Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas on March 3, 1942 · Page 2
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Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas · Page 2

Lubbock, Texas
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Tuesday, March 3, 1942
Page 2
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r-THE MORNING AVALANCHE Lubbock, Texas, Tues<fay f March 3, 1942 Dial 4343 For The Avalanche-Journal •By Margaret Turner W E have an idea the chief topic of conversation at family gatherings the next Jew days will be how much of the weekly income can be devoted to defense Stamps 'and bonds. Women of Lubbock are volunteering their time and effort to seeing that ^veryone has an opportunity to sign a pledge promising to invest government's future at in his onct. POSTCARD MESSAGES have a friend who writes m e s sages on government p'ostcards. She begins at the very top and keeps going, singlespaced, tio the very bottom. Then she usually turns the card over and \yrites the narrow way of the card, using up a third of that side also. ! "I usually make my letters too long," she says. • Some families try to stimulate correspon dence by supplying children with self-addressed postcards. All they havve to do is write a message on the cards and mail. But even that seems to be too much bother much of the time. * *' * The trouble with some per• feet days is that you stay up -• too late and feel punk* the ! following afternoon. Fwo Book Reviews, Texas Day Tea Slated On Study Club Programs D GHOST WRITING NE of our pet peeves is ihost. writing. We don't object to the ghosts who do the writing and get paid for their work; we object to the people who hire the ghosts and sign the copy as though it tyere their own. •-• We see some signs of the breakdown of the practice; for instance, articles are sometimes signed, "By George Jones as told to Harry Smith." That's honest, particularly for an autobiography. ; Movie stars and magnates and a host of other people who lead public lives, however, sign their names to articles which they never see before they appear in print and which they could not write, as written, if they practic- j'ed for a de'ade. '' It is not considered ethical or legitimate for. anyone to publish the photograph of another person as his own, even thought the professional model agrees to the deception. Nor is it considered right for a politician or any other bublic man to hire an actor, with a beautiful radio voice, to impersonate him through the microphone, although it has been tried. t Why then, is it legitimate to buy thoughts and words from pthers and offer them as one's rwn literary or editorial effort? • t . * * * L. " WALKING WELL mAITING for a friend recently £•' we were lost in thought for a little while and then began to police women walking past. We were amazed at the number v/hc Clumped along, shoulders sagging, shins down. Young mothers >vith worried faces were dragging their small children; middle-aged Women were waddling by with little, unbalanced steps. J There is such distinction and dignity in- a good carriage and - correct posture we wonder why women permit themselves to get in the habit of listless shuffling. iFo improve one carriage takes a .Uttle effort and real determina- fpn but one can do it. It will take years off your age, your clothes will look better and you will feel better! '• ' r Most of the women who passed us were sagging mentally but with a little thought they could Have remedied the ugly pictures they were presenting to other passersby. Shoulders up. chin up, bosom high, these words would work- the magic for them. I Are _you stiff? Remember that old trick of tossing a pack of playing cards high in the air, then stooping to pick them up, every last one! This limbers your entire body. Your knees will creak, at first, you will fall breathless in a chair but you will loosen up. Someone suggests keeping time {o a little tune you hum and after a while it will become natural to walk with rhythm! f * * * f . KITCHEN EXERCISE out the kitchen stepstool. Try stepping up on it. Think how you must look when stepping $p on a bus. Practice stepping ^p. Right foot first, balance you- weight, then the left foot. * Always grasp the handle of the §us with the right hand. Don') out" of a bus. Face the Bookman Units Will Meet Wednesday For a study of American Poetry and for two book reviews and a Texas Day tea, several federated clubs will meet this afternoon. Topics of interest planned by other organizations this week are being announced. Meeting at the Girl Scout Little House, members of the Lubbock Woman's club will present a program this afternoon on "American Poetry." Mrs. C. H. Thompson, leader, will speak on "Poets of New England." "The American Negro Spiritual" will be c'.iscussed by Mrs. Web Cammack. Mrs. W. C. Wood will speak on "Cowboy Songs and Ballads" and Mrs. T. E. Buckner vill tell of "Our Local Poets." Mrs. Hillard W. Moore will sing. Mrs. Frank Haden will give a jook review at the meeting o£ .he Lubbock Child Study club oday. Mrs J. B. Rountree, 2401 Thirtieth street, will be hostess. Texas Day Tea For a Texas Day tea and book review, members of the Shakespeare club will meet with Mrs. O. \. Terry, 2915 Twentieth street, this afternoon. Dr. W. C. Hoiden of Texas Technological college will review "The Longhorn" by Frank Dobie. Roll call will be answered ivith "Incidents Under Six Flags." Units of the AAUW Bookman group will meet Wednesday night at 7:30 o'clock. Mrs. Eula Mae Toone will review "Dragon Seed" Event s. Flrtt Christian Woman's council, JO t. m., church; Red Cross sewir.j. Tuesday Bible class, 3:30 p. m Mrs W. T. Rtybon, 1110 16th St. Fir&t Baptist Rebekth class. 3 p. m . activities «nl«r. OBS, 1:30 p. m., Misonlc h»H. J^ubboek Wom«n'» club. 3 p. m.. H-.lton hotel. Tr*lleti club, 9 p. m., Hilton hotel; Edwards orchestra to play. Readers Digest group, I p. m. hom« of Mis. Pebble Tilley, 1510-B Ave. M with Mil. J. 8. Johnson as hostess. Golden Link Study club, 1J noon 1OOF h»!J. city P-TA council, 1:30 p. m.. Senior High school music room. TrfbJe Clrt rhorui, 4:30 p. m., ««•«». Presbj-ttrlar. (Pearl Buck) and Magee will review Miss Mary "Windswept" (Mary Ellen Chase) at Unit 1 meeting with Mrs. J. L. Presley, 2105 Twenty-ninth street. Mrs. J. C. Alexander and Miss Mayme Alexander \yill be co-hostesses. For review's of "The Big Family" (Bellamy Partridge) and "Sugar in the Gourd" - (Evelyn Hanna), Bookman unit 2 will meet Altar Society ol St. Elizabeth's Parish council, 7:30 p. m., parish hall. Lubbock Chlid Study club. 3:15 p M Mrs. J. B. Rountree, 2*01 30th St. ' Ideal Friendship dub. 3:30 p. m.. Mrs. P. G. Campbell, 1115 23rd 61. Shakespeare club, 3:15 p m.. Mrs. O. A. Terry, 2915 20th St.. Texas Day tea and boot review. 4 Chatter Box club, 1 p. m. Miss Irma Fryor, 1010 Ave. M. Scitchtway club. J p. m., Mr*. E E McCUtchy, 2218 22nd St.; Red Cross sewing. Red Cross First Aid course, 3 to 5 p. m.. ponsored by Junior High school P-TA; ooms 107 and 203; Mtsdames C. E. Robrts and Isabel Garrison, Instructors. First Aid Course, sponsored by Dupre •TA: 7 p. m., school; Cyril Ballon, In- ructor. Lubbock Army Air Base Luncheon club, p. m.. F. R. Friend home. 2005 Broad- *j • ...reua4i*^» uiOillAA LJ. GilUcfi tluli f* '.. Har.js to be hostesses for tea and First Baptist W. U. S., 1 p. m., church: rayer program. with Mrs. Charles Whitacre, Twenty-ninth street. Mrs. 1905 Guy L. Trow will be co-hostess. Mesdames R. P. Johnson and T. A. Turner will give the reviews. "The Death of Lord Haw-Haw" (Brett Rutledge) and "Hold Autumn in Your Hand" (George Session Perry), will be reviewed by Mrs. Iris Bergholm and Miss Evelyn Jones at the unit 3 meeting. Mrs. Lila Lenning,- 2022-A Fifteenth street, will be hostess with Mrs. Vada Spence as assistant hostess. In. Landwer Horn* Bookman unit 4 will meet with Mrs. M. F. Landwer, College Avenue at Yellowhouse canyon. Mrs. Dean R. Parker will review "Kabloona" by Gontran de Poncins. Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Knight will be hosts for, the South Plains Dahlia Society meeting Thursday night at 7:30.o'clock. Pictures will be shown by E. C. Pool. Mrs. W. P. Clement will discuss 'Flower Arrangement" at the Bud to Blossom Garden club meeting Thursday afternoon at 3:30 o'clock. Mrs. Esiell Hendrix, 1512 Twenty-fifth street, will be lostess. "Africa" will be program topic of the Fidelis Culture club meet- ng Friday afternoon. Mrs. C. R Duncan will be hostess with Mrs . L. Miller as assistant hostess. Mrs. J. H. Hardberger, leader will discuss "I Was Sick and Ye Visited Me." "Methodism in Africa" will be topic for Mrs. Frank Owens. Mrs. E. N. Lowe will tel of "Literature and Opportunity in Africa" and Mrs. M. E. Helber will discuss "The Battle of Africa." Friendship club. 3 p. ratt, 2210 30th St. Idle Hour club. 2 p. Moxley, 1805 llth St. door, step out briskly with the light foot first. », If you improve your balance jour posture will improve almosi munediately. Then it can be said 9! you ss the poet wrote; "She walks in beauty!" * * * * In Case You Didn't Know It Before Dept.: Unflavorsd *elaiine is made Irom carefully selected meat bone handled under sanitary conditions and NOT f¥om cows' hooves as many peo- . Jle still believe. /V\rs. Kilpatrick Is |eader For Study , Mrs. J. I. Kilpatrick led a Lenten study for members of the St Caul's Episcopal auxiliary Monday Afternoon at 2:30 o'clock at Sea- rnan hall. Twenty-five women attended. An executive board meet- if z was held at 1:30 o'clock at the hall with 34 members attending * Eight wom-in did Red Cress sew- rfuring the day. ijK Child's Colds WICKS W VAPORUB le&Yt Misery -Rsbon ACE Will Sponsor Puppet Shows Under sponsorship of the Asso ciation ior Childhood Education the plays. "Snow White" and "Rip Van Winkle" and a modern revue will be presented- Thursday after noon at 3:30 o'clock and that nigh at 8 o'clock at the Senior High school auditorium. The plays wil be presented by Rufus and Marg< Rose with their company and thei: 60 wooden actors. Tickets are on sale in the schoo principals' offices and at Logan 1 stores at 25 cents for adults and 15 cents for children. For 15 years the Roses principal operators of the famous Tony Sarg marionettes and thej played to over 10,000.000 at th World's fair in Chicago. The afternoon performance "Snow White," dramatized bj Martin Stevens, is in three act. and many scenes and the evenin performance, "Rip Van Winkle, adapted from Washington Irvin' famous story is in five scenes al ternating between the yard o Rip's house and a glen in the Cat skills. Varying acts for matinee an' evening' will be chosen from puppet showing of Fred Astair and Ginger Rogers, Sonja Hcnie Mickey Rooney, Oscar, the won m., Mrs. R. C. re., Mrs. R. D Activities For Men At Base Planned A report on recreational activities planned by churches ot Lubbock in honor of enlisted men and cadets stationed at the Lub- jock Army Flying school have 3e en released 'by Mrs. Alan Strout, unit supervisor of recreation of the Worki Progress Administration. Rev. Jack M. Lewis, chairman of the church 'relations committee of the Lubbock Defense Recreation council has announced programs as planned by the churches. Open houses are held on Saturdays and Sundays by the First Baptist church and First Methodist church, while the St. Paul's E p i s copal church holds open house on special occasions. Reports from the First Christian and St. John's Methodist churches state that no physical equipment is available at the Qirl Scout News Association for Childhood Education. :30 p. m.. Seaman h»U; Dr. B. C Line o speak oa "The Youth of Chlni." Home Nursing course, sponsored bj* eorge R. Bean. P-TA: I to 3 p. m., chool; Mrs. C. L. Adams, Instructor. Home Nursing course, sponsored by j«orge R. Be»n P-TA; 7:30 to 9:30 p. m., cnool; Mr*. Robert McBurnty, instructor. Red Cross Home Nurjlng course, spon- ored by George M. Hunt. P-TA; 9 to H ra.. school; Mrs. Don Detder. instrue- Wynefred Warren Is Wed To R. L. Tate In a ceremony read at the home of the bride's parents, Miss Wyne:red AVarren and Robert Lee (Mike). Tate were united "in marriage Sunday afternoon at 2- o'clock with J. H. Miles of the Avenue T Church of Christ officiating. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred N. Warren of 2433 Nineteenth street. The couple exchanged vows as they stood before the fireplace vhose mantle was decorated with weetpeas, snapdragons and ferns. Mrs. M. T. Wilson of Roby who ilayed the Bridal Chorus from Wagner's "Lohengrin" for the entrance of the bridal party, accompanied Miss Ina Bacon who sang -'Ave Marig." and "Because." The bride wore a suit of beige gabardine with a corsage of gardenias. Her accessories were navy blue and green. For "something old" she wore a brooch and lor "something borrowed" she carried an appliqued net handkerchief that belonged to a friend. Reception Is Held Wedding cake and coffee were served after the ceremony from the bride's table which was covered with a lace cloth and centered with an arrangement of soring flowers. Mrs. Paul E. Davis, sister of the bridegroom, presided at the coffee service. Only members of the_ couple's families \vere guests. The bride is a graduate o£ the home economics division at Texas Technological college and served an internship in dietetics at Ohio State University hospital, Columbus, Ohio. For the past year she has been employed as staff dietitian at St. Paul's hospital in Dallas. Mr. Tate is the son of Mrs. Lois later and the late R. L. Tate sr formerly of Sulphur Springs He is a former student at Tech college and has done special work in business administration in Northwestern university, Evanston, 111. At present he is employed as district representative for Pratt and Lambert m the Dallas, Fort Worth and Waco areas. present time, but that active participation in the church services is being urged. From the First Presbyterian church comes the report that the college student group has organized a generous program for the service men. Open house has been planned for the entire week in the Fellowship hall. From Monday through Friday the clubroom is open in the evenings. On Saturday, and Sunday the hall is available in the afternoons and evenings. Four college students are always present as volunteer hostesses and an older married couple is present to act as hostess chaperones. Although the invitation to the service men is recent, there has been an encouraging response in attendance. The clubroom, located in the basement of the church, is entirely a student service project. It is an attempt, on the part of the young people, to aid in the defense measure. Dance Saturday The dance for the enlisted men, which was held at the Recreation center in the American Legion hall Saturday-night, was well attended in spite of the bad weather. Forty-eight men registered, with as many "Hubettes" present to act as co-hostess. The majority danced, but games, particularly ping pong, held their own for popularity. Special entertainment was provided. Jitterbug numbers were danced by Miss Norma Dav and Jess Ballew from Texas Technological college. A floor show was staged by some young women from the Debby Lail School o£ Dance. Those who took part besides Miss Lail were Mary Nabors, Martha Boyd, Gloria Beth Darden and P.uth Epperson. . Sunday afternoon,- members 1 of the Allegro Music club sponsored an informal sing-song for- the boys. They also provided apples Brownie troop 4 turned in to the Red Cross the squares which they have knitted in troop meetings. Program Day. was enjoyed by the members of the troop at their last meeting Mrs. Dixie White who is to a new assis- taot leader was a guest at the meeting. Troop 3 made plans to complete their first aid badge at their meeting Friday. Mrs. John Toles surprised the 20 girls present by sending them some refreshments. Troop 5 spent their last meeting selecting a name lor the Texas Indians, their love for the Lone Star state, and because "Tejas" means friendly, and their aim is to be friendly as possible. Mrs. N. H. McFarland talked to the girls about first aid kits, bandaging, shock, and blood pressure. Plans were made for a large birthday party to. celebrate the birthdays of all the girls born in March. The girls discussed Girl Scout Week, the Laws, and Girl Scout fellowship. There were 16 members present. Trcop 10 visited the Bell Ice Cream Company Friday afternoon. The women furnishing cars were Mesdames Dow Smallin, G. P. Kuykendall, and Arthur Maxey. Mrs. George Elle is to be the new assistant leader. Carol Gallegher is a transfer from California. Discussion is Held On Screen Plants Miss Clara Pratt, county home demonstration agent, told members of the Shallowa^er Homo Demonstration club that "Amur i-ivei- privet makes the best screen plant since it makes rapid growth." The meeting was held Thursday afternoon in the home of Mrs. Bob Crump. If more color is wanted in the screen planting, salt cedar, elder, lilac, wild plum and bird of paradise -may be used in front of the privet, she said. The club voted to send cookies to soldiers. Shrubs and grape vines were pruned in the demonstration. Those present were Mesdames George LeCtwich, S. H. Robinson, John. Hamlin, B. T. Rucker, Henry Mahoney, T. A, McClure, H. T. Crcmer, A. A. Greer, H. P, Ragan, A. F. Reese and Misses Mamie Crump, Kate Thomas, Pearl Thomas and Pratt. - Mazorene Society Has I Westerners Mothers Program On India With Mrs. F. S. Southard in charge, a program on "India" was presented Monday afternoon at the netting of the Nazarene Women's Missionary society held at the church. Mrs. Southard wa.<; assisted by Mrs. Cleo Keith. Mrs. T. L. Johnson, president, presided for business. Mrs. C. L. Lindsey directed a song service, Mrs. Harold Davis led in the devotion and Mrs. -C, ,A. Rodgers gave the opening prayer. Readings were given by Mesdames R. A. Naler, Keith, and Lillie Collins. Special music was presented by Mesdames Albert Laing, Johnson, Lindsey and Keith. spend the evening. Representatives 'rom the club who were present were Mrs. Herschel Maxev Mrs. O. D. Elliot, Mrs. R. B. Parkinson, Mrs.- Raymond - Marshall, Miss Mary Evelyn. Picket, Mrs. John Howel'i. Mrs. Marlin Smith Miss Ruth Dupree, and Miss Nell McNeely. Mrs. Louie Scales of Houston and two sons, Morris Ray and Bud are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Tarlton of 1625 Sixteenth street, this week. Mr. Scales is associated with the Texas Power and Light company in Houston. der seal and Floto, trapeze artist Years of experience have brought to the Roses smoothness and action that is said to be unexcelled in puppetry. ANNOUNCING NEW LOCATION! JUANITA'S BEAUTY SHOP 1912 AVE N Special, Wednesday Only FREE FACIAL With Each Shampoo and Set This offer Good Wednesday Only. OTHER SPECIALS $7.50 Permanent . . . $5.00 $5.00 Permanent « . . $3.00 Juaniia's Beauiy Shop 1912 Ave. N. Juaniia Lowrimore, Owner-Mgr, Dial 2-35S2 for Appointment Tea Is Courtesy To Mrs. J. L Walter Mrs. J. E. Walter, who has served as president of the Asbury Methodist Woman's Society of Christian Service for five years, was honored at a tea Monday afternoon following the first lesson of a series to be given. Mrs. M. B. Hilburn, district secretary of the WSCS, instroduced Mrs. Waller. Mrs. Walter was re? cently appointed district secretary of Christian Social Relations, and Local church activities of the Lubbock district of Methodist churches.- She spoke briefly. • ; Mesdames Hilburn and W. E. Peterson presided at the tea table. Mrs. Cecil Matthews, guest speaker, presented the study lesson on ''The Christian Family." Following the openings song, "Blessed Be the Tie," Mrs. W. F. Bonds led in prayer. Mrs. Peterson gave the scripture -lesson and a prayer and Mrs." Wayne" Martin spoke." Members of the society took part in a short' discussion period; were made. The society will have circle meetings next Monday. Thirty-two members and two guests, Mesdames Matthews and Hilburn, were present. Anniversary Dinner Given By DFD Club Banked with sweetpeas and fern, a large birthday cake, iced in the club colors of blue and yellow and bearing twelve candles centered the table at a formal dinner Monday night attended by DFD club members, pledges anc alumnae. The dinner, in celebration of the club's twelfth anniversary, was held at the Hilton hotel. A program included dances by Miss Barbara Hale, a duet hv I Misses Harriett Price and Dorothy Miskimins and an accorion number by Miss Garnette Heggen. Members attending were Misses Marie Barnard, Billye Blackburn, Dorothy Burton, Frances Collier, Annie Lee Cone, Catherine DiUard, Bille J o Dodson, Goodloe Heggen, Martha Herring, Willouise Humphries, Sarabeth Kimmel Dorothy McCarter, Emalu O'Neal, Martha Price, Bette Bob Redwine Marjoray Ridley, Betty Shryockj Doris Vallance, Betty Jo Wagner Glennis Waltz, Jeanette Bynum Marian Coffman and Mrs. Frances Wilson. Pledges were Misses Melba- Ruth Bankston, Jo Ella Baumgart Elizabeth Belew, Mary Frances Btedsoe. Louise Burrus, Betty Diltz, Mona George Hamil, Hale Margie Leftwich, Miskimins, Dorothy Jean Montgomery, Jane Rogers, Patty Thornton, Jacquelyn WilJinson, Martha Lou Kessler, Marie Durham. Mary Jean Kell' Louise Hardin and Maxine Craddock. lub Will Not Meet The meeting of the Westerners Mothers club scheduled for this afternoon, has. been postponed indefinitely. TO MEET FRIDAY As guests of Mesdames C. M. Mitchell and Erie Thompson, members of the 1930 Friendship club will meet Friday afternoon in the home of Mrs. Pebble Talley, 1510-B Avenue M, instead of Thursday afternoon as announced in Sunday's social calendar. Three Class Members Honored At Party IDALOU, March 2. (SpeciaD— As a farewell courtesy to three, members, Raymond McDaniel, Horace McFarland . and Lynn J. Courtney, Mr. and Sirs. Jonah Graves gave a party for the Methodist Builders class Thursday night. The three members will leave soon for training in the United States service. Miniature flags of the United States were plate favors. Guests were Chester Gilmore, Mr. and Kenneth Mrs. Harrington and Misses Lily Mae Fitzhugh, Inez Miller, Norene May, all of Idalou; Ruby Kirksey and Avah Nell Sparkman of Lorenzo and Theola Weaver of Lubbock. Home Nursing Course Is Being Offered Sponoring by the George M. Hunt Parent-Teacher association, a ross horne nursing course is being offered for patrons of the Hunt school. Mrs. Don Reeder is instructor. The classes will be conducted Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9 to 11 o'clock. County H-D Council Sets Objectives Seventeen of the 18 Home Demonstration clubs in Lubbock county were represented in the County Home Demonstration council meeting Saturday afternoon at the court house. Cooper. Hardy, Hurlwood, Shallowater, Sunshine and Union clubs were " 100 per cent in representation. Mesdames S. H. Robinson, Paul Judah and E. W. Smith were elected delegates to the district Home Demonstration association meeting to be held April 11. Mrs. J. P. Steel was elected alternate. The expansion committee re- cpmmended that (1) each club enlist every member as a victory demonstrator, (2) that each club enlist at least 10 victory demonstrators outside the club, and (3) that each club have a visitors club meeting in an effort to get every Baptist WMS Meets In Homes Monday Meeting in various homes Monday afternoon, members of the First Baptist Women's Missionary society presented studies of foreign lands. The following circle programs were reported: Elkin Lockett, Mrs. H. R. Labb- han, 2405 Main St.; lesson; Mrs. H. D. Whitmore; 10 members present Christine Coffee, Mrs. Earl Jackson, route 4; lesson, Mrs. J. H. Agee; 12 members and 2 visitors. Elsie Clor, Mrs. D. G. Barrow, 2501 23rd St.; lesson presented on Home Missions; 3 members and a new member present. Blanche Groves, Mrs. J. W. Mallory, .1712-B 10th St.; lesson, Mrs. Meritt Clark; 6 members. Lottie Moon. Mrs. Earl Bullnnk. 2310 8th St.: 'lesson, Mrs. M. L. Hogan; 10 members. Emily Bech, Mrs. Fannie Gee, 2124 16th St.; devotion, Mrs. Geel lesson, Mrs Tom' Campbell; 9 members. Ann Jenkins Sallee, Mrs. Minnie Fickas, 1610 Ave. L,.; lesson, Mrs. E. J.. Cowan; 5 members. Blanche Rose Walker, Mrs. Bode Adams, 2008 16th St.; lesson, Mrs. 1\1. L Penn; 8 members. Lucille Reagan, Mrs. Lee Jackson, I626-A 17th St.; lesson, Mrs. J. D, Palmer; 4 members and one new member. Ann Lassiter, Mrs. Roy Weber, 1805-B Ave. R: lesson, Mrs. Frank Todd; 7 members. Ray Buster; Mrs. F. B. Malone, 2435 21st St.: lesson, Mrs. Ada Couch; 6" members and one. new member. - ' "SWAN IS TWINS" says Grade Allen rural woman meetings. present for the Study Of Vegetables Held By'H-D Club Mrs. R. E.. Gunn was hostess to the Sunshine Home Demonstration uiu'o members Friday afternoon at which time Mrs. R. D. Blair became a new member. Mrs. J. D. Cannon directed a recrea-1 ticn program and Mrs. Charles I Hicks received the contest prize. I Miss Clara Pratt, county home demonstration agent, told members that quick maturing vegetables should be planted in frame gardens if space is limited. Mustard, tender greens, lettuce and radishes are easily grown, she said. "Southern curled is a good variety of mustacd, black seeded Simpson is a good' leaf lettuce and Icebreg is a good head lettuce," Miss Pratt stated. These vegetables should be planted now. Demonstrations , on pruning plants and shrubs were given. Mrs. R. J. Clarkr ; gave a reading on VThe Woman of the Flowers." Mrs. R. L. Weaver spoke on "Things that Won't be Available During the Present War and Things that were used During the Civil War." Mrs. D. Anderson discussed the subject, "Women Should Make Housework a Pleasant Task." The' club will meet March 13 with Mrs. O. H. Scott. Mrs. Welch Addresses Baptist Society. Mrs. Jeff Welch taught a lesson for 18 members of the Central Baptist Women's Missionary society at a meeting held in the activi- tie_s center; Mrs. Ran- Smith dismissed the group in prayer.- Break Swan into Half and half; One for kitchen, One for "baff." • Swan's 8 ways better than old-style floaties; you'd better buy some or you'll get my goaties. Swan suds twice as fast as old-timers. Try it and see! Tune in every week: GRACIE ALLEN GEORGE BURNS • PAUL \VHITEMAN NEW WHITE FLOATING SOAP Buy A. Defense Bond TODAY! Older folks say it's common sense., ALL-VEGETABLE LAXATIVE • In NR (Nature's Remedy) Tablets, there are no chemicals, no minerals/no phenol derivatives. NR Tablets arc dii'- fercra— act different. Purely testable—a combination of 10 vegetable ingredients formulated over 50 years a*o. Cncoated or candy coated, their action is dependable, thorough, yet gentle, as miUions of NR s have proved. Get a 25i box today ... or Isrger economy size. 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ALSO very beneficial for younger women to help relieve distress of monthly functional disturbances. Follow label directions. Lydia PinkhaaTs Compound is well vorth trying! Lubbock General Hospital Ciinic Fofmerly Lubboek Sanitarium Clinic GENERAL SURGERY J. T. Krucger. M. D., F. A. C..S J. H. Stiles. M.D.. F.A.C.S. 'Ortho) H. E. JMast, M. D. <Uro'o»yp EYE. EAR. NOSE & THROAT J. T. Hutchinson, M. D. Ben B. HutchinsDn, M. D. * E. M. Blake, M. D (Allergy) INFANTS AND CHILDREN M. C. Overton, M. D. Arthur Jer.kins, M. D. INTERNAL MEDICINE W. K. Gordon, M. D. • R. H. McCarty. M. D. <ciT<hoic*T) * In IT. S. Army Serric*. Clifford E. Hunt. Strp*rlntenii«Bt GENEHAu MEDICINE J. P. Lattimore, M. D. H. C. Maxwell, M. D. G. S. Smith. M. D. W. A. Reser. M. D. J. D. Donaldson. M. D. W. F. Birdsong, M. D. OBSTETRICS O. R. Hand. M. D. X-HAY AND LABORATORY James D. Wilson, M. D. RESIDENT PHYSICIAN Wayne Recser, M. D, J. H. Felton. Bastnew Mar.ajsr PATKOLOGiCAL LABORATORY X-RAY AND RADIUM, SCHOOL OF NURS5NG J<DNES;AUTO CLINIC

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