The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 18, 1934 · Page 6
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 6

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 18, 1934
Page 6
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THE r AKB KtWS. 1«B4 FINALISTS IN WESTERN AMATEUR Finalists in the western amateur golf championship at Oklahoma City were Zeft Eaters (left), a product of Oklahoma Crty caddy ranks, and David Goldman (right) of Dallas, Tex. In center Is Norman Fresr, prwdent of the Western Golf association. (Associated Press Photo) San Francisco Takes On Aspects Of Battle Front PAGE5CTBC Pure Thread SILK HOSE Real 49c All the newest shades in this great group of pure thread silk hose. Such values as these *.y ill be snapped-up in a hurry. Regular $1.49 AB Silk CREPE SUPS Begins Prompiftr at 8 O'Clock AlUtl '"" I Thursday MoAng ^^r ^^B* W • p or 30 j^— HUNTS Itt** Wo* cooking th* market* for maairf»ctw«r» fl-vi^^^l „__ L ^H _ _ » •* • • • : ^^^^^^P M0HBMT BM-FCIMt slins. All sflk cren.* • iablMr'f «*ci*l clniin^i wt« clMtfMtc< *nin W* kav* MKc*«d«d to brine YOU tMfl^H__^ . :_ .. . ,_ The Sale Sensation Of The Entire Year Real quality in these slips. All sflk crepe, >hadoH- proof, lace trim, adjustable shoulder straps. Bias and straight cuts. A marvelous value. the market* for We Wr* iacceeded to bring you th» mm by ALWAYS that wit* offered •§ w« tike Kreatea collection of X FRANCISCO, cs» — so this MRS. JENNIE CAYLOR -. OF BONHAM IS DEAD Armored trucks. ,s.trei-nei.,..ietet.-. » humans. Sand-bas, barricades- Widow of Confederate Veteran to i there is akin to u. ;>« Be .Buried. T.biir.?daj- ! portentous days of ISIS in France, j ; bat there's sorr-eti-inr strar.sely j BONHA-M. — Mrs. Jennie Cay-^ lacjciagr. It's all zoo q~:£t and omi- | : or _ gg years old. die*., at her home | nous, like those minutes before a. ; here "Wednesday Tnomins: alter i lone "75 "barked otit its of ; i^-^z years of iirv, ; zero hour. : Last'rites x-rill be held Thursday ; The scream of "H -E." thi^h ; afterr-oon. i siiells, tiie -wlule of machine stir.. . lor. Confederate veteran, is sur- ; STjll-pts, the staccato i?ark of viveS by two children. Miss Olivia. | yrenca *7.s—all that's nussias >nd Charles Cay lor anc a foster- | faere- But •wnat portends? : daughter. Miss Z--ois Gist. ! Fro-a-i Islais Crees.. to the south , ™ ! end. of the -ff-aterfrc-nt, to tie j ~, .. x T nort-bw^t^rd ~e workefi. Guard.. J>COllt NCWS •\va_lkeci post -everyw-nere, passes : } scri:ti...tizeG close.;-' ar.d you move. ~ ~ ~" " "] "^ into the znll-tar-.- zone. ' - 1 r - e =:ziai " Br «* iC G - Camp is Debris. ^_ ^. _-„,'• held at Camp Clark. Scout Camp Here's the sers-; "s, I^e-on M. Gr of ca.mpal.rni in the and Siberia- Tali. decorations on his Mussl^man. Frank Fuller. Jr., oje : blouse, ' ' "~" ^ """"" kno-ws ^rhat it's all abour. | Jim" ^vi-..^~.Donald Lewis, ." C* JLt zae "P C" « of corn- * T^ore, ilallie Pert:--, John ProciC. ; the *'skdpper" is out ; perry Moore, and rJ.oi.-ert QlS-Ze of • There's a familiar pic- . Paris: Bill Sames, Jack Boutotte. . ; lure, thoueh. The boys roli-ec up : So-r.y Rc-binso..!. Bill Fielding', ir. -O.D' ? blankeis, tryingr to snatch '. John FlanagraMi and Bill Hartson of , some sleep- Others lying: on their : Hosey Grove; Harold Hart, Con- j bu.2jcs •writins to the folks back ; ncr vrocxialL azi-f Bill Bs-rtiey of j Jionae, St.;" here's s-orriethins' the = Cocper: James Story and Bill Din- Tanks of 'IT didn't have—a port- ,' ^•icdi€: of Clarksvllie: ames Griffin ! able radio crocninr in sc-ftest of -Deport: and "^i:\is.m Gordon. St, tones. Xo-ar -o the field kitchen. • ^iioma-:., v i-rg-in^ isianas. ^ Same old hospitality to a stranger. ; -=• r -- s^a'f for tni^s " rree ,~ ^ cozri " ! 3a-e s. piec* of cornbread. ; P° se<i °- Frani r u;i*r. As- do we eat. commei-itE the mess ser- I derscn. Gains Boyle. Bob Berry, ^eaiit t-rlth a risltig- infle-rtio.3 on : ^.T^*'"* 1 "* 0 ..... 2 ' - = f a -' :e5 - - a " ::i nT.rre:- and . ; eat_ "Well, look at this— ; — ar " s-artiey. , 5>ear.£, ecrair.b]e<.! ee-srs, bacon, oat- ; As a busy -a-eek :s planned at : mea.! or r.ii:sh- combread and cof- • camp, visitors' r.ish. -s-:II be hsld • fee for breakfast- That's far : or- Friday nigrhi on]y this -week. As ; more than, this reporter r.a-d, 'what ; us-ia. an interesting anc \ariec ' •witlb all the restricted food s.tna- , pr-.-5r.-im •*'^^ "'- of:erec . . " ^~^^ I -iloz. be.reab-ox;ts- Boxes c-f food *v_ ;. n-.Ernt. Sre-cia: act-v : i;es «eek ; ics open. lettuce, rad;sh-s. cab-| —=^f e ^^'l^L™'-^!!'"?. 1 ^* ? "~~" ir.r. ar-zr.-T.-y. and other Scout '-ra:.j.. The carr.p«r..- -sril! .gro to i.^^ ^.. u^- -^ -•--.,.. ,-.- ..^ ^^ Cr ,. ok ._ ber;r . --r^ri r.atnre I>c-n t see any ra= 5 - u ,-v v;!--^ Thursd&v • aiars.: shells. Just rsistoo.; son-.* "' ' milfe carts, though for those "her- .mat cans ^r* used to u*e in :u S - HONEY GROVE >'E Cing- food re- The front. These •*?-% More s«~tries, more l:-T-V:ir.r a: pasee.... Here's the _T:^.t barricade. ip—>* ^v>f T.|H' "^"d ^* ^^P'.f 5 * f* ™ " ff- "^i.-: " *^ fr ^ ^T- — ~aa.rea.derc. Several officers. _^^ ^''^° r ': i6>Ii ° f ^ 5<pee<! - "-' rf.-turned to lAke-•;»•»• afier visiting- •« are on tr*r trrbarca- : •__>,,-'•."^".-'"...^.j' ;ro. trusck-s and freight '.-ars to """^V'-^'^nd H P. Xu-r^lii the iefx as Tve proceed. Pie mid*. Sc-De cars:* is "->e:r.s: T.-ork- a - ^..•_.-„-.- ok> ing: PO.K at every pier. Sand-ba^; Miss Faye Fein have returned -?Trat*-=ic • f ro — a '.-:s-i- in Z>?nver, Cc:o. here. F LOCAL LXTERE5T •w:t> Mr, and Mrs. Robert 3roc-k- lor Two tanks *.-u:pp.*<.! -< : -h ; ^ x H. atherha.s 'i .;— -,, H-t-^rtc....; after rper.'':?:,? a vaca- ; • :,-.or. Ti-i:h her parents, Mr. and : •»•*:.• j.*.-s D ;-:".•: "V-_>o.;. • I be appro-ichlrisr "r.^adquar- : Fun era! s^r^'ires ^-^re h^I-f JSJST '. Mrs. T«e«. her* .t is. s^con.! floor i Saturday at Forest H;'l c.hap*I for; of tbe ferrj" r-ui"'S:ri~. "^"e pass IT. ! IJerinis Sr-e^d, 55 y<?< old. -who Th« «*2aaJ _*tir. br-r~: np back i di*d Friday after sevsral years ill : so-nre- ; health, Th* Hevs. E, M. Jones and • e phone '' C- K. Dodg-*- officiated, "r. Pnee*J n wjr« -'Is «ra_rfiv«i by r^c sons an€ a ; vano-js ? da^^hter. Herbert ar.i C*or,?<; ' the J Sntfrd ar.i Miss I>a:s:v- 3*;: Sr,ee<l- .. to • ~ ' ! t-binsr. The ra.'.-.o ard roortr, with the jr'-arrf 1 *: «ystftsr.. eonriectir;.^- v.-r. mloEs.? :.h« front fla.nhls.g- ord»rs 1r, «*tion5 in the JONES DIES AT 10 * ^^kr^ToM ^ ROXTON ON TUESDAY 'or the next •we.r. X^"*, heard about it, toe. !€ y-ars acre K^r*> H.OXTO.N.— Som Juries. IS-year«. file, to-we; in ha.n_. hour.e ' ° ;d ^^^ °- M ' r - a "^ 5> ' r£ - £5;> Joaes, Tor tfce *howe.r.s. d -^ Tuesday afternoon at 1 •So It goer, a.!! alonif T.h« BiT-ttiiie *trik< front taken over by :.h* different frora the i ^'t OX 1*1 S ta France, except rh« i ^"^ yo« know. But don't exj:*^*. too »«ch, th2s is jost time -warfare. held MARSHAIX MASTERS s-r^J the _fun*ra.i i triornlngf at, II o'clock at is Baptist eh arch , near :rial bfin...: at the cemeter? : ther*. The service faa con«J-ict<frd ; by thf Rev. F. JD. Co.?pin, Ba.pti.rt i roir-.jsTf.r here, aad tbe pailbear- I ens v*r* J. E. Maysart.!, Carl • Brown, IF^arl Branaarn,. Marvla • Helms tLR£ Uoyd aod Floyd Jcme.t Th* j'outh is st!.rt*ived t>y .his i r'Srwri.s. two «si.sTer8. Mies Marj« i Jorsfrs ar.-i Mrs. Burnett M. tit* «t tk* T . XfJ.irsha.Tl<*rBi of ;„.,<; »hr*e brother*. Homer. Sh«J, -formerly of Farm. ; ton and. XValw-r Kay of Itoxton f b« tb» *p«*ker Thur»tf..i3r noon i and a half brother, Jimml« Moor« ; club w*«le!y lunchtos i <j* Coiorado. lM>t«fL J. M. Cavl- f <5tw,irm».n ax-noun- 0**, £*rm«rs on the north <ld* t.h« Rio Grand* *r« Iwl-n* pai<5 >y Mr». Fntak ] JTJ tl»e M*J.,ica.n valley have put i« •»* fta.m COUOJBU |* record crop of atx>ut tfl,00« acre*. Hunf's ' r Cap The C/imax ff of a Thrilling Season of Dress l/a/ues — W/fh This Mighty Mid - Summer DRESS SALE Week after week time after time Hunts have brought you sensational values in summer dresses .... but never before have %ve offered so much as NOW during this mighty .V'id-Summer Clearance, Read This Letter From a Seasoned Dress Shopper About Hunt Values: .Below "~e re-print a. lerter from .Mrs. C. Pelonbet. tvho is a representa.vie of Slna- plicity Patte-ms out of taeir .Xe'w T"ork offiee, she lives in .Xe Jersey and tra.Yels alll over th» TJ. S. visitics raany stores eacli year' Regular $5.95 and $7.95 SILK DRESSES 47 beautiful ^ash silk dresses from our regular stock of 35.95 and S7.95 summer dresses. We lost all thought or profit to ciear 3 125 Sheer Summer The finer organdies, and piques. Exceller tre smart styles ror s ning vear. Also in Values -o S5.95. * voiles, saces. it quality and treet and eve- group are ;vc!e suits. 029 Regular $2,95 Ladies 9 SUITS ^*~^*"" — "^ T.T^J..-^ s. T "' - ^ Tj^i"***-* HU^T.K have been on sale a.t 5---»S. Fcr G'-jick clearance w» ar» pr:cnr:s thern at orsly 99C Regular $1.95 White Pique WASH FROCKS sun back Jie-a. ll.t-5 -.%Iu»-s uT.h%a.rd of 'en* pricf-- Plenty ot *tyl« &r,<5. isn-ip in thp-*^ grartts<snts. 99C 50 Regular $1.95 SILK SKIRTS A. %o&£ selecticn of a.11 silk: roa^h crtpe skirts. Choose from shades of flceh or Tvh.t*.* STr^nly .rtyle^, well irjadt. Tkke advantage of tb.« lo* price now. 79c Clearance Wash Blouses Real $1.00 valtj<s* in anyJxxly** stor*. Priced for this mt<5-cummer cl**ranc« att 3<s6» tfcan on*-ls»lf. Bay th«m wl»il« t.h«r l*»t »t Ladies* and Misses* $2.95 Jodphur Ver>- sir-art Gab^r-Jtrs* Jodphur... for ladles and rriisse-s. Sizes 22 to 20. Kea! 52.S5 vahi^s. Colors of tan, ffreeii and bh;«. Here's «. real opportunity to save. Clearance All Wool Bathing Suit Tou can't i.r.Agtn« *-^ch srnart mtylex In ^xtra. jrood quaJity stH wool baihin.!.: sruit-s at this prie^. Trsey s,n> rcjsrular 5.:.?S to $4,S5 vai-j-es, Stz*-s to 44 for Ladles -.Lnd 99 137 OF THE SEASON'S FINEST Silk Dresses VALUES TO $16.45 The star attraction of a sale filled with star values! A b\% selection of beaut.fiil silk dresses for right now snd farlv f^U -*ear. Included you'll find a smart dress for any occasion, street, afternoon, party or dance. The qroup represents a very special purchase from three of the largest houses in the south p!us dresses from our own rc.s^Iar stock ridiculously priced and slashed. ANOTHER BIG GROUP OF BEAUTIFUL Silk Dresses Real vaiues to $4.95, but they must gol Wash silks in good 512C5 for every one. Also a group of pure linen suits included at this unbelievable price. Misses' Sailor Style GOB PANTS 69 sailor *iyle. Ii..c« b«.ck Gob p-Lct?. N~ov*.;y T-Aurlcal print.* ar*. prlci.-d at only 9»c ... th« plain white ones. *xtra. .spiecsaj at SSc, S«* theta. The Smartest Lace Si^agger Coat Very popular this *ea*oa, srnart lac* irwa^s-fsr coatx Jtre of th« very high**!. quaUty. tr.rrts In r?&u.l&r 55.55 t«> clear a.t only values. "Perfect Maid" Regular $1.9! Our i-raart lin« of Perfect MaJd w»»h frock« ar« cut. too, B««auti- fu.. v«ry new vo-l«»«, organdie..! and prSnts. The lt3ea.I p^rf^ot flitir.R hots** dresai in jort th*^ «tyle you like. 2 Groups Smart Imported Linen Suits Retular $6,95 V.l- for $1O.W for sroun* of hisrh yr&d* smAt. Imported ll »utt*. Colors of nary. biarsT-t, brown, wblt« and otnarfon5. 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A sensational value at this low price. 490 Bargains In Hunt's Basement Boys' Wash Pant« 9&c valnes,. snmmer styles Ladies* Princess Slips cnt, broadcloth slips Bias Cut Princess Slips broadcloth slips at a. germine savin* *9 Fancy Straw Sun Hats hcreV a real 49c at a pick-up Choice 98c Wash Frocks Chcrfc* from o-ar basement stock of ladles* »Sc Sheer Wash Dresses of sheer warfj fabric ladies' dresses Choice AH Silk Dresses TaJce yonr pick of zrny dress in the for. Clearance Field Straws AH men's and boy** field straw bats must go Women'* House Shoes Good felt or leatherette house shoes 19* 69 C 47 C 99 C MEN'S DRESS SHIRTS. 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Plain 2nd novelty silk* arsd weaves of every description- Values to -?! f>9 per yard. Take your choice at only 49c per vard. No pieces cut. 49 Cotton Laces 690 > Si..:* jaces. In- mar.y neiv num- just. added to our r stork, which we st a cToyr-o Choic«* of colors. Finest Swiss Organdies Beautiful patterns in prints, dots «n<S *tr.p«,i. Kver>' piece worth 45c .T sr.rtro. Very finest. q«aUt\\ priced yd«. 490 Pure Linen Plain and prints. Values to 89c. All colors. Buy them now at onlv 49c Special Purchase, New Piques and Seersuckers Beautiful stripes. an,I pla!die. Prett'.est patterns And rrsost colorful ?o* •«•« have seen nt any price. Worth SSc. Voiles & Dimities Pretty printed patterns. Yard 'A'id<?. Guaranteed fast colors. Real !9c values. Priced to ckar. yards 49c Solid Piques Solid color in ii^ht and dark shades. Narrow and wide wales. Extra special. 2 Yard. 49c ( 49c CLEARANCE Included in this v«ry special *ale —GirFs Dre«« —^Boy*' W«»h Stn*t» —Swa —P*jajnts —Bathing Suzt* Nothing I«cs than regular 69c value* I Lot of Children's Summer Small lot of children's dresses in sizes 3 to 12. Pretty sheer fabrics foi summer wear. Real 49c values. Come early for these. Group Girls* Summer Sheer Frocks Organdies and batistes in dalntv trim. A hu v s:e vanety of patterns. All are actual 51.00 values. C MEN'S AND BOYS ! shrunk. Men's and boys* summer "?r.:..s.i pants, Xub patterns In grey or tan. seersucker and spor: srripes. Boys* sizes S to 16. .Men's sises ..!$ to 45. SI.CS and ?1.49 values. 99c WE BOUGHT TOO MANY WHITE CAPS Thes* -wliit* duck, si.;..rimer c-m.p» shcnid s*Il for ...Sc and do on sale else, but x<re rriia.-.:,: unl §:o*s a-, p/rofit on these. FINAL Close - Out All Remaining Stock of Men** Cotton Wash SUITS Regular $4.95 Values ROCKEFELLER'S GRANDNIECE WEDS G*r*!din« Rockef«H«r MeAIpln (Iftft). granddaughter of the late WH- II»m Rock*feif«r,. brother of John D. Rock*fe!!*r, Sr, was married al th« Columbia-Presbyterian m*dic»J center In New York to Dr. Jero:«« f?"^ Wftb « ter f r »S^*), a member of Columbia university 3 * medical faculty. (Associated Press Photo*! Common Citizen Tired Of Strike Hardship In Frisco Morals Case Called Fake SA^" FRAXCISCO. (j?) — Mr. Cor-amon Citizen, admittedly appalled when th.e general srtike SIar; - e d, began to g-rumble "Wednesday. Strike gossip assumed the same ' I statuts as the stories of the big T • M. •** + 1- 1 ffsh that s °~ & * x ' 3 -y- a ^<i '^e ravin.! JLnSl«tS ITlOVie Cast- I of a new papa about his junior/ Ing Bureau Head Vic- If married, the sleht tim of Frameup .LOS A^GSI^SIS. (iP) —Testimony that the morals of Dav» Allen, former head, of the Central Casting' Bureau, "were under discussion long; before his indictment out of an alleged "Tv-ild party" -was before a superior court jury "Wednesday. Appearing as the first of a nun..- bsr of defense •witnesses which Attorney Jerry Gelsfer said -would rove -.hat charges a. **franie-t:p," •oras Mrs- ifyra. .McKHnney Russeli, secretary o* the Motion Picture Supporting and Extra Players' As- She testified that Miss June -Dalong-,, filna extra and the state's star tvitness, came to her office and •wa.n'te<i to "make a statement concerTsingr the morals of Bavs Allen," four months before he -wras indicted by the grand j'ory on charges of as offense against public mo.als. Allen and .Miss Gloria T-Iarsh. -r«d-hairtd actress, are accused cf participating- -svith Miss Deionf,: in aa immora.1 party at her apart- n-ient last April 25. Mrs. K-isseu said the stata's witness disc-jss-ed the nsatter with her for three hours. the cast- hatisted from battlirg- at mnrb counters for his foclder, " Ee resolved firmly never again to look a can opener in the eve. And beans, unless he was forced to join the army, positively were out.. The former cheerful little greetings -which awaited him tiooa his arrival home, once so carelessly ig-nored. were- bome hon.te with unusual vividness. "^^ell. what was new at tlie office?" Mrs. Common Catirea xised to remark -witii a smile, as junior romped forward to rumple liis old man's hair. .... ,. y toic ner to so to tae ! district attomev." the vritness said, ! — — t Defense attorneys allege Allen j I was "iramed" by parties seeking j ; his dismissal as head of ing: -.--lieaa. These vash suits are cool and neat looking for summer wear. Cotter. crash, nub? and seersuckers. Come, i,i.<e vour choice at ihis low price NOW plenty of summer left for one of these! The Day's Dial } S:00 CBS Sosnicks orchestra;! i X3C, Jack Pearl, "The- Baron 1 j itunchausen." j { 6:20 CBS Everett M^-.5ha!!s! T:00 CBS .Free Allen's Ho XDC, Detroit Symphony orchestra ,' | 7:SC NBC, .uove Story p-Dsrra:.-..-, 1 Gcv lx)-mba.rdo-"s Musical Cr-.Tisor.! I C--30 CBS California M.'Iodies: I j >".GC. Harry Ridrmar: Jack -Denny's j | 5:00 CBS Nick _L,ucas, sou._rs: | ». XBC, Frank Buck,, adventures. [ I 3:15 CBS Xews: little Jack JL:t- j I tie's orchestra; X3C Gene and , j G!ei.;a, comedy. , ! ! S-3C CBS little's orchestra; NDC; | National Radio Forum. ? | .OlOO CBS Ited Xichcls' orchcs- j ? tra: NBC Phil Sarris 1 orchestra. ! ; ..0-30 CBS A: Ravelin's orch?^- j j tra' NBC Jack Berber's orch-ssri-it. I ; II;00 CBS Earl H:nes' orchesti*2.; I LTC Keller's orchs-srra. I Do you think there will be blood.- Of course. Mr. Common Citizen doesn't kno-w the answers and. thereby he loses that firm ^ri"D he once imagined he had. on his household. So the w-omenfolk conae forth with their b:._s of gossip gleaned from backyard convsrsatioris. .Mr. Citireii mentally drew up a set of resolutions for his futura conduct—after the strike is settied. ai'^ra,^ s smzie a.. ».^..e prc^,_y ^va^tress who ser-v-es me s-eaming- meals and big 1 cups of hot coffee. "I'l! pass a cheery time o* day -wizh the gas maa. who fills up nay tank, "Ths groceryman will get. 4 sound slap on the back. "My barber can talk to Ma heart's content and I'll listen -with. interest."* Tes. Mr Common Citizen Is fed up wi-th strike gossip. HOPEWELL LOCALS. PERSONAL ITEMS -.T/T-,-—Nearly everyone here- is having to fcattl drinkins: water and some for stock. A Methodist revival meeting -was started, here Monday eve-aing: by the Hev. C. Z. Deakins cf Howland -who is hold-ins: services twice a. .Mr. arid Mrs. Dock Jones ofo Ponca City. Okla.. visited th.e family of .Lev; Jackson last -week. ^•Ir. and Mrs. John Hogers of Mexico, former residents hera have been visiiinj,: a nunxber of old friends in the oornrntHiity. Mrs. Reed Caldwell atn? small da-usrhter are spending t-wo 'weeks in tTaco -with Miss Jessie X^ee Chi'.dress. "E.tner Parker and family left Tuesday for Kot Springs, Ark., on ANTLERS PERSONAL 1 AND LOCAL ITEMS! ANTIxEHS. Okia.—Mrs. James ! FuZIea ar.d da.^h:er of Ga.Iup. X. j *a.rn2:y sp nd at "Deport Mrs. A!b*»rr Smith lth Mr. !?' /"M^^ th ' S ^^ * f MrS -!^«- Pan^^yVertoh^and i " " "~ * ! Mrs. A!T»r. T\'.s:ey of Saerman Mrs. S. -f k<?r^?^ fiu ^ro-ix^zi "*v-rise frti r... i23 i -Tall, is reported recovering.. j Jesse McCaj-ty an | Cade ar? sraests th..s -w**k o* ^ : i mother, Mrs. Cloid Mc-Carry. ; Cass Sn-.-th tr.uch Improved after family o. ) ar; ."ness, «tk o^f his ; Mrs. Clayton Carrett of Brotma- !1» *.< v:s->in,5r h-r n^-oth^r. Mrs. | Claude Brecheers ar:^ family of j Horace Carter. She leaves SOOT? j Cooper, are gueiis of Mrs. Br-ch- [ ^-ith Mr. Garr»-t to Irak* tneVr j een"» mother, Mrs. H. W. Price. j home in Georgia. Misses Elsi* arsd Ca,therm.* Har- } Hop«?w».l rr.frr-^ry who :*r:fr.d- ri-s, and Miss .L-essie Cothran have [ <^2 the "vVor.-:^.-.'.!. H^m-? "Demonstra- retumed from a week spent at j tion club camp .r; Paris Fri'tav :h» "World's Fair in Chicago, | and Saturday xver* 'joe B. I- Rcydntan has returned frozn ! Miller. T,;oy<! Garnb:.!, vX'H'aM a business trip to Oklahoma C:,.>•, | Parker, ar.d Rurnanl* Ja-^ka.-.a Billy Amend has returned from j and Mi«?a. \>ra Mae Jackson a six weeks' trainin_ar period in the) _!"._'" R O .T. C. at Fort Sill near LAW. i WAITKR SAYS j Ion ' ' I BRIGHTON. Kr.i-i [ Mr. 3-Stf Mrs, J. G. .Long: ant! • ilancsni. . children hav* returned a "stut^rin?" iI4r«n have returned from a} pi^ae* not ,„,>„, vi><!->-iiVv .*k-« v:sir with re:ativ« :a Jack- } when f orma nv ehari*<? wir"h **SS »^ AT*-.?^ . , ^ '' ' •*•"-... ; han.m<*r rr>urd-r of Jfm. Vtot*tT<s sen. Miss. i WASKIXGTOX. iv?>. —. Tree' " f planting in th* national forest* | EtnTORS ON V\CVT1OV was nearly tr-jblcd Jast year, the! rOMMERC*' S p H*"t"*t} United States forest s«,rvic« re- j tor-in-cbJef of 'the' Comm«rc* i>ort-. Forces of the for«at service, Joursa!. and Wren Hart, editor &' the civilian conservation corps th* Cooper RftvLev, wMb -the-jr and the NRA p^antjns crew* put f wiv*«. and Mrs. T, H. 0uno ol tn tree.* over a acre*. total o/ t.3,215 j St. Loui«. left Tu«asd*.y morniftaf • California, for » mont-b*' .1

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