The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 24, 1931 · Page 5
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 5

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 24, 1931
Page 5
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THE DAILY NEWS. FREDERICK. MB, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 24, 1831. FIVS DEATHS Nativity Is Told In Song And Story In City, County Churches WEDDINGS LOCAL MENTIONS LOCAL MENTIONS ! CITIZENS' NATIONAL BANK. Mr. Mrs. Car* V. Mob*. a. Cora Virgtoa. Moler, widow oi n Moler. died Tuesday afternoon { v «*ivi*v in storv and song win , will consist of recitations, a pa*«*at, ! WalkersvUIe. a o'clock, at her borne at Batasrton, j Tfte »*^- · « .^ programs in'and special music. The latter will be ; Frederic*. *er Litbtncr--Gross. Helen G- Gross, daughter oJ and Mrs. Leslie Gross, of near WalkersvUle, and Car! H. L:ghtaer. of a; ;*,, Cw vj^c:l chambers at 12 o'clock were married oa Wednesday nx) .. - Saturday, Deocaiber 26. to attend the funeral of Sister Ethel Booker Attention. Sons And Dauchlen Of Garbije Notice. Uberty. Due U eA.-ly collection Cur*. mas Members of Pr:de" o! Waikersvilie morning. *'·- *ar!»s« should be yut .ut council. No 52. are- requested to meet , '.he oen.rx ix-:^rc Cl'l'-EK AND HEPFNER. OarSag* Collectors. POTTS OfilFFIN. and auto. BY ORDER OF COUNCIL. Can*rK* For Salr. oliowirsgchildren: Miss Kaasie. a t ; e: Mrs. Hash Moier. Mrs. Boy and Miller Moler, Bafcerton; rose Meier, AdarjjKowr:; Carlton .r. Fugles: one sister, Mrs. Martha Duffielcs; aud the following half- is ace brothers: Mrs. John Burns. be given ia raany of the ' Miss Edith Crawford. Miss Margaret Fo- while programs oi soeg and .laad. and Miss Edna Rictetts. ^^ c ^ ooa=*«ion with the dlstribu- j -- S-rTo' r'ts. mainly for children, will! club Christmas Party Given t-UU v * 6--«*· J . . . , ^v._;^.,«oc v»a»..v f\ Special Danrr Saturday Niir! BARBARA PRFTCHIE KAKDY KLUB. - Your Favorite Troutadors 25c and 3ac tae featured in others. Program ftiday The annual Christmas party of the ' Adaias-owB Woman's Club was held oa yagereent o. Monday evening at the home of Dr. and , r«-**.*. to i Announced. Mr. and Mrs. Stany H. near Cnxonvi^e. announce the en- Take a Chance. MRS C M OIXOS. SUl Eira St Tuesday--ttrdnesday ««l Thursday. Doi; t fdi! '.o uns-ue about th« tlvr .jrs? beautiful Dorothy Darlinsj Do'.:. i' S. era! serv-css this afternoon at 2 at the home and -jitermerit in er ·aas a member of the Preshy- is church. congregation. the Realms oC GSorj- -« an enjoyable evening «33 spent and the program was given: "Greft- Bells"" reading, M^s Mary Ella Mar- : ry. singiag, "O Come "' v - ^" v - «.-.;. Da.'.y _er:c? luforasation application y.snis fu.rjush*«d and in lre« of charge. J PAUL DELPHEY. - Horse of tec Bii*." Open . Announcement. I'r.e MarU:id Industrial Kiaaace CcaipAiy. - West Pa-.rick S:rw.. «:!'. ? «pcn e\rnins$ :roai 7 to 9 o oloci all Isaac Theodore Croase. c Theodore Cro-ise died Wednes- as S a. m. at Clear Ridge. Md. n illness of six wseis. yeirs and or* month. Besides ow. Mrs. Clara Hamburg Croase, ;trv;ved by the following children: : 4ciSSn." Roland Warfieki: tableau, fui:" WarSeid: rtcitatioa. Belva . Fry: - Chri -Ring music. Out The Bells for The funeral ol John C. Schea. retired : railroad engineer. j Open · »ill be open Saturday. De- es 11.BERTS, adifi' Shop. FRANCIS PLTROTT. Treii Furniture Finishing And Repairing. Prices R*iio::ib:tf. Work Cald For GEORGE W. HCN1CHES. It* E. Fourth St. 'Phone 28-M THE 01T1ZKNS' -NATIONAL BANK OF FREDERICK. MD. CAPITAL $100,000.00 SURPLUS $800,000.00 TO OUR PATRONS AND FRIENDS. We wish that you and yours may have all the happiness that Christmas can bring and that the com- ·ai? year may be filled with the warmth of fine friendships aivd the secur.ty of POTTS GRIFFIN. MISCELLANEOUS. i PIANO TUNING AND RADIO REPAIRING a sp*«:'a".y A'Vrrt C Pilsser. Pica* 519-W. 8 Wfst 13'^i -.;."*«. JO-SO-dtl HELP WANTED. 51AH. CUERKS.--MEN W-JS. »:«« r20=-..! S'.tisy. P«;d Katherine, a: home. Ten grand: diction. dren also survive with the f«o-r- brothers and s^^rs: U. Grani . use, Un:on:o»n, Md.; Mrs. Clara . The To Present sacred cantata. Those present: Dr. and M: · Hrtkp Mr and Mrs. C. Hayes 'STiuS-iSW L, Thorny Mr ers: Charles Selby. Lutheran church, officiated. Plymouth '· Lodge No. 143. F. and A. M. of Union Bridge coeducted ceremonies at the graveside. The loUowmg members of order CAS'.:V-" "l-.o'.j Finishers. '.: J«?:!.i*.:! St . "Phou- KM-J. Roderick. Frederick: Mrs. Ella Val- . Bethlehem.' wi^ be sting by , ,.-~- ~ ^ ^ ^ ia*. Walkersvllfe: Mrs. Lela Bohu, : «*· «··««' voices ia the Tau.aa.ont u. *- on'Bn£ge: A. R- Crouse, Colornbus, Mrs. Gertruda Strine. Walkersville: !. Frlo« Mac-cley. Frederick. Services ; . be held a: the Church of ioatowa, Saturday, s-eeting ^e ac I p. m. Interment irch of God Cemetery on the Hill ,-Holy Memories. O Fuss and Son, undertaker. ' choir: "Fling -Over the Dese: J«se W. Kyan. j "Sleep, Babe So bu*,. _^-~- c ^ ul xhoiaas, Rhudelia esse W. Hyan died at the home o£ ; an d women s cnor^s, o» ^ ^^ ^^ Sonne. Maril Fr'. ^^er o Mr. ana ***^~^ ^ ~ ^ ^ , _ B L c^,^ Dr . pt-^n and r a choir of aao Mrs. TM--~* »-'^- a -' . ,,,,,. ; c _ ^ Easterday. Mrs. Harry ; C. E. Easterday. Xmas Specials. Home-made pies, mine* n:ca iatier kraut RIDDLEMOSERS GROCERY. 'Phone 611. 301 Weat Patrick St. and Holiday Bargains In I'srd 19.T9 Politic -4-Door S-'a3". -*3' 1I 9 Crit\rolft Coup--. ·92S Chevrolet CvxiCh 1928 c'.evro'.et Cabrollct 1927 Essex Coach. 19IH Nash Coupe. 19^3 FV-rd S;Krt Coup*. Z939 Ford £;xrt Roadster S«; Vernou R:ppiv::. FREDERICK MOIXSR CO . · · 7 West Patrick St. 'Photic '.092 OFFICERS JOSEPH D. BAKEK, HOLMES D. BAKE /'resident. JOBN H. BAKES. CHICKS FOR SALE. UARRED WHTTB ASD BUFF ROX: AN- eon»». a C. K. L R«U. 81!rfr-L«c«J Wh- wymnCoues. t!2 twr :00. J«WT B!»c«t S!J per 100 Mti«!. »10 j»r ICO. »:a=:r«S. to 8- WANTED. WANTED -A LOAN OF *3.000. WITH NR3T i moTisIs,: -«a « » « « * . F o r "£"*V° n 1 »pp;y Sf*J office. Box ISir U-lS-«8.« AUTOMOBILES FOE SALE. JOSEPH McDivrr, Vice-President. WtLUAM G. ZIMMERMAN. Cashier. SAMCEL G. DUTALL. CaiAier. niece Spring. Thomas. son, Jesse Ryan. Ridgeville, Wed- j salvation." choir. dav morning at 6.30 o'clock, at the ! · of 71 years. 8 months and 29 j Christinas -s He is survived by his son. and ! ^ Christmas service wui be ne-O ai , daushter, Mrs. Arthur Murray. · e Burkittsville Lutheran, church ^faai- ; toeTal" Friday morning at 11 o'clock j ^' .^hool^ak'd wfll be entitled. . ^·""j^ "oihsori asd the program the home of his son. R«v. B. I. {.-cristmas Classics." The service m 'jl,,." t e j., charge of public welfare tnes cCiciating. Interment at i cludes a num ber of tableaux and ^- ~ jiigomery chapel cemetery, near tonum es. A large star will be one or. ( Evelyce ! John's cemetery- Thomas P. Rioe, fun- , Dearly appreclatioc for your patronage ' EUa Murry. Margaret . e ral director. . acd extend to you my sincere wish for i Frani Thomas, j | \ Very Merry Christcnas and A Happy i Unity to ; poR EMJE-DODOK SEJA"-J 8 ^' TM^ .cads my | »nd b»-.t*rj. Pr.« t-rsoo. ^'^f^?" La*mM^O-»k ! JtTC^*. ,7tmtsemiaii- Messrs. *-·""· ^ : : -· -^-.- ' ijuj.« Rtxbe-t. Charles. Fred i Funeral services for Michael Me- · ,,£ prosperous New Year. ; T m m v Carlin. Sammy Hoke and ! CaSrey. retired farmer, who died at ; THE BARBARA FRITCHIE TEA ROOM ; a-d GibsoE. The next, meeting will . his home on Liberty street. Westminster. ; Edith G. Sledling. Prop, j Januarv 13 at the home of Sunday morning, were held Tuesday at | ' 10 a. m. A requ'.em high mass was . Or. W. A- K. Bell. Optometrist. .conducted in St. John's Catholic church. ; Office a?jx:3 : in charge of Rev. Martin P. J. Egan : nxice. Call = The pallbearers were: Charles McCaS- , PUBLIC SALES iiigKJiliCi. » i,iietu^i* -v.^.«---s.*i^*^ · ».____ . -^jTjiijuc^a, ^* »***o- _ j t . - j igeecsYiile C.' M. Waltz. WinSeid. ^ features of the decorations for the Presented At EmmitsburB- r ey, Bernard McCaffrey, of Frederick, a Sealed Proposal -OTl director. evlnl Ira J. Young is superintendent , CM» r TM* . s club O f Emmitsburg ; ^.n; Joseph O"Farrell Jr., Phillip Me- : Sealed bids are request ; rf th*- Sunday School-! Miss Eleanor , Ai -^ .. The yrapper Grand- i caflrey and Harvey Leister. Interment ; plies for Montevue and the Jail for Harrv B. Foi i Hie'-tman o*-gan=.£t; and Miss Elizabeth ^ s -^6TM ,. ^^ay and Friday before | was made in the adjoining cemeterj'- ' January. February and March. 1932. TV B. Fos. 121 North Hilton street i ^^ cioir dL-ector. TM^ ^t^K in" St. Euphemia's hall, i . ; by the County Commissioners of Fred- Itimore, died suddenly on Wednesday . ^^^ ... _ . . . . . emoon at, 3 o'clock at Mercy hospi- Christmas Pageant. } dv w ^ directed by Miss Ina Rose ! The Pleasant Hill Union Sunoay , J^^ - · ^^^^^^ the producers- trie pr«nls« »bout two milw »«*- of ! of acute indigestion, aged about 44 ITS. In addition to his wife, Mrs. ith Fox, he is survived by his father, Calvin Fox, Thurmont and two th«s. C. Cosmus Fox, EUicott City d George E. Fox. Graceham. Also two ters, Mrs. Thomas Hays, Emmits- rg and Mrs. John N. Franklin. Em- tsburg- Funeral arrangements will be nounced later. Glen Proposals. " of Dccembrr. 1931. requested for sup- \ £.£· gTM^ SSV.^'^^^ co ua - j '·*· "SSSm/Y. JASTCARV 15. MM. at the hoar o! in o'clo^i a. rn.. Sunday sciwl will hold its Christinas sen-ice j on Friday night beginrjng at · TM · PERSONALS the -30 presi dent of the Wo- j i crick county at their office at the ^ ^ __ ! court House. Bids will be opened and j i ;a m M- H j contracts awarded on December 29. at I to-«it: ^ ^ described rcai o! *!-.:ch thr 5i!d ,:cd seized »nd pov J. TRAVEKS THOMAS. Assistant Cashier. DIRECTORS JOSEPH D. BAKER. THOMAS H. HAU.ER. CHARLES H. CONLEY. M. D.. JOHN S. NEWMAN. JAMES H. GAMBRILU J«-, HOLMES D. BAKER. DANIEL BAKER. JR., JOHN H. BAKER. ELIAP B. RAMSBURGH, ARCHIBALD E. LOST AND FOUND. LOST --DOUBLE-BARREL PARKER OCX. Sr»r Briddocc R r w m r d R«urn » H. B Robblns. 1203 North M»rlcf. S:rre:. LOST.--BROWN LEATHER POCKETBOOK. co:tta:»-:iE v;ir. or !r.o:;ry, T--;fiday r.:hl. rroStibly on M.»:itrl*:. Libf-'ii rt»ird :r rc:«rnc! to R. C. I'.uih. S!2 Scuth Market s'.rccl. !2-JJ-£!2t LOST. STRAYED OR STOLSN.--SCHNAO- rrr bitch »nl y-sypr. Rrw»rd ir returned to Mn. Jisn H. eraser. 1!3 Record St- 13-lS-SBt FOR RENT. FOR REXT--THREE ROOM APARTMENT, Tarnished. Appiy 20i Eis: S«ond St. this , *.-, TM · 1Ir - and Mrs - Samuel "Waters, of tne com- i ....^ lrf . on Tues ^ y for Jacksonville, i i 11 a. m. ,., o{ ;.nd d«crib«J uji tim-j TMo-- --- - ..^ mans uiuu i-"-i ^.-- citv, ieii on iuesusy :or ^iscjuuu^UK. , o'clock. The principal '«"«*««*? mitt ee working with Miss Greer, an- , ^ w d ^^j weks Tisitog service will be a Cnnstmas pageaiu. , ^ ^ ^ results of the play : Mr _ x 3,,^^ Waters ^,1 | entitled "The Little Town of Bethle- ; successful. About sixty | j hem" The following is an outline of : ^ re - . .... ---. . lasu... the pageant, together with the cnar- . By Order of the Board. JOHN W. HOLTER. President, R. B. MURDOCH. Clerk. Glen N. Washington, colored, 52 years j Israe , age, of near LdcfcsviHe, died at Mon- j . rue hospital Wednesday night at 8JO ' - · ·^ock. Ee was -weB-fenown and re- acters in the different scenes. "Prophecy." Spirit of Prophecy, Thelma Hooper, Daniel. George Krantz; "Lamentations of Israel, successful. About sixty part in the event, , following: Earl Elder. Robert GlUelan. Pauline Baum- Topper. Grace Cloning- . CELEBRATION ASKED eeted and was employed by Carlos M. Garmendia for 33 years as a trainer id caretaker of race horses. He is ·rvived by his wioxrw, Mrs. Clara D. ashington. and the following sous sd daughters: John W., Bryn Mawr. i.; Bertie M. and Myrtle B., York, Elmer G-, Robert L., Joseph G. "* Gordon D. Washington, aU at one sister. MoHie Brunswick, and a haU- rasffingion, near this ;v. The funeral win take place from »asant View M. E- church, colored, | irarday morning at 11 o'clock. In- ' rrcent in colored cemetery, near Pi- Rocks. M- R. Ewhison and Son, fun- al directors- Joseph, Hooper, (spirit of proph- th," Mary, Mamie TJ. Grant Hooper, On the Road to (Sairit of . . Bethlehem," group of travelers: Gray- and Milo Hooper, Jr., Shank, Elder. R o r s Topper, Wil- Montgomery People Vioald Obserre Smith, Austin Stoner, Weldoa Leroy Hartagen, and Dora Christmas Dance. Celebrate yuletide at the big dance at : Fisher's. Friday. December 25. 9 o'clock until--? Snappy music that brings ; oui the real Christmas dance spirit. nro vrd * " Completion Of Road Work. FILLER--JENNINGS .-m«i Ep^copol J; George Hansock. Mar- Pretty Weddii* In Grace shall and Roland Hooper, Miriam and i Church, Brunswick. oht-iii= «;m-'r'T "The Word Made \ , . . . , - ,, ' the Montgom FlTM JS chorus: Courtney Hoop- | The wedding of Miss Helenjrs^ua ; a:ion {o ^ Celebration of the opening of the ·widened and improved Rockville pike from Bethesda to Rockville is urged by the Rockville Pike Citizens' Association in a communication to the Montgomery County Commissioners. The Citizens' Association plans to ask Montgomery Rent-A-Car. All close'- models Gas and oil free- Rates as low ES !3c per mile. i For infonnaUon 'phone 1378. [ FRANCIS SCOTT KEY GARAGE. 114 West Patrick St. Trappers Take Notice. ou«: ia «oo« ioBdittoi: «.We. »«.««. ~ea' hons- and al! other necessary out- ImWmss. ·« °t ««««} « e . Sa . » 5.°°?. "^ -, ol preservation. Said rca! «:a« '· watered ar.! has a varied of sood ,ru!t In bearini: condition. j A further description of said reas CJ.B.C L-'H be found by reference to a certain, I deed from Daniel T. Jenkins anil w-e to l I Jobn L. Michael, recorded m Liber b . i . n-. i i No 255, folio 291. one of the Lna Becoros j 1 '"Xt^Se^and place. ..nmediate,. rt.t VMC ~f-»-^»»- ···"-- · · the sale of said real estate, the_ un- derx'^n-d will sell 'he per-ionil property of »-h^h the said William II. Harris d.«! P. LUTHEE RICE. LATEST OPPORTTJNll'lJSS. Elro street, modern home. Icle » 1 ^ oc J^5-_ Seven room, modern home, -*·-- ·-- SAVINO $2.000 A recent drop or $2.000 on thlj modern 9-roorn house, tnclodlns tract of iand on highway, near Frederick, makes sn atttrac- FURNISHED APARTMENT FOR RENT.-Central location. A" conveniences. Apply 120 West Patrick street, or 'phone 8S9-M. 12-53-dS!.- FOR REST.--MODERN 3 ROOM APART- cent. 221 Sa^t Second street. FOR RENT.--MODERN APARTMZNT. NO. t!6 W Church St. also Eiodera front apart- :ne:u 227 E. Second street, lurntsned or ua- Jurnisfced. Also dsreiUr-E No. Ill E. SiJttil street. Gllraore K. Flautt. !C9 North Market street. 13-22-d3t FOR RENT.--FRONT, HODEKN APART- ment and garage. Apply Young Jfc \VcIncr. 310 N. Market .-trcct. 12-21-dtI FOR RENT.--FTLLING STATION, ON JSF- ferson pike, near Frederick, knoirn as the "Honey Locust" station. Good opportunity. Appiy at station. 12-21-!6t* FOR RENT.--FURNISHED ROOMS. APPLT 111 W. Third street. 12-!9-t!6t er, lesn giri. unuiuo. v^v^*-«^^j x- · . , «,_ 0 _ _ * . \irs · -- · Charlotte dan. Geraldine Smith, ; Jennings, oaugnter ox M- |^°^- ; to secure the co-operation Margaret Taylor. Dorothy -- ' T «" h Oscar Jennings, o, Bro^swic.. _. _,.._ . w ^^ ,,., Eloise and Evelyn Dutrow; v^-»» . -- '^'^^ and the late Charles ·tic-n-No Room for Him Angei. 3to. ^H 3 ^ Pa , ..^ solemnized e «- ·s-eaga- "The Paithful Snep- . a^s^, °- "J-ao^=- ^"-· _ granting of " m. Wayne Feaga; Lev;. , Saturday afternoon « a ^^^ .. 0 Howard " »-_*.* "s*w:-r-:w Ttitt-Tv-xTT" ! GraCG EplSCGpSl CliUi^il- " . . . * -»^r- *ii«- rr Feaga. ' Joseph Oscar Jennings. ,»,,.---,---- eat members agectgd ·Christ's . and Mr. Arthur H«iry _Fi-ler, ^son^ol . me ^ ^ commissioaers -^ ^0^. ed. The association also opposed the a permit for a tourist camp Episcopal -"---" pt^^wu-s. . Blandy. of Montrose. claim; ng that the » wou i d constitute a Rev. E. E. Burgess, recto Residence 215 E. Third St. "Phone 383. HORACE H. SMITH. Executor. and girls' i Town."' innkeeper. { (Shepherds, "Water Blue Ridge Transportation Co. from Bus Term- Home, North ntennediate suburtfen I ^ a , ^ 0£ , d ^ l;ows John Sal'. Auctioneer. WiiHam Rcni:. Clerk. "TWO corner lots on W. IStc street. *250 each. Consult Rice about other values. List jour real estate with Bice. P. LUTHER RJCB, REAL ESTATE ·PHONE HBi * B- THUID ST. SHERIFFS SALE. j Br virtue of a writ of Distraint of the . State o: Maryland, tssoed by Alton \. Ben- , NOAH E. CRAMER SON. ._ ---- j--m~T » j lOIi-UiiCiU^, »**S«_i u 3 THE SICK ^^.-Sd ^1=^- who^^^- - 5ec£ifion 1 James Hooper, (spirit of prophecy, '· "=- itt t~ /_ _,,,,,- ,,,,* w.,.s «-nd wore Tae Federal Government .Miss Beulaa Moberly. East Fourth ! reet. who has been ill for_the past \] »o weeSs, i s much nnproved. _ _ _ _ _ -- ! prophecy. Israel. Mary, Joseph and t ar ?^Ti._i-a^ MaSuel was the bride's : Montgomery Cotinty, in accordance with "Mrs. Rose Krise. this city, who has ; y^^^) : "Greet Your Saviour King." 1 j_ da _ t ^4 ^OK roval bine chiCon : t-he terms of the Crampton art. ; ill for some time at the Frederick i · ^"*naa_.t i"^ _ -^ _ _^ ^^^ ; i n£t': a Justice of "the Peace'of the State of ; and 6 ! Maryland in and for Frederick Cour,^. be- | i ing "No- 17T5 Clv.Is. at ihc suit of George , , E. Grove. Agent for Jo: Hows Home 8.30. 10.30 i Zo^v vTM C .^ for ^ L m. " 0 cents. Phone 203. AJJ OPPORTUNITY To pu-cha^e a 1-5 acre farm three miles ;rom WalSersvlUe for «J,800. TUla farm a - H- Grove ana , ; m p,. OV ed with a six room frame dwelling leers' fees analnst | (,ousc. bank Barn, machine shed, chicken FOR RENT.--1-ROOM FURNISHED APAHT- mcnt. 21 West Third street. IS-19-dSt* FOR HOCSE. APPLY 200 East Seventh street. 12-lS-dSt" . RBNT. -MODEBK S ROOM BtTNGA- low. 808 Trail Avc. Possession Jan. 1. Appiy Frank Strasberser. 12 W. PuricS street. 'Phone M7-M. 12-17-tftl FOR RENT.--HODSE OS WATER ST.. SEC rooms with electric lights, paper and water In kitchen. Possession at once- Apply J- M. Culler. 13-14-dtl FOR RENT.--SIX ROOM BOOSB OH NCHTH Martct St- Apply to C- E. Scrr.Or.rcbt. 714 N. Market street. 12-1-dtI FOR RENT.--FOUR OR FIVE ROOM MOD- cra apartment, famished or unfurnished." Sod floor. Apply 6 W. Third street- 11-37-dtf ity Hospiial. way. = in a critical condition i ^^^^ M _ £_ church Program. i Calvary Methodist Episcopal church. _ . . ; were Second street at Memorial Park. Charles J- Doil. West Thirc RpT jjj Q Ellis "Williams, mirister. in silver. Ser shoes and ! sre also silver in hue. and her ; For Sale. The driver of a dilapidated car asked tell me the :rest. who has been very il scsrick City Hospital, was is morning 10 be in a criti;: Soc"Mrs. George W. ,,.,,» W«. , at tne ^^ hold jts annua i Christmas even- j , SJK ^!° ; ing service tonight at II o'clock, when , ^. i couoi ;he musical program will be given by ; ^ i the full vested chorr under the direc- ! ourth ' tion of · Ia:;nes Helnlein Harris with ! w , TTTM. Alice Coblentz at the organ and the ] . _tios~ were pink roses, snai-dragons ' a bystander: "Can you tel iden hair fem. - °."- i " ies - **3[ to V:c.or;a?"' Mrs. Charles J- DolL w ^ s ' 1 ' r ^f c R e v. Dr. G. Ellis Williams, minister. """^,, -^,- niusston. of Philadelphia, ! After a critical glance a; the car. the ' the ·Jihers were bystander replied: "Yes, take a bus."-- : Hagerstown, and x.t-Bits. j Mil^, Brunswick. j the ceremony, a reception , at tht home of the bride's j - .,,«.=--. -16 Brunswick street. Later' People's Glee Club under the . ^_ J^Q TJ-J ?£ -# on a weeding . . j of Miss Kaiherire Kidenour. -1^ to p: or -:da, the bride wearing a jThe minister will give a brief sermon, j-aveling dress of Spanish tile and | roved. i his subject being "Star Led." The serv- · I'-^-^en' j a ce. with hat to oiatch and ., _ - - "17".,. , _^«^e^^ of ' ice wili c 0 01 ^ 6 promptly at 12.05 . · ^..^ories of brown. After RusseJ Smi.c. w^o »s a s.oaen^ OL ^ rT ^ i . _ __;.. ^^ g r-^irTp T.i^ht serv- . ,._ ^ ·«« w--r«.r -sri-l "r» High School is sick White Collie and Boston Bull puppies, j .-"^.a'Tnoor ianip. i clock, make fire Christmas presents. · .- · -· 142 West Patrick St. 'Phone 1055. 1 -he Roods and chattels oi Gordon M. Pears.. , hoasw and bog pen. spring water piped Into i i" have er-tcred upon, levied, seized and ; Ihc e j :c bcn D? natural flow. There ta a taken !rt ei'cutlon al! the risht. t;tle. clairr.. , mea .4 O f o f about 10 acres together wlta i 'a'e-est. and estate, both at Saw arid m i a!!OBt 10 acres of One Umber land, balance ..;,_ of , he said Gordon M. Pearse la and being under cultivation. The owner of this " · to-wlt: p-op^-.y w .]j ] iaV e In tbo lann $1.000. on first mortgage. This Is one of the most attract!.* farm hare ever offered and .an the original _ partlculara ap- cha:r!~3~ straight cbairt. 1 53-.ft!l stand. 1 j ply to I 3t;:tj. oi tne sa.u \jw.u«j.i -..- ..-.-* -- i to the personal property, to-wtt: ' One 8-plece living room s-!tr. 1 round ! top stand. 1 floor iarnp. 1 clock, 1 porch ·.'* Is one of the most at i 5 tt'ig 3-piece pirlor suite. 1 stand lamp. 3 ; opportunities that we hare en I floo. 1 !ar?e stand. 1 smoking stand. , ta being sola for rn-jch less tha ' 1 rbrarr deVn. 1 met-ii catin't. 1 rocfcir-R i «rst mortgsse. For further p :d ^ u ht aCJT wine near Labertytown. a " B · ice and the Christmas decorations will !. Final Santa Letters. 'inal letters for Santa Claus the ^Jews-Post came too late mblicatfon in full- tetters have recently been received be in place, lows: Prelude, Christmas ,- j rnant: hymn, Joy Tc jer, minister: carols. lO'f Your Dn Wenceslas. chozr: program fol- · ..,_-_. er January Mr and Mrs. PiTer will be at htme it 3529 Fourteenth street, N. W.. Wash- LOCAL MENTIONS The Savoy Dining Rooms. ie closed Christinas Day. The takes this -opportunity to wish our frieads and patrons a Merry Christmas. ! MRS. WALTER DECKER. Prop. i Can ' JOHN W. BRCCHEY'S : Bu5 Rock Poultry Yards for Poultry ' alive or dressed. Fresh eggs daily and . baby chicks. 'Phor-e 696-R , 459 West South St. Yoa Won j dn - t Of Doing Don't Forget The Biz Xmas Dance, AT FR.EDSRICK ARMORS", Friday Kite. 8.3" Good music -Good time. Reduced Prtoes. . i without Src insurance on your home-- i ·**£- Pastoral, ! Among the out of town guests -ere. . _.. _....,.. : _ oase ^ a . sta -. e , mef , .^ , rat Guil-; :vlrs _ E'-a Filler ar.a Mrs. ^ar.. Jr.--r o^p.;,^;-,^.-Act _ :f Toa are st i aa ;t " rld: pray- , o: - Dii^surz. Pa.; Mr. Rex. C.ugE.on, ._, ^ accideat ani vou are -s-ithout as! Shake I., f Philadelphia. Pa; Mr. ana Mrs- A.....,-TM-.,.--, i-s-j-aTM aEd GoQd icsson. Sara B. delphia. i?a; Mr. and Mrs. tie of Harr-sburg. Pa.; Miss :, Miss Bessie Coos. Miss Automobile Insurance. POTTS GRtPETX. -- T^« W CIiCSi35 U*J*J--. i^-iiiJiiiA-c · __ _ Betty Ellen Oern.ancl GarmM[J*^ · _ Ma:the ^ 2:1-13: carols, 6 Little Town ; ^^e Brooke, Miss Bessie B. Lexrcon. S*.. Midway^Mane Wooe. SonJi Ca^ . ^ Bea!ehem ^ z H ^ rd the 3^ , and -^ ^.^.^ £ savory of Wasn- .nti-'e T- /- - AT-= Daniel anci mas Day. Young People's --^.02. D. C-". -Mrs. Daniel J=^ss-« r ^ na : offertory. LePetit Berger, ' MISS Bessie BosweH of Frederics; ^Mr. roll street; "charles D. Hoffman, Beta i°_ -^.^ G. HcOttan. Carl^n E. HoSnian and ,on C^iiia. i. Chapel street: Pe^y ^-ee CluH Christmas Eve Service. Canary Blrfls. Guaranteed Single Canary Binta. Floor, Bririze, Tab"^ and Bed Lamps. H. 3. rSEEMAN, Electrical Contractor. 335 E. Church St. drusrcet. 2 mirrors, i Sa;i stand. 1 rcfrig- --ator. 1 kitchen table. 3 kitchen chairs. 1 c:o:h«s basket. 1 I0-?si. Jar. Jot of dishes and cooUr.K utensils ia pantrv. 1 Trash nib- ^ '· si:te. 1 1 rorkir.e chair. 1 Iron bed. | I -Khitp ereise-. J roci'.r.i. chair. a:i IlnoTrusi j j on bedroom f'.oors and ha'.I floors. :nt of i I p.ctures and 14 gre-r. ^rir.dow j · shad's. 1 radio sr.d stand. 1 victro'.a and | ^:anv other artics. · I Rive notice that on MONDAY. DECEMBER 28. 1331. ! ... 11 o'ciocfc a. rr. . I *i". .«·!! on the pretn- ! :--!-s occupied b- the said Gordon M Pears?. i lar.d. th. abor" d?-cr.^i ryrscnai prcpcrtv · so ar.d distrained, to the hishcsi bid- { j fier -or cash. , j · CHA.tI.ES W. CRT3M. ! ' S-ifrifr of Fredrricic County. Mt3. ; NOAH E CRAMER * SON. J14 COURT STREET. FREDERICK, MD. ·PHONE 508. PEOPLE'S FINANCE CO FOR REKT.--MODERN SIX-ROOM HOOSB. 101 East Seventh «reet Possession October 1st. Apply 244 Dlil avenue. Phoa* 1058. 13-ldtJ FOR RENT---3-ROOM MODERN APART- rsent. Applj Weil Bros-. «10 North Market mreet, 11-6-dM FOR RENT.--SIX ROOM -IOUS3 IN OOOD condition. Apply 431 NortJi Market St. SO-S-dtt TRUSTEES' SALE OP VA.LUABLE REAL ESTATE. 1 Christmas Wreaths! We have a varied assortment of made ·sal church. West Se-cosc street, at Mc- n; Charlotte Smith. Frederick: Sarah Kemp. Constance Allison. 55 SoutD. Mariet street: Thslma WOard, Frederick. Mr. ana :. r., and Mas . . ^ff e dress by Dr. Williani.. "Star Led." n:euitatJoa. "Star Led." of Chazoersburg. Pa.; Mrs. «t:e-te-- p^^ ;o.3.. u-;i; :: a section of the High Matthew 2:9. minister; hymn,, Mr. Leroy Je^=^gs Mrs. Fran^ -.., hoo: 3^., .,-,-- a _ chr -^ ; _ ias ^^-^ a:_ - _ - _ n w ^ ir- -s^-^-ns-----? T-iamFcr 1 "· . 11 p. m.. at Caivarv Me:hodat 253:£co- '-a wreaths and invite your Inspection m »^ ' ' We serial Pari. Full vested choir a-d and .deliver according to yoar insirjc- Young Poo?l-e"s Glee Club. Brief ad- tions. EDWARD H SHARPE. 'Phone 4S5. Bj virtue 0* a Deere*- cf the C.rcu.t Co"rt for "Frederick Count-, s.tting !n Eq-:.:v. and : ra^ed In a case pcr.dir;; in sa^i Ccurt. ·rtere;:i Blanche Burce Siercr..-. et ?.: . are .anu and Kaii-.-rine Burse H.ct- a! , are D-frr.S'.r.-s. b«i-^ No. gladly hold your selection. ::.35* £q-^itv. ::-.c und--^.gr.-d r-ame-i :n sa:d D"'--.'-, ^v '.'. ^-".". a: p-ib'.c · c ^:» at tif C-urt Ho-.i_c c-or in rrccier.cs i '' " JANUARY. 9TK. IS 7 :. TALKING TURKEY. If you are one of many who have been disappointed in not receiving Christmas money, do not let this spo'-l yo-jr holiday. We are dispensing Xrr-as cheer to many worthy people who find themselves In need of cash. Yoar reputation and personal responsibility win help you immensely :c this emergency. Come in and let's talk "turkey" on this subject. ·Phone 1473. THE PEOPLE'S FINANCE CO, NOTICES. «--»,.-'--.'--»»·--»*"··*---*----^. ELECTION NOTICE. Frederic*. -Md . T3K. 23rd. 1931. At their ijankins ho-.:5e or. the twelfth day ol January. 1931. teins the second Tuesday in said monin. Rct^ecn the ho-rs of 10 GO a. m. and '.2 m. N-2cn. an election «"iU be held for the p-jrpose of electing Directors for the Con-.mcrcial Bani o: Marr'.attd. for the ens-.n; Tear. HA:.-MOND CLABY. Cashier. 12-24-dl4t i _^ . I NOTICE TO CREDITORS. NO 32.333 EQUITY. I Joseph K. Bu.-S2-d. Tr-zstcc o' Cbarles , " and Sr.rari CorS.'.la -V.fner. Bv xirfjc cf an Order of tbc Circu.t Court for Frederic - County, in Equity, dated ' the I2nd Clav of December. -933, the creditors cf Charles and S-^rah C^rd^I.a. 1 are hercS? r.ot.2cd :o Sl9 the:r cl.i.rns prcperl- authcnt.catcd *;:th the ' C' -·: of th; C.rc-Jit Co-rt far Fr.d-r.CE . Cs-jj-.t;.. c-. or t.fcr-- t:-e ISth lay cf ?e!! ruarr. ;332, other~.-c th--y ~-il fce debarred : funi; in sa.d cajse i JOSETH K. Sicr.^r oc S'.o--. At'orscTs. i NOTICE i O? FIRST MSETING O? CREDITORS. i Ir. ;hc O.« C'u.-t oJ thr "n.icd States ;.c D..^:r.c: of "Dryland, -a Bankr-^ptcT. Tr: the ^:::i- if Gr.tce X. Albs-sh. Bani- . A Song In The Air: benedic- Harr-son. aad Mr. FranJai to:to Ave near 9th St. Given Birthday Party. tlori c-iister: posHude. The Shep- BrowssvEe: Mrs. John T. _^?^p" a=° ·-erd" 1 : Song (An Ar.cient Carol"). Guil- children. Mary anc Booo... J - ar: . j^a^t. Mrs. Clareace Smer^o^. M^ i.:.-r£c 1 frees ihe Church T^-r-er. Uphobterins;, Refinisbtn^. Frrier.cs C:*.T. Marr'.ar.d JOHN N. CLABY. crtc.tors cf Grace M. . s hereby sr.vrs that on j ias Bani-^pt. and -.hat the £r-t Ch ^ c ^f 'sssr ·"*· , -llsili-vvySB H. ** =*« -o ^ °- ° mra ' Kril-MSf f:: J^S s ssr^isrs-s brate her anniversary on Christmas da*, j Tl -"-'Those present were; Mr. and Mrs.; Martz. Mr. and Mrs. Albert K2i?p. an^3 i Bag Fine Deer. D. Moore. M. J. Ke^-er, Sigene Rosen ar.d C- Albert Orrison. all of Brjns- MUitarj- School Representative at FRANCIS SCOTT KHY HOTSL Capias Robert H. Shanl-. represer.t- -.·z the Csrs-on Lor-g Miliairy Schc-ol. located :n Nei- BlKr.Sex;. Penr^yl- 3 Center St. Thoae 301-J. Tie Bear-: Notice. o! Managers of Mo-nt direction of Miss Mar:e F»a-^aa. t ^.--. ..^ ---. par-*-, ^'·-s^r _ · f r c m Ei;a Kate Cramer ar,5 Noah E Crazier, j ' r r r hu=5ani. 1o :.;-..;_n B'jrie. dated March i 23. :3_7. and r-cori-d .r. l.:S_r E T H. Nc- ! 273. r=iio «O3. ore of the Land P.eccrd.t for J:r;.7rri as :S5 p.r.i ;.S ".v.rt Patrice ?-rrct. -sr.-.h a dr.-c-R-ay o the -- c^t £.r. i ht ten FROM 23 WEST PATRICK ST, 9 NOHTH COURT STREET. , ' . , Tr-.;*tc? cr Tr'-.-tcc'i. c-^ th2 Sas'-ir-u a -j;t such oth-r busir.cs 1 ; as =a · t " 1 ""-' v ""~ ..... HC:OEN"S."FSLTOS:. Referee In Sankr-^sti We ·srr.e all lir.cs of instrrance tn- cl"Sir.g aut-oncbi-c liability and property . . . ao:r.t buck deer which weighed 2S5 Market Prices Grain. Lire Stock acd Prodoce. ·-jrrj.^hed ay Frederic* Ccsnty Prcd-jcts. Inc- ., Lutheran church, this cltv. tonight at : .11 o'cioct:. The play is a dramatiza- ' s :on of the story by Rarrr.ond Mac' Eknalc Alden. and TriZ be g-.ven by a 'cast of about eighteen young S.ks. IN MEMOE1AM Ar.y psrsor^ mterested ^ plarln; ^g free: the gr2-.s ar.d jrounds of tie tr.e- son or sons :r. a M^:ta-- Sc.tool of cemeUry. cr S50 for the arrest 3rd i^iu-.ct.3r. for the rCTr.3ir.d-r cf -.h^ oor.v:c-..:= of anybody found guilty of Christmas Program The annual' Christmas program by In Mcmoriam. Ir. sad but loving memory of our dear ca-jghter, Sara 3. Shook Tvho th^ life s:x rears a?o today. ber 24, 1925. jear. or next, arc .r.~,::ed to call to ^? Capia»n Shank or to call -'..m on the telephone. *~-S:;r.:a; ROBERT A. K Secretary. Decem- Free Candy to Kiddies. 13 O'clock. Chr.s::nas Mcrnir.g. Barbara Pr.teh:-e C.~:.;-la'« Shoppe. Best FounUtn Service ta Tbt City. ?SO?L,E"S SERVICE DRDG STORES He.fcrs S-»rr=i . 3c to 4c the Sunday school of the FUnt Hill 4c to 6c 'southern Methost church, near Free.' ' Swept memories -s-ill linger fore'-'er. , Time cannot change theai "t^ trac: --BY FATHER AND MOTHER. To Patrons And Friends. A Mcrrr Christmas and a pr=spero'^£ ^e»" Year are the ^v^hcs of FRSDSRICK SPECIALTY. 117 East Fourth Street. i Scratch Pads and Tablets. 3c to lOc a pound. THE NEWS-POST, Coan Street, Or.c-ha.f of *. ~.e ^-j-cha**- rr.^r.r" f ? N; 7 ^.^ on °lr,r cf ^s'c or :.;«o-. t**-" r^v- ':- ^-*.--ir. :hTCOf bv the Cc.rt. Tbc rr- r.u^ r ^ T rr.oz^r-s frcni catc of sa!c. the p-;'- 'S?*er or purchasers i;-..r.-. ^..-. h?r cr -.-.c.r =ofs wi-.h spprsTcS s-cur:tT trar.r . .r.:;rtst from the (fat" cf Uie ?a f^r tnr A dP7K5 t of SV f. - ·'" Ccjt": of ccr.TjTar.c.rig 3: the c-^r^er.j of the r^rchas»-^M M STORM. EtvA iP.D \ TO^:s. Tr :«f~- L Zi^-f, v. \ :c*-or.ecr. JOHN* S CLARY. NOTICS OP F31SI MKi'ilXG CF CKSDrTOSS. ! 1= the D-.str.ct C--rt c: the C=:t«i States i for the Dstr.ct c: Karjla-d. _._r: Barkrrptc-- FOR SALE. ~" ^.r-.;-: FOR S^t-S --TWO ANGOTtA KITTENS AM3 J p*r= ar. c-»t- App'.y 8 W 13th str«t. 12-S1-!J4'. KceCzs ' of h.l crci----rs v.-l _ te h?:d 3 , r-ck a r-.. FOP. SALE OR BENT--THREE STORY rr.av aticni. pro-.e th-.r cli-st. ajpe^-* * br.cic hc"s*. eighteen (381 Trasif"- ^r Tru.-.-----. 1 :. ex^... -.e tne BA-krspt ro --.-. ir.c-:--d.-.s a lirse stcre rocrr.. situ- i i:-.d transact s-:ch ether iu'.r.c ^ as nil? :.!,-. -.'ar'f For .-.articx^ars. apply to O. S. . Aha t, S3S P.~o«pect street, York. Pa- I lJ-13-dlI HOLDES S Kit Referee Is SR

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