The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on March 9, 1964 · Page 4
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 4

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 9, 1964
Page 4
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*»*-**""•*" THt FACTS CreUi MCMOK - Tw» fltrttM of *»» worn**'* Ml*. «***• <* *«• »'i»«* tTM* ••"•• «* *•**»*««>'• Mrs. J.R. Badger new president of Southside Elementary PTA DID YOU KNOW UVtLLI CMI h*lp ywi c"c*r**"i* » v new *pfl*l aiilr*. OM off *et«r t*rt«r* or tyc* «** mm* Yaw **Mr* cow***. wn«ld b* M. 0*t rlfW. •toy *» Dr* <m **l* •t L*h* T*MM - MM. ». «. riixtf*r monturr lt«f •(MI HfMrf PI A r»H)unc1KX> f»h»f f In **r** !•««••• '* * n " •>"«•* T«»* ..»fie*r» aetiDol r»»r inert** Mr*. I** I*,/,*". r '"*' **** <***'* l " ll < Mr "' iixli M«*J*, **er*t*ryj and fj, A, B*ll, tr****T*r» HiroM Clark, prnioM at Ih* twain*** iweufcai, Th* «rcup sang tm snug* in honor »f Public Reboot* W***, "T*na cw T«**a" •art "Th* By** of T*xa*." Mr*. Betty Toim*»Bd'»»*c- <MM grad* room won th* at- t*Mt*M* ptaqu* tor haling IB* lart**t number of parmt* present at Itw m**tiag. A ehang* In th* movl* schefltil* was *nnouji040, dtt* to MfcjNMliki of * *how for e**t«r »**b*nd. "potty- am*/' IB* n*w WaH Di»> wy eWMtee's elacaki, win tw tJiows OB Ar-ni i' TH* eartor* to to •I thai ttm* will to* "W«rt« IM for p*»wii»." pt>oM*4i from «*a a** by Ih* PTA to proud* a hafd* tttrfac*>l play ir*a for «h» y>)WC*r <MMr**>. II WM a**owiwd (hat ft, M. 8to**M Jr. had m*« with Ih* acbool, *hlch tad acr**d IIW If Id* PTA CM imwM* »!,«« of «•« ft** n**4*d for Ih* play «r*a, U» MhMM <llatrl«t "111 nwM Uw PtaM etll for wort on iMa play am to to don* dartaf JACK REID APPLIANCES FRIGIDAIRE 2-SPEED, 3-CYQE STURDY WASHER AND MATCHIHO MYIR CLEARANCE SALE SPECIALS SIUWT K l« - «««M<l«t •Mftaf O«t MfHM •« HOWW NUT NVfR M *»>' iMf I. H*. Mt, <tM«. »*«*M* *»•• •!!> <m|« IH»i GIANT 124B, CAPACITY TW EKTWC do.if rw M«M» e<r **HI w«k«r *wl *tr« iw M* lit** •« **** JACK REID APPLIANCES YOUR FRIGIDAIRE f r / ?4H DEALER JA( *';OH Get 200 free Stamps \Vorth2OOFRHE TW* eoi*po» good for 200 rree Tup-Value Stamp* with purchase of $9.00 or more from any service station-drug «tnr«> -ct*»n*r who gives Top Valu* SUmiu, coupon mid »fler arch 16 l»«4' llm.l: CM t.JM" |IMl *llw nU I* any «'«'• W *n MUM*** law* 1 Top Value Stamps «•* CLIP THIS COUPON REDEEM AT ANY SERVICE STATION- DRUG STORE-CLEANERS Who Give TOP VALUE STAMPS Redeem Your Savers Boohs of the DP VALUE REDEMPTION CENTER Nearest You NORTH 1<Nfc arf A VENUE D FREEPORT Harper-Jackson vows said in Baptist Church ceremony ' Ml*< marrl*C* '» * «*"«!*»<'* «t | p.m. tetwrday MR AKD MRS. MICHAEL HARPER Bsvhant* douM* ring wedding vow* -Photo by Rod Lewis ASSOCIATION PRESIDENT VISITS FREBPORT LAPM PREEPOHT-Alnlhla Lockle, Adsoclallon president of tn* Department of Texas, mad* her official vtsll to the Prwport LAPM 4S, recently. Visitors were present from Bay City 29; Houston 10; Loifue City 40: and Seagrams 38. Also present were H» grand patriarch Ray Jones of the Grand Encampment of Texas; Department grand master Jack Barter of Angleton: La ;$f. Pafriclc party planned by club The Buttons and Bows Square Dance Club will honor Its recent graduating class with a Saint Patrick's party this Tuesday at the Knights of Columbus Hall In meport. The program will begin at 8 p.n and Jackson. Talbot and Lerpy Frnka from .,' : Day City callldtvlto dances for the evening. ,' ' N*lle Mohler. Junior past president, Freeportl and representatives to the International Association, along with other guests and officers. Dinner was served prior to the meeting. Table decorations Included an arrangement of yellow rates and candles, official symbols of the Association president. The president presented her program In an open meeting. The Freeport LAPM, under the direction** Ha»*l Barber of Angleton, then presented a program. "The .Lord's Prav- er" In candles, followed by th* Rev. Jamas Mccullar, minister of the Methodist Church In Braiorla, singing the Lord's Pray*r, accompanied by his wife. L*e Evans, president of the local LAPM, Prtslded at the ing. She |« IB* oaagbter of Mr. and Mr*, Balph Jackson of rrttpnrt and hi* ptrwU »r* Mr. and Mr*. Roy H. llarpwr of Uk* jaeksx*. Th* R*v. Philip Sfown lad fe* cospl* IB lh»ir dm** ring vow* M • ttttttw *nhsne*d with • pair of spiral candelabra and two pyramid eaad*l- •bra, along wtth b**k*t* of DlBk gladioli and wWt* enry. •anthemwn*. Mr*. J. M, Thorn** pro* vtded Ih* nuptial m«*lo on th* organ and *l*o aeeompan- Md th* *ololsts, J***e Sotton and John P*m*y, who *ang, "C, Proml** M*" and "Th* Lord'* Prayer," respectively. Given In marriage by h*r father, th* brW* wor* * gown of whit* ptau do *ol* with * cropped bodle* of iull* ap- pltqiwd law. Th* «klrt f*a- tur*d an lnv*rt*d front and back center pleat. A crown of psarl* held th* floor length v*ll and alngl* fingertip length face veil. She carried a Colonial nosegay of whit* roces. Ml** Ev*lyn Jackson was her sl*t*r'* maid of honor. She won * town of pink peau d* *ol* with a gently belled skirt and pink lac* over-Jacket. Her rose colored heiddres* of rose* h*W * pink lull* yell. She wore matching ros* shoes and carried ros* car* nation* In a colonial design. UUlle Jean Harper and Connie Clark wer* the bridesmaids. Their rose colored p*au do sol* dr*8M* wer* fachloned Identically to th* on* worn by the honor attendant. Their toiddresMS wer* made of pink rows and had pink lull* veils. They carried the same type Colonial bou- , 4urt*. • dress of "Ml* -"•"- emm with pink trim. Sh. *l*o •ore * small rose headdress with a pink lull* veil. *M «r- rMd » whit* basket flll*d with whit* ros* petal*. Jan Harper was th* bridegroom's b**t man snd groomsmen w*r» JlmmySpil- l*r and Victor Crand)«an. Candle HgM*rs w*r* Ralph Jiatwon Jr. and John P*nn*y Jr. Gtwsts w*r* sealed by Billy Ed Wallers and K*nn*y Winiam*. For h«r daughter 1 * wedding, .tf^.fruJiJf'T mother eho*» * •Mil pink silk suit and pl«* hat. H*r *hw» awl bag wer* black patent. Th* mother of th* groom wor* ro*» b*ir* l*e* ov*r b»ig«, aeewsoritwl with pa- tlna .hoes and bag. They *»<* wor* a eor**g* fashioned of pink cymbldlum orchids. A «*e*»«oi»««*B*»*tWal- Room tnMMtt*i*iy Membw* o» U»nw*** party assisting wtth «k* wwptloo war* Lynda Thornton, Elaine Day, B*ttt* Kayter.amiHif.. Mavl» PM8*»- For trawl to D*U**, where th* coup* will m*k* UwtT horn* th* Wld* changed into a moss fTMD suit, eompl*. m*nt*d with MMk aOMssor- ie* and th* wtet* rot* eor- sag* lifted tfoW her bridal They are both BratMport Mljft •he *H*nd*d TI umwrsity. H* at T*xa* msMte* oi'.TWh- nology. .-:•, *; ; Th* groom'* pariajtihotted th* r*h**r*tl diHnVn*la at th* Pickwick Caf»t**j*oBFrl- "•y. , •».-:?• ON ruESPA y Dr. McFarla is PTA speaker PREEPORT—Dr. John W. McFarland, «up«rlntand«nl of the llouaton Independent School District, will be th* (Wat speaker at Tuesday night's mwtlnc of The Velasco Parent Taachtr Association. cookiaaMoM atttaotlv* when thoy'ro^dMoVated before baking. To dp So, just ptesa a half of amall pecan In the earner of each. . "owMijjulrt,, and JUarlr War- • rls, Mpbcw of th* groom, carrlad the rings. LlIU* Miss Dunaway wor* OR. J. w. MCFARLAND Will speak to PTA •••••••••••^••••••Vi***"*"* 11 *' 111111111111111 " We Are Celebrating MARCH IS MAYTAG MONTH FREE FORD CONTEST RULES NOTHING TO BUY. SIMPLY REGISTER IN ONE OF OUR STORES. YOU MAY WIN f HIS-i^lD FALCON BEING GIVEN AWAY DURING MARCH BY PARTICIPATING AREA MAYTAG DEALERS. Whit* Yti Register SM Tht Dtpiidobl. MAYTAG WASHERS ft DIYIRS MAYTAG AUTOMATIC WASHER! * WATER SAVER * B!G CAPACITY •SAFETY LID * RUST PROOF CABINET only HMANCIWIY HOUSTOM NATUIAl (AS CO. HALO Of HEAT GAS DRYER Mtasa * PUSH BUTTON CONTROLS * LOW DRYING TEMPERATURE 'SAFETY UOOR •0 TIAH RICISSARY iOTH FOR ONIV $11.72 P^r m<mlh VOM ttYIMAlii WlUi NAUI ^ipisni«i.» IggMkifHntaMliggl VOUI |IHBIAW IUTTAt IUUI WHWJJJ.^KWWEHSW'.'J Th* meeting, to begin at 7 p.m., will b* in th* achool gymnasium. ; :' ' In addition to the gutst speaker, th* choir will *lni and selections will. Inclod* an Easter huron. • • . . A hootenanny number will 9 b* presented by th* fifth and sixth grad* choir, under the direction of Mrs. Mary Hunter. Dr. MeFarland I* a native of calveston, wh*r> h* attended public school*, graduating a* an honor student from Ball High School. He attend th* University of Texas when he recelWd his f] Bachelor of Arts .and/Master of Arts degree*. "!> He began his wofk •* an educator in the Calmtonln- d*p*nd*nt School, DUtrlct, teaching In th* artaa, of the system from first trade through senior nigh' school. Dr. MeFarland was rtjton- ed the •posltlofl.ot.hesJWr the) Mathematics Department ,aU 4 BalliHlgha a positioji %'h|^tt| for several years. ' Later h* w,a», appolnUd, to' th* position of principal of tt* school. After serving In th* armed forces he continued his work on his doctorate degree at the University of Texas. During this time h* wortwd^wtlh lh* Hogg Foundation. , Before coming to the Houston District, h* wa»*uperlh- •' tendent of the Vernonlndepen- dent school District', V*mon, Tex., and Amarill9 Independent School District; At the present time he is Safety chairman for th* Tex-, as congress of Parents and Teachers, and Is this year serving a* chairman of the Texa* Congress of PTA committee seeking solutions to th« school dropout proU*m. H* and Mrs. M<ff*r>andare members of th* 'Bflsjjjtrov* EUmentary School and ROOT" ; Junior High School PTA. Th*y teach Sunday/school at Christ Eplscjipal church. A* a Iorra*r, .,fl*m*nUry school teacher aixVt**sh*r.of, history and mal|»m*llf» In high school and;junlor tdjb. Dr. MeFarland.'maintainV-a • close lnUr*sl In *J1 a»p»ct» of the Inslructionsl nrogram and th* guidane* program of the Houston lnd*p*nd*nt School District, ' " *' There will be a nurs*ry for the meeting and'In* library will be op*n for third through ; sixth graderswlshlngtostudy. R»f r*ahm*nt* will b* served by mother* of third trad* students. Membership classes set by Wd church, WEST COLUMN,- Mtm * btrshlp training cl«*s*s an sclwduM at ColMtWa Methodist Church 04 Ssrch It, 20 and «. w Childrw wlU jw*«t from Adults, 1 to I |M9. Id* art U they do not i*J*4d t» eauroh. f Also all n*w ' bwf , eft to jotti tt. aduMa vao ™^*"w m^t M*mb*r**i»

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