The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on January 21, 1948 · Page 5
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 5

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 21, 1948
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY REGISTER, HARRISBURG, ILL., WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 21. 1048 PAGE FIVE By Fred Harmon Dog five h School SEtrtS TO SAVVY THIS COUNTRY.' WHERE SHE MO THE Cf?£EK,RED, BUT I1'LL 1AKE Art HOUR TO WHERE SHE OUT-' A^OTHER-X-;.-.; fe^r-ft^-/ JV ( - - AA \ fjf^-;^/^ /t's Weird L ° n!: H «Vo.'kl 1 C-l. Colsac 59. I' · | SJTJ^CA^T^ AS bo? CORDWOOD SAW MOUNTS ON T R A C T O R ,.f. s and lowers hydraulically. E a ; y w cut yoi* own wood. V , t h t h . s c u l o f f s a w y o u c o n · r c d u e btanches and small ; ' l( , fire\v»od. saw posts 10 BARKAM-6REEH Tractor I m p l e m e n t Co. t o m o r l.ouist M i l l Phone ·l,")CIl [complete Stntk of Washer and Kadio Parts p . S'-v f Cr PtsaH Rob«m "Kadio Electric Service Fuller Brushes Phone 678 rv ~~ VNOW. COR WHSh /3V GA.DFRV. \ YOJ T?A.V=L IN , ' - , -A?. THI6 X TIME. TOt/KE BE'NS IN NOTH'N' \ FOOLIN' WITH G VE5 ME TH' TM= FOURTH C^eSPS.' 1 DON'T / DIMENSION... '· LIKE IT.' Pp^ fliV .AND THERE'S N0, TELLING WHAT KINP OP /"sN ElSHT SAU- YOU'D WIND UP BEHIND IF ANY- TH1N3 WENT WAV- WIRE WITH DOCS GADGET/ DID SO B 5 9* KIND OF MONSTiK^tTV ISTMAwT? By JOHN BIGGERS TJjc Jlarrisburg Bull D'J«S h.ivc- been prac'licing for the tirst two niKhls of tJiis week in prcpaiaiion for a duo of South Six lilts this week-end, traveling to Bcnton Fti- day and Mt. Vernon Saturday. Coach Ralph Davison's ulayero. who looked like a new team last week in beating We^t V i a n k l o i t and Carrier Mills, aiv impcoviiig steadily, and have displayed to local i'ans one of Harrisburv. iin- est hardwood quintets in several years. A new offensive plan, winch finds Davison's center and lor- wards moving diagonally around the Bull Dog free throw area, \\ith the guards out in .front, paid Jivi dends this past week-end, as it resulted in a smooth scoring .na- chine. In this past set of vie- lot ies. Bill Bob Brown ha-* paced the Purple and Wnitc :conn« 'c- partmcnt with 40 l-ii'.ics in vh^ two nights. ! Cummins Top Team Scorer I Herb Cummins, as usual, aided greatlv in the local cause, cutting FRECKLES AND H I S FRIENDS Buv No Other You CIP.I.S DONT ^.sio-.v \VHEM VOUKE W£LUCr=.' NOT SO Tl6MT,oU l .'E, HILDA'S STA^T.XG TO LCC U^C A RIPE 10VATO/ ^ V 0 :.'-. s IT WAS so HEP OF YOU, AUl^T HrSTER ,"! KMOV THESE DRESSES WOULD CQN\!= BACK IM STYLE' I'M ) JUST A FOOLISH OLD WOMAN WHO ' GOT IM A RUT AMD I MEVER OTWERED ' CUTOUT OF IT." NOBODY WAS EVER. MORE 1 SURPRISED THAN I WAS,TO FIND THAT 1 WAS BACK IM STYLE VOU'Rc A DEAR) THE THREE BEST-DRESSED SHAOYSIOE/ e. T/M. REC. U. S. PAT. By Merrill Blosser ('H£N FATHER WAS A ' IT . . ." Jcrr\ Stiitc-vjllo (center), Indira guard, "reauy in use iutai tauov, v.utw,i,-, Jias mat i w u ^.u Have It" look, as he b.ttles Burdolte Thurlby (14) the curtains with 30 markers, a:ul j a nd Bill Ericknin (33), both Illinois foruords. lor po^sevsion of ball in "I DON'T WANT IT has that '·You Can -'·ame v»on by Illiuoib, *4G to 4o, in thriller p;a\ed at Champaign. 111. ( N K A Telephoto *ary in order to protect musicians. Ik- cited : steady decum i,i thc nu.'.ir^r o nius;cia:is '..orking in 2. The ba". adainbt API! musicians ."; ici^vuioi aIr/» was de- 'signed to protect their livciihc'jd. luusiciaiio .cared, he u:d, the tele- ]\is'.OTi n / i . - , i y %,ould take a* 1 .ay 1 the S23.0GJ UO they nsv; earn annually n ladio. 3. It dov-n'l make differ- The New Look By Ai Capp ^ VO' OEST DON'T IED - UNNERSTAN' __* FEARLESS .ZED 'FEARLESS ·=0-. --' WVJT VO'KAPPY, y^BB^s-s^.. r"*' PEA 1 ~T.S G^-'E. A'I XP.T 'J^-WP M' - v · "·'-- ~---V^T- j?~ f-f r- ' M HOW KIN ASAWE MAVJ THIMK UP IDEARS FCTFOSDICK''/ 1 ' 0 H-So 5 r_VMUT V;!LL HAPPEN T' TH' IDEEL O'ALL US REDI BLOODED AMERICAN B£rYS, IN TH' HANDS OF A NORMAL ry.. f $**- ^r. H E N R Y L. LICHTFOOT j LOANS 1 Signature and Keaity j , Collection Adjusimenf , Service i Skauss Kids. Pho- 893-\V , I I oCs G- V r-J, J£Ssxz* BOSS RECEIVES HIS NEV/CREATIONS- 7 P-GOOO-VS FlRSl " 'FEARLESS FOSD1CK" - STRIPS,SINKIE HI' I RELEASE-WILL J STUN TMEL t r r -- cf 1 1 ?·?- the iloor work and jjassing of Floyd Jones and Jim Catlin have- been a large asset to thc team. Captain Dick Vinson has continued to be a dependable score" ail season, and 's 'oroving to no 1 '-cad- ing rebounder along »ilh Cum- I mins -"or Harrisipurg. | Cummins heads uie team : ccr- ling with 174 tallies ?r. 13 " land so far this year, the Bull Dog:i have outscored uitir opponents. 645 to 611, in winning seven of 13 contests. Field goal percentage irripvo\ed last week, as the Bull Dogs made more than 30 shots. In thc Harrisburg ma in 58 attempts per cent. Pavelcnis Sees - _ . Monday the Harrisbur scrimmaged in a cold L. avoided cutting practice. Tuesday evening practice was shortened due to semester exams. Seeing action on the first string yesterday, was Eugene Pavelonis. v ._ .... i local second team forward, being i when he negotiates witn niaior j 'combined v.'ith the usual «iVt :ive i broadcasting chains. His prescn j Amcr j can Farmers E-ccl i--Cummins. Vinson, Brown, Jonos. \ contracts CApire at ,na enc. c , The . Vmcrican farmer has no land Catlin. John VandorPluyra is this month ^ ,, a .. f i equal m anv other pan of the world heard in 5 a long time,"" Rep. 'u-r -ho is far more advanced in his ' export to thc U. S. 'g- ; 4. He .-a.d 80 per ccr.t of the The head of the American r eu :; i rec0 rds mack ;n t'nc U. S. arc cration of Musicians (AFL) nlc. i 0r h o:r . e usc . 'rj lc ol ji er 20 per the house Labor committee thai Ct , n t j lc sa i c j ¥ crc Ui)C d coni.nor- he will "keep an open mind' or. c ; a iy un ^ ih c musicians do not thc FM and lelevis'on question- · benefit from such us*. land catim. jonn v a u u u i r i u v n i ,.-, l also inserted with vhe .-egi'isra rt I times. Herschel Ciine vescrvc ···er.- Ucr who nas recently been out 'uie ! to a cold has resumed practice. '£rfmli«m: !D^f roll D. Kearns. R.. Pa . commented so st," S'sU Beats Arkansas State, 72 to 42 CARBON DALE, 111., Jan. 21-a T .P)--The Southern Illinois Unrver- "Don't grab cautioned. The committee is holdins r.c · ings on PcLvilio's radio rustr'n-dc it. ynci his ban ageinst r^co'.o.c--*. 'ii'i sic which became effective tir first of this year. Petrillo said his uiiion ^ '..-'I inu to make records for c-. only, on condition that cn:^r 1 .^ prohibit -by law the usc tu sue.: records for commercial puvpo^u-^ Prospects of congress (ioirt'4 t" ' we're considered :n!. Petrillo look in silence :: cinn"-' by chairman Fred A. I! vtl^y. T. thir.ldr.g and methods than ir.c'ivid- PctriliO i uals in other countries who fo'.lo-.v a similar nursuit. surveys show. He has ^air.cci his position by the close coopcrat.on between American industry, -^nd agriculture, and by mailing use of r.'.l the rr.echnr.ical and c'icrrical luciiilic.3 \.hlch industry can available. TI'.o American farmer has ior.g reco^-.-.zod the principle that human labor is the , most cr.stK v.ay of doing things. ar.d 'ha*, the greatest efficiency and economy cr.n be «j"his\ed only by l usi! ir 4 ci;crracais cr machines to do the work wherever rossibie. pOull since. Fri'l.iV ni?nt iKeaster Ruu Upholstery Cleaning 503 W. South St. Phone 859R Harrisburg Kirby Vacuum Cleaner Dealer uie eno 01 mt- "»o- t»v.-««- ---- n;adc a fast comeback with Charles ^^3.^"^^-^; ^gsy?H! ».'S^«.. "l the h - ' f Brookport matched! continent in / hours, 23 mm- i-isk^t for br'-kot in the third per- utes, had in its construction 3,500 .} lv in t r quarter Gala- steel ball and roller bearings. is and .tournament will be »TuaVn"i7 point.; for Gnlatia. with Galalia playing Next \\cck tne Little Egyptian'.in thc opening game. »ional baskc Mi^o onv/».^^» vw.--.-. j ^1 tiiarges s ,' ulI , a A^o a ?"r"^iVomnTnn"s»iin qeriL ' trict The Gophers, paced fay Big Jim go ra(]io station to e;nploy ^r^Hr-s · .-^-^srScSSS: ssr^s±wt? ^i : ss l ^^ 3 is ..v 24 a n d TMSionals March 2 1 a.i ^ _ ^ ^ idf, T?cnton; Xcnia. joints in four league engage- ; is , ncd to curb Petriiio-- ·-. r- ^^^^^^^^^^^ a -^^^^M^- n ^^r' tPa '^ F tSS-B*« B ,= Bcn t on. a.^,^^-"^^ D^'SS? SL*£°£?Z. «£ -^~- nvilk^VsT^Frafi^rVu Minnesota and OD.4 for the. .mm. \vtst i »" ·- |,. , ln | Attticks' Colp. Ilcrrin: illawks. '» 4 · and winner from ue.. M ^ irLQ , K v;V;/ 'Yo-eiov ^ f o u n d s ] Five of the othcr seven teams Springs-District. ,' iv?n«Hts XVirre'- to ' Harrjsburg. in the league also have averaged Creal Springs District: Crea! """-Uss. un.r.t. u . . . . . . ,,. ,, -,,. recording ban v.-o._ " cc Tailor-Made Winclcivs he i Windows are now tai'.cr-made to fit the various needs of different industries. A glass for textile mills has been developed at Toledo to reduce the sun's rays that fade yarns and fabrics. Ar.othor glass for the drus f.cid excludes 90 per cert of the sun's heat-prcducing rajs that Cuure reactions on raw chemicals. COLLECTIONS in. noes and !vc! fron jnycw, an... ,,.-, . _,, No collection; no charge! M. D. NcMcr Collection Agency 302 K. Walnut I'honc 113 MOTSINGER AND ROSE Bonds and Insurance 17'= S. MAIN ST. I'honc . D. A. LEHMAN EYE, EAII. NOSE. TIUIOAT (".lasses Titled 201 Xo r th Vine Street 4--Harrisburg Ilo.pital GOODRICH TiRES '-:cr. Truck, Tract «r '· n. I'opiar Terms 174U1 Barker Hile 1X ' S »*UAX('K AGENCY » O N S ,.I: ( T IOX SERVICI: John B. Owen.. J. P. .* * - ·'Isin l*V:ff»» r.^^w J · '\J»*C l/.}.} f t Co"' ·"'*"' (T *^ r '' v ers' Licer.-c. I "'.;:on;. Deeds or ^crtsa^cs I I'.CCVE -AX I/.-.ccr. lo "CLAUDIA" :.°,o A. M. ,, , ...-X-^-TY CF THE - · iover 50 points per game and on- Springs, Goreville. Marion (Crab ' port Noble, ,, and winner from Flat iiocc trict. Flat Rock District: Ciay City. FJat Rock, Palestine, and bumner. Winner to Bridgeport Regional. Cairo Regional: Anna. Cairo. Cobden. Karnak, Mound tit?. Mounds. Ullin, and winner from Thebes District. Thebes District: Cairo St. Jo- ·m o Recognize j i l U «» C » V l . » . 1 « V . T . W * - - ^ - - - - ! age was not damaging, for Michigan !has the top defensive performance record with Ozzic Cowlcs Iti^ht zone and shifting man to iman defense, and thc 44.67 mars iwas exactly one point per game | more than'the Wolverine oppon-; 'cnts have been able to hit. j 1 League-leading. Wisconsin, sec-! -'ond last week in offense and third Wednesday 6 p. m, s hursdsy 6 p. rn. ' !4c and 4Dc STCSY Or M'JRDK- csef MAN-WRECKiNG ADVENTURE/ T^bec District. S'lCAlMHH bV^Mv j Teaguc-leading. Wisconsin.sec- Thebes District: Cairo St. .Jo- AIEXICO CITY . Jan. 21-0.^-' ond last week in offense andI third seph, Dongola. Grand Chain. -"C-L^ 1 ^ ^cball and the outlaw in defense, moved into \nc run- C'ure Olive Branch. Yaminb-'^gamzca . ACWI ^ ^^ ncMjp spol dcfcnsivc ly this \veek. Thebes, and \Volf Lake. winndl | Scroncc today at which it was but the ^ adgcrk f 1 ^ in f hci ji im j, cl o Crossville. linfield. Grayyillc. ^ I l - ; , . _ T ..,;n inon into baseball's ofii- ures. , ,,. . . to Cairo Carmi Crossville. Carmel. West Salem, and «·«:,.«:. ry- - f - m ;. from Allcndale Distr-.ct. . Th _ cacc Allendalc District: Allendaie.l lne pcacc Bone Gap. Browns. Keensburg. Lan-; conference. . Purdue tied with Minnesota for o noiro contercncc. which "fifth place, was third offensively _ LScd b" U S Commis-land was thc only other team able B ,,._,,_ --. - -Moni * B (Hap Chandler, to hold ito opponent* under oO caster. Mt. Eric, and S^/rancis-i^ner \ .^.^ ^- ^.^ jj u i.| points pcr game. Ohic.Slate wm- « ^iUc. Winner to Carmi Regional ,J»t ^ chandlcr - s number jnc i^u-jnc-r of only one^of__four^ Harrisburg .Kcgiona: V* 1 ^ 1 'Uani. panics. Harrisburg il bur ; DUniDCr Jli" ui:u-:u;:i vn vnt.« y»»- ~; = - , . \lciandro Aguilar.was poorest in defense, and i.s AiCjanoru ^^ ; opponctlt5 havc av4 . raP p«! «0.2o points per contest. aSE-wS-i-'fei**. ^\^aStJSSSS?%£ w=T\^ «SSa" «« Marion. Norris Ci\y. V.m-, 1 "*"- l ',' c ,,'- u noints ncr contest. K^f ^ ^::^^£^^S:;r^ TMS "" Ax.-_^,n^,,-^i -.n/1 v.innr-r Irom \Val- . - . *»..4_^_ -- *--»;^ i1mt he'averacc. i/Vli/. i^lv. w v » « » w » » » . \i*_ i Woodlawn, and winner Irom Wai Sonire 6 r. m. Doubb respire -- 12c and 35c AN ftC ^r Hearts Were .,,,,.,,...-- Regional: ^ d?lc Carbondale Cniv.. taitc. ville, Elkvillc. Gorhanx Iiernn Murphysborp. and « » o i Hurst District. Hurst District: Alto Pass. A- Grind Tower. Hurst, Koy«TM o:1 Vcrgennes. Wir.nci to MuJVio-- lxro Regional. ,, . Pinckr.eyvillc Rcnionai: A^n.'j.. Campbell Hi'.i, Chcj.;cr, Du Oj-' '·· Nashville. Pincknc\illc, 1»«« M!d winner fro;n \\ilusvillc l ^ Irict Willisvillc District: Co.iUcnnu Stcelcvillc, Tildcn, Willi^villc. Vnn early rcction of brolncrs. Thc Pasqucl'5. hcaw investors in -- loaciie and \\ho ov.-n much o. in*!property, agreed lhat the time hsd Icoirie for friendship with or^an- ircd baseball. _ Looking Around Corners A new electric development is « flashlight that peers around corners --the bulb is mounted in thc end of a flexible metal tube. Colored Athletics Brookport, 39-38 The Harrisburg Colored Atn- letics basketball team last night 'journeyed Jo Brookport and «e- ifcated'lhc Brookport colored tcarn. iSf) to .^8, in an overtime period. !Thev will play at Mt Vcmon, Ind., ; .Jan.* 30. A bus will le.ivc R«hics Icafc at 5 P. m. that day. Tickets arc available at Ruthics ar.d the : Green Front cafe. Thurscoy-2 p. m. IMurn^ Walter Irom.^.i. Amic r».^Ui', V...'-.-r 1:. ."·' 1 Vj i 1 I 'Vv I iti ·ii ; iitt

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