The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 19, 1924 · Page 12
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 12

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 19, 1924
Page 12
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PAGE TWTa.VK. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 1924 Today's Markets-Grain, Stock, Produce CORN SHOT UP TO HIGHER PEAK Bulge on Corn Brought About Rallies in Wheal, but Close Wai Weak. RANGE OF OPTIONS Furnished By Oraln MarketlnQ CO. 810 Rorabauflh-Wiley BuPdlno AT CHICAGO. Wheat. Chicago, Nov. 19.—Aggressive buying which after nn onrly decline developed in the corn market today led to new smashing (if high price tfeords fnr the season. Corn •Josed unsettled \i, to %c not high- •r, May $1.23 !o ?1.23i,. ChlcaRO, Nov. 19.—All train nnderwont something of n setback in price today nt the opening and then continued to show weakness. The principal bearieh influence wan a downturn in wheat quota- lions at Liverpool, where large stocks of wheat on hand wero re- Ported and pressure 10 sell on account, of liberal prospective arrivals. Besides. Rotterdam advices indicated a let-up in continental demand. Wheat opening prices here, which ranged from %c to lc lower, December $1.52'! to ILK"* mill May $l.ii!>% to SLGOU, were followed hv a moderate further set- hack. Later, a deeided bulge In corn prices brought about rallies In the wheat market, hut only of a irnn- cient eharactei. Wheat closed weak, R ;c to l-'sc net lower. Deo. ?l.".l :1 i to $I.:.l-;., and May *1.59<i to Si.any,, Corn and oats receded with wheat. Many of yesterday's buyers nf rorn became sellers. After opening unchanged to Vie off, May $1.21% to t1.22>/ 4 , the corn market underwent a general Rag to about li 'under yesterday's finish. Hats started at Vic lower to Vic advance, May 59'.4c to 5(>U<\ Later all the months showed a decline. An upturn in hog values helped to steady the provision market, Kansas City Cash Grain. Kansas City, Nov. 19.—WHEAT — Koceiptfl 120 cars; unchanged to lc higher; No, 2 dark hard SLIGW l.r»7; No. 3 dark hard Sl.ta'ul.r.O; No. 2 hard Jl.44fej.5i.!; No. 3 hard $J.!.'!«!. n.'i; No. 2 red JLoleVrLOO; No. 3 red $1.48ii/'l.f,li. CORN—2(fi Tie higher; No. 2 white $».(i'1.l2; No. 3 while $l.i.iSVi«U.l»; No. 2 yellow $1.12Vi; No. 3 yellow SI.11; No. 2 mixed *l .<nW #1.09»,Sj No. 3 mixed f 1.07 HATS—Vio higher; No. .•iu'»c; No. 3 white a2',fec. IIYK— * 1.23 'Mi 1.24. BARLEY— 82<!i S4c. KAFFIH—Jl.Cuffiil.70. Mll.O MA1ZE-$!.S»«?1.SS. Detailed sales In Kansas City today: Wheat. 2 Dark—1 at 1.57; 1 at l.CSj 1 at ].r.-11s. .1 Hark—1 at 1.53>i. •I Dark—-1 ut 1.49. 1. Hard—1 nt 1.52 1 at 1.4'iVi; 2 «t l.lfi; smutty, 1.4.1% to 1.47'i. 2 Hard—1 at 1.5G; 1 at 1.53Vs! I in 1.53; 2 at .1.50. No. 2 Hard—2, 1.48^; 2, 1.43 1. 1.47; 1, 1.46'i; 2, 1.46; I. 1,44% Smutty, 1.41 to 1.50. No. 3 Hard—3, 1.541 3.43, S. No. 4 Hard—1, 1.43. 3 Rod—1, l.FiO; fee.. Ma v. July. 1 lire.. Miiv. July. Open ]...-: r -« l.nuVs^i J.22' I l.ri'i —Closed— High Low Today Yi.tty 1..U l.SH'i l.i'itia l-f-3Vfc i.niH i,r,:i i..v.". l.«(>'•» 1.41 -i 1.394a l.:l'J>/» Corn. 1.8(1 l.Mtt LIS t.Wt 1.2.', l.'-'t'i 1.8»„ 1.2? : 1» IV,;. May. l>ec... MIIV. . July.. Dec... Ma v.. July.. May., a:."! i.'Ji'i Oats. .i'3'i .fin .riv 1 * ..'IS-I» .5i;\ Rye. 1 .39!* 1.37H t3% l.MK .54 1.3(1 i.r.7-7 1.2:, 1 .37 l .lls '.i 1.2 Hi i AT KANSAS CITY, Wheat ),23>i .51% .all .57 M 1 .37% l.asii 1.24 VB 111 l.r.n': 1 no 1.15 1.11. *i -Closed— 1 4 r. \'j 1.43K, 1.4'.l',»i 1.4 IVi iil.i'.'Jii i.t.0H l.tiojj l.S.'i'v 1.31!, 1.31'A 1 .32'.4j Corn. l.iu'i l.n;*i»i 1.07% I.IT!, 1.1SJ4 l.i.lT-a 1.15V4 1.16% 1.16% Oats. .r.s% .r ,7Ji .ssvi -BT^i HUTCHINSON GRAIN Sales of hard and dark wheat, unchanged to one cent higher, flood demand for intermediate strength wheat. Slow demand for high protein wheat. Receipts of wheat here today: 39 cars; corn, 3; barley, 4; knffir and miio, 3. One week ago today SG cars and ono year ago 12 cars Receipts of wheat at -various other terminals: Salina, 20; Wichita, 07; Kansas City, 12fl; St. Louis 03; Omaha, 89; Chicago, CO; Minneapolis, 109 Duluth, CIS; Winnipeg, 1.-12C. Kansas City Live Stock. Kansas City. Nov. 19.—CATTLR — Receipts S.Oufl; calves 1.600; beet steers nnd yearlings slow, about steady; klllitiL quality very plain; mostly short feds at *7.O0#8.75: best yearlings Jfl.iiO; luitcher cows nil heifers dull, weak at $3.50*8 ; eanners and cutters steady, 2.25iTe.'1.25; veals weak, bldijlng 0e lower; medium and heavyweight cnlves steady at $3.00<if 5.75; hulls steady, westerns $2.50 (fi'3.00; stockors and feeders slow, steady at $!i.00(ft ! 7.O0; stock coiva and heifers $2.75{jM.fiO; stock wives mostly $5.00fi(1.75. HO(38—Receipts 11.000; mostly lOfl 15c higher than Tuesday's best Ime; pucker and shipper top $9.25; trader lop »9.30; bulk of sales $S.75#9.25; bull: desirable ISO to 300 pouud t.vorngos ?S.90if 9.25; light lights dull; packing sows $S.25iTJ'S.50; stock pigs steady, $0.50@7.0O. SHKKP—Receipts 4,000; wooled lambs aboirt steady; small hunches natives $14.25; better grades natives and fed lots : ..stly $13.60tff 11.15; clippers around ISo lower at $ll.S5(riil2.00; odd lots sheep steady; first prize fed lots and grand chnmplbn load American Royal Show average 97 pounds to local packers at $16.75. i 1 car 1 cur 1 car 2 car: white 2 dark .... 3 dark .... 2 linril .... 2 bard .... " hard .... 1 I 'nr '1 bind .... cars 2 burd .... 1 car - hard ryn 2 cars 2 banl .... 1 car 2 bard .,.. 1 car 2 hard ,,.. 1 car 3 hard .... 1 car 3 hard smutty 1 car 3 bard smutty 1 car .1 hard weevil 2 cais 3 hard ..,. 1 car ?. hard 1 car 3 hard 1 car :l hard .... \ car barley 4 .. 1 car barley 4 1 cur corn 2 mixed 1 car corn 3 ml.icd 2 cars Kaffir, t .S .3, moisture 1 car Ha ffir. * w. sour, K. C. ... SS 13 32 (,7.7 13 .1 ,1 r .9 .r>! f.S.3 13.IW 5*.S 12.nt r.S.2 12.70 tiS.2 12.30 00 11,72 5K.5 11.56 W.4 11KB r .s .i i i.iid x 07.2 13.S0 S7 13.32 B6.8 13.56 v $1.53 i.r,:i 1 .53 (4 1 .53 1.S2 1 .F.3 1 .50 57 42.3 13,4» 13.50 13.70 12.20 12.00 II and 15 ' DS.'J.' 'ii .i 1.01'4 1.54'.j 1.51 1.53 1.53 1.53 1.51 1.15 1.49 .71 1.09H 1.00 1.55 1.59 BIG VOLUME OF PROFIT TAKING Northern PaclMo 89% IVnnsvlviinla Hy HI* Hrn.tlng lly Hi»-k Island lly 42 .Suiitliern lly ••• ;2»,« HI 1. &. H V Uy ri »»i Monlliern l'licltlc Uy lolji Union 1'iiclflc Uy 148 w lUlTDHS: tbaeral Motors »» Hlnili'halier Motors 4IJ4 Hun .Motors W» IMeicc Allow U' Hudson Motors , ^.J ^i liiuiiiler Motors J^Mi Tremendous Dealings in the New York Stock Market This Afternoon. Chicago Live Stock. Chicago, Nov. 19.—HOGS—Re. celpts 35.000; active; 10<§>20c higher than Tuesday's best average; light lights and slaughter pigs 25® SO6 up; nctivo demand; top $9.60; hulk good and choice 240 to 340 pound butchers $9,30@9.50; majority packing sows $S.(i0@S.90; bulk strong weight slaughter pigs $7.00<ff'7.25; heavyweight hogs $fl.25@9.B0; medium $9.00@9.C0; lights $7.70©9.30. CATTLE—Receipts 14,000; fed ateers more active; kind of value to sell at $9.00 upward 10([fl5c higher; spots more; several loads choice yearlings upvrrd to $13.00; 1.53S pound Indiana fed bullocks $10.50; bulk fed steers $9.50 down- Ward; liberal supply of stalo kind, $B.75@7.50; little doing on fat she stock; cannera and cutters moderately -active; mostly $2.50@B.25; bulk bologna hulls $3.25@4.00; vealers $8.00QST0; mostly steady. SHDEP—Receipts IS.000; dull; no early sales native or fed west- 1 as; few bids at $14.00; around 25@50c lower. 1 at 1.47%; 1 at 1.4414; 1, 1.49) 1, 1, 1.55; 1, 1 at 44S. No. 1..-.4. No. 4 red, 1 at 1.50. No. 1. mixed, 1 at 150. No. 2 mixed, 1 at 1.50; Corn. No. 2 white, 1 at 1.12; 1 at l.lOVfc No. 3 white, 1 at l.OOMi. No. 2 yellow, 1 nt 1.12Vi. No. 3 yellow. 4 at 1.11. 4 Yellow—2 at l.OSVi. •> Mixed—2 at 1.09Vi; 2 at 1.09; 3 at 1.07li. e 3 Mixed—1 at 1.09; 6 at 1 .0SV4I 1 at 1.08; 1 at 1.07. 4 Mixed—2 at 1.07V4. KAFFIR—2 while—1 at 1.08. 2 Mixed jMilo—1 at 1.75. 2 Rye—1 at 1.23'i. Sample Hurley—1 nt SO. MARKET GOSSIP Corn took the lend on the market yesterday with every evidence of working still higher. The shortness of the crop Is a proven fact and the greatest losses have been In territory that buys corn even when the crop Is good. Stocks of corn are not nccunuilatingatChl- cago at the present time as they usually do. Old corn 1s becoming harder to buy aiu! those who neglected to get supplies a few weeks ago at reasonable terms are not anxious to obtain at such advance premiums. Wheat traders who have been bullish for a long time are disposed to go slow on the buying side until after the December liquidation la completed. There was a small increase in the foreigu purchases of wheat yesterday. Wichita Live Stock. Wichita, Kan., Nov. 19—HOGS —Receipts 1,700; looks 10c higher; prospective top J9.20; bulk $9.00® 9.15. CATTLE—Receipt it 900, Including 300 calves; slow, 25@40c lower for week on all kinds cattle; Teal $1 lower, $3.O0Q7v00. Cotton. New York, Nov. 19.—Cotton tu- tures closed steady: Dec. 24 .osri? 24.10c; Jan. 24.30@24.33: -March 24.65®24.70c. Spot cotton quiet; middling 24.35c. Students To Run Rorabaugh Store Winnipeg Markets: Nov. wheat: 1.63%. Dec. wheat: 1 .59Vs. May wheat: 1.64. . ' Minneapolis Markets; Dec. wheat: 1.48 7 ,(t. May wheat: 1.54%. I PRODUCE MARKETS jl The visible supply of all grains at the present time amounts to 198,000,000. That total includes tho grain at 22 terminals and also that which Is afloat on the lakes and canals. The total Is 83,000,000 bushels which is tho largest amount that, has ever been recorded in November with but one exception. Students ot the Senior high school will liava charge of the Rorabaugh-Wiley store tomorrow. Twenty-seven students from tho commercial and journalism departments of the high school will run the store. They will report at the regular time. S o'clock prepare the goods on the counters and be ready for the opening at S ;30 o'clock. The students have already decorated he. windows, under the direction of Earl Jones and A. W. Cunningham protesaional displaynian. The clerks will assist the students In handling all depannents. • The Senior high school d»y was started by V. M. Wiley and F. H Cost, of the store. Kansas City Produce. Kansas City, Nov. 19.—IJUTTER —Unchanged; creamery, extra, In cartons, 42<fi44c; packing stock, 2lc. HOTTER FAT—lc higher; 34c. ECJGS—firsts, tiOc a dozon; seconds, 30c; selected enso lots to local buyers, 59c; storage, No. 1, 3So; extras, 42c. POULTRY—Alive, hens, No. 1, 19c; light hens, 13c: broilers, 2 pounds and under, 23c; springs, 2V4 to 3V& pounds, 21c; ovor 3'4 pounds, 19c; Leghorus and blacks, 5 cents loss; roosters, 12c; turkeys, hens, 8 pounds and over, and young toms, 10 pounds and over, 22u; old toms, 17c; ducks, f. f. f., 15c; geeso, t. t. f., 14c; pigeons, $1 ,005/ 1.20 a dozen; squabs, 40@C0c a pound; qulneas, young, $0 u dozen; old, $4. The system which has been in force which allowed the grain men to ship cars of grain, to Hutchinson from western Kansas points for inspection before It Is shipped to the Pacific coast, without additional cost .will be discontinued by all railroads on December 1. according to information received by the Hutchinson Board of Trade. Tho grain men soy that this will cause difficulty with the handling of the lnrge sorghum crops this year. A great deal of those crops will be shipped to California and If they are not Bhipped here for Federal Inspection, the shippers will have to take tho test at tho other end which Is not as satisfactory as the local test. Chicago Produce. Chicago, Nov. 19.—IUJTTER— Higher; creamery extras 43V4c: standards 4lc; extra firsts 40r a i 4 2c. EC.OR—Lowor; firsts 47#54c; ordinary firsts 40fff44c; refrigerator extras 3t>@3G>£r; firsts 35c. LOCAL MARKETS j Sunflower Produce, Heavy lion, ,16c; light liens, 13e; springs 16c; slags 12c; Leghorns and. blacks, all weights 13c; old rooBlers 7c;, turkeys, No, 1 ISc; No. 2 Sc; old toms 13c; ducks 12c; geese 10c. ECSGS—Frcah, por doa. 40c. Local Grain. WHEAT— ftiuoted by Win. Kellj MUD wheat $1.30. SHORTS—$1.06.' URAN—$1.35. swirt & Co. JIUTTERI'AT—No. 1, 33c; No, 30c. ItCTTER—Creamory SSfl.lOc. KtifiS—Fresh, 40c. Chicago Poultry. Chicago, Nov. 19.—POULTRY— Alive, lower; fowls 15©10c; springs 19c; roosters 16c; turkeys 20c; geeso lBc; ducks 17c. Chicago Potatoes. Chicago, Nov. 19.—POTATOES— Trading limited, market steady; Minnesota and Wisconsin sacked • iitmd whites No. 1 J1.00&1.05. K, C. Hay. Kansas City, Nov. 19,—HAY Receipts C2 cars; .unchanged to $1 higher. PUAIIUK—No. 1 $13,001?. 13.50 No. 2 $11.00012.50; No. 3 $7.00(3' 10.50. ALFALFA — Choice $23.00© 24.50; No, 1 $21.00(8)22.50; slandar' $1S.OO#20.DO; No. 2 $15.00(7/17.50; No. 3 $12.00014.50. Wages unit reuls are below the prewar levels lu Germany, New York, , Nov. IB.—Stock prices, which have risen almost perpendicularly for two weoks, started lo crumble this aflsrn.0011 under thu weight ot an enormous volume of profit-taking, hut not until after more than ninety Issues had attained new. peak prices for the year on early gains thnt. ran from 1 to 6V4 points. Total sales crossed the two million share mark shortly after 2 o'clock with indications thnt the day's total would come close to 2,500,000 shares. New York, Nov. 19.—Stock prices wero whirled upward nt a furious pace In today's early trading, more than 90 issues being lifted to new peak prices for tho year. The rally w^s checked later, however, by nn overwhelming volume of protlt- atktng and bear selling inspired by the speculative belief that n. technical reaction was long overdue, the reactions running from 1 to 1 points from wo early highs. Sules approximated 2,500,000 shares. New York, Nov. 19.—A tremendous volume ot profit taking took place In the early afternoon. Radio Corporation broke six points from, tho top. U. S. Cast Iron Pipe 3V4. American Can 3, and scores ot others a point or two. Onerlngs wore fairly well absorbed, however, and tailed to check bullish demonstrations In a number of rails and specialties. Sa!e« In the first threo hours exceeded 1,500.000 shares. To Higher Peaks. Ono of tho most violent buying demonstrations since the election took place at the opening of today's stock market with over forty individual issues soaring to new peak prices for the year in the first half hour's trading on total sales In that period In excess of 330,000 shares, , Orders Pouring In. Buying orders continued to pour Into the market from all' sections of tho country, but the number of big blocks changing hands was unu- usually large. Both rails and Industrials participated In by the advance, the early gains running from one to five points. Marked buos'- ancy was shown by the merchandising, motor and low and medium priced railroad Issues. Highest In Five Year*. United States Steel touched 110%, tho highest price In five years, and American Can was boosted 4-';j, to 1.55V4. Other Issues to break through the previous 1924 highs Included Sears Roebuck, Montgomery Ward, H. H, Malllnson, May Department Stores, Famous Players, Mad; Trucks, Maxwell Motors "B," Radio Cor- portion, North American, International Telephone and Telegraph, United Cigar, Southern Railway, Atlantic Coastline, Northern Pacific, Texas and Pacific, Rock Island, Illllnols Central, Frisco common and St Louis-Southwestern. Nash Motors. TJ. S. Distributing preferred, U. S. Cost Iron, Postum Cereal and May Department Stores sold 3 or more points above last net gains of 2 to 3 points wero shown by American Brake Shoe, Great Northern preferred, Dupont, Crucible S^eel, Willys-Overland preferred and Associated Drygoods. ilv.-iland Motoi'B .Muek Truck Inc Killv Springfield Tlrti Co .... 1: s' Hllblier l'o tloiiiliteti ttubbcr Co Ajas Itilbtior (*o An,ti-l:osfli Macneto Co ..... Atl(.< I 'tialmers MfK Co .M.iNWell .Motors "A" Mnxwell Motors "W .\toua .Motors .1.. Stewart Warner Mfg Co .... .Stromherii; Carl) Co TlinUen Holler Hearing INliCSTKIAT.S: Amu Meet SUKiir ••' lnittmlri.'il Alcohol Amu t'nn Co Amn Car foundry Amu liOtioinottvij Wabash "A" A11111 Steel Foundries frAiim Tel & Tel .-Una Tobacco Amu Woolen As-oiiatiid Dry (Joods ...... Moiutromery "Ward Italtlwin Locoinollvi 1 I'oiulaeatal Can 11:1 Cola Co 1 i.iviitsoa Chemical 0'» ...... I'oin l'lodants Itefining Famous Tlayers 1-asliy I'onirok'iiiTi Co 1 'ui.nn Amn Sugar A inn Ami Chem liiipont lie Ncm A mil Asphalt Co ll.liernl Kliotrlo lull Harvesti-r Co In It 1'nper Co 1'ultitiati Co Siars Roebuck \\«i-iinghou*o Kite it MtK .. 1 'nit.d Dnuf Co Wonlworth Kavser (Julius) Silk Co .... MOTHERS FORM A SEWING CLUB ..1I014 .. IMk .. 37 M .. 33% .. !••» ., :s .. «1H -. 7s5k .. :ui .. 32 It .. r,7?i .. 70S .'. .1(! r :» .. m; • • ..l.itl'l, ..172-T. .. S4»ii .. nR 1 ? .. •!<)?-» . .12'.l A H ..lli2'.i .. l!2's ..12SW .. 47 ..It'll 1 ! .'. 5S% .. 7S .. 42li .. :tn .. 45 .. ::(",! .. 15% ..131 Ml .. *?3i ..27 i\ ..1114% .. 50 . .Ull'i ,..144iSi ,.. 11% ...108'i ,..114*i ... 21>« A Bicycle Stolen Hermnn Huffman, 314 Second avo. west reported the theft of his Simmons hlcyeie last ntghf. It hnd' a wlilta front tiro' arid a red rear one. LIBERTY BONDS. Final prices quoted by tho McNaghten Loan company today were: Ji..e; S101.1S-52 101.21-.12 101. 3-32 101.16-32 KI2. 2-32 105.1S-32 The Members are Mothers of Little Girls Attending Sewing Classes. The mothers of thu little girls who attend the sewing classes every Saturday afternoon, conduct, ed at Convention b»H, met yesterday afternoon at throwing rooms for n social afternoon.* Fnvorito recipes were brought by each and those who wero adept In sowing and pinking over old garments into new ones fbr tho children helped others who were not. Instructions led by Miss Lynette Mathews, secretary of the Red Cross were given In how to run a home economically, from the grocery hill to tho chlldrens clothes. Before the afternoon was over the mothers organized Into « club which will meet once a month In the rooms at Convention hall. Mrs. H. H. Forney was elected chairman of the club and Mrs. Nettie Mitchell, secretary. A social committee will he appointed at the next meet Ing which will he the second Tues day of every month. Light refreshments wore sen-, at the closo of the afternoon by the ladies in charge. More than twenty mothers were present at the party. TOO LATE TO CLASSIFY WANTBh--Experienced girl for general iliouse work: 121 .west 14th. v 1st 4V~. 2nd 4V"r 3rd IV^ 4th 4U'.t U. S. 4'i UNDER THE DERRICKS Ft!HNjyH.wt-i—Tltrtio room liouso ami garage. I'tiona 334. IVANTli.'!.)— To buy ivhlto rags lor cleaning. !' I*eru Vim SA1.10— Young f"t gcesn. 1'nniio aKa. WA.VTlil .1— I'aper banging. i'noliu 15LKCTKIC WAS1IBU; also double barrel hammerless shot gun. Phone IS12.1. CITY LOANS-Straight loans; Nvwlln Manning 1 Loan Co., lllj N, Main. FOtt SALI-;—New Sluser sewing machine; oalt duvonport. Phone S4 or 471, after fi 11. in., apt. 12. UKAIITIWIL Canary one for Ninas, gift. all color*: buy Phone. 74ti\v. rilONH 440(1 AND CALL l''OH CLASSIFIED AD DCl'T. Y.M. C. A. WORKERS PUSHING TO GOAL Arkansas City, Kan.,' Nov. 19.— Although the Roxana No. 1 on the Spruens farm southwest of 10-33-3, south, extension of the Graham field made n good showing ot oil In the shallow pay at 25S0 yesterday, the hole will be deepened to the Wilcox sand. The shallow pay in tho Graham is thought to be the same as that developed on tho Wertnian lease In the Rainbow pool, and scouts believe the near vicinity will develop commercial production in this strata. The True No. 1 in the Rainbow field south extension, northeast of the northwest of 29-33-3, which has been atop the sand for three weeks, with 200 feet of collapsed casing in the hole, will have to be abandoned, It was determined today. The. rig wiU be skidded to another location. The Teams will Report in Tomorrow Noon at a Luncheon at "Y." liLIND AD KEPLIKS A-10—1 T .-O—t D-it^l it-9—2 K-lt—3 Q-P—1 1-11— 3 K-1B— 3 .1-10 —3 S-10—2 IC-11— 3 V-7-1 The first real check on the Y M. C. A. membership campaign will be held tomorrow noon at n luncheon meeting In the Y. M. C. A. of nil tho men who aro working. Some of the workers have been checking in every day but in order to see how the campaign is progressing toward Its goal ot 500, special m .clings will be arranged for counting. "It Is too early In the game to tell whether wo are going to make the goal or not," Btaled Secretary A. A. Remington. "But we -have 10 reach It. We must. Tho men have shown great enthusiasm and Interest in this campaign and all are working hard." Urders to chanse or diiiconiiiiue advertisements for tho current day's issue cannot he accepted (aler than ]2 a.m. for Tho News and 6 p.m. for The Herald. All channel and kills rccived afcer thoso hour* will tasc effect th foletowlng dav. Th Hutchinson News-Herald la • member of Tho Association of Newspaper Clasaltlea Advertising Managrl which Includes reading neW4pau «ra throughout iho country, and has for tts aim tho elimination of fraudulent And mlslflillng classified advertising. Ths Hutchinson News-Herald a» wet. as every other member of the asaocia- Iton. endeavors to print only truthful Want Ads and wdll appreciate having Its attention called to any advertisement not conforming to tho blghegt standards cf bonesly. All classified ads will be tnao-ted both morolng and evening laauca or tho paper. An ad which is accepted for a alngle Insertion will appear In both The News and The Herald. Classified advertising terms are eaah. Phone orders are accepted rn> convenience, but with the undeniland- Ing that btlla will be paid on presentation. pair and temove a pipeline for.the tranitportatlon of .fuel oil to Its said Worka or Plant along* "across and under the aurfaeo (and also to cross Btreivuw anil bridges) on the following route In tho City ot Hutchinson, (Insofar as the name applies to Htreeta. Avenues, Atleya, Streams, Bridges and Public Oruunds), lo-wlt: * "lieglnnlng nt Plant nt Sherman and Adams Ht recta unit running south on Adams .Street to the Intersection of Adams and Avonuo C; tlienco east on Aveaun C to the Intersection of Avenue C Last and Brown Streets; thence north one-half block on liiown Street: thence east iu the alley' between Avenue 11 1'lnm and Avenue C EaJU to the right-of-way ot the c. It. I. & P. Hallway; thence In a northeasterly direction paralleling the It;., H. 1. Hi P. Hallway rlRht-or-wav to Ave- .nuo H F.ast: llienee east on Avonuo Tt Kant to the Intersection of Avcnttu 14 and Howard Streets"; And said City of Hutchinson hereby affirmatively consents thereto anil grants said privilege to said Company, Its successors and a.iiilgiis, the same to be co-extenslvu with all franchise rights that may bo owned and possessed by said Company as tho sue- rt'.iftnr of tin? irrantee under wnld Ordinance No. 402. Section 2. The above approval, consent, and affirmative grunt shall bo subject to the following conditions: That all expense of replacement anil repair of any sidewalk or pavement that may be damaged by trip Inylng of Bald pipeline or by tho operation ihpri^nl, .iliull be boruo by said Company; and said Company shall backfill any nnd all trenches and grado and ic-grailo the street as often as may lie necessary to repair any damage occasioned by se'.tttnK of earth after tiaeU-filllng. all to the satisfaction nf the ('iiiiimlssloner of Streets and lu compliance with city regulations for exvuvntlng tn streets ami nllevs or for culling pnvlngs. Said Cuiiipanv shall likewise hold the said Cltv of Hutchinson harmless from any and all damage that may occur by reason of tho la.vJiw, maintaining, operating, repairing or removing of the said pipeline so constructed. Said approval, consent and grant Is also subject to all of the tonus and coadl- ttons of the original franchise, grant under Mild Ordinance No. 402. Section 3. This Ordlnanco Shaw take erfect and bo In fovco only upon and after the written* acceptancn nf said CoVnpotly filed with tho Clerk of suld City within ten days after the final passage of this Ordinance, and also only upon and after Us publication ns renulred by law. Approved Nov. 14th, 1324. WALTER F. JON15S. Mayor. IV. T.. BllOWN. JI. .1. HASKARD. J.OUEN D. FEltOlTSON, Commissioner*. Attest: ED MET7., City Cleric IS-lt (First published November 19th In the Hutchinson News.) Notice to Property Owners. Notice is hereby given, that the. Board of Commissioners -of tho Cltv. of Hutchinson, Karisasi will meet in their Chambers In Convention Hall, at 3:00 o'clock p. m., Friday November 2ts(, 1(124, as a Hoard of Knuallzatton. to adjust and equalize assessments of the properties liable for tho cost of curbing, guttering and paving Second Avenue East from Plum Street to 105 fe.-t easl of Cleveland Street. Witness my band this 18th day of November. 1024. 19-3 ' WALTER JONES, Mayor. CARD OF THANKS Greasy Rags Set Fire to Old Tractor School Small tires caused two runs by the flro department last night and early this morning. Tho .first fire was nu outbuilding In tho rear ot 207 KIghth avenue west It occurred about 5:25 yesterday evening. Tho second was a rubbish fire this morning lu the old tractor school building out on Avenue A east near.the Larabee mill. A man was sleeping In the building >'lth an oil stove burning nearby. Tho fire spread from the stovo to a bunch ot greasy rags. The fire was extinguished beforo any amount of damage was done. Foreign Exchange New York, Nov. 19—Foreign exchanges steady; quotations in cents: Great Britain demand 4.63; cables 4.6314. France demand 5,24; cables 5.24 Vi. Italy demand 4.S8; cables Belgium demand 4.81%; cables 4.82. ermany demand 23.81, Holland demand 40.10. Switzerland demand 19.27. Greece demand 1.781£.l Poland demand 19V4. Czecho-Slovakia demand 2.98VJ. The Wlnfleld Pool. Winfleld, Kan.. Nov. 19.—Marland Oil company and associates, drilled four feet into ;he sand on the Llerman No. 1 and oil rose 2,000 feet in the hole today. Drilling was Shut down to pull the big Pipe. The sand on this test, whicn Is located In the southeast ot the south half of the southwest of 1332-4, topped tho sand at 29S3 feet, steel line measurement. Dotmer No. 4, which Is being drilled by the J. A. Hull company. In the southeast of the north half of tho southw t of 24-32-1, appears to be good tor between 300 and 400 barrels. This afternoon the sand, topped at 29S9 feet and drilled to 3035 feet, was to be shot with 10 quarts. Swabbing was lu process this morning but oil continued to rise in the hole. 1 Start the Work of Paving Second East The Stamey-Mackey Construction company started thu construction of tho paveuent today on Second ave. east from the Colladay wholesale hardware company to the bonded ware house. The pavement of Eighth ave. east by Shears & Sons, contractors, was completed this noon nnd the asphalt surfacing began this after|,noon on Iho pavement between Third ave and Ave. A on Maplo street. WORD AND U!~E SCALE i Words ot less t Lino 6 to 11 Words S Lines 12 to 17 Words S Llnea , IS to 22 Words • Llnea 23 to 2S Words i 6 Lino 29 to 33 Worda 8 Lines 34 to 39 Words 7 l«ne» 40 to 45 Words 8 Lines 40 to do Words 9 Line; 40 to 55 Words 10 Lines for more than 10 lines figure 3 llnee to each Id worda or fraction thereof RATES ON CLASSIFIED *ds For consecutive insertions same copy. same day. Minimum charge I .25 1 Day —Per lino 10 S Days—Per line .211 3 Dasa—Per line 80 4 Daya—Per Ilea 3t » Days—Per line fS 7 DayB— PIT Una »6 8 Dasa-Per lino »J 10 Days—per line -JO 2 Weeks—Per line }•'; 1 Month—Per line 1-50 Special lodKO rate, per line for both papers L-.-^J!! We wish to thank our many friends, and neighbors for their sympathy and aid during the sickness and death of our son and brother. Also for the beautiful floral offerings.—Mrs. Mar- Iha llolcomb and Family. Call Money. New York, Nov. 19.—Call money firmer; high low 2%; ruling rate 2%; closing bid 2Mt; ottered at 2%; last loan 2Vs; cable loans against acceptances 2'4. Time loans easier; mixed collateral 0090 days 303V4; four-six months 3H-®'3%. Prime commercial paper 3>/i@3'A. At Roxana Well Winfleld", Kan., Nov. 19—Reports this afternoon from the Roxana Petroleum Company's No. 1 Spre- tins, six miles southwest of this city, said that the tfand would be given a good test before going deeper. The well, which topped the sand at 2570 and drilled to 25SS feet, Is being swabbed and looks good for 150 to 200 barrel well. The hole is standing full of ,oil although the swab is being run in an 8 Inch hole CREDIT MEN HELD BUSINESS CONFERENCE FINED FOR SLAPPING THE NEIGHBORS' BOY Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Kilmer, 101 Seventh avenue west, wore eacn given fines when they Were tried in police court yesterday evening on the charge of assaulting a neighbor boy by the name of Fred Eiklcr. Mrs. Kilmer was fined $10 for slapping the boy and Mr. Kilmer was fined $5 for taking the boy forcibly to the office ot the probation officer after the boy had used profane language lu front of his wife. CORRECTION OF CLASSIFIED AD ERRORS The News and Tho Herald will not bo responsible for moro than one In correct Insertion of any advertisement orderd for more than one time, Errors not the fault of the odvcrllsera whicn clearly lessen the real value of thi advertisement will be reettfled only by publication without estra charge within FIVE days after Insertion. N. republication will be made when thi error does not materially affect th- lli,iin,.B!ia,ispw am ;o Dsoojnd JO asu>'S LEGAL NOTICE TrfREE MORE ARRESTS IN LIQUOR AIDS NEW YORK STOCKS. Reported by James Bennett & Co., S06 TtorabaUKh-Wlley building, by wire from New York. Past Officials In Charge at O. E. S Past, matrons and past patrons night was held last evening at tho regular meeting of the Eastern Star. Mrs. Edward Crocker pre silled as past matron and Martin Hoagland ns past patron. About 27 matrons wero present ami 15 patrons, which Is the largest number over present at a past niat- [/ons program. Mrs. Blanche Wilson, past grand matron of Sallna gave a short talk. Two candidates wero Initiated, Mrs. A. L. Slnylim aud Mrs. Elizabeth Smith. At tho close ot the evening refreshments wero served to about 200 who were present. Blind Ex-Athlete Elected. Perry T. W. Hale, a Yale football star tweuty years ago and an AU-Amerlcan center at tho time but now totally blind, hns been elected tax collector of Portland, Conn., getting tho support, pf nll'| parties untl factions practically, lie lost his sight in an cv plosion about 'fifteen years ago. llo will K'K 'p hl» records In thu Braille system ot raised totters and figures. STEELS: Bethlehem Steel Corp Colo Puel & iron Co Crucible Steel Co CaBt Iron Pipe Co Gulf States Steel (Jreat Northern Ore Republic Iron & Steol U S Steel Corp -Common U S Steel Corp Preferred .... COPPERS: Amn Smelting .9 Refining ... Anaconda Copper Co Callahan Zinc .t Lead ....... Chino Copper Co Chile Copper Co Butte & Superior Inspiration Copper Kennoeott Copper ............ liny Cons Utah Copper Co OILS: Sinclair Consolidated Marland Oil Co l'aeifli: Oil Co Pau-Amn Pot &. Trana "A" . l'aii-Anin Pet it Trans "H" . Turn Oil Co Phillips Petroleum ftisilea ic Co ltoyul Hutch , Sltally Oil Standard Oil of N J Standard Oil of Calif .Shell Union Oil Texas Co While Eagle (> & H RAILROADS: A T & S F • Haltiinore & Ohio Canadian Pacific Erie lly •. Ureal Northern Ry Illinois Central K (' Southern Louisville ft Nashville Mo Pacific Common Mo Paetfle. Preferred S Y Central Close .. 44% .. 40!i .. li« ..143 " !.' 491 .I ..115% ..122Ti .. S51J .. 59 !s 33^ 17(4 2SH 49 V The credit men, who represent the Hutchinson wholesalers, manufacturers, and Jobbers, held their regular monthly meeting last night at the Rorabaugh-WHey Tea Room. Rudy Snyder of the Knorr-Schlaudt Wholesale Co. and W. Melsenhelmer of Jett and Wood Central Mercantile Co., wero the speakers of the evening. The local credit men plan to attend a meeting of the Wichita Association of Credit Men In the near future. Three alleged "bone dry" law offenders were arrested last night by Detective Benjamin and Jas. Robinson, prohibition officer. Those arrested wero Mr. and Mrs*. P. S. Lentz, 119 North Monroe etroet and Thomas Pollock, 412 Fourth avenue east. Mr. Lentz was further charged with breaking aud pouring out liquor at the time 01 his arrest. , LODGE NOTICES RKMILAR meeting Cyrus ...Cauldron will be held at the Masonic Temple, Nov. 19. Program and social. SPECIAL NOTICES BU\ a cedar chest now, SI down, si per week. Xmas delivery. Harmon Pnrntture Co. DEAD stock removed free of charge Phone 4S1. t Wlt.I, ni.t be responsible rnr anv bllls'contracted hv J. It, Horton alter Nov. 15. Mrs. .1. ILIfortort, DPI.I. Hospital. Call :i3 _ 7S.' MAGAZINE subscriptions at redmeit prices. Mrs. W. It Hower. Phone 2S47. (First ihibllBhed In The Hutchinson News, Nov. 15th. 1924). Notice to Contractors. Bids will be received by the Board of Commissioners of the Cltv of Hutchinson, at the City Clerk's offlco, up to 3:00 o'clock p. m. F'rlday, November 21st. 1924, for the curbloir, guttering and paving of Seventh Street from Main to Monroe and Eighth Street from Main to Monroe with asphalttc concrete. The work to be dono in accordance with the plans and specifications of the City Engineer on file In the Clerk's office, and under the superintendence of the City Engineer. A certified cheek for $1,000 must accompany each bid for paving, also a certified cheek for $500 must accompany each bid for curbing and gutter- ina of same streets. The Board reserves the right to reject any and all bids. Nov. 15-3t UD -METZ, City Clerk. "AUY ALMA CIFT AND APRON SHOP Fancywork cxc)mnir»>. C27 East 6tn. PHONOGRAPH repair work: all lilnns lock and key work guaranteed. Al rW -ady.liiE. First. Ph. 90S. t , 'i:A ."'T77'\u v narses registering Till-. WOMEN'S Heller Corps will hold a bazaar and Food sale at the lioag- Iniul Clothing Store. Dee. 6th. THE OLYJIPIA Syneopator's. Call at N. Main or phono 2 (I9.6VV. we phty for dances, parties, socials, u-rtniniaenia and Unnk.s & HaiTl.^im. private parties. Wll.l. open my gift and apron snop at 12S West 8th, Nov. 29th, Mrs. L. ,T. Ash by. 3. BEAUTY CULTURE TOOK BOY TO THE STATE REFORM SCHOOL PICKED UP AROUND TOWN si 10'.4 38 54 Vi 54-H 537a anvi 2M» 4; 2111 .. t'lPi .. 42% .. 2C-V ..H2Vj .. 7(1 ..153U .. 31 ( t .. 70ti ,.115ii .. 27% ..Kit':. .. 29f, ..70 John Holmes, manager of the Farmers Elevator at Lewis was here yesterday on business. H. C. McCullough Pratt, Rock Island road foreman of equipment, was here today from his , headquarters at Pratt. Lathrope Reed, of Lawrence hns borne here to accept a position with the Hulland Motor Company as salesman for the Chrysler car. To American Royal. Eugene Randies of tho Randies- Allen Advertising Agency left this morning for Kansas City 011 business and also to visit the American Royal Livestock Show. Ed Johnson, the orphan boy, who plead gullly to Bhootlng nt H. B. DarL Santa Fe brakeman at Sylvia when he was being put off a irnln was taken to the state Industrial school at Topeka last night by A. B. Leigh, Juvenile probation officer. John Alexander, a local boy who wa3 a habitual truant from school was also taken to the state school. BEAUTY WORK, all kinds, any time, your home or mine. Phone KSFZl. 'MARINKLLO BEAUTT SI10PPE, 404 W. Sth. Phone 525 for appointment. MARCELLING, day or evening. Mrs. r .onyltr 531) past 4th. Phone 3900. MAHI'KLI.INO. 723 K 1st Ph. H71W. MARCKLLINO. F,0c. Phone 8BI1J. MARCELLING, 60c: also facial treatment, mi West B. 116. ' llAHCICLLINt). Phone 32)0W. Mra. J. a. Katnary, 321 North Logan St. (First Published in Hutchinson News Nov. 19th, 1924.) Notice to Contractors. Btds win lie received hy the Board of Commissioners of the City of Hutchinson, at the City Clerk's office up to 3 :ijo o'clock p. m. Tuesday, November 25th, 1924. fur the construction of 20 lead water services on East Second Ave., from Plum Street to KJ5 It. east of Cleveland. Bidding sheets may be obtained at tho office of Clty Ennineer. Work to be done In accordance with tile plans and speclllciittons of the Clly Engineer on file in the Clerk's office. A certified cheek for ?50.00 must aeeompanv each bid. The Board reserves the right to reject any and all bids. 19-.1t Kb METZ. City Clerk. MARCL'LLINO—Day or .ivenmg Mra. Tallinn. 8i:M-i. 4th. Pnnnc IIIIWJ. MAHCULLINU- 14S2.I. E. 17th. Phone, MARCELLING.. Phono 077W. NEl.LIMELLO HEAUTI I'aper curl a specialty. First. Phono 371 (0, SiiurFtj 4211 KaSt LOST LOST—Small brown pocketbodk between penny's and Sherman ana Washington, v.eturu 210 West A- Introduced and read Nov. 11th, 1924 Ordinance No. 1,715. LOST—New Keiley-Siiringfleltl fabric lire, 30x3(i, with rim; finder please phone *ii94W. * LOST—Goodrich balloon tire, 29X4X1U. rim and cover. Reward upon return 11' 111 E, Bigger. • LOST—KcnilnRton Ford" tire WltS tube on rim. $5 reward. Call M. 11. Street, phono 143 On Inspection Trip. The Reno county commissioners left this morning on un Inspection trip over the'roads and bridges In the south halt of this county. They will appraise some tubercular cows while on the trip. Dog Kills Self. Hull, England: "Ronald," a Scotch collie, has committed suicide. When hoys in the neighborhood tied tin cans to Ronald's tail, tho dog became so frantic that he jumped beneath the wheels of ;i street car and was luulautly killed. nance No. 402 and recognizing and approving the right of the United Water, (.las and Ehiotrlu Company, its successors and assigns, to lay, maintain, opcrati:. repair ami remove a fuel oil pipeline in the Clly of Hulch- ill'ioli. Kansas. WHEREAS, Ordlnanco No. 402 granted lo the Hutchinson Water, Light and Power Company, its successors and assigns, a franchise to furnish water, electric current and gas in the Clly of Hutchinson. And,, WHEREAS, The United Water, Gas & Electric Company has legally succeeded to all the rlalils and privileges of the original grantee under such ordinance, and now owns and possesses Kuch rights. And. WHEREAS, under the terms of said Ordinance, (ho granteo therein was authorized to construct (among other things) mains nnd pipes through all of the street s, alleys, lanes and public grounds and to cross any stream or bridge in said City, and to erect and maintain engines, machinery and other appliances necessary tat conducting anv of mild works. And, WHEREAS, It has been found not only expedient but necessary lo lay and construct a pipeline in certain iiireels. alleys and puhlie grounds and ti^ cross streams in said Cltv lor Hie purpose, of conducting fuel oil to the sal.l Works of said Company and guard against Interruption of service In limon of fuel, shortage, and to efficiently conduct the said Works or Plant so as to adequately serve the Cltv and the Inhabitants with the utilities contemplated, THEREFORE, Be It Ordained by the Mayor and Commissioners of llui A yellow apple from the hills ot! ^.nt,!' 'S^mi'She sal.l Oiiv «{ Atlieus Is a new "plant Immigrant"! Hutchinson recognizes the right of the 1 United Water, Oas & Electric Company. Us successors and assigns, to An Ordinance supplementing Ordl- j'l .osT —Duck; return lo 1300 4th east] DR. BUTCHER TO TALK TO SENIOR Hl-Y CLUB Rev. Stephen Butcher, pastor ot the Congregational church wHl address the membere of the Senior Hl-Y club • tomorrow night at an education program, held at the V. M. C. A. The quartet from, the reformatory will present a short vocal program. To State Convention. A group of tho Reno county officials left last night for Topeka to attend the annual convention of tho county officials from all over tho state. Among those who went were Probate Judge Seward linker, Juvenile Probate Judge A. B. Leigh ,aud County Engineer \V. A. Stacey. Dressmakers in Rome are now designing their models with ahkle- length skirts and bigh-uockod bodices, as approved by the pope, reward LOST—Ladies' brown hamlbag, Sun- <lny afternoon between 800 and 1200 block, 6th East. Return 811 East 0th. Reward. Meshbag. Reward. Ph. 3074W.' LOST FOUND FOUND—Poeketbook containing money and other articles. Owner can have same by paying for ad and describing contents. , 449 S. Justice. Ft i UNO- East. ™\uTo tire, inuulro 23t7 iT, g PROFESSIONAL SERVICES « Cry?stell SfMsara For all aches anil pains. Special ladles' treatment. Prices reasonable. Cull 437 11 (1 West Sherman. CHAS. 1. WILSON, chlriipraeun 1 , 1H North Main. Pl 1 oiie_27::5_^_ (TiemKn^frtrs'i'.s: naiTiIrMlv., 24V» ft Maui. , Wl-nipecliilize'ln fit 'tllis g)iu mini Pros.. Masonic Hlrtg •s Sltip- Itoom 7. CARPENTERING CARPENTERING; lurnlune repatrJHH: Phone 199S.I. TO TRADE;— 2 lot" on Kail"5th, fol carpenter work. Frnnli summer, 2 !)I.'\V. 611(1 West 10th. 10 DRESSMAKING- MILLINERY received by tho United States Department ot Agriculture. ALTERATIONS, suits and dresamaK- , ... „ lug, remodolin. pleating, furrier. ay. construct, maintain, overate. re-J Mrs. Richards, phone 22C3J,

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