIP Me is (o Make to Europe for the Y. M. C. A.—Other Affairs Are Planned. ,S'•'. N'l'EI ,-lurrft Mi- W.'. NT EH furtii. i \\ .'. NTKI , i,; -.Mill v \\ A NTI-.'I ' 4.' I'--. W.\ NT I :i. , ,:'t;i„ ^ i. \V A NTKI 1 i 'h.iliii.'rs W A N'T El» Si.uth Ma , ,,i< k if. I'ln, Knit S ALI-:- - t'nrnbinatlon coal ami e;a-s heater . Call 1501 W Gill or plume 314(1. tl-11 to work en phone 3 .1- K-,,. Kl-ll p: 1 > lit ^AI.K-H,, ,',1I ,1K ewes; Kl| Sillier, elslit miles s-'utiiivi^ ot 11 u'.chinaon. 5-U 'li'KEIi i "one, I wliKllaM apples. W. 11. u U '.Jt 17th. Phono 2l.i,;-li. P)-Tu-Sa-tf I", l-,i|: SALE— c A I',-. niai,. Min.'hii n i, I,,-,, furn.i, I, Hi •t-l . ,.l boj fur dairy wo. k; drop head til", Mil East. KUU H10NT—Nicely furnished modern bed I room, close in. Phone 15911 aflet-G p.m. 4-tI NOT1CI-5— Real Estate men: No. 18 East Ulh Is off the market . »-lu ROOM AND BOARD. KOU ItENT—Sleeping rooms for college hovs . 17 South \Wush!nglon. y-11 1 HOTEL DELJIONT. under new manoge- Ft'UNISHED UOOII with private bath;' menl. Is now equipped .to furnish board nioderu house Phone 32 &J. 2-tf;as well as rooms to us patrons. Cioso to —— | Santa l'e and Interurban depots iind bus* STK1CTLY modern furnished room in • jness district . UC 3rd Ave cast. Phone family of two; phone 26S3. C-«t ; 2»M-W. i- I'-ll -Nicely furnished room for ; ^— . ~ 21,2 A East . 10-tI.TWO ROOMS" Uii modern homo; board it j de.-irul . one-hall block from ear line. furnished , pn-jne ya2 -W. 10-51 FOR RENT- l\vo laUle.s. Sii 'Bei 'i FOR RENT— Sultu of flv»- IISAI.E -CtlCMp. if sold kiielit -n'i; eiill : uiii.k. Ho SALE- -i m. r .lll We.-t. horse grain C. R. Friek. drill at 10-H 3 -11 I'llt .SALE—tlKi.l seed rye, Jl.Si per bu; plion,. y.'JS-!•'-1 ; Kay u'olker. 7 II sanitary 10-13 in- 'J-ll WANTED—FEMALE HELP, —— - — 1 I'ou SAEE—Coil organ and IP 'VEENM ENT t-lvl: st -j-i ice .Minim:, tlons eoueh ,'1 ,,'iip. 71s 2nd east. Hulelillis, Ii 11, S, |,t.!lll„.|'. , 1"\ ,'1'1,,11,'Hl .— — tl,-ik i ,.[i. lid, ill.-.;,'-''! n-'-s, n-.-i a, ill ,'lei k, l-lUt h.\ L1-; —Heed baby carriage 11 p.-\'s i II ei , .-aiary JI2 »", J2l'0i'. ex;., nelice <iuire 71'iil' East. ll"l,lie ,'i -.-ai''. 'A'.. tiiaI, .lesirliig tioeerii- . ni ,i ,l i .iuntui:. win, f, r 1 iiartn '.i.a.s FOR r- A 1 .V. - Base burner. I'hone 2G01-.I. I" .1. !.,,.,..!!•! i former , ivil sery,,-.. | .114 Weal Mil . »-3t u, nl lel'l t^'J 1., I,.,l..' iHlilvlillg, W -,-i.i a,i" .,'0. j 1 '—'—• • '""•"•"' * 7 1. '• FOR .SALE- Five hoise power motor at I liess l-Vwl Store . 10-12 lli '-ir new fall WANTKI> 1" 1 .skill,, ivai-li- pai'iie-iil ,1,' a "• Colli-'!' I '.-llill,, , l >,) .-I, l .ll.l 17 -.111, small I I'olt SALE—2tl f,0-lb shoals, til,,' 11 week. | Feed Store. ; R, N. Wlillltll. At I less 10-12 (,R SALIC <Iood heating stove; Inritilre . .- - | 115 East .'.th. 7-10 J', r,,i PER I ,.\ V paid nil,, a,l>' In olell ' town lo ,11-,' i il'iile Ii , ii'oulais lor , l-VR SALE —New Zealand red rabbits. Conei-nll at, d tiavoiiliK Hi tubes. Perman-! 12S 1st east. , H -tf. out no.-iii,,!,. K . i:. nan Co., chieug,,. — r.T"",";—rr—:—;—~~; ' lo—' I' * lit SAI.I,>-Four hole cook stove. 201 .j lith Wel,l. 10-31 W.I NTKI i la,In a t< (lull II, in, I, ,- 17 V in I 111' llli'il' fall suits, — a sinull pii> in, III 11 w,.,-k. I 'oluei' 1 ""in- 1 Walnut. i'-lil i IT'.L- lllslles Tor sale cheap; LIKIJ. cull 7-3t •iishier. steady Full SALE -Oak folding TTed; 503 First Fast. C-Ut WA.NTI'.I, EMieru n, -i d lail.v Hood lu i -oitip, lent p.i'ly. . . positl-'ii. See Manager Sample Clothing Fo KHA1.K—lo-i young chickens. Co.. la S. Main. U -21 | F. WAN'l'IM ' -l>.p,iH,-i;e, d lady slenograpli- ,r. ,m- wMii II, ur iiiili or railroad ex- pe |1el „v 1 ,l'i I' 'IT. d. Uilllbi 'O 1'loUr Mill Corp. 208 W. 9-11 3-lf j FOR SALE-Small pony, phono j ___. WANT El' All «•! boils, not k ,Uvo no ivaslniiK. Mr* 22IS. W ills' l„il,[i, e»l woman for I:J family, good wages. | W. V. .Morgan. Phone 10-14 FOR SALE OR TRADE. FOR SALE OR TRADE A square section uf fine level land, Kearney County. Kansas .seven miles norih Uarlland ,in fine location. Sell or —• - •- -•• " iiade for Miialler lal'lil, good property or A NTKI i • Competent woman g„..,l second hand auiomobilea. Prleo *" r " ..!'.'.• 11 r*' W J "'i'." ,.' ,"• »II .W0. Incuinbianee, »5,000, runs four ^. *-.i^ i'.^t>i r^iHiniiiii oi, \','.',t"*4 years. JIOI'SF.Wi II1K - - R' lliible n-oinni., no washing. Mrs. S. Lindas, phone "J^ lfcO'J-,1. No. fail A easl. !l-tl " DROWN. Ktngsdowu, KIUISIIS. Full SALE (IF. TRADE. WAN'l'i:ii- Wailrei'ii .'S; .','* and liiiiiidry i c , g.^^,..^'^'^ sulo at »10 gills a I Pollland l.otl.e House, will. ^ . l( . ru u „ dl . r markl ,, ,„. wouk , ojani wt .inesiiaj . ^ ^ J-H i,,, u ) 0 und lake in stock of merchandise In "T~ TTT.'..' T, ^ " r,7.7r ,"!".*a... good ioeullon, located 3 nilos north nnd 1 WAN'l'EH-tllrl lo answer pin ne. slion. * „ M vt . tl ,„ SWMRV ,„ T ., KWO Co., Kalis, buy in shop and two sign palmers^ Mm c , al u| . lv ,. l( , ow , u; . a n j 0 | mso „ ^p,ar\ll!e .Kansas. 1 -U. West Sign Co. H'^ 1 WANTEI , -Waitresses Colt and laundiy p'oit SALE. RENT or Trade~7-room girls al Pollland (..mice House; will h,,u,.e, No, 15 Twclith west; newly open w , ,lu, .'day. ,-tl |,;iiiu t .,i, paprreu and revarnlshed; mod- - 7" ' , -- - ,.rn except luniaee. See or phone Carl WANTEI' Cl> I "I- old lady lo do house- N ,.i s ,,n (.3; .s, U ilh Main. »-tf wo, I. I u;lit win It. Call 111i> W. Ulh. I'liom, 2C'..:i-.I . -. a- 11 FOR KALE OR TRADE—S-room seiui- — — • 7~* niodirn coltnge, .double garage blue WANTEI' Cnl foi' geiieiiil house work, grass lawn, .shade tree GO ft. front, will goisl p>> loi rietil party, i'lioile 2s,ll. consider smaller oropei ly and difference. lo-II Phono 1613. G-,. f . WANTEI" • A "omiiu to wo'k inoiiiliigs' |-(>R ,SALE 1 iR ' IRAIII -: lit,Ick five suir~ only. Call Hi peison . B2'l i'. Stli. y-lt, senger In llisl-class c, ,11, ill ion; will o-n- - - ' —; sitlei' dial, 1,11, ds n.^ pall 1,1 ;ill; call phono WANTEI' At once, sneial young ladles. ; i:.:|.:W 01 11 H./utl, Watnul. 7-lf Ineola l.uur.dry, 5111 C IvaM. I'.'-at . —-", ; Full SALE 1,1! THAI >K- -Three lots on WANTED -Cll'ls over 10. Apply 111 |ier-1 s\, t ni,d avuiite east of Pine, street for son Atidel Slea in Kiumll y. 2SII jiy ;,, | u ,i,sc ,„ for good auto. Ask WANTED -llllllnB elerli. I lul, hiiinin 1 ,1'- . '_' .Jl h _L'-iL— , lllf flee Supply & printing C ,. 9-if;FOR SALE OK TRADE-Uosldelice lu -» -—-— -"' K.-edale. Kims, phono 40S; write P I.. WANTED flood girl or wuimtn; gciienl IEIWO.V , lliiielillil.-.ti. Kuns. 7-31 housewoik . I'hone 37. lu-u ..... , , -•- J.-OR ;s ,\LK - House and 10 tola, or nude 'WANTED tllrl for guuerul Iiou-iett'o, k;, „„. wieliila piopeiiy, Inquire 500 First 111, washing; jilitnio 831. "'••"; w>«t. V-31 ur Exeliaiite -Ooo,l ullver Phouo 521 0.10 WANTED -At Mi'Diodlat Hiwipltiil, woni- ' M .', ,, fof «lc«..ll.«. / '_»;'fj ' VJUwrlVer. WAN'l'ED -Exiitl'lenoeii »ale»lat)les; F.W.: '~~£ZiT,Z~n~ Wouhvoilli Co. 7-31 I ^ FOUNO. >\'.\NTI')li-~J b''rl '.or cenerul housework. NOTICE -Turly nit left two keys on I'hone m-i. . 10-81) show ,•(,«• ,,t |l,e Klim Jewelry Store — _ r . —„ Labor Day morning, can get same hv WANTED-Oll'l. Apply lu person . JVJaif'u Uailing at N t -»-« ofliee und paying for this Laundry. 1 V-tHUid. lj'it WANTED—I&jlurletMdli ' XVliltl'WIB, Jiono TOl'ND Man's (kid Fellowa rinL' \Loser rooms. I 'hone 3308. -Rooms. Elms, 128 First Kast. •t-tt -l-'urnlshed rooms; 203 A East. (j-tf FOH RENT—2 light housekeeping- rooms. unfurnished; ono steeping; roo'm, furnished; furnace heat; phone 32G7W. Gtt FOR RENT— 2 or 3. modern furnished sleeping or llghlhousekeeping rooms. Phone 507. - S-2tf LIGHT HOUSEKEBPlNa FOR SALE—CITY PROPERTY. FOR SALE—RESIDENCE Five room bungalow, 31J3 West J2th, Furnace, garage, uutbultdlnff and li'ult trees .11' you are looking for, a home o-u can buv this from'owner cheaper (bun vou could build the house alou-i toiluy. eine nelgiiborhood, high and dry, never bothered with water in your basemenL See Dr. Johnson, 118 East A. 10-eod-3t PRICES TO SLTT YOU, Seven-rooms, up lo now Two rooms nicely furnished. 221 West six-rooms, slrielly modern...... 3,500-00 y-lf I Bix-rooms, strictly niodorn. 3,0' JO.OO Five-rooms, on Fifth, not modern 1.500.00 Flvo-rooms, modern except furnace l,GO0,oo SllINl'jy KKALTY CO. IS7V4 North Main. Phone 139 FOR ItENT—'Two furnished light housekeeping rooms; 125 Ninth East. 3-tf FOR RENT—Modern housekeeping rooms 30C 2nd west. 17-ti. FOR RENT—RESIDENCES. FOR RENT—New 5-room bungalow, oak floors, and fireplace, garage, I'hone 25US-W. 10-tl FOR RENT—Modern, except furnace with sleeping gallery; phone lDGIIW. 7-lf FOR ItENT—Ool. 1, to adults, 7 house. 423 10as-t II. FOlt SALE—Wo have building locations at all prices. We. build homes according to your own plana und sell them to you on payments like rent. The Kinkel Agency. Phone 2055. State Exchange Bonk lildg. 00a 10-tf room 9-tf FOR RENT—Seven-room houii *; phone 145 of l'J'J2. •I-'! FOR RENT—MISCELLANEOUS. FOR KENT—Building suitable for suburban groeery. 50J Last 11. 11 -t! TO TRADE. TO t r adu Five room houso In Partridge 1G0 acres western land lor liulculnsoa property. —Ask McNaghlen. Phone 15. 26-tf. FOH SALE—Portly modren home on best street; 6 rooms. ,75 feoL- Just what It cost ten years ago . Sell tola week. Leaving city. Exceptional terms. Address It-sl, News. " S-14 BAIIOAIN 8AU0—C room modern cottage, fine condition, near. Liberty school and North Main, J2.400; phone 1300 7-tf 318 west 14th. SL-new five room house, (300 cosh, balance monthly, —Ask MeNaghten, Thone 15, 26-U. KLKCANTLY furniatie^ five-room bungalow; strictly modern; north part; garage; phono 1758. G-4t FOR SAW3—Two atorjr six room residence. 208 ISth Weat Ii T. Foote, phono 840. 28-tf l'X)R 8AIJ3—6 Itoom modei-n house, nearly new, East Seventh. Telephone 15G1. 5-tf FOR TRADE—Colorado potato land for stock of groceries or good auto. See G. W. Allurd; phone 1821 3-tf • — I FOR SALE—Eight-room modern house, TCl TRADE—Equity In 1 roin house, BU (2,500; 120 Fifth West, 6-lf it. lut, on West 7lh for vucaiil properly. Phone 130G. 30-lf One of the plnns for doiiig every possible thing to ttltl the Kansas State Fair this your was decided upon at a meetlnK ot the Commercial club last nlgliL It IH fur every man In business In Hutchinson to agree to sell or give tickets to his employes on Tuesday, Hutchinson day, so that Hutchinson people will show up ns nearly unanimously as possible that day It Is planned to make a canvas, by a committee lo be named, and encourage the plan to closo up nil business houses that afternoon and to assure a lull attendence of the people of the city, especially those In business. The plan has the full endorsement- of the club, after U S. Pegues of the committee for that purpuse made his report. Mr. Pegues also staled that It was the. wish of everyone that all of the business houses, offices and homes decorate their places of business that week and make the visitors who come know wo are doing all we can lo boost the Fair. An Interesting Session. There was a good attendance at the meeting last night and a very interesting session was held. 13. S. Berry nnd otiters talked of the Home Guard and its need of uniforms. It was decided to appoint a committee to raise a sum of money, several hundred dollars nt least, to get this equipment, actually needed by the men who are working for the protection of the com. munlty without pity. The Homo Ouard has about GG members now and it is the belief of the club that the people of the city should raise a~sum of money to supply the uniforms needed for the men and to buy some target ammunition. Chairman Oswald Is to name a committee at once to raise this money. Morgan's Trip to Europe, Senator Will S. Thompson talked of the coming trip of Ueulenant Governor W. Y. Morgan to Ktirope, for the Y. M.'C. A., and spoke of the Interest of the people of the city in this work. •Mr, .Morgan was called for and told of some of the things he hoped to be able to do in going to Europe, that his plans were to stay there until the war was won and as, long as he was needed for this work. Vie spoke of the opportunity for service this would give and the importance of the work the Y. M.. C. A. had been doing and was to do unions the roldlcrs. A. L. Sponsler told Mr. Morgan he envied him this opportunity that has tome to a man over the age of a soldier. Dr. C. Kllppcl and Rev. Seward Baker also congratulated the editor ofthe Mows on the chance that he would have to do some interest, ing and some very necessary work in connection with the war. Plans for Big Fair. Mr. Sponsler talked about the fine Pair wo are-to have this coming week. He said it should be much the best' Pair ever held, that the displays and exhibits in all lines would bo larger than before and that the attendance, if it should be like oilier fairs, should bo at tho top notch. He said tho government exhibits here would he of most unusual inlerest, arriving in a apodal train. He is enthusiastic about tho coming week. In Sodalia thefalr had to close the government oxhiblt many times each day, so much Interest was shown in It. Ho believed the same thing might be true hero as well. A Membership Campaign. I'\ H, Cost of the membership committee made a' motion that the club hold a membership campaign as soon as a committee, to be named for that purpose could'select the date, uiako tho plans, et cetera. The club is In fine condition now but It is believed that thore are a lot of new people and some old oues that should be on ils roster. The next meeting ot tho club will be on the first Monday night in October and it is hoped Ja have a good attendanco pi the members at, that time. Clothing for Men nnd Women ON CREDIT A small payment t\ « Ufflflk down, balance f I 0 TT DUI V COMER COMMERCE CO,, 17-19 N. Walnut _ i iipr rmTiriiiwiiinin-iiilinMiii i r itrmnl mi ii 11 "ii'i" I' I i" li'i i mi ,i in "V" IT. ' MaajrrirjJ LADIES' SHOES 50c a Week MEN'S SHOE* SOd a Week CONFERENCE Alethodlsls Will Hold Series of Meetings for Two Days. A SCHOOL OP INSTRUCTION Many Topics to be Discussed, and Ways Planned to Meet Conditions. WANTED—MISCELLANEOUS. WANTED—Cider apples in any quantity ui. (1.00 per hundred, commencing Monday niorulug; cur on Santu Fe team truck; weigh on Yoang &. Sons scales. l.evl llayl, - 7-101 ROOMS—For light housekeeping. .Modern. Call 83, 8-21 -• FOR SALE—REAL ESTATE. FOlt SAUE—W section, Morton Co., S ml. north of Kolla. 05 acres broke, good crop. C. B. Wlttwrodor, Plevna, icons. ' 10-14 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY. , BUSINESS OPPOHTUN1TY— I am golne i"- to war and must sell my Kansas City Star agency; good opportunity to get in business for yourself; phone 2683J, Mr. Murray. • 4-U WANTED— Sixty acres plowed and seeded to alfalfa, Imanedlalely. John T. Chi'lsman, 211 east First. Phone 3089. 5 -tr FOR SALE—Restaurant; plenty of business; town of fifteen itundred; reason for selling poor health. J, W, Chaaey. Holly, Colo. . 7-13 WANTED—Five or six room furnished house . Address S-81, care Nsi>v4. y-2t WANTED—A used II alley Davidson mo- lolvycJo with side car; l»lli or 17 model. Write or call, E- M. Smith, liurrton, Kas. 10-61 WANTED —A place for a 17-yar-old boy to stay and go to school in exchungu lor spare time work; phone 4GG. 7-31 WANTED—Clean, bright Btraw; wilt pay 14.00 per ton delivered to the Hutchinson Box Hoard and Paper Co. 18-U MILCH COW—Want a fanner near city to keep u tullch cow 011 shares, Phono 1119:1. 10-3t WANTED—To contract your cement work, sidewalks a specialty. Call 177. 7-lf. WANTED—Second-hand lieatlliii and oil slows; phone 2^50W. Cod 7-31 WANTWD—Second tiatid, furniture, jtauh Furniture Co,' . jfytj FOR SALE—Grocery fix trues complete ' witti wagon and liurueas. Cheap. Par­ lies who called 1755 please call goij-J. 9-10 FOR SALf>—Heat cafe In state; nddress Narrow Gauge Cafe. ElKhart. Ivans, (i -ot What is one man's meat is another's poison. There nro thirteen let* tors in Johu J. Pershing and the same number in Kaiser Wllhoun—Atchi­ son Globe. WANT13D—noom and board for three people in prlvalu homo , Address S-K4, care News . 6-St WANTED—To rent or trade for from uwnv,*, suburban place, wllh Improvements.- Address Route JJox 2. 8-10 When placing a dish pa Ice put s, fruit jar rubber Uader it to mi U stead/. A training conferenco for workers in the Methodist Sunday Schools ct this dTstrict IUIB been arriit<e-l 10 meet hero for two days' sessions starting Thursday ot this week. Tile war's etrect Is being felt very heavily ty tho churches according lo a report recently made of conditio is by r,n export. Therefore to meo: this i.risl.i this conference has be?n plannvi and It Is expected that there will be many delegates from all over the district in attendance. There will be nianj' noted speakers who will discuss, topics which have a most vital bearing upon the situation and others who will have many helpful hints and suggestions to offer. Among the speakers on Ihe program, appear the names of (Bishop W. K. Oldham and Bishop W. O; Shepard and many, others. The program isannounced as follows; Thursday, September 12. - Morning Session. 9.30-Jntereesslon. 10:00—centenary Address, "Making Democracy Safe for the World," Walton w. F. Oldham. 10:46— The Centenary Working Program: (a) In outline—Vision Intercession, Stewardship, (b) Stewardship Training Conference— The four weeks' program In detail, Rev. J .Wesley obnnV Afternoon SesVlon. 1:15—Intercession. v 2 .01)— Address, "The Challenge of the Present Snndnv School Situation, Fllshop W. O .Shepard . 2:45—Address. "The Call to Advunce," Rev. L. O .Harlman. 3:30—Sectional Conferences: Elementary—"The Children in a Orow- lng Sunday School," • Mrs. Mary M. Morehouse, young People—"Organizing the Young People," Rev. Petty F. Stair. Adult—"Building Up the lllble Class," Urtv. L. 4.1. •iiartman. 4:15—Address, "The Teacher's Inner Life," Ulahop W. O .Shopard. Evening Session. 7:30—Intercession . S:e0—Address, "The Foreign Survey and Opportunity." Hlshop W. F. Oldham. Friday, September t3. Morning Session. 8:30—intercession and Testimony . 9:30— Address, "The Evangelistic Opportunity" in the Sunday Sehoil," Uishop W. o. Shepard and Rev. L. O. Iluit- initn, 10:15—Sectional Conferences: Elementary—"Training the Children Jn Worship," Mrs. Mnry M. Morehouse. Young People—"The Most Fruitful Field for Evangelism," Rev. Fetor 1*Y -Stair. Adult—"Recruiting Adults for the Kingdom," Rev. L. O. Hartman. ll:3'J—Address. "The Teacher's Task," Rev. Peter F. Stoir. Afternoon Session. 1 '.30-^-Intercession. 1:45—Stereoptlcon and World Program Address, "Tho Homo Survey and. opportunity." Hev. Frank T. Mossman. 2:30—Addiess, "The Centenary Program In the Sunday School,' ltev. Peter F. Stair. 3.00—Address "Tho Centenary Plan of Organization," Rev. L. K. Idllingsley. 3:30—Training Conferences: (a) Pastors and Reprcsentallves of Local Centenary Councils, Rev? L. K. Bllllngsley. (hi Sunday School Workers, Messrs, Harlman und Stair, and Mrs. Morehouse, 4:30—Address, "The New Church for Ihe New Day,' Tllshop W. O. Shepard. 5:00—Intercession. . Evening Session. 7:30—rntereesslon and Testimony. 8:16—Stereoptlcon Address, "A Cross- Soctlon of the World." ltev." Frank T. Mossman. MORE PROPAGANDA. And This is About All This Austrian Stuff Amounts to, Now. Basel, Monday, Sept. D.—President Wilson's program as a basis for tho negotiations for peace are endorsed by County Michael lC>rolyi, president ot the Hungarian Independent party, A dispatch from Budapest quoting from an open letter written by Count Karolyi, to his electors to whom ho recommends an early peace says: "A decisive military victory despito its successes Is 11 dream for which it is useless to pursue. The prima conditions of peace negotiations is the dream of .'realization of nations and the abandonment of imperialists' theories! A second condition Is that we should not becomo slaves to tho Idea of a middle Europe, either military, economically, or politically, two that we "should not strengthen our alliance with Germany which would form the first step towards tho realization of this central Europe, "Wo ought to accept as a basjs for negotiations President Wilson's program.'' Notice. * , Wo are In the rug cleaning business,, We clean, finish and sUe rugs. Our work gpuranteed. American Rug Cleaning Works, m A jyest. Hutchinson, Kan. Office phone sm, 10-at Stoves and ptpvoplue n.t. 0,'Dop- Initials on cars in gold $1.50, one secret lettor Included. Plain or Old English. Will call, Baker, phone 3257. 10-tf if You Suffer Wiiu PILES The Absorbent Method Will . Cure You without pain, without cutting, tying, burning or the Injection of carbolic or other irritating acid, without an hour's detention from business and pleasure. This - seems almost too good to believe, and we don't ask you to believe it, just Investigate this wonderful new method of curing Pilej and see for yourself. .Other pile doctors who claim to cure Plies without the knife always use the scissors or an Injection of carbolic or other burning acid. The ABSORBENT METH. OD Is a new discovery, absolutely different and far superior to any other method known. It Is known to only seven rectal specialists In the United States, and can be obtained In the West only In Hutchinson at this office. A number of Kansas people have taken the Absorbent treatment for Piles since It was Introduced here recently. You may ask them about it. Every cure guaranteed for life. W. M. Dodson says: "I worked every day while 1 was under the Absorbent treatment for Plies, and was cured completely without pain or Inconvenience of any kind." We cannot cure and do not accept cases of Cancer of "the Hecturu. If you delay treatment until cancer do- velopes, you are beyond hope. The ABSORBENT cure is 60 qasy to take and so quick and positive In its power to relieve and cure that patients are astonished. It Is almost like wizardry. In fact Pr. Hover Is known as the "Pile Wiiard." Charges moderate—far less than the old-fashioned Pile operation would cost. Positive guarantee In every case. Fistula, fissore, rectal ulcer, and all other rectal diseases cured by our latest Improved methods without the' knife. Consultation Free. Dr. Kover, "The Pile Wizard," With THE UNiTED DOCTORS V/z West First street, Hutchinson, Kansas The only place vvest of the Missouri liver where tho ABSORBENT METHOD for cure of Piles can be found. MONEY FOR CLERK HIRE. Adjutant General Says War Department Makes Allowance. Topeka, Kan., Sopt. 10.—Adjutant General C. *S. Huffman has advised the local draft boards throughout the slate that the War Department has made an allowance, for clerical hire oy these boards. Each board is to re- celve a monthly allowance based on the number of registrants over which the 'board has Jurisdiction. No clerk is to receive more than J10Q a month without specific wrltton order from the governor. Tho allowance to the respective boards is to be apportioned as follows; 5100 for a board 1,400 registrants. $170 for a board 2,500 registrants. J195 for a board 3,000 registrants. $235 for a hoard 4,000 registrants. $270 for a board 5,000 registrants, $305 far a board 8,000 registrants. $335 for a board 7,000 registrants. • A kitchen table having little sliding oastors saves many Bteps. FAIR FOOD PRICES PREPARED BY THE RENO COUNTY PRICE INTERPRETING BOARD U. S. FOOD ADMINISTRATION. Prices being paid by retailers f. 0. b. Hutchinson for the staples named, and tho retail prices which they should not eiccecd, are us follows: l(«ta|ler Pays Consumer Should Pay Commodity. Wheat flour, per 1-16 bbl. bag (12 lbs,)..,j Wlioat flour (bulk) (per lb.) Hurley flour, 88 lb, bag. Kye flour, OS lb,: bag... Corn flour, 100 lb, bug... ftlce "our, 10P lb. bug Commeal, 100 lb. bag (per lb.) Commeu], pkg. 5 lb, or less (per lb.),.,... Victory bread, 24 o», loaf , Victory bread, 16 o«. lout , Ontiiical or rolled oats, pkg. (per lb.)..,, Rice, unbroken, stand, quality (per 10.).. Hominy or honylny Brits (per lb) Sugar, granulated (bulk) , Deuns, white, navy or pea (per lb.).,.,,. Beans, colored, pinto or any.other colored variety (per lb.)...,...,',,,.... Potatoes, whlto or Irish (per pk.)....... Onions (per lb.); , Raisins, seeded, (pSr 1« oa, pltg.) Prunes, mod. size (70-80) (per lb.) Cunned tomatoes, standard grade per '20 os. (No. 2) eon,.. , Canned corn, standard grade . iKir 20 os. INo. 2) can Canned peas, standard grade per 20 os. (No. 2) can Canned salmon, tall pink Alaska per 10 os. (No. 1) own Canned salmon, tail red Alaska . per 10 os. (No. 1) cup Kvaporifted milk (unsweetened) per 6 oz. can...... • Evaporated milk (unsweetened) per 10 01. can.,...., Milk (bottled) (per qt.), Puller, creamery (print) (perlb.) ... Oleomargarine Tper lb.)...,... KKBS ' (fresh) (per des.)........... Cheese, American, full cream (cut) (per lb.) •• Lard, pure, leaf (bulk) (per lb.) ,, t*rd, pure leaf (In tin) (per lb.).,.,..,. Lard subslltuto (bulk) (per lb.) ,, .Lord substitute (In tin) (per lb.). Bacon, breakfast, sliced (standard • grade) (iter lb.) pork chops (pgr lb.) Ham, smoked,• sliced (per lb) ... •Round steak (per lb.) .. Hens, year or more old, dressed and drawn (per lb.)....... .Mill, fresh, plentiful variety, (uatfUjh) (gar fo) M ,„,„.,,„„ High Price .31 Low Price .75 .05% .06 '-" -O0V4 ;!» S8 .10 , .09 • .15 .13 , 1 *C0 • .17'"-' .13 .' .10' .19 \.19, - .18 .s»;>: ..WMi . .14 .10 - .66 . .34 .4? .37 .33 .33 .27 .31 . .61 .87 .55 : .» .86 nigh Price .78 .06% ' 'T X* .07 .07 .12 ,06 .07 .10 .OJ" '.'is .14 .70 .0614 .10 .15 .28 ' .23 .23 ,30 .OS .18 .40 .36 .80 .29 .66 .40 .68 .35 •?T .8*

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