The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 19, 1924 · Page 10
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 10

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 19, 1924
Page 10
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PACK TEN. PUT STREET NAMES ON THE CURBINGS That's What Exchange Club Wants City Commission to Do. A liiniiuitlco from llirt Hxchiu>£Y i'1 nb. rnmimHcd r>r W. (i. ]Iiiliit".j, W. H. Sclilcn mid W. II. Tmlrli;k. rnlled on Ilic illy conimlsslotn'rc yratpi'dny iirtornoon roiiuestliiK lie- linn In wiforrltitr Iho onllnani.'c nv iiulrlni? Hint roslrloncen anil hil'<l- nt .'^H bnllilhiKfi bo properly number• 'il Bf> Hint paftloH ciin bo bu'iiloil Irani their mlilivsa us Klvoii In the (ilrnctdrlos. They further reqiipulcil Hint thn .iit 'Pdt naiiu'.i be pninli'tl on Iho 1 'iirbltiRH at the lnlcrnt^tions. The I 'ummlsslonora agreed to tnlto the matter up lit the next nieellnp. A petition renuoKtlne that Sixth avenue west be puved from Monroe street to the iiilnrRee .llon of Sixth ;>ml Seventh avenues In Bungalow (.'ninny v>'a? presented. It WUB lurn- eil over to Commissioner of Streets \V. H. TTnskuril tor Investigation OBEE COMMUNITY Mr. Km*«j»t .lame. 1 * visit t»d llomcr aii«] llilnitT Harrison, Sunday. Mr. and Mrs Vcrn Sailed of .-IE HUTCHINSON NEWS. WEDNESDAY. NOVEMBER 19. 1924 Wle.hlln visited Mr. and Mrs. .1. M. Kulleo nml family Inst Sunday. Thn Rlli nnil Oth grades are lmv- IiiK a series of ?eo|?rapliy linso ball RIIIUOH . The Kth Rrado ban won one the score was tied the second .qajne. Mrs. K. I). Snyder visited h"r sis , ler, Mrs. Ilnlph Kkelton of 3U. | IIth Knsl, Tuesday moi'iilUK. Several ladien^of Ibis eoinuiiiiiity j met. nt Mrs. W. 10 Woodard's for, an all tiny quIlliuK party lastj Thursday. • * ; Hernlce Snyder and IMiylUs Morkan spent Saturday mid Sunday VISIIIIIK their teacher. Miss Smith. Several or tile people in oboe district went to the social at Kent Friday evening. Mrs. Arthur Peterson and .leanno Peterson ivetil to Xewton Mondny evening, .leanno Peterson played Is a recital Riven by the pupils of Miss Anna Tellln of Xewipin. County Superintendent Howland visited us on Wednesday, this week. Mrs. Mourn spent Sunday afternoon witii the (leorKe Barnes family. Lula Cunningham and (leorgla. Smiiii intended the program at Kent Friday evening. ADVENTURES OF" THE TWINS. By Olive Robertt. Barton, J A CROCKED RIDDLE. My dears, U'B the very think Jack Horner ate. "Kueh year on Thanksgiving, of pumpkin It's made, On Christmas of mineo-nicat of very best grade, On KaKter of custard, for then egejs are plenty, Now see who enn guess this before | 1 count twenty." j "I knoaj," cried Jack Horner. It's a pie." , I "1 was hoping you would guess •i, It," declared the Iddle Ijidy. "The prize Is a fork. Now please don't use your thumb any more. It Hint a lilt nice." (To Be pontlnued.) ' CASTLETON v Will Pay $1.25 CASH a the flrsl brittle of M. A. C. Stem- eh Tonic If It does not relievo airy ;ise of stomach distress. II. gives relief from dyspepsia, i m r stomach, gas on the stomach, ;oi -en. and I'OiiiHlpatlou. Hmllh loos. M. A. r. Invigorates ic stomach iiliiiid-* so that loud Is •jslmilated in the stomach and the mvels are stimulated so that they '•rform the procss of elimination nrmnlly without, constipation. Price JI.25 per hotlle. Sfdiincer Iirng Co will supply you iKillorderK accepted.) PLEASANT VIEW Revival meetings closeil Sunday nielji. The I. allies Aid met lust Thursday nidi Mis. Chas. Olson. .Mr.'ami Mrs. (Hen Finfrock bud as their Sunday dinner guests Mr. and Mrs. N, A. Cassldy of Partridge.' Kev. and Mrs. IJerkin and Hev. Kluzi.'. .1. .1. Ilolilnger helped Ulen Fill- frock thresh Tuesdav and Wednesday-. BOTH NEWS AND HERALD OFFICIAL PAPERS NOW. The Hutchinson News and Herald both are made official papers of tlie city of'Hutchinson by the unanimous vole of the cily commissioners .at the meeting yesterday afiernoon. Official notices are lo be run in either of ilie two papers In the future. ! Wo clean JIO'JO gowns but we ! are just as cnreCul with $'2U j dresses. Lewis Cleaners. Phone I 1.135. ll-10t "That's right," smiled the Riddle your "Will everybody please be. quiet now," snld the Riddle l.ady. "It's time for another riddle." Nancy, who had won the pribo just before that, and was Bhowlng it around to Ho Peep mid Contrary Mary and Margery Daw, all of whom admired It like everything, suddenly stopped talking. And so did .Vlek and Jack and Tom Tucker and Peter Peter and everybody. Iteally you oVmld have heard a pin drop nlm OR t. Even the Old- Shoe. Woman's children were tmiot. for the first time in six months, as their mother said afterwards. The reason was very plnm. Nobody wanted to miss a word of the riddle when there Is a riddle being naked it Is Important to get quite all of It. The Riddle 1-ady began: "There is a crooked person, Who hasn't any style. But lie,Is so obliging. You will find It worth your while, To have this crooked gentleman, A uuest within your house, Though ns for slue he Isn't Any bigger than a mouse. "He'll stay down In your kitchen, Among you spoons and forks. For cook says that lie's wonderful, At excavating corks, He's not a pushing person, Lady. "Here Is an alarm flock for prize.'' ' Hut ns for pull—my my! He'll gel the goodies out for you, And doesn't even try." "I know! I know!" cried the Ten- O'Olock Scholar. "Even If I don't get to school on lime, I know a thing or tw-o. "It's a corkscrew!" "That's right," smiled the Riddle Lady, "ilere Is an alarm clock for your prize. I always said that It wasn't your fault that you were late for school. But it will be after this. Who Is ready for another riddle" "Me!" cried nil the Mother (loose 1-anders so loudly that Mrs. (loose, fairly blushed. "My goodness!'' she said to Mrs. Spratt. "I'm so afraid the Twins will go home and say that wo haven't any manners. They'll certainly say wo don't know any grammar." "Why, they yelled too," said Mrs. Spratt, "I both saw and heard them." "Oh, that's different,' 1 said Mrs. Goose In a relieved voice. "Sh! The Riddle Lady Is beginning again." "This Is an easy one," said the Riddle Lady. "And very short! "Pnt-a-cake, pat-a-cake, Baker Man, What can It be that he hakes in a pan? As round as a dollar, as flat as a Plato, •Miss ttu'h Bennington Is the guest of Mies Maggie Hayes this week. Mrs. George Mohr visited a few days last Week In. Oklahoma. There was a reunion Sunday of tho Alford family held at the home of 'Rev. Alford. A' daughter was here from New York, also a son from Pratt, and several persons were here from Hutchinson. Reflval meetings are still In progress at the M. 15. church. There will bo an oystet supper and a bacaar at the township hall next Friday night Nov. 21, Everybody come. Mrs. Holdenuin and daughter Arlene spent Sunday with Dr. and Mrs. S. E. Hayes of Hutchinson. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Benson and family were visiting In llntchln son Sunday. ^orweak Run-down Condition; My Hair Was Quit. Gray • —•• hinoro— I took Mil l«n tometf. (A lyplal Mtaf) GEO. LEE NAMED AS ACTING CITY CLERK, tieo. W. Lee. formerly county clerk, was named as'actlng city clerk by the city commission yesterday afternoon during the absence of Ed Metz, who has been unable to take care of his work for over two weeks because of sickness. Mr. Meti 's health Is In such poor shape that It la hard to tell when he will bo able to return to his official duties. It's time now for thoso winter accessories oa your Ford and of course 1S8 proof alcohol. Phone 59. Ragland-Klngsley Motor Co. 19-lt T HB DOOR ot opportunity flings wide Its portals only to .the man who is up and doing—who is filled with pep and punch—with rich, red hlood tingling through Ills system. Mountain size obstacles dwindle to ant hills and ambitions become accomplishments to thaBe sort ot men. Where is the employer who seeks the man who is physically run -down t The man without stamina to withstand the knocks and gaff of the hurrying, scurrying world of business? S.S.S. Is the long established aud lime honored creator ot red-blood- cells. You cannot expect to get very tar up tho ladder unless you are equipped with a body that Is strong and vigorous. S.S.S. will start you on your way. Don't allow the "Door of Opportunity" to 1 be closed to you because you liavo not tho stamina to withstand tho gaff—because your nerve power is lacking. Build up your system! 8.6 .S. ruado of carefully selected and scientifically prepared and proportioned herbs and barks makes you fit! Get hack that old time punch) When opportunity knocks be ready to answer the call! • S. 9. S. {« told st illjpod 4ru* •tore, in two ilu». The tarftr •1 M V more eoDnomtea]. 'akesYouFed Ice Yourself A$»ln Don't Worry about Gray Hair Tftlm Clean, Colorless Liquid Will \ ' Restore the Original Shade Read the Classified Advertisements In the News-Herald. GoSn 8TH ANNIVERSARY USED CAR SALE Going On HAVE LUNCH WITH US All out-of-town Lookers before noon are to be our guests for lunch free. * FREE RAILROAD FARE. We will refund R. R. fare to any out of town buyer who lives within 200 miles of Hutchinson. Bring your R. R. receipt and get your refund. FREE GASOLINE AND OIL Each Car sold will be Filled up with Gas and Oil CASH—TERMS—TRADES— NO ADDITIONAL INTEREST TRUCK, No. 1753 No. 1662 OR INSURANCE CHARGES No. 1744 Ford truck chassis, new tires, good shape. Pay $80.40 down, bal $11.50 per mo. 12 mo. Insurance for 1 year. This is a buy. Ford touring car, late model, $102 down; $15.23 per month. Includes insurance for 1 year. Full gas and oil. Special terms to farm- Ford touring car, new baked enamel. Looks like new. This is a snap. $112 down, bal $14.23 per mo. 12 mos. Insurance for one year. Full gas and oil and your lunch if out of town look* er. Thousands of people have quickly banished grayness and have restored the original shade to their hair with the remarkable preparation known as Kolor-Buk. Physicians and scientists know* that gray hair is hair that has ceased to receive its normal .supply of coloring matter or pigment from certain tiny cells in tho sculp because these cells have become inactive. No matter, what the cause, it is amazing to see how the grayness disappears when Kolor-Bak is used. It is the best known substitute for tho natural pigmentation. It also banishes dandruff and stops itching of the scalp and falling hair. If you are gray, Kolor-Bak is all you need to make your hair look "young" again. No need to furnish a sample of your hair—no tests to make—as this one clean, colorless liquid is effective on any gray hair. Money back instantly if Kolor-Bak ia not satisfactory. > Kolor-Uak Banishes Gray Hair SPECIAL SALE 3 Day* Only (i HE A. & A. DRUG CO. NEW POWDER FROM ITALY MAKES RHEUMATIC PAINS GO QUICKLY No Medicine to Take Internally. A Startling New Method of Treatment. No. 1762 No. 1674 No. 1754 1924 Chevrolet touring. A real buy. $186.24 down, bal $26.03 per month, 12 months. This includes 1 year's insurance. Full gas and oil. Come early and lunch with us. 1 ' Chevrolet Roadster, 1923 model. Pay $132 .16 down, bal. $16.95* per mo. 12 months insurance for you. Full gas and oil and your lunch if out of town buyer. Dodge touring car, a good buy. $103.52 down. bal. $15.13 per mo 12 months. Insurance fon>l year. Full gat and oil. - DODGE ROADSTER No. 1788 No. 1767 1920 roadster, winter top, all new cord tires, looks fine, not a blemish on it. Runs like new. A real buy. Pay $174.88 down, bal $22.40 per mo. 12 months. See this. NO. 1595 Auburn touring, all new rubber, just the thing for a large family. Pay $88.90 down, bal $11.35 for 10 months. Full gas and oil. Say this gas tank is a big one. 1924 Chevrolet coupe. This is a good one. $218.88 down, bal. $32.39 for 12 month*. Say this ia a snap. Lunch is served. No. 1687 REO TOURING Baby Overland touring, light car, runs good, looks good. Pay $120.20 Down, $13.32 per month. 12 months free service and your insurance for one year. 1923 Chevrolet touring car, cord tires, runs like new. Looks like new. $236.24 cash, $21.49 per mo., 12 mo. Insurance for 1 year. Full gas and oil. .This is a big buy. 1919 model, 5 cord tires, like new. This is a good car. We are pricing this car so cheap that anyone who wants a car can buy, $85.00. The tires are worth it. No. 1626 NEW FORDS No. 1733 . .Chevrolet touring car, a dandy light car. Pay $126.34 .down; $15.13 per mo. including interest and insurance for 1 year. Full of gas. Look at it—drive it. Since this sale started we have added a New Ford 4 door Sedan and New Ford Coupe. They will go at a saving. Buick touring car, run* good. Pay $89.44 down, bal. $11.50 per mo. 1 year insurance. Full gas and oil and lunch if you are from out of town. Chevrolet No. 1748 No. 1741 No. 1737 Chevrolet touring car, good condition. There is a lot of good service in this car. Pay $40.00 down, bal $11.35 per mo., 9 mo. Free gas and oil and your lunch. Dodge touring car, good tires. New baked enamel paint job. Real buy. Pay down $89.90, bal. $13.35 per mo. 1 year insurance. Full gas and oil. 1922 Buick roadster, Ouco paint, six Urea, looks good, runs good, good curtain*. Pay $249.36 down, $34.21 per mo. 12 mo. 1 year insurance. No interest. Look this over. Motor Cycle, Harley Davidson, 1760 ESSEX COACH, NO. 1768 No. 1720 A good one. Pay $35.00 down, bal. $15.00 for 5 months. Full gas and oil. Ready to pop. Looks like new, good cord tires. Runs fine. Pay $363.18 down, bal. $46.02 per mo, including 1 year insurance. Full gas and oil. JFORD TOURING, No. 1770 FORD, NO. 1763 1921 Ford" touring car, new top, new racUa- tor, new battery, tire* good. Pay $89.76 down, balance $11.35 per mo. Insurance for 1 year. Full gas and oil and free lunch if you from out of town. 1921, a snap. Looks good. $89.76 down, bal. $11.35 per mo. for 10 months, including insurance for one year. Full gas and oil. Roadster, good one, $89.76 down payment, bal. $11.35 per mo. for 10 months, including insurance, oil and gas. No. 1786 No. 1787 FORD ROADSTER $50.00. Two new cord tiro* on rear. See this. .. Flock of Ford tourings at your own price. A car at any price you want to pay. Moon chummy roadster, all new tires. $116 down, bal. $15.13 for 12 months. Cheaper than to steal a car. 21 MODEL, TOURING No. 1789 Ford, a good one. Pay $80.40 down, bal. $12.41 per mo. for 12 month*. This is a map. TRADE YOUR OLD CAR IN AS FIRST PAYMENT SUPERIOR MOTORS CO. Phone 3582 CHEVROLET AND OAKLAND 106-108 West First The well-known Italian physicist, Alessandro Volta, for whom the electric volt has been named, has mado a scientific discovery that promises to make rheumatic pain a thing ot tho past for the thousands who have suffered Its terrible •rtortures. He compounded a powder called Volta that is claimed to be a powerful and active Uric Acid solvent. It is not taken Internally, but is shaken Into the shoes or stockings and Is absorbed through the pores In the soles of the feet. It is Intended to be absorbed almost Immediately Into the blood, and this is due, no doubt, to the fact that the soles of the feet contain over ten times the number ot pores to the square inch as does any other part ot the body. So remarkable and rapid have boon the results from the use of Volta powder, both In this country and In Italy, that the American distributors have authorized local druggists to dispense Volta ivltli an unqualified guarantee of relict from the use of the very first package or your money will be refunded. If you suffer from Khgumatlc pains, Sciatica, Lumbago, Gout or Neuralgia,'you owe it to yourself to try this remarkable new scientific treatment. It Is absolutely harmless and will not cost one cent If you do not receive wonderful relief. You can get a box ot Volta, from such good druggists as: A & A Drug Co., Fred Weesner, Foltz Pharmacies and Adams Drug Co. Wrinkles Removed in 15 Minute*—Cost 3 Cents! Quito a sensation has been created : In certain aocial circles over tho won- , derful rejuvenating effect* of a simple tarkroot mixture which any woman can easily apply at home. The results are so remarkable that oiiu lias told othera, who In turn have told many more, and now the new method hid a fair to fiupcrsede at! the patent "wrinkle removers," massage and other things used (or the purpose. This is tho procedure: A spoonful of powdered tarkroot is mixed with a spoonful of lemoa JuFfce, and th!« is spread over the face. An amazing transformation takes place, as the mirror shows. Jn lee* than 15 mimue.s wrinkles, crowsfeet and creamis have completely vanished! Facial contour la noticeably improved and the face looks years younger. Tlie most skillful maseaglns could not produce such a wholesome effect aa remains alter the mixture has been washed off. Tarkroot Is of course perfectly harm- leas. Inexpensive, too. An original package from tho druggist contains sufficient to bring: the cost per treatment under 3 cents. : A WORD TO WOMEN. A hundred and twenty-one thousand women would comprise a vast army. Yot a canvass was recently made among more than that number of women who had used J-ydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound for feminine ailments. The result proved that ninety-eight out ot every hundred reported benefit from Its uue, This-is most remarkable e vide tic u of the power of Lydla fc\ Pinkham's ' Vegetable Compound over the ills of womankind, and should influence every alck and ailing woman to try it. Clear Your Skin Of Disfiguring* Blemishes Use Cuticura ISMM. SOW, Oktojl Talm. ttm. A4taw Permanent roods are a good investment —not an expense 90 Per Cent of World's Motor Cars on Our Highways There are 16,000,000 motor vehicles in the United States — approximately 90 per cent oi all in the world. > This total is being increased at the rate oi 4,000,000 a year. What is the saturation point? Ask any one of the 16,000,000motor­ ists trying to make headway through ' the countless traffic jams on some of our concrete highways. He will tell you, from the standpoint of comfort and safety in driving, the saturation point is already in sight. Not a very encouraging outlook, is it, for the man about to buy his first auto- . mobile? So you see car owners and prospective car owners are both interested — and have an immediate task confronting them. What are you going to do about it? Even now you are curtailing the use of ' your car because you do not want to endure the discomfort, inconvenience and danger of traveling on congested, na'r- ' row highways. Your highway officials need your support. They can't do much unless you stand squarely behind them. To delay building more highways wide enough and strong enough to meet all the requirements of modern traffic will cost you more money than will an adequate system of Concrete Roads and • Streets: PORTLAND CEMENT ASSOCIATION Glovd Building KANSAS CITY, MO. , A National Organization to Improve and Extend the Uses of Concrete Read the Classified Ads in The News-Herald.

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