The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 21, 1932 · Page 10
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 10

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 21, 1932
Page 10
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Ff ' L tik fe THE DAILY'NEWS. FREDERICK, MD.. SATURDAY, MAY21,193X ACTIONS Fence-Jumping" Tryouts For Olympic Games Get Going In Washington PAID GIVEN nothing To Indicate He Wes Connected With Kidnapping Or Collection Of Money. MEW JERSEY POLICE" MAKE PUBLIC REPORT OF FINDINGS "Jafsie" Signs Waiver Of Immunity And Tells All To Grand Jury. Hopewell, X. J.. May 20.-John Hughes Curtis, hoax Lindbergh intermediary was at his hotel in New York on the night of April 2, police announced tonight, and his "actions are accounted for." It was on the night of April 2 that Dr. John F. Condon paid a futile. 550,000 ransom in a New York cemetery. "There is nothing," the head of the New Jersey state police said, "that would indicate that Mr. Curtis was connected with the kidnapping or the collection of the ransom." In checking Curtis' story the police officials described the cooperation of Edwin K. Bruce, Elmira, N. Y., Lieut. George L. Richard, Norfolk, and Miss Ruth Gay as "excellent and very helpful." , f i f^y-i ^ ^4V^ WOMAN TAKES ALLGIRE NOT TO BE lOFPONOCEANlPCANOIDATyGAIN i Announces Before Leaving | Three Others In Reid For Brunsi Paris Is Her Destination. ! wick Mayoralty. LESS SMOKING Theater And Concert Attendance Abo Declines. Wasszton. May 20 --Internal rev- ecu* data jusi mad. public indicaie month last year. The month's oonsumpUon of made cigarettes was 1,908.330,926 than a rear ago. The amount spto was S9.562JJ90.327, representing a daii per capita consumption of aboui, t«i for each man. woman as child a tiie country--assure teg for '-h thas Americans m Apni attended -n-y j sake o , ^isaes that they. a£ smokJ half as many theater and coeoert per- g^ ^ chewlng ^ ssjofcng tooace formances as :a the correspoaajns cigareue papers increased. GUIDED BY GOOD WEATHER.NIXON LATEST ENTRANT Mayor Hwrr 3 r c - Brunswtci. , a candidate for re-election at another :enn swt upon the ad: jjiyon are m the ; Harbor Grace, N. F., May '20.--Amelia Earhart Putnam, .smiling and confident took off .from Harbor Grace tonight in|£," | her crimson gold-striped plane s « ! | with Paris her destination. · physician was due to Mr. ATre hav- j Five years to the day after j jat^wj*'-* safler * d a s!i * ht KroSte ° : jCoI. Charles Lindbergh spedj Three candidates. Harry R. Maoe. ! out from New York on the first j »_; 1 solo flight to Europe, Mrs. Putnam took off at 4.51 p. m EST determined to be the first j ^ woman to flv.over the Atlantic; exposed h* *ni have the , » i/ie present mayor, alone. Like Lindbergh, she j Tuo e^,^^ fo , cooncnman have chose Paris for her goal. ! a*o announced taeir *«·=«= «° «» *%.««« o' co~«denc* for her | Toe 3T are J. Luther MaSone. member A message o- co-.~a«-oc _/ j r rom the Second Ward, who «li seek ! friends *as lef. by ^rs. . ··"·= ans | another ten n F an d jamss A. Aloen sue stepped, coo', and compose^. -=-°. aho ieefcs a ieal m ^ flKl :he coc'tpi'- ol her plane. 'ward The terms o! Forrest -To ail my friends, far and ne»r. you , ^^ ^ Warf ^ Q ^ KeUv will near from me in -= -ojrs, »- j Third Ward .^ expsre ^4 , i ,,, ,,,,__ i neither has made aa announcement I have suffice-- 5ue. for 20 nojrs! w ^ ,^^.50 . w Mei aoo-jje. field. A-today, in that lie' candidate." it is Tariff Coalition To Retain Coal, Copper And Lumber Charges. LONG SESSION FORESEEN ^«^_~. S. J. May 20.--The police searchlight' unexpectedly swung back today to the whereabouts of John Hughes Cu«is -onfessed hoax negotiator, on the night, of April 2 when Dr. John F Washington. Mar 20--Tne tariff Condon paid a futile $50,000 ransom | coa m.ioi. retained ihe oil import tax in Tor the Lindbergh baby in the murky j the billion-dollar rc\cnu- bill today in stillness of a Ne-w York city cemetery · th e first, and probably is:^:-.e tct of -InvestigaUon of the movements of , -he bitter tariff dispute.'. Curtis on the rtiRht of April 2 slill j The aroused opposition replied under way," s* 16 CcA - H - Norman promptly -aith a 3i:nuster threat again-: J '- - the budget-balancing legislation Sen Tydinss. Democrat., Maryland offered be Schwarzkopf, state police head, in surprise statement. "Thk wiV. not completed and corroborated unvl uic early part of next ^eek." The coincidence that CurUs flew W New York on the morning of April 2 was believed yesterday to have been disposed of when po 1 "^ **·· "there is nothing that would in any way link him -with ihe actual k-.dnapping ana the coHertion of the ransom money." Many Points Pending. Further scrutiny of the activity of Curti w-as onlv one of the mu'.ti- ried br the comp-oir.ise tax me.isiire fartous ^sks undertaken during the j The lull o.Tect of the T:-W threat Salient among the 500 tariff amendments to the tax bill The hal!-cent-a-«ai:on duty on oil ·s-as kept in the bill by 43 to 37 after a d.-bate of two days fii:ei with charsres and threats and calmlnalins in a ae- mand for a lobby in-.estxa-ion by one of the tariff advocatPs ESated by the ^ irtory on o.'.. th- c!oscly-knit tariff coa'.it.oa p'.unjed i ahead ton.ght to beat down attacks on j ·he coal, copper and lumber taxes car- Mrs. Fortescue Welcomed By Husband j denly. influenced by favorable a-«a-.h«r ; ^^^ p j^y^, sxe*4 Ward, and , reports j Ea r i 3. Edwards. Third Ward. \ She made a perfect ··aie-oS, a .ate- i ^ electioa doe s not occur until ' oS as graceful as that which .OJ-J ears Qf ttoe ! ago started her oS on a flight wu.i SI- | fn t» nthpr i mer Stu'.tz and Lou Gordon, mat gave farious tasks day by others were these (1) "Gladly" he- the datiuctton. of being the first i woman to cross the Atlantic by a!r. jThe publisher, who backed that flignt. George Palaver Putnam, is now her has- jband and the financial backer of her present venture. j nea: 1 i j \jta.**t» »» ^.ifci»^ ^» -- - - j iaanviiutT Dr. Condor, spent two hours , extended fizht a;a:ns: the re.e- ;e and a quarter telling a Bronx iNew islation could be met h.».-l York City) grand jury a cie-ta.led story of his entire connect.on xvith the fantastic dramB. (2i TWO mysterious clues -nrere i pursued from the po"-"Ce headquarters j here One was the statement of a , known gangster uhJe passins throusr | Maryland ' that he had information about the kidnapping and h-S further assertion just before the chJd's body was found lhat the infant was dead. The second clue was a possible connection between the abduct-on on anothei case described \aguelv as the attempt- (3) An official offer. lmmeJl8'.ely rejected, to reimourse Dear. H from President iion throtijth the pol.tiral It · -.'- i ..-i ,' 'v - n ' '."- · coJld not 'oe Gc' b i t leaders j p,... 4,. .., , - ·-:-.--. t ,- .: -.*ri~e f - :r.-jra - .n Ha/.a;. -is corfmtj-od to one were op' th?.' the ad- ' -, , l!r , ar -.-. c l 1:1 N\\ Yor"-: HTO -he -- 5:i,--r. 'in r-r.ter a,- s-io -Aas greeted of a waiver of vocates had shj^n t:ie.r str-'r.?-..''. anj -.\.:n a l.-r^e l,c .que- o; sladi?'.,. 1 * 1 ? T,:-.-:-. s.-.^ 5-.--jTed off tl'.c trair. At the left arc :ur i;;Ls'.nr.d anc! \frs C..i:'.?~ B?l" h^r nutl'rr At the extreme right is Mr' Fo-t^-i-^ ci.vuhfr H-lT.-- j - v ^ n r - r .·--«.or of Mr.- Tl-.Dnia-s K Massie. TODAY I "TH WORLD WAP ANNIVERSARY 0} ^ | WICOMICO COUNTY SHORT i OF AREA REQUIRED BY LAW The S*."t~ cor.irnlion .nserted the ^ 4'iO iv; ar".i cliuse by adopting a ! ·.ir.^-.-\ cco.-rr. :.oe repcrt offered on 1 , -,,,, , earnings to his wile for a Does Not Have 4OO Square Miles Defined In Constitution. PARIS EOJ-5SED ;h^ c nicati-n iio^r by Isaic D Jones ?^.t Ar.iv att^rn^y and iater At-1 1 some?-General of Maryland, a bittei f.-o of the sit -. co'ir.'y nio'vemer.t At 3. 5P" olect.T. on Scptembei IS. 1S7 the n - w cour.t; proposal re- .".-.m a T.a.'-r". arc carr.o into being Ocijuer 5 of -.1; year ] ! FOUND NOT GUILTY i 'Roy BauRher Acquitted On Drunken ; Drifter. Charse. i Giving the defendant. Roy Baugher. near Mt Zion. who was charged with operating an automobile while under the influence of liquor, the benefit of the slight doubt that exis^d in his mind. Justice Snerman P. Bowers Friday night in Police Court rendered a verd:ct of not guilty. Baugher was arrested Monday afternoon on Carrol! street by Officer Alton Shaft when the policeman noticed the wheels of the Baugher car wobbling. The officer stated Baugher blew his breath in his face and tha; he was too drunk to operate an automobile Baugher denied having anything to dnnk. and explained the wobbling of his wheels to the rough surface of the street at that point. He was fined SI and the costs of both cases on a charge of not having his i operator's l.cense in possession- Alton ' Y Benne-t; was his attorney. . I Jesse Young, farm laborer for Clauae \ Hargett. near Feagaville. was given a ' suspended sentence on a non-support charge preferred by his wife. Erma Young, upon the condition that he pa? Mrs Young S15 monthly for the support of his minor children. The I Yourigs parted last September and since then Mrs Young has lived at 1 226 E street with her two daughters. She asked for support for the children only. Young said he made S30 monthly in addition to his board. !odg ng and laundry. Justice Bowers I! ordered that he pay half his monthly penod of -hree years. Elmer. W. Singer. Keymar, and Car- nun R. LookingbiT. Ladiesburg. ap- peired before Justice Bowers Friday for : ^ act on jury. They e September charged, along cht of Mar 2- :9:R On the I^C'b- ; man aw son-Peacock for traveling expenses '·'· Paris he would corae hers from Xor'o'-k. Va . Bomlx sore dropped ;n all '.wrv to confront Curt:s. his or.e time as- ;he c ty. ca'isine 33 dea'ns a:ic'. -r.. :. sociate. The clersryinar. said he wculd .r property catr.a^"^-.= :--* stand on h;s willingness to moe-. in ana northeast of ?ar_N -. ~o a_«-» Norfolk any accredited po"-ce rep- tacked, but the acerb* ropr~j resentatiTc s!.?h; tiamace 4) A pol;ce discla-iner o! ar.v ' Russia was cxper.tnrjie '!i Icaace m an advertisement in a Ne^ of war Or. div rha'ora York morn^is newspaper sayir.K' "C.U- ^ ji ::i t-".e CT zea--guarantee aasolute confidence ' regio- Th^ jjlaq-.x 1 a'th-xi?: Jimmy." The New York Evening Post j after a «hort T?~ ^ '· ; a said it had learned Mavor Jsmss' of U-e. J. Walker had rece.ved a letter prcrsi^s- i The War Depart-r-rt. -·"· i:h^n if a %i.3.r- sorts that tr.e f-n: ,-f :h- U i on | r -Q ..r 'I :· r: oi the rm.--.jut or..T M. W. GROUSE GUILTY T: and Gc i d "rrmii.iti'-n rirosant allri Bank Cashier Convicted , At W fUmm-ster. i Truman Moms. Keymar. stripping the automobile of Ralph Barnes. Baltimore, at a dance at Good Intent Wednesday night Harry W Looking- D Metz were the bill and Charles bondsmen. \V f-m ,-a has a". VC ~-'.3:jZf m "T Ma-. CO -- Mf'.nn \v Cr-.s. ·- former of the Pleas- . I5.i:i.-. of Cirrc^'.'. rojr.r. -*as: c.v. b" Jid::-' Wil.ijin K :~rrr-em?r.t of HEADS CATTLE CLUB Jersey t ?'.i a td ~an filea anc Grouse of safety be t? "he ·anter. had boon crcsr.-rcd ar-d v a? .n rice lr. Frar.ce Th? "*"\". s'r-"r.r'h arci thts arrr.y was abo\:: :?-i"p- rrcr. ?re MURRAY IN NEW YORK r.-: -y .···^ · ,~K rc.^ifc .1 .r"-*:i»led , i h ari:iv \ n ".}? ;'.-.a 1--- f,r-r- Three told Farm Relief Plan. .is Fo-.-r-i \V'. h r c t " M\v 2' 1 --Tl'.? "h~eo "·'-a. r,:. "--fl.*f p 1.1 : tbo rr.a.or ;. r. t;\ e\roT. c. o-^r.-^r.'-s anti ^ Oklahoma GoTernor Says He Will Not Support Kooserelt. Hudson. X. Y. May 20 --W.l.iair. H M-irray. Oi-a"c-3ia s p.cfjresque car-sL- TM date Tor the Democrat.: pre»iier.t.3l -* 1 -jur-.r'j* . --- case to the H-dsor VaLr -- Socul«ts To Meet. MVaa.i"cee V."»v ;f--T1-" par'y, or. tr.e ei* of .'-·- r.r" ·- rter'^syxr-. o t.V.s icv. ,t - i^'.:.~. The ren.T.t.m T«'" ::- · mrm.rj- »i h » -;n r. ^ a - · ation Xames Elkton Man As Head. Bal:im--re Aiay 20 -- Hoag'.arsd Gates .f Elktcn. i»is elected president of the SJOCO ba.l pending Mar!and Jersey Cawle Cl-.ib a: the or- ·- a gan^stion's annual ye^tercav i held in the Kenmarp Inn a: Belair Ma---"and Mr Gat-^s s-j;ceeds Chas S R.eRtan. Tho had . v e".l the presi- , dent's office f^r in.rteen years, arid I \; h ·* recenilv resicticd i Karrv De Boe. Dar-ir^tnu. ^as named -. ce-presaent. and Richard N W.l. McDon^gT. »as e'ec;ed secrctary-treas- -.ber^ of the executive"ho -. ar.o'^s cour.'.es for the coai- icar S A C. C. Carty Incorporation Sale Cold Storage Refrigerators for other candidates to enter the race. Heretofore politics has been set aside and personal popularity and issues have had much to do in electing the candidates. It is reported that politics might be injected into the campaign this year. The present administration has made a determined effort to increase the water supply, which caused serious inconvenience for several years due primarily to the severe drouth. In 1930 it was necessary to pump water from the Potomac river for household purposes. In order to relieve this situation Mayor Allgire and the present councilman decided to float a bond issue of S60.000 for water improvements After securing authority from the Legislature to float the bond issue the question was submitted to the voters of the town at the last election and- the bond issue plan was carried by a majority of 385 votes. The town authorities were unable to find a. purchaser for the bonds until several weeks ago. In the meantime preliminary work was started to pipe water from Yourtee Springs, which had been purchased by the town for 510,000. It is understood that approximately 100 men will be given work very soon oa the water project at 40 cents per hour. Mayor Allgire sta'c-i that the work will "DC gnen to r-; dents of Brunswick, a large number f whom are railroad men out of employ- I j ment. Work :s expected to start; Wed- j j nesdav. Designed and constructed to provide perfect refrigeration. All steel used is absolutely rust-proof. Cold Storage refrigerators have nothing to break or wear out. Patented glass trap. The patented Ice Pan is turned from one solid sheet of metal without cutting or soldering, therefore cannot break or leak. INCORPORATION SALE PRICES AS LOW AS $15.25 Distributor for Electric Refrigerator c.c. CARTY; ESTABLISHED 186§ 48 to 52 PATRICK EAST FREDERICK. HI). XSeSg4StS£!g^^ ROOSEVELT DELEGATES REACH TOTAL OF 452 New York Governor Captures Tennessee Delegation. i ! I Franklin D Roosevelt ran his total , delegates for the Democrat.c presidea- . tial nomination to 452 yesterday with 'he capture of a Tennessee-instructed 3j! delegation of 24 ' The New York governor also was ex- Sj peeted by hss managers to win 10 more j 'w m the Oregon primary in which he · ,g* contested GOT. WiTaam H. Murray, j S Oklahoma. j igj Shsuld Roosevelt corral Nevada's six , "^ in today's convention, as his supporters forecast he would, he will have completed the week's campaign with 106 more delegates than he had when San- You Will Like The New Terry-Boucle SPORT DRESSES They're Cool... They're Pretty... The/re | Practical... And Above All They're Inexpensive! Knitted Fabrics, sizes 14 to 20. All Colon. . Only $3.95 sas started nis boom again last Monday with a. score of pledges After this week the Democrats will have only 194 delegates to choose to complete the convention total of 1 154 It is aJmosr certain that Raosevelt, will wiri enough o' these to give him a majority if his claim to 100 or more irom New Yori aad Pennsylvania hold out at Chicago. However, two-ttircs. or 770. are neeied to nominate And :t will be tip to his c^moaign managers to swing , to htm 100 or more votes from oppo»-i- t-.on if he is to be President Hoover, although not entered in the Ores^n ...--nary, had an op3ortu=itv toere to f--e-!ose t=e Re- - ouol.can r.ominat.cri in advance ir. sledged votes alone, if the voters ·arrc'te ha name on the bai-o: and ciiee%ee5 it more tjzes than they cic that of Jo- ; sepn I France of Maryland, the sr.".~ er.trar.t for the preference vote Mr Hoover needed onl. sis to give | h.31 a. pd5;e-d cotr.entios strength of Fast Selling Because They Are Unusual NEW ARRIVALS j This Year 50c yd Ready-to-Wear Dept- Pique Dresses SI« Last ^ ear * 125 ^ Lace-trimmed Slips SI, EYELET BATISTE Girls' School Dresses SI' Makes Lovely Cotton Frocks. ' Snappy Hooverettes SlJwMte, Pink, Peach, Green, Full-Flared Smocks $1 j Blue; Egg, Yellow. JUST AERIVED BOYS' WASH SUITS Svery Suit Guaranteed to Salsify. Brand New Styles. $1.00 $1.50 Uncle Sam's Fastest Fi^htin^ Plane Cecil T Roy Brooke? Karfcrd. H. J. Orti-.. F-eder:c" John Stiles Mont- KT.-'ry. R,-xert Anne Aran- de* 1 -*-*"* \ r -fl; W" J 578. t^e majority requires for tne nom- .natlJr. Ha jastr-cted. nletiged anc r'aimec rc-tes wtt'aaut Oregon -sras 935 zatecl or el-ectea ty *.;aer t^-rty tin ess be has a 1-ot ?f si-T^y. ar.d -.3 C": :^a' JTT_ have to .j--er.der yourself v I ~on : co that ~ Murray stet:?c fr:-^i a VTesterr. tra.= cor~. As r..s rr~"v car o-ossec tr." r.ver jr. .t» -*y to Kj^=cr. M-rrav 'A Seetmg ;l.rr-3= cf tse cap.tol c-er- D H-c-oserel:. Itad^;; cczt-endtr aSiuri of the S^tp^re ita'e rar.r vir Jx sa.i ft h.ns. Wliat does he ot aootit j Beaatifnl I«ile of "Somewhere."" 3^ff.i. May 2? --W G ·ji Er:e cotinty which h? bouEht. fMir yoar^; al" wl-en :t was sc-.d for "A3» i ^V^c.risrri5 ^ct t^tc t vi -^-arr^ ^slarid · B,:ff»lo err** for »_4. ar.rually ir.ailo-d h-_; crx-ck ;o the Er.e O;unty | -= Trea^-.rer for tax's on .-« $; f-j as- i - Maryland School Commencement. cay at t.-.e Maryland State Srhool f27 the Deaf f-.:'?. the annual bacral-jreate -r-11 *ake Dlace Ir: the school audttortuss , i* 3 o"cTMDc5c 3""* J '-iri 0 g^»---T^Q-^I *,^ tJic 1 graduates w.jl b? preached by Re~ Dr - J Traver. sastor of the Svan- il V-tr.erar. church The serrtce ~r.a., »fs.-rc: --a .a'.c^r Tl-e .^t-er csv--t.rr-^s being tr.ev are-- Wacnar^s cec:d^i he c-erf sa.c -t TO--d be fo_r.J Only tie j ·i-iter? of S^ffalo creci; flowed at Uie i p--m- Aoparer-.-iy 'h-y had earned the island Lake En- i Trie Board of Supcrv.s^rs w.H con- j s:aer Wadhams' app.icatior. for a re- · f-ir.d of ^4^ pa:--rr.en:i sr.d fcr rer.x%al ; the prOjerty front the tax j STICKLER SOLUTION i o ef coir- 230 TII..O? a-. ^ r \-^ 3 nnient^ by Il'.ir.ois sc er.l-Sts \;r C-rx= V .'..! '.o - tl-.e fi-v.-- -r...t-.-- ;have .ndicated t-iat d_e: ha,s much eSect. ank. Cal.f | -- p.". i:"c s-» Ca^-i.r F-v O D upon development o£ lateli^eace in sca - j-.-.t. aic ^ p/iae-»c o\ a super-c.iariea mot 1 .o*4 ol 100 B - a at ar. .·. .-· 3v -.1^ t" S Arrn ibo--^ i- · .araM a" 3ar- -»r.-\ -r i. t xetji'. .« r.?l; v ^de of IC.C'OO feet ar.d wuh a iweets And Apples. Next T_rn-» \ xi p^tn »x oe try some green applfts the j ( pan you candv your potatoes in They j i fnve the 1-otetcx 1 ^ a lovely uste and are j I excell-eni wiia pork. i f LE "Rw above show}»» seven out of 12 matches «»«« nx%cd lo put then afl in cne fxk. Dotted tnes are the maldies Extra Fine Values In MEN'S AND BOYS' PAJAMAS $1.00 suit Elastic waistband. Full ;ut. High count materials. Fast colors. Men's sizes A, B, C, D. Boys' sizes 12-14-16. 'MERCHANDISE OF MEiT ESTABLISH£D I8T7 : *Z9ff?*7X3 : ?^ffi?l^^

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