The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin on July 26, 1959 · Page 39
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The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin · Page 39

Racine, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 26, 1959
Page 39
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KACINE 8VNDAY BULLETIN Jaly t9, i9iS9 Sec. 3. Paire 9 j ^uiiNiit Hiivicit OFrtmo ji ^ yiBof 8>ndlnK KB ryoo JR SANDINO-PROMPT BERVICR !«r and Hom»n. ME T-114H »fter ». PAmT-»a.DO-ia,BS PER GALLON. HlRli- fsl quality Oo\ crnment Surplui. All klndt, colors, pnlnU, enftmeU, Itcqticrs, virnlthfs. Rogns, BerryvlUe Ro«cl R» North 8hor« Tri\ck», MElrom 3-1373 W>V»gu KguipMEtJt - ORAVKtV voA lawn and enrdcn. Frank Oast * Bonn Highway 38 at Hmher. VErnon 5-4«l». M»Ttp .i and TfcMm TRUCK RENTALS Pads and Skldn Available. Call UKRCHAin'S DELIVERY, 121S Statt St. MEIrose 2 -^103 Rubbish Service ME 4-5275 raintiM and P>»trli»i»tlBt HB PAINTING MKLROBB 3-43l« pAiNTINa. PAPERHANQINQ, PAPER for sale, wall washing, paper clcaninL "itlmatei free, .V^ A. Dibble, 1855 Co Ave. .J Dial MEIrose 4 -noO after 5 >AWTU*a AND DECORAflNO bouse washing and mloor repairs lUILDINO MATIRULS 21 REDWOOD WEAVE FENCE t ft. high.. Easy-to-erect prefabricated sections. See them at Brannum Lumber Co. ITIO Taylor Ave. MEIrose 3-360t MIteitLANIOUl FOR SALI N Save $ $ $ at R\V Supply •39 .95 Water Skis I 4.50 Bkl Belts •:::::::tr' i J .60 i 3.«5 19.30 6.00 Poly Ski Ropes • t.SO Life Jackets $33.95 Aluminum Chest OPEN NINE A.M. TO NINE P.M, DAILY EXCEPT BUNDAY RW SUPPLY CO. 330,Main Btreet MB 3-9S«0 BILK DRE88E8—m tO'OBc ~ GOODWILL BUDGET STORE 1536 Washington Ave. 8R5W5A8ffi~~ C~'feECTRie7~SRXlS HOUSIHOLO aooM roR S^^^^^ MOVING - DODBLE OVEN ELECTRIC range: chrome ami pir.k kitchen set; portable electric dishwasher. Alt tike new. MEIrose 7-36H4 Racine's Finest Selection of Used Appliances, Furniture and TV Sets LATIfR0P MARDVVARE'S OUTLET STORE Just a Pew Doors South of Main Store Lathrop »i aoth RERftldfthAtSR: ^Wfcsf WtSFioIm^rTN excellent condition, «50. riense dial frames. 8 footers. SRIRT8-2BC ^>«lrose 3-8485. EACH. LOWSR FL65R MEIrose 3-1196. 9 a .m. to Washington Ave. open dally 4 :30 p.m., Mondays and Fridays 9 am to 9 p.m. HarRnins galore. Living room jiet^all klntln of hirn^^^^ SEWING MACHINE8- Rent A Siuecr Portable WANTIO TO RUV IRON, METAL, RAGB * PAPER Stern Wastepaper it Iron Co. D.irand Rd. Dial MR 3-3m HOUSEHOLD OOODB - OSBD PURNl- lure, dishes, tools, what have you. Call Jack's. IIE 3-7478 oir 3-8347. MOO iufe. fCHNftonit; vpraAHBiiTTi^^L ware, etc. One piece or entire household. Topjtirlce.ij MEIrose 3j ^m0. 6 ED OOLb AND DiAMONUS^ W~R PAV cash. Uocrlng's_Jj'_welry. 411_ Main 81; TYPEWRITIHS ADDtNB"MACiltNKS Accurate OL'tc^ Machines, 303 qixth 8t RAOS - WE riOY' TREM "CAIJL' BAQ Bllvas, 1314 Frederick St. ME J-a|«r RAgsr^TRONT M'CTAl.rTIR5WrPr"ff > dall Jack's, ME 3-7478 or 3-3347. ^RfStfRf Hi/.K OAS" a-feVF - "W Id condition. Call MEIrose 3-9788. sK'i^r'''-' IRON, IIAGS.^t'liirrrr Prompt pickup ninl MEIrose 3-4565 _ JT TWIN BAHY STROLLER -IN GOOD condition Call MEIrose 3-4344. GOODWILL BUDGET STORE 1536 Washington Ave 8M)rtt flhlM-s-aSc 'AisirTJpT-RVroNS and cotton. Beautiful colors to choose from. GOODWILL BUDGET STORE 1536 Washington Ave. ^ SPECIAL At'RON dXf:i - flftAhD NEW nylon, hand embroidered and hand woven aprons. Also old stock aprons. All drastically reduced for clearsncc. Prices from »1.00 up. July 33-30, Inclusive. Edith's Gift Haven, Highway 11 at 54, Union Grove. _ 8¥EAM t L E A N E R 8.' WHEEL ilTCL- ancers, battery chargers, nir cumpres sors. New and used. Gordon Auto lec win for your spring sewing. Ifl month. Open Monday and Friday evenings. Singer Sewing Center, 308-Bih. ME 4-9418, JEWING MAdHllTES SALES. BERVlcfi'. rentals Foreign makes our speelallv Dial MEIrose 4-1009 •fm 'Er TNO , KiTCiifN," and Occnslonal IENB JULY SPECIALS! 30 gallon gas automatic water heaters, 147 .80. 53 gallon electric water heaters, 189.80. FIberglas Insulation. Economy Builder.s Supply • stale St. MEIrose 3-7845 906 FOR CRUSHED STON£ Dial MEIrose 4-3566 WE DELrVER Consumers Comoanv arts. I3I4 Albert at., ME 3-8808 _ —ik tithlpmm - m FT. STJEEV: Ing, chairs, show cases, wrapping counter, cash register, hand truck, electric turn table, mirrors, time clock, adding machine, typewriter desk. Lloyd's Shoe Storjp,_Hotel Racine Building. TRACTOR — 6ARiDl;Sr~8IMPLiCltV, large size with snow blade and roto- tlUer. 9180. MEJrose 7j;149q,^ TRAVEL fRAlLER "USlD 15 FT. ALU- mlnum. Bottle gas for henling and cooking. Completely equipped ready to roll. 8350 Phone MElrnse 3-6771 or Burlington Rockwell 3-3723 WAYLITE AND C0NCRB:TE BLOCKS Patio block, ranch stone. Jensen Way- lite Block U Supply Co . 31st at Grove Free delivery Dial MEIrose 3-8806 MKTAL MOULDINGS-SPECIAL EXTRA heavy stair nosing 25c ft. K-W Cabinet ft Tile, 1003 Douglas Ave.. ME 2-2749. SHOWER DOORS - 5 FOOT SIZE, EAST ly Installed. 129.95. K-W Cabinet ti Tile 1603 Douglas Ave. MEIrose 2-2749. MA6HINERVJl|ID TOOLS 29 AIR COMPRESSORS OSED—NEW—REBUILT 1-3-5-10-25 HP. Paint Spray Equipment Harrv Gordon Conipativ 1333 state'st. MEIrose 3-5144 GOODWn.L BUDGET STORE 1630 Washington Ave. •rABLE LAMPS-50c AND OP: Large Selection GOODWILL BUDGET STORE _152« Washington Ave_^ WASHER -^"NOWOE. AUTOWATifiTANB •j gas dryer, 3 year.i old. Refrigerator, 'I like new; also clavennorl and gas range. 1427 Park Ave. Ycru CAirBbRn6W"'UP -to 81,506"T6 purchase new or used furniture from Thrift Loan Co.. 314 5th at. „ 'FURNITIJRE AJiD PIANO iii5\nrNp . Trucks for Rent. Drive It Yourself Merchnnts Del. ME 2-5103 REAL RITATI FOR lALR 42 RIAL iSTATI FOR SALi 42 2 Family Home Modern 3 family home, locnted on Howe St, 3 bathrooms, gas furnace. 811,800. 2 Family Home With 10 Acres • 33 n\lles West of Rnclna • Spacious older homo • Price $19,000 Walter Smolensk! & Co. 1341 Wash. Ave. MEIrose 3-3747 CALL T « T nun .DERS—ME 3-699I BEFORE YOU BUILD OR BUY RIAL ItTATi FOR lALI 42 SAN'DYUURST MANOR Located In WIND POINT'S finest residential development. Huge giMitly rolllna lots. RXCLtlSIVF. hvM RESTRICTIONS; 1500 sq. f, hiiines, no delnched aarngrs. sanitary sewer Prices start at $3600. Call MEIrose 7-3530 or MKlrose 2-5104 WANT TO BUI LI.)? SEE JAUniNA, lUMI.DEH ME 2-1414 RIAL IITATI FOR lALI 42 Owner MustSa'crificeMe 2 years old, attractively and laV I'm only cnnifortahly located on the lakenldc smith of the Mnbiiob. My many "wife siiving" niul unusual • featurse hns clmrmed mv owners and friends Just n 10 minute drive will convince you that I'm priced way below what I'm worth More? Phone MEIrose 3.6798. RIAL ItTATlFM lAU feMXL^ft'OBWfSiSrTdcA' Racine. ThU property h|« 10 feat frontage and ft modern bulldlni TYPEWRITERS And Portables, Used Largest, Finest Selections In Town WE TAKE TRADE-INS Acme Office Equipment Co. 1402 Wash. Ave. MEIrose 2-0956 VOU CAN BORROW OP TO $1,500 FOR the purchase of - your miscellaneous needs from Thrift Loan Co.. 214 5th St. IIUSIOALJRSTRUIIIHTI 14 Lowrey Or^an Sale! Terrific Bummer Mark Down On All Pianos and Organs! JOHNSON'S MUSICAL SERVICE 1409 Wash.—10 A.M to 9 P.M Listen to WRJN Monday. Wed. Frl,. 1:15 P.M. Lowrey Orgun Encodes. NEW CONN ORGANS Used pianos and organs, two stores Weldncr Piano * Organ Co 3406 Douglas Ave., ME 3 -3417 and Valley's Jewelry Store, 1916 Tnybr Ave , ME 4-8284. KLECTRIC MOTORS—1/6 HORSEPOWER $2.75; V« horsepower $3.75 GOODWILL BUDGET STORE 1926 Washington Ave. 'itobLS RENTEb — POLISHING ehir „.lnes, sanding machine. K-W Cabinet 4c Tile, 1603 Douglas Ave.. ME 3-3749. MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALI 10 BOATS, MOTORS, SUPPLIES 31 EVINRUDE OUTBOARD MOTOR AND REPAIR PARTS MERCURY SALES * SERVICE OPEN EVENINGS 7 30 TO 9:30 SUNDAYS 9 TO NOON DUTCH'S BOAT AND MARINE SUPPLY 1001-09 State St. ME 3-4338 MAGNUS CHORD ORGANS MArCHINO Stands and stools always iivallahle, also organ music books 1 to 12 In stock Keystone Radio and Television. 1200 Mllwiiukee^ALVe, MI!_4;2394 BALDWIN ACROSORfC SPINET PIANO, beautiful fruit wood finish. A-l condt- tlon. Will sacrifice for quick sale For Inlornintlon cull MJilro»e_4-8e80. MUaiCAL iNatRIfMENTS -" REic6Tn)8; CInsslcnl and Popular sheet music Go- sleskl Music Co. 403 elh Bl. ME 2-7379 tkV btJR Lf886?rPLATr$T6 Haniiaford's Organ Studios 1716 18th 3-'JU2 Hours 1 to g P M JK.saiK' FHENCII SPINET PIANO. IN excellent condition, little used. 1550 MElroie 3-3418. LOOKING FOR A GOOD HOME FOR LESS THAN $15,000? For $14,600 you can have a home which Is located within easy walking distance of 3 schools, the lake, a park and downtown. It has 3 bedrooms with ample closets, • new bath, a separate dining room, 2 living rooms, a large modern kitchen. There's clean and economical- gas heat, a new aulo- mnllc gas hot water tank, new wiling, a 3 car garage with overhead doors - and other features which add up to a lot of good llva- blUty for a very modest price, Whv 1101 give this properVy a thorough Inspection It may bo the logical solution to your housing problems. Owner Is willing to consider tl> niinclng for a responsible buyer. THE ADDRESS IS 1044 PARK AVENUE N. CHRISTENSEN &SON 1354 State SI ME 3-5139 Evenlngi; Pal Collenllne i3-2n39|' Charles Nichols (3-0041) Suburban Brick Home 4 Bedroomt IVz Acres Exceptionally well built home slln- Kled on a lieautlful landscaped lot with approximately lOfl' frontage and 806' depth, located on South Green Bay Rd. This home has an entranceway with guest closet, cheerful living room and dining room, 3 bedrooms, complete modern bath and a kitchen on the first floor; 3 bedrooms up Full basement Oil hot water hi'iil Deep well 3 car garage. Many friil" trees. Truly a beautiful setting, $23,900. BUD" ORTH ACl'-.NCY (Across from North Side Bank) IlKAI.roR 1311 lliRh St. ME .•^-8203 or 1\TE .3-R20.| OPEN MONDAY AND TIlUllflDAY EVENINOH TO flOO P M. At Your Service • Fred Curtin ME 7-1797 • Ken Orth ME 4-7947 • Amy L Jensen ME 2-l)U4B • Chas. Gardner ME 3-0033 • Ed Maeder ME 3-0807 ATTENTION Buy your own home ot a savings. - SEE Our Qcl Monday for full details MODIL HOME AT 2100 ORCHARD Will Be Open 1 . 8 P.M. MON. thru WED. Milton F. LaPour Broker 222 FHlh St. ME 2-5146 Edward F. Cerny Realtor Presents Winslow St. 2 Fomily Flot Lower flat has large kitchen, living room, dining room. 3 bedrooms, bath and sun porih. Uliiier flat has living room, illnlng ronin. kllchen, one hrd- room. 3 car garage. Lot 57x110. $11,900. Mitchell School Areo 4 bedrooms wllh ample rlo.irl space, tiled hath, on second tloiir, Newly remodeled kltih- en. dining room, living room, sun parlor nn first floor This home Is In exi'elleiit rnndllloii. Large 3 car garage. $ll ,3flu. l''or Appoiiilmciit Call Edward F. Cerny Realtor Diol MELrose 3-9651 (tow being used fti « TMttttruiti f—. hlUlles are unlimited. Drive by 4ail Washington Avenue and call ui. Tomek Realty. ME 3-4844. Northeast Village of Wind Point 2000 Square Feet Plus Do you take to the beaut* o( • low silhouetted split-level? Hero 1« » handsome, new briek and fr*m« structure which Is oesupled by the iiwner-bullder. Actually there we five distinct levels Incorporated tn this beautifully planned and tin-' l.ihed home, 1. Large entry (slate floor) With dim-doored twin entry closets. Betu- titiilly windowed living room (erank onis), good sir.ed dining h with French doors tu exterior, kltoBen with many hullt-lns, and ceramic (lii'ired powder room. 2. Three bedrooms with huge rinseu. full bath With beautiful ceramic floor and walls, plus tiled iloiilile vniiltury. Closets wherever voii look. 3. Large, squarish, okk panelled sll purpose room with tiled floor iiiul relllnn arid n raised hearth flre- piHie Uen (or officBi, powder room, mid riiriinre room. 4. dptiiidiis baxement — under m- llre filst level (Nn. II. A Large two car garage, Mm- pleiely plastered. neaullfiil parrel of land (130* 136'I. north of the Four Mile Ko»d liisi A few rods from the lake. The I few vanuil parable are front fool. lots which selling for are com lao.OO per INiniimiiiltv sewer svslem—no septic lank udois. Individual private well. YOU can plare a level on every floor and celling and plumb every wall If you are Uioklng for a fine horns. iiHk fldiiii mill trim tlirnimhnut, this (IMP Is fliihlii'd 1(1 perfection. UKAI.TOU. nUILDINO. INBUftANCB! Open Fves . Hiinilays Holidays Call MK 4-5(1118-3018 Washington Ave. DKOr In and Bee Our Homo Digest RADIO AND TILEVISION 16 A BIO 80PPLY M H.M.A New and Reconditioned MOBILE HOMES Open Dally 9 A.M. to 9 P.M. PONK'S MOBILE HOME SALES t Miles West of Kaolne on Hy 11 Phone TRInlty «-»50 CHROME PLATED CUSTOM BOAT Trailer Hitches. Most modele In stock. Including 1989 cars. |11.8t each. Hlg- :1ns Sporting Goods Co., West Raolne hone MEIrose 3-^ Adders - Typewriters Used — Rentals Accurate Office Machines 303 sixth Bt Dial MEIrose 7-5839 AIR COMPRESSORa, MOTORS, ELEC- trle fans, fan blades, bathtubs, sinks, toilets. Clearance sale. 1303 Wash. Ave. ACUMINUM AWNlNdS. CARPORTS, porch covers. iNavaco) Nationally Advertised, finest quality, guaranteed by Good Housekeeping. Easy terms. Me Gee's Aluminum. .MEIrose 3-93g>. ANYTHING IN SPORTINO 535551; household furnishings, bought, eold Honest John's. BOO State NtE 7-8438 AricHEftY-::BfeAft BOWS A aWPPLlM. Joe's Archery, 1023 16th St., ME 3-9890. BABY B UOO Y- COLL A PSIBLE. B ABSI net, Taylor 'Tot, good condition. MEI rose 3-5290. ^ BASEBALL BUB — CHARTERS AND tickets. Recs Travel Service. ME 4-4319. - BESTlUJVS CLEAN OUT SALE Beds, chests, chairs, tables, staves, refrigerators, washers, desks, filing cabinets, radios, TV's, fishing tackle, paint brushes, tools, chain saws. EARLE THE TRADER 604 State St. _ ME 4-1320_ or 3^-8397 BICYCLES — BOYS'. OIRLS', 20-24.Se Inch. Jig-saw, 34 Inch. MEIrose 3-6188 13 and 14 footert. M MEIrose 3-0990 or 3 -8817 ftVlNRttbt: dALte ft dMRVtei-Raclne'a only factor* authorlicd dealer. LaPond Lakeland Marine. Hy. 33 between Racine M Kenosha. Boats. Trailers A Supplies 8 PT. SCbTTIE CRAPT CABIN CRUIB- er, with or without Mercury Mark 78 motor or trailer, excellent condition Call MEIrose 7 -6043. ^ YOU CAN BORROW UP TO $1,600 TO purchase new or used boating equipment from Thrift Loan Co., 314 Mh St. SAIL BOAT—18 FT. SEAGULL. NEWLY lalnted, fully equipped Including trailer. Joat In Al condition. MEIrose 3-4338. BOATS UP TO 14 poor ARB BEING pulled everyday with Volkswagens Hen- drlcks Motors Inc., 3486 Douglas BIG SALE On Infants' and Children's new -ilothln and shoes at low prices VILLA FABRI HOUSE. 1334 Villa St BLBACH—40c GAL. Detergent 30c lb. ..rrwar Delivered. f6k •l.'JF MB 3-8896 MEIrose 3-8586. ^ REASONABLE - BOATS C. Nielsen Kl'lCONDITlONE'D TELEVISION Now I'roin $29.95 OUAIIANTBED TERMS AS LOW AS $1.38 WEEK Christiansen Bros. Co. "Television ti Appliance Mart" 318 Main St. Dial ME 4-3318 Quick Occupancy! ! 6 New 3 Bedroom lirick Ranch Homes Now Under Construction on Coronada Dr. Near the Jerstad-Agerholm School Drive Out , . . Sec Them Today! ! Priced from $17,300 to 119.900 HALVF.KSON HOMES 3800 LaSalla St MB 1-1309 or 4-3431 WE HAVE ACQUIRED MANY CHOICE LOTS - ONLY A FEW LEFT AT THESE PRICES 13 POOT PLYWOOD RUNABOUT, REA- sonable. Call MEIrose 3-0831 after 4 or anytime on weekends. 33 PT. INlOARD, WITH MOTOR, GOOD ihane. $338 Call VErnon .^-3387 KEYSTONE RADIO AND TELEVISION Sales and Service Pick up and deliver Antennas Installed and repaired. All antenna parts available. 1300 Milwaukee Ave ME 4-2394. _____ RADiOS - TABLE MODIL. $2 00 UP Lower Floor GOODWILL BUDGET STORE 1538 Washington Ave HOUSEHOLD OOODS FOR lALI 12 DAVIS & MORAN TV EMERSON, MUNTZ SALES A HKIIVICE ni3-nih St. Dial MEIrose 4-4439 RITE ANTENNA' SERVICE—ANTENNAS Ground Tower Installed. Free estimates. 1350 Washl na _ton Ave.. MEIrose 2-05«0 I BARGAIN—LINOLEUMS—All new 9x13 Cash and carry, $4.99. Nelsen Truoklng and Furniture, 1314 16th St.. MB 4-1948 AWlQfflt riMbW ANt> BALM - WAtJKK- sha, Wisconsin, V .P .W. Hall, July 31, August 1 -and. Hours: 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. 30 dealers. All exhibits for sale. BLOU8E8-19C LOWER FLOOR . GOODWILL BUDGET STORE 1526 Washington Ave. CAMERA AND PHOJECioR RENTALS— Polaroid, still and movie cameras, ta| ' recorders, by the day, week or mont Wick's Photo Center, 510 Main_8lreet;_^ CAMPING TRAILERS—ON DISPLAY AT 0-K CAMPER SALES 8200 Washington Ave. COOLER — PEP8ICOLA, UPRIGHT, holds 5 selections. Allen cash register and other filling station equipment. All Hems like new. TUxedo 6-4157. t>l8KS — CHAIRS, FILING CABINETS, typewriters, miscellaneous office equipment. Prank's Adjustment Bureau, 3nd floor. 338 Main St DIAHONDS-& ENGAGEMENT RINGS >ve 30%. Poraslk Jewelry, 817 Main. APPLIANCE PARTS for Maytag—Westinehouse GE—Norge—Frigidaire Washers Dryers—Refrigerators Small Appliances Repaired LATHROP HARDWARE MEIrose 4-3380 Saturdays 'til • Lathrop at 30th Open Dally 'til » 914 GRAND AVE. Ideal for the growing family, consists of 4 bedrooms, twin living rooms, large dining room, bath, anil kitchen with pantry. Within wiilkliig distance to St. Mary's, St Hose. St Catherine's and I'Tiinklln Jr. High Owner anxious to sell and has priced this property $9300 Hanneman Agency ME 2-R438 1959 Colonial 3 Bedroom RANCH HOME 1 RECONDITIONED TV'S, $34.98 ANU UP. Expert Radio ii TV, 1808 Taylor Ave . MEIrose 4-6364. $3 Service call •tV Ahb ANTENHA REPAlRlNd-^COM- 34 Hour - ME 3-3309 34 HOtiF^PROMMTRADR) AND TELE- vlslon service. ME 7-6076 or 3-8180. 1532 Wolff St. 4 Bedrooms $9,750 This home has living room, dining room, kltchei^ and one bedroom down. 3 berironTlis and bath on second llonr. Full basement, gas heat. HERMAN KAPLAN Appiicy 1519 Wash, Ave. REALTORS ME 3-7370 or ME 2-18.S()j FIRS! SHOWING APARVMfcNt ANB~REauLAki REPRIO*. erators. gas and electric ranges, washers, TV'i, furniture for the entire home, hide-a-beds, desks, ruga, baby furniture, etc. Avenue Used Furniture. 1433 Tune- tlon Ave. ME 3-8670. Onen dally til 9 p nv BED PILLOWS—NEW TICKING COAL, COKE AMD WOOD IS Summer Prices In Effect Order Your Co.-iI Today "QUALITY GUARANTEED" UNITED FUEL ME 4-7156 KINDLING FOR SALE - SOc a BAR- rel, not delivered Bring your own container. Custom Cabinet &. Supply Co 1331 State Bt. MBIroee 3-8817. $1 .39 GOODWILL BUDGET STORE 1528 Washington Ave. BEDROOM SET - 4 PIECiE, WALNtW, I^AMOND RING—ONE KARAT SET IN ilatlnum, solitaire. Owner will sacrifice. I Elrose 3-4341. 'XM SMlRTS—39a AND UP GOODWILL BUDGET STORE 1536 Washington Ave. >IIE88BR -^T^lf H MIRROR, NIGHT itand, blond. Blue shingles. 9x13 rug with pad. MEIroso 4-1463. 3040 Kayes Avenue. Call after 5 good condition, -9424. reasonable, MEIrose Carpet Remnants V* rolls, '/4 rolls, yes even full roles at REDUCED PRICES SEE ALA RUG CO. 418 Sixth Street tNGAOEMENT & DIAMOND RllidS Java 35%. Trauger's 311 Sixth St. HJRNACES - DSED OAS AND OIL. M 0. Nielsen Bheet Metal MEIrose 3-0990 or 3-8887. •tJR "STOLES — JACKETS, CAPEiS & all wanted furs. Priced right In our new low overhead location. Fcssler Fur Co.. 1617 Wash. Ave. Free parking rear. OOLP BALLS — Large Asstirtment. A-1 used, $3 doi, up Joe's D-X. 1301 W eth. HOT WATER HEATER — ELECTRIC, new, will sell cheap. 1226 So. Wlscon- SVBBAULfc'lfdSE" ASSEMBUMTi^ to order. Bring In the old one. Gordon's, _1|14 Albert S. ME 2-8B0B CARPETS- LINOLEUM— PAINTS BUFFHAMS 334 Main St Dial MEIrose 4-7191 5HAIR8—DINING. KiTCIlEN GOODWILL BUDGET STORE 1536 Washington Ave. PETS, 0001, BIRDS, ITC._ 31 TROPICAL PISH - TANKS - SDPPLIK^ Frozen horse meat and brine shrimp BILL'S TROPICAL FISH AND PET HUPPLIE8—420 14TH ST SSaa BOARDEl) IN COOL KENNELS Grooming, bathing, special poodle cut, training. Dog Pood and Supplies. Scott Kennels, 6300 Wash.. MEIrose 3-7015 WEIMARANBR PUPS — AKC REOIS- tered, 3 months, $36. East Troy Midway 3-5648 after 6 p.m. weekdays. Weekends anytlm^ imp, PET & GIFT SHOP Pete dt Supplies— 613 - 8th Bt, CHAMP16N A .1 ^6. HOXKh - ?EMALK, sired from Spark Plug, former Interna tlonal champion, $76. MEIrose 4-8378. GOOD DOGS' OP \fARr6U8~RlNb8. Humane Society. 1138 Stuart Rd. Hours; X'o^and 6:30 to B; POODLE-BLACK. 3 MONTHB. EXPERT grooming. Reasonable rates. Stud lerv- Ice. 4-8361 BOSTON PUPPIES, -B E A U 'r I E S" sweet disposition. Ideal children's pet 321B MeachentRd. WANTED GOOD HOME IN COUNTRY for young temale farm type dog. Call MEIrose 2-3304. CHAIR-MAROONT UPHOLflrERED. $15 Thor Ironer $20. 5 room oil space heater $30 All in good condition. MEl- rose 3-227B LAWNMOWERS-TILLERS Bolens garden tractors. Discount or large trade-in. Tiller, lawnmower, roll •r. leeder, cement mixer, chain saw. floor lander rentals Builder's Hardware, 3811 Rapids Dr. Open 'til 9 p.m. Siin^ LEATHER COATS AND JACKETS-v-ALL latest styles made to order or choose from stock. Conant <fc Law, 234 MnlrL LUGGAGE. TRUNKS; ^LEATHER •oodi, men's and women's. Samples, ifconds Reasonably priced General repairs. PELDMAN'S, 1337 Wash.. 4-4672. NOW IS THE TIME TO TAKE CARE Ot your screen work and glass work. Call MEIrose 9-3696. Kroupa Hardware. 1163 Douglas. . o»mia« •=n »R7n?DT^ bten used. Will lell reaionably. Dial MEIrose 3-8366. . riiUf - iMLAib LiNOLEdM- WALL *Church Today* WHATEVER YOUR FAITH KEEP TODAY FOB CHURCH NELSEN TRUCKING & FURNITURE CO. 1314-15th 81. Phone MEIrose 4-1046 Between Junction and Racine Bts. Open Dally 6 to 6—Friday 'Til • paper doeeouti. Satin Latex $3.98 matching ieml-gl( PAINT ftAB. 1413 gal. 'M ?asy '*Ave:," 4-OJlL COMPLETE 3 ROOM OOTPIT-RE-POS- sessed, half paid. Pick up paymenti on balance. NISS FURNITURE 340 Main Street 61N»M6 •R6bM ~'8ET— DUNCAN PHYPE, 6 chairs and table, $49. Call MEIrose 3-2948 between 5 and 7 PAINT QUBllt* Ouaranteed to Equal or Bieel (rationally Advertised Brandt Gals Qts Ul Bai* Plat Wall Palnti ,,.3.96 1.00 rail Pi" Wall Primer Sealer 3.96 Latex Battn Paint 3.96 Alkyd Plat Enamel 3.96 Alkjrd Semi Gloss 4.36 High Oloie Porcelain Tints .. ,4.60 Batln Trim Varniib 3.96 •par Varnish 3.95 ?alnt*"'rlilnner "!!! i!'.".!!!". 11!' •.86 Rtghtst quality one coat House ud Trim Palnti ,,,4.91 Easterday 1.00 1.18 1.15 1,30 1.30 1.16 1.15 .36 .35 1.40 fiTNBWi SET - is GOODWILL BUDGET STORE 1536 Wa.shlnKton Ave. DINING ROOM BET - 7'PIBCl WAL- nut with extra leaves and hot pad, $69. GOODWILL BUDGET STORE 1688 Washington Ave. bHAPfcS -WINDOW. LONb, narrow, wide. Large telectlon ^ GOODWILL BUDGET STORE 1826 Washington Ave. Paint & Chemical Co. on North Highway n PAINT-BONDEX CEMENT PAINT, •ava 30%. Seven dlnconttnued colors. i lb. box only $1.10. PITTSBURGH PLATE OLASB CO. PAINT -MOORI 'B MOORICRAPT, Oyr^ ilde whita house paint. Special $6.18 per gallon. Buy now and save I Fletch • *r Landaal Paints, 811 -8th Bt. PAINT - SAND FINISH "SWIRL" $3.39 per gallon. Coveri craoka, gouget, tm- erfactloni In wall board, DlasUr.walli. UBIB PAINT CO.. 38* Main Bt. rihAflELIiTS - WiTri 10 tok nandment bungles. Matohtng _ book mark! ll. Blvd. dlft Service, 1310 Oeane.l NEAT 2 BEDROOM HOME 1531 Taylor Ave. $10,950 Kncliised Front Porch. Living Room. Dining Ilijom, Kitchen. 3 Bedrooms and Bath. Carpeting for 4 Rooms. Hot Water Furnace (Oas-tlred), Electric Hot Water Tank. Reasonable Taxes. N. CHRISTENSEN &SON 1384 State St. ME 3-8130 Evenings: Pat Collentlne (3-3839) Charles Nichols (2-6041) FREE FOR GOOD HOME—FIVE PART Angora kittens. Nn calls after 8:30 p.m. Morose 4-3191. AKC UEdlS^EilEI) FEMALE COLLIE— obedience trained, with CD. title. MEl- IO«e_2-_3MB,__, ., NOAH'S - COMPLETE LINE OP PET Needs 'n Feeds. 4705 Spring, MB 3-3761 PRIVATE OR CLASS TRAINING - Sharonan Boxer Kennels, ME_7-499B eClPPING, aUOOMTNG, ^ iiOARDlNO. NO PAYMENTS ON A NEW CAPP-HOMK for 3 MONTHS APIER CON8TRUC TION! Now Quincy Plan finances your beautiful CAPP-IIOME until construction Is completed on your lot. We do the heavy work, give you $1,000 cash to help finish your home. Prices from $3,489. Write OAPP-HOMBfl, 1143 Du pont N., Dept 181, Minneapolis, Minn Your representative Is Wm. Sheldon. 1701 S Highway 100. Milwaukee. Phone QLenvlew j-3443. i Furnished Model -1700 Shoop (Near Horlick High School) II Danilkor Kennels. MEIrose 3-: 5ERWAN SHEPHERD POPPIEi Dahnert Reg. MEIrose 3-2301. FARMINt MARKIT ai BHORt, 4iC up. ELECTRIC RANGE — 30" WESTING house deluxe, or will trade for gas range of equal value. MEIrose 3-316T, lN:&!lilt-toA'fOR~M6DEL 333B: *44:ib plus ad. Please call MEIrose 2-0783. We Will Buy and Load Wheat, Barley and Oats at our mill In Franksvllle. Top prices paid, cash on delivery If desired. Bailer Twine Electric Fence Supplies Cob Corn. Shell Corn and Oats For Bale RACINE CO. FARMCO CO-OPERATIVE Franksvllle, Wis Phone MEIrose 7-5683 FARMERS! BRING VOUR GRAIN TO Wisconsin Farmers Grain Market, Inc. at Willow Road near Highway 11, one mile east of Bturtevant. You get top f irlce, efficient service, and cash on de- Ivery. Call TUxedo 6-4337 or MEIrose 3-4788 If you want our man to call on you. FARMERS ATTENTION I WE ARE BOY- Ing wheat, oats and barley at Bturte­ vant. Weigh at farmers mercantile scale. We are, also buying at our mill at KansBsvllle. Phone 'TRlnlty 8-3048 or TUxedo 6-2889. KansasvlUe Lumber, Fuel and Feed Co , ROTARY TILLiSRB - ALBO GARDEN iractora, power mowers. New. used. WANTED TO BUY—HOME directly from owner in vicinity of St. CatlitM-iiie's High School, 4 bedrooms. Approximately $JO ,(XX), Call ME 2-6690. §unDIVIDER« - iUltOBRBI WltEfi subdividing or building get our price on abstracts of title Prompt, accurate service. FIDELITY ABSTRACT CO. 733 Wisconsin Ave Dial MEIrose 4- filAUTIFUL !!0' ItOOM ble garage. Part of large estate soon to be sold. Easily converted large apartments. W< ' sational bu BV OwW OPEN OPEN TODAY DAILY 1 to 8 6 to 8 P.M. P. M. INCLUDING LOT into 3 ell furnished. Sen- 70. .lournal-Tlmes. TDROSSTRANCH, one year old. Birch cabinet kitchen, tile bath, six fruit bearing trees, landscaped, full basement. Leaving state, must be sold. Burlington, RO 3-71173 NEW 3 B ... ig si igton. RO 3-71171 EBROOM TlW.LtV«L, cAh ting, 31/s car garage, on 3 lots. Mitchell School area. $30,600. By ap polntment. MEIrose 3-6714. imOEBJi 3 BEDROOM'TrOM[E:~PtJLL baiemenl. gas heat, two car garM* Landscaped lot 144x144. Between Racrne and Kenosha, Hj^hway 33. Best offer r NEW & USED • FURNITURE Big ieleotlon—Free parking—Easy terms — Refrigerators — Stoves — TV gets—Beds—Living room—Dining room—and kitchen sets NELBEN TRUCKING & FURNITURE CO. 1314 16th St, MB 4-1946 PAINTB-,- DECORATE NOW! Wa feature Devoe'e and Dutch Boy outside house paint. We a so have ' ment for out- Terms. Trades. Air cooled engine, parts and service. Highway Service Garage, Highway 41, 7 miles south of Hwy. 11. EXPERT RIDING INSTRUCTION hay rides, horses boarded, bought, lOld, Lou-Don Parm. Highway 31, ME 4-47193 »ED COMB piBEDB WE PAY CAStt POl HOMES BY MANRITE Nielsen Bros. Builders with many ex tras. 1106 Fairway Drive, call MEIrose 3-1949. WANT TO BUY—1 TO 6 ACRE8. PREF- erably wooded, for private home site. In Richard's School district. ME 4-2052 must' ' wIW •fwo~cAft flAnAQE. Close to bus and school. Best offer takes it. 616 Augusta. iETOflPUL Joh ONIY '12,950 ONLY '400 Down to Anyone ONLY "OS a. all the other , side as well as Inside decorating to make your home the most beautiful In town. Consult our experts for your needs. Mohr-Jones Paint Store 3ifi «ih St. Dial i'iiii live poultry. Prank's Poultry and Paeds. 1638 Edgewood Ave.. MEIrose 2-4376, J5HN DEERE NO. 30 t-rt. COMBINE with straw chopper, combined only 300 ocres, $1600. VErnon 5-^468. WHEATTBARLEY. OATS-TOP PRICES Bomers Fuel & Supply Co. eturtovant, TU 8-2667 or Bomers 3801. . QOOBEBERRIES, CURRANT'S "WO raspberries Geo. Llndblad, 4930 Douglas Ave., MEIrose 3-7748. FftVm6 CHlcktKS VbR SAL*! WE win deliver. Phone TRlnlty 8-1333. Ing Ji Dial 1 cofr HOMESI'TBT 'OVERLOOir- HA8PBERRIE8, PICK YOUR OWN. GEO Miller, 6444 Erie., MEIrose 4-1830. AUCTION SALES _.IS CONSIGNMENT AUCTION EVERY SUN day — Porters aarage, Highway 11, IV2 miles east Burlington, i p.m, Karl Bar' teltan, Auctioneer, nson's Park - 180x300 It. $8000 MEIrose 3-3076. area, will build to suit. Thomas Build ers, MEIrose 7.1670. . I 6 EDR 60 M Udiit NtXR ELMWOOD Plaiia, occupancy by September 1st MEIrose 4-8752. I '6kt SALE-LOT IN CREStVlKlW. LAKI frontage, reasonable. Write R-64, Jour" "'lines. _ ,ooM iiRiCK — i'iT9 ~POLAni8 Full Basement * Oak Floors * Fibre Glass Insulation * Fully Weather Stripped • Wood Cabinets Extra Roomy Kitchen Sidewalks and Driveway Inclu Near Schobis, Shopping and nal-Tlin( I BEDRC Ave. Make an offer Call MEIrose 4-30B2 BV bWWiiR - ilkBiKoOM »RAME, b years old, northslde, MElrps.e 4-8916^ tfHTV LOI* POh AAtM. Just-liVEaTlS? Manree Park. Broker, MBlrose 4-8586. 60 "FT. CITY LOT FOR 8ALE-NORTH- eaKt. Broker MEIrose 4-8586. LOT FOR SALE — CRE8TVIEW, 165x60 ST &kt ^EVAWT 'LbtiV /jb mek Realty. ME 3.4544. AND UP TO mek Realty. ME 3.4544. . NEW 3 BEDROOM BRICK, 1634 PRATT R. Holbui, Broker, Dial MEIrose 7-2300 NATJONAU H O M E S PARK REALTY CO., Soles Agent ^4

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