The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 24, 1931 · Page 3
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 3

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 24, 1931
Page 3
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TBX DAILY WBWS. TREDKHU. mu., JJCU EK 24, DAELY RADIO PROGRAM Compiled by CalteS Fe»tn« Sjcrtlntf) THTBSDAT, DCCEMBKK ^ THURSDAY'S BEST FTATlTtES SUIIAC Cbeir--TCXAF N*:wcrSt ' Rudy V*Uee--VTEAP Nt:»ori Spu-.tul biazrrs--WJ2 Nclvork 4i::«i r»«j--iv ABC Nctio.-t *corh*«--WJZ NflTort · WJ» E.'os.--'.YA3C Nnverk r.VSTEF-V STANDARD TIME U-nscfe- .:: SVSTHACT CM t«a Icr cecinl 8.18 Bpuclil Feat. Hoist Or : . E OO-- Esurulnen 9.00-- Girls 10.46 11 IS-- StaiowlmJKl 15:15-- Duce Orcfc. VTKJ. DETROIT-- an -- sz» k. WEAF. C 1S-7.1S; 7:«S-3.»; 1« 80-11:00 « LO -- Tius t T h . 7-15 -- in:=«-: Peas s JO-- SpecUl Pr 11 00 -- Suaca Or : Clarke WTIC. HABTTOKD -- I3T itt k. WEA?. 4 H-l 00 WOK. M.KAKK -- t±J-- tl» k. 6 00 -- V^cle Do::. Sports: Meiody Traii Jen ; Casxtn. 8 OO--EjaiCElb IEASTEK.V STATIONS) n WBAL-^BVLTLMOBE--SSO--1«9 _k.^ 1 10 45--GloSe TroVier: Cnolr InriaUe 21 j 1TEAF. NEW YORK--tSV MBZ.%. BOSTON md i T WBZ. ^hK!-S(;i.i£U--390--99» | k. S t 45-- ^s.: 1; Oo--Scores. Orrfs.! _ \:iL* BOSTON--SO!)--550 fc. ' \VS.^F r '.-. £ :; 6 15-7 ;j. 8-00-11 OO Tri--- Ors. 9 00 -- M i . · !0 00 -- Lfci^ce Ho-ir. :: (to -- or : Cra»-:oni: Or. V.ELN. El FFVLO--333.1--909 k. V. E\r " 4;-:; ~J e t.-N ^ _ u- » 30--D^i=er Tlaers 11 S j -- \ _ - . ·. J.- C-_o ^ 00-- K : . - . ody Bc-ys WJZ. NEW Ors : Mrt- 6 45 -- ixjmei! Ti : ^- er Lisi. . -_ ... _. ;--"-- V .. -. ;c- S Hr Or « L i S . C1NCI.N.N \TI -- LS-- 7»« .V.j; ·: .i-7 15. S l;-5 30. S ' :c- SO 5 ·»-, -{.}. Fe--j; Or. TORE-- 3S3 -- 7S» viiuor. Oreh.: Co io=i^5 A^nos 'a' ~ :5 -- JC*:«T£.' PhJ Cook 7 « -- Sus^Krss Talk. SplrltaiJ S Si-- Tiirillrrs. Pictilds S IS-- Esicit itiipi; Sasdrrson Cruait , 9 30-- Voortffs Or.. Cryaes | 10 30-- CUrs-l_u-E=; Pans k. j ;i ao -- si--=!;sr Muse- Se -S 00. · ·; JO-- OrEi=. M^drrd B*l!«; Or. . WABC. NEW YORK 3t9 ft» k. !r»ocd I 600 -- Or=, . Conale Bcs»»!l: Str«s Or S 30-- Ki!i I 7 90-- ilyrt i- Xi.Tt; 3^s Crasbr !0 30-- VIT:I ^ce Ors. · J9--fC.;«=bo.-n. Dow=eT 4: Wona 8 00--STcop NiKle i Build: G!-e C!ub 8 39--Kile S=-.!:-.- fa:n-. Mills Bros. 9 15--F:i=!). SIOTJ Hou.: H^l ^ ·f- S5 7 3"-S 00. E 15-3 W S le 30--Opera illSiamres OrciJ- r :: cc-: co , i\ oo--x=as Driai 33r-.i. Fcit. I :: «»--Carol Sen see K«=-_= ! 1 09--S^Si Ball Or i « - i - 3 -.- 5 O- 19 SO--HOT Crocker; U C * l . F1I1LADLLPHIA--lifl--117B k. \^ I\:'. CLI.Vl.LANU--^K.t-- 10tO k . i 1\ ABC 6 45-S 00. g U-9 00. 9 30-10 30 T V " - " 6 - 0 - S r . . 6 45-7 CO. ? ! S - : i C O ; 6 M--News. Vocals. Sporti c r O - T _ r r . c r 700--Ge^e dr G:*a= · 8 00-- Pir-.y ::s Orcfi . Mc:o=:es f :a i-- EJaa Rs:h: real.: or: Soazi I 11 30--Brlis«. olsec. ronb»rio Ors, i KDK \. prrrsBi'KCH--a»s--an k. i WJZ: 6 15-7 -U: S.OO-11.00: 12-00-12:15 I CO?--Laurence: Ftat.. TraTeltrs j S 30--yamoaa B«at:tin 1 1 1 CO--s-xri5: Orehs ' MTTSBCEGH--IIS^--ISO k- 11:15--Artist* 7JO--Gohien Ttw m--sw--U4» k. WJZ- 5 «S-« 15; T.OO-T.1S; . 1:3»-T:«I I TO-* 30. 9-00-11 00 6 U--Jnuen Or . 6loct5. Slj!« T IS--Mc-otiica s J»--Oonctrt 11--Onat WGT. SCHENECTADT--Sa»--7S» h. WK4". « *S-11 OC. 11 15-12 00 11 00--Org«i Rpcllal 12 00--Mi3 CM CKGMT. TOCO.VrO--H5--M* k. WJZ. 7 00-T IS WEAF. « OW-.3e. »-»JI T IS--Hcppcr: Vcspn Hr : » 30--SScrloek 10 3O--Orcb_. Z£a*±3 Carol: £us (WESTEKN STATIONS) vEST--SUBTRACT 1 Ho^r (or C«tr» X V V 1 7 . DETROIT--JH »--Ultt k. W»EC 6 i=-7 ^- - :a-9 13. 1- 30-11 M 6 CO--R-^ :^a: \ :LLi;-rs. Or. " ^_ «yK7"DETE6lT^l(yi-7j k. 6 15--Toan Ttlt: Mcinhur Arlsiocr: Vl-EAP 6 00-« JO. 11 30-11-45 6 4S-T.15; 7.4S-11-1S; KTW. CHICAGO--£M.l-- Itft k- WE-VP: ·: ii-B 00 WJZ. 9 3 8 - 1 1 6 1 7 «W--Orr . Sports: Feats 10 00-- Fljeo 1100--State S: : Scwi. PeaU . Or*. . WMAK. CHICAGO--IIS--T» k. W£AF. S 00-9 03 WJZ 19 OO-10 30: 1! 3S-J1 *i T oo--SiuppT. pmu : B*»«T: Xnra 9 00--iiliis^c. ^l^crics ·1 OO--A=0i ' n- A3i». 11 43--OrcSw.ns WEAK ud WLS. CHICAGO--US--S7» at "Z « «5-7 i0 7 JO-T *S 800-900 WEAF. 6 00- 33. 7 OQ-7 30. 7 tS-S M| s 3o-;: PO 11 is-! oo 11.00--A=ao '3 Asdy WCFU CHICAGO--S*9--»T» k- T 00--D^=tr t M-^iic. Or . Fcal . Polv 9 15--N-st: Own: Fe»: : Cook J OO-- l!irs i B»^ Ors . C!»ral SaeleU WOC. DA« CKTOKT. ud WHO. DES MOI.VES--·^T^-I*** k. W2AP 7 4i-10 30. 1 1 1 5 - 1 0 0 WHAS. LOriSVIliX--ICC--«!· k. WEAF- 4.90-S 20. 19; U: 1! i-ll 3O 6 30--Paul 4: Jerrj; FarU: Bacq-orC 7 30--OrcijcSira 9 3D--^ittoOitt 21 00--Amos^Andy 11.3O--Orcb : Orna WTSO. MXLWAIKEE--4M--O k. WEAF. 7 30-7 U; C 00-9 33. 10 00-11.01 WJZ. 9.30-10.00 7 4S--Pf«t, 11-00--A=os -a' Aadr: Ors. Ksrr. MrLs.-sr. FACI/--:·».*--itat k. ! WJZ. a 30. 10 00 WKAF. 7.15-9 J« WOW^ OMIuHA--i»--5M k. WEAP^ 7 00-1J 90: 31-IS-1I.3O: U 13-J 08 " 3O--SkiL 11 00--Sporu 11 30-- New* KSD. ST. LOVIS--5*»--M» k. WZAF: 8-1S-7 iS; 8 00-U OO "-SS--Reporters KMOX. ST. tons--rrj-i--ia»* k. WABC- * 00-7 15. 7 30-10 30. ll.OO-ll I» 7 15 --CortMtt 10 30--Klnrrr* 11:1S--Fljfrs; CovboTi: Or.; OF BASKETS IS MADE TOO Well-Filled Sacks Taken To Poor By Police. at 1 ooock th's afternoon, with police overseeing the Job. Tbe poor, who will share in the police baskets are likely to get k UtUe jbit of everything. In the baskets «ent I sugar, rice. corn, beans, coffee, bread, orange*. app!e«, flour, cabbage, toma- jtoes. buckwheat. pe»s. cereals and I cakes, with other articles thrown la lor : good measure. The r^n^nc up of the : baskets started Wednesday morning a n i continued until late In the day ·alien work was discontinued until th's MRS. WOOLEY NAMED CoUcre President V. S. Araujnrol Con- that Cbirles O. D»»«. Atnerl- can ambassador to Great Britain, would I be chairman o! the American fegs- tlon. Sen. Swmnson. Democrat, Vtr Klnia. has beta chosen u one of America '4 representativee. Opjr.fht l»3l br th* A»oc'»trci Prrss Washington Deo. 13 --Mary Emma Wv»*y. pr«s.deist of Mt. Holyolc* Col- Vge. has bwn s«:«tei bv President HJO\«T to br th* »aar.»ii r or the lJr.::fil Aawr'.can l.:e Gt'sna cijarniaJDon! Tix? PrustdoBl »mxx:aoed yesiorday :.LS: he »-is negotiate »i'.h a Udy to OTHER AGENCIES G I V E iCc±-.; :-; b; "ni:ed F±i:^r 1S1DAT. DECEXDEB ii FE1DAVS KEST KUlTfEES SiBj.a' M=-- YS.V3C N*:xori ·=tr2=t--WABC Kc:=c.-_ LSO^ *n' Acdv--'.VJ2 Nelarorjc '. Wtiteman s Bind--v.'JZ Ne:irork ·hej^r of Ilic Air--\VE\P Network N STANDARD TIMS l-roosh- o^:. SLE'THACT ore h^ur lor Central " ~iCA-r£ttV STYTIONS) WBAL. BALTI3IOEE--395--768 k. " V.'JZ i 30-12 C-0 WEZ\_ EOSTOX. and W5Z. M-EIXGFIELD--3»3--890 k. - WJZ C ^:--7.15. T 30-3 13. 9 QO-il.OO 6 JJ--P : T 15--S£us:c Hits ' : S 30--So.r:fjal S!=strs- Orcb. 11 CO--Ssons Orc:\s : Sbotaoac V. EEI. BO'TO--SXI--399 k. -WHAT S CO-o 30, c 45-7 00. 8 OO-S'30: :: oc-ii oo « 35--Xes-s 7 00--Dssdles: Party T 30--Ad\e«tares 9 30--Week's Or. ITBE.V. BUFFALO--333.1--900 k. WXAF. 5.45-7.00: 7.15-10.00; I0.3O- ::.oo; 11 45-1; oo 1 s 00--NCTS: Or. 6 30--Dinner Timers 7:05--Or. '1:09--Vsrtety; Or. WOK. BCTFALO--S15--550 k,TTAEC: 620-530; T O O ; S'!5. 8:30-9-00 ' 6 :_--v.^:;c: Sporis; 8:15--Rouadsrs 9 GO--Air P.enures: Talk: Ensemble 10.00--T^T-'-T: A^inticn; Memories: Or \\IM\ CINCINNATI--^S--708 fc- \WJ2. 6:«-7-30: 3:30-9:00: 9 30-10.00 ! 6 OS--Suasbiae; Cti-ter. STusIc · 7 30--B-=u::es: Orch_; SIuslcil Bridges 9"00--Co:icn Qtteen 10.00--OrcSl.: V^rietj 10 45--Snort N-ghtcaps; Crhaellghtj WHK. CLEVELAND-^IlS.l--1390 k. 'WASC: 5.25-525. 7.25-S 00. 8.25-1030 : 6 30--VlUige. Sports. Feat. ' 10 33--B-siors Or." 20-5O--Soy Croeier WTVW. CLEVELAND--+SO--1070 k. ·.·WEAF 6 05-S !5. 6 -55-7; 7 30-9: 9 30-11 6 15--Yelveteers ' 7.C3--Gsne £ G'.era 9.00--ProUc ' 11:CO--Adventures: Sparts: Or ; Melodies ; 1VSTSZ. DETROIT--UIJ--1210 k. iWABC: 7:15-11:00 6:03--NCTTS. Village 11:00--Talolf Or.: Singers 1VJB. DETROIT--106--750 k. WJZ: 7:7,15; 8-S 20; 9 00-11; 11JO-12 B:00--Toira Tali: vel-reteers: Success 7:15--Eolst Or.: Smart Set 8:30--Ensenble 11:01--Carol L«% 11:15--Reporter 12:00--Feat.; Hoist Or. DETKOIT- YTEAF. 6 45-7 00: 7.«-9 30; 10 00-11 00 I 1! 45-l» 00 I 6 00--Ttli TfcaJ: NETS: Detrolter ! 7 15--MacArtbur: Two Pairs ; 9 30--MarTji Jr Dora I 11 W)--Eiacn Orcb 1VTIC. nAKTFOKO--»3--1860 k. I vrZAP. 6 iS-7 00: 8 00-9 SO: '0 30-11.00 j 6 30--Madcaps. Piiso: Troubadours ! 7 OC--P-.:o-.: Mi;cte:s: Golden Trail 9 30--Mui:c Pros. II OO--Wealter; Or WOK, NEWARK--lU--710 k. 600--C=c!e DOE: Sketch- Dnce Or. 7.15--Bors" CIuo. l_££5:ord 7 45--Rounders; DM;C Ens»--b!e 5 30--Kaul=in: concert: Orchs, 10 00--Trappers. Es:enam£rs 10 45--Globe TrotLer: Or ; Moonbeam? WEAF. NEW YORK--!53--C«0 k. 6 00--EinpTe Roo=i Or.; KUlbllllea 6-45--S:eb5!ss Boys 7.0C--L3n:in i Van Zxi^n'j Or*. 7 45--l^rt:berKs: Ciialiers 9.00--N:shc C!a: Re^=in"or. 10 OC--^r. iLs. The^ler o t 'h^- Air 11 CO--S^r.s«: Lopez. Kirbery. Ors, 12.05--Csss-Sictlers end Moss Ors. WJZ. SEW YORK--393--7SO k. C OC--rtibins Junior. Vzn SCedlen Or. 6-3C--Bor.=;e LaCd:es: Lowell Tbocus 7.00--Amos r n" Andy: Feature 7 30--Phi! Cook: R.:py i= wtllney 8-00--Songs i Or : HilJpot Lambert £ 43--Eddie and Ralph: Jones Hue S.30--S-=gtrs Or ; Wfcice-naa Or, !0 30--Cla.-i-Lu-Er-- Waves of Melody !l:00-»SIlMibjr Mus:e: Denny Or. 12.00--Callon-sr. Stcess Ors. WAEC. NEW TORE--349--SSO k. 6-00---Abrams Or : Tenor: Lown Or. 7.00--llyrt Mirce: Crosby; Bonrell 7 45--DoTQer J: "\Von5; Columbians 5 15--s_ne'n" Sara: Current Eren; 9-00--Hess: SpeiSers: Jones 10 00--Ps^eaac. Beasier: Tito Galzr II 03--Beiiuco Street Singer. Hacrlguera 11-45--Olscr.. Bimle. Krteger. Ballroom £: Bam Ors WCAl'. PH'TJIDELPHIA--230--1170 k. V.'ABC- 7 00-7 30- 7-45-11-00: 11:15-1:00 6 00--Ne--s. Vocalist; Sports: Orci. 7 30--Tappers li 00--Garden Or- WLIT. PnrLADELPHlA--S3S--560 k, X9EAF- 5:45-7:00; 8:00-11:00 ·7.CO-- Felt 7:45--All-Star 11 00--Orchestras KDKA. PrrrSBDBCH--30C--670 k. WJZ: 6:45-7:15: 7-jo-B:3C: 6:45-11^)0 6 OC--Li-orrence; Feat.; Velret«er3 7:15--stnnc 8:30--Kerue Il-OO--Sports: Salt Peanuts: Ors. ·WCAE, prjrrsBCRGB--HS.9--i*a k. WEAF-- S^0-S30; 6:45-7:15; 7:45-11:15; (D.F-3.J 7:15--Music ii-ss--Rlets and Moto WH.\M. ROCHESTER--±».7--lli« k. WJZ 5 4i-« 15; £ 45-T-15. *-S 10; 9-11 6 15--Or : Pirker T.15--Vari«t] 7.45--Seha:ti«i g.30 Soap WGV. SCHEXECTADT--W»-- ts« k. WEiF 6 3 0 - 7 0 0 . '. 30-« 30. 900-11:11 -ll-45-:2-00 T.OO--Pjin-iis; Frat. 8 3C--Asric=l:m» 1! JO--Croonel CKCW. TOEOXTO--SS7--SW k. WJZ 7 00-7 15 WEAP. 6 OO-« 3»: I-l 6 30-- M--SIC 9 00--Tr-.o. Lecture; Ora. (WESTERN STATIONS) ·1ST--SUBTRACT I Ho^r tor Centra) Standard Tune KTW. CHICAGO--=!.!--10» k. WEAF: 7 45-9 00 WJZ. 9.00-11:09 7.00--Ors ; Sporis: Feati. 10.00--FUen 11 00--Nev*. State St : Ors. WMAQ. CHICAGO--MS--£70 k. WEAF: !0 00-10 3O ~ 00--Sfcippy; Feacs.; News; Dan Sy!»l* 8 00--s:ul:o Prog ' 3'--Northerner* 11 00--Ames *n' Andy: Tho=£s: orcfc. WENK and WIS. CHICAGO--MS--S7» k. WJZ: S 15-7 00. 7.30-7 45: S OO-9:00; If. 00-10-30: 1I.3O-100 WEAP: 6 00-6-15: 7:45-8.00; S.CC-10.00; 10 3O-11-00 ll-OO--Amos -a- Andy WCFL. CHICAGO--309--970 k. " 00--Orci ; public ProSie-is; piano 9:10--Koch. N:^ht Co-art; Feit. 10:00--German Hr.. Orcb_: Slssers; Or. WOC. D»VESPOKT. and WHO. DEJ jjop«Es--;w_s--iooa kWEAF: S 00-I1-00: 11-IS-ll 30 WHAS. J.OLISTILLE--ZCG--8=0 k. WEAF 1! 15-11 30 WJZ 9:00-10-30 S 30--\ocal. P^rty: Or: Talk 7:3O--?aus!c: Fast Furio-js: Quartet 10 30-- Thccvr or Air. M-^sical 11.00--ABiO's-scsv l l 30-- Reme- Ors. WT3IJ. MILWAVKEE--tW--CO k- WEAF 7 3 0 - 7 ^ 5 : S Ofl-9.00. 10.30-11:M wjz 9 eo-:o 30 7:00--Sport 7 45--Orch. 1.00--Airos -a' Andy: On. WOW OMAHA--SOS--WO k. WEAF. 12 !5-l 00 7:30--Ne« 5 00--CicO 1:30--Nrxs: Ambassadors KSD. ST. LOVIS--MC--iSO k, WEAF: 6:00-7-55: S.30-12 CO 6.3?--Muitactios 7.55--Reporter! KMOI. ST. LOCTS--2",.I--lose k. 'ABC 700-7:15^ 7.30-B OO. 8:15-103011.00-11-15 '-15--Sports S'OO--Tomra*- Talks 0:30--Eoseabte 11:15--Flyers; Of. 12-00--CoTbOT Scass or.; OrcC. (TJ-P-S.) I Chief of Poliw William F. Slsrinf.-! do»r:n;:w '.'. h? would be abic W ac- · betleves the distribution ibis ye*r »i!l Lc t : . . . x»n il» oelrsa'.-on i be the lirges.t made h*re. In addition] Th--** !3°gc:^'.loas wre : 10 the articles received, money In the snioun: of about $215 HSLS coUected and Prca-ilon: alao iiinounced yes- will be used to aslrt the poor. Church T« Give. Distribution of barkrts by Trimiy M. force the midst cf pre-Chrlstmas cheer happiness, polk* are leaguing ; E church. South. will also be made ._ forces with local churches and *eifare ; ^j. piariS 5^^ becn TOmp^e,! an d groupe to insure a happy holiday ea- ; doub t! , e ..umber of famines wr\-ed for Frederick's poor. Today, :h ; ^^ j ea , wlll recel , e baskets tins year. dislnbu:e over 100 sacks . Thf 01335(5 ^ i^ Su::dw school co- food, clothing a=d other : opermte . ,^ the distnbutloo toertner articles to worthy faasilles of she UE- ftt , h ^^ Federated Charities, employed and. at the same urne. other - ^ anoUier means of spreading cheer, groups. l=e:udlng the SalraCin Army j ._,. e yollng p^ple of the church will Meti«xllil Episcopal, T!sil hoaes of many sick and shut- church. South, irtll also present girts |.,, cfcur^b me rnbers tonlsht to sing of seeded article* to she poor. [Christmas carols. Wednesday right, the polxe baskets The Salvation Army plans an an- had been ha^-flUed with the articles nual dls:--.bution of baskets today, to be distributed. Goods and ruer- Today. :t is expected that fifteen more chandise was continuing to pile Into i baskets will be sent to the county in headquarters from various stores In ! addition to the 30 sent out Wednesday Frederick and the work of completing {and about 25 baskets will be distributive ailing of Use baskets was not fla- i ed In the c:ty. Next Monday night. un:;l !a^ this morning, j the army plans to entertain the poor by trucks will start | children at a party. Insure Your Automobile HIGH GKADE POLICIES CONVEXIEXT TEKXS CLAIMS SETTLED PBOMPTLY INSURANCE THAT INSURES LEWIS R. DERTZBAUGH \n I · } "BACK FROM DEAD" j I WITH THRILLING STORY I liter Wright, This City, Assessed 52 By Judge. 3R GASES ARE HEARD double parking charge mav prove j serious for an onlooker, who is ;ed to hare engaged m an airerca- with"Tiie arrestisg officer, tnan ^t for tns driver of the car Wednes- n-gnr in Police Court. The on- :er, Henrj S. C. Pox, iocal mer- _it, was cired bv Ofricer W""aTi M2l8r to appear in covm; lloncaj ;ht to arswer charges of d-sorderly iduct and icterfenng «^th an officer discharge of h:s duty. se criver of :.he offending au:o- r _Je, Walter Wnght, Frederick, was judged guJtr of co-able parking DJ stice Sherman P. Bowers in Police urt Wednesday n-gflt ar^d fined S2. le magistrste ssJd ie did not Seel 5csed TO jmpcse the minimum se^ice of $1 because "Wright admiried was parked coabi? on East Patrick eel between 20 minutes and half an ;r. When Officer Muler investigat- tie case and arrested YTr-sht. Foi alleged to hare ";cir:sd" in :r.e coa- rsatiea and attemprsd to interfere ih the arrest. He rras '.ater cited to pear. Accident. Speedi" Cases. Accldenc and speeding cases ext«nd- the lisaal court tirse Wexinesday zht. In a crawr.-cut case, Jy.rnes Vindsor. was found gtiiJtT to keep to the right cf the T OS ANGELES. Dec. -- Given up -*-* for dead ivher he failed to return from a fishing trip at Randolph Field, Texas, last September. Ralph "Jerry" Selz, aviation. cadet, has returned safe and sound. His rowboat - w a s swamped a n d he -eras picked up fcy $. ram runner w h o held him prisoner for 13 days and then pnt him aboard a S w e d i s h freighter bound for Honduras, he says. For . f w o m o n t h s TODAY WORLD WAR ANNIVESSARY. We wish to express to you, our old customers, our appreciation of your loyalty. To our new customers, our appreciation of your confidence. To you who are not our customers, the hope that we may be of service to jrou, and to wish you not only a, Merry Christmas but a Happy and Prosperous New Year. STORM SHIPLEY BOOKSELLERS. STATIONERS. RADIOS, YICTBOLAS, RECORDS Our Store Will Be Closed On Saisrday =.* i^ A Or Christmas; what precious Memories it calls forth, what joy and happiness! It comes again and again and each year with greater meaning. It is in this spirit our greeting comes to you f appreciating the relations of the past, looking forward to a continuation of pleasant associations in the days to come. o Knlpli Selz Selz walked through Honduras. Guatemala and Salvador to La Union, Salvador, -nhere Captain "William Calcutt, commander cf the City of San Francisco, took "the penniless youth aboard and Lack to the "United States- NORWATS MARINE LOSS. On December 24. 1917, the Norwegian ship Ingrid U is-as suni by either a German submarine or a mine. This sinking set the ton of Norwegian mer- r n a n t ships at nearly one-third of the satire fleet o' the nation. Only tour numbers of the errs- -sex saved. Italian forces trere being hard pushed in ihe Asiago sector in the regkm j of Bcso Valbella, the Teutons hating pushed pasi forward positions of the Italian army. In assaulting rear positions, however, t2e enemy was stopped. Italy's valiant army pushed bacS the Austnans from their foothold on the I Flare Vecchio, south of Gradenlgo. · In compliance with the demand of tlie TJiariaa govemrceat, Bolshevists released the Ukrainian revolutionary ' staJT which had been ield on sttspickm of being in a plot to give General Kal- [eciiae Bed Cross supplies. osst, 38 mJes an hour. : Carson E. Jones, Polk, Ohio, forfeited S5 0:1 a snniiar charge preferred by Officer Xeeld. C. A. Jones and John , Riheau. both of East Pittsburgh, Jor- . fe:ted SI each 03 -ike charges. I. W. Albaagh. Marie Hoffmar;.: Terence McPhErson arjd PziiL Ham- , rr.ond forfeited SI each for parking ' noiatiors. | Take . . Greenawalt's Dandelion Liver Disks for Tonr Uvtr*» Sake 25c Bier of ul Sares. ie hiri-- ;-. brought by of r;ear TTalzerevi^e. as _ result cf a s-^r-t s.:x;cer.; a^d led S10 and costs. Tbe case --as !--t«d "3- State O^.cer Wnsrc. Ea~es c:ar=^d thst c-~ ^hs r_-;h; of )ren:ber 30. his car T-as paried on e sice cf the road r.t the £--rne of pivmond KeV.T. Ceres~-"e He sa.i :other rr.achiri. 07 Pntz, rame _ _ j ar.S s:ce--:?K; r.-s rrsach~e. ·eakir-5 the tsi! ;_;r.t ar.d darnacir.a e t=r:-:ee: azc fe-d;r. Earcs sa'd -itz told r.irrj to "TM ar-d f-r.d cut h^ jce" arc refuse to par for csrr.- ;es. Pritz blarrec the acc:ce~t en ^Kher Tsachise --hlch passed at t:~.E rcing his car :n~o ""1= Saves" ma- rne. He acrr.itted tiat he c.5 not re the other rr^r '-is r.arne. Despite ths tr«'i3;or.- of fo^r cease ·sitr.esses, Ji»?t:ce Borers' verdict, . anotter csse -;ras the state ad Earl H. Clir.e. Boor.sboro. -sr.'i ned So Tor ope73:.g ai a speed great- · than reas-^nable ar.d proper. State fficez- C. E. Nec:d testif.ed a r^achinc perated by C'.ize ·was goir;; at a speed ·ora 40 to 55 rr.:Ie5 ar. ho'^i on the D V _ h:3hra\ last Sn-.jrtay. C'.:r.e nd Uirse other ;rrur?r.'.«; o' the car taaned tie maciine was doing, at Culbertson Gets Big Lead. Tork. Dec. 23.--Ey Cuibertson Ted Ligatner as a'partner reached a new high tonight in his 150-rubber contract bridge match Tnth Sidney S. Lsnz and Oswald Jacoby. 3y winning Sve of the Srst seven robbers of the session CuToenson's side increased Its pltis to 13.795. The rubber standing be- carce 47 for Cuibertson and 38 for Lenz. Points of rabber. 81; Calbertson, 1,070: I^nz, 455. COMP. SYEUP OF MULLEIN For Coombs and Colds 25c *** 50c At Soar Drafgjsl'* or PATRONS Let Us Help You make your dollars go farther and give more satisfaction, DYEING LADIES' DRESSES AND COATS ...... ______ ......... $250 np MEN'S SUITS AND OVEBCOATS ........................ $3.00 CLEANING AND PRESSING Ladies' Plain Dress«s and Plain Coats, Men's Suits and Overcoats, *»-· f\f\ V ··· «UU 5 QUAKER CITY FREDERICK'S OLDEST. BIGGEST AND BEST CLEANERS AND DYERS At this most glorious season of the year, we wish to extend to our patrons--those who have shared with us and those who will share with us in the future --our heartiest and sincere greetings for a Merry Christmas and a bright and prosperous New Year. Farmers Mechanics National Bank CORNER MARKET and SECOND STS. 3£ a? «b." Thomas H. Haller, Inc. 17-19 North Market Street The Store of Courtesy and Service 4? *· -^T S ^ -i ^ -T? From Every One Of Us Here At Bennett's To Every One Of You A Merry Christmas I S S ^

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