The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 18, 1934 · Page 5
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 5

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 18, 1934
Page 5
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JULY 1* 1*M FOOD SHORTAGE THREATENS SAN FRANCISCO Set ~ for 5t3O o'Clock Wedne*- - , <i«y Aftcm i W. _.A^ Kobl«»" of Pan*, former m-ell itno*-n'.. county And city ofH- eiaJ, jdl*4- »t 1 o'clock Wednesday morning - »tj Sulphur. Okl*,. where lie v fcaa;been 111 about iO day*. fhte funeral ,„ was announced for i:JO .o'clock Wednesday afternoon at" tfife! Manton-Fry funeral chapel; conducted - by •• I>r. C. ; M. - Simpson. PCe»idixic «ider..of Paris Methodist atttrteC with burial at Highland Deport. Named as j P«Jtlb**rers, are sbt nephew*,. AT- i tKur.i Clarence. Gu». Henry-' and j Harmon* ; Noble* and Lee Pierce,; alivdf~ Deport." . ! CMri. Noble* Is survived by lour! daughters and star sons. Mrs. J- H. 1 Wopd->t Sulphur Springs. Mrs. J. 1 GI McGuire of Durant, Okla., Mrs. OS TLE«te» of Dallas. Mre, J. 1^ Sullivan; of L*hJch. Okla.. W- A. Nobl*» of/Brookston. B. .W. No- blw of" Hamlte. B, £. Xobles of Hjjiro,jpkla.._l^ S. Nobles of Sulphur, Oklal. Elmer Nobles of Deport and" Roy Nobles ol. Paris- He al»o Reaves a sister. Mrs. B. EL j Jones "'Of JDeport and three broth-} *i*. : Henry and M. C. Nobles of j AmariUo Mud Ben Nobles of Far- j -well: 12 jrrandchildren and seven j ireat-sarandchildren. I VB«fn"October 23,- 1S49; near! •Jickion, Tenn., Mr. Nobles moved i to JD*port in 1S78 and for the past ] Jft V**** "had -niade Ms home m » Paria. 1 ,* Hi* first public office was that o£'county treasurer; he later held ofittc*. many years as justice of the peace and vas also city recorder or police Judge. He was a. member of th* Methodist church and served ~ «bany years on the board oC «teward« of First church- He *ra, member of the "Wtoo^raan been coa- n*ct«* ;with;th« Odd Fellows. BRIEFS About Town Member* of Paris Council No. 1727, S-IB. A. are asked 10 obtain gu«rst tickets for the dance at Dulaney Hall Thursday night from the" secretary. City officers Tuesday ni^ht i*ere called to Hogun's -Lumber yard on l>an\ar avenue, whsre they- arrested a negrro prowler. A second neg- TTO made his escape, by climbing over the fence- W. L. SMITH BURIED HERE VEDNESD AY Ma*. Former Re&ktem of Cantor County. T>tes Monday officers' were uotil'icd on Tuesday night thai" a Chevrolet coupe had been stolen at Gilmer and were asked to watch for it here. l*at XVarucr. Lautar county relief, ad minsiirator. said Wednesday that about 55y men and women are no-.v employed io JLamar county -on relief projects, including the plant. Funeral services were set Wednesday afternoon for -Willis Lawrence Smith, 6± years old. -who died Monday mornins m Houston, the body beinjf brought here for burial alter -services conducted at 2:30 D. TO. at jCmberson-Brown- Roden funeral chapel by the Rev. J. H. Johnson and the Rev. L. E Shackelford. of'Chicota. Methodist ministers. i-\> nephews were pallbearers. He is survived, by his widow. Mrs. Tertie Smith, two sons. \v_ R Smith of San Antonio and EarS Scritli of Belk. a daughter. Mrs. Marjorie Stewart of Hobby, a brother. B, E- Smith of Belk. and four sisters. Mrs. Charles, Harwood of. Oklahoma City. Mines. W. R. Carnahah. Carrie IHckerson and Patton, all of Dallas. BUDGET OF LOCAL * ] IN-EWS FROM DIRECT: i DIRECT.—The Baptist revival { meeting conducted by the Bev. J. | W. MiUigan. the pastor. closed 1 Thursday evening, three conrertsj being ba.ptized in the pool at Mr.; MHlisan's honie at Unity. j An old fstshion^d pound supper," was given at the home of Mr. and i Mrs. John Thouipson Saturday night, several friends attending, A sdx and one-half pound -on was born here ;o Mr. and Mrs. Jenks "Hawley. Claude Collard has bought a ntw car for a vacation trip. A good rain would be appreciated in this community. I^^jsJJ^ Hicks who has been HI some time is improving- Jsm Meredith who has been ill »s reported better. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Higshaw -visited relatives at Chicota Saturday and IS ICEXJD AT COM3IERCE-—A ing °f tbe Kni$h;s of comprising the lodx«* in section of Northeast heJd £u' Commerce TturtfiJ IsitSatory work -* r as £i**B candidates receiving th» . knight. CALL 401— buy or trad* tor* old furniture. Come in to •••. • Cor the best valaes In bom* t»r- D. H. Baker Furn* Co. House That Sell* F*r l C«eiie Collins aj St I Bonliani i>treet notified city officers Tuesday night that be had shoe at a chicken thief at liis. home. He said he thought he hit the man. -who was. said to be a negro. North Carolina farm women. Corking under the direction of home demonstration agents, preserved J2.000.000 cans of fruits. and vegetables last summer. 1 Officials and employe^ at the city hall Tuesday presented Mayor J- M- Crook with flowers and a number of gifts ia celebration of his birthday. Clarence 31111s, 138 South Twentieth street^, reported the theft of three automobile casings to local officers "Wednesday morning, the tires having 1 been stolen Tuesday• nig'ht. J. E* Pearce to - j Lecture At Commerce C03CMJERCE. — Prof. J. EL ^•arc*. head of the Department of ARthropoIoKJ'. at the University of Ttia*,-., ;will deliver ac illustrated lectur* at the East Texas Teachers colic** taursday evening. July 19.1 at S, o^cjoch. oa *TTales That 2>sa<i I- Men Tell." ( San Francisco and vicinity faced a food shortage, as strike* paralyzed land ana water commerce Th« A ir view above ahow» the S*n Francisco waterfron^ where the trouble began. National guartfmtn <b*Iow) guarded the troubled area* as organi±td labor voted a genera.! strike. Albert EL Boynton (upper l«ft>,i» 3resident of the city's industria! association, which has been moving merchandise under militia protection, t^jwer right is Andrew Furuseth, aged president of the Internationa! Seamen's union, who was taken to a lospital from heart troubles •which doctors said was aggravated by hi« effort* to »!«' oeac* negotiatibna. {Associated Press Photos} >-•- , "- ,- An Altus Oklaoina funeral home Tuesday nighr was trying to leam the "•wbejrea"*v?uts of G. S- Wright, to be in Paris- ilr. mother is dead in Altcs 'the funeral directors are eager to communicate with him. T>17 Jt>t* "WORKING in>m 4-v r JKJLJJ A 1 come an<j bring^ hoe* to help with i firemen and citizens • bad Sl«d-"by the -work as -prell as basket dinners jior-a, last look as he Jay ^In state" 1 A. E.-Ball of Minter began tas- old cotton in tne county, under the provisions of the Bankhead Bill Wednesday. County Asent A. L.' Edmiaston said there are about 4.000 t bales oi old cotton in the coiiuty vrhich must be tagged, before AusTiiist i.. to spread at noon- ! at the f irehoase. The Friendship graveyard _ _ will; A Boston terrier, mascot of tie; American colonists carried on a.\ be worked Friday. July 20. and . Greensboro, X. C- fire department, | thriving trade with the Creefe In- J all those interested are tirged to lAvas buried witJi ceremony after" dians of Georgia as early*as 1SSO. 1 PERSONALS Fairj- Greer is at the St Joseph, feospital for treatment. ^liss Virsinia of Gainesville, Fia,, is a. patient at the - St. Joseph hospital. NOTICE TO CANDIDATES Morris Wright of !Deport is at e. St. Joseph sospita.1 for treat- . IT. H. I/edford of 251 South Seyenteentfc. street^, is .at, ..the.... St. "Joseph "hosplts.1 for treatraeni. Coleman Reeves has returned, j to Dallas after a short visit here ! with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Reeves. as you may have worked or intend to work, it is impossible for you to reach all the people. And even the voters you have reached wifl be interested in any message you send them through the columns of The Paris News* At very nominal cost The News will carry your message to more than 8.500 homes. They will read it in the quiet of their home, undisturbed, making it doubly effective. Members of our advertising staff will be glad to render every possible service in the prepara- . turn of your copy, be it display or reading notices* Successful candidates in the past have found that newspaper advertising offers the most ef* f active and economical means of reaching all the voters. Start your advertising campaign in The New* now and let the voters know of your desire to serve them. - Ernest Handle, of Roxion T route ." uncer^rent an operation at the i St. Joseph Hospital We<3nesca.y Kath and Edna Bmm- mir and Mrs, Leon MevA^e of Honey Grove .rere in Paris Wed- S£r; an(3 Mrs. "W. E. Burroug'fcs, S accompanies by Mr. Burroughs" I mother and sister of Dallas, have | motored to Ix>s Angrsles, Calif.. I for a month's visit. * Mrs, Carl Foster of SS Grasarn, street, who tirnierwent s,n operation ut the St. Joseph hospital { last. Thursday, is reported - to be doing: riicely. Miss Mavis Ba,xton, dan^ht-r ci j John Barton T^ho forrr-erly lived in I Paris, but ro-w of E! Paso, is here (for a -visit with iier aunt. ^Irs. J Myrtle Bsjxton Gose, 67 North hteenth street. 5 son born recently at the St. Jol scpn hospital, -were taTcen Tuesday | to the hcire of Mr?. George T. { Coleman on South Twenty-sixth f street. s. Brownie Collins has tvad 5.s since Saturday her sister. Ben F, of Saptilpa, . her niece? snd nephew. . AnneTTf art<5 Carrol and ?>*is.« of I>eQ'Jeer;. Ark, Clax:dr Ftr^uson.. arsd her sister.-Mrs. Frank J. "Dohcney, left "Wecnesd^y morrins: for the l*ittle River Country clu> ire ArkatT^is to s^wsd a. few days at Mrs. Fvr^t:- SOTS'S locye there. Th^y were ac- cotnpanled by Mis^ Robbi** >Tor:-Js. who wit! visit Mry, Ed McDonald at her l THE PARIS NEWS ^Everybody Like« It" ^^s^TT^G BKOTHKK C vA. t>os:?r c? Durant, Miss- is here visiti-jr ^'s 1 brother. K. F. Doste". He formerly lived in I-a- mar county I>«Jore «roJns? to Mi«^s- sippl a.»d is a veteran Toco-rrrotive CTMrfneer. having: be*n with t^e Illinois Central raHroad for srv?ral years. H" Is no'w rexire-i on a NOTICE to b^y ir-0 shoats i in^ trctn "5 to 125 pounds of Paris. C!ty J. E. Trumble is now prr?3*n«ritl^ T located at the Bonham Si, Je-w*Ir>' Music Store xvlier* h» has as office for r«palr- pianos aad violins^ and bows. C«It 9M WKra Ton } POSTTOXE GOJLF j The regular weekly lrtsch«on of ! j the Woman's Golf association TV ill I i not be he!<j Thursday as usual, ac- [ ; cording to ilrs. H. K. TA'hite. ores- { • ident of the association- ^ All White And und White" FORUM 55 SHOES To Close Out JOHN SNELL At Joe Wunscb Store SPECIAL/ .... for a limited time only! New "1934" Permalin De Luxe Model "SB" KELVINATOR Regularly $236.00; $^QQ50 Special, Now ... l*s Payment On the Meter-ator Clock Plan It's a n^v permalin DE I. UXE rnodeT. It is not cein^. discontinued. Thi s 5pec- ;sl lo"v price is for a limited time on!*'. Nate These Outstanding Features: —6.35 Ou, Ft. Sixe —I2L5 5*. Ft. Shelf Area —Make* 84 Ic« Cube* —Rubber Flexo Tray —Folding Hinged Shelf —Ice Tray Lifter (no *ticidng) —New Beauty of Design —Fmger Tip Latch —Sealed Freezing; Chamber —Refrigerated SheJf —Dairy Basket —Automatic Defrosting: —12 Freezing Speeds —Super-Fast Freezing Switch —Five-Purpose Control —Electric Light —All-Pcrcelain Ceding Unit No Doicn Payment Just 25 C *~ +* a Day birys this permalm de luxe model Kelvinator on our exclusive Mfter-aror O^ck Plan But remember, the special price of SI99.50 fvr a 'inrsiud time oniy! PHONE 1703 PHONE 1705 I9OJ*

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