The News from Frederick, Maryland on September 5, 1967 · Page 1
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 1

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 5, 1967
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Weather Forecast Mostly sunny and mild today with high temperature 80 to 86. Fair tonight lows ranging between the upper 50s and low 60s. Tomorrow becoming p a r t l y cloudy and a little warmer. VOL. 84--NO. 273 Customer'* Man Is Really A Girl Page 2 Prest Run Today I ~ws--10,950 I Pc«l--13,450 Total--24,400 FREDERICK, MD., TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER TWO 20 r U;FS SECTIONS AU L ' * v ' · F I H S 1 S E C T I O N 5c SINGLE COPY WKCKLY ··» CARftlM Holiday Traffic Mishaps Take Lives Of 588 CHICAGO (AP) -- Highway liuck or motorcycle accidents traffic took a heavy toll in during the period which began deaths during the three-day La- at 6 p.m. Friday. Last year's dor Day weekend, but the total to'l was the worst for any Labor for summer's last holiday fell Day since statistics were first short of the record set a year compiled at the end oi WorU ago. War II. The 588 deaths reported at the The largest death toll for any end of the 78-hour weekend at American holiday-- 732 -- was set midnight local time Monday on the Fourth of July weekend compared with last year's rec- this year, a four-day period. The ord Labor Day toll of 636, and 1967 Memorial Day weekend, with a toll of 533 on a recent the same length, also was a rec- uonholiday weekend. ,ord-setter in terms of highway Although late reports were ex- deaths with 608. pected to raise the final 1957 La- 1 The Associated Press record- bor Day figure, a Na.iona 1 Safe! ed 533 highway fatals during the tv Council spokesman said Mon- ncnholiday weekend of Aug. day, "It appears we're going to 18-21. The same survey also redo better than last year." ' vealed 14 deaths in boating mis- The council had predicted that haps and 37 by drowning. 560-600 persons would die in car, Although cool temperatures - t_ ----- --- and inclement weather prevailed in many parts of the nation, boating accidents claimed 15 lives and 32 persons drowned -.-, ·» · 1 H Olll* Iflllll'fHl A **"-"· -"*J *** v ' va In Holiday . TM-T- I AutO WreCkS Israel, Jordan Trade : Shots, Accusations State Police today said no one, was killed on Frederick County . , ,=_=,,_ ,, highways over the Labor Day Sf to °^ inanngd ° wn( holiday period, but four persons for the hoi, caused injuries to four people. By The Associated Press Israel a c c u s e d Jordanian sol- two, reported a seven-hour artil- naval duel between Israeli and Egyptian forces Mon day. T * ,*.,,·,,,, tv,=" f oW,- An Israeli army spokesman r LaS L ft « « g ,-iSlnt, oc said Jordanians fired across the Day holiday, 15 accidents pc- d . near th Da _ curred on area roads kllmg crossing about 18 one person and injuring three ^^ ^B f Jeri * ho ^^ others. . . . . . , Knr ,: n was no word whether Israel re- For the holiday period begin- * f . ning noon Friday and running '"TMN Truce observers put a through 10 a.m. today state s f . effect M £ nd police made 192 arrests com. Suez Cana] pared with 52 arrests during the * Claimed it sank an U L^r Day holiday and s hrae, earned .tjank a^n sued 699 warnings *» motorists ·; QUt seven Js _ as compared to 299 warnings u- r , eH armore , cars and tanks in ; sued a year ago. f t sharnest fighting since the A Frederick man was aa- mitted to Frederick Memorial tn , ce l i n e six weeks ago . Hospital after he was struck by a car Monday evening. Stanley W. Wachter of East Sixth St. sustained a possible fracture of the spine and pelvis when he was struck by a car driven by Merle B. Snyder of Greencastle, Pa. on Route 40 at Ridge Road. State Fol'ce reported that Wachter walked through two lanes of cars halted because of heavy traffic and darted into (j N. team began patrolling the trrce line six weeks ago. Apartment Complexes Integrated 325 Die In Viet Ground Fighting SAIGON ( A P ) -- The heaviest The g i o action eru pted three miles from the center of target in the Haiphong area and w a r zone adjoining the 17th par- before bombed Ground fighting in coastal arget in the Haiphong another Air Force jet shot dov\n allel OOU'.LM- _ n ihe North American \varplanes attacked South Vietnam, tne plains, the jungles and in the Mekong delta shattered a lull that had been broken only by short, sporadic battles in the two months that the South Vietnamese, the Americans and the Communists had been preoccupied with the political campaign. The election of Chief of c tate Nguyen Van Thieu as president may have ushered in a renewed SAIGON (AP) -- A spokes- paign planks was a pledge to test of muscle on the battlefield. man for South Vietnam's victo- seek a pause Election Losers Charge 'Fraud' jf one week or rious military ticket has , more m bombing of the Commu- The heaviest fighting cost the Communist forces 160 dead and rious m t a r y c e as , more o i - WV i.....». u ^. .~- -- -- ----brushed off charges by defeated nist North if Hanoi gives some 23 prisoners m a dogged slug- civilian candidates that the sign chat it will respond as a ging match with U.S. Marines m presidential election was rigged, prelude to negotiations. Hopes the coastal plains rice paames f_ __ . , -r~. · f ___ _ ____ _ ,, ,, _i : ^.- i^.n.*Tyi«t A*- «. _-xl N«»»T* V*/\r\ or Q Yirlc JUiiViL J^ U S observers sent by Presi- of success are slim, however. dent Johnson agreed that voting Sunday was fair. the Dzu's strong showing puzzled political experts who had ex- and bamboo stands about 25 miles below the big American base at Da Nang. The Marines estimated they had more than 1,000 of the ene- in an area where planes, my Seven of the 10 civilian presi- pected both Huong and former dential candidates charged Chief of State Suu to poll more fraud in the balloting. Truong votes. .__,, ,,_ . Einh Dzu, who ran second, said Some thought it was because helicopters, artilJery and ground he would demand that the Con- the symbol on Dzu's ticket was, fi re could batter the Reds re- stituent Assembly void the elec- a white dove This could have I peatedly. tion as a "nationwide fraud." attracted Vietnamese weary of j Latest reports from the battle- A spokesman for Premier more than 20 years of war. field said enemy resistance was Nguyen Cao Ky, vice president- Dzu claims to have contact y \\ but beaten down, and gun- elect on the ticket headed by with the Central Committee of ships and artillery were sealing Chief of State Nguyen Van Njr'h Vietnam's Communist 1 0 ;f the valley outlets to the Thieu, commented: "If Dzu has parU and with the Viei Cong's plains while Marine t a n k s proof that there was fraud, let political arm. the National Lab- p i owe d into the fray, him go ahead. If there was eation Fionl. He was the only ( Marine losses in 24 hours fraud, we would have had a big- candidate to advocate negoti-a- were 54 dead and 84 wounded ger margin." tions w i f h the Viet Cong as well | an( j the fighting was continuing. He's A ReaJ First Grader Today! Photo By Nelson BTOOKS Record Enrollment In virtually complete umffi cial returns, Thieu and Ky polled slightly more than 35 per cent of the 4.75 million votes cast and more than twice the number recorded for Dzu's second-place ticket. The 22 observers President Johnson sent to watch the election recurned to the United States denying charges of fraud and vote rigging. "I have never seen an election with such an absence of evidence of fraud," said Sen Bourke B. Hickenlooper, R- - as \ \ i t h Hanoi Killed In (,Vrdh Plane Crash Nfld ( A P ) Air Force, Navy and Marine jets carried the air war deep into North Vietnam with 127 raids Monday. The Marines pounded Red. gun positions nbove the demilitarized zons, ine Air Force hit rail lines leading from Hanoi to Red China and the carrier-based Navy p/ianes swept into the heavily defended skies above Haiphong. The big target of the day was the untouched five-span bridge southeast of Haiphong, one of Ihe two bridges leading south Frederick apartment com L!exes prev.ously unavailable the west bound lane in front of the Snyder car. to Negroes have been mtegrat- City Police reported one ac- ed The Frederick County Chamber of Commerce today said that Negro military personnel and (Continued on Page 5) School Days Return G A N D E R , zech jetliner with 39 persons f ,. om the ma jor port. The raid Iowa "to a'new'«Tma'n "on"arrival » l TM'-d crashed in a hall of fire v/ as an evident warning that the in Honolulu. .-hort'v after taking off from other bridge southwest of the The latest tally gave Thieu (lander f-,i Cuba today The Ca- city-also unbombed--is now on 1,638,902 votes, Dzu 800,285, ,,. )( ]n n Bounties s-iiri ·! persons tlle U ' S ' tar 8 et '^i; ,_ , . . "han Khac Suu 502 732 and for- , ,, . · T Crusader and Skyhawk jets mer Premier Tran Van H'aong s e r e k l l l p d - J a r c mlssin 8 and Irom the carrier Oriskany at- 454,638. An additional 1.3 million '· w ' (1 'njured. tacked the bnd?e and rettirmng votes were cast for ihe remain- The ^'n iet-built Ilyushin 18 oilcts reported that two center ing seven candidates or were .ad stopped here to refuel on a spans ^each about 150-feet long Fire Marshal Probing Barn Ruins declared invalid. °f The South Vietnamese Iron, I,a R ue. the Czech the Labor D a y area during the L,aoor u a y The announcemeit did weekend. that others are expected to Top E. Barnes, fire mves'i- , Tl0%e ; n to other apartment com gator, is going through the p i exes j n the very near future ruins of a bank barn which n e te xt of the chamber newt, burned to the ground late Sun- , ,i e a s o follows: day night on tne Thomas Ar- Through the cooperative ef- nold farm along the Howard f orts O f the owners of most of Hutfer Road, two miles west ot lhe r e n t a l housing and trail?r Burkittsville. courts in Frederick County, the Tne large barn, rented by Ro-1 Frederick County Chamber of bert McAllister, and contain- Commerce and the command- number of pupils reported a. both East Freder- passed with "a minimum _ _ _ _ _ _ _ have 'found suitable swarmed hallways in search i k and Parkway elementary confusion," according to prin-, elected a 60-member Senate, ;ntt in D'-eviouslv all white of the correct classroom as schools and a bus to Harmony cipal Karl S. Manwuler. results were trickling in slowly neighborhoods in th° c i t y Frederick and Montgomery G i o v e school was a little bit The situation at North Fred- j n those contests. \ 137- mem through cooperation between a County public schools opened to- late enck Elememarv School was ber House of Representatives ·hambei committee and the day while Carroll County schools All of the students at Bruns- described as "just wonderful, wi n be elected Oct. 22 wick Elementary School had to and everything went "smooth The assembly must certify the ( i ] 0 r f v . . . . no .,,.,:-. hln nf trm . be assembled in the school au- as silk" at Walkersville elemen- res ults within 30 days of the C w ' l s "° " l t l i c a t l o n of trotj - ditonum to be sorted out and t ary. election and the new presiden' A total enrollment of 120,830 end v'ce president will be in- All of the other schools con- '.tude'its began classes in Mont stalled 30 days later. tacted indicated that the sitja- gomery County, making the There are already rumors of No major problems were re- t;on was well in hand. school system about the largest dissension between Ky and say p-rted Th- first day at Governir in the United States. Thieu, but it appears that one o! that night c ' a n i l a l three American jets were lost in The controllet in the tower at t ], e Haiphong raids The Ameri' J a n d e t International Airport can communique listed no loss' a i d b" had talked to the pilot f c in that area, but said an Air commander of Fort Detrick, and open Wednesday. aiea rental property owners. About 18,000 students report . The announcement did n o t e d to schools in Frederick ditonum to be sorted ou, and The state fire marshal's office s p c c i f y the location of the apart ( ounty with 9,700 pupils attend- collected oy their teachers today is investigating the origin nients " or the number of faml- aig elementary schools and 8,300 "' " "-- -' u ~ -- u ~1 ~ ol a »iO,000 oam lire -- one of |, es w hich have recently moved pup Is in high schools. three blazes reported in the hie in .Mte, the phrne hfted off He said ^/^n "fi ISSndte area to the south. Two fliers aboard the Phantom were 1'sted 1 didn't see u h a t happened," ?-, missing. The Dl?ne was the he said ' The tirst thing I knew R73rd U.S. combat o^ane an\ a s w l i e n I --aw a ball of flames nounced lost over IheNorth. i:it the "loLint! The giound was Cas^s cf first-day crying were The mis Johnson High school Carroll Coun.y expects an an- the first aims of the new regime rollment of 13,700 pupils through- will be to make peace overtures out its school system with 1,022 to North Vietnam. l.t up b I r m h t l u l Hu t h i UK ' J n u ' s u wa i, lane came Broadcast Union To Strike Against NBC, ABC Networks M I A M I BKA("H, Fla. UCI L *»l V.JT»**»-'*' -" ) "· ··-·" V J .^Jllli**^-'^-^' * * » · « »,..^. ing hav and straw, caught fire inR O ff, ce r of Fort Detrick, mil- A broadcast union said it plans -uppor about 11 p.m. 1 itary personnel who could not to call a strike that cauld aifect .d.-t s JfiTCK ·- SSS, ys ±- d J5S.ES TM: JVii,ffifS-5,^ 1 ,-,," slated to attend the new South Carroll Hi^h School which opens its doors tomorrow Montgomery County has the greatest increase with some 4,543 new students In order to - t n k e m return for NABET'.s accommodate the increase, six .ort if the AFTRA walkout elementary sch jols, one special . ) r m g education facility and two maj- said strike would or additions 'o existing hign One of Thieu's major cam Railroader's Arm, Leg;s Amputated lovvn in a s t ,\o miles from ' P C I U I K \ ; I \ m a t r a i h o a d tracks I MI ^ k i t t the j u p o i t The crash ot C U M ' a ' ID a m '1 lie m lined i d e n t i f i e d as /cells P( !cs a'ld C u b a n s , were !.( m» t! eated in th · hospital 1 i r e but a n a n u e m e n t s were he- Community Concerts Sold Out A Baltimore man is in M a r y l a n d ?taie School fo- condition at Frederick fair Me- tne Mid'dletown and Bruns- 1 , v «,ilable apartments. .on networks after the net- P t u o r k s have libraries of taped , ,, , , , , , ,, fire companies arrived dt ethers will move into other v rrk.s rejected the union's . i ^ r a m s hut live news broad- t «. Deaf began classes to- mr-nal Hospital today after MX the scene aoartment complexes in .he verv "rock-bottom mmimums" ^'^ and ether live p r i g - a m (!l .y and St J o h n s elm£-n^.-y .a.lroad cars crossed over his Meanwhile only minor damn ear future ' 'Ihe m m i m u m s turned down nmg would be hit if members and high schools will open on body, amputating both legs and aee was done to a poich on These soldiers were assisted Monday during negotiations in ·! \FTK-\- oerf rmers an- Wednesday an arm. a home owned by Charles C. in finding apartments by the M i a m i Reach included a ."our- n nmcers anJ the like-stayed P a u l E Kogle dlre ctor of Hospital authorities said Ar- Warfield along Md 75, a mde pe wlv established Housing R- day work week for 3.0:,) TH r ,l c'le.r ,,bs nupil placement m Frederick n-ur C Chaufaureaux, 13, xm- and one-half south of Liberty- ferra l Office at Fort Detrick bers f ihe National Association » S u l l i v a n said talks broke off C o u n t y , estimates that approxi- oerwent surgery for lossi of his ana one na e militarv personnel S oek- cf Broadcast Employes and Monday evening when "the fed- , t , , 50() studcnts has e n- r-Rht leg at the knee, his left town Broadcast Employes and Mondav evening when 'state Police said the porch; ^"apartments in the Fort De- 'technicians, ^FL-CIO, iccord- r r a l mediators announced there u ,,, d caught fire about 1:10 p.m. trick area are now prohibited ing to Tim O'Sulhvan, a NABET . nncared no Possibility_ to re- year Monday when Warfield and his 1 e very assistance in finding suit- .spokesman. M »'ve the dispute I a ks \ A telephone check with all volunteer concert workers over fa m.ide to t r a n s f e r n persons the Labor Day weekend has re- u f e i i n u I ' m d - d c u r e e burns to \ealed 'he earliest sell - out for M a l i ) i\ lor slice lal t r e a t m e n t Commum.y Concerts in us Ji Tne dead UK hided the plane's vear history. t . i l it and copil it and i w o other With an unprecedented num- i e . M i i c m ' M " s 'I he engineer ra- l-er of renewals by mail, cou- , i d i t u e i and KUI hostesses l''ed with prompt e-lfor s on uhe s t ; r \ i \ c d part of workers soliciting the pub'ic eager to join, the Fred- crick Community Concert Association's membership campaign for the 1967-68 seasan ha, --et a new record in early regis- ,f Ka stei n Pro- and the- New- and resources d ler the crash lhe f i r s t gracie hor- a bi e housing O'Sulhvan said the starting The Housing Referral Office of the strike *ould be an- t n e r n n . t v but theBunion said it w j t h son attempted to burn a m A f *c TK^^t Damage to shingles on the maintains detailed listing of r.ounced m a news conference at j a , porch was estimated at $1001 suitable housing which may be ' n m EDT todav f n v ,::,e"t,o;:,?v* ,j-Tt-'i'r^r.irrj e a v m - Miami Beach to- ? e D t e r ' * P " this ' f 'K a ^ tne thigh and his right arm at the elbow State Police said the acci rlont occurred about 12 55 a in Mondav as Chaufaureaux was standing along the South r a i l ' t u n Hand mine . cm- s i i t k a f t e r the accident 'lid tiri'im s h u t t l i n g bodies and n. Hired b id: t , the ai'-port Ihe hcl, p,| ( ) t s said the n four days of launching the .'.as'.leop m mud when :Albllc Phase of the membership had to for use This record was achieved r v\th- Despite the deadlock, network by James Eckari, chief of the available on an equal basis with Liberlytown fire company. The' cut regard to race, creed, color, New Market fire company also, or national origin, responded to the alarm. it also provides d All of Frederick's fire com- formation to military personnel, u panics responded to a general an d assists in determining the t:me when , -- *-__ »» j«.. ***f\vn\r\a m t ~ u n ..»;nrf «v,^ot ]ikelv to m6^*t 2^am 'S scheduled. fire Monday morning in a vacant building to the rear the individual's requirements, of a West ^atrick Street prop- desires and capabilities. television season, which er ty Owners or managers desir tonight, was not Firemen said damage to the j n g to l^t t^i- r-ntal o'-or-er- hampered bv a strike vacant structure was slig.'.t be- ti rs with the Fort Detrick HOUR- '·er^es pre^anc : in advance. was . - - · . -- « - . "We nre attempting a major sources "were inclined to doubt t reakt v -rough m the reduction that a walkout would be called '« the wnrk week," O'Sulhvan that the 'aid "We had proposed four of age on or before January _ ,iy nick a nine-hour days a week. Howev- 1, 1C68, may be enrolled in kind- j,,g on the tracks bv anotho- major pro- f 'r, we will go for five days with ergarten and children who are hrakemin ri«im2 on the lead reduction of the week from 40 six years of age on or before ,, ar of a jj n e o f 2 T coal hopper hours " January 1, 19S8 may enroll in f n r s (VSn'hvan «aid the union has the first grade. The hreakeman leaned from a«ked hr' spid $?00 per week A child registering for the n j s oosition in an effort to warn Regular n av scab Vut said it wou'd sft- first time must bring proof of Chaufaureaux but fell before he tb for less if a reduced work birth date and an innoculation L 0 t l ld reach him. He said record Police said Chaufaureaux was ,i-\ n - . v e d a n d fiev . i v I m n h e , U . t n e s i t e . r f track number 4 in the Bruns- n. t u - v . n ^ t n r t w i s t e d fuselage ' L ' m t»er U-16, unless sold out "-mpaign, which was scheduled lo wmd ' U P the week ° f 's Day at the Fred- .^ r a j ] r o a d y ^ Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Children who are five years r f f , 0 i a l s said Chaufaureaux, -i brakeman, was seen stand i n t it t h e m i r e One p i l n i s a i d scM-iiil bodies M I C f n u r i u n d e r t h e t a i l sec- I TI an I ' C M i i c i s \\ere f i n d i n g \ ei \ ' ( ' w r n i n u t « s ·i ( 's t i n t h m g left of it." he i'l n c s iv )odv olive out )'|K m to The blaze, of unknown origin, qnpcMonnairp only debris and litter essarv df«rri - · · · « - - · · · r i ) ; f n ^ v r" r vhich n-e are surwortef' 'w oth- T unions, nnnrinallv AFTRA weekly / mnlovos - t f o e t o ' that four of its new schools will knocked down, and then run not foe open in the Rockville area be- nver bv six other cars before thev arp mem- cause of the enormous growth u,»» tr«»n rouM he stAnnod t h e r union m population in the upper part Investigation is continuing to- of th NEWSPAPER! before After the deadline for renewal priority, campaign kits were d'stnbuted on August 28 for en- .·filling the general public to fill the roster The enrollment of members i« registered on a first - come t.rst - served basis, dictated by ;be seating capacity of the Gov- einor Thomas Johnson High School where all Community M-:v V I K K \ P The stock Concerts are presented. : u k . - t a ' v . i m e d today m ac- Asked to explain the early i \ t r u l m g and enthusiastic response, Mrt. ( i i i n s m i t n u m 1 erod losses by Donald E. Leatherman, preai- to i or vttcr as Wall Street dent, pointed out the drawing (Continue* OB Pafc » APER Stork Market

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