The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 21, 1932 · Page 9
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 9

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 21, 1932
Page 9
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THE DAILY NEWS, FREDERICK, MD., SATUKDAY, MAY 21.1932. SILENT SPOKEN "THEOTHiAI" IKEK Picturization Of Book By Sinclair Shown Friday, Saturday- OTHER PICTURES BOOKED Based oa tb* graphic pic coaain«i a. Up:x= Saclair's book. "The We: Parade." the picvjre by thai na=-je ope^s r-s :r»c-day slioiRrsg a; :he T;TO!: :h«a;*r. This story o* wh^key a^d is eSecis opens before the World War on the Sou-.aem plantation o5 an arist^crauc planner who cra^k hansel! to su:c:de. The cosuag of prohibition, tie reign of the bootlegger, the trend of the liquor Sow in New York and other cities, is a dramatic s:ory. n which Do^x'c.? Jordan, £ :ae dry cr^ader, plays the jiac- icg part. Lewis Stone. Jiauny D-^rast*. Ke;l Hamilton and Robert Toting are effectively starred. The settings are true :o life, in the w« era, and the dry, moving frcm the saloon M ^ie nighi-cltib. and interspersed Trith the specac'Xsr wrecking of s. "gm 201:1" Ne-.vs revie-xs and novelties are ;ie short hits. In the opens? Sine of the week. "The Rich Are Always With "s." which appears Monday and Tuesday, Ruth Chatterton appears as the wealthiest member of ihe wealthy.sec, who discovers a cheating h'jsband. The characters represent the tr.osc idle and irresponsible class of People in the country and tncluce George Brent, 3e- Davis and John MHjari- "Yoti're .Telirag Me"' » a boyfriend coenedy riot, followed by Tivoli news events. "The Sean of New York" is Wednesday's s::rv o! a father who would rather invent; a dish-washing machine fia- earn a livelihood for his family. Residents of New York's lower Easi Side were unaware of taking ircport- an; parts in tie Slming of the picture, ·which features George Sidney, Joe Smith and Charles Dale. "The Side Show Mystery," is s. Van Dine thriller, and a song cartoon short is "Shcr- Me the Way To Go Home." "This Is The Xtght" is a gay talkie of marital complications, bringing Lily Daaaiza.. Roland Young and Charlie Euggles as the main fun-purveyors. Thursday. The plot is a Pans-to-Ven- Sce. parlor, bedroom arid bath affair, extravagantly funny. An Anna Chang musical short. "Singapore Sue" is followed by a Pictonal re~ew. Opera House- In addition to the actual running of the English Derby. ;he mosi famous evenl in tbe world of racing. ' Devil's Loitery." starring Eltssa Landl, Tues- daj at tie Opera House, contains many scenes of equal interest to racing fans, such as the tipsters, bookies ana the drawing of the Calcutta sweepstakes. Victor McLaglen. Alexander Kiriland. Beryl Mercer and Paul Cavanaugh are in the cast. A cax-ecy, "Keep Laughing," and news events are shoris. Thursday's picture is s. murder mystery, "The Famous Ferguson Case."' in ·winch Joan Blondeil is the "sob sister" and Vi--enne Osbome. Gran; Mitcael!, Leslie Fent-33. Pumell Pratt and Kenneth Thompson are -n the film, classed as a story "no author could iare written." An "our gar.g" comedy a "Headin" and WriiiriY" Hoot Gi'sson stars Saturday in 'Spin:; of The West" followed by Chapter 4 of "The As- Mail Mystery"' and a Harry Gnsbon comedy riot, "The Potsnlle PalooSa." u. mftn nunTR/ Bt MA6EL MeELLlOTT «/«52 OY MCA fftVKt we. BEGIN" HERE TODAY i colored satin breeches and waist- J Daddy did and--veil, everybody." ! business. *CSA-V CASEY. » u« ·«··««»- | coat of the same color with lace | The boy moved restlessly. "Last. Waring to escort S immer is a long time ago." he- re-' Georgo Washington b wia- "Come alone. We're late." the girl said petulantly. The well! modeled lips of the youn^ courtier VE-'KI* EIX-ITU AX i.., f nr _. r _ frills at his wrists and buckled; summe ^KST iu~4ini* m»» mff xorm^r *»· , *. » ^ ·· i » » ^ »i»ycr. skr km* 4*e *o partly ; shoes on his feet awaited her. He, minded her. to prorWe for tke tmtmrr of k*» 1 »«/» was ··at wko U Ul am« partly b«- ' ' otue ake despairs of Blair Ike axaA ake really lorea. BOB Dl'XBAR. OEMSE ACK- B.OYO. a dfbatuie. dimUken Sana and muc* tnrable ker a»d Boh. BEX a former admilrcr of S ·koota at Heath aa tkea tarma tke fax on klauelf. Ho recovers aad tke affair la kna^ed. vp. Saaaa realixra ako dowmt lore Heatk eaoaek to marry Mia bat can not tell aim BO. 8ke sees Bob at tkr tkeater aad tkis awakens old memoriea. Deatee fella Bob tkat H* had said he wished Susan to Ih* ball. H«r coa- i!um» would be delivered to her. "Oh. yes?" Denise's voice took on j Susan ran her finders orer the a thige- of shrewishness. "Well, yoa ' pale apricot of t*r spreading clUrt. can't get away with wbat you're- she kne»' the color became her ut- ^ been doing laie'y. We~Ackr(?yds.~ | terly. Waring bad come dressed. Hollywood Gossip BY D\N THOMAS carred in what seemed to be 111 (h* re sh « tossed her head with that;» aa Indian tribal chiet humor. familiar gesture). "w» hare our. -i don't understand it "Whos* fault Is that?" he de- 1 manded. "I're been waiting for : hoars.' at all," pride." Susan said to herself, "But how ," beautiful it all Is. I'o glad I * -What's all this got to do with me?"* Bob muttered rebellious??. came:."" Oenise'5 manner changed. Into She felt excited and happy. Some This Deais«^gnored : ^''It Agoing jher loa crept ^ cooiag note of] dancers swayed In a minuet at the'» to be a poisonous party anyhow. the moura ; ns I'm e**^A r*t *r*4* ** aXdk «K4+*li4 MM ! I'm sure of that," ehe rattled on. i fluttering down the steps and man- -What's of the great ballroom. How nsea- she asked. "You can be nice and so J stired. stately steps, the curving use of quarreling the way we do?" lovely It was to watch the w e t e a m w e . together. a n d p l r o u e t U n t She forgot fa a M a*old-4li£V M and ko berome* Tery aaicry. JACK WAR- IXG. Healh'a aulatant. war»» Sn- saa aot to marry ivitkont lore* XOW GO OX WITH THE STOBT CHAPTER XI. TTVEMSE sat before her taffeta-! skirted dressing table. Intent '^~ " " " j£ ^tter"cnanc«r of making" thin^i! i^*~"prtL Jone's/ 7 "susa'n~lTOked on the arduous*business of making' "-what did you say?" She eyed ! go than most of the people we!about, bewildered, for Jack Waring. Her costume for the George;him suspiciously. ' - -- - - · ^ w . ·aging with difficulty to Insert her ca n , beruffled self within the confines of I r^ryone's always said so. \Ye like I self completely as she watched. ibe waiting motor car. j, n e same tbSogs ^a run wuh t h e j Then a j arz vlfC9 brok , t hts in- 'Everything's poisonous," mut-'same gang. The way I look at It. terlude Into fragments and th« tered her escort, elamming the it all boils down to this. We hare ' guests were ordered to awing about up. Washington know. Daddy's awfully keen for It i He was nowhere to be seen. As ball foamed over a j He growled, "Kothlng at all," chair and her powdered wig lay on : and_subsided into his corner. and so is your father." "As if I didn't know that.' i the orchestra stopped abruptly she " i found herself facing a cavalier la the\± iici y * u » » M t * t**. nig, *a · uu **··'» «····» ·*·*·«.!-- -«-»%* »-.« t,v* ·**.*. ^ brocaded be4 spread. Her -You hawtft . elsaret hidden i S^wled the boy. 1 ortrtnf in *ll tnn*- llntra^la T ««ITV. I ·· vl*, H.C4-. I biscuit colored Jacket and breeches, i -- --- --- -*---- ---i a b o n t ln a!1 that lingerie. I sup-i " Wel! - tnec - *** oot let " s b *,Ta!l he was and rery erect. With- mother's English maid, pressed* pos » r . 0^13$ wanted to know sensible about ItT Let's please-'out a word, she slipped Into his into duty for the occasion, hovered i "* . . . " everybody and surprise them, and; arms. behind. Presently Denise stood up.' T?OR answer the boy reached into st °P ^ ridiculous rowing we've i . . . sat^fipd at last with the effect she r the pocket of a coonskia coat! be ! n . dol ~f a11 ^ tf ~- Scc ^as.'T'IIE tempo of the music qu'.ck- rat-sn.a at last wit- we e_ect sae OT £\j, e ^j. o£ th t H enjoying her role of peacemaker A e ned and the etrl's heart beats had produced, and. shm and supple -""* " " "~° "~*-°- ""· tl - c = c ' 11 - " c now i . . , Thft «·?·» mas-ir dinr'n^ was an ioconeruous figure at the! .,: ,,,. f , *. . ^ .. .! uc !t - in her sing!e, diaphanous garment, WQee i o j tQe D j g car witll nls DOW .| 1TM willing to bury the hatchet; i,t, t hs 3 . Her partner was a corn- permitted herself to be arrayed in dered wig and trappings of a blood! if y ?° are '" O^'. 3 "-. weat ??· "\*'. p5cte stranger, someone she would the pale blue froc's with huge pan- j of the late eighteenth century. I t ' : niers and lacy underskirt. done, she adjusted the wig over her T.UJ,. · was strange to see him guiding this , . . ThlS :ievil.machine of the twentieth cen-' ptace and n2Te . tury through the dark night. They justice marry us., moaieat. That would be fun." | when the music ended she mur- own shining tresses. The effect; sn ouid have had a coach lind four.' was marvelous. Instantly her gamin j N o stranger was the sight Denise j hanging ! of her, The man shrugged. "You've got mured involuntarily, "Oh, I'm rorry." At the words, her partner prettiness was transformed Into'offered presently, a cigaret bansHis'besttor'biorirus^-'KW DeVise hef ^^ ***TM* f ***' UP ° n spectacular beauty. She was as j limply from- one corner of her [ w i t h sweet; reasonableness. "I'm · -say that again." was 331 limply from- one corner dignified as a lady In an ancient! elaborately roused mouth. portrait. j "Why did you say everything Is, you've been nasty to me and start i small' slit's"in the~w7sp "of" black She tried the effect of an In-; poisonous nowadays?" she demand-; with a clean slate." : cambric j willing to overlook all the times j she stared at him through those finitesiznal patch near the corner j ed. | "I guess you're the doctor." Bob of one eye and liked it. Then she | The man in the driver's seat. said, compressing his lips, seized an atomizer and sprayed her- threw her an annoyed glance. "I · . . . self casually with scent. . thought you missed that," he i "I think it's stupid the club com- tered. mut- '"pHE music struck on Susan's ear like a blow. The scene was one mittee insists on everyone wearing; "Me? I nerer miss anything," of Incredibly brilliant color and masks," complained Mrs. Ackroyd,, Denise told him airily. "I think 1. movement. The shifting patterns watching the performance with in- j know what's griping you." , which tKe dancers wove reminded terest Stevens, the maid, slipped , "You're smart," said Bob Dunbar . her of scenes peered at through the "What did you say?" 'e. partner put a firm, gentla hand on her arm and led her out of the melee of flushed and laugh- Ing revellers. As one In a dream Susan went with bins. "Now. thsnl" They were hidden from the throng by the plush curtains of a little al- Denise's biacfe mask into the pocket, with sarcastic intonation. ! lens of a kaleidoscope. She was i cove. The music came to them of her white fur wrap. ' "*--"· T -----··· =-!-- ·-*-- _ . . _ . » . . . i "Xo.» not there. Give j "Aren't I. jus:?" She blew a , thankful for the mask wbfch had j msited and wraithlike. it to me cloud c? smoke in his direction, been sent with her costume. Th""*! Tha cavalier in biscuit-colored now." the girl demanded impatient-1 "Let me teil you one thing, young furnished with anonymity, she felt] satin untied Susan's mask with ly. "I may as well put it oa before! feUow-my-Iao. Daddy and your · braver, stronger. Why had Ernest, strong, purposeful Sngers. She I start." She tied and adjusted i t , father have been getting together j insisted on her comics? It was! dared not--indeed, she never even dreamed of opposing him. "Ah!" The monosyllable roused her to realization of what was happening. with care. The effect of the mask! and they've decided they don't like, odd. She had not expected to brave added piquancy to the whole- cos-; the way you're behaving." tume. I the terrors of his neighborhood on "Yon are a. picture, miss," Stevens; ed to know. Denise' "So what?" the young man want; the north shore until she was safely ; his wife. But Jack Waring. In declared, with enthusiasm. Denise | "It was distinctly understood," j Heath's absence, had informed her | Rich color flooded her pale chefks. snatched up her fan, allowed the _ Denise told him with dignity, "that, that the "^sa;e ;;ad come over the I She clasped her hands ia a sudden wrap to ba adjusted around her slim ( we were engaged last summer. Oh, · teieptc- -.-in Xe"-v York. Heath [ tragic gesture, shoulders, and hurried downstairs.' I know it wasn't announced or any-' There a young grandee ia biscuit j thing like that but you knew and j fore go! · .1.S-.. -r :'tK -3--. -,v v '.T.e from sourc^ that have :.».ier £ ·)'. sicar. importance ·. ;r-v l*r;«r oodies y* wuts. -..» x -he aia^i source of nx»- a-tuallv pr?i-ce very few. la 'a;^ t .-· l-al health officials. ·;£.* -£ th» State entomologist ' i.-_-- ·.-*· ^: identifying the -.«-. i' rr «;.;.·. -*s and many cotn- -.:· - ··. · iu a»-_-'arc" along this . ., ... . -^ «;-^-e bu-d of health. · B - _ u ^ J £ '· :r-^-W ·)'. the D*: :r.e · ·'. \.-:-:lt^re ariS the rjnit- St?--- P-.-'l.- Seme*-, Wmsh- to:- D C Theater News Tivoti A r-n:^:".c D \V.:: - - .'i · success. ~ · 4 ;s Aa'-itear Dad:-a"ire a', *! x' r ·;· ·h- . :· :s , \ . ·. r.'. ,v^:)i-jrt by an I'-id^j bv M^rJin Njcon. Dr -o Lar.dau and four · A r..-.r"'.-Hsrciv cosnedj ·*-'. »-? ;r.f short subjects C il\ Op^ra Hou^e. -. *::. 3- !·*?. at '.he Opera. ·i .· H.ocr? ot '.he Desert." ·; r.'.' ar.d .«.·::·.-. pic.ure v:r »'. fhe A r Mai: My- Jis A: S: J;hn comedy wiU Rnlh Chattrrton and Husbajid Ra Iph Forbe* . . ftlon In Europe . . . alone . . . and to iijurj will «3 Ruth wtll ·-pcnd hrr ra- Tonrun Will Hollywood. May 21 -- · Then there will be more talk " m^!: 1 . be ihe ! of thus sWry. As soor. »s she nnls:'.("- her current, nlm. Ruth Cha".ertua Ls iea\.n'; for 3. three montlis vacation in E;iropf But her liusband. Ralph Forbes, a remaining right, a: home so he ca:» pl-r. polo. Of course, nobody is going to bo- 1 eve that a few polo games are :!'.c .,aly reason Ralph i»-etaying home, bu: b-'!i Insist that's It. So what can vie do? the tvpe ·J'. pjrtj o .wu::! eq'in- oJ a". foundb * * * Snow Scene* Newest Fad. nu-nt for the recordsr.? r:snt on the 5p-t And V." S Van D».o. Mi Majors ac»" "e\plor»t:oa di'iirtn a: alKKit :he same B-irrow. Al tfka. to fl!m v.ili be acccmii.i:.:cd by tivrhrilca! crcn's and se%cral Iscaded by Lotus L-ng. a oung Ci'.uiejo s:rl isrho will have :he leading role. The compar.v slans 'o b» a w a v for at»::: a Marvi-ind. "O:iv M i r l.-\. .. t\p.cjC hard rid- iif --: "A -: ; j ~ ern a today's f'-a: ire !Tf ·* ,:h Buck Jones in the Jcr.Ji:ii; r a'.'- A Ci:a:.:e Chase comedy sriti a -. ar-. -·:-. sr- :he short reels. .·r". bec.iu.-i of i'.s i' Po'nt ' s "^ *«- mo " .:.«".ri."L-*.b:e :o ' H? °^-- t " ra and :hc " ; p'..i\ ers r -- :==r ferule soil iinera!/and rul r*^ uroes. is known as :!v,u--? of :he World." TODAY TOXIGHT I \oar · northward {nm Pom" i ! Barrow Jor s-'r.'-.i'ii'Hial n.v.v scenes ! The exceptional snow scenes brought i ^ # ^ j back from the Arctx by the maker;, of Geortr S«^ The Li«lit. ; "Igloo" seem to ha%e had their effcc- ; vi' Gcorsc Ar'.lss «eU back :o En?- I on the industry as a whole. Two more ; -^ n a for his \aca-.ion this summer, hi* ! films based on Eskimos, igloos and !ce f r:en jis «:U S--C one concrcte example j barriers now are to be made ' c .f Holiyv. xx! s elTec- upon him While ' Dr. Arnold Fanck. noted German :li- j working nerc this winter he had his ' rector, will depart within a few d-iy; j summer home in England, heretofore for Godhaven. Greenland, to fliai "let- rqu:ppcd only -*lth :h,se ( r.d-fasliioned berg" for Universal. After estab! S:I.:IK ·,:! lamps, r-vmpleu-ly wired for elfcrrlc a base at Godhaven. Fancic will go wo j lights the interior of Greenland to film a per- | Ar.d I'll bet that during his first »eek I t!on of the picture In heretofore ur.c-t- ! home he 11 do nothing but walk around i plored regions He will take with h.m : tum.r.i; on and off lights. MARYLAND Western Smasfij; H/tl Control Of Mosquitoes Submitted by E C Kefauvzr. M. D., City and County Health Officer. able to reach her be- j ·3 Maine on that land I "You!" she cried. (To Be Continued) "Thfe Wet Parade" Here Coming Week BRIDGE BY WM. E. McKENNET i Secretary, American Bridge League j The following hand esplafcs and j employs a bidding convention used by the writer, which will have to be studied carefully, as it may fae somewhat oif- ficruli; to vmcerstaad. "DAUGHTER OF DRAGON" TO BE MARYLAND'S OPENER The Big Shot" To Be Concluding Fitm Next Week. Monday's picture at, tie Maryland shows Anna, liar Wong as the siren, ja "Ba-Jgh:er of me Dragon," wi:"n Warner Oland, Sessue Hajaka-wa ana a big cast. This Paramount ptcture brings snotaer mysterto-js acventtire of Dr. u Manciiu. A cart-»n comedy witn souna foUows. Bister Ksaton, J.rrrr.y Durante and Folly Mcran are in Edward Sedgwick's three star r.ot, ··"Tr.e Fass.onate Pluoi- oer." Wednescay. They make this com- eay a S.-IOTer of laughs The short is an all-tal-i^s sport ?::ture Saturday's, teattire is Eddie QtiiZan in "Tbe 3:; Sh3t." -rr.'s. Maureen O'Sul- I.T2n and ilary IC.lan. S3Ck3 and ^ottcs ar^ lt-s checl-verau career. An all- ali-ng t--o reel cc-nvedy and cartoon otn-^iy with souni ara tne snort suo- SEZ HUGH- A ¥ · 4 AJ VQ-7-3 4Q-J-- 1O-2 *K-109-5-2 4 IT · * K-9-8-5 J-10-5 K-9-6 A-Q-J NORTH 1- ·!! to iu o 3: H Dealer SOUTH 410-7-3 V 9-6-42 48-7-4 * 8-7-3 ft.Q.6-4-2 A-K-8 A-5-3 5-4 528 ' soup. It a ready lo reheat just as I: coxes from the can and really makej er.or sauce. Other concentrated A large number of towns carry on · no; practicable u u.-.d;.~:ake xacsquico an anti-mosquito campaign each sea- drainag? operations .i:icJ i\e mast re!} son and have men employed exclusively | on t;v s-reenws of honic: as a meari I for mosquito eradication. As a ri::e. I of prD'cc:: 1 :! the town looks after -,he natural breed- | Ir. c^asidermg the quostioa of rnos- tng places of mosqu/.oes. such as r»3ls. ' qu:to e'.imiaaiioa ;:i any locality we pocds. itorra water catch basins, ar.d · should :ir.«t c?:?miirae what, kind of water courses, and helps to enforce the j mosquit-jes are present and then 'he local mosquito ordinance The house', kind or places that ;ho?e particular tenant should empty or oil all con- ' come from The next step is tatners on his property. In the southern ! to make a survey or inspection to de- S:ates the State health department · frrn:r,c hr.i many r.-i'.-jrr.: sources have taken the initiative in aroiisln? j fore are ar.d shat !t «:1! cost to oral" the interest o: the town official and j :nem ;f such is pr-cticil. or ;o reduce civic associations In the mosquito proo- , t -eir number and krep tr.c ofi«r breed- such as chicken, vegetable. Alto "WHAT A BOZO" Charley Cha« ail-talking comedy. A Cartoon Comedy with sound Evening, 7.15 and 8.45 ion--Children lOc--Adnlts 15e lent for cooking. :oo. A few crops only | The general plan of aitack :n c::-. : '-~ ^terec-: =hou'.c be ary^sed to ?et ire neceosary to give ^ a ^subtle flavor j m osquito reduction campaigns is to lat.-aicsTJ:'-" ^ork ?:artcc It often .,. _,,_, many of ;he ; r-appeno tha; ir.ost of the rnos- ( . 1 to gravies and sauces steaks and roasts, eliminate as MONDAY--AXXA 5IAT WONG AND WARNER OLAXD IX "DAUGHTER OF THE DRAGON." ' salad crersirigs. aspics, croquette mbc- i rare', mace d'shes of all fcads as 'as -.egetables. breedui? places by surh draiuasr i is practicable, and to control mois- { i quito production in t""ose that remain bv i There is another preparation that. | app'ying kerosene oil or other s-jr.abic while it is quite mild in flavor and of | mosquito Zamcide to the wa-er surras a: ! comparatively little value as a season- j intervals of from seven to ten cays When ' .trig, is in ever-present help to busy-'-iHage or town camoai^xs are first ' ;ccoE3. This sauce is made of a dark r staned. it Is not. untuua! :o nr.d :r.a-_ jcsrair.el foundation with a delicate; nxisquitoes are being: allowed to breeu j iseason'ng of sweet herbs, but pale gra- '-n water containers in as many as one- ' j vies and ^-eak looUing secoadk-stoci third of the house yards. accJ S-J--H can- 1 'soups cain richness of color and are ] ditions naturally produce a 1 ciace ;o look more appetizing by the' nuisance, "addition of a teaspoonfu!--more or less! Wherever there is quiet water, the · W a r n e r Bros Theatres nvoLi/ Walter Huston and Dorothy Jordor in "ine Wet. Parade." a genera:.:-::-'.3- g^neration story of intemperance, at the Tiial. Friday and Saturday. ! JTorai -would be justified ia making. _ this bid of I-JTO of partner's su-t -Kilh, j as httle as fotir smaU trump, the ace! of the iung of diamonds-- he : in b ddag five spades. ' . _ - ciubs and l eiis justJred ^ i TS-aich Sc-Jth ^rould carry to sue spades. The Play. ) T~ae declarer can no ricks, and ^ 1 p ic k i;p the trump and then take an- V « RIED L game force, other c!ub fir.esse He should ihsn j The Bidding. j South, the ceal-er. should start j contractirg with one spade. · trotiM pass and here is -the bid ' I Tish to explain to you. j ' With North's hand I --ould b.d t-sro ' ' spades. This bid ol fs-o spaces SGtrss ' rnonna! support for partner's su*t, a: . t ; ne c ; u ;j f~esse. least c-ne arid one-ha^f tricks a forcing bid it is not a ', ho-=rever. but is of tiie same type 01" ] force as a one over one. In o'icr mono from his tym hand. I TOitisjt requires one re-bid from ' The decTare . :eads z s? ^ e j psrmsr. , ^y---j-j az;£ j West .s forced to ) 10 further explain this bid suppose j,^ ; s - c i a v, xo~ z hear; is ' thai Xcrth had passed either first, or second hand ar.c Soutii had orcncc the ticd=:g either third or fourth 23c= t -sith one spade. North's of t~o i spaces TTDUla then -sho-s- slrr.p'.y a weak '· ra^e in spades. The same trould hoX as needed--of the sauce. The secret of the richness of flavor 'which distinguishes dishes made by the i professional COOK, often lies In the use of stock rather than milk or water. 'Canned consomme or bouillon are ex- .cellert in place of borne-made stock land are always on hand when wanted i Bo'iiHon cubes and meat extracts dis- i solved -n boilin? water ato produce a ,c-?ilcio-js weH flaTored stock in a ·ut-e. · Catsups =uc*i as tomato, mushroom mosquito wii: find it; and so .-, 15 ad- '· visable for the house tenant to mak" an Inspection of the back yard r-r.ce each week to see that not,h;-;? i.- .---ft i o-ji that can catch and retain ra.r. ; water Even if ;he -R-ater 15 --·; :r, ' sight, so long as it is accession ;t r,.:: ' be reached by mosquitoes. TT.ev ran get to water in a. cistern by ?o.n? do-K-r. · a rain water pipe, even on a -.-,. o-.-tor-.- i house, that, leads to a c..=t«rr.. whi'-h I they frequently co. and -h*y ret at wat«r in cisterns that, are no: r-.-f"--:- i i MOIIDAY --HER FIRST SUCCESS FOR WARNER BROS.-- N A T U R ALLY HER GREATEST ____ IN WHAT YOU Will SAY !S FOSmvELY HER GREATEST West's opening lead is The queen of j I ^f larconcs,'which the cec'^rer should |^ I "T*^* I 1 ITM* |V 1 ·iri Trith the aoe sr.d imrceciate:- -.'.ie! j^^ I I l ^ I--| J-" |^ !ar.d ~a:nut are invaluable canned pro- j "~J.^ A m ^^^-'-' «reer.ed ! c-uc-.s -ja, r-ve zest to other sauces ir.d! .1^? ^ * fc * e ~«^"^ ·** add pungency to rnanv combLTations. , f ''"f r° ~^^^ ar.c " ! It cos-s .-o litCe to keep these rondi- i ^f" sno ' J ' 1 .^ ^^^ ' mcntL on hand and they mean so much j °"^' Deen sta -* a -" a - ~-~ m camp p:ac"-: ^ blo^t-n. and t h a t ^rer. -r ha oits lore ALWAYS WITH IS ma*" art. of seasoning that it. will pay j cash bis ace of clubs, discard t^ie dec^ar^r with trie ace and trie l-£acl of the '.as: space squeezes West Ke rr.ust discard a diamond from cueen-seven. Trie c-eclarer -sii! rr.akr the opposite c_scard in dummy ar.c true if West had ptrt, in an mterre-- , -.-j, tie ^ 6 of . h{s scueeze will n^kc ing bid: e g in th.s hand. supr:-=jns a grand slam but as or/.y su: odd were b;c. r.-? r-:ce:ves on'y "he bo~tis for a ?ma~ ilam ar.d 50 icr the extra f.cs in tbe but :-_-h rot places jf ;r.i.r. regar to oats in areas s;r.°re '5 *--», B-i. -V U^s-t DtAVA OF THE LOVE AT LIES AND L'£S' IV \RNER B A X T E R j that South, tne easier, had b.c or.e i spade and West two clubs, ^ ' It is or'y --hen a player has not · cashed and there is no in'ervcnir.; b~i t.^at tie can us^ r^ise c* one ^i _ hs partner's suit as a one ever one ' SicL What this bid really says ;o partner ^. ' I ha- ? n^rtnal support in your 'suit, but the duvributiCrj of th» har.a .3 such that :t may be easier to rr.2ke srarne at no trump than at spnces i' ~-"j ha-.e only a rr.mirmirn b:d " In response to the two spaces North is~.tii this ir-formaucm, would go to four siac2s. This is a ;urnp into game However, it does not close the biadinj --it simply shows that with th^ mfor- matior. that North nolds norrna: i.rump sjippors and or.e and one-half tr.cks that South has sufficient strene'h to make game in spades. With North'o adrtttional strength--remember that '.:n of many types cf c^ncs Some '·f *hs rjr-T2r--x5 ssuccs are ::-d ' bv the ctipfjl in t"ie combm^ig of Otrsr; if more conccntra-'-: p a.-ar.-y DAY-1 till 11 Amateur Daddy martir.icue potato^ creamsd r.e-K- cabba;?. rr.j;e£ vegctabie salad, car.i-a cream p-e, mils, coffee Ir May Temperatcre low. Altl-5:u;h the mean teir.pera'ure for year has, "oeer; 3 3 degrees sbo - . e 2 of a degree Jy'.ow ·s-ss r/.entv -yarrr. .n the fun Fr.- ' If y-v; sre lo:":.r.; b-".cd ··---.?·'" .=a%c er 3l cood brir.a= All e y such 3. tzy- CT.'ra'- d pur-x Prodoce Cosmic Rays F.r.^t oroi iction of cosrcic rays is ' r c; ; iC F-.-i to have taken p".3-e in t""e labDra- ·~ '-"-" --:es of thr UniTe--i:y of Glessen -- s -" " ~.--- xor' xas carr.ed ou^ ty Prof W ·AT..; ·-- Bo-he anc Dr K. Berber The rays ^r.-.-c j; -,. s procuied ty bombard.n? bery- a cjn- ·· -nl rr.eta". ·*:~*'r. a'.pa par-.iclss from E....CKL are r.c-. adcc-c : ;. e radioactive element polanluai. cay. bti: once in -he snade. the coolness in "he a r was r.'-t.^eaby Trserc was more warmth than Thur^ca". ho~- slcr.a-r.g '. s?.;.co :r rr. ned or fresh -orna.otf - sy Ir.'V at the _· Nw Pictores. charge -r; a room, tak- e fir.-l ro-TS-ir? : I P aces a-.d r3st:ng in tii-? oat .s'r-.-'r.- : ! S.«h are usefj'. as a mearj; o.' .=-r--,- ·.or. has pr-.vcd that they are -.-r-. ·;.-- re::ab".; ar.d -.ha', ·:-.-.-." :^- r.aoitua'.ly at the -s-a'^r s-;-fa-e a-e I ap.ach core sat^factorr for e'-m^it^-- i mosquito larrae. " * f There are mar.y tt?r:~ .:..*.·£ -i-a* i are pestered ea-h sca.^n or n iniero-ii I *· -sqaitoes on^;na'.-? .n "-si'^r cor.- ' tamers, ba:s yard^ ar.c a f.--s .-a.: ' natural zriO»cuito-bre^i;-r T O D A Y eier. ihe 'emperature drop ovcrn.ght both and .ixr. i_^ a c o m m t r c a ? only nine degress above freezir-.g: below normal for th^= time of the year Fridiv r.ght was warmer however, w.t.i a m.r.imurn of 55 tr.s "fiowr.'ail" the o".d pictures and put- , "^^ ^ ^^ '-' drair -: ^-^ -' ' ^ -'^ » ! -.: c up one or t^o r.ew ones is aa ex- i an ·^ »*««· '^r :-.av_-. ? of .=a';re '"·f cour.-e be acccd a? -^tit^'-: = ~.c a 'hinrer ,-auce c.-.rr be rr.ace by c..,«t- ir.? the canned sa-ce ^-.lh sv-c.-t or va- them r."wn- cv"..r.t. Idea. now you can get! f\f'lfn- print.-; for ne\t to nothing a m ] ~'^ Te -hc\ fan be pui in old frair.s'. ^r you ! P^ 1 -- 0 ^ 5 can r-paint jour old frame sto give prooierr. of ;h.= j to obt^. n freedom fr"r-. ms?- j .'. a Sv,ffi,-."ni rumb^r of pvp.e Pt t-?f^r or. t.T 1 prcom a; A new ,=afe*y device for automob.les j ter. shuts off the engine and sounds a horn ! From Sonp To Saace. ron«r?r.t!v when the car turns over. i A*i^-"r=r Tvy*-;c* 'hi* CT, b* News adrertisln« pays big i his already own dor.e I .-taice.' "Vh«re th" r.jrn I relatively small ar.d tne r --ADDED-- Chiptrr No 4 "AIRMAIL MYSTERY" COMEDY RIOT "H \KF-M SC\KE1!' The /ss: epic r;d: cf tkc rc/roas Arizona Rcnoer* . . . Hjrr-/?c.";:.-7a Spectscv.- izr thrill*. Dsre-Dii.':! Tiding. BOB STEELE --1\-RIDERS OF THE DESERT OTx r PBRA HOUSE

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