The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 19, 1924 · Page 14
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 14

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 19, 1924
Page 14
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Page 14 article text (OCR)

PAGE FOURTEEN. THE TTUTCTTTNSON NEWS. WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER' 19. 1924 BEGIN HEHE TODAY. t <<iti,:';i*- r .ityniir is fn'.HMi tin uilKli I ii"i" 1 v'l ' ,,f 111. \i mill: mil til Fli'ir. r A.'lfS, \nA J. M NH l"i;ulil hi'Mli- "vn' tile ililiil In;.11, I.l>.t>.l In liiin.l, l.x Miili'iilni l-'itil'-y, I ]••! ilf.-i 11 cf l'.:iylirir"e \vil<\ .Wilic}. TuriHi', U:i > nui'*'- ri t] r--1 •. Mumr- l'V Ihv lll.-hl sv.'it. Ii. Til- II \:ui.-.' . liT lii-tlitr. 1 irvilln W (IM, i:c.i:i (i'lil'lnl il. frl'-nil lit Klnli-.v; Mlo* Miittii'. •<»)'>• or* ijilir, unil dthiiH. intir l!u> rn"in. I'liininRUin WiH.\ ;i 1:1 l.l.rnl'it <l'.t'<'- IU mill /'I'.'-t. III? Kit' tl'iS'.-Mlll, ttfi- cinl'».l In tnltn thu i n.ii< .,nt ul" lln.- hands ,,t Di-t-rllvK I ' I'.I I I I I I IIS . "v. r- pllOf". til" print nf 1\h'n-!l wai. U-ll mi lln.' (I'n.r e,' (,'<" *'i ui',">». <i)<- fiuiul in lln 1 li".i>.. HI 1 intlni^hnu <l;ui- li«n, a ("nviinl, .Naniy. iil 11 :::;'! mi', in nlii.i ',0 fmininlm, ".•nnli-M. ;i" In t n (•rill"". NOW 00 ON WITH THE S'lOHY. "Tim iny."tery is a mystery no j shouldn't huvt longer." Wine snlil slowly. "1 know ,. MI . siiNpliMoii ul' an Innocent who wore ilils rubber (mil who «ii<>'. person. Had tlu-i-f hen more talk H OUR I IIH Unynor—but k was not „f „,, intruder. Iiuil the household llr«. Itciynor." • ; bi'en exonerated unil tin' matter "It MKii 'l Orry," Nan cried out. ' | t .ft unsolved, I should huvo kept "I iinUcd 1 lolly I MIV i( h • -.vua wear-j (iiinnif, fur what I did was not I IIR rubber* that nlelit ami alio sulii > murder—one cannot murder a no. Sh« v. as on the lirltlqa* " ith i beast. It was Juat rftributlon for him--" 1 that inan'rt awful fraud on my sis- A jireat 11 fsrlit broke upon '/.III. So | it-r— I only learned of that lately. Nan hft'l been IryitiK to shield her [ Hut, as I nald, my motive trail not hrother? llou* had she come to sua. ! muidiT —it was to .save my tiister Nan stilt'ored, 1 E,OV !;.-• i.rnli. treating her more itml nioro shamefully, and 1 WIIH fortrod lo the con- i lii-.h.n llr .tt my dear alster. unable to :.talnl It any longer, had fliic- oiiinliod to temjitation to rid her- *ilf of him. I did lot blame her — not lor a iiiinuio-biit 1 wanled save her from belli); a liiuriiurer— MI 1 .Hhol him for her. That In all." Kent sat quietly, not twltehlns hla (liiRcrx or movinR hln hamla now, but like a thoimhtfal. determined aetor who had finished his part. "There 1* no mure," he r>ald, after a iiause. "I am not sorry— I riiiher haled to own up—ami done so except in poet him?" Fiul. Wise waa speaking. "I will tell you- I mum tell you •II I know," ho said. "I 'm I have given mv word to your brother, Mrs. linynor, thai when I lenrned ttio identity of the nnirdorr.r, 1 as I thruielit—from being a murderer. Imairlne my feolinKa when 1 learned that she had not given him poison nf all—hut helpful medicine: However, tho deed ia done. Now. Nancy, darling, don't feel bad about It—fnrftet It all when not nollee them. Ho. removed them ] urter tho shot wa.i fired, ant) hhl I ihoiit. iirohably In tho xlirublicry. Later, he hid them in Orannon'tt eloaet, whleh was a capital placo-— It my little Zlzl hadn't been clever enonj;)) to look there, l-lver Rlnce, Kent has been wallftiK In ace if hta fllster ahould be really ucieuKed, and as anon aa she waK. he was ready. "When ho did coiit'osa. I knew he waa really telllm; the tnitli, hut I ' pretended to tuUilc he was inaklni; I us In order to lest him out. Ilo mild ! at ouco that if Mrs. Raynor waa freed from autplclon be would not conl'eaa. bat if ahe were aeeu?ed bo waa ready to avow the crime. A stranpe beliiit. Kent." "Whal made you fliv-t think of Kent?" asked Zlzi thouahtfnll>. "Kirst. 1 think, when he tsnltl he walked up from tho brldRo ndmlriiii; thtt amiBel. There was no sunact at the-time he pretended to come up —at seven. 1 looked up the weather records moat carefully. I knew tie lied about the smiaet, or else he had come about ]0 minutes earlier. At seven every veatUe of annpot aittr-effects had failed lrom the sky. Then next. Misa Turner sain positively that when Kent ranio In, a little after seven, he didn't, look toward Unynor at all. but only at bis dialer. Now, however solicitous for Mrs. Raynor he may have been, he -would moat certainly have Blenced toward the dead man—except that he had seen him before. .So I Knew that tho sight of the body on the floor waa not a surprise lo him. From (hen on, I've only been trying to prove it np— or prove myself mistaken." "Which you were not—which you never are," eaid Zizl, with an affectionate smile for the chief fihe so adored. Kent's hopes were fulfilled. A year or so later, far from the beautiful but uo longer desirable estate ot Flower Acres, Nancy Finley put her hand In that of her husband sat forth on a happy and tranquil life Journey with him. "Deary Orry," she said, softly, "his martyrdom made possible ray present happiness." "As your martyrdom was for the happiness of him and your father." "Yes, dear, and now It is all past, and we owe it to their memory as well aa to our own two happy selves to forget the past and live only In the radiant present and the rosy future.'' 'Together — always together." said Finley, his voice fraught with a happiness too great for further words. ; TUB END. OUR BOARDING HOUSE speech Vou GMZ. v>«r » MusHY-fo M.O. si". CLAIR VOUR PS^C^OUOGV OF MARRI&D UT=E '. UMV C?IV/U)<3 MlH "ME UAPRESSlOvi -niM" VOL ) PiXEP-fiAic, HoiJse, MOOR VJORTJ \*)A<=> LW, MT> -rtw VOL) COllLt) COME MV <50 AS VOL) PLEA <oET3 ?» VrCS, VOL) P\D A urf OV -TAU -nkicS.-^ BUT VOL) T ueAP -fue LAf -v CRtAKI^G OV i SPAR AKID-TACKLE A^-TAE 1R0P)CAL. V)lk\D5 SEKVILV U»SE "TWE CLIPPER '-TOWARD-We K^gic , TORT'S or A <=.1A 1 ev/EPK -riME ^ 9de coot.?, -faREA-feiis •XO F»l\T) ^1"=. OTllER c-WRr MS' WAL-fi . OP A <SAW.\G \. n PLAklK Il^i* VOU COOLDIt)^ 1 -Tt »vJ V^IM AWAV FROIA CAVCES AO' COFFEE \JTTU| AIRACTOR'. AE AIJ'TM ' WAllj PAPER ARE crftJcvCOWfUlS •WHAT MADE YOU TilOLiGHTKI.'bl.Y. Till NK OF KENT'.'" ASKED 'M7A It's time now for those winter accessories on your Fonl and of course 1SS proof alcohol. P .one 5'.'. Ragland-Klngsley Motor Co. 19-U would tell him lirst of all. You • may aa well be told now, that Mr. K-iit also confessed to the crime in order lo sa\e you. as Mr. Finley did. Hut riiioe you didn't do It, these teutlemeu have no nec- c.^iiy lor such herrilsm." "Orry confessed," said Nan, her ey.-: wid-i with wunder, 'to save me! Itless him!'' "Y.-s', he nild If you were not to I K; accused, lie had no confeflaion to make—hot if you were then he would shoulder the crime himself. And 1 promised to tell hlni when J found out the truth." "And you have'.'" Nan spuke In on awed whisper. "And I have. 7A/.\. KO yourself lo Mr. Kent. Ask him to come here." '/izl went and returned quickly with Orvjlle Kent. He entered the room, white-faced antl uvjilyted hnt walking with a firm step. He glanced first at hla sister, anil seemed e '.ad to fee her iu the piotecllni; arm of .Malcolm Kiniey. "You found thy rubbers?" he said, as he saw them on a small table. "Yea," Wise said, "ami they tell the story of the • rime. 1 promised you. Kent, I'd tell you first of all. Need 1 do so'." "So," Orville Kent icniineil. "Ill tell myself. 1 shot. Douglas Unynor. You knew' it, Nan—1 think j on have known It all along. I think you saw me that ni^ht. Hut you don't know why. Net to rid the world of a Least, and a hrote--- although he was those. Not to save my sister from a life of terror and agony with a drug fiead. though he was thai Not to set my slater free to marry the nuui •he loves and who loves her — though 1 rejoice to know that will some day he possible. JJut hero ir tho true reason why I allot. Uoui;- lis Haynor. 1 saw .'-an putting talj-j Clean children want clean nchool clothea. Let us do the cleaning. Phone 1333. Lewis Cleaners. 11-1 ot lets Into his tea or coff and again I saw her do this. And always furtively, stealthily, with a glance around to sc.- if any one i.otlced. Then f saw llaynor begin you can. Marry Finley, and let the years to come make up for all you have suffered. 1 made a mis­ take-ami for that mistake 1 atone." A quick motion of hla hand, so quick that it. even eluded Wiso. who had been watching tor It, and Kent had conveyed to his mouth a capsule ot deadly and inatnutane- ous poison. After all, It was heller so. He must have been convicted—his motive, though born ot his affection for his sister, would have seemed quixotic ia the eyes of the law. and even if he had escaped capital punishment, long imprisonment would have been a worse fate for Orry Kent. Finley led Nan away at once, and Wise called the household servants 10 assist hint in the ncceosary procedures. "How did you size up the rubbers so quick?" Zibi asked hint, "i half thought they were Gannon's." "I knew from the very first '.t had to bo Kent," Wise said, slowly. "Mut 1 didn't know Ills real reason. I thought of course, he Just removed llaynor to save his sister from further uuhappiuess. I aee now how that really high- minded man could bring himself to do It. It was partly brotherly devotion and partly a alight twiet in his not quite narmal mind, that gave him the heroism needed. As to llie rubbers, when 1 fouud a tiny spook of green paint oh the print on the floor, antl when 1 learned that the little bridge had been palmed not so very long ago, 1 couldn't help linking that up with Kent. Then, wo had no proof that he was on the bridge at seven o'clock. As a mailer of fact he wasn't. Dolly Fay's watch waa fast, and Kent knew it. He'd been watching his chance, he tool; advantage of Dolly's statement about the time, ami utilized if for his own Time j alibi. He came up to the house fully five or ten minutes before seven, entered the sun room and shot Kaynnr and dropped the pistol urn* out again. Then ho removed JO-VEX ENDS PYORRHEA It you have soft, spongy, receding gums, or if your gums bleed when you brush your teeth. If the teeth are loose, then you need Jo- Vex. The sooner you get it. the quicker your teeth and gums will atop bothering you. Thousands have gotten rid of this loathsome disease with .lo-Vex. Jo-Vex is easy to use and Inexpensive. 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