The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on August 25, 1987 · Page 6
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 6

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 25, 1987
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

THE1 BAYTOWN «JN Bridge CAPTAIN IABV £%f r* lookin* foil Crossword Puzzle ACROSS 1 Atfact S Status 8 Actrass Dun* way 12 Corn lily 13 Baseball official |«W>r.) 14 Moslem priest 1 5 Swamps 16 Female sheep 17 Inflexible IBWors nervous 20 Nary a one (2 : wds.l 22 Actor Bon 23 Bent to one side 24 Israeli 27 Actress Caldwell 28 Who (Fr.| 31 Yoko 32 Mold 33 Last mo. 34 Clear Day 35 Take a stroll 36 Tropical cuckoo 37 Three; (pref,) 38 last queen of Spain .39 Fiity drinks 41 Container 42 Sine non 43 Big lizard 46 Halt 50 Flippers 51 Collection 53 Entreaty 54 Chimney 2 Cut uff 3 Vim 4 Less difficult 5 Question 6 Mine workers' union (abbr.l 7 Perforated material 8 Two score and ten 9 Bowfin 10 Tall tale 1 1 TV statuette 19 Oid musical note 21 CUv'in Utah 24 City dirt 25 Actress Baxter 26 Male pig 27 Author Emile 28 Campus area Z 9 Arm. bone 30 How sweet 32 Walt Disney movie Answer to Previous Puiile nl nl i Bmi i i I B I 1 I I 1 I w] E A I nBB 1 mm ft 1 oBB cl _E_|_sJ ♦ A VAQJ1 ♦ K 10 5 2 ♦ QJ 10 » WEST EAST ♦ KQJ 10»8« J ♦»* V««74 ¥l0el ♦ S e> K 7 ( & SOUTH West Norta Cast 4 4 Dbl Pass 5 4) Pass Pass Pass 6 * Dbl. Pass Pass Opening lead: 4> K Compounded errors By James Jacoby 35 Put on solid food 39 Over (pref.) 40 Rowboat part 41 Urns 42 Asian country 43 Questionable 44 monster 45 E plunbus 47 Zumwi 48 Clan 49 Soviet news agency 52 Silkworm 55 ; Levin : 56 Demons 57 Sweet potatoes 58 Atmosphere 59 Negatives DOWN 1 Musical ■ | instrument i 2 3 " T""«^HT— 8 ~ Baa(P^ 9 Ti~ ' " iaafl~^ ; "~ ™ ' 24 is 2^|"~" "~~BLaT^^ 29 34 L^LT^ " ~ eaaaaaaaaaaV 37 - "^H7**"" TBav^ 40 I,: O 4* 45 " ^ f~ ' «7 4B 4S 5o~ ~ ™ TBT*^ " "~ TBat"~" " 54 iaaV" ~ _ " ' »;J,- ;r11QR7 h. N F A I nr. 25 After West had made a pre-emptive bid of four spades, he committed a bridge sin. When the opponents bid five diamonds, he bid again.. Not only did that ignore the fact that he had a ; partner, but it also gave the opposition more bidding room. North could now pass five spades, saying to partner. "If you have a fairly good hand, we might even have a slam." So South did bid six flubs rnr-wt-pd tn diamonds bv North. It certainly seems OK (or East WIMTHROP Sby Ofeh Cayatll to double that contract. cut that too was questionable, since it provided o.e- clarer with the information he needed in order to bring in a touch-and-go contract. Here's how. After winning dummy's spade ace. declarer took a club finesse. Then he led the 10 of diamonds from dummy. covered by East with the jack, and won with the ace. The king of hearts was overtaken with dummy's ace and all of the club tricks were taken with repeated finesses. East had to follow to all four clubs. Next a heart played to dummy's queen and a heart ruffed. Lfeclarer s second spaae was, now ruffed small in dummy, and East had to follow. The lead of dummy's last heart left East with the Q-9-7 of trumps. Declarer held the 8-6-4 and . dummy the K-5. East was doomed — he could ruff with the queen but would 1 now have to lead away from the 9-7, ' giving declarer the last Iwo tricks and | his contract. A new book by James Jacoby and^ his father, the late Oswald Jacoby. is now available at bookstores. H is -Jacoby on Card Games." published by Pharos Hooks © in:. NEWS PAP KB ENTERPRISE ASSN. Astrograph Berrtice Bede Osol %ur <Birthd^ Wednesday, Aug. M, 19B7 Your possibilities for material growth look promising for the year ahead, pro-video you manage your resources prudently and don't assume too many long-term obligations. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sepl 22) There is a possibility you may encounter someone socially today who could be an asset to you in the commercial world. Try la establish a relationship. Gel a jump on life by understanding the influences that are governing you in Ihe year ahead. S*nd for your Astro-Graph predictions today. Mail $1 to Astro-Graph, c/o this newspaper. P.O. Box 91428, Cleveland, OH 44101-3^23. Be sure to slate your zodiac sign. LIMA <S*pt. 23-Oct. 23) Personal in- KIT 'N' CARLYLE Larry Wright terests can be advanced today if you don't let the management or your affairs slip from your control. Stay on top ol important matters. SCORPIO (Ocl. M Nov. 22) Give credence to your hunches and insights today. That which you perceive intuitively is apt to be quite accurate. Let the inner you chart your course. SAGITTARIUS (Hoy. 23-DeC. 21} You'll be in a rather gregarious mood today. Plan something that takes you where the action is, and make sure it can be shared with fun-loving companions. CAPRICORN {Dec. 22-Jart. IS) Sincerity arid humility are traits that can help enhance yourMmag* today. Let others see that you're a nice guy with whom all can gel along. AOUARIUS (Jan. atVFeb. 19) Today, judge others Ihe same way you would like them to judge you if the roles were reversed. This is a sure-fire formula, guaranteed to win you friends. PISCES <Fe*. 70-Nujrch 20) Material benefits ;can be derived today from a source other than your usual channels, it's time for you to start treating this area more seriously. ARIES (March 21-April 19) This will be a pleasant, harmonious day lor you. provided you take a middle-of-the-road attitude so that you can comfortably adjust to changing circumstances. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) Strive to do something outdoors today that requires you to be physciatly active. It doesn't have to be too time-consuming or strenuous. GEMINI (May 21-June 20) Don't take ^m life too seriously today. Try to allocate ™E QnlZZWELLS" by Bill Softer adequate time to activities you find relaxing and enjoyable. The break will do CANCER (June 2VJuly 22) Family members will emulate the example you set today. If you're calm and at peace with yourself, your behavior will also put them at ease. : LEO ( July 23-Aua. 22) II you find yourself a trifle restless today, you may require a change of scenery. Go someplace different with other than your usual companions. © 1M7. NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN. SNAFU® by Bruce Beattie t 'I^^^H IT l KtJOYY TH6Y-*eT WHO'S YOU* V W LISTEN, PAL*. 1 £^',L/^SbT^^ ALLtY OOP *tty Daw Qraw 1 \'. . : ' , ■ ■ ■ : 1 MR VvOOPMAN , YOUR 7 AVE, > SMITH ANP KING, )> 1 I Y0U TWO STAY WITH THE [ Wf MWUT L^KJ^ ^TYVvlLl^bUTTHE ( AYE LOWER THAT SPAR ( TE$ GUN AMP BE PRBPAREO V THE REST J CAN RELAX IMMEDIATE AREA AND V SIR// AND RH^WSTME >.»IR TO RACK UP M^v^»MANS CH=^, } ti£SRbSn|. ESTABLISH A PERIMETER?)! MrYHARC4*AKE FROMir^ .' IF HE RUNS INTO TKOU^EjiSK IfTCrVTriME PBNb, EER A MEEK by Howie Schneider ^ ^ . I IM WCVK GOrOfflD \f IS SHEA A I T SHCS A T LCEE iak3HT IF I K££P ( GCX» (OO^ J ( TAXIDtRMlST-y. EATIILK3 AT IW7THtR$ 7 ^ — v y V I WO... \ \ LIFE AFTER DBATH, / ■ EVEN BELIEVE IN SUCH A WIN IN THE NEO^ V SPOTLESS ? [y LIFfr BEFORE OEATH / j^j ^ms- J»__t- i i ! BUGS BUNNY -by WimtrBrO*. ■ ; . ! t LL FINP THAT U I WHEREVHR: H£S ) I ^ ^ I f WA6€?ir.- p ) j HltTlNC?,' *-____->' : L_____^' ^ ) '■- ^ ^ ARLO AND JAWIS ! by Jimmy Johnaon : ■ , ■ , ( TVt JQST COME. } I I VDOU BErlAWTDKKMW |. | ( Wt DID? WHAT? ) I :lw't UE60 UP T«£ XfXti 5iif_ \ FROM THE BAMKV WtSWCHtDA V J i NTH£ ^KOfTW-CHECK-' ?mm^^^^TQ^W^ i ^^--y^ &50K 0RI DO K CHIOS r OmVS T-^tfHaftW.L.lT'* THIS T Y ^ f -JE5TALT \ ZT\ FRANK AND ERNEST by Bob Thavet X'M NOT 5AY'Nf5 X PONT BELIEVE IT- "PM& To THE f- - - lT ftt^l -_^a_____ __f MR' MtWT* AW° UTTLt MI,*T* b» Mar9r«a»** * Sellera ; ' ^ 2i S f ■ l^^3^ GEOGRAPHY ■ ^|?g^ ~^|ff 1 ;Tve bred a new species of speckled (^f^- ^ ^TfT^^^ UfC^^ IIIUWI u hibiscus.. .it only grows in rooms where you M V , ^\ Jk»3^ U^---^^^ \ ( 0_i£ x VSto, yV I spray paint the ceiling a lot." \\ f ^T.^ lL^y\*52=-^ Lr-^^K.^^. JSV^-^^- ^iXS^ '!%V<>N \ TMMRNLOMR • »T *« _. ' - 1 1 1 <-r\ V IIBf p WlilBJ.fcifcLJ TIP L A B F fOALO I I r X t •AWFIBF AR tail It III « F GFTMiml' _ o I C 4 ITTTf e. JIS?..* " 8Tr*« ,0*"- ^

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