Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico on May 9, 1965 · Page 12
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Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico · Page 12

Clovis, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 9, 1965
Page 12
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BY PtttL CRYSTAL Cotmty Extension Agent ,^ v ,, «BW Mexico State tlnlvetttfty Extension Service :^;Ael984*6S Grain Sorghum supply is estimated at 1,139 framon ousneis, the smallest supply since 1959, ,<„<, —W, V. Fowler. '•'*•• Then there was the man who fished every Sunday in a .racket in his living room. His wife would have sent him to r psychiatrist, except, as she said, "1 needed the fish." " —Harvey Jordan. " « /*. „' ;,. Children below age two discover the world by taste and "touch. See that they don't get to try out the garden chemi- Cals. From two to four, they climb and reach. Move the dan- ^UTOUS medicines. *!/" By five years old they should be developing judgement. They become imitators. Now i s the time to begin "do as I . J3<Mnd you'll live to grow up." •***• M w " The average home contains many materials harmful to w cj$dren. Be careful. '." " When buying on the installment plan, be sure that what . you buy will last longer than the payments on it do. What a pity it is that a person can't dispose of his experience for as much as it cost him. —J. J. Kelley. In farm Chemicals Philip E, Crystal, Curry County Agent has just returned from a special lecture, and extra session with Dr...Stanley Coppock, chemical safety officer at New Mexico State University. The main point, of the sessions was the proper use of farm chemicals, Crystal said. Rules discussed for safety when using farm chemicals were: Read the label carefully; follow directions; observe all limitations and waiting periods; avoid leaving residues with insect control; use cultural methods of control; develop control by the sterility factor; develop resistant plant varieties; cultivate infestations of beneficial insects. Farm News Colorado River Looks Good; Peeos Drainage In Bad Shape! Hit X O**+1fctx-i r*i*->«* *••< * x. ^^ . ... __ __ _ . B .1 Clevis Markets Clovis Livestock FEEDLOT near normal RKPORT with light arcs ' •—•^—^^^^^^"^"^••^••^••^••Mi Heflin Seed Co. ;Gurry Ave. & Pile St. Clovis, N. Mexico] YOUR HEADQUARTERS FOR w showers over parts of northern no measurable preclpatlon reportrd else'- ±nT ,7?;."",* , falrly active on small f»r P , P L,h nlsh , Cd "I""*" 1 "- »t«r« and hel- fcrs, with prices strong to fully 50c higher some late sales 75-1.00 higher feeder cattle and calves only moderalely active i? y \ slrong ' Slau * hl " lambs fnlrlv active, about steady. Feeder lambs slow ST?«. y n 'T cr °" "Pf'ented sales. Sales confirmed on approximately 5.:«in wifh *« 7*5 h l i cr , stcers , and helfer « compared with 8,750 last week and 4.9JS a year ago. Sales confirmed on 4,885 feeder cattle and calves. 13,500 sheep and lambs re- Dnrted Unless otherwise specified, all sales tor delivery within 10 days. « e - rn Stoers • :73 »'« h 2S.*>: 725 mostly Choice JKli-l. Ibs 24.75-23.00 including 200 for July J5 '' 0 mixcd , --O. mainly 24.00, mainly 24.00 up; 4j(l Good and Choice 1100-Ib 2.150 675 c;oori WASHINGTON - The May 1 ruhofl forecast for the Colorado River is the best in 13 years, U. S. Reclamation Commissioner Floyd Dominy said here. This year's May 1 reading predicts 11 million acre feet— slightly above the 10.8 million acre feet forecast in April and the best since the 13.2 million forecast in May, 1952. Dominy said that, on the basis of this reading, he is "now absolutely confident we will have Hoover Dam up to its rated head and will be able to raise Glen Canyon (reservoir) 35 feet during the course of the summer. Last year the Bureau of Reclamation faced a touch-and-go situation, filling Glen Canyon sufficiently to start production of power and, at the same time, keeping the Hoover Dam turbines turning. At the same time, Dominy pointed out that such eastern New Mexico projects as thos at Tucumcari and Carlsbad are "in trouble" because of a d spell. Neither depends heavily on snowpack for its water. "The whole Pecos drainage is in bad shape," he said, addin. that the problem applies to portions of both New Mexico anil Texas. In addition to the bright picture on the Colorado River this year, Dominy said snow readings also are good on the Mis- souri and the North Platte this | spring. Last year the April 1 projection on the Colorado was 5.1 million acre feet but a good April boosted it to 6.1 by May 1. Although this year's outlook is good, past experiences shows that runoff is even better than the April and May readings for the April - to - July runoff season. The only exception was in 1958. For instance, the reading for May, 1952, was 13.2 million acre i feet, but the actual runoff from! April to July was 14.1 million. Insecticide Controls Heel Flies Large Variety In Hybrid Milo & Forage CORN SEED I LARGE VARIETY YELLOW & WHITE HYBRIDS Ranchers & Farmers Weekly Livestock Auction Report RANCHERS & FARMERS LIVESTOCK AUCTION CO., INC Clovis, New Mexico We sold a total of 3684 cattle at our, h , two regular sales this week. The market on Wednesday was very ! su'ugw'r lb 22.E.V23.80; 130 standard, few Good, 80.V995 II) 21.25. Slaughter Heifer* . gTT. mixed flood nnd Choice 650-925 lb 22.50-23.r>0; 250 Good and few Chnioe 7.V)-nar> Ib it: no-lM on- mostly Good 82-J-82T, lb 21.25-22 no malnlv 21.50 up. N.itn: Slaughter steers and heifers 4 percent shrink or equivalent fob unless otherwise specified Feeder Cattle - Steers: 600 Choice 525- 6.iO lb 23.25-24.00; 650 Good and Choice KM 21.00-22.nn. Contracts: l.(IT> mostly Choh !725 - 900 Ib 22.00-23.65 for June 500 Good i and Choice 700-lb steers 19.Wi (or Oel ! delivery; 1.400 Good and Choice H7S-723 |V |miMiy a a^^^^ v J!.feJ^!^: i ;,.;;;;;':and heel flies can be ivnlrollrti | through M«y delivery; 60 Choice 51 o ib' :L'1.0; 13 Good 735-lb l.OOS; 20 Standard j Uvi Ib 15..TOO Other classes: 25 Choice i .'135 lb steers calves; 25 Choice 935 lb stock cows It; 50. Note Feeder* ;i percent shrink or equivalent f.o.b. unless other wise specified. .Sheep • Slaughter classes: S..VKI Choice and few prime 80-90 lb sprmi; l/imtx 24.75-26.(K). mainly ; I.IMI MKM-.I Good and Choice "n-S.i ib 23 5c>-:'"i («' «."»> mostly Choice RVKx; old crop lair.tx uiili I Xn. 2 to fall shorn pelts 22.50; 4.HOO (':<HH\ 'and Choice Ro-lurt lb No. 1-3 pelts LII.IHI- , 22.00. Feeders: 1.50C) Choice, few Fancy. Cr-ipntkl"; of <\RS 'mrl \}\f -3-11- spring lambs Z.MW. Other classes- 1 ", JltienilSlS OI ,U1.> dmi UK choice yearling siock ewes with o. 2 Georgia Agricultural Kxperi- ffi!5. i « a .?onr.u!5!lr i ™« 5°S? percent Station obtained 89-and <>7 55 i^m a b, d 2uJ? 1 7ev S p 0 : i r. me",P^ent control of horn flies in 3-4 percent shrink or equivalent f.o.b. for'tests With TOnnel. he said. In POr- .hrtnk onj.^ tests t() cont ,. ol hec } nios the 95- UNIVERSITY PARK - Horn effectively by feeding ronnol. a systemic insecticide, in a mineral salt mixture free choice to cattle on pasture, according to William A. Ljungdahi animal hn>- bandman with the Cooperative Extension Service. New Mexico State University. whole sale meat markets: . .— M»«WUMJ TTMtJVVfAJ active and looked fully steady on most classes. Higher fed cattle prices this week have again stimulated demand for feeder weight steers and heifers. $28.00 was the top paid for some thin steer calves under 300 Lb. - comparable heifer calves quotable to $24.00. Most choice grade stocker steer calves selling in a range of $25.00 to $26.50 and comparable heifers $21.00 to 23.00. On Friday it looked as though the market weakened a little' all thru the list. Demand for cow and call' pairs seemed to bei limited and prices generally looked $10.00 to $15.00 per pair cheapr We are looking forward to a real good auction next Wednesday.! This is a Special Stocker and Feeder sale — specializing in cow ; & calf pairs. "Roll em in" we will have buyers here for all kinds. ' Hope you can be with us. FEEDER STEERS — Choice and few Prime 450-650-lb 22.50-24.00, Good 21.50-23.00. Standard and low-Good 19.00-21.50; Good and Choice 650-750-11) 21.50-23.60. FEEDER HEIFERS — Choice 450-600-lb 20.00-21.50. Good 18.0020.00. few Standard and low-Good 16.50-18.00; few Good and Choice 600-675-lb 19.00-20.80. STEER CALVES — Choice and few Prime 300-425-lb thin fleshed 26.00-28.00, other Choice 300-475-lb 24.00-26.00. bulk 24.00-25.50, Good 250-500-Ib 22.00-24.00, Standard and low Good 19.00-21.50. HEIFER CALVES — Mostly Choice and few Prime 275-475-lb 20.00-23.00, bulk 20.00-22.00, Good 1850-20.00. Standard and low- Good 16.50-18.50. OTHER CLASSES — Good and Choice stock cows 13.00-13.50; numerous loads Good and Choice pairs $150.00-16500 SLAUGHTER CLASSES — Cows: Utility and few Commercial 12.75-15.50, Canner and Cutter, 1100-13.00. low yielding Canner 8 10-10.50. Bulls: Utility and Commercial 16.50-18.90. * * * * Enea Grandi & Sons. Carlsbad. Hoi Cow, 1535 at 15 70 J. T. Moore, Tucumcari. Wf Str, 800 at 23 70 Charlie Wall, Portales, Wf Str, 530 at 24.00 Kermit Smith, Santa Rosa. Wf Str. 210 at 29.10 Johnny Judah. Causey, Wf Str, 690 at 23.80 M. L. Coins, Eunice, <7> Wf Strs. 487 at 24.40 Clyde Cooper. Jal, (181 Blk Wf Strs, 350 at 25.70 W. L. Edelmon, Friona. Tex., (25i Elk Hfrs, 455 at 20.55 Seth Wyche. Corona. <6> Wf Strs. 3fiO at 26 50 Mike Hit son. Clovis, Wf Sir. 715 at 23.30 Darwin Hobbs. Seagraves, Tex., i 11 Pr. i Blk Cows & Cfs 852 at 165.00 Pr Harvey Lutrick. Abernathy, Tex., Oi Blk Hfrs.. 640 at 19.70 B. W. Barnard, Elida, (19) Wf Hfrs. 379 at 22.50 George Williams, Lovington, (10 Wf Cows. 661 at 100.00 P.H. Carol Sue Perrin, Adrian. Tex., Wf Cow, 1040 at 15.80 Ovie Delaney, Grady. ,'5> Wf Strs. 330 at 26.70 Carl Perrin. Hereford, Wf Cow, 990 at 15.90 Barrett & Owen. Seminole. Tex., Blk Bull, 1280 at 18.10 L. M. Poteet, Grady, Wf Hfr, 540 at 21.30 W. A. Welsh. Melrose. <7i Blk Strs, 560 at 23.60 H. H. & P. H. Harris. Tatum. (20 Pr.) Wf Cows & Cfs., 155.00 Pr. Charlie Baxter, Clovis, (14) Wf Strs, 783 at 23.70 Bob Crow, Rogers (7) Wf Strs, 287 at 27.00 Will Terry, Hobbs, (2) Wf Strs, 300 at 25.70 We bad Hi eootigaors at our sales this week. * * * if We had 146 b«ad of horses for our horse sale Monday. Thanks ll you 73 consignors The market looked about steady with our lilt wle. We could sure sell a lot more of the good kinds to a ' ' We expect this market to continue good until >irit p«rt of Juae. Our next sale wiU be Monday, May 17th. + + + + & COW & C4LF SALE - Wednesday - May ADV. Cattle and Calves: At the mis, slaughter steers and heifers were steady to 1.50 hUhcr with least advance on standard and low good. Cow« were very uneven, with the bulk steady to 50 higher, but Omaha and Kansas! City steady to 25 lower, liulls generally! steady to 1.00 lower, except if Slows City' ami St. Paul steady to 50 higher. Vcalers! were generally steady, feeders sold mostly : steady to 50 higher, except at .SIOUA Cily | steady lo weak. j Summary tllis i nsocuc ide. used in of Livestock L same manner, resulted in [percent control. WELL DRILLING Irrigation Wells & Pumps • Test Holes • Domestic CALX. COLLECT RE 6-57U Watson Drilling Co. PORT ALES — N. MEX. SPECIAL ON SPIN" ON OIL FILTERS (Fits All Ford JCars, Trucks & Tractors)] BUY 3 . . GET 1 FREE <*/<jrO' Dunn Implement Phonp 7624577 . ComniiTct 1 Hy. — CluvU] Tony Lama Boots Woslorn Suits .. Straw and Kelt Hals I,ovi Shirts — Pants Saddles — leather Goods Kelly Bits — Spurs Lariat Kopc. TORRENCES WESTERN 217 W. 7th PO 3-fi8K A/EWf Exc&fagf V for '65 is ffre year fo buy f/icf dream home for your iamily NO DOWN PAYMENT...EASY TERMS Introducing new building product, new floor plans — the very latest in color schemes. This is the year to buy . . . the year fo own that home you have always wanted. A new home is the foundation of an estate — a castle that weathers all storms. Mono/ invented in a ke~ne or cc'tage is tangible wealth ... the ideal way to save money. If you own a lot, or can buy one, you can nun' '/ for a row hofne in minutes. Jim Walter offers a complete home building and financing service. Send for our beautiful new 1965 Calclcn cf home: today. It's free! .,.-•• \ CAU COLLECT OR WRITE TODAY! JIM WALTER CORPORATION fc ,-i WE APE OPEN ON SUNDAY LUBBOCK, TEXAS 2200 Block Erskine Rd. P.O. Box 5121 Phone: PO 5-5508 icnc re a h*» co>o.'o^j. I am -STATE, ! HAY, ? * «-, I E"T FOR GRAZING CHOP, SILAGE, HAYLAGE I' DEKALB OFFERS OUTHAIS rtk>*. ;$ I w&\v-' •» I T »V -*'. *^-:#iV;*Jr^ \?s* ." ^;,v;^rv£s\**',o. ^i ; .-.•-•••••« x vAv/. l Uv.v*f i>vl; *'*,•! *". # .*,'; ti^-M. •*&-V« ,& » •" S*>1^< *iw ISi f,**' .%."» ' .. <«» „. •AW &• * * Sweet Si THE FIRST SORGO x SUDANGRASS -- SWEET SIOl'X is the result of n'.»-Mr.r a !• >;•;-.<. k'o (caii'') 'yp 1 ' with a low pnis>i(' ;iri<! >ti.'un d ; p'ai-.s. TliN no-..- pro\i(li-s thf d-.v-nahii' rh.:: •• '• of Ixilh p.uvul.s -- tin- s\\ffl stalk o! llii !••:. < and thf Ic.ilnn --, uf a Su'l..iiL'i ,(--< -- ,!!,•! ; • >•••: lion classilu'd a.-, a .MAJOR BKEAK-THliUl !.,il age excellence. SWEET Siorx is recommend,•<! for fi'.\in.- I'iper. Crei-nli-af, Common SiKitn, SA..- SM ! " • ghuni x Sudanfrass hybrids ot Sniian x Simian i ha\'t i l>-f Littte Indians THE BEST BLEND OF THE BEST FORAGE . ^ ,S 1^ -lii-ei:! .TO : id> lilond of quality for* itiin - Sudan,:,'!a.v» liy« •••' fornc* 1 uith (,'vain, , i\, >;i ;*/;,'!<_; and hay- o an excellent choice in :', !.rTTi.E INDIANS support ;l en vviiiR season. ."I LlTl'l.E IN 1 . •rid \M!h last rc^rou'th potential • li:.•!•••!(-d t-":i use in a multiple- FOR YOUR PAYMASTER S':cDS CALL OR SEE US AT nc. THE SOUTHWEST'S MOST MODERN FEED PLANT

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