The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 24, 1931 · Page 4
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 4

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 24, 1931
Page 4
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FOOT THE DAILY NEWS. FREDERICK, MD.. THUBSDAT. OZDEMBJKs », DAJLLI JUfiWS, use ler psblttaun cJ »~ »·»· I 13 11 or »M ctter»«« NO COMMU^ICiTlOX c? fcsy _»rt or tfe- b C:e r^*- =i=« *: j vr*:er. T^s ==:· wtl! not b» pot- j .- "^2_«9 rf.--t*»« tj f,\en. b?:; it sc*l ) I MR. ROGERS FINDS AN ARGUMENT FOR PREPAREDNESS IN CHINA To the Editor o! The News'. Prlplng. Dec. :«.--The American missionaries have taught the Cheese to no: Si?ht tut rrly on the Lord, and the Cheese diplomats hare taught the people lo r«ly on the L*agxie. but co* they feel that both, have fallen down on 'em. Thls :s a tirce in the history d the »or::: «her: you belter b* pretty w»li prepared or you won't gel any- vh^rr Your*. ROGERS. 5BTE SOTTCZS c! , C y kl =a partakiac d ' M=I w th« oSce. Tbej WJ! TECBSDAV. DECEMBER 24. '.931 s the brght day of the Chrla- tian ttrth ind the transnguratlOQ of the world's ·n.rjght. Thus set «pijt in ihe Third Oc:tiry by the father* oX the ear'y Church tn R^me. the Chrls- t-ati *jrM c'. tr jj.o- 43-.- at 1 HEALTH By DR MORRIS FISHBHlt. Editor Joureml Of Ascrtcu MsttcaJ *·· ·oelauos and at Bjteia. Tiw Bnltb THE NATIVITY AS TOLD BT ST. LUKE S Ar.i '.'r.f.e -acre ir. the 5 S*:a. ee?:r-s w a w n ever i e : r 9. And lo. the angel o: tr.e Lord can* upon tr-erc. and the ~- or Y o » .n e ixjrti stone round about thtn:. ar.d tr. j y tre sore 10. And the an^el sa-d unto ti*=. Pear not. lor. be.-.old. I briss you food :id.r.cs ol yreat jov Thtch shall be v all people "::. For ur.u you Is bcrn this day in the city cf David a Sa- v.o'-ir, anich ii C.-.rtat the Lori. ·3. And tnis shall be a ^gn unto you- Ye snail find the baoe wrapped '-- staidling clothes, lying s » marker. 13. And suddenly there T»S · the angel 3 multitude of heavenly host praising Gx!. and . 14. Glory to God in the high- eei. and on earth peace, sooa *m toward men. 15. And il came :o pass, as the angels nere gone away froa: tricci Inio heaven, the shepherds said one W another. I/et us nan go «ven unto Bethlehena. and see this r n which Is come to pas». vrcr- called barbar.c cr Romonlih practices, has cel-brated the coming oJ Chr-ft at the Chnitnus K-aion Not to the »'_n. fcjt ralntr to the new Sun ar:s-n .:: B. thlchem. ru'.e the rejoicing b"T. d«ncated for 1,500 years. is either the sincerity or the beauty cf the Cfcrtjtlan fest!x-»l diminished by t.T. lir.ic v.-hi'-b j^'ns it to the festivals cf yt-t rsril»r tlmW A certain fact Is thst t.ic da' 1 - 1 «t bv the primitive Church co.ncided «-;:h feithala the peoples of races and nations were accujtoaif d to celebrate. In northern climes, tlicse were festivals to the returning su:i The spread of the Christian spirit consolidated them Into a new celebration »'Wch became one vast expression of Christian faith. Is not this link bttneen the new and the old a beautiful and a logical thing? V,'l-.3t o-.hcr day for the btrth ol Chriit than one at or shortly after the ulnt-er solstice? Have we cot. !n this, faith Joined to \-sion by poetic reason- in? ? Shall we not therefore rejoice, w.lh our barbaric forebears Sn the return of the sun, and still be Christians? Afttr a!!, suppose the sun should not come I HE ihree Kings brought iheir gjib to Christ One day in Bethlc-hem, oh he whose star had been liieu ^aide · Could make no gifis to them. n They asked for nothing m return-Wise men have always known H He is more blest who doci not ^ch B A fa\ or of his own B So vvv today must bring our gifts B Where empty stockings hang, B If we would keep o'jr faith in words g An an^el chorus sanj;. ^ A doll and horn and spinning lop, = Smal! toys a child-heart sought. H May be as shining as the gold H IKe ancient MJ^I brought. f HL.LCN UCLSHIMEft Are Most Serfoes. The ci'-a: ooinason :ane of appearance of measles :s m the monihs of March to June, the least prevalence being frcm August to October. Pr-x»ably sot more than three or txp out of every thousand casts die. The riyuies ^ridlcate that the in th» United Slates run Iroaa 2.SOO to 8.500 deaths per year. However, !n ser..?us outbreaks of the da- ease c-jrr-ng in asyitims lor infants as many as 35 per cent- may die. la poorer districts tcere '.cere !s taatiu- tr.ticn, overcrowding, ar^d inadequate r.un_nK care, lie death rate may be high. The disease Is particularly serioua ta ·-»·· t.rer. under ore year o? age. rua- from 30 to 50 deatij ta a thou- as con'-ra^t-ed a lib three u r deavhs :n a ·h-n-g.iH cases a between i:e and 15 years of age. In controling ceailcs. the health officer de^cands thai cases be reported by doctors. w^o tc* then that children, the d^ease are yolaved so as cot -A-ith other children. \o eorne fcj coni The public ceeds K be educated as w the nature of the spread of this disease 'so that zothers with cues in their O7m fsmJlw Trill co-operate by dls- . coursg-ig contacts, and mothers of sKa!! children ·rili guard them against potiiflle contact with cases of colds and s:zr-tlar t-lness m neighboring families. j It has been found that the Injection of the blood of a person who has just reco-.ered from :he cUseafe a protective for a period of ;nree to Jour neeks. Hence in t_rr.«- of ser "us ep-demic this measure may b- usrd '.'.:th the advice o." the r--*-'-~r:. In scrioas cases »'sn | :he ;rrim of o_r.'. _M:e::t, patients Is ' Isiscie t: to control · "c corr.p.ieatJorJ , and to h-i;-.'TM rfo 1 . -TV. In t:; s c^sease ."TOM r ::..c.i-a! ar.d r.vrsi-^ care _s of ~'if ·** ·;";vr:t:.ce ~i the prrvers- ·icn of c--'i:p.iea.".,--::s. IT the (.h.-Id is ,:ct to bud promptly. fc-.pc v arm. adequate;" fed ar.d v.a'ched for t:ie orcur- TI.I of corr.p!:v,tioi-.s in :;_, c-jrl^st . -·4 v=. :i ·" mare Iii-'iv t- rc-c;-, .-r v ::hi out ser.ciis effects uian ^ Kc-ol-.tied in anv Court News | Friends At Christmas Time. ; As through the years ·B-C go. Which comes in pleasing measure ! As return for love we show; 16 And they came inth naste. aad found Mary and Joseph, and 17. And u-her. they had seen It, they made fcncnm abroad the saying' watch 'fas told them concerning this child- IB. And all they that heard it Tendered at those things which told- tbem bv the shcplwrdi. --Luke n: 8-18. 1 jls the one that nurtures friendship Anil reflects the frvmdly smile. THE SEASON OF KEJOICTNG. Each day now is notably shorter. Night comes earlier, morning later. In earlier ages It raised an awesome ciuei- Ooa- Had an eternal darkness set In? The wise men who knew elemental astronomy ^ere few and lived secluded lires. To the multitude, the sun was going away. In dire and desperate earnest, alas and alack! Oh TTOC! There were treep^iS and vailing and implorings Come bade, O Sun, come back: Then lo! a day ·Braeu the sun stood still! There came the solstice, a word combining two Latin words meaning "san" and "suJl." The sun stood sttEl and behold, on the day alter, edged a little «~ay back. Each day then grew notably longer. Oh Joy! Eat. drick, and dancel In grat.tude beyond any^hmg to be imagined, sing praise! Xoi many of us la this day ar.d age give trus subject a laii drarnatizit.on. Most of us knew, or at least think we krjow, that the winter solst'.cc has occurred for milUcns cf years on December 21 or en the corresponding day o; tie carter calendars A somewhat logical expectation discounts :; as a matter of ccurse .r. 1931. and the world is not d-ftra:: ·s~.ih alas-usgs and. alack- ings. Rather ·n-;:!: llg'ril heart, it. prepared for tic chief cnnua: season of fe:e ari fas:r,al. and tic hci-ciTs arid the r E indeed the mortal I Who can count a host of friends: j Dear, thrice dear the memories ! That sweet reverie attends: j And thoush thi- distance separates i Friends r.i\cr will forpcL. j,And lir.d t.hry often long to be With tho dear ones they huve met. Success may crown one's cHort, And wealth a bounty pour. | But that *hich brings the best return ! Is the friendship formed of years. | And through the years that come and go, I As come and go they win, I Kcraembranw of iovag fr'-cnds i Will prove a blcising stiU. ]Thc pleasant time of Christmas j Gh cs dc.vr n joyous thrill. ' And thoughts of fncntis possess us. | As the old tics bind us still: ' Ar.d a prayer wells up i\ Ithin us. | a love that's deep, s'ncere. \V:shi::sr -ill a J.Iorr:,- Christmas And n ILippy Kcw Year. ALTON B CAHTY. WashL-.glon. D C. 1931. Sm-thsb sr.;. rhurmonl. Ucriise*. Jacob L" Valcnt.rji'. -1. Ei:s- inltibiir-j. tnd :iir,- Joii.:;!;;.".e Milkr Kenneth D. We 1 .!?. 21. Shlremani- town. Pa. and Erti-.'-r .'.! Pcr.bmck. Pa Worth B. Dra;xr. '.-'. ar.d He'-eu G. Lc-.\:s. 18. Charles W. Har.rh. 21. I.Lr.glestp'.vr.. Pa. md Mary E. 19. Harrisburg. P;i. Samuel R. Molessn-orth. 2t. Cantor.. O . and L»Ls A Keller, 23. Baltimore. ROM V Smith. 23. ar.d Pauilue E Ga'.l. 13, both of Thurmont. Clj'de E. Grove. 21. Frederick, Route 5. and Madcl r.c R Staub. 18. 501 Ean Church street. Albert W. Schroyer. 21. and Margaret J. Bar'sdol], 18, Smiths- btrrg. RiLsseJl L. Smith, 24. Jefferson, r.nd Mae E. Wachter. 21. Feaga\1lle. Benjamin S Gouk«r. 47. wldr-Tver. and Siella M Bear, 4S, ildo-a-. both cf MycrsvJIe. Maurice P. Htiir.cs. 2(j. and Vir;lau I. IS. both of Hcrr.con. Va. I IJanxsville ^VoniaD's Club. 1 Mrs Walter A England icas hoeteas ts * .-. I; vrr.v.illc Woman's Club, De- ;-.:.-+r 1-i Tiit.i eL'ht. n-.eni'oe-ra rtres- '"' 1^1 · ^ HL*» N r, the ^r**^.dent. nre- * Id 1 .1 i ..r r;*» *.T!^ '^'HTiC'c; "Alt'* ^ing- -r.^ J.rj^lu Belli ' followed DV the txircis Prayer Roll call re:?poiiie iras ' HOT.' Cr-ru'-mas is Sprat tn O-~er I-rd5 " Af;-r the '.'^jir.css · .·· ·J'ic.ii.op. c".a.ri:di!. Miss " :: - Oj. :nri r'...i*f;i- ·'·* t'.;c f ^llo'vlr-g Sail: Mrs. Clyde Sauth ga\e ;.-.; names of eight good booics on ed- .j^atlan. Christmas carols, reading.;.," Mrs. England; essay on Wny Education a Important." Mrs rLirr:.' C Sworr.'ey: selection. ' I t Came Mrs^ei Wi^i?.ir_s ar;r" Mrs. Clifford L-r.;on. Mrs. Ens'.and had charge of :e;rcation. A poem-mciing game and drawing content resulted tn Mrs Biser -nd Mrs. Smi;r. winning the prizes. De- l.gatfai refreshments trere sen'Cd Mrs , England and Mrs. S'.voralcj- attended the making of tiish gardens to tic club members at the horce of Mrs E:'.;lir.d. The cl^b w.ll hold a candle- l.;ht. service ana sing Christinas carols jr. "he M. E. church Christmas eve r.t 8 o'clock The community vUl :.elp tn '--"o son ice. Copyrijht, 1)31. World Feature Service Today In History (SIDE GLAXGZS Bv George Ciu BY RODNEY DITCHER XEA Service Writer. .:^_:tDr;. Deo J ! -- W n y ci o: Rcpr^s-jntj 1 .:'.e^ i-.:ni tnc rl- HAMMER SLAYER VICTIM FOUND: WIFE IS HELD Mt. Omens. Mich. Dec. 24 (AP) -Apparently the Mctlni of a hammer flayer trie body of Matthew Luomala. 34. was found t--xiay !n a upstairs room o! ha home -ji Van Dy'-te villas^ HJ; wife, -sh.o rcp-irtod t'no slaylrss to otlicprs. 15 held -r. jail lo be! aitcr as a itopsr ^ per- fcrrr.ed. Their two your.c rhildrvr. ^ere as'.'ep !n the ho:ue a; the time. 5aid Luomal.i arrparent- lr had boor, boa ton ;o d^.ith .inci t h a t t::erc wre of ar. .-fTort to erase l.l-vzstains .n 'he room They said Mrs Lucrr.ala t.-'.rl t!-.orr. she and her hti-'tand quarreled yestercay. Proprrty Dreded. John E. Karn et a:, trustees, to George T. Karn. county. S19 22. Goorrc W Page, rccc.-,er cf the Central Tni^t Company of Mary'jr.d. to William M. Storm, trustee, assignment of mortgages. The Board of Education of Frederick County, to Charles F. Hcffrser and wife, ccunry, S10. FIFTH VICTIM TAKEN FROM RUINS AT VATICAN . Vatican City. Dec 24 (APK--The bndy of the fifth an= las; of the vic- ; tims of the co.lapsc cf t.te Vatican :.brar\ -aas taken from the r^ins tcdav The body n-as terr.b'.y crjshej uncer · many tons of fa'lir;; r.;o^onrv i; was found after 42 hoars o: ^ork oy hundreds -·: rescuers «;-..^ c^cr.-red the . first vict-n-.. Dr. VattciKm. T--esc.iv r..cht , Po.^e P.-^s Tas ir.'onrec imrr.e^.atclT 'hat all the victims had beer, roc^-.cred and gme irxsir^ctions for th'- funerals the Abandon Free Haircuts. Hancrccs of dollars ha T , e seen saved i;-.c poor of Hagersto^vn recently by a chanty in Ha;crstown barbers agreed to cut hair free as Ihc'.r contnbiition to the ricedy. T.:c recently ^"as discoritinued. In one shoD a; Williamspor^ -nherc tiic plan was tr ed out. three barbers cut the hair of 135 boys and S-is after closing hours .n three ruaht* The o"er tr-.^re was e.Mvr.dcd to unemployed persons at cer- tr»:n hours oJ the day. The bill for the 135 haircuts would have totaled $47.25 :: it had been rendered. Held For Drnnken Driving. Verne r. D Mills, of Gatthersburg. ^ras .xrrv.-tccJ Tuesday night and charg«i u:th orTr.itir.g an automobile vhi;e under the influence of liquor by Police- mr.r. Gassaway W. Linthicurn, of Police Headquarters. Rcxrk'.-i^c. Po'.ice- n:nr. Linthicum told Justice of the ?c-.~,- \Vi:i;am Burroti^. or Rockv.ile ptitc r.?sr Wes.m TO Then it attracted hU; a'.t.^r.i en M.HS ~as held on -S500 bor.d for action of the county ' polir:: court. Mu;h couid be wr.tten to demonstrate that it really ts not as funny as it appears and otner ev.dence might 1 oe pres-'n-^d a o j d tend to suggest that .-. 15 ever: . r jrr...r One reason tne KC---O -'.·x-jys seems ^0 silly ts ' nearl all its mem- oers tass advantage of every possible ·i intelligent, shrewdest, most companionable. hard--K-orsmgest. most upright group of nature's noblemen in 2'J the Torld. Seasoned rj3T5paper- rcen shun int^rvle^s Tith repre^enta- t.ves becaiise so few of the latter can jiirk to :hc subject w.tricut breaking off into eulor-cs of their colleagues as a collective body. And when the session ends you si!! firjd the Congrcs- Re-r.ord spattered sith outbursts of CDj^re! in nhich con^ressrr.en vie -ith each ether in rhythmically · the praxes of the other 431 Today's AnniTersarla- 1167--King John of England, from whc« rtign Englishrnen dite the birth of their nafonal frecdota. born. Died October 19. 1216, 1737--Silas Deane. member of the Coc- tir.eutal Congress, one of America's iirit diplomats in Europe, bom in G rotors. Conn. Died in England in ob.^c'arity and want, September 23. 1789. 17-;5--Benjamin Rush. physician, signer of the Declaration of Independence. Treasurer of the United States Mutt, bora at, Bybcrry, pa. in Philadelph^. April 19, 1813. 1809--Christopher ( K i t ) Carson, fa- ::i3us hunter, trapper, guide and v.-esbem scout, bom in Madison C'~ur;ty, Ky. Died at Fort Lyon. CoL, -May 23. 1863. '-'---- W-lliarn F. Poole. noted American librarian and biiicgrapher. bom .n Salem, Mass. Died in Chicago, March 1. 1894. ISI'2,--Matthew Arnold. English poet, essayist and crfcc bom. Died. April 16, 1888. 1838--Viscount Morley, celebrated British statesman-author, born. Died September 23, 1923. Miss BIIJTK Mv. how I drrad to tf-JnJc 3^lh b.rthciay Most '.uitr-rs to tte House galleries ha~.-j ^ccr. the House as it ordinarily i^ -i\h£r. in session. Tiisy see from 10 to 30 per cent of the membership in its so-ats as a. lone member stands iri the ~^-l £r:cl rxurs forth his conception of wisdom. Soaetuses the lone mem- y~ drones n_s speerh manot-onously and he bo^;s ail the van- at^r^ of tor.e and voljtne -srhich ctstin- fuishcs the traditional Hoi-ery oratory o! Coimess. S?me - he reads his i?rds labirtoasly £nc sorcetimes he ^tirilis '-srit.-.oui r.ote? 5t~et.rnes he I-.r-o-\s 7.'ha t to do -^.tn h.5 hands and he just -naves them aun- .;s5"y. But seldom does acv other member pay atter.t.on to him--unless it; is 'o tr.3ia sure he is no; ninainc beyond nts al.otcd t.m-e. Look CQ-KTI upon he is gabb-nj animatedly \nth the merr.ber s.tting a-, ius side. X-'.erthcless. tns suacued tamult of private srabbm; is probaily as import- C03 - - rea -~ nr or atic re.'olcing;. But ^rJ-.y such cor.cen- , trated and prolotig^d rr.icty--in f-11 "Fes. December 2. 1 * r^r-" r --p^irt "^ the day of the birth of Jesus Christ. It Flapper Fanny Mr? Webb. Sor.-.cthlr.c terrible must have h3pper."d on that day that you remember It after all those yesrs!-- PathEncer Twenty Years Ago Today MOTHER NATURE'S CURIO SHOP |'stt:u:-~ ac3 tf the Babblers mis any- : Jferord. Tie o^t in the I.-sl the Savs -- ' Ar'.r'- r,f irrrrp-^- i'.v s r. wore ' ^Irf :c-- t_-c F^.x-^ K-.V.-y C^trs - · M a r .T.brr Vf rr. x-l.-m h-rr--- 115 " ·n- -,.-.-.·- of rifth r^r.d Elrr. ,' 5-r- -t* S E'rror T5r' -- . G" r;.- E i W _ - f \c-r. i:-.-. O C Vi .-.?-'.-. n- " ~rr.- Ma--.r P.'-'. --i .--.--ral - f J h - .'mz t.-" Bi'.r~ -^ srd Or..o .-sris tr . ~S-;K.-- - t - - r.ulr x^a j orrj; slons Corr.-- ---c stnr?' The 3 ar- O rlarr-~: "o ccrjr.ect 'i~.t. N r ·" . .-- r- d and r..~-Te 1.*^ r_"c? TT--^-" _v-_^c s-zro t-ir f.r^t of t.'.s ~--3T t~ ;r.e C t-r's cf Cr.rt a- Hcierftcwr..; 40 tlv r f k r^f;-; Chns'rrju: orc.'JLTC s" G:VCJT-C Cr-'-'cr^ arj-.r-jncrf i · tl-.e He t* c: C - -'ct.cri had 1 · now becc-mc s«lf-s - L^.uiiri^ig. Today In History. 1784--The Methodist Episcopal Church in the United States organized. 1814--Treaty of peace between Great Britain and the TJnited States, ending the War of 1812. signed at Ghent. 1849--San Francisco visited by her ! first great fire. i 1B51--A great fire a; Washington, D. C. I Today's Birthdays. [ Ruth Chatterton, actress, bom in , Nen- York City. 38 years ago today, i Fred B. Smith, of New Yorfe, noted ·Y. M. C. A. a=d religious leader, bom I at Lone Tree. lo^ra, 66 years ago today. | Major General Herbert Crosby, tr. 5. . A-. retired, of Washington. D. C.. bom | at Fa^Tcomt, Kansas, 60 years ago today. ; William E. Wicfcenden. president of the Case School of Applied Science. I Cleveland, bora at Toledo, Ohio, 49 ·years ago today. | Bradford Enapp. president of the 'Alabama Polytecnn'c Institute, bom at Vinton, loira. 61 years ago today. . Emanuel Lasier, celebrated German cness champion, bom 63 years ago to- i Today's Horoscope. The disposition of the person bora on this clay is apt to be vacillating and uncertain. There is not the fttrce cf yesterday and procrastination may be a. besetting fault. There is cons'der- sble abiitty EJIQ there is DO reason ifhv the labors should not be crowred r : «c^-r ^Llij^^^^^^ **?*-- -s^.~ -^:x?x_^, ^ ·i ' -'*- x *?--£r*Z/' -'s ·*' \ ^.s*£.JL «fi^^*/,V-.^ "Say! Who flo yon M3s think I am--Santa Clacs?" IN NEW YORK "Drk. D;c. 24 --Well, feMow c;:- tzens, it loolts as tncugii the jOie might be- on us; or. a; any rate, on rruZlozs of us. Hoi many people kno's' a^ty^hlng about dr.vtag horses? Z-Iiyoe that cues- tton's a. little rourh. Wha; I should liavc asiteo, perhaps, isi ho-- maity people knoT the rules and rezulactons vf clnvlag a stase coach or tallyho? Before you ans~er the quesuon get hold of one of the Chr^syras seals ot tho Xationai Tubsrctilas-s As»;.a- ^rrottg ---;- ;h_s p.cture? Al right, I'll KH you the ~:ij"e 3 D~ ar.d ;;"s £ rather atr-Lif.r.; cr*. Three years a;o, J^hn 3-,ar^. c- at- ! And so ji^ is. 3ut OILT one ^-TI In ' Atrsrtca had norzcsc. this. Taere ^. ' r^tttrilly, sonte conTusloro. Seve :al5ed of tsasng a change It ^as = late to da anj^h--g abcu; the stamr 3u; a great -tr.iny o: the posters ~j called in 2nd the change was mace.j Xesi tir~.e. nt^y.tap. the assoca; can r«:rr_ze. And here's a 1-ttle briacer chuc' ib-out so--. .t..tng else. O^e of the r t-or-al tE3..-.i:t:-.-s for the a.d cf the c ',re:vd rrrr.rr-d a =T.ts o; ads a -^j£ter=. Tr- ar'_s- ^33 ir^tructed i..e. A.'J T..S "" t«3 represent 1 ~- cose--=r; -t. .ve.ers! Xsw Yor£ v*?e.t leaders, fsr rcrr..3-.-ed from the j E.~*3T. are moft trr.p--,rt;r:', ^f sll. To obtain a r«lly ; a . r sstirfiate of i QllOtatlOnS tl-e House perhaps the l:st method is to i 1^::^ ^S rSS ^ ; J** '- ^ TM'- ^- ^ ^ ** : "^- 37 , msn, several ot "^cs are pro^i_z_r.t * -·· ~ - -"" ~" son^rrt-an ^^^ ' ~ sporting aflairs and -ho are ^--- '~~~-^ ~l-.cs-, .-.-tru . ."o j;r2r; tn · TCT.C cnv^j. Tiev «-ere -5.=ucd ar.d erodes had s^'air:: srattered thro'jrhaut the -it.--. ?·.-=- --GILB3P.T SWJUT. ' ;t~~. 3- ~e total and t^':e the rest for --Henry Ford. * * * fargst that -« cannot car;^Also f-^rre ? p -ho --:-· --d-oe--"~* or --=- dests rea.-y. for it -n-culc pas-- rr.^-r, -r^iv ~ ^~ ^^^ «. £ .tf^f 3 ^'^^ ^ *~ ^f^.-^^^'T* " ^?^ ^^ C *^ '' ^-- S-^r.-v. O-.3 D-mci-rat- "The TO- " l ~"" * * ^ rtn-'--rr--r; -s-'-_" ~^".-'"/'"*'--^"--^J Gc ----"-' 3 --ty 15 the cnlr thins tr._-" Daily Lesson In English rtur;re .-s-r-r-rr...... s 25 .- * asi," e - - · -- . , . si .n '.' ' -ccett^ ECCC: O.".-- rr.-^rx'lt-' To'iico? 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