The Daily Herald from Provo, Utah on April 9, 1975 · Page 11
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The Daily Herald from Provo, Utah · Page 11

Provo, Utah
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 9, 1975
Page 11
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1'nge 12 TllK HKKAU> Provo. l ; tah. Wednesday. April 9. 1S75 Acting: Carney, Burstyn ^ 2 Hikers Floods in Mississippi Delta Godfather II' Sweeps Academy Award Honors LOSANGKLKS(UPI)-"The Godfather Part II" completed an unprecedented one-two Academy Award sweep Tuesday night Mien Burstyn won a close contest for the best actress Oscar and television comedian Art Carney climaxed a night of surprises by taking the Oscar for best actor 'The Criflfather Part II" was named best picture —the first time an Oscar-winning movie was followed by an Oscar winning sequel — and outdistanced all rivals with a total of seven awards. II was a night of triumph for Francis Ford Coppola, who won an Oscar himself as best director for "Godfather II" and shared UK' Oscar for writing the film with Mario Puzo, author of the best-selling novel that began it all. Coppola saw his own family do as well as his powerful fictitious mobsters, with his father Carmine IVipfwla taking an Oscar for the movie's score, a rare and possibly unprecedented father-son victory It brought to 10 the number of Oscars won by the saga of the Corleone dynasty, begun by the original "Godfather," named the l>est picture of 1972. The best supporting actor and actress awards went to a traditional favorite, Ingrid Bergman, and a newcomer, Robert dc Niro, for his portrayal of a younger version of Marlon Brando's Don Vito Corleone in "Godfather II " Miss Burstyn won the best actress award for her performance as a housewife turned down-and-out singer in "Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore," nosing out powerful competition from Faye Dunaway ("Chinatown") and Gena Rowlands ("A Woman Under the Influence"). She had been nominated, but lost, last year for "The Exorcist" and in 1971 for her supporting performance in "The Last Picture Show." A jubilant Carney, who danced a little jig on his way to the stage to collect his statue, won the best actor award playing a gallant old man on a cross-country trek with his cat in "Harry and Tonto." Carney, Jackie Gleason's former television comedy foil, said he was grateful to his agent, who advised him, when he had doubts about a dramatic role sharing top billing with a cat: "Do it; you are old " "I'm 56 years old and I'm still a kid," Carney said. "I've still got stars in my eyes." Miss Bergman won her third Oscar, her first in a supporting role, for her performance as a religious fanatic in "Murder on the Orient Express." The awards again were used as a platform for a political statement. Burl Schneider, co- producer of the winning feature documentary, "Hearts and Minds," a film about the Vietnam War, read a telegram he said was from the chief Viet Cong representative in Paris. DinhDaThi Schneider said the telegram offered "greetings of friendship to all the American people" and asked him to "transmit to to all our friends in America our recognition of all that they have done on beha I [ of peace '' Uiter in the show emcee Frank Sinatra said he had been asked to make a statement on behalf of the Motion Picture Academy, saying: "We are not responsible for any political statements made on this program, and we're sorry they had to take place this evening." It was not clear whether the academy, which has not rebuked such political statements in the past, authorized the repudiation. A spokesman for NBC, which broadcast the show, said the statement had been written backstage by Bob Hope, who is not an officer of the academy, and academy representatives could not confirm that its officers had ordered the statement made. The victories by De Niro and Carney surprised observers, who regarded Fred Astaire as a sentimental vote shoo-in in the supporting actor class, and the best actor competition as mainly between Jack Nicholson ("Chinatown") and Al Pacino ("Godfather II"), neither of whom attended the ceremony. Italy's "Amarcord" was named best foreign film. Best song honors went to "We May Never Love Like This Again" from "Towering Inferno," which was second in the Oscar sweepstakes with three awards. Miss Burstyn was not present to accept her award. Miss Bergman said "It is too much for so little work 1 think Valentina Cortese should have won it for 'Day for Night.'" The 2'L--hour show was hosted by Hope, Shirley MacLaine, Sammy Davis Jr., and Frank Sinatra, each of whom was introduced with a series of film rli[>s from Academy Award shows of past years For Year Ending October Cosf of Living Up 12 to U Per Cent WASHINGTON U'PI, - The government's hypothetical family of four needed 12 to U per cent more money during the 12 months ending last October just to keep up with its living sule in the previous year. 'Ihe Bureau of Labor Stalls tics published its annual au tumn budget for three levels of living Tuesday. The data is built around a model family in an urban area Everything in the autumn 1974 budget cost more than the autumn 1973 budget, and tin- added income needed meant significantly higher taxes Tiie impact of recent tax legislation will show up in the autumn 197,'. family budgets The Labor Department's hypothetical family includes a 38-year-old man employed full time, a nonworking wife, a boy 13 and a girl 8. If such a family were to have an "intermediate" life style, it would require $14,300, up 13.5 per cent from the previous year. At the low standard of living, tlk' hypothetical fainils of tour ixi-ded $y.20U a year to match the 1973 .standard, an increase of 12.4 per (vni The high budget was $20 777 up 1-1 2 percent Ilu mtcnnrdiaU-level family would sjA-nd $3.:>i8 annually, $WI a a week, for food, up if 5 [X'l IVIlt Housing would cost $2ti'J.G6 a month, up II 3 per cent Within tins housing bracket, house furnishings and operation costs for shelter went up 18 7 per cent 'Hit' family with inteniu'diate life style nivdwi $97 a month for transportation, up 15 5 jx-r cent faun the previous year, a little more than $90 a month for clothes, up 9 1 per cent It paid $2,010 in state, local, and federal income taxes, up 25.1 per cent, $780 in Social Security taxes, up 20.6 per cent. "The increase in food prices had a greater impact on the lower budget than the two other levels because food accounts for a larger proportion of the total cost of consumption at that level of living, "the BUS said ACADEMY AWARD WINNERS Art Carney, left, and Francis Ford Cappollo hold up oscars they won Tuesday night. Carney was named best actor for his work in "Harry and Tonto" and Cappollo holds three oscars for "Godfather II" which won best picture. Cappollo won best director for the picture and sharing the writing honors with Mario Puzo. Left, Ellen Burstyns smiles happily in her New York dressing room, where she is doing a play, when informed she hail been mimed best actress for her performance in the film "Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore." UPI Telephotos Ehrlichman's Wife Gets Employment SEATTLE (UPI) - Mrs. John Ehrlichman has received final approval for a $10,000 emergency employment job. Mrs. Ehrlichman has actually held the job with the Seattle Symphony Orchestra since March 1. City and King-Snohomish Manpower Consortium officials said Tuesday a final review of the job and Mrs. Ehrlichman's qualifications indicate she is entitled to the post and allocation of the publicly funded position to the symphony is justified. The wife of former President Richard Nixon's domestic adviser said earlier she needed the money for her family. "John hasn't worked the past year, you know," she said. Mrs. Ehrlichman's job is as symphony education program coordinator. She got the job under the Comprehensive Employment Training Act. The family continues to live in a large home in the exclusive Hunt's Point district. But assistant regional director for manpower of the Labor Department here, Jess C. Ramaker, says "the act doesn't address itself to that (owning an expensive home) in any way, shape or form. Safe But Weakened PINKHAM NOTCH. N.H. (UPI) — A young college couple who went hiking together but got lost on Mt Washington survived a blizzard by huddling in a lean- to for four days They were finally found Tuesday, alive but weak and hungry Rescue workers gave them food and stayed with them during the night, resting up for today's trip back tocivil/ation "They'll probably have to be half carried off the mountain.' Fish and Game Dispatcher Wynn Blake said at Concord late Tuesday "The men didn't have a litter with them It was hard enough to get up there themselves without having to " David Cornue, 21. of Hingham, Maine, and .JaneGilotti. 19. of Hethlehem, Pa., were located shortly after noon Tuesday at a shelter five miles north of the Ml Washington summit by some of the 50 rescuers searching the 6,288-foot mountain. "They are weak and hungry but they are alive," Blake said The couple's parents were at the base lodge "crying with joy" when they were located, said Arthur Muise. the Fish and Game official heading (he search. Mescuers spent the night with the couple at the Kdmand's Col lean-to that served as their shelter since Saturday New Blizzard Sweeps Across North Plains By United Press International "Most people are getting pretty sick of this," a Bismarck police captain remarked Tuesday as the fourth "winter" storm this spring swept in on North Dakota, closing most of Interstate 94. The blizzard, which swept across the northern Plains, blocked major highways, closed schools, threatened livestock and even drove snow removal crews to cover. In North Dakota, Interstate 94 and U.S. 83 were blocked both east and west of Bismarck Highway crews were forced off the interstate east of Bismarck and the major northern east- west route was closed across most of the state It was the second day of the storm—which some called the worst in recent years—in central and eastern Montana The storm also slugged the Black Hills of South Dakota with up to 15 inches of snow and piled 8 inches of snow in the Nebraska Panhandle In South Dakota, winds gusted to 80 miles per hour and blew a semi trailer-truck off a highway Hijacker Foiled TOKYO (UPIi - A middle- aged man armed with a pistol and carrying a homemade parachute attempted to hijack a Japan Air Lines jumbo jet today He was overpowered by airport guards Police said the would-be hijacker fired one shot during a scuffle with the guards aboard the parked plane, but no one was hurt There were no passengers aboard the jetliner at the time The man identified himself as Kazuo Oshima, 37, from Saita- ma province just north of Tokyo Oshima said he attempted the hijack because he wanted $100,000 to launch a business venture, police said After all the passengers left the plane, he stayed in his seat, they said When a steward asked him to leave, he pulled out a pistol and said he was seizing the plane. The pilot radioed the control tower for help and armed guards rushed aboard the plane to arrest Oshima. west of Winner The driver was not injured. Schools were closed Tuesday across a broad belt of the Plains, and there were scattered instances of power failures in the sparsely populated area. In a quirk of spring, a section of Montana west of the Great Divide escaped the blast. There was no snow on the ground at Kalispell. in northwestern Montana, and the city had a relatively balmy 43-degree high Monday, while the mercury stood at 16 at Cut Bank, east of the divide There were 64 inches of snow on the ground Tuesday at West Yellowstone, most of it an accumulation of earlier storms. Great Falls, the state's second largest city, had 19 inches. In the lower Mississippi Delta Tuesday some 200 families remained homeless as floodwaters covered an estimated 37,000 acres of land Officials began setting up trailer homes to accommodate flood victims. The Army Corps of Engineers predicted a total of nearly 600,000 acres eventually would be inundated. The worst flooding was reported north of Vicksburg, Miss., in the counties of Warren, Issaquena. Sharkey and Yazoo. N-Weapon Danger Increasing WASHINGTON (UPI) - Director Fred C. Ikle of the Arms Control and Disarmament Agency warned today of a growing momentum among non- nuclear nations to develop atomic weapons Although he did not clearly specify what countries he suspected of doing this, he told a disarmament seminar held on Capitol Hill: "The news on nuclear proliferation is bad. "Several countries, not now nuclear weapons states, appear to be making determined efforts to acquire a capability that would enable them to build their own atomic bombs. "How far they will go, and how many others will join them, are still open questions." Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, D- Mass., one of the keynote speakers, outlined an eight- point approach for negotiated disarmament He called, in particular, for a complete ban on underground weapons testing, for reductions in the nuclear arsenals of the United States and the Soviet Union and stronger guarantees that nuclear weapons would not be used in warfare. Ikle specifically mentioned India, Israel, Brazil and Argentina as countries who have indicated they would not join the Nonproliferation Treaty, an international accord promoted by the United States and Russia to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons. Put a little crunch in your soup or salad or snack. With Campbell's Soup Toppers Campell's Soup Toppers are five kinds of crunchy little soup crackers and croutons in five great flavors. There are Zoo Crackers, Deep Sea Crackers, Cheese crouton Wedges, Bacon flavor crouton Squares and Garlic-Onion crouton Rounds. 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