The News from Frederick, Maryland on November 27, 1951 · Page 2
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 2

Frederick, Maryland
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Tuesday, November 27, 1951
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XtwN«ws, J«WL, ;iie»i»y, Noveiaber /I, JUioi Citizenship Restored To German Native WASHINGTON, Nov. 26, (JPf- The Supreme Court today restored full American citizenship to a native of Germany once ordered deported for admitting he lied in swearing he would fight for the United States. · The Government will, however, be able to make a new effort to send Peter Alfons Bindczyck back to Germany. The* court split 5-2 in ruling that --because of a technicality-- Bind- ezyck's citizenship papers were improperly cancelled. Bindczyvk, who lives in Elmhurst, L. I., N. Y., married an American and is the father of one chUd. Justice Frankfurter delivered the majority decision. Justice Reed wrote a dissent in which Justice Burton concurred. Justices Clark and Minton took no part in the case. Admitted Here Bindczyck was admitted to citizenship Dec. 2, 1943, by the Circuit Court of Frederick County, Md. while he was serving in the U. S- Army at Camp Ritchie, Md. The day after he was admitted as a citizen. Bindczyck was alerted for overseas Army duty. The Justice Department said he then made statements to the post intelligence officer disclaiming any loyalty to the United States, stating he was not willing to bear arms for this country, and did not want to remain here after the war. Seven days later Bindczyck was taken back to the Circuit Court There he said he swore falsely when he told the Circuit Court he would fight for the United States. The Circuit Court then cancelled its order granting citizenship. In 1948 Bindczyck was ordered deported. He began suit contesting the cancellation Of citizenship. The U. S. District Court here declared him to be a citizen. But the U. S. Court of Appeals here overruled the District Court. It said th« Frederick Circuit Court had full power to reverse itself. Was Denied Counsel Appealing to the Supreme Court, Bindczyck contended the cancellation proceedings did not follow in detail requirements established by * 1940 Nationality Act. Specifically he said the 1940 act gave him the right to defense counsel and time to prepare a de- ·fense--rights he said were denied him in the Frederick Court. Frankfurter said the court majority agreed that the Frederick Court should have followed the "self-contained, exclusive procedure" set forth in the 1940 law. Frankfurter directed that the District Court's citizenship decision be restrained, but he noted that the way is still clear for the Government to -proceed against Bindczyck under the 1940 acts Reed said the dissenters felt the high tribunal was putting a useless burden on the Government "without any ultimate benefit to the naturalized citizen." 4,500 Wounded Taken Out By Helicopters WASHINGTON. Nov. 28. Twelve Army helicopters in Korea carried 4,500 wounded from the battle lines between January and November of this year. This wa? reported today by First Lieut. Joseph L. Bowler, an Army aviator who holds the record for having flown out more wounded than any other helicopter pilot in Korea. He brought out 806 men in «487 missions. He was a member of the Army's three helicopter units which fly wounded from the front lines to mobile hospitals five to 30 miles in the rear. Each unit has only four helicopters. The helicopter pilots, he said, pick up at least one-third of their cases in no man's land between the front lines. Nearly all the craft have been struck by enemy ground fire, -but none has been shot down. Bowler said the helicopter, pilots work alone with no medical help or other crew m their craft. They load the patients, putting one in each of the two litters fixed to the sides of the craft, and taking aboard another of the walking wounded. The pilot administers blood plasma, if needed, while the craft is in flight. Man Victim Of Amnesia Magistrate Wilbur F. Sheffield, Jr., Monday night put all law enforcement agencies of the city and county on an alert* to discover the dentity of a professed amnesia victim booked in Frederick. Sunday night as "John Doe" charged w i t h "lr»H*t*inrf " with "loitering." Three slim clues are held by DUCKS FOR SALE HAGERSTOWN, Nov. 26, ()-Hunters who shiver in a duck blind all day then go home empty handed got this disconcerting news today from Hagerstown officials: The city has 200 wild ducks for sale--at 30 cents a pound. They were captured near the municipal park lake, right near the center of town, by the park caretaker, Harold Morris. Morris says ducks have taken a liking to the lake because they can hang around and forage on food put out for the municipal swans and geese. No noise from hunter's guns, either. t They got so thick Morris just went out and rounded up a few to thin out the flock. John Sutter, on whose property gold was discovered in California in 1848, subsequently lost everything in the gold rush. Handy \ Flame \ 4V 1 ^ The Ail Automatic Fuel For Wate- Heating MDWK fAX CO., Inc. lr: ?.75 107 ,st C'^.-irk St. JO1,. HOsPiTM, AID TODAT S1M t/ ft -- Today Join "Hospital A'd. Inc." '50 Stude. Champ. 2-Dr. 0. D. Heater '49 Chev. 5-Pass. Coupe . '42 Stude. 4-Dr. Com. '41' Ford 2-Door '41 Chevrolet 2-Door Champion officers--a match-box advertising a Mt. Airy pharmacy, found on the man, his oft repeated statement "J think I was in the Army but I'm not sure" and his fingerprints which are being traced through Washington central bureaus. A service-station attendant on West Patrick street near the Bar- jara Fritchie bridge, Sunday about 10:30 p. m. called City Police that a strangely acting stranger was loitering there and complaining of errific pairfs in the head. Cannot Give Name Lieut. Frank Dorsey investigated. A poorly dressed man, believed to be in his mid-forties, about five-feet eight-inches tall, weight about 140. dark hair slightly streaked with grey and brilliantly sharp eyes, was picked up. The stranger, wearing neither overcoat nor sweater, could not give his name, from whence he came nor any previous facts about himself except he "felt" like he had sometime or other been in the Army. · Before the magistrate last night on a loitering charge. "John Doe" was respectful, always following any statement with "Sir." He spoke clearly but usually with the repetitious answer "I don't know," to all questions about himself. Held For Observation Police testified that two cell- mates at the jail overnight had tried to break down the barrier of possible amnesia, without success. U. S. Army Photo NEWLY-ELECTED OFFICERS of the National Federation of Federal Employes, Camp Detrick Branch, are left to right front row, William E. Warren, guardian; Rosa G. Kreh, corresponding secretary; Edgar T. Stevens, second vice president; Oliver H. Keefer, president, and Lee F. Ifert, board of directors. Back row left to right, Richard E. Schaff, financial secretary; Austin C. Hoffman, board of directors; Murray R. Botkin, first vice president; Bradley M. Gerwig. third vice president, and William A. Miller, board of directors. Board members not pictured are David K. Schultz, Jr., and John K. Wisner. All were elected at the organization's monthly meeting on Nov. 16. "John Doe" has again been remanded to jail for observation and investigation, while peace officers and the Maryland Veterans Commission attempt to establish his identity and ailment. In the onlj other case heard in Peoples Night Court Monday, Roy C. and Eugene Lake, Jr., both of 40 East Sixth street, were found not guilty of assault and battery alleged by another brother, Henry Lawrence Lake, 19, same address. The complaining witness testified under cross-examination of Edwin F. Nikirk, that he was partially intoxicated and confused as to just where, when and why he became entangled in a brawl at the house Saturday night. Complainant Reprimanded In acquitting the accused brothers, Magistrate Sheffield observed to the complainant: "From the testimony here. I most certainly agree with the defense attorney that your brothers should be found not-guilty. It is a disgrace that you ,a 19-year old boy should admit you were practically intoxicated. As to the evidence your two brothers were defending their father from your attack. 1 am only sorry that they did not really give you the beating you deserve for such unwarranted action." One traffic collateral wn-: forfeited by Elwood R. Sother, Route 3, APPLES Grimes--Delicious Stayman--Yorks Sweet Cider WALKER ORCHARDS Mt. Airy 74-J BARGAINS IN REAL ESTATE FOR SALE 4-room concrete l)lock biitiKiilow, elcclrlc. in acres mountain located opposite Tuscnrora watershed property at Yellow SnrliiEs Immediate pos.te.s.slon. " 5-ropms, InrRf tun jiorrh, outbuildings, over- 1 aero of land near city limits on Stiookstown rond. .10 day possession. 5-room dwelling, larjre lot of ground West Main Sheet. Tlturmont Maryland. fi-room semi-detarhed urlek. slate roof duellliiK. electric, sewer connection, rear and Mrie entrance, centrally located In Frederick. Completely modern scml-buiiKalow brick dxvcllinc western section of Frederick. Immediate possession. Small down payments with monthly Installments will huy most at these properties. GILMORE R. FLAUTT REAL ESTATE, LOANS AND INSURANCE 227 North Market Street Frederick, Maryland Member of the Real Estate Hoard of Frederick Madison, Minn., $11.45 for exceeding 30 mph, cited by Officer Sherman Boone. City collaterals were forfeited by Howard Westley Thomas, 430 Klineharts alley, $580; Arthur E. Hicks, 148 West AH Saints street and Robert Nathaniel Russell, Ijamsville, each $5.80, all colored; lor intoxication and peace disturbance. WINS CONFIDENCE TEHRAN, Iran, Nov. 26 M*)-Premier Mohammed Mossadegh won a clinching vote of confidence, 36 to 0, in the Senate today and a final go-ahead on his plans for immediate national elections. But he got a warning from the floor of tioubles ahead and a new .sample of rampant disorders in rioting by 200 Communist-led teenage Rirls. The rioters Cought police, firemen and troops with teeth and fingernails. The Communist Tudeh Party . E. 1J \l FUMERAL DIRECTORS AMBULANCE SERVICE 8 East Patrick St. Phone 355 JOIN "HOSPITAL AID, I'njoj favorite Carioon Characters -Tom *c Jcrr), Bugs Bunny, Woody AVooilpciLer-- rcalai-lifc in Vicw- Mastcr Kodaihronie, stereoscopic pic- (urci. Seven scones in each Keel for use in View Master Stcieoscopcs anil Pro- jeuors. O\cr 400 subjects for children and adults. Write For Our Free Christmas Catalogue HILTNER--ROELKE FREDERICK CAMERA SHOP 206 West Patrick St. Phone 797 was reported putting up election candidates under false party labels. The aeyser. Old Faithful, in Yellowstone National Park, erupts at intervals of anywhere from 38 to 88 minutes. LAY IT AWAY ! ! We are filled to the rafters with Christmas toys and gifts. You'll never find a better selection Come now and brouse around. 50c will hold any article. Save also 10% with our saving stamps. FREDERICK 5 10 41 South Market Open Evenings HIGHEST QUALITY T E X A C O AND STUP-CROWTHER, ,INC. 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He noted they still are below ceilings fixed by Congress, DiSalle offered this testimony to the Senate-House committee on defense production as he engaged in a lively word tilt with Senator Capehart (R-Ind).« Capehart said DiSalle had tried to "take political credit" for reductions in tallow and soap prices resulting from the law of supply and demand and efficiency of industry. "I don't have to take political credit for anything," the price boss told Capehart. "I'm not running for this office." DiSalle referred to, his job as director of price stabilization. He also told Capehart that "gen- 10 = 10 1 This can hardly be right But it is! For every S10 you spend In our store we let you select $11 worth of goods! This means a 10% saving! Just ask for our stamps. FREDERICK 5 10 41 South Markekt--Open Evenings Opportunity Prominent 83-year-old life insurance company wishes to appoint local representative full or part-time. Will train proper party. WRITE BOX 1712 FREDERICK NEWS-POST FOR INTERVIEW ·rally speaking" tht price ceilings are "holding the line" against inflationary spirals. "Can't we say," Capehart pressed DiSalle at one point, "there will be no runaway Inflation, under the present law and the administration of the law?" "I think that'could be said, 'yes,' " DiSalle answered. Capehart asked whether the time had come when prices could be decontrolled. "Absolutely not," DiSalle said. He added that "price pressures are very upward" in the pork market, despite big supplies. DiSalle pointed out that dairy products and potatoes have been selling below parity and could go j higher because Congress had bann- · ed price lids below parity. This is j a computed price intended to give farm products a fair relative purchasing power. , Asked by Senator Maybank (D- SO whether h« iaw "anotbw spiral of inflation coming." Di-j Salle said "we think we can keep{ things reasonably under control'1 if the controls law is revised. j One of the chief revisions the, administration is seeking is elimination of Capehart's amendment tot the law. Under this, price ceilingsf have to reflect most increased; costs that occurred between the! out-break of the Korean war ana, last July 26. * EYES EXAMINED GLASSES FITTED DR. WALTER SNOW OPTOMETRIST 41 North Market St. Phone 835 Robert W.Shecfcles Sons. MASON WORK Ph. 1490-J Frederick/Md. WHY 1001 AROUND with slow-poke cleaners? Get one-wipe Bluko! Does the job so fast-Fast-fast! BLUKO LIQUID HOUSEHOLD CLEANER I XMAS BICYCLES BURALL "The Bike Man" Has no fancy storeroom--No hi- pressure salesmen--No hi-over- heaa--But has the largest stock quality bikes in town. Lowest prices--all models sizes, $34.50 up. Every sale hacked by 30 years bike experience. BURALL'S CYCLE SHOP Eear C. C. Carty's, E. 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