The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on March 9, 1964 · Page 3
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 3

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 9, 1964
Page 3
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Page 3 article text (OCR)

AT COPE RALLY MM. w. U 2 justice candidates begin campaign talks Uut «• tto Two ««mp«i|n Ufti MC IW UM Tfct tafti ««• •»*« *» * mMttac «poB*>r»d by U* C!«nmHhW on POIIUflil Edu- onioa tt Ibe op»r»«m Tht two wan Erntut mm«hr Mil R. Clynt Thomu, eudidttet (or W» <* 0» p«M« (or JMUe* t>r*«iMt «. PIM* I. Thl* li ttw Mty ooo- tart for i jtuUe* ptMltfon IB UM county HU» ycir. ThontM wo* •Melctl in 1MB in jtuUon prteinel 0, «hieh wld* JtuUM PNQlBet 9 *U mated. H* «*f ippolMcd to mi Hit affiet ua»ll tltt M* •Wetlon. jurtlM of th* PCMM Sam Bill ST. »l» »«!«• «-•!•«- tlon for prMiaet «. PtMf, a but hu no oppontnt in titter th» prlmiry or t»otr»\ tl«e- tlon. •tnth«««m«r»Uy,Ulkswer* tl*o by U»M ot tha (our Mibto of etoet Ik flMt t «««l»b»» WltptMMt. TntM Mi .ttt •hUriniiU o( otmtny iW ThwnM: ERN68T IHHtAKt EmMt D»mthy MM h* hwi llwd in FTMport MBM !«», ud worktd with ttt Dow la- Mlator*. H» MM M Md DMA ihinktBf of rwmlBi (or It* of. flc« of JtuilMw of U» P*M« fora tone tlnw. "Ttw bwrt thiBf that tvtr tapptMd wu WtU« Uil* o(* fie* off tht IM «y*t*m, and poHinf jttallMf on mltry. R ahoold haw MM 4dM a lom tlmt i|o," ha Mid. II* did not balWw a Jtwtloa of tht paaet should rtndtr a daath vtrdttt wrtho* profM* •lonal advlot. "A JP la no doctor, it* should M a doctor makt an •wmUutlon, or hat* an autopty ptrformtd, btfort ftvini aVardtet" whtn a working man la arrtttod, Dtmahy Mid, ht ahouW bt ilrtn an opportunity to makt bond btfon btlnt looktd up. Ht toouM p* a* opportwtty to IMW J«>» tarly tWM*« te rtport far work. WhtM a eomt4aNI itbretti* a* a rtnH o» idomtttJe dti- pot*. Dtmahy taid, both aktw •aottld bt bttrd Mtott tht oompl«l««laae«|*»d. R. CLWE THOMAS R. clynt Thomas ptriotod oat that ht had bttn tlteM two ytars afo to a fow-ytar term, wtanuw ow two of- pontnti without a ruo-c«.Bt- eautt of tht abollthlngof ju«- tlet prtelnet 6, bt s*M, ht wa» foretd to rtn acaia (or tbt rtmalndtr of his term. "i would Ukt to ttr*t out tht rtmalnlni two ytaraofmy term," ht told tht COPE andl- tn matters eomlnt bttor* him, bt said, bt madt aprao- tlet of btarlac both sldts, thtn maklac • Judtmtnl. Ht tritd at aO tlmos to bt fair and impartial, in said. TntM brltf sfattmtnts wart mad* by candidates tor ooMtibl* of Prtelnet », Ptaet I. M was tiNttd » i«o. Hit said ah* art htt two Uisats d»*tMtr» weatd aMMeUW UM MmoertlW wit May >. O. T. CKKKIKCRAM CwMtlmliim «M ht was a tttt-tos* rasUHi of CM*, was a hBBituvratr, worktd as a U*(p*or»man. had a wtfr and row eUktrw, and was aetlvt In Boy Scot* work. Many w»rt and»r Uw IM. prtvstM Uwtaeoastabttwasa minor oltielat, at said, "bnt It It ot importmee* btea«wt of tht opporttmily to strw pto* ptt." tf tttetsd. ht *aM, ht pttdnd Ms uotirlnt starts to s*r*t th* offie* with prttt anddlftuty. CARL A. TIPTON Ttplon said ht had lived in Ukt Jaekson (or ntnt ytart, hud a Wtt* and son, and wts a mtmbtr of th* Veterans of Foreign Wars and rrattfttat Order ot Bas>t. Ht had attended a Military Pollee school while Mr*ii« three years with the U.S. Air Poree, he MM,andhwl*erved ovtrstas 83 month* as an M P. Rt was not a eruiadtr for any one law, Tipton s«ld. He MM moat of a constable's work was with civil suits, and la these would treat all mat* tors he dealt with as eon. Mentlal. t«J «** part .ftiiWMtMs* ***««« party to bMfcfM H» crlur Is settt lurtly tt rtrwr-irt was far b»j«mJ «•* Hi* »t- ptrtttfeWIS, S»»Hv JWrind of feed w*i* Wiwd IR b» •k*l*ra it I)* Rernnld* Rtftfc. pltw no"* rmwy. rood and etaHMiit ItM *l«n b» iw«-*k*t- Amri* MM wMter*. kft and Sandra fJwws*. p r»* I - d*nt*«l*«t. sr* rtk*ni n tnnkkwt of (ood ai*t f*t»r Items to the fimlh. s«ti« HM toewi 111 for *»««nil ww>k* In John S»»l-. M(«- pttat and MM rmulrnl num. *mm Nood irkMtumnn*. -Kact* »«»H pNXvi He wet»M e<w|>*r*t* »llh att othtr law *nfereem»«» it»- Ctts, he Mid, aad wouW dl*. eh»rt* hit «NU*» fiirtr ud impartially, withe* f**r of favor. MISS ABBOTT TO MOOUCt MB* YORK <AP> - Juai» Abbott, diutnttt n( ««ttt** Bio«Jw«y »how*«n Oems* AbtHHi,h«» farmed * p«iiner»hlf with Raymond Kill to product ihowi. K*tt ta • pl«y«r •»enl. The p*if*» firm protect it • comedy. " >*t un«ill«d. by Nofimui Wculft. * mcmbri «' the Ne* Dt*in«li<il« Committee m«k- ln( hi* White »'«r debut. ^'* *^ M - ,,,Jm J Accident report t'»r» it I Itl II « 'I s"l,l»<«>, «!!*• N< »•< H* •><in»il«, 1*14 ,4 olft«*ri «t»t»»l A !»"» i 'h»«TtiM »l)t >n ••ton, l»«<ll* ft**''. «»• inin woh^m • "'-in- in Ihm «i(o« •»• ««n»d IT > »>• | s |fciw»»«i»r >« *U w . TV IM DIAMOND MINE TIMtr* In •tin* linn !»• Klmb»flet -itw !• mor» . M' You have already saved enough to operate your electric dryer more than a year. help TH#TS WHAJ YOU OET PUEMTY Of WITH YOUR TELEPHONE thins*, to tettths new, to organize adwi««-flryo« name it. fr^y~nll*™W*l phone ia on impoffcn* port of your, buty Uft. SOUTHWtgSTeRN **'** »>" ***** Choosing an electric dryer as a companion (or your automatic washer is the saving««t decision you could make. An electric dryer usually cost* so much lew than any other kind to buy that you can operate it for more than a year on the auvingH. You ke*p right on lowing, too, became an electric dryer dries the average family's clothes for only a nickel a day. And electric drying's « gentle — there's no whipping in the wind to fray comfit* and edges of your sheets, towels and other laundry. Colon stay bright, and whites don't yellow. Elaitics keep their elasticity longer, thanks to positively controlled drying temperatures. And if your children are at an age where they outgrow clothing, your automatic washer »nd electric dry*r will save for you in another way: Your children will rn*d lewtr w»u of clothing, because you're free to wash t* oftwi as needed, without waiting for fair weather washdays. Your etoctric appliance dealer will be glad t» •how you a variety of electric clothe* dry- «m — every one of them a sure money-naver for vou! HOUSTON LIGHTING * POWER COMPANY • Tsiss tanpaylno. ln»«ttef>«wnf4 eleetric serolce

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