The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 10, 1948 · Page 2
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 2

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 10, 1948
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X*wt. . M4.. Sal«r*ar. Weekly Church Services Ktr. Suauel S. Jotuutoo. rector. . JCMK X. B. Woodrow, ricar. All Saints' -- * a. nx. Holy coin- vtuiuoa. Itf *- HL, children's service: U «L ZB-, morning prayer and ser- It. 1*44 . K. Helwig. p^uto, Bethel -- Church school, f :30 m. Vtica Lmtfeera* Farlsfc Zi»H Lutheran Chmrch l The Tun- DST Rev. W. Ernest Fox, partor. Sunday school. 10 a. m.; worship, 11.15 a. m.. Mr. Donald Wmrrenfeltz. fucst; afternoon--Zion Youth at! tends Syuodical Luther League! BAXER COMML'MIT SERVICE S*n4ay eveMinr. J«ly 11 ··cl*ek In charge of Grace Evangvlical -My m.: Hob communion service. 10:30; Harmony -- Sunday school. S. S. Lesson By WILLSAH E. GU.BOT. ». B. Kenry F«d one* called history "the bunk." It it at leut very interesting bunk and not unprofitable for those who would learn *ny- India. n.. message by R^v. J. P. Tiga, j Pm ^ ,-.. ,. ,_ - fMrersville Lutheran Charge Creagt.rsto-.-n- Church school. - , The TmM; £ST) j St. Timothy's Chapel-9 a. m..|9:30 a. m.: \outh Fellowship. Tues.., Rey . R u Markley . paston prayer and sermon; 10 a. ·, 9 p.m. | gt Mark s Wolfsville--Worship. , school. i · tic. - Worship 9 *. m., guest j g - "Declaring A Truce/' St. B«ro»bas" Chapel-* a. ^-j^f^ R ^L J .Jl_?**L "^l church school. 10 . . Light And My Salvation": Solo, by | Mrs. Robert Russeli. j thing from the past experiences I Sermon: "The Measure of Life." i of men and nations. i History has also been called 'the [essence of innumerable biographies." It is that, but it is a great ideal more. For there is a corporate life of nations and peoples, and ,, _ . . . T»nrm»nt Evangelical faltf« Brethren Church ,, 'The Time DST· 5f v - ivan G - Nau K le Thurmont--Sunday school. 9:30 j that is something more than the m.. j minister. Rev. . . · . ch(jrch sAool 10 a m . service «»oming prayer j pastor in India; church school. 10j pjcnic Au , .,, ,_ ear Wo lfsville '*· m ' : worsh! P- 10:30 a. m. j total of all the experiences of in- co church schooL " and talk Calvary Meth«dist Charch Rev. J. F. Haas. D. D.. minister. S-45 a m---Church school: 11 a. m.. worship, subject. "Th* Will To Believe;" 7:30 p. m.. Baker Park *«-v-ice; Wed- -.30 p. m.. Kings Daughters Class will have a picnic Baker Park. 6:30 p. m P High Knob. 5-30 p. ra.. Friendly Awake Class will have a picnic at Thurtnont Catholic Church ·The Time DST; Rev. Roger Wooden, pastor. Mass, 9 a. nx; Sunday school. «:· »aul Mversville Church Deerfield--Worship, 9 a. m.; Sun-. dividual lives. Walkersville -- Church school, j ^^i 9 a " ,»V worship 10 a m *»y «hool. 10 a. m. .; All this is well illustrated in 9.30 a. m,: worship. 7:30 p. m.. mes- i ~ - '· For Such A Time As This " i 1 the ow Testament story of the life sage by Rev. J. P. Tiga. India . MverjA .; Ue va " cat ion Bible school j Thurmont MethodUt Charge ;an d religion of the people of Is[930-1130 a. m. July 19-30. in the: _ .'^ e _ · "* T ' ' raeL The story told in b °° ks ° f Church of the Brethren: mid-week ? ev ' A '. E - Grl _ m - P aslor .history, poeto' and prophecy con- rervice. Wed. 6-30 p. m 10 ·school, y a. m. ' I , a. m : worship. 10 a. m. Circle Class meeting at the church' to go on their annual picnic. ; Brunswick First Baptist Church Rev. L. D. Carmack. pastor. j ay school. 9 - 45 a rn : wor- | 11 a. m.. topic. "Willing To'] · Worship.' worship. 8 p jn. topic. *,/"' Y'-' 11 "" .- t !-The Mission of Man." Wed. 7.30 s -* 5 '-*, J ** 5ie ? ., _ n. m . Or« n ri,,h » ,, m n r,, w ! speaker. Tues . Churek Of The Brethren ^·ft-ShST^S^a. P." Organ Club. B P . ,,, prayer, a.ia » M.-- Lesson and business meeting of the church. The Time DST) Rev. A. E. Grim, pastor. Emmitsbur£ --Worship. 9 a. m.; cerns chiefly the people as a whole, S:. John'.. Church Hill--Church . Su f* a ' school- 10 a. rn. their struggles and conquests, their school 9 a. m ! m s Creek --Sunday school, 9 lofty conceptions of God and man ! . a. m ; worship. 10 a. m. , and their rise and fall. I Keysville Evangelical ' Thurmont--Sunday school, 10 a | But in the Bible are innumerable (Lutheran Church °»'· worship, 11:15 a. m. accounts of individual characters Casoct.n -- Sunday school, 1.30 and incidents that are of eiual interest and profit. It is this aspect of the Bible that gives it its strongly human quality and makes its realism of such universal interest Rev. Richard H Miller, pastor. 9.30 a m.--Sunday school; 10.30 P- '« a in., Christian Endeavor: 3 p. ru.. · Cronk. missionary ; *-"»«ea Evangelical And 3 p. m . Mi Reformed Church Rev. Merle F. Solhnger. pastor. in., worship, subject, from the Master." Centennial Memorial Evacgelical United Brethren Church m . Reformed Mt. Tabor--9.30 a Thurmont Reformed Charge t. ,J TbeuTi i ne _? STl : JeBerson Lathed Rev. Wm. H. Groff. pastor : (The Time DST , 31t. Tabor--Worship. 9.30 a. m · j Rev VfOrris G Zumbrun. pastor. , and significance. Radio Program no* KBC WBAI, wrier PKOGXAMS ····!·§ mmary or X*»r« til ·« ·M ». nbe _ .Network Va»ic Tim*-- ibc J)roc« Tlm«-- mb«-tut Tide* a Xtunb*r -- atta-wttt ·:1$-- Art of Living-- nix- To £· JLaaoonctd-- cb» t*TolH» at Prayer-- abc ·:JO -- ScisaMr Symphony -- ab« Ked e«rb*r Sport*-- elt» Jiarry Wism*r Sports -- ai« laac« iluxio-- mb»-*»»t Tm» or Fals* -- mb*-v«t ·:4S-- X«*» ana Comastatarr-- b« Jaeic Bt«Il OftBuncct -- »be /«-- Si. Lozl* Optra-- «!» ChalTenj* of Yuion -- abe Ha.vaii calls Uuaiclzns -- mb» 7:39-- Certain Tim* Draaia-- ni« Vie Damon* S*r«rtaa»-- cb» Va-r:oti» Jury Trial*-- abc .Nam* of Song Qelz-- ish* 7:4S-- H. Carmlcbacl Sons-- cb« *:»-- Th* UT* or Ri!«r-- nbe Sine It Aa!n Quiz-- di* J'.osi lX!an. OetcctSrc-- abe Ttrtoty Questios* Qulr -- sub* 1:30-- Truth or CoaMcjutaec* -- nbc Ma!on»-- abc Micldletowu Bautiwagoii In Philadelphia Parade Tbe Middletown Fire Company's "Little Dutch Band" and "Ye Olde MMdlctov.-n Bandwagon" attracted it* share of favorable attention at Philadelphia on Thursday, where it was taken by the Maryland. Delaware and District of Columbia Association to participate in the parade of the annual convection of the B. P. O. Elks- Members of the band making the trip were Charles Henisberg. Albert Boileau, Donald Gearicger, Marshall Fogle, Bud Esterly. Robert Bowlus, Melvln Cutsail, "Reds' Shaw and Robert Gearinger Marshall Ahalt was the driver. The bandwagon was transported j via automobile track by Garland ! Huffer and Aube Reed." j The loca! group returnee hoTMe ; early Friday raorriins- Court News Equity ' Velma Grove vs Perry Grove, bill of complaint for an absolute divorce. Fr»perty Deeded Margaret E. Topper to George Arthur Starrier and wife, county. 10:45 . a. m . worship, subject. "The Min- · istry of Silence": 7:30 p. rn . Baker ; school. 10-30 a. rn. Thurmont--Sunday school. 9.45 a. m : worship. 11 a. m. Park service in charge of the Grace Thurmonl Epi»c«pal Church Reformed church. Grace. Pleasant Hill -- Sunday; Among these characters of the! church; 10:30 a. ni.. Sunday school.. school. !0 a. m.; worship, 10:45 a. m. ^ Bible, the greai liberators, judges. ' ] icings and prophets stand out bold,Middletown Christ Evangelical ..... But there are lesser charac- ·And Reformed Church lers w hose stories are illustrated · The Time DST '. in striking action. Sometimes they Rev. Warren A. Breisch. pastor, appear in a single chapter, or even Sunday school. !0 a. m.; worship. ; j n a few sentences. 'But what they a - m I were and what thev did is there j Burkittsville--Worship, 10 a. m., w j,h indelible impression. . St. Paul's--Sunday school, 9.45 a. m : worship. !0'45 a m. St. Luke's.--Worship. 9 30 a m.: Sunday school. 10 30 a. m. Rev. Oscar F. R. Treder. pastor, i Mt - '-"on--Sunday school. Harriot C h a p e l . Catoctin--! *' m 930 8:45 a. m.--Service; 9.45 a. church school; 11 a m.. service, topic. "Where They Found Him;" 7:30 Mon 7:30 p. m.. choir rehearsal. I Church school. 10:15 s. m : worship. 'ji anor m..! ll o 5 a e m 'u - ^ , ^ i" Rev. A. G. Null, pastor. j St. S.ephen s Chapel. Thurmont j St Matthew's Church H i l l -- ' I I a. m Ho.y communion, every Sunday, i church c C hool 10 a. m : Holy coni- Tliurmont Church Of The Brethren ·The Time DST' Rev. Chester Rover, pastor. , w , n e e mpresson.. i There were prophets like Na-1 than I I Samuel 12'. who dared | ^buke King David for his adul- p. m.. Baker, Park service: ., 7:30 p. m.. Boy Scouts. Thurs . , a ' m ' Graceham Moravian Church j 'The Time DST. I Rev. Paul Zeller. pastor. i immioii. ! 1 :i. m. | St Mark's. · school. 9.30 a. m.: Holy communion. ! July 18. 10 30 a. m. c,,,,.i,.. _ w i , n _- sterv: Micah I Kings 22 who re- ounday school. 10 a. m · worshio , " . . . . ..... viuiiiup, ! fuse( j to say wor js pleasing to a king when the truth that he had to declare was unpleasant. There was a devoted husband and lover like , Elkanah. father of Eamuel I Sam- St. Luke's. Evangelieal Reformed Church Rex-. Paul L. Althouse. pastor. Dr. H. L. G. Kieffcr, emeritus. 9:45 a. m.--Sunday school: 11 » ! Brunswick St. Mark's Fari.h TO., -ivorship; 7:30 p. m.. Baker Park j Rev w j Recd rector j service: Women's Guild Conference ; Grace Church--Holv communion ! Germantown Bethel-Blue at Kood College. July 13-16. : - " ·- "·----«--- «' f .Middl. tov,n Valley Doubs -- Church : Church Of The Brethren ·The Time EST Rev. Samuel D. Uiidsav pastor u e l l - And there were craftsmen ·f. . . _ ^ _ _ - " * ' · * * " · · _ . - _^ . t _ . . * _ ^ i l _ ^ ..^ »_ Point of Rocks-10 a. n. : preaching. ! !» a. in : summer schoo! at Hood College. July 17 to 24. Grossnickle---Worship. 9 a m . . like Bezalel who gave the v.-ork ' · of their hands in worship, giving beauty as well as strength to the . school. 9 a. . m : worship. 10 a. m. The Myers: sanctuary of the Lord, hool will hold the! But the biography of the Bible First Baptist Church Rev. William C. Royal, pastor. 9:45 a. m.--Sunday school: 11 a. m.. worship, subject. '"The First Thing;" 7:30 p. m.. Baker Park service. Grace Evangelical And Reformed Church Rev. Dr. R. E. Wilhelm. pastor. 9:45 a. m.--Church school; 11 ». ITU. worship, subject. "The Lamp Of Heaven:" 7:30 p. m,. Baker Park service, subject. "The Measure of Life." Presbyterian Church Rev. W. M. Weaver, minister. Dr. C. E. Wchler. emeritus. 9:45 a m.--Bible school: 11 a. m.. church nursery: 11 a. m.. worship, subject. "Song of Songs." series on .; "Neglected Portions of Bible:" 7:30 "p. m.. Baker Park service in charge of Grace Reformed Church. .30 a. m.: morninV prave. and I Mountain , Churches Of God church school. 9:30 a. m.: week -day ' ' The Time DST ' services. Mon. and Thurs . 6 ». m.: Tues. and Fri.. 7 a. m . Wed.. 9:30 ! j ville church school will hold the! ; annual cuting at the George Wash- i does not concern only heroes and jingtop Park, immediately follow-' hero worship. With honest real- The Time DST 'ing morning worship. \ ism the weaknesses of men. their Rev. Clarence McGaha. pastor. ! Harmony--Church school. 9 a. · faults and sins are set down with Germantown Bethel -- Bible m.: worship. 10 a. m. The report I t h c i r records of greatness. " I _ i _ ; x * r _ . . -- * T _ _ « V . *t.. .... Stop M*. Car SbO-r-- ra'o» »:tO-- Hit Farad*. Sinatra-- r.bc Jout 0»ris Com«Sy -- cb» Gfnx Buster* Drama-- *bc Thre* for Mocey Quiz-- B:b« · :IO -- iKtr C»noT» 5how-- nc To B« Ancoucced-- cts M'hat't ily Xam«-- zbc »0:00-- Rj_J!o City PUyhous*-- r.b« L»t"« Dir.c* America-- cb» Prol. Uuiz -- abc-ba»:c Chicago Theater-- a:b« 10d»--Th* Grxr.d OU Opry-- nbc Hxyioit Hotdown-- abc lia»-- X«w». Variety. 5 bra.-- cos Xews ajjd Iance Hour-- abc Korn's a Krxckin'-- mbs t1:1S-- N'evs £ Variety to ! -- noe H:30-- Dane* Shows -- mbs 12:00-- Daocinr Coctlcutd-- abc-weat SUNDAY'S PROGRAMS The! Sat.. 8 a. m j school. 9-30 a. m.: C. E. 7 p. in.: of the annual conference will be' shiftiness of Jacob, the anger of Luke'-: Brownsville--Ch!irrhi worsh 'P- 7:4D P- m : P ra - ver service given by Rev. Basil Grossnickle. Moses, the adultery of David, thej i-uKcs. Brow nsMlle--Church! g D m : ! follv of Solomon, are all there, too. · school. 10 a. nv; Holy communion.! An ", · X, · T.-V.I u i · jl a jn ! Blue Mountain -- Bible school. | St ." M'.-I.-, o.f.,...:ii«_. ^u...-..i:30 a. rn.: worship. 10:30 a. m.: | Rev. Clair Ebersole. pastor. school. 7:30 p. m. i ice - folly of Solomon, are all there, too. i What a book of honesty and truth:! There remains something to be I '·'" Peter«ville Chtirrh i 9:3 ° a - rn ' : v -"O rsh «P- 10^30 a. . . ^ a m - evenine r a v r P ra yer service. 8 p. m.: prayer scrv- J Sunclsr z^r.^jl. 9:30 a. m.: wor- | said concerning the women of the " * r ~ * t '--.. \1T^.nt O n. rv\ 8 p. m. St. John's Catholic Church Rev. James M. Hogan. pastor. Rev. Herbert R. Jordan, assis't. Rev. Robert A. Bozcl. assis't. Sunday masses. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11:30 a. m.: Holy Name Society communion mass. 7 a. m.: Miraculous Medal Kovcna devotions. 7:30 p. m.: Bruruwlck First Methodist Church | Edgewood. Oak Hill. Bark Hill Rev. Geo. H. Bennett, minister, j Churches Of God Sunday school. 9:45 a. m : wor- «Thc Tune DST' ship. II *. m.: Fellowship hour. 6:30 Rev - Robert Earterttay. pastor. . . _ ._ ' ~P-1(.At-'nrw. ^iin-ia-* cr-nr | ship. 10:30 a. m.: C E.. 7:30 p. m.: i Bible, of whom some were very | prayer service. Thurs.. 7:30 p. m. ! good, and some were very bad. | Zittlestown. Sharp-iburg And 1 Antietam Churches Of God p. m.: worship. 7:45 p. m. Burkittsville Reformed Church Rev. Wm. A. Breisch. pastor. Worship. 10 a. m. Brunswtck-Lovettsville Evangelical And Reformed Church 'The Time DST Rev. N. H. Fravel. pastor. First Church, Brunswick--Wor- Edgewood -- Sunday school: j 10 a. m.: preaching. 11 a. m. Christ| ian Endeavor. 8 p. m.: Bible study. iTues.. 8 p. m. 1 Oak Hill -- Sunday school. 9:30 a. m.: oreachinc. 7 p. study. Wed.. 7:30 p. m. m.: Bible Rev. Wm. A. Herpich. pastor. ! Walkersville To Have Zittlestown--Bible study. 9:30 a. ' Vacation Bible School « f* V *7^n «. *« .... * _ ; _ * * _ _ i ji m.: m.: E.. 7. prayer Thurs. 7:30 p. m p. m.: worship. 8 p | and praise service. The Walkersville Daily Vacation j Bible School will begin on Monday Methodist church - week-days masses. Visitation chapel. 6:45 a. m . church. 8 a. m.. Sat., confession.. 4:30 to 6 7;30 to 8:30 p. m. p. m.. Trinity Methodist Church Rev. Thomas Morgan, minister. 9:45 a. rn.--Church school. 11 a. in., worship with sermon by pas-1 Brunswick church Qf ship, a. m. St. 10 a. m.: church school, 11 The Time EST James. Lovettsville. Va.-Church school, 9:15 a. m.: worship. 10 a. m.: children's service. 8 p. m.: children and younc people will Rocky Ridjc Church Of The Brethren Rev. Elmer P. Schildt. elder in i Sharpsburg -- Bible studv 9-30 i morning in a. m.: worship. 10:30 a. m.:" C. E school building. The school is sponsored by the Walkersville ministerium and is under the direction of Rev. E. Koontz Hehvig. The Bible school win be held each ' morning, during a two week oer- S iod. from 9 to 12 o'clock. Boys ( ·· and girls 4 to 14 years of age will I .._ , _ .... 7:30 p m.: prayer and praise serv- Bark Hill"--Sunday school. 9:30 i »ce. Wed. 8 p. m m | Antietam--Bible study. i m.: prayer and praise iTues.. 8 p. m. 9:30 a. service. 1:00-- Amertcx United. Talks-- nbc To -Be Announced -- cb» Sam PettiatiU Talk-- abc-baslc To B* Announced -- rabs 1:11 -- Editor at Home-- abc The Music Box -- mbs-baiic .:2(-- Cbica«o noucdtab'.e-- nbc Tell U Again, ttraaia-- cbs ^Cational \"esp«rs -- ab= Contenjporary Music -- ffis 2:00 -- First Quartet -- nfcc Tou-Ara There Drama -- cbs Weefe Around World-- abc Air Fore* Show-- mbs 2.30-- Robert ilerrlll Concert-- nbc Xen-9 Commentary -- cbs Mr. President -- afac Xe-ra: Veterans' Paael -- mbi 2:*»-- Oplcloa Comment -- cbs 5:00 -- l£us:c Para-J6 -- nbc Symphony Shotr-- cb* .Xe-rs Broadcast -- abc Summer Melody-- tabs 3:1S-- American Almanac -- abc 3:3O-- On* Man's Family -- nb» JDanc* Half-Hour-- abe H'« Secinx at SO -- rabs 4:00-- Quiz Kids. Jo* Kelly-- Bb« To Be Announced -- abc Houie of ily«tery -- mbs 4:15-- Cal Tinney Talks-- abe 4:30-- Xe-rs: Living 194S-- nbc i[xk« Min* Music -- cbs Milton Cross Records -- abe Detective Mysteries -- mbs *:00 -- Author Meets Crit_c«-- nbc Personal Autograph -- abc Under Arrest Irama -- mbs 1:1*-- Phil Davis Orch.-- cbs 5:30 -- Jan* Piclcens Show -- nb« Krankie Carle Band -- cbs Counter Syr Dramz. -- abc TViu.t Xakes You Tick-- mbs j Strength for Today | By Earl L. Douglass ». D. SOXLY BASIS FOR FREEDOM : I "The truth shall make VO.L free." ! These words of Jesus are familiar ! ( to everyone, but most people mi;? ] I the whole point of the Blaster's : " declaration because they emphasize ' I the wrong word. They emphasize ! | the jvord "free" while the ^ease of ] the statement is never fully ap- ] · preciated unless ive emphasize the "* I word "truth." : I People think so much about their , freedom that quite naturally as i j they read this statement of Christ i I they emphasize the word in which i j they are most interested. But 11 i should imagine that when Christ j 1 first spoke the words to His dis- j S ciples hi? emphasis was on the i j word "truth." It is the truth that 1 1 makes us free. ^Mea are bom poli- | j tically free--that is. they have the ; ! right as human beings to live a! j free and untramaieled existence' i but the inner freedom Jesus was i ' speaking about is one which only -· 1 comes to those who bow in submis- : | sion to the dictates of truth, espe- : ; cially spiritual truth. j : This is a season when we think j i much about freedom, but neither; j America nor any other country j | is free until it submits to the die- s j tates 'of truth. It can be said to a t nation as Christ said to a little! group. "Ye shall know the truth ' and the truth shall make you free." ! (Copyright Babson Newspaper Synd.) Peter O. Nelson and wife Forrest G. Meier and wife, ty. S10. Lloyd Fritz aad wife to Philip L. Rosselle aad wife, county, f 10. L. Smith and wife to t Adams, county, S10. Katherine C. Graham to Lewis 31. Esworthy and wife, county, J1Q. L. E. Beaudin Shoe Co. to The '. Inc.. county. S!. rgett and wife to Daniel L. Jones and wife, city, $10. LETTER FROM HUNGARY ' Mrs. C. N. Hann. Route One. .Thurmont has received a letter of a parcel, which she donated to overseas relief recently. The letter addressed to "Dear American benefactor." was translated by the Hungarian legation in Washington. The le'ter reads: "We received a parcel from America and the very first thing we did was to look into the coat pockets for anl address. I found one in the dark blue coat, which is enc;osed herewith. a=d decided with my husband to write immediately. "First, we want to thank you very much for your kindness and tei! you how much we appreciate it. Yes. we lived through al! the horrors and hardships of a very big xvar. Very many of us lost all our possessions, while others lack manv necessities "We live in a little villa near* the Tisza river. Mv husband is a clergyman and I am a teacher. We have fa een married for five months v ou can imagine how diffieult it has been undier the ent dr _ cumstances to buv a fe^v things' And we still need" so rnanv things' But it is better not to speak about lhis for we hope that wilh God - s he i p lhin£s are going lo be better for ^ We send you our kindest regards and ask you not to forget us ~ J Sunday school. 9.30 a. m.: Young People's program. 10:15 a. in.: j er. Rev. Glen Garner, of Bethany i n , _^ Keporrers Quiz attend the school. *:K -- Catholic Radio rerrlce -- cbe Th* Family Time -- cbs Dr*Tr Pearson Comment -- abe Those Websters. Skit -- nibs ·:1S-- X«ws Summary -- abc The dailv program will consist ·' i:3fr-HoIIrwood Prerieir--nbe , ,_._* _ _ _ _ _ _ T^-L, _*_ · _ _ Summer Guest Concert--cb present pageant. "Truths by the~j Seminary. Chicago. Wayside." Brunswick Christian And Missionary Alliance Rev. T. C. I^tshaw. pastor. Sunday school. 10 a. m.: worship. Ha. m.: evangelistic service. 7:30 p. m. j Beaver Dam l Church of the Brethren Rev. Harry Gardner, minister. 10 a. m.--Sunday school: 11 a. f or: 7:30 p. m.. Baker Park service. Rev. Clair E. Ebcrsolc. pastor. i Bible school. 10 a. m.: Young Parkway Church Of God Rev. C. O. Sullivan, pastor. j People's meeting. 7 p. m.: worship. Bible school. 9:45 a. m.: worship, j ' :3 ° .P- nl - : Wed - 7:3 ° P- m - Prayer 10:45 a. m.. visiting speaker. Mr.'. service. Charles Schaffer. "Westminster, TTnion Gospel Mission Sister Whitbeck. pastor. Fellowship sen-ice, todav. 8 m.: Sunday school. Sun.. 10 a. m.: evangelistic service. Sun . 8 p. m. Bethel Tabernacle Rev. L. A. Hubbard. pastor. 10 a. m.--Sunday school: II a. m.. \vorship: 7 p. m.. Young Pco- : Burkittsvillc Lutheran Charge I The Time DST I Rev. Dr. H. C. Erdman. pastor. j Burkittsville -- Sunday school. There is a wide range of opinion · of worship, songs. Bible stories. to the ' related handwork and recreation, as to where a trip ' The play periods will be guided j should be Jaken if the choice is! an ^ supervised by the teachers, unlimited and all expenses paid, i Each department will conduct one Inevitably there are those who I o f tne worship services. The offer- would and tho; a journey around the u-orld~taking ! ' vork - A picnic is planned for . like to take a trip to Europe i in ? s ° n these particular days xvill ose who would like to make ! bc received for some charitable in., worship, subject. "Be Ye Tern- J in the sights of all lands. There i Wednesday noon. July 21 ' - - - · · - . . ... · The teachers are Mrs. Vi. DeWitt perate in All Things." are others who would like very · visit States and others , vho ! j much to visit all secTio^Pof' the ?j. ckey ; beginner department: i United Bticke.vstown Methodist Church i United States and ~ ~ others ~ who ! Miss Josc P hine Cramer, primary Rev. E. A. Sexsmith. minister. would prefer going to some portion i Department: Mrs. J. Maurice.; 9:30 a. m.--Church school: 10 a. o f our country. poruon ; Haugh 3umor dc p artm ent: Mrs. j Holy communion service, com- ' Merhl Reddick. intermediate de-1 at | partment. They will be assisted | - erine Thomas, leader, guest speak- 9:30 a. m.: worship. 10:43 a. m. | Lime Knoxville--Sunday school. 10 a, an j er. Rev. Morgan R. W. Andreas, pastor of Adamstown Evangelical | and Reformed church. ivherc would you decide to closing i the public is invited, will be held j The answers: ; on Friday evening. July 23. at 8 i L. R. Sovocool. Graceham: "That i o'clock. A program will be pre- m.: worship. 7:30 p. m. ime K H - n n "hurch school ls * hard l««*tfon to answer for | seated by the pupils, and certifi- To^hio^ooic "A^Church n f i t h e r e a r c a n u m b e r o £ t r i P s ^ v o u l d " tes wi » be Awarded to those worship, topic. A Church of Hke tj take » i who have displayed an interest in Power." Ivemptott-n Methodist Charge [Adamlown Trinity Evangelical Rev. Chester B. Smith, pastor. I Aml Reformed Church Montgomery Church -- Worship.! iThc Time DST 4 choice I would take Czecho- . t h c '- vork and wno nave attended where T rnnlr! o.-t ^ -»,] '· eight or more of the ten sessions of ! 1B: ' pie's service: 8 p. m.. evangelistic 9 - 4 5 *- m -~- Sunday school. 10:45 a. service, subject. "Thc Ur.chang-j m.: Youth Fellowship. 8 p. m. ine Wed., Rev. Morgan Andreas, minister, i fectcd by the %va 10:15 a. m.--Sundav school: 11:30 i a closcup view j Slovakia v.-here I could get a real i c! E ht I insight into early Moravian history ! the sch ° o1 . and how the church has been af- · Summer Guest Concert--cb« To E» Announced--aic XicSc Carter, £*tectiv«--^mb« T-.00--LtV* Talk HolljTrood--nbc Th» G*ne Aatry Shotr--ebm I Lov» Adventure--»lc Mystery Playhouse--mb» ?:3Q--Pat O'Brien Draait--nbc B!ondi» and £agirood--cbs Bill Goodwin Comedr--xbc Gabriel Heatter Show--mbi 1:00--Th« Sha.Tr Chorale--nbc Sam Spade Adventures--cb« Stop th« Murio Quiz--abc Th* Mediation Board--mb* 1^0--EPI America Quiz--no* The Man Called X--cbs Movies Commentary--mbs I:4S--Twin K«Tr» Comment--mbi »:00--ilerrr-Go-KouRd--nbe Winner Take AH--cbs Walter Wfciehel! Time--abt Meet M» at Parity-*--mb» 9:15--HollvTrood Comment--abe ':30--Album Familiar Music--nbc Strike It Rich. Quiz--cb* Saper»tition Dramas--abc It's a Living Show--mbs 10:00--Take It or Leave It--nbc Mickey Rooney Show--cbs Comedj- Writers Shoir--abe Voices of Strings--mbs 10:30--Horace Heict Show--nbc JE-Scapa Irama Series--car Commentary oil Aforles--abe Clary's Gazette--mbs ;45--To JB» Announced--abc 11:00--Xeirs Variet-r 2 hrs.--cbc Xews. Variety. Dance 2 hnt.--cbs Xeirs and Dance Band--aic ' Dane* Band 2 hrs.--mbs j BARLEY LOAN RATE ! Joseph H. Blanford Chairman of | the State PMA Committee, with j offices at College Park, states that ' many Maryland farmers have been asking for information abvUt the loan rate of barley. He explains "the rate on U. S. No. 1 grade is $1.32 per bushel in a" counties of Maryland: No. 2. $1.30: No. 3. S1.27: No. 4, $1.24: and No. 5, $1.17." No loans can be placeu on garlicky barley. Mr Blandford added. Barley grading garlicky will have to be cleaned before loans can be placed. Loans shoulj be applied for. after storage has been' completed, at local county Triple-A offices. It is necessary that the warehouse certificate oe presented at the time of such a. visit to the county office. Loans mav be placed until December 31. 1948 and the farmer will retain title to the grain purposes until April 30. Salt beds range In thickness from a few inches to more than 300 feet. 4-WAY Rock of Ages of Lasting j BANDIT DIES I Baltimore, July 9 :'.P.i--Thomas iBlosse, 29, of Baltimore, shot dur- i ing an attempted holdup of a Glen ·D - died in a hospital Blosse allegedly v,as shot in the ; thigh by Walter Farreltson. tavern j proprietor. Monday morning. Anne jArundel county police claimed his 'body for an autopsy. j Two other men. Robert J. and ! David W. Estep. are being held by · Anne Arundel county police in .' connection with the attempted ! burglary. Police said approximate- · ly S2.000 worth of merchandise ' %vas found in a truck outside of , the tavern. Most products carry one guarantee of their protection. The quality and craftsmanship of Rock of Ages monuments is guaranteed by (1) Rock of Ages trade-mark seal etched inconspicuously into "the granite, (2) Rock of Ages Bonded Guarantee which is (3) backed by the National Surety Corp. of New York City and (4) the Cemetery Guarantee. Ask us to show you and tell you I more about these four Rock of Ages guarantees of protection. U. A. LOUGH SON 121 South Market St. Phone 1569 , . j -·**'- "V ERNOX PROGRAM j ^cna. u*.r.^m ^ nrs.--ZT3DV ana also obtain · Thc f o ii ow -; n g program was giv: 12:00--Dincir.r Contiaued--abc-ir«»t iO the political -,, v,- 45,,. ATnunt Vpmnn 'Evanffrf- ! political cn by thc Mount Vernon Evangel Ch! P\ Church s 11 a. rr... subject. "Sacrament:"- Glade Charje Evantdical And testimonial meetings, the first Wed- ! Reformed Church. Walkersville v of each month. 8 p. m.. sec- ' Rev. Dr. E. F. Hoffmeicr. pastor, j - -- i "^ Th* Tie That Binds, followed Elmer Sweeny. Thurmont- "Mine " w . elc _ mc Welcome." Patsy Young: by the Lord's Prayer. . ' i would be the Pacific Coast: South- ' t5 citatl °. n "J ! r.T-« r-^icf^--r- t _. T t . . . . . . . ;*i81 V JftDiC at Hood College, to be att A. C E. 1 e a g -j e: S p. m. · school. 9 a. m : Koly communion Breaching ?ncs worshio: vacation , arl d confirmation. 11 a. rn. Bible school. Mondav through Fri- j day. 9:30 a. m. to 1 p. i-i.: Tues. j Woodsboro Lutheran Parish 8:30 p. rn., the All Men"? Club! Rev. R. C. Myers, pastor, v.-il! meet at the church: Wed . 8.30 · Woodsboro -- Sunday school. --p. in., all stewards and stew- ' 10:15 a. TTS.: worship. 11:30 a. m. ardess boards. No l and Xo. " will, Haugh'j--Sunday school. 9'15 3 · Grace Trinity Evangelical Reformed Church 'The Time DST 1 Rev. Morgan Andreas, supply. 9:30 a. rn --Holy communion . 10.45 a m . church school. ! Dr. F. J. McCormick. Kagers- Bausher: recitation. "Jesus Loves Calvin Hoffman. And - "To the Xew England States · Mc - Jo ce "ioung: song. "Jesus Mrs Morgan -' ' especially Xew Hampshire and Vcr- T -"TM= M «"" ·"«·«·.«· "\v T.--~~ " ! , ,,, ,, mcnt and also Maine." :a solo. meet at the church. Countv Churches r.. : , m.: v. orship. 10:15 a. rn. ! F.ocky Kill--Worship. 9 ' Sunday school. 10 a. in. Chapel--Sunday school. 10 a. m Braddock Lutheran Church 'The Time DST' Hev. Dr H C. Erdman. castor Earl Crabb?. Xew Midway: "Mv .choice -would be Atlantic X. j." ' Mt. Pleasant Evangelical And Xew Market Methodist Charge IBoyds Presbyterizn Church Rev. K. D. S-A-ecker. pastor. | Rev. J. P. Kerr. pastor. Central--Worship. 5:30 a. m.: J Sunday school. 10 a. m . classes Reformed Church church schooi. 30:30 s. rn. I for all ages: communion service. 31 . 'The Time DST' New Market--Church school. 10 J a. rn.. communion sermon by t h e ' Rev. Merle Sollinecr. pastor, a. :n_: \vorship. 31 a. m. j pastor, music by She choir: daily! Worship Mt Carmel--Church school. 101 vacation Bible school. Monday p : so s. m Bernard M. Davis. Jr. i-rcderick: ·I v. ould like :o ju5t travel com- a Worh:p. 10 a. rn.. Sunday school, plctcly around the world and learn 11 a. in aH I could \\hi2e I wai doing i{." Andreas will sing _. _ _. , Miss Margaret Potts is the L.ada. Guy and Clco Itoung: song. ;i eader and Mis , Ruth Krie j ^ "We Belong To Jesus:' recitation, j pianist. "Why." Mida Holland: recitation, j C; tv · "Love." Glen Holland: sons. "Je-1 sus Saviour pilot Me." D o l l y ! Colombia. Venezuela. Eqasdor Baugher. Mida Koliand: recitation,! and Panama cover nearly a jnil- The Brook." Cleo Young: recit- j lion square miles of territory with it ion. "A Battle." Guy Young; of- . about 18.000.0O 18.000.000 people. RAILROADS RETVRNED Washington. Jj:ly 9 -.»·--T "n e ; Army ordered return of the nation's railroads to control of the and Koiy communion, companies a: 3 p. m.. EST^ today . . ,, church school. 10 30 H. '· Thc action followed settlement of a. m.: Youth Fellowship. 31 a. in. j through Frida5-. beginning Monday. ! rn.: P'oiisthea Class meet-Ins;. Tues, thc year-old rail wage disputc. !juiy 12 through July 23. from 101S p. m.. at home of Mrs. Robert: Army Secretary Royall issued t/i nciave X-rbina Methodist Parish Rev. G. I. I_oar. pastor. Araby -- Church school. II to IC'30. for children of all ages. Cruin a. m. i Mversville Evangelical Urbar.a -- Church school. 10 a. rn.: I TTnited Brethren Charge . 8 p. m. I .The Time DST' Ijamsviile--Church school. 10:30 . in.: worship, 11:30 a. m.: the Araby WSCS meets in Parish hail. Rev. Karl I. Vamer, minister. Sabillasville Reformed Church 'The Time DST 1 Rev. Claude Cori. castor. Jacob"?. Fairfield--Worship. 9 a Myersville--Church school. S.45 m : church school. 10.15 a. a. m.: worship. 10:45 a. m : YTOV. i st Stephen'?. Kichfleld--Church ; the order in mid-afternoon, thus 1 ending Army control of the car- · riers which started on May 10. On that date :he Army was ordered ! . by President Truman to take over ' operation of the roads as thc result of a strike threat. Monday evening, the WSCS of U r - j 7:30 p. m. school. 9-30 a m - worship 730 bana meets si home of Mrs. Loeb.! Middletown -- Worship. 9:30 a. p. m. Monday evening. {m.: church school. 10:30 a. m. SI John's. Sabillasville--Church Pleasant Walk--Church school. 2 . school. 9.30 a. m.: worship. 10:30 Brunswick Lutheran Parish ·The Time DST Rev. Ralph H. Miller, pa.-ior. Bethany. Brunswick -- Church school. 9:45 a. m.: Koly communion. 11 a. m. and 8 p. m. 'The Time EST Luther Chapel. Petersville-Church school, 10 a. nk EWSPAPERflRCHIVE®-- ... p. m.; worship. 3 p. m. a . m Bethany M.tho«M Church . Thurmont Lutheran Rev. Thomas Morgan, minister, j 'The Time DST' 9:30 a. rn.--Worship with ser- j Rev. C. H. Corbett. pastor. mpn by pastor: 10:30 a. m., church j Thurmont--Sunday school. school _ ]a. m.: worship. 10:45 a. m. 930 xo. xo: XOT BOBO Many persons stopped at the Frederick County Wines and t Patrick and Court to inquire about j Bobo. a popular pet cat. They had j read about a cat jumping out the j third story window and took for ' granted it" was Bobo. They found the latter unperturbed and contented. Brook Hill--9.30 s. m., church school. Sabillasville--Sunday school, 8:30 · . m. The Leaning Tower of Pisa i s . now more than IS feet off slant, i Remember always the ideals for - ox:r loved ones made thc supreme sacrifice. And, in tribute to their memory, in deepest gratitude, make their monument a reminder to fissure generations of these ideals. You will Snd our advice helpful ind understanding in planning a. monument, iargc or small. Lee us tell you Thy . BAR RE) Barrc Granite is worthy to p»y tribute to our honored dead. HAMMAKER BROTHERS FREDERICK, MD. HAGERSTOWX, Ml. THUR.MOXT, MD. WASHINGTON, D. C. BETHEL TABERNACLE WEST NINTH STREET Bible School. 10 A. M.: Worship, 11 A. }L Sermon Subject: "BALM OF GILEAD." Young People. 7 P. M.: Evangelistic Service. S P. M. Sermon Subject: "THE UNCHANGING GOSPEL IN A CHANGING WORLD." A FULL GOSPEL CKURCH EVERYBODY WELCOME Rev. Linwood A. Hubfaard. Pastor r CAMP MEETING On the Pine Mar Camp Grounds On Highway Xo. 32 About 2 Miles East Of Taneyiown JULY 10-18 Sunday Services Sunday School and Morning Worship. In The Church At Keyniar. Sundav Afternoon Service At The Camp Grounds At 2:30 P.-M. Rer. Mrs. Lor en Brecheisen Song Evangelist and IM'u- sicans of Bingharnpton. N.Y. Rev. G. Frederick Bertolet READING. PA. One of America's Best Trumpeters Everybody Welcome! Rev. P. E. Freeman in charge ·IWSPAPERI

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