The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 26, 1956 · Page 8
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 8

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 26, 1956
Page 8
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I IFljf. '*>«« Both Sides Using Economic Weapon - -Monday, March 26. 1956 I A Skirmish *Ul above JiOOOOO. ]osscs as a'rcsult.of thoii- acUoi«.. debt to the, bank ' or other, mer-' mortician said he started •, There seems to bo no spread; o£ In north Mississippi it's diHer- chants, and those who •have picked estate 1 development S v oWcWrhad 1 a V uZ^,ith l S 1e / lr1m( ' S ^ tcni > «~»«»^ boycott.. Now,' the. trouble here to other economic cnt Most of the Negroes there are up the integration flag'have been he signed a Stt on S cmn^rovmcils P * is on every tongue and this boy- levels Negi^.s still trade iu stores plantation workers or have other hit hard by inability to get more ^^1^1^, Wtli the ^Ir^Hn^ ,-«„ ,^ C , 1 a ? has lwcomc a sort of-ran by whiles and apparently small pay jobs. Some own small credit or keep their jobs; f, ^ lv % lhc f >«»« schools. 4**to U Se*SffiS ka !^l.n S! T^ & N g£S t 'SgTJK'V t ^^L^^ :At: Vlcksburg. , M*?. .q . JM[ £ Sop^!;^ 11 Tl*C*iS TIC T-\llfM>"».-«i-c- vt.-..n*il ». . .» .„ _•__'__ -t - • *' "> O **" 01 H_i. t\ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^•^^^•^^^•^^^••••J^j^j^^^^^^^^^^^^»^^^j^^_||^^^^^—^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ - -.- - T - r ' • ' •••-•—•-•- .'.,-...—i.,.......^.........!., .„—.,,..„,.,. ,_,_.. ,, _„.„„. — ,, , im _ * . . - . Time for real Sleeping Comfort! Gov. Shivers To Discuss Favorite Son his an- of economic weapons by both whites and Negroes already is jrrowinp into a real problem. It is present to a lesser degree in Georgia and Louisiana. _ . ^ Leaders of organizations on both cllss » detail Tuesday the gation to the national "rJemocrAtTe sides refuse to take responsibility "Skelton-Rayburn proposal" that convention, for tho boycott?. Sen. Lyndon B. Johnson be a fa- The swernor made The white citizens councils, the most effective pro - segregation groups in the South, deny that they promote such tactics. Bai leaders say privately they exercise no control over "the individual freedom of choice when we give people the facts about NAACP" and its" members." Editor's Note: This if- another in number of large firms have been One of the narinn 1 ? iPTrfir.*- t«_ ,.»,„- .> • -, -, * Mutt* by the i:.f. Atlanta bu- affected in some fashion bv pres- bacco coniplnies wal the ^fcti^ ch *"f the • councri. siUe.. , . ran thief »*» f* rourfn* 0* South sure* from both Negroes and ofa ^S^vcott when^ NeSes SoShemV™JT^ 3 *°', mas f to report . th<v diirf issues in the. whites. were told tint ^nmonfthn'f^! Mutnem iNegaoes ha« never heard »,,,,„..,.,.,„•,> ,, •--—-,,;- — —.- ».,~.» w . ..„» wim . ^-,, u> i«, auu must: « •imyc. PICKCCI . csiaic development shortly iWWtioi. controvert. Ford dealers in some Mississippi offd^J a da^tfeuTu°th toe S* »1 n"" ccontom!c bo - TCott - Now, the rol f c here to other economic cnt Most of the Negroes there are up the integration flag have been he signed a petition SL towns have complained thev were -.- n - eu P wlm tiie " hlte « is on every tonsrue and this bnv. levels. Neeixws still ti-adMh smt-ns nionfn»i«n «.n,.i.. n ,., «.. i -.u... hit howl i.« in.,i,iiit,, "„ ^i ~—,. . yeuuon asKinc > ,-.,^ r .^ I L 0 ^ UKAT . TNKR T , D losing white customers beca'use the ^SSrS^oil^d^^ SnS"frn"ve^ SUPP ° rted ^ n :° bl f e !^«*ookl«^ it The bus boycott ^".ftS-' a here has tx-come one of the most The Falster? Bm^' Co m-*. "r> .- ?"?"?? ^P^ Sre -° illff -^S™ *' omim was arrested and famous skirmishes in the Southern A p^lfc announTlS S&^e?? o 3 :ni^ n «l '^ ^^ F*? 0 ™ 1 " n< * f ° r m " usin * to move fro!U Ecp-CEjation feud. that it ba^ wtHn^ *o do w'th ih °Pi moa s closer to their chests. the "white" section to the "col- the auction is whether this bov- ^Up BuSs* had fS ?<S ° S ^ n j ercha »f *a*J his business ored". section of a bus. - : colt, which 1m been fting on after w^rireul-ted fh4 °h» ^ U1<3 haVe , ? es! , 1 nlined had hs ^ le *<»•«>« now is neaMv 100 since Dec. r,. uiil remain amonp com* mao> aT conMbuSL ^ ^,n^^ 11 ^- **» !oca! eitizens ^ r cent effective, and while the isolated cases or whether such a .\AACP eontnbunon to council. Now, his store is being: hit bus company won't reveal its fl ? . weapon will be used more widely ' ' ' • o> a Negro boycott because he ures the loss is estimated to be and create z serious economic situation throughout Dixie. In threo states—Alabama, Mis- Issippi and South Carolina — use _ - , _ _ ___, Proposal Known As 'Skelton-Rayburn 1 ; Favors Johnson S h^s s I^^S.^nfS S te a^hSS2 nU c?^Sr^ meM at a hasmy - called • -•'"'-•• - - -- ..*'.- i«_x«. t.t..e p reS5 comerence in an apparent effort to, stave off mounting queries for executive comment on the suggestion by House Speaker Sam Rayburn and Byron Skelton of _ Temple, chairman of. the anti- Shivers Democratic Advi«orv DC T n . Council. Buys Stamps To Boost Station Ratina . uRa > ?burn nas been identified as ' r ^3 the political patron of Texas' 1'b- AV1XGER, Tex. -UP- TOien Felker said "all fros trouble" "I 1 , f cnl ^ff^ Skelton heads tiie The National Association for the business ^ s!ow at ^ A **&* started on Jan. 19 when Kenneth Shivers' conse^tive^enTocratlc Advancement of Colored People P°st ofnce m northeast Texas, for- \Y. Simmons, a former business leadership also.refuses to take responsibility mer Postmaster M. L. Felker associate of Fetor's son, 'an- . The governor referred to the &£%•* s^ssr^ -r :™; b .fi!-i«-.,. sni a^r — ~ ;r^ss e /TH;/1 discuss that matter in detail" at a dinner of the state Democratic executive next Tuesday evening- in Houston. Committee members meo* that day in Houston. A prime topic expected to draw affirmative ac I'O.'i, after iutc- Now util- •Postmaster Learns Tricks NIW RiPOKT REVEALS AM All H ft KEHARCH ptotms IN ever such measures^ ,"ha"ve' been Ke bou = ht stamps - himself, taken. ' Then he used the stamps to buy Except in a few eases it is al- a suit of clothes from a mail orde>- roost impossible to' nail down the house effectiveness of these economic , ^~' . ,,. weapons.'Those who'are the'tar- ineres noJiing wrong with .pets of them arc'reluctant to talk that," said Feiker after his busi- About th- effect. ness-boosting technique came to It L< known, however, that a Ughi at a concessional hearing in Washington. "It's done by nearly every postmaster in the countrv." Avinger is a citj' of some 600 persons and Feiker resigned as postmaster in 1953. In Washington. Rep. Wright Patman (D-Tex.) said the Post Office Department took a dim view of Felker's pump-priming stamp purchase. In fact, said Patman. the department considered it a 'major offense" because Felker's salary was based on nis record of sales. Patnian ssid he persuaded the department to 'overlook" the ma fie r. : But Feiker said Patman was trying- to =tart ?. "political smear" with his charges.. Contract Bridge Sturdy: Practical All-Steel HOLLYWOOD BED FRAME Have Your Cotton Mattress Converted to INNERSPRING MATTRESS for only ALL \VOKK GUARANTEED The cotton is renewed . . . felted into downy soft layers and placed over a 180-coil, tempered sieel inneripring. It's covered viih new ticking and features 4 handles and 4'ventilators. tion is Shivers' proposal for a pub- CANCER By Josephine Culbsrtson ^T^=iri ,-^s j-sris y* top score m a match-point dupii- Ju fy Democratic priman"to deter- cate game, since we were con- mine whether Texans approve or sidemblv under average on this oppose efforts to amend the fed- board Please discuss tht bid- eral Constitution .to broaden state cuig and fix the fclamt between powers in the fields of <=eirreira- East and West" " tion, control of natural resources and other areas 5 Call Sanitary NOW! Enjoy good siie- IXJA. springs ana n£?«Sr- sleeping right away CALL 2072 An adjustable steel frame for twin or fall size beds. Fits any size- box springs and I t*r tUt fr*t mwt Uit rt •>•<•» p»HH»W Atrttt tkfi tfcert tut km B» mpprtcliblt plUfjtM Mkiwt atDttr iXtrinj tht p«st 21 yt*n. LMU-H thj l»tu about eueer. bo» lo prevent it. bo*>' to • vuld ^ron* treatment—thu ii often »on* tfcta the diteot! Tftit report explain la lira fit lui- mM* »h»t e*ncer It, bow It »l*ru «JM! tffUtts —uul binr cancer nsffwcrj we CumnleMi relief: Write tod*? 'or ••An»i*r to C*nctr" Mid "CoW Ckacer r»ct»' f —*Ml report* at pnrrtM •fwi»t ronu pretttA «t*ruu. Wart Ha.- J>-pt. l»l. Denver, Coi«r»do. East dealer. North-South vulnerable. 4^8652 ~: 10 s i FREE PICKUP & DELIVERY r 7 s > AQ J9 1 6 >Q 10 4 N W E S *A Q 7 VJ643 410 9 4 2 »AQ» 4 K 10 5 3 2 Try Sun Classified Ads—Dial 830! Sanitary Mattress Co. QUALITY HiNQVATING 1008 S. PRUETT The bidding at this table went, £*st South West North 1* 14 fcble. INT PMS Pus 3 4 pax, Put PlM SUU quoiiDf : "Weft argued th*t East should htve doubled' North'* one notrump, while E*st tnit«te< that West should have double* instead of bidding three <3U Flavor's baked right in PREMIUM SALTINES! 4 In-Er-Seal Wax packets keep 'cm fresh! Compare ''11 prefer 'em! Also available in 2-lb. family package. PREMIUM SALTINES NATIONAL BISCUIT COMPANY j mends. East also cUted that j West's actual three-diamond bid | was not forcing. Who was right, :l£ either?" j An unbiased observer can • scarcely fail to point a finger at (West as the guilty p»rty. His j penalty double of one diamond : (which. Incidentally, wu & rash ! bid on South's part) was obvious. ly correct, particularly in view of 1 the vulnerability, but West was not correct in his assertion that East should have doubled North's one notrump, nor was he remotely correct in bidding three diamond*. at his. West's, next turn. True, West could not double the one notrump with a guarantee of success — it was barely conceivable that North might be able to run *v long heart or spade suit — but if West nimself did not want to- risk a penalty double of one no- trump. then he certainly should have jump-raised to his partner's club suit instead of implying that his hand was good for nothing but & diamond contract. If West had bid three clubs instead of three diamonds. East could have taken a chance on bidding three notrump. but as it was. East was helpless— and blameless. Flash bulletin from , Mobilgas Economy, Run FORD WINS ECON FOR BETTER FOODS * * FOR LOWER PRICK SPECIALS FOR MONDAY-TUESDAY-WEDNESDAY FOR EASTER SUGAR CURED HAMS Whole or Shank Half Pound— 39' FRESH—GOOD EGGS Dozen in Carton— 39 Swift's Worthmore Sliced Breakfast BACON 19 Lb. Pkg. U. S. NO. I VEAL ROUND STEAK U.S. NO. 1 LETTUCE Head 5 HOLSOM IROWN 'N SERVE ROLLS 19' Pkg. RATH'S Luncheon MEAT 39' 12-Oz. Can In this year's Economy Run a new Ford V-8, with Fordomatic was the official victor over every car in its field, with a winning average of 47.7643 ton-miles per gallon. This means that the sturdier, heavier Ford carried more weight, with greater gas economy per pound, than any car in its field. This latest Ford victory was scored over a rough and rigorous J,46S.8-milo route running from Los Angeles to Colorado Springs. The winning Ford threaded its way over the tough and twisting cour«,- averaging better than -50 nipli. Through the heal of Death Valley anu over the: chilling height of an 11,000-foot mountain peak ... through the gas-eating stop-and-go of city traffic and over the straight-lino open road . . . Ford proved anew its traditional reputation for economical performance. The winning Ford was n regular-production model takx-n right from the assembly line and officially impounded until the starter's gun sounded. It was no different than thousands of '56 Fords you sec on the road and in dealers' showrooms. This proves that Ford, the Performance, Style and Safely leader, leads in Economy, too! That adds up to four big reasons why the '56 Ford is worth more when you buy it, while you drive i 1 and when you sell it, too! n;,!r, i> urr4 by tonlnl i In inmrr f all , ,'„ t <ith rlnn , n ''<"'"?'"* _•)/ t!;e ,,r irrisht. Trm-mUtt ptr gallon r^nt* thr far vnal't firvtwiinn jwsMnjw) in *>«, mult, !,.,(,! h-j ,;,,, n»,r,l., t i,; mite, tomtit,!, Aitvivl l,y numbr of ya'lonf. of gatalinr. roruiimnl. ftsf Driv* the Economy Winner. ,. FORD ALL-AMIRICAM Top-Award Winner for A//-Arounc/ Stock Car Performance... PERFORMANCE CHAMPION Winner of MANUFACTURER'S TROPHY Day/ona Beach, Florida Of MYTOWH ft* 1f34 622 Wtst TtxQs

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