The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on March 9, 1964 · Page 2
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 2

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 9, 1964
Page 2
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Mn ( •»«• JAM! t I. NAK>n ............. r»UiUf*it «•*» He** ...... . ................ ****» Ira.* 1. Zlttthe**; ........... ietleeie Ht«tga» MM*** ««»»» •*•»••« ««»» nm« M«^.r .'.'..'.,. .......... ......... »•"»• « •*•»*»» *«fM .M« •*•! «n*ratj k> IK MWttM* f»M. **>•**» if T*M< fltlt, K,.*M«r HMMttttH*. tMt* »f»*» <(•*!»*•«» •'KB fertvw MTM n> .«rr»t, «lli •«« lMe». ll.ltitr **•*<. Mm re** e»t» (eta** «n *tii Mb»nir««M nit** (• •»••*». ««•"»< *• ««H» Mtrt* It. MM, * .K o«, *ftMt -idum i, irra. AP SPOTUGHT Peace returns to scene of suicides Be MAI/,01 M w. H SAKjOK, fi.Jrtti Vl«t Nam (Ar>) - A »ltram of (riffle rnm|>|*i over i |«teh <>f »«• I* ,11 «h«ri> • IkuMtilri monl *«t fir. |nhl*t:i*"lin'>-e»ektd f'.l*» hlfi- ini/Mii» ag", eat*. pulling Vl»l N«m'« hwMhliH rrlula In)' »"fM attention. Iho fl*ry nillrHle* lit ThlCh 'j'unr IMC nvt II* fir* monk* • tcl <«« nun WIKI MI'iwMl hi* *iairi|>l» I|«||IM| • n*tl»ml rrnit thai lixl liianmiiiirttal. i •,•). i"l if > iiiilinmtrift-iurn nitiim »»« r<i^k«l l» llwrur*. MlrMy infi.r innl >ll|il>>in>lli «M Tilled <yi<»fi(! Haf'» »ul- rule «j« » ri,a)-ir'l<TMlllD!f«r- t'if In t r'uKlonl lohn F. Ktn- n»i|y'» it»ri«inii lii on) Munrx I.J|M,I i i»l«i> ivr> an amlin*. Hilur I ml AniuM. I|U(K il«nionn(rjll'inii 'if *>r« •in»"l»"l liy in iilxn'i it*i|*r<l» lilil to u|i|ir*M r*vnll. Nut t" much ii * plaqu* I* l«ir tiurmxl In ilculti JUIM II, lull II* olil innnk'n hcirt I* »n«rj|Ml •( Xi I/il I'Dinla, Ilio rilx'i main HuiMhlit e«n- l»r. Tlio l"U«ti-mlnili«l Monki ,t,n <«i up iiit>ir h*adqturt*r* »t Xi I'll lia« • |illt u|i, r«- lurninj In llw |«(iKli> from wliirh tin-) hull nftixtinblvdUit MJ> ibirMlt irnuMd in th» IJM MI m.inlh» »f the inim r-ri i.n 10*111 ilinont furiut- Ifh. ••Ar lw|l»V« SllUlh VUl •.."i> r**<ilullimary |ov«rn- o'lii •uiipurln eumpltlc r»- Hi:i,,ui •qu»m», tiitiD trc i \fVi\nt HtuMhlrt *pok»«? man. H* II ThICh Due N«lil»r, ixw of the tauter* <ifth»iiuifcl- THE WORRV CLINIC in l;l«m'< t*l<rt* ral'la lad A«I. 21. I we MMtp lalBWl »«• »l- unlion ifl'f dtollTtrinc a •l»*eh at Quin* IMC'* nul- «««, and a§ et»>»»«niaB for th» II**1M*I hl(h com ma ml. M* livxa In * *n»ll eublel* al Balcon'a Gtae MIMi Paprft, wtwr* h* *«y»: "tl la food lo (•I hack lo my normal llf*. I murt *ar, my room al Xa Lot pa (art a *a* eoolvr lhaa h*r*, IKK «• ir«mrrt*a, awJwt rnvnt I|T> aa monk*." Many Roman Catholic* fkar«d r»j»laal*afl»rlh«mll. Hary emq> on Nov. I, twcattM n( halrtda ((Mratod dwlm lh» Dlcm r«|lm». tM«m wa» a Catholic. In N«r»mt»r Mtf tMMmbtr, m«b* o( nwMhlil flai btloncinc lo .CiUwllai in enattal Immt. Tha R»v, Ml* riek J. O'CoMwr My* I* know* at M f«rtt«r tMttMt*. raltor O'Coeoor, i Catholic jowiullat, M* orvad u an un-o<f!alal *puk*ama* tor M* church tor* tlaet. Uw HuddhlK crlil* dirtod. It* ««yai "1 twltew Uw tww (fimniniMil I* tryinc to b» /air. allhogf* I think u may •omat!m*a twad owr btek- ward* lo I* fair lo Iht Budd> hlaia, Iht Cao Dal, Uw MM Mao Md U» otter non-Chrla- tlan M«t*. "Dot I b»li»T» lb» KDMTB- rnvnt «»• •nsb«jra»»«d by U» anll-Cathollo iMhtcato at No- y»mb«r and D*c*mtor, tad put out Uw word that nek lael- dtrta mwt «to* 1 tMial DM youac DwldlUiU tad ih» Com-, . mimlati'tataMMH to mix in. »llh UMffl •IwteooMdown." Open mind a mark of top executives I'lua** cunlnat ci>n(»al*d mind with Iht altrt thinkliw nf Mr. wrlclty. A riflit mind la on»n an indtx of Mnllily «lMrta* an optn mind la lyi>lcal »f tht Irut acltntlat. Btnd for tha Halms sealt btlow if yuu wlah iHhtr alina oftitcutlvtgtn- lut. II) C.I.OKOK V>. CRANE, I'h. I).,M. I). CASK S-401: Arnold U., mKl it, •«• unt of the *lu- ihinla In iiir cuura* at North- »*>ltrn I'niwrilly on "Duil- n*u I 1 «|rchti|ii(y." "l>r. Crant," h» aaked, "*hal la in* nf Iht chltf ai(M •if > 'li|( nh-if or aiicctaaful • i*cuti«t?" Mtll, imoni! llw many trait* ot ut4ch Ivadtra, ynu will lul a fluid ur optn mind • .if in* moat istrlkUC. >--n|ilt, mort lit you »<utt tht Mint ««h cht»l»4 gum. Uut \tri<l»> urUiinlly waa 4 ln( ai«|i iMin|un>. It rt- «<riltil IU »Ur aaltaman and il i ttr it-morn «illi iirtinlumaof k.'inr norl. s.> ii >l»«liltd lu dlMrttautt ClU1»IIH (11:11 ja (ITIMll, S.H.II lh» chtvtnc turn lt- ft i> *»ilehwl ov»r to l>ri>tu<lnf cltt»in« nuiu aa It* •t. «h'f |irolu<t. And Ultr u t%*n u»»d toa|i i> a |irtt»luiii I'tr tht turn, .inch «aa thu» a eompMt rovtraal' CuMi4»t tltla ai(a of w*d- •ratii|i »ilh Ih* h»luvior at IB- Our u ««Rli-r of llw •td l» Kranct to" Iruu un tht flrai ieftl THE BRAZOSPQRfFACTS OKNfON - 1ST at* Mebtrt a d»wuM*r*lM> ul aubmarlM. AoU II aN*k*d, lot KuHuB Ht* i»»> a wMkw aM» ta tlw final blockade of France. Uut Napoleon waa etrletly an army man. He hid a congealed mind. Although Fulton Ihiuotfetrtd Napoleon the key lo world eon- queat and Iht btathoptofdta- troying EngUnd'a major weapon, Napoleon couldn't *ee hia golden opportunity. Hut Fulton eew It, and had expected Napoleon to lump at the ehanee to buy ttw *ub- marlna Idea. When Napoleon bruthed Uw eubmarlae aalde, Fulton waa eo dlnuated Uut the (trapped hi* eubmarUw and weal back to hie hobby of Invention. Later he evolved tb*ate«m- boat. So Napoltonactuallylorthla empire by failure to have an open mind. He couldn't aae naval atrattgr, for hla Mr Icily army training had cloeed hU mlad to new tdtaa. judging frvM tbeae two ei- ampwe I've given you today, Mr. wrlgwy would hav» grabbed Kultoo'a tdea and thua would toon have auak the ea» tire Urltlah fleet. And It l* thla *ame congealed thinking; which baaeoat railroad* moat of their pan- aengtr traffic, ulna much of ihtlr frelgM, too. When Ikmry rordprneerert tte aulomotttte, the railroada could taally have bought a big elite of Ford etock, but Uwy ignortd the gtaolutt motor. AIM thty dkd the tame regarding ilrpUata, which have 11.1* gobbled up much of the air mail contruta and made heavy inroad* on former railroad tuprtea haul*. Mr. wrlglty would navar have been to blind to future tread*. Seed for my-TeeUtor im- »»>reM,"«a«loBiBg a Ms stamped, retura eavwlope, ptea lOf . For they trial oat tie mark* of real Itaearaklti la to» eaaauttva)*. rurinermure, u MM ruflnkla fleet ohtah »•» Ntiwl*«ia't «Mjartkf«*t. That M« • *M« I *•«• later •«• iMtrunaeslal M the *AND -miS, LYNDON, iSOUR FHE WORLD TODAV Of De Gaulle-and French-view same, just more forceful »y JAMES M /ASlilfcOTOH Chartef da -by-step rebuffs to the United States and Brttataare not new. The only difference between de Oaulte BOW and a tew years ago Is Uut be Is (topping faster. Mis bMlc policy-hi* assertion of French Indeptwttnca from American waderahlp- WM already Frenoh policy before be WM called back to office M premier in June 1*98. But be BM truly broadened it The Associated Press reported from London Thursday night that diplomatic souroaa aald his envoys In various capitate era opealy iuggeitlng Western European nations dlsMsoelate themselves from the united State* In every way possible. A month after he took office •U years ago he announced rranoe would not accept a nuclear test-ban treaty units* it WM linked with a dlsarraa- meat Inspection system. This, of course, WM a dream of the future. He said Prance would make Itself a nuclear power. But a year before ba became pre- CBtl»iB«MlmM, Mtf rruM wotdd IHVM-M- o«pl B DBB impooBd by IU •UMt BUlBai rMMk miBJI- (uttir* of nuoww WMPOM. H« Hid "w» DBVB B««d of Amtrloa bat AaMftoB Blw bM BMd Of ttf." So d« OBtiiit ma only n- ptitiac wkBt WM tlTMdy pol> ley and but y*BT, wtkm Iw rBftiMd to JOIB tb» AnMrteM- 8ort*t-BjrUl*n UmtMttMatir toBt-bu ttnly, to WM only mUUBt « old poBtUoa. Bat d« QBtdtt tor B load white Bfltr tBUBtoftlOB - KB BBW W«wd hiroMU to '. aeunckmnt wllJT lia mafl who tod Uw libmUoa of Enr- OM. KBBBBdy BBd JOBBBOB iMN oBk y«Br torn la MM dldBtbti- jar Uw UBllirt HUM M maftn M h* did UtBr Jor OM cb- vlotu, Bad on* 1*0. obvious resaonwaslbai he had his bands MI j wrattoworkonUMm. HBWrthBlBM, «W dldbidfW aiiinhowir, too. toll8»«w BUOMtod Uutrrtnot.bydM- troylocUw oueJoir monopoly cf Uw UBltod StBtM Bad Uw Softot Union, would erBBto B third tore* IB tlw world BBd proridt "BQttlUbrtttm." AUo IB IWiht raBdo etawr ftBDM WBBUd BO pBtt OlhaV- Ul Ito BrmlBB iBtogrttod with tta MUbton' la UwWorth At- Ufltte TMityOrnnlutlnn, HB MM PVBBM wotfld fMromiad , tteVwBBnnwB, ttlMOmne* tta flrit Btomlo bomb Uw Alsarlan rebanieBJ' had rranoe split In hatt. Ha dldnt auaoMd in Uu INC. is posMbte de WM : detteat or Prealdeat IMS to Ml, as ba 19SI until now with I Eisenhower was aat*ia«te- • lit seemed to com* M a BtgrpriM to aoma tats year that da Oaulte was atretehing BOroM the AtUntlc to open up naw ttea with LaMn America, aran arranging to vUlt some of Uw ooontrtea there. But be had aassasted to 20 from Latln- M ta WSl that i. DAILY CROSSWORD i. S. A aeoondary rule l». Mountain*: So. Am. IS. Slack 11 Tta. arrasranct 4.Writlnt It. bttrnal IS. Ever: B.Op*ned,M a flower Ik Pronoun T.otyland anaa a. On tht ocean a. part of 'to ball. Cuu promlM ia. So: Soot IB. A quill feather SI. Prtvtoualy )i Part of aboak M-Lanta ».l 85. Self M. Roman B«d their oouatrleiei- a"UBited and ranov- UttaworM."Sowhathe Bow la repetition. ills Ugraaiad tha pace of hla ieflteMaMMBaW I mil yteW lo •. trl»e atrohet by rafwins to iolil Ma Bueleu teat - ban traaty, BBBBIBC Britain from tab Karoftaa Common Mar- propoataf ttw neu- I*. Village toe akallni area* SO. Arrmngtln • line SI Boy'a money ST.SnuuT rtoh ».Ovmrfa: Teut mytn. St. A wing SS.SU«p the foot: ftnelng S4. Incite* sarunato MK'Pllarad rraaea help to ; tt mn aouflfcry whlah France BBw It \ St. Counter It. tt-Drawtas 1 Jim Bishop: R6(H*4lii From lob Baker to Bobby Km? i »r*w Hameahtra primary is upon as. aty latBraal rt in Bam OoldwBter or fJateoa HBtMMter. rm ec.r«» to daath of senator Margarat fhaaa «mm * • Sbttafcea j*t« gflfjaBkai (gtuajsHi Basal HUaV HnF WQM ' 111*17 "WB iWVmJf Or TWaJ TWnPaJg) waag> WBM*W w»^ •*«•>• u, if that woman sets ware UWB a doaan votes, tha'll out lalBM because Mlaaa^UMmtUtenatrangth to bold tt. MBMOB WM hardly inotnoe da Ckurfte htt him by •ad CWaa. Ha U.AaUtr*d M u u tl.Uvely «B.CIS»rHte: at 4T. Leaf of Ihtsalya «l Afrult baa (.AtaaoUaie The ayemse AaMrtean family oVtwa ita auteBMMw •*» a year eojaaafad to eVBOO Hql Boyle's People MONDAY ON TV AfTlKNOON **» fPfWK 8 ** o »ft**WWlW»lt. Dn*n* hnM> Deep laslda, I bava i natural distrust of woman who WB for anythias WgSBr thana bM. There are added htndreaps tt bar BBS* »w netar mieeM a u. s. Seatte rolteaM. Also, ilwwtiBrs^awaal, tidy atnll*. BBwaM of MUa of tMa atam, dangerous, ami Ilka Lota, are aawstomed to tatttas • ever It la Uwy are after. It I* fatal. I know, for a columnist to oppose watte* In any aphera. ta tha eaaa of Mra. Urnttt,ttoraanjart enough angry In Sew Htmpahira to throw a Cood.eitad pruteet tote har way. This win only aneoarase her to toftlar smbtttOB*, Remember, behind Oat H«Ua emlte IB . whim nt iron, tt aha «akaa tha pwaMensy, aha nay kill oa.. .ma first. m ttw past I hive apant aoma ttma to the White Uouae. tf. by Borne wfld shudderins ehwtoral aarUxpake, the united States hu a president Margaret Smith, aoma ahangeeare going to ba made around MOO Pennsylvania Avenue, wWcb will include more than eoVarad covets tor UwratwdBBa. ChlBta in Uw oral office, Chanel S in Uw cabinet roemj Kleenex on all deekei colored rlbbona OB eaaaTasBtoul Wlla; ahopplns to Uw Buper-marketi bargain day IB mte- •Hes nohud Btsaala for ttrrM la foreign polleyj a tew eharstes doubte taxes Cor bachelors; uwraaoa watt inatead of the Marine Band) cavalry horaaa In rubber pasttes- It ia solas to ba one ball of a country. Sha'a a widow, ao there lan't much danser that wa are going to have a rirat Man. That'a ablMalBg. leouktat BteBd It If, every Ume aha attended a public function, aoma child gave him aboonuat of ro*M. Oraeoraage. Uke moat woman, Margaret Smith hu a buay tongue. Whan aha decided to run for the presidency, aha said that she bad made up bar mlad to do tt because all Uw etgM opposed IU That'a logical. Our foreign policy la going to be run along those HnM. I had a dmm about a summit meeting between president Smith and Premier Kteu- shehev sad I awakeoed la a mist of parapUaUeB. Who could argue with her? If Nlkkt did, Mrs. Khrushchev wouldn't apeak to him for a week. What ooukt he say: "Madame prasident,your slip Is showing." Bhs would probably ask him for a pin. Or she'd ask her military aide-Rock Hudson. This would eauaa an adjournment The RuMlBM would call the whole thins a capitalistic plot. Tba summit falls to ttw oallar. At home, wa could expect little gems Ilka Porget-Me- Mot weak} soldiers would ba ordered to bring tha ktddtea to campi tha cabinet would have to solicit Uw PresHent's beautician to get the lateat dope on world affairs: tba annual message to COngreM would eoatala a few words on detergents; we'd all team to play canasta. It la not a bright picture. To say that I have the utmost respect for woman Is begging Uw point, ft would ba more honest to say Uut I respect those who engender raapaet My respect for Senator Margaret Cbaae Smith teeoormous. If U were not, would I be H lilly-Uverad u I am? M Vice President as to haw OM attPrujdant Mora so, j, beeaaoa ^^it^t^^'ti^il^ii^^t.^HA president might man ratlva ottUa boarda. Row would you like to have Uw Cuban crisis settled that way? There WM a 4 Ume whan I WM opposed to women in the House of; Rapreaantetivaa, bat I gave Uut up. 1 started to opposa them In tha Sansta whaa govarnors bagBB to appoint Senate widows to flU unexplred terms. How I have retreated one step further, and this Is my teat I am willing to haw Margaret Chase Smith remain In the United States Senate M long M bar llttte heart desires. The State of Maine "f elect bar by acclamation tor til I care. I do care. I want to see Senator Smith's lovely smite, and wavy gray hair adorn thai chair on tha Republican side for M long M we both shall live. Longer. But Uw mere thought - even in fun-of a President Margaret Smith glvM me ttw whim-whams. Tha Jump from Bobble Baker to bobby pins U too much for me. <rt««rt ......ftnn.-wirBftftft^ftft'^'SAftAftnr.jumjmAfljiiAAjui'j'-nATjVL'Lft.' -ai"^^ ^» „ .2 u •i*"ittV> frit. Haasarttt Arlvvn. i M ibeemrtt t MM*. it ftWHIf UW ftflftW NMT.I Mlk<> Walhnrr Mr Wlmt Art Ml • M !»»*• _ Pn*ti Aft fwmri Amu cnr« parilrlMlkin 01 I Urr» l»f i Itall ^ IKMWI Walter CVWotJte ^B^ ffffMt vhn IfuMNy tVENING rumvrtv . •I WaX far Ww*i TTIgn Mm OttfflnV *iinl «amr PHr* la UliMi Hill rntlm Wilier Km. t-M MIhw. Jnhn •:W • OnUr UaMan "afoaMtam." rim military atMntlite npadk (ton lo tba mow dteovman e»H«l ndl of InttlUMnt b*4n«> TnOHkNl Cdl. nub. ll:» B Reirit Hubert Tmut 11:10 0 ratter ***** Beat: SB Hearth far Ttwerrewi Pram* BfW IwHWT WIWWU Utatt Dram. 11:41 11:11 AFTERNOON iron an TteaetM* B«M» I Mr and mmtitr i Mil. Onic flar. rjf WMltrn 11:11 Q Wawaa-. Pattt N*w> nf In. frrrvt to liiral vmmrn 11:30 a Dr. HiNlaM'a (IctrH Jaw. the WtrM Turner Ji *• Drama nwl» TV Mntti Dick U. IMnt Mtlw Duncan Hctnr la myaUfted bjr hto conunan«ln| offlctr^ eMar lo hall Uw InvtitlcaUan of a of army aupvUai Mto a I* 1:00 CB Dtcemter KwMa • Paaawtirdi Allen Lurtdtn SO Let'i Maka a Deal! OStD Own* t aa Oawli Courtroom I n«ht with her banker. Mr. « Art UtkleU —-. hla barUas dos R Qutu _ ltlw( and ada.aa har own 7:« • MiaaHii Mkaal • ular mttUng har own uranrar R««140 • DBMV tltaamat In Canlnl Puk. younc Ltoda William, tnaku lha aequalalanca of n apry lltll* cedfar who clalma to oa a ftnulna Iriah Itprm. rtiaun l:toa|A«*i OrtmUii Aady do. 33aa lo taka a waak'a vacation at horn* I.-00 • tad MaVWaai Oaatfa C. Scott atm<la drama ITi Outal tf ltbrlllM.and Mhunl i Nawai UM Howard 1 OnMral BaaoMali Drama I.To TMI UM Tratk! Bud t Ta«»»i Drama I Nawai Douiuu Bdwarda i *»••far a Dart Jack Bal. Mrt*a«ffl(M> Vaai Da*Vla7i IMMTnlbwutar: Ward nda Uw waxen train •MffVt HMak of aodal warkan In „---~ vaUara aimer In Haw Yortrt boreuihTTlllMiluiMjn. Alao faatund art BUabath WUaoo and Oatly Tyaon 10:00 K*y Cenewejr: Bperb. It shows employe can have stamina NEW YORK (APMn most know why ha waant consulted •IBM H^tySX _ Weatbtr. Tom Evana; .aorsavag* |B Ntwai Ron Stone; Weather. sSiJ3L"rS^.^ * M SS5«5&T±W» ^3v*»S!5£ SB Bnaaa f< "Sttal tain" man fall* from junk yard onto a mountain of trolley E coven plaw of dMtontat In. baalth dlan ami* to run rtputalioo lOiSO • Advanlena n randkJti of a JJ5. Cavalry omctr flrta of Kanua." Adam Hla • JJiwat Walttr Cronklta out to find native girl of hi* • ?g»" Z£" „„.,,„ .... v ! . drtama i«i Wandof Kanua IlWdBrlniSr? ? IOJOe*TwKMi OBD Jahnny IM SB Naw« Itay Con. way; Canon and guwta n!, t * 1 )uL Tom f " aa> 8pom< MM • Newai Bob Ynung aVNtvnu'^NIck Oterhtrt:, n.y wUKtTsM I^fiJ Caraway D Malta! BtltaMt .Tel* Urge offteaa today there lean organtsatlon called tba "SB Year Club." tt probably WM created-or such WM the food bopa-to boost morateamongaslngem- ptoyaa of Uwflrm-andtooffer living exampto to the younger workers that, by uw device or anottwr, tt te poaatble for almost anybody to stay oa tba same payroll for a quarter Membera of the club taka themaalVM with hlghsrrtous- neaa. They like to think of UwmMlvM aa veter*ns r eear- rad by long and dedicated MX vice to tha company. Their veneration tor them- Mtvaa te hardly abarad bylha youthful employes. Thaari aatt tha olub Uw "Desperation Society," or "Wheel chair Brigade." tt there Is such a club la your office or factory, you might find among tte members such familiar characters aat Moasback Myron-After 47 years ta Uw firm, he baa Uw ktea ha owns tt, atttwsuperlB- ot paper towels te Uw MOB'S washroom, Myron wwta to FACTOGRAPHS first. Opeortunlstleotto-Assoon M Otto becomes eligible tor the club, h* wants to use It as a real club against everybody who Isnt a mambar, "Why dont we demand that management make It a rule not toglvo n merit raise to anyone uadar 487 Good thing QUbart - Uw night Uwy jiliaieil a SS-yaar button in bis topel,OiaieH took off on a tteee-weokblnse-fls- nrtas he was at test aata from firing. How aubart'a tack la the stockroom, rlfbt wherantstartednyaaraao. cynteal Sid - "TMa thins nad IB «ea*s will tet you a ride on the subway anytime," ba aays «« his n*w "andur- anoe button," But actually ba te secretly proud of it, and Bhteaa tt ovary morning. Ofatetttl OeraW-A Utetong aad saw, oaraM te eo fted to bara any raeognlMoa si Hat tha* ha wouM like te wear hte SS-yaar pUtlBthamWdteof hte toraaatd. *f strsBgara dont Mk aim what tt I*, be tolls them anyway. Dlagruatlad Uava-Ba weara hte n-yaarpteupaWa dovn M a Btea ofaltentdisv 4l t Y o»al of tha taat that tha fim dMat 0» him a sold T«n ISM TUESDAY tkll I 1:10 J IH6 ^O^Betigggr •AO Hirtaatfcalti•' "Wfort "Tin tht iucltB mowto* 'n-^.grt i?- SUflt BUMfatWaWt WffflUIMWH QJP Oerman traopa. ftata nt may h*v* undtnMlmaltd Iheipowcr up nritwi equipment ami Ttlt. BJ Mr. Maaoti Carliwm Try and Stop Me ——By 1INNITT CiiF fiHC CRUSTY chaJtman of the board of a bin industrial I combine was tendered a banquet on his aJshtieth birthday, and rose at Us climax to acknowledge all tha tributes paid to him by preceding speakars. "I have Just two thing* to aay to you all," he announced, "(tea: Fm not as wonderful, generous, or klnd-hwurt- ad « you'w bean toM I an tab *maia» Two; rm a dam sight batter than what you're really thinking." AninauMUve Uttle girl aaked bar patter. "What hungry every day, an day. • • • about tta aaaa at * houaeeat * * * Tba banana te of Aakrtte art- potMteaanyaarte tt sjate too oW and beJNtedUBrto runt" Mother aBtanred STtmly. "SamaaiBBy aatta tt to your father." How majiBteaftil art the VuHtear MM awwda for the "beat. .^^ novel of tbeyear»T Here ar« aoma of the iraalc «hoM -Alwrt m prevtoui yeara by tnte *wanttttoe. M risaartbsd by tl « t * Air smit -. ***»*****.•«

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