Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico on May 9, 1965 · Page 14
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Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico · Page 14

Clovis, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 9, 1965
Page 14
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Page 14 article text (OCR)

1 r B *. #. » Fisher Returns To Career Legal HOLLYWOOD (UPl.-E«ldle turning to the career that first The title is anfronriaf* ..,-«, -„, ,, «... „,„ .... ® Fisher, emerging from the scandalous holocaust that has been his private life for the past half dozen years, is re- brought him fame. Fisher is cutting his first record album in three years, "Eddie Fisher Today." HARLOW — Carol Lynley as Jean Harlovv is radiant over her marriage to Paul Bern played by Hurd Hatfield, left, as Efrem Zimbalist Jr., Jean's devoted friend, offers congratulations, in this scene from "Harlow," starting Wednesday at the State Theater. s ID RATHER BE RICH' — Sandra Dee finds it difficult to choose between Robert Goulet and Andy Williams in Universal^ 'Td Rather Be Rich," which is showing the last tim^tonightattheYucca Drive In. Film Parade LA FONDA DRIVE IN Today through Tuesday, "Lili," with Leslie Caron and Mel Ferrer, and "Looking For Love," with Connie Frances, Susan Oliver and Jim Mutton; Wednesday through Saturday, "Unsinkable Molly Brown," with Debbie Reynolds and Harve Presncll, and "Young Fury." with Rory Calhoun, and Virginia Mayo. YUCCA DRIVE IN Last time tonight "I'd Rather Be Rich," with Sandra Dee and Robert Goulet. and "Lady in a Cage," with Olivia de Maviland and Jeff Corey; Friday and Saturday, "The Killers," with Lee Marvin and Angie Dickenson. and "Stage to Thunder Rock." with Barry Sullivan and (Marilyn Maxwell. ' STATE THEATER Today through Tuesday, "Beach Blanket Bingo," with j Annette, Frankie Avalon and [Buster Keaton; Wedn e s d a y | through Saturday, "Harlow," | with Carol Lynley, Barry Sulli,'van and Ginger Rogers. i LYCEUM THEATER Today through Tuesday, "Love Has Many Faces," with |Lana Turner, Cliff Robertson land Hugh O'Brian; Wednesday 'through Saturday, "K i mberly Jim," with Jim Reeves and Madeleine Usher. BUYING OR SELLING? USE NEWS JOURNAL WANT ADS SIIOWTOIES — 1:45—3:55-6:05 & 8:15! COLUMBIA PICTURES (***. JEDRT BRESLSt»*ai - UNA CUFF ITCH TORRID ACAPULCO —where the jet-set love themselves to pieces! mpouocoioi MUSICAL -. Famed country and western singer Jim Reeves made his motion picture debut in the bright musical bonanza, "Kimberley Jim," which opens Wednesday at the Lyceum Theater. He portrays a happv-eo-luckv trj ' ing The title is appropriate. At 3? Fisher apparently is restarting his career. He's bought a new home in Benedict Canyon, hired a new press agent and is turning his full attention to work. "It's a sin that I ever stopped recording," he said over a hamburger at the Brown Derby. "I stopped because first things weren't coming first with me. I guess you have to hit the low spots in life to know how good it is at the top." The singer still has the mop of curly hair, a boyish grin and the ability to laugh at his own mistakes. A Lucky Kid "I'm a lucky kid with a good set of pipes," he said, "and 'hrough all this living I've done I've learned an awful lot. One hing I learned is that I still have a lot of living to do. "Right now I feel as if I'm on a launching pad to take off ike a rocket. I just hope it gets up there and stays in orbit." Fisher said he wants the opportunity and the medium to reach all the people who once were his fans. Early in his ca- ireer he recorded 22 consecutive | hits, probably a record for sing- |ers. from 1951 to 1556. "I'm not sure all the old fans are still loyal because I've been out of contact with the public. "Oh, I've done clubs and a ! couple of guest television ap-i pearances. But you have to ! turn out albums and appear on a weekly show to really keep! close to millions of people." i Likes Own Show Fisher will appear on the Andy Williams' Show May 17 (NBC), but would like to have a similar show of his own some day. I'd love to have an hour musical television show again," he said wistfully. "I didn't appreciate my shott when I had it. But then I haven't any regrets. If 1 hadn't gone through all that I wouldn't have the attitude and maturity that I have today." Fisher is a wealthy man and is involved in several enterprises. His own company will produce two movies, "Paint your Wagon" and "The Gouffot Case." This year he will make two long - runnins appearance in I Las Vegas in addition to a couple of guest shots with [lean (Martin and Williams. | "I'm going to make an album "I'll enjov it all." Fisher con- titled "The Golden Ones' with eluded. "But makine records k about a dozen of those hits." the most exciting, even without be added. "Among them will be ; an audience It's what I did 'Lady of Spain.' 'Oh, My Papa,' first And personally, I'm sinu- 'Heaco.' !jng better than ever before LBOALT NOTICE MAY «». 1965 eh.,1. 0 k *!?* K . asznar ' Mg l Ferrer and Leslie Caron share a bottle of vvine in a scene from "Lili," in color opening tonight at the La Fonda Drive In ' 6 Metropolitan Operas Slated For Dallas DALLAS (LTD- Opera makes its annual Spring ap- earance in the Southwest this veek and if you think it's too ate in the season for furs, ou don't know how suddenly old it gets in Dallas during he Metropolitan's visit. The Met is bringing six peras to Dallas this year and ne of the productions has stirred a feud between backers of the annual Met visit and the Dallas Civic Opera. Actually, If Dallas is the cultural center it claims, the twin visit should stimulate interest. An opera, unlike films, is not an artistic entity in itself and no one who really enjoys opera will refuse to attend a performance with the excuse, "I've already seen that." Productions included in the Met's Dallas visit are "Turan- LEGALfi2 Charter No. 8767 REPORT OF CONDITION' OF THE CLOVIS NATIONAL RANK OF CLOVIS I>: THE STATE OF NEW MEXICO. AT THE CLOSE OF BUSINESS ON APRIL 2f». 19G5 PUBLISHED IN RESPONSE TO CALL MADE BY COMPTROLLER OF THE CURRENCY. UN'PEK SECTION 5211, U.S. REVISED STATUTES ASSETS 1. Cash, balances with other banks, and cash items in process of collection 2. United States Government obligations. direct and guaranteed i'Net of any reserves'i 2 !9741R?r> 3. Obligations of States and political subdivisions (Net of any reserves) 1 P.20 :\'C. 2.". 4. Other bonds, notes, and debentures (including NONE securities of Federal agencies and corporations not guaranteed by U.S.) (Net of any reserves) W. 12,"i w 5. Loans and discounts (Net of any reserves > in ir/i i:>f, 27 8. Fixed assets r.!i7 MR ",;•', 10. Other assets LM noo no 11. TOTAL ASSETS in nr/j :M '* LIABILITIES 12. Demand deposits of Individuals, partnerships, and corporations ? <vr> 021 P/> 13. Time and savings deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations 3W>17? 14. Deposits of United States Government iw, ;su 15. Deposits of States and political subdivisions "" LEGAL 59 MAY 9t i 965 State Dank No. 53 REPORT OF CONDITION OF "THE C1TIXKNS BANK OF CLOVIS," OF CLOVIS LV THE STATE OF NfcVV MKXtCO AT THE CLOSE OF BUSINESS ON APRIL 26, 1965 ASSETS 1. Cash, balances with other banks, and cash Dollars CtS items in process of collection 2,253,441,02 2. United States Government obligations, direct and guaranteed 1,949,323.06 3. Obligalioris of States and pnlificnl subdivisions.... 1,518,974.00 6. Loans and discounts (including S3.510.70 overdrafts) 9,318,003.11 7. Bank premises owned $57,55)7.00, furniture and fixtures $47.476.96 105,073.96 9. Investments and other assets indirectly i representing bank promises or other real estate.. 15680000 12. TOTAL ASSETS 15 301W15 LIABILITIES ;13. Demand deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations o 2 7 B fi7 q «. :14. Time and savings deposits of individuals, ' ' " i partnerships, and corporations 4 Oil 904 02 •15. Deposits of United States Government ' ' ' (including postal savings) 8836450 '16. Deposits of States and political subdivisions 1 702 W 24 17. Deposits of banks ' 5 (JQQ i™ IB. Certified and officers' checks cfc ' ' i<;Vfi7d <y> 1!). TOTAL DEPOSITS ?HmhHJrJa" I3l - D "- :w (a) Total dcm.'ind deports S 9.361.615.12 (hi Total time and savin; 1 -: deposits . $ 4874.244 16 2-» TOTAL LIAMHmrx 11.23585908 CA p I T \] ACT or VTS ' 2 r i Capital f,v Common stock total par value „, W's-onnnn 31snno J ^" n "" s , 315000.00 y, KeserveK (and rcfircrnep.l account for profern") r-;ini':i1' ^-- rr __ '" TOT-M r\|MTM AC''"' ATS 1 flfiT 7?? P7 M. TOTAL LIAM.LITIKS .\\I> ' " CAPITAL .vrnUNTS 15.301.61515 M !•' M o K A \ i, \ 11 Assets plcrlred or .w:i"if«l »„ <u.,.,, r ,-. h.-iinijiifs and for ofier- |»urr>'K<». - mr!>H;-ifr note? ami fulls rodiscoiintfd and se-Miritir? sold \ V jHi npreemcnt to repurchase. ......... 3.078 100 00 •~ <a I.nafy- ,-,s si,nun aliove are after deduction of valuation reserve*; (>f n- 01- rvi .... ».!i .n.ii \W) r . J V'ff'-M-r \v«. fremd,-! and Cash T Sknrda. Cashier A TmM off,,.,: ,,f i!., above named hank do solemnly •swear, that th.s r.-p.-rt «? , vKlmnj, ,, tni e and correct, to the W'st of o;;r kii'v.i, if';;,, at'd !>< N '. V, \ V>!1. VKPH YK<- lT.-.!don! CASH r SK\Rt>\ '";,,;,,,',«, Tr.iy't Of'fjccr C\S!1 FMMFY ' ' ,'' C\s|| T SKAHM-\ • ' V. V, U.KINvox ... . .. \! this h;i::k ' '•' j dav r>f M n y, •r or director of N'ort.iry Public 31. 1«*f w>< ..„. », w V ^..,« V . U %U»V W M..^* 'M^ttlV L* Ui » *•* *"* 1K1 ( rf> dot" with Gladys Kuchta, "Ma-116. Deposits of "banks "'.'..'...""".!"""'.'.'!"..".'!..'.'.'.'.' 27.? 10 dame Butterfly" with Dorothy i 17. Certified and officers' checks, etc <<8 r,r Qnnmn T> , m, |Kirsten. "The Last Savage" Jl8. TOTAL DEPOSITS $lfi?O2717lS cinV^r - en ? Tebaldi wil! j with « e °rge London. "Rigolet-! fa) Total demand deposits $11 072.1W 86 sing fosca with the Met. But! to" with Robert Merrill and' - - - if you miss her this week, you i "The Flying Dutchman" with can catch her next fall in the'Walter Cassel. Richard Tucker 22 same production with the Dal-;stars with Miss Tebaldi in ! 23. -as Civic Opera. DCO general'"Tosca S.aTO.fin? 20 fb) Total time and «avinps deposits ............ Other liabilities TOTAL LIABILITIES CAPITAL ACT O r N T S manager Lawrence Kellv| The land donated bv the gov-i26 Common stock - par value per share $10fi 00 IaQnA/1 Alir fi *• 4 Vi/\ H*«* _.' !i t • ...".. _- .... • lashed out at the Met visit and ornment is in the exclusive said such duplication is bad for Lnmas-Hipodromo area of Mex- civic opera. ;co Citv ; NIIOHTIME TIIKOITiH Tt f.MMV Bn\ III Mi OVt SS » is AIJI'LT—«k- SJM'—6.->r Fun! CoNNiefRancis JiMNoiron w C**' She'll sing and dance her way right into your \ CO"-^ • <fahrticotor IE SHE ttf(. JfANPiiWeE FE l.-WSflWI 3—MOEE DAYS—S SHUW.^Af~ • ihSoTa :'.'8. 5:^6, 7:24 & 9.?See the BWCH PART/gang go SKf DiViNG! Mntffiflfli -*"' No. shares authorized 4000 No. shares unissued None No. shares outstanding 4000 — 27. Surplus 28. Undivided Profits 29. Reserves !30. TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS ........... 1 r,l '!' i i 31. TOTAL LIABILITIES AND j CAPITAL ACCOUNTS 18 dtt.Mn W j31a. No. 5 Loans and discounts are after I a deduction of Reserves of 353 i I, John Krattiger, Vice President and Cashier of the •bank do hereby declare that this report of condition is true and 1 correct to the best of my knowledge and belief JOHN' KRATTIGKR We, the undersigned directors attest the corm-tni's-. <,{ report of condition an,l declare that it has Let-n examined bv us and to the best of our knowledge and belief is true and correct R. L. BLINE ) GEORGE L. STANLEY , Directors CARLETON DAVIS i B8KRT WiOY 60UlfT*WIUIUIS THE BROASTY 1312 Main Pho. 763-3225 •• All CARRY OUT Breasted Chicken In Our Preparation We Use Only QUALITY Products. All Orders Are Prepared Especially FRESH As Your Order. WE DO NOT COOK FOOD AHEAD Our Aim Is To Excel In Fast Service & Food Quality BROASTY Jr. lit & Mobry Drive Pbo. 7620331 DINING ROOM & CARRY OUT ABISTO KAY UOIUD STIAKS UOASTf 0 CHICKIN HOWS YOUR GOLF GAME BAD?? ronrr AVAII.ARI.K BIKTIIItAV PARTIES rOR DhTAIL-S. FAMOUS CHARCO BURGER SERVED WITH FRYS. SPECIAL THIS WEEK 1C I I 50 • PHONE 763-9661 FOR FAST I • ACCURATE CARRY-OUT ORDERS I • ^m*±. Call Kilght, It | II £9*& ^"" * "^ I ISSU THOBNTON

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