The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 10, 1948 · Page 3
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 3

Frederick, Maryland
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Saturday, July 10, 1948
Page 3
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Firemen Win Prizes At Walkers ville Says Uniofi Official Took Russian Orders New York, July 9 UP)-- A former union member today toM a House i subcommittee that a local union ! official- waved a Russian flag at a j union meeting and shouted "This A crowd estimated at more than; is the flag we take our orders 6.000 jammed Walkersville on Fri- from." (day evening to witness the parade Paper 133 Years Old Tells Of Church Holding Lottery A lottery conducted by the Epis- i farms, one of "08 acres and the copal church was one of the chief ' other of 250 acre.--, are advertised. items of interest in Frederick 133 John Mantz wants 800 cords of years ago. according to an old copy tanner's bark by next spring. i of Matthias Bartgis" "Republican ' George Tiitlcr oS'ers spring goods C- j Gazette and General Adviser." one at his house on Market s-treet. D For Walkersville. the event cli- ; subcommittee member said her' now passed down to . . , * -- _ --,,. great- Six notices involving apparent maxed * week of carnival activi- . address was withheld "in order to grandma. Carl Davis, of Fountain insolvents are oa^.he back page in- ties sponsored by the Waikersville, protect her." , Mills. The old paper--of April 22. .dicaUng the persons have been in Volunteer Fire Company. One o f ; Miss Barry said the incident oc- is5--is in remarkably good cop.di- custody of the sheriff for debts and the most successful events of its i curred during a meeting of Local' tiuo. kind ever produced by the Walk- · 65 on January 23, 1945. She de- , i: i s comprised principally of ad- ersville firemen, all previous at-' icribed the flag as red with a 11 veriisements. particularly the front pending ap- tendance records wer»» shattered, j white hammer and sickle. ; page, where the lottery scheme been released Xe\\s items relate the capture by the frigate Constitution of two British ships. teSI of :-on:e late »Jiip peak having oeen reached last ( Rep. Charles J. Kersten tR-Wis). | described and the prirW-al! ca-r Monday, the opening night. State subcommittee chairman. asked, --outlined. The managers of the arrival* iu this country, explain in Police estimated th« week's pre! Miss Barry if she knew the identity lottery were Philip Thcmat John detail tr.e shipwreck of a Baltimore miere attendance at 15.000 largely '· of the woman who shouted. Grahame. George Baer. J. Han-on schooner, tcuch on elections in due to the two-day Fourth of July ; The witness replied she did not Thomas. Richard Potts. John Tyler several .«-t-tes. Vessel* captured holiday. ; know her then, but learned later Thomas Shaw. William Boss "and during the War of 1S!2 are ou'.As in all firemen's parades, Fri- j that it was Mrs. Esther Lesz. 3 er5 Rusherfcrd. hr.e-j alotss with tho^e lost at sea. day night's event at WalkersvUle f wholesale department director of One { , on , ^^ column was taken The sr.onument to be erected in Baltimore in honor of Washington \\ ill bo placed in Howard's Park. Local nev. s items are fe\\. One marriage i? reported. De^th of a scidKr from Frederic** occurred :n Xe\v York btate. Jailor Michael featured the customary arrav of i Local 65. apparatus, uniformed groups and ·'She's right there," the witness music. ; said. ' - with the green dress and SCO* Awarded In Prizes · white coat - and b!onde hair " . s up with* a "list of letters" remain- L Represented were the »««*«[ j Roadside B ffl Given companies of the county association, and a number from adjoining | 4 pprO val Of Council areas. The parade moved off at 7 f rf ^" April 1. A reward of S20 is o::ered | for return of a horie stolen from j a Williamspors sran at a tavern ' two miles from Middle-.ovvn. · Who- I ever takes up and sec -re^ said horse, and apprehends r.e thief. o'clock from the Glade road in J Baltimore Julv 9 '^--A bill de-" s ? lks £ f! e may be brou sht to jus- vertices for tv ' ' viand road: . :ce *al! have the above reward." «« paperaiak Rov.-e announces he is stil! an auc- tior.eer The newspaper i:e!f ad.\o apprentices and Walkersville, traversed the prm-! £ ; gned to prO i e ct Marvland road- ,. , - . cipal streets, past the judges' stand is £ es from disfigurement by bill- l j» e aaventsement says, "or S!0 for to the disbandment point, where! boards and other commercial en- 1 Y? norse alone - be ^*es all reason- the winners and awards were an- ; terprises was approved today by a ° ! e expenses if brought home" nounced. The parade was led by j the state's Legislative Council for " uliam Gunton. drus;gi?t. Association, town officials and other dignitaries. Judges for ihe event were Philip , J. Ryan, of Mt Rainier, past president of the Maryland State Fire- introduction into the next general · n ? un «$ «« *»as removed his store directly opposite his former s:ard on Patrick street, offering for sale "at the Baltimore prices" drugs. U. X. Personnel Is Taken Out Bv U. S. assembly. Under the proposal, the State Roads Commission could designate as a "roadside protected highway" · v armsh. liquid blacking and many men's Association: Capt. A. M. I any highway, freeway or parkway ; kl " ds of garden seeds. GrunweU. of Washington, D. C., and ! in the state outside the corporate | Announcement is made that a pe- be _ was e ,, Sheriff Guy Anders of Frederick ' limits of any town or city and hav- , tnion v.-ill be presented the next county I ng a daily traffic density of a t ' General Assembly to "lay cut. Prices annroximatine S600 were ! !east i- 000 vehicles. 'open and widen the road leading awarded a?*aUmS i The commission would be au- from Mr. Cronise's near Mr. John- aviaraedasiouotts. ! thorized to proclaim as a protected : son's Old Glass Works and then Wash:ngton. July S ..·P'--The Xavy said today that American military and United Nations personnel have been successfully evacuated fro;n Palestine. Xo num- A cable :o the Xavy said the evacuees were taken aboard the Marquette, a cargo ship, and the ' PaJau. an escort carrier. These * ships have now left Haifa and are . apparatus--Guardian Hose Company of Thurtnont. first. S75: New i ^ ; . ( of the ° l n e *«(*,« Vi JkillUAJIVllL, ^1151. O I « S . .CVV j . . . ,, ^S r ^ mtM ^ C0mpan% i The a pro P osed bill would not; \ affect ''existing business struc-; _. tures" and would not regulate agri- ; f ire * - * - second, S5Q. Best appearing marching com Donostoon's mill to house." "Taylor" Thomas W. Scott announces he has taken the house lately occupied by Mr. John Fess- «=50- i T» - T IT i ^- ,, Tbe agricultural exemption was I-Brunsw,ck Volunteer Fn-e Com-1 ^ {o saUsf farm group , pany second, S2o. I * exoressed vigorous protests B«t drum or bugle corps-Moose j to simi , ar measure at the 1947 . of Hagerstown first, S.D: Francis General Assembly session. j Scott Key Post, American Legion, j 1_ ] Frederick, second. $50. i f\ tr ! Best band--Hagerstown Civic Embargo On Kansas Band, first. S75; William F. Myers Packing Company of Westminster, second. §50. Best appearing Auxiliary--Sykesville, first, S50; New Midway, second. S25. Best appearing apparatus--Rockville, first. S50: honorable mention City Wheat Shipments Kansas City, July 9 UP,--An. embargo on wheat shipments into j K a n s a s City, effective at 11:59 i (CST) tonight was announced to- j day by Ralph E. Clark, manager J of boxca'r distribution for the As- ' rg's Patrick street, nearlv opoosite Messrs. Lane and Rutherford's stores, where he will continue the "tayloring business," A husband cautions the public "against trusting my wife " * on my account" as he will pay no debts because she has left his "bed and board." Attorney George Wra. Murdoch announces he has moved his office opposite the nost office. Two The ships also took municalions equipment, trucks and supplies that had been used by j ·Farmer Freed In Traffic Case A county farmer \\as exonerated of criminal charges in blocking a highway and causing an automo- j bile crash bfore Magistrate Alton Y. Bennett Friday wight. Specifically charged by Trooper Richard A. Myers, with failing u . give right of \v?y by driving a ', tractor-drawn hayearriage out of a field across Route 26. a mile and ' a quarter east of Libertytown. ; thereby causing an east-bound au- · toaiobile to crash into it. Scott : Smith. Rt. 2. Union Bridge, was found not guilty. Main factor in determining the exoneration of Smith, was the arresting officer's testimony, supported by witnesses, that the C^ddijc , automobile, drive:! by Will-am : Kessler. «f Long, (near Cumber- ,iand "skidded brak^-d tues 15j feet." before hitting the lear v\hee!s of the haycarriage. Both sides admitted the highway :s bordered by an obscuring bank oil a turn approximated 50 yards , east of where the accident occurred. 11 30 a rn. ThurJay. The machine driven by KessSer wj.- damaged at least $!50. Trooper ^!y- ers estin;ated. Xo one was injured. State Witness Wronj The magistrate strongly condemned a Stale witness' contention that vehicles on the highway .ave all legal rights on their side, against farmers operati.-'.R equsj:- "inent between fields separated by .1 public thoroughfare. In a neighborhood Qisarre! case wherein Mrs. Mary Ann Andrews. East Fifth street, .sought to pros- secute Evelyn Perkins. !C. a ue'gh- bor, for assault and battery, the magistrate harshly declared after , hearing a dozen conflicting witnesses, that he found the defend- .ant not guilty as the temperament . of all parties concerned indicated a , desire "to live with boxing-glove? ' well, arrc s sted by Sergt. Swomlry for intoxication, went to jail 'or five days in default of $5 fine and costs. For traffic violations, these forfeited collaterals: Peter P. Kal- dc. Washington. D. C.. S6 45: Jame.: R. Allen. Juniata. Pa. $645. for exceeding 30 mph. on citations by Officers Boone and Rentzell. I George "Four-cents" Chase, col- ' ored. in jail since July 4. admitted larceny of IS empty bottles valued j at 36-cents. but his case was nolle " prot-ved when the owners of the ; bottles failed to appear for prosecution. The News. Frederick, Md.. Saturday, Jaly if. i KF.KI'S PKO.M»E ' M^rtinsburg. W. Ya . July 9 , Carl L Welliner. Marnnsburs's new mayor, took action on his campaign proinies to do something about loitering on the streets and violating stop light signals when he psesidcd at his first se- ti^n of police court. A man \sho has been in court e\v;Mi tune.- on luiU-iinu charges \\.is sonteiiced to cut weeds for !»:ee days on csiy property. A !uo::ian \\ho ran past a stop 1'ght ' was Riven a lecture and fined $3. It was her f i i s t offense. First State Troops Arriving At Ritchie Camp Ritchie. July S VFi--The first contingent of Maryland National Guard troops will arrive at Camp Ritchie tomorrow to begin | the annual two-weeks training. i The first of the state's 4.386 · guards to move in will be the 193 men of Baltimore's 175th infantry regiment. The field training schedule was arranged this year to send the various units to camp at different , dates Guard oSicials said this p!a;j was adopted so that training of individual soldiers cou!d be 1 stressed for the benefit of the large number of recruits. Many of the recruits are youths \\Sio enhted in the guard to avoid being called for compulsory military service under the peace- t.nie draft law. Mar SanU troops assigned to 29th Division headquarters and specia! troop units w:l!. beg:n training at Camp Ritchie on Jul? 30. · The guard's field artillery battalions, the 150th and the 224th. will tra'n with other 29th Division artillery battalions at Indiantown Gap. Pa., beginning July 25. The 104th Fighter Squdron IB | to engage in aerial gunnery exercises at the Dover, Del.. Army Air Base beginning August 1. Maryland's "county" regiment. | the Ii5th Infantry, will conduct , its field operations fro.ij August ' 21 to September 4 at Camp Ritchie. . LOT OF DEAD WOOD : Baltimore. July 9 (a*--Almost one-third of the 370.000 voters on Baltimore's registration lists are either dead, left the city or changed their addresses. Daniel B. Chambers. Jr.. chairman of the Board of Supervisors of Elections, said today Chambers attributed the faulty lists to failure of the supervisors* . office during the past eight years to "clean up" the rolls. - en.' In other cases. William Croni; FOR SALE Dairy Farm 235 Acres Located on State road U. S. 15 about 5 miles North of t'reilerick. .Md. 40 cow dairy barn--Washington Market--2 :ilus and other adequate farm buiidiiiKv. All tillable land ran be farmed with tractor. 60 acres of blue grass meadow-land, large shaded stream running; through farm. Other improvements ar«---Modern brick mansion home. 14 room*, bath, slate roof, oil licit. Ilea:ilifull landscaped. Tenant house. 6 rooms, electricity, runiiiiic water in kitchen. This is cue of the besl farms in Frederick County. Very reasonably priced, anil owner will finance. M. D. HARP REAL ESTATE AGENCY Phylhian Castle Building Frederick. Maryland Phone 729 GORDON" SPURRIER. ISroker Kes. Phone 514-M HOWARD S. KINK, Rep. Kes. Phone 2233-J Nations mediator, in his efforts to bring peace to the Holy Land. Three American destroyers that have been on patrol duty off the Bernadotie have rejoined the U. S. 6th Task Fleet, the Xavy said. The major port:on of this fleet is now in the eastern Mediterranean. America's chief dairying states are Wisconsin, Xew York. Iowa. Minnesota, Texas and Illinois. T Frederick. Uniteds of ! sociatToiTof American" RaUr'oads". The week's .events at Walkersville will come to a close tonight with a action was taken as the tide of the grain from the Southwest . . glutted the terminals here with re- i .. , program presented i cord breaking arrivals. For the by the firemen^ together Tritb a secom i straight day receipts set an | all-time record--1,986 cars. j Clark made the announcement at J a meeting of the joint terminal j grain committee of t h e Kansas j band concert.-.-C Miners' Pay Boost Tips Coal 85 Cts. Ton Cit ' Board of He said cais loaded today or re - ; s u r g , u y »)-- he SI- consigned to Kansas City will be | day pay increase for United aiine I allowed to come in. u cars he sai * " Pittsburgh, July 9 »)-- The SI- Workers caught UD with the public j sai * - Watches Diamonds Jewelry and Silverware Doll's Jewelry Store SOUTH MARKET ST. FREDERICK. MD. today to the tune of an 85-cents- j sas oll y after per-ton boost in" the retail price iuLLIXIX PAKK EVENTS of bituminous coaL The Pittsburgh Coal Company announced the increase here. It follows a 46-cents-per-ton increase in the mine price of coal effective Festive week in Mullmix Park | started Monday with family picnics and a large number of women. ' men and children enjoying the pool. Games through the week July 1. j played were volleyball, tennis. A spokesman said the 85 cents dodge ball, ping pong, badminton, covers the mine price hike, higher j ano : croquet was also enjoyed by , trucking and yard expense, salary ' increases, higher freight and storage costs. New prices include four-inch _ lump coal SI 0.85 per ton. stoker i success and was attended by sixty coal S10.60, and nut slack $8.60. I persons. the smaller children. Attendance during the iveek was estimated at around 540 persons. The teen-age dance was also a QUALITY^ Markell Ford Phone 2O2 HAPPINESS A Crowing Savings Account in this Institution is a sound investment in happiness. THE FREDERICKTOWN SAVINGS INSTITUTION BANKERS FOR OVER 100 TEARS 1828 1948 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation HOLD ALL i'OUR U. S. SAVINGS BONDS AND PROTECT YOCR FUTURE EWSPAPERflflCi'"" CORN BORER and JAPANESE BEETLE CONTROL Protect Your Crops at Reasonable Prices Price Per Acre AIRPLANE SPRAYING '2.75 For Information Call JAMES W. CARMACK. Fred. 232-J AUSTIN D. TROUT, FRED. 584-J Using- only Insecticide Manufactured by DUTONT KILL the JAPANESE BEETLE Use 25% Liquid Pestroy for the Japanese Beetle and Corn Borer. Costs *1 .30 per acre by high-pressure spraying methods, USE economical LIQUID PESTROY a product of Sherwin-Williams Co. The Frederick Motor Co. itcatlquarters Phone 1 092 JForcf 1 28 West Patrick Street mos'. supply of Super Suds free with every washer sold. Nationally known makes. MAYTAG HOTPOINT THOR UNIVERSAL DAMASCUS ELECTRIC CO, DAMASCUS, MD. Phone: Damascus 2481 OPEN TUESDAY AND SATURDAY EVENINGS UNTIL 9 P. M. PENING RENN'S SERVICE CENTER North Market Sixth Sts. · GASOLINE · OIL · LUBRICATION · TIRES ONE-STOP CAR AND REPAIR SERVICE The only place in town where you can get COMPLETE AUTOMOBILE SERVICE AND REPAIRS at one stop. Direct connection to-RENN PONTIAC CO. * * * Opening Special * * * Complete Lubrication and Car Wash for 1.75 Souvenir "With Each 10 Gallons Of Gas. Monday Thru Thursday, July 12-15 NowlsTheTime For all carpentry work, repairing, remodeling;, new construction, see Thomas Consfr.Hog. Co. 310 Jefferson Street Phone 2144-J MEN W A N T E D Hudson Supply and Equipment Co. BL'CKEYSTOWX, MD. No experience necessary. Good pay. Bonus. Steady work. Time and one-half for overtime. Vacation pay and paid holidays. SPECIAL SALE Men's and Boy's All-Wool Knit SWIM TRUNKS Beach Balls, $1.69 Playground Balls, $1.89-- $2.49 Aqua-Mits, $2.95 Ear Plugs, 29c-39c I SHIPLEY'S Sport Store 103-105 N 7 . Market St Williams Grove Park SPEEDWAY BIG CAR AUTO R A C E S SUNDAY, MY llth 2:00 F. L Championship 5O-tap Feature Mace IN THE PARK Rides--Shows--Amusements Massed String Band--125 Talented Musicians--in a series o£ concerts Specialty Nu^ibers -- D a n c i n g . Singing. Comedy--FREE IN PAKK THEATRE AT 3:00 P. 51. SUXDAT with C A N V A S AWNINGS to suit your taste in PAINTED STRIPES.. in WOVEN STRIPES.. in SOLID COLORS, too! * Finest c :ality materials ___ superb ·workmanship . . . and 3isti nctive £engn-all these ir« yours todzy. But don't wait -decide now to make this your most joyous summer. Telephone us today for an estimate. THOMAS SONS, Inc. Phone 22-F-4 Boonsfcroro. Mfl. PROMPT SERVICE EWSPAPERl

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