The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 18, 1934 · Page 7
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 7

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 18, 1934
Page 7
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PACE EIGHT THE PARIS NEWS, *w JULY U. 1M4 GIANTS KEEP GRIP ON FIRST PLACE POSITION Even Break With Cubs HeldSoFar Young Pitcher Hurl* Air- Tight Ball and Knock* Homer to Boot Major Leaders New G-3 Tire Causes Factory Boom By HUGH S. FULLERTON, £r. Associated Pres* Sports Writer Tbe Xew York Giants moved the Saa.1 same of their duel with. 's secorsc-plsc^ Cizbs TVe<5- lead fh&v bad ST. the start and with even better reader, to be!:?*- - they "will stay on top. The extra reason oan-ie from JLe- Koy Parmelee. the sturdy young pitcher tvhose fea:s o? hurli"-- •eren brea'-i in Tuesday"? doubleheader. Parmelee. ••v'no hadn t -A or. a ^azse since A?r;! 19 and had he-Id Ix/nnJe V.'arnfk£ even in the mound due! bui broke ut' a t:~ ; lie bases full. That ••;-.;• r^'^e i^rst sanie. T'n~ ^eccnc ?sn~.? ~.v2..s different as Conner Si'l L^ee out.- a sroc«d chance TO overhaul the S decision to BrC-ok-yii or L-en By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS *. Including: Tuesday's Ganges'* NATIONAL, UEHGUE 3att:ng—Terry. Giants. .353; P. "Waner, Pirates, .357. Huns—Vaughan, Pirates, an<2 Mec-wi-X. Cardinals. 72. Runs Batted In—Ore, Giants, 94; Collins. Cardina's. 71. H::*. — Medivlck. Cardinals. 1-0; Allen. Phillies. and Terry. Giants, US. Doubles — Allen. Phillies, 2T: TTrbanski. Braves, Medwick and Triples — Me<*-*-ick and Collins. Home Runs — Ott. Giants. 21; " Sorter. Sraves. s.nd Collins, Cardinals, 20. : Stolen Sases — Martin. Carci- nals. 12: BarreJl, Phillies. II. ' Pit chine — J. Dean. Car-3ina!s. f ^-o: Bu?h. Cubs. 11-5. [ AMKRICAX LEAGL"E ; Run? — Gehr:nger. Tigers. ?". ; TVorber. Rec Sox. Si. So: Greenberc-. Ticrerir. 3;. Triples — Manusn. Senators, and Chspnian, Yankees. 1C 1 - i^::c^_ 2^; I~ox^. Athletics. "7. Stolen Bases — "^Verber. Ke-dscx, 1 Fabric passing through the rolls of a calendar 5s Impregnated with compounded rubber. 2 The tire-builder piaclng a ply en the drum on which the tir* is but't. 3 Placing tire in mold preparatory to vulcanization, or curing. 4 The finished tire gets the last of many inspections. ine b-'c-T^ cam-- after circuit drive* by Jim Colons and J ?e Z^ed^'ick pleied the National Tea—tie :,•-•:•- to 0 for their fifth s:~a.;;rht victo~ ers and Yankees returned to :hc tes ended f^o days aco •^•hen the "c>rs 4 to S and the T^nks took a 13-5 dmbbing from the Indian^.. he liraized the vrhire Soz to six Flashes Of Life Visit to Plant Reveals Little- ( Known Phases of Tire ; Building; Inspections Le- } gion Throu§;kout Process, ! ficTory for SoEzcn £=rainFC a. single defeat. The score -R-HS 6 to C. *- Tnajor league record ""hen three of tt-esj, Sob -Johnson, Jimmie and Pinky Hig^ir.?. hit suc- iTe boaters off Jack Knot- in r>y zh% A~?-:--j:isited Press .ALPHABET HISTORT explains his alphat-eiical hist or; I9S2 F.D.R.: litSS X.R.A.; 1SS4 C.TT.A. : 1?S3 I. .O .U: 1SS5 G.O.P. ONE OF TK£ FA3HLT NZTX-3ZHR1'. S. C.—Ton-. z;i!i- sc-n missed a —u*e colt on his farrs £-.c started a search. The I«i. place Its looked —s.s ; n The br-us,= ar.<i -here '^~=s. rhe •:--•:'- asleep in Ellison's bed. PUSHMATAHA GROUPS BRIDGE CREEK AKRON. O. (Special)—Factories of the Gooayear Tire and Rubber Cc. =re ninalng sigljt aa<i daj. six days a treek» ^-itn four sls-honr shifts. making the new G-3 t-re'. latest ad- diiion to ti= suioHiOblls zlre ^•cici- Goodjear cealers In ail ssciloiis report material sales increases sines the adTest of the neiv tire—Sesce th-3 factory activity. Tae tire. ch= cos^aiiv's engineers claim, sires 43 per cent -rore non-skid aiilease. •with a fatter and thicker trea<i. •n-ider riding ribs, more cacter traction and siors non-£ki<3 blocks. Contrary to the hary impressions of many laymen, tires are not scamped out by z. huge machine on tbe order o' a cocshncc rnold. A visit to the giant Goodyear factories aere reveals the many interesting operations necessary to baild a tira. Tares elenients in a tire—rubber, tabric and compor.nds—meet and merge at GJserent stages in the process, ilnch o* the-rubber for tie Goodyear G-3 an<l other tires grOrt"n on the Goodyear plantations in Sumatra. It is shipped in bales which are cut into chunks here la a machine known as a ""pie-cutter." Giant cylinders make these chncks and the compounds one integral mass ready for the tire fabric- Much of the fabric Is made Is the company's textile mills from cotton gro'srn on the Goodyear plantation in Arizona. After a warming process. the fabric, is run through the triple rolls of a calendar where the compounded mbber is worked into it, em^ri!nr as rubberized c:o::i. An airbag is Inserted in the ns^ly-b;;i;t tire and It goes to the "pit," or Tulcasis- ing rc-am. After rigid Inspections and machine-wrapping, the new tire goes to one of the- 50.000 Goodyear dealers and distributors scattered ail over the globe. " Constant, careful inspection at e^ery step is one of the outstanding fsaturs-s of the process. No tire with the siisi^sst flr.Tf is ever allowed to get bj this corps of lynr-eyed inspec- rcrs, The t-ft-en'y-four hour hamming c? the Goodyear plants is adding CQH- stanilv to the company's outstanding record of 215,000,000 tires built sisre its organization in 1S9S — nsiilions more than by any other manufac- t-irer. Of this enorsotrs ontpnt 55 per cent -=ras built in the last seve-n A train ot 110.50-3 Ireight cars, S30 miles long, •vrcnid be required to ship all of these 2ir-.oro.OOOC Goodyear iires. Laid end to end these tires Houston and Dallas Show Little Action Few Hundred Fans Witness . Slow Game With Many Errors By BUJQ PARKER Associated Press Sport* "Writer ] A. few hundred baseball fan* | saw one of the thins* wroiss ivitb I the same at Dallas Tuesday night, I They sa\v the Steers and Hous- i ton go through the routine of nine j Innings Tvithout hustling or inak- { ins a- halfhearted attempt to -win. Dallas -won. 3 to 2, in a jjarae filled -with shabby errors. If the:could be overlooked the rank base running by both aggregations could not. In the eighth, when Dallas scored twice to grain a one-run lead. Kalbjtz. Houston first sacker. v. a.s charged -with only two errors but { he should have easily handled a batted ground ball that he allowed to bounce through his miu for the wlnains run. In the ninth. Eulier. first up for Houston, singled, ar.d instead of trying to sacrifice him to a scoring position at second, Gutteridge and Foster -were allowed to hit easy pop-ups for outs. Then instead 01 trying with a pinch hitter. Copeland, who had looked pitiful at the plate, tvas allowed to bat. He retired the side- At Fort Worth, Peaches Davis v.-orked hard to »-via his fifteenth ^ame of the season when he pitched the Cats to a 2 to 1 victor;' over Beaumont in ten innings. Toni Holley, former Beaumont infielder cracked a single through the box to center with the bases loaded to break the 1-1 deadlock. The league leading San Antonio Missions slipped a few percentage points •'Srhen they lost 10 to S to Oklahoma City. The Indians clouted sixteen hits off Pitcher Wiltse. and San Antonio got fifteen, hits pitchers Shoaf and Evans- The Galveston Buccaneers moved into second place "with a 5 to 4 decision over Tulsa. Tulsa. out-hit the Eucs, 10 to S. but the Oilers •were erratic in the field, rpaktrssr four errors. ore an imes around tha -<>?n3Sissioners, FIEIR.*. Office L*-\REI> TO BH1TH " TROLBLF ?> BtNCTTES NEWS TEAM WEVS OVER BARNES NINE 13 to 11 Victory 1» Achi Tncs<iay Aftemoort COTTO> ? AND CORN CO3IMITTEES MEET CAVALCADE WINS $35 ? 000 CLASSIC >^ .^ ^ . .. •,_ ^, Bridge, last "s^eek cor:tr:r- ?ider£.ble free Ja,bcr. u-f rectios. of H, E. A??xsr «s— Tractor. RED RIVER GROUP TO SHORT COURSE -< r:-.'S"- your 2u*o:T:^r : :c t^l£ '^-pajlc '.• - .-T nj^n?'. Garden See?] I* A*ked For Pusbmataha Coontie? Repressers tat! Yes to Huso . I>espit'5 a five to ?oi:r lead taken in the ;ast half of the first ia- nirtgr. the Barnes Grocery- team beaten 1 ? to 11 Tuesday afternoon by the Paris Xe.'ws rs^ne. The Xetvg leant scored in every ;n- >f the srairre except rh^ seventh. Crensba'w. Ne«-s hurler garnered rw-o borne runs, a trip!*; and a. doub!* in live trips to the plate. T\"atson. Xe^s right 5ir-:der made a circuit hit on. error*. Satteries "were; Sarnes. H.OSP. and Akar<J. Monday afternoon, the Rodgsrs- 'Wade nine defeated the S-outher- land Supply teann 9 to F-. !K.r"~'^t ~- n":£-i-n;r a.rran2re- ,—^ „.. ^,...... TV . ^ 0 4,, ,"S j COURTS 62ND DISTRICT COTTRT L.AJMAR COt NTT OOUKT C. C- A. Martin. Ju*6<; ''"'" s no bi"."^""y. r ''^-:- -i-f >~ : J*".njr t:"r':: : * - a.ti'i o':« c* *"<?. r~';T";jr * p':**c-' -"' Mrs. Isabc! Dodge S'.oane's Cavalcade became the leading money- winning thoroughbred -f *334 by winning the $35.000 added Ariingtor, Classic at Chicago. H- ccve-e-i the rr.Me and a qyarter jn 2:02^. a new tracV r-ccrd. Here's The ^.i-sr*. with four iengthr ahead o f iscovery. (Associated P'ess P^oto) ^ four-rounU t>ox»ng- mair:>, ;.-.,;;v ; of smai; change from r.h» ; f*rs* (-*« : : Ttt f : ''^jfffy jrJa<Jja*orK ma.d-!- up ;r. ...^-, f f<":?".'or ••* h«.*: th'-i" Ja-:i;'-d in. •. rrart cf tn<; SiTt-ed*, Barto'e chief ears Sn > <rw A a tomob? !<> Re»s ter> Summer Cleaned Thelroa HUl. Gap, Jfrj-TT;;-.: iiiiilirtf- and r- &r;!arj*-; . B-vnharr:. C STEAM LAUNDRY ODD FELLOWS AND REBEK.VHS AT HUGO HUGO. Okla., — T'ner Soathc-ast- <-rn district -association of Odd Fellovc-s and Reb«kahs :» in ses- yiC'n here "vVednesds:: - and Thursday, th* public being invited to attend this pros ram ^"ednesday at the htsh school auditorium. Presentation of flags. Huso Ke- b«kah5; invocartcn. Kev. A. V.*, Anderso-n; "ar^icorrie address, B. D. Jordan; piano sclo. ETT*n Ix-v-scy: ons-*?. Frank KSnJ!r*ori. Durant; rea.dSnsr. Patsy Ruth Koox; Tnu«c, Vivian Tat»s and Dtck Htiyhes*; talk; tn-usir. Charlie Clark, D«rant; selectJ^n. Part*. !od»». quar- T*::. "JftrusaI»Tn to Jerlch"" pla;-". HTJ^O Rebekahs: "ocTiedsctloa, Mr. Anderscr.. Heal Tho«e Sore Oums Eveu after Pyorrhea, ha* aricct- t'd your stomach. kidn»3t» s.nd your ceceral health, L«ta"x Fyorrhea. R«rnicd7. used as directed can save ; ou. Dentists recommend It- cists return your siOT3«ry If !t Palace Drn«r Store,—Adv. Pans ^.'frr*; sffcr'**"-'! 5otr?<j ani a'i ; jr.-""'•.; .-»r. ;"» --^ : *'ar«TiT!y »tjjrt«!-<! to <IEv« !;iroyfefh :3r > i,-*^;;; ".**.•„..:',> J the rojxss ^ r - a Vi T a*3<i San. M. O I j";«-i-;''':x--. *' o*" 1 Htkf: "r*»f«r**r'3 th* nsatehe«. COOPER AKE SENTE>CElJ> Vor?h. S»c, Bor.har«, Hw.-ar<j'Jamf-s a^^ Du * to th ^ '* CJ - 5 " n * r - ror-.d • COOPKR,—Two ?iri*. •ont !•*. "•::--} j th* «,*.her 13, •^.-^r*- »;*nr^r.c<»<J to • th« »tat*» jvftfcrma'.'iry a? Oalnes- >:jr ; y ,' vtll* 0:1 chargrts of <I«?5tn««nc5 F , Jo!». h<sarfRg in county r:ourt. Fieta. M^rio Tr^r?, ''oo'ver- £>*"*ar * ASB *** afi ^ cou:<3 not a.pj/«is,r for J lowing a. hearfrig in county r:ourt, Hubbard ano KL-i>y ft *En'<J«>V. Htx-. rh " w^i-fin^ ma'^h Ja^ F P ,. r . j Th* «1rlp w«t* jak*n to K*'™*ton: Jo«*p>> f^ari Br>5« a.n-i Ruby* ; ?eOn can* from Oklahoma. <';ry | viU*» by D«p-ny Sheriff L,. B, Car- <rr,PTi >*-v .-.v-is... rt^d J^*-^' \ -iot tw «**<}. Bo'h h<- ard. Bilfyl TO VWIT ^KLI> ,»*:• Grov*;_ M. ^E.^ jj Hrnjs . £ . hjl . n< r<:r a.n*J \ai*rw; If- r future b»>or. |:vin, Suiphur Spying*; £, A. Mar-| Sft J! O r mon»^<?d to hoW i; tin a,n<2 Mr*v Sa^JU* Oarm?r. BJnh-jj Buck Oj*et» Jo A 30.-mijriwtjf •<*.«•;*.ur, oti the any h^a-.y for ,1 TTLER. <^.— sion«.I. oit a. trfp> into th« of th« In S«n Antooio GUNTER Modem Cool Open Air Roof G*r<»«« FAMOUB BAKDS P1.AT - RECORD FOR RUTH Is'12\V YORK. VPt—Thirty- four miles of freo transportation to first base through th« wildness or cautlou ot American Leagrue pitchers—that's Babe Ruth's record to date. The Babe received his 2.000th base on balls in Tuesday's same -with the Cleveland Indians and thus reached another milestone in perhaps the most remarkable career in baseball history. Eleven times Ruth hassled the American League in total walks. Twelve times he has been siveij more than 100 free tickets in a season, setting up an a!l-time record of 170 in 19*3. The two walks he was giiven Tuesday brought his total for this season to £7. Easterner Ahead In Batting Averages DURHAM. X. C., «VFt.—A relem- less drive the past three weeks has shoveu Manager Jimmy San- tiers of Martinsville in the Bi- tftate league to the front in the national competition for the batting championship of the minor leagues. The table compiled this week by the National Association press bureau shows Sanders setting the pace with an average of .419, displacing Johnny Rizzo of Blraira, who rests in second with .408. Oth-£r leajrue leaders an<i their averages Include: Horn, Greenville, Kast Dixie, .3S?. R, Bell. Galvestou. Texas. .357. F. Bell, Tyler,. VTest Dixie, .3.51. TennisOueen BackhlCS. Helen Jacobs Hope* to Retain Her National Ania- teur Title : NJEW YORK, W>> Jacob* suffered -one of'the cr«a.t- >est disappointments of her careW when she failed to win the atll- Kngland championship at TVtmble- dori. th<v Berkeley, Calif-, tennis girl was back on her nativ* shore* Wednesday, brimful of hop* and. confident she will retain her national title next month. >Jiss Jacobs, who lost to I>oro- thy Round in the \VimB!!tdoa' ; *fin- n!s. returned to th* United • States Tuesday evening; on th» line* Olympic, and planned almost immediately to \stiip herself into condition for her title defense "at Forest Hills. Aug. 13-1$, ~" Helen revealed she had wrenched her right ankle in the finals, ot the French hard court championship against Margaret CPe«y> Scriven of England and played in -he "Wightrnan cup and "Wimbledon matches under the handicap of that injury. Toward the close o* the British championships she developed a heavy cold, with a national title already to her credit and confident- of-retaining it this summer- although. she fears Sarah Palfrey of Brookline. Miss., and Betty Xuthali: of Engrla-nd. Miss Jacobs said t>iilon no^^ is to ^v"!n the dors cro-ivn. "t TOLD YOU N01 DONT BOTHER M£ AGAIN?" "ir TD HAD THIS 8OT7LS OF BLUE R15BOM EErORH. I WOULDHT HAVE BEEN* SO IRRITABLE.* ..when t/ou're RELAXED! Scenes life* tfc*s* occur in thousand* of Horo*s «^»ry day. Worries end cven*«ork fr«qo*nf!y produc* moments >vhen you're tens*, M o« «<J9«.' Whenever you're "fhaf way" jusJ drink a bottl* of cool, jctbfy- ing Pcbsf Biue Ribbon. Se» ho 1 **- quickly your troubles disappear. Dors'? spoil your remedy by serving ordinary b<wr7 Mok« sure f^ot you $9) Pcbxt Blu* Ribbon. It's pur» and full-flavored, vath a djstinctfv» fosf« that makes it America's first choice. Se« that yoor dealer delivers a case today for your refrigerator. For Wives: A bottle of Blue Ribbon helps you through a busy day. When you're tired, tens*, and fee! like you can't go another step, treat yourself to d bottfe of Blue Ribbon... Relax. Watch your problems vanish. PABST BLUE RIBBON

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