The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 10, 1948 · Page 1
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 1

Frederick, Maryland
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Saturday, July 10, 1948
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Today's News Today NEA FEATURE SERVICE ' A. P. LJSASED WIRE AND FEATURES Weather Forecast Fair, not quite so cool tonight. Sunday partly cloudy, rather warm and more humid. VOL. LXV---NO. 226. Fres Hun Today llCews --7.100 "'Post --8.600 Total--15.700 FREDERICK, MD.. SATURDAY. JULY 10. 1948. Two Youths ; 2 Drown la · The Nation Arrested ! Potomac Nr. ft For Robbery Sharpsburg TEN PAGES PRICE--THREE CENTS Truck Taken, Driver Bound. Thrown Out; Pair Captured Here Bv Police Two Others Swim To Safety; Local State Police Assisted In Search For Bodies By JAMES MARLOW Washington. July 10 -f,--Radio ii spreading so widely it's reaching out to cover people from the cradle to the grave. A diaper service in the southwest wants a license for a two-way radio-exchange between its office and its trucks. And a cemetery near Chicago is so busy it wants an okay to us* radio in directing traffic- In both cases the Federal Communications Commission tFCC- has been asked for approval. Building Bridge Over Shenandoah State and city police arrested two ' Sharpsburg, July 10 ',.4*--Two youths in a hotel room here this, Hagerstown men were drowned - - .,,.. ,,. ,, .,;,, w» slisc uv«- me morning in the armed robbery of a . and two others swam to safety to- Those two extreme cases show Shenandoah river near Bolivar W wcaltn " cotton broker m Egypt. LV York. July 10 ·-·Pi--Convict- j ed of prostitution charges, a pretty. | ; 27-year-old daughter of a U. S. i Cuieer diplomat s-ays she will fight ! the case to "clear the name of my i fatuity and the name of my son." ' Brunette Mrs. Nancy Fletcher ', Choremi. mother c- a five-year-old boy. appeared yesterday in Munici- ' pal Court where Magistrate Arthur Markevich set Aug. 11 for sentencing She said her father. C. Paul Fletcher. U. S. consul general in ' Casablanca, had sent funds for her ' Construction of the supcr*Tuc- s2 500 bai! and to P ress a » appeal ture of a new bridge over the She ls the w i f e of George Choremi. Bolivar, W. Va., Work Will Complete Program Of Construction By Three States V.-P. Post Mav Go To ·' Sen. Lucas Illinois Democrat Said To Have Inside Track For Nomination With Truman Second Degree Verdict . Given In Abortion Case Huntington, W. Va . July 19 jp, --A verdict of second degree mur- i tier was returned yesterday against · Dr. William M. Lewis. ' The 61-year-old physician ar.d his 29-year-old axMxtant. Julia Dar- · ling, were charged with performing a fatal abortion upon .vlildred Fer- ' KUSOM. L'3. of Narrows \V. Va. M!S DarhiiK. abu accused of · faUeJy swearing to an affidavit! and illegally administering aii asi- I eithetic. is to bv tried Satcr on use " murder charge. Glen Burnie truck driver, who was j o"ay after ..their tnotorboat; upset P r ^"' well how radio has blossom- allegedly bound and blindfolded be- i to the Potomac river near here. *** to^cover all kinds of living and fore he was ejected from his ve- ' Deputy sheriff Leister Isanogle activity. hide on a country lane near this ' ol Washington county identified the This wl!1 S»ve an idea of :hf " city ": victims as Edward C. McGowan, 61 s P reaa: State Trooper Laure.i Ridge, who ! 3Rd Ja^-es Kridler. 58. la the war years. 912 regular __ nvi ^ iw ^^ ,, ux was in charge of the investigation. ! Charles Schilling. 29. and Fred B. commercial radio broaacastmg s:a- poil!t whefe , eve £ al % pans of th . morals charges identified the youths as James C. S Price, 26..swam to the shore. uons wer e operating IP. ihis coun- · bridge are in p!ace ' A Roanok : e Staubitz, 18. and Richard A. Ingle. I Isanogle said the men had gone lr -. '* Va.. contracting firm is doing the 16. both of Glen Burnie. They will \ *o Sharpsburg early today and were j ue " were the familiar, stand- work. The «ub-structu-e of the be charged with armed robbery in j returning to their vacation fishing a TM. AM--amplitude modulation--. bridge was built some time ago but Anne Arundel county, the trooper . camp when the boat's anchor chain radio stations, work on the superstructure had said. " i fel1 over the side and snagged on An * during the war there were been delayed pending award of a · The truck driver was Robert i a rock. j only -*S FM--frequency modulation , contract by the West Virginia Gault, 18 who is employed by a i Tne boat dipped, swerved and --stations running. FM. among oth- ; Roads Commission. jewelry company. He" had parked j then turned over. ^""^.-^'l^alT kindT of" new ' fTh - e M ' J ' Grove LS: " C Compan-. But it Philadelphia. July 10 , r--Scna- , tor Olin D. Johmlon of South Car- Va.. which will virtually comp'lete ® he faccs a maximum term of , oliiut said today he would not ins a iri-state bridge and road con- !h !"ee years. . troduce in the Democratic national - struction program, has been un- Mrs - Choremi was found guilty der way for ;-everal weeks, si was Thursday alons with two other learned" today. women. Madeline Blavier and Mrs. Stee! work has progressed to the Mar S areJ Starr - a! « accused ' committee a resolution callinjc on President Truman to w Uhtlrau- ! on from the presidential nomination j race. Truman llii Bad Spot ' Politico* More Local Bank Loans Past Year Collapse Of Booms For Others Leaves President Victim Democrats To Attack Congress GOP Record To Bi Featured In Campaign; Civil Rights Row Grows More Bitter Philadelphia. July 10 VP.--Democrat platform writers filially be- jzari putting little words on 'paper today after blowing off pent-up steam in a loud and bitter argument over the race issue. The word* they will write during the weekend will not be cozy reading for Republicans in Con- his truck in front of a drug store a t · ; T y ! I I ^ * · recovered th.2 bodies. Glen Burnie last night about 11.30 'Troopers Arthur Rudy and A. M. rad j° o'clock to make a purchase. Seat- ^ourie from the Frederick sub- un ? er v a v ed on a park bench, nearby, were . station were called and assisted in his assailants-to-be. They had a .32 i the search.) calibre revolver, which w a s loaded.! ^ p ' and. according to authorities, were · I ftf*"Vrf^tt l^Vvi* planning io ''pull off a job." * · -UvZC*- T V/S JL \JL The boys evidently contemplated stealing the truck, it was reported, but Gault returned from the drug store before they could get in the I vehicle, so they hitch-hiked a ride : with him. He was going only a ' short distance to his home. Driver Held X"p · Within a comparatively brief | time, one of the youths pulled 2 revolver on Gault and they commandeered the truck, the officers said. The truck driver was ordered to lie on his face in the back of the u* or new of , hls c ;. v boom got s ; des of ' grading both shooting s;op- .i on of approache5i which tic ;. The FCC has ap- i ~ 7 . , " ""«-««»«- j plications to let 600 more set up ' Construction of the bridge will ; sno p H complete the oypassing of Harpe Substantial Gain In Most Deposits, Statements Reveal Philadelphia. July 10 «-P--Sena- tor Scott Lucas D - I U wsu report- , , ed today to have the inside track : ' as President Truman's running ; mate on the 1948 Democratic lick- ' By KKL.MIN MORIN ct - j 'Philadelphia. July 10 Although Lucas, himself said he · over now but the .shouting, and ] isn't a candidate, an associate of ' even the shouting will be largely ! Mr. Truman said that unless plans mechanical, organized and half are changed within the next 48 IICXl week when the Democrats hour:, the tall, bronzed Illinois Sen- "ominate Mr Truman. , ator may be the White House I In a vcr - v rcai wav - tllat " an shop. And the FCC has okayed 1.000 FM stations, of which 600 now are in operation. - dt Loans made by the five Frederick , . _ _ _ second man on the : unfortunate position for the Presi- . dent. It would have been better if he nomination after a choice for ' ticket. Lucas, who voted for the Taft- Hartlcy act but in favor of sus- » w ° »»»» ^llars in one vear a ' J 3 " 1 " Mr ' of the statements 'of the I Thc 1948 party platform may not follow the leader--Harry Truman --on the subject of civil rights. · but it is sure to follow him in his _ campaign strategy of flailing the record of the Republican-controlled It's all 80th Congress- Thai became clear in three days of public hearings during which members of the Democratic platform drafting committee seized every opportunity to beat Congress over the head. Today a reporter asked Senator Francis J. Myers of Pennsylvania, chairman of the committee, whether the platform will attack Con- H described in admin- i tournament because truck, which was empty, and "not look up." One of the robbers stood guard over him while the other drove. They came west on Route 40. At a lane near the Sycamore service station, which is close to Pearl, east of this city, the truck turned right fnorth'* and proceeded a short distance. Gault was blindfold his belt. the road. His pocketbook contain- blindfolded and his hands tied with his belt. Then he -was dumped in British And Americans Act Jointly Facing Crisis In Berlin ondge. then across the Shenandoah . , _ _ , , - «^i. *u^^. L£tc^A l^,i 1/.2O lilt *JIltIle«IlV»(Jn ·-- - · » -- · · -- ~ - _ - » . j * i_ » i - - - -- | six television stations. But they ' arK j re j o : n R ou te 340 west of Har- June 30 - 1947 AIJ banks contrib-i si;:ed that !1 ° £i « al decision on the ; challenge of every'contender with were experimental, not commer- pers F erry . Eastbound traffic will ' uted to the '«~.crc=3C in total loan ! v 'c^ presidential nominee has been · the possible exception of General. cial - .. reverse the procedure. .value. uume. | Dwight Eisenhower. Had this h a p - j All this so far--2.000 A1XT =ta:lnn= , -- -- ...~ . . _ ! \^"h?T** rr/\cf fi^^^c-it*· ,.. n ^ A n » n : n I A ,, r_A t T\ «?_ » « _ _ _ f pcned. in an ooen fiffht at ihr rnn_ } platform will differences and pro- demonstrate attention and specifically to the AH 600 _ * » » K V.«^I^, LL*^ f c / 4 WV.CVIU1 C . - - - ^ t J * - r ~~°°° r^ 1 stalions - \ Traffic will" be able to avoid the ' While most de POsits \vere again 1 An assistant Democratic leader of P cn f?- m innc XN f*»i«»T-»e*rt*-» «·*-»_ : _ ««»!_ tw t » » v i v * t*»c .-KA*..:.*-, i,«*__*.r_i ;_ . . . _ . « -- . » . . . . . : VcliLlon. Berlin. July 10 ;PI-and British commanders all leaves for their personnel Soviet-blockaded Berlin today. '... . French were expected to follow suit. Maj. Gen. George stations. 30 television sta- steep grade and sharp curve in 2. And there are 55,000 other ' . showing a substantial gain, savings deposits did not quite keep pace. They increased over 5100,000 but all other deposits showed a total increase of over a million dollars. Sax-ings deposits went up from the Senate. Lucas has kept his rec- rupt conduct of the Republican hap- , controlled 80th Congress. open fight at the con- t There you have the party'· plan have ! of campaign for November. . rec- . ord of supporting the President^ I | rcathe . d a new spirit of confi- 1 The civil rights blow-off cam* ,,-,,,,,,,.,!,- «K«..t ,,- ~i.. n ------ _r aence into the party ranks and ' last nieht anrt \i-ac tho oiimr,^- «*. proposals about as clean as any of the vice presidential possibilities such as Senator Theodore Green, of Rhode Island. Green is counted . , party ranks and I last night and was the climax brought a new strength to the , the hearings. whole organization. Southerners on the drafting committee, who are determined to deputy military governor, the Americans have "no . . of submitting" to the latest Soviet i st ^ lon £; and so on restrictions on the last land route ! e * CC has io license all broad linking the city with the western ' castia .g of a °y kind because onl: zones of Germany. These, restric- ' a I * mjted number of broadcasts can ; out only because of his advanced NoC-emhPrTnT"^"'"' ^ nncr n " 1 ! kccp out o£ the P^orm Mr. Tru' £; ovcm bci in large part because the man's program for Federal laws I agc - . Democrats were Lucas also could be expected to ! anyone else. ""able to find i against lynching, poll taxes, and discrimination in employment, had inoa«rfc ran - -- -----~« , ,. t n t « » t -^...»,«» ^ ^^^iaiu«,i.ui.iv i»_ovi^.». w«»ij ; --~---·»*- "«j *i»^_««iii»j; \ti jinciii. nas erocs naa not. st s.-.«n=i=. 5n=s i-jj-i^a-S^iirE^SS "'"'" -^iCtS-ST^SSa. 1 ? S^S^Sf -"- ~:?S^ tt JS^£\^SS*-i n « . ,,,,,, In one of the most significant;^ 0 Wllliam O- Douglas likewise southerner did the trick, moves of the confused and con- i ,, Amoved himself. Aubrey Williams Hc»rd From founded Democratic convention ! ^ _ tn l s docs not repair the ; Aubrey Williams. of Mont- the right to approve all western allied motor vehicle traffic leaving Berlin for Western Germany. Hays' statement'apparently meant the Americans would suspend their motor travel on the highway. The cancellation of leaves, it was . explained, was because of the dif-! ficulty of leaving-Berlin. The Brit- ! ,.,. , ish added that all their person-1 Sa ? e ,? olltlcal P art '- , , i-.-^.JVi- I K:l/»ri *»/TV«W*r-r-;rt*,~ nel are neeaed m Berlin to handle ' ing about $32 and other papers was taken. oScers said. The truck then returned to Route 40 and the occupants continued to this city where they parked the truck on North Court street opposite the Court House, while they looked for a place to spend the night. It Js understood they attempted to register at the Francis Scott Key Hotel but were turned down. They finally got lodging j for the night, officers said, at the Robert E. Lee Hotel on South Mar- _. _ ket street. Before that time the ,,. Russians had announced authorities said, they had -ditched" i lA TM g ^. *^ e if official n ews agency, the pistol near the entrance to Peo- ' ,,.' Y 1 ^ nen ceforth no western pies Court in the basement of the ^ ,? hlgl " va ~ traffic to or from iue Court House. It was found later Berlm Y°. uld b ? Permitted except the Fcc ; by the police- on sp ecla l Soviet travel permits, j a - -Freed Himself I The Russia ns also ordered their i f out interfering with one another. Before any station can be on the i air. it must have a license from ' the FCC. The law requires that. ' The iaw was passed, and the FCC j created, in 1934. The FCC is made { up of seven commissioners appoint- , ed by the President. Not more four can be members of the commissioner's term--ex- e the work of the air lift, the onlv I J*?-* m -he ca ? e . of one The Fcc doesn - t charee .,,,,. for its lic^e lut t iS ion of anTO ne a ^ fi « an - TOne °"' to to European Reds Follow Moscow And Not Tito One Satellite After Another Turns Down Invitation ; dicating that many Frederick resi- | dents are finding it difficult to lay aside funds in these days of high prices. ! The surplus and profitrof the five banks increased by about SI00.000. , rising from S2.610.957.ll a vear ago i to $2.732.344.06 this year. The ! figures do not include the amount : carried in "Reserved for Contin- · gencies"' accounts. Total resources . rose from $39,763.250.87 to S41,- | 060.241.55. j As compared with statements of six months ago. deposits have fallen slightly. Savings deposits are . . a- opening here Monday. Arvcy join- i,^ magc , don ^ b I their respective ; gomcry. Ala., formerly National ed with Mayor William O'Dwycr i ^ n £ Wh ° pl ? ccd their names I Youth Administrator and now edi- ° r e of New York city in an announce- ' ment that he will vote for Mr. j Truman on what promises to be the j first and _only presidential ballot at j the convention. - j Their joint announcement came after Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower } malitv"that put the final kibosh on attempts to ; it will not draft him. It seemed more likely that by 8 cneral . Public. It was ; tor of a farm publication, cilmly up " ntl1 y«terday that * Pr °" testified: That h ° is °PP° sed t( «ny form r . ° thesc men to Mr - · of segregation between whites and n " omlflla - ' ti?* * ° r " , th / ,the dissatis- . s j uther n Negroes live under * ad .° W of " lynch Iaw " * nd t VC . 1 ? gr ? at tension -" That all this talk of a "southern , , .. - . a s o u e r n laction of the southern Democrats, i revolt" in the Democratic party ! I f T t r i l l «^lf n t i n n n - . * 1 _ _ _ . . » . . J _ . . . . f~** J _ , _ , off about SI5.000. London. July 10 {.-P)--Communist i are down 'almost . ,, i border patrols to search e v e r a ., o mon MeamvnUe Gault naa freed him- .,."., "." , ^ . sear cn e\er ai- , of rad , o broadcasting self and secured a ride to Police hed ^ h3 f le j° "prevent the trans- ±^ ng - port o£ for b^den goods." ; Tm* Headquarters here from a motor- i ist who was parked in the same j »«, -j- ~ lane. State Police were notified and j \UlYfllfm Vv"U"IC Trooper Ridge began an investiga-j TT V/JJ_i.Cl.J_l. TV X*J.i5 tion. He cruised over a number of ! county roads seeking the truck and shortly after 6 o'clock decided to check through the city. are policed by parties throughout Europe began has 14.000 employes i following Russia's lead today in 22 stations, scattered around i turning down an invitation to the country, to monitor all types ! fifth Yugoslav Communist congress j in Belgrade July 21. Rejections were reported today Other deposits $75.000. Total resources are slightly less. Loans and discounts are up about a million dollars. It seemed more likely that by It win not change the attitude means nothing. Wednesday, when the convention | of the die-hard New Dealers. It ' That the pa party "won't lose the gets around to nominating a presi- | will not win for Mr. Truman the ! southern vote" if it puts the Tru- rT*ntT-iT f»nnr?»Haf*» ATr- Tnirnan ^i-ill . f u l l ci.n n A «« ^.r *i ^ _ ,, . _ _ . . f"*^ UAC -LCU- ! Moves To Oust §30,000 Prizes Chinese Dollar At Its Loaves I Philadelphia. July 10 j by Communist headquarters in i Rome, Budapest and Prague. Rus-! sia gave her refusal Wednesday, i i.leanwhile, in Moscow Tass, the j | Soviet news agency, said a Soviet ; Shanghai. July 10 M*/--The Chi- Al- i nese dollar crashed to its lowest to *l f 11 -- - - · « · » »»*v. -JWM«.«J»^.M. » t » v » i « -- ii t b L/UL3 LUC -L CU 1 TM 1 , . . . ,, . : fu ." 5U PP° r t of those professionals , man civil rights program into the ! be an almost unanimous walk-in, j wno doubt that he can win next platform ! The exception of course, would j fa "- ' j That probably 25 percent of Ala- I be a southern protest candidate. -- -- faama votcrs favor ^ Trmn | registering the south s opposition j -_--_i to Mr. Truman's civil rights pro- | l-l f\1~ j posals. These include his sugges- -*--*- vFL tions that Congress pass anti-lynch- T -r* ing. anti-poll tax. anti-job discrim- JG f Ol*l"*C*i1 C»t ination and anti-Jim Crow laws. SVJlIe Lions described by Gault. Fingerprints: were taken and the barracks noti- ! fieri. With only a meager descrip- j tion given by Gault to follow. State j and city police began checking all hotels and rooming nouses for the | letter on persons involved m the roo-' *h e-n n l h n 3 65- ^ of ' ne vs-ouW IT asfc e ^he 1I CaHfbTM-a ^iT ' vited by Albania " s national defense ; The stock exchange closed five m prizes for , u demand the with : rainistr i' to be Present at a national; minutes after it opened. -- -- _ --1._ - »-« iw uci.idiiu ine \viin- K_I;J_... ,.**,,, aihon;^-. o^ m -- -r,;^ TT 3. _ r _ _ i - _ for '' "~ j program and the rest will vote i Democratic anyhow because they j have nowhere else to go. · Chauncey Sparks. ex-Governor of Alabama, couldn't stand it. Tes, tily he contradicted nearly all of ' Williams' statements. He said ht Williams s P*e *r "about one per- letter in a radio v winner of the country cent of the intelligent people in reau todav ° Weathcr Bu ' · s H jtc '" Hc Sa5d white-negro i A fi" - ions in Alabama are "friendly" i T,, - , , , , . - ~- . - .smau tropical storm center- He and Williams had a Ion" whack- · The mstallaHon or officers, for ing in central Alabama brought · ing argument over tho°e%Tatfers j t h e coming year featured tne reR- , heavy ram to parts of the south °- e mauer s' drawal of State Chairma" J-ines ' holida - v ' o£ the A1 banian army. This | Thousands of police combed ' ular meeting of the Myersviilc and some cooler weath'"- -» T T · T · i ; RooEevelt a-= national commit*ee Wek Albajrlia war ned her neigh-; marts for black marketeers dealing ] Lions Ciub recently. The heat wave in the midwest -* lor e Kaill Likelv ·£r »"a»»-utoi^nate. Min- Jr cEnery's statement came short- fl . ly after the disser., bor. Yugoslavia, she was taking, in U. S. Hongkong money. ! "strong measures" to guard her. The black market. which ;*er.=ion-ridden~riplp borders against "hostile elements." I China's main money mart, closed ' ~in~this Democratic' Yugoslavia invited all Communist yesterday at 4.COO.OOO Chinese to , Those installed were George Rice, continued with the mercury again Tr» Pull O AT J president; Albert D. Flook. Sr. headed for readings in the ~9Q's io- r al1 ^ n -'lOnday gauon arrived citv. I the Franc Scott Key Hotel. ' week after her leaders had been ' Rice jumped'from CO.000.000 to first vice president: Joseph R. Harp. , day. Similar marks were fore. second vice president; Paul HofF- , cast for the Gulf and Mountain , master, third vice president: Paul s "atcs and some sections of the , F. Bittle. secretary-treasurer: Aus- ' casi - ^° immediate relief was in- Tho Junc weather of the -~* wu .**-*.^ AUVA^.^ «,ti« » T . ^i. i*j.uit-il- d ^UUI i/ieluc: etiirplcllje, t 1^ ner and City Officer Ralph Potts , sedan, a house trailer. ; entered the hotel room and placed ! expenses-paid vacation aide to young Roosevelt «aid ! through their party organ -ould nz~e "absolutefv no com- ' Rome {nat since publicatii pnzes. Found In Bed They include a S5.000 mink coat. . An Troopers Ridge and W. A, Slutch- a four-place airplane, a four-door i ne ^'ow nsve "aosolutely no coma two-week ' TMent" on McEnery's statement un- Cominforr tion with her ; t"' 1 afj er the delegation caucus. , _ the : - ouths under arrest. Xo resist- l husband at a Las Vegas. Xevada. i Charles Daggett. the press relations ' n ' ze ance v.-as offered. The youths were i hotel: a round-trip to and a week's aide, told a reporter "let them in bed at the time and apparently ' stay in Hollywood, jewelry and ' 'McEnery) take their best shots Unita in ' Local stock? skyrocketed to ceil- Myersville club. Clarence O. Fish- ri l_ dicated. Temperatures were around normal in the Pacific northwest. Gucle Named Head Of Mon Igomerv Welfare Rockville. July 10. -- Adolph had just awakened. After questioning, the authorities · household appliances. scozred from Staubitz ar.d Ingle j Senator Storm Hag statements concerning the case and · found uo pccke _ thrown a-vay in the \-icinity of the i J O}JTI s College in Annapolis, which scheduled ;o caucus. " deviation from the Marxist-Lenin- Bemz street bridge over Carroll i has a value of around 5650 a year. Roose-w-elt hi-nseh" had said b:= ' ; s creek. Kovever. all but S3 of the! 3 s availaole for a qualified appli- future actions -vouid be guided bv now" on his plans to seek the ous- " lhe Communist international infer- ^Meanwhile Tanjug." Yugoslav quotations by 20 percent. It took ' dent announced the committees for ' Mrs. L:::ian W Smith news agency, and the Moscow radio only the first five minutes today ' the coming year. Chase, vice chairman. * and Mr« The club \va^ organised two years Louis GravelJe. Bethe-sda. =ecre- 350 and Dr. Edwin H. Sponseller. tarj--treasurer. today or tomorrow into warmer, humid atmospheric conditions buf the forecaster did not anticipate any rainfall before Monday. The last two nights, with low marks of 50 degrees each night, have been cool enough for blan- ^^".J 1 Tl " i11 De warmer tonight. "* O. said, with indications temperature will be in tomorrow. The latter week has been ideal -.vork and harvesting of crop has gone forward Chew rapidly. Obviously arsgrv. McEnerj- told a : ept up their propaganda duel. for t n e maximum to be reached. reporter "jou can quote Trie ri^ht backing Premier Marshal Tito and ~~ ar By dispatch from Bucharest said V.'oodford. Eng. July 10 no%v of this city. -,\ a? the first prcs- Mrs. Smith and _ _ ident and hss been a regular mem- were appointed to the board ber of TRAFFIC COURT CASES Marshall T. Oden Route ^ ^-.-.«i.. ^«w.*vv. -- f " x O u i G °' °P er atiag aa unsafe tne orcsruzation s;nce. Douglas Says Hc Has r~ Never Been Candidate cancy which ha? existed for come !n ?e °P les Court this morning and time" ' P aicJ a total fine and costs of S13.20. ire Fred He nai Deen by the citv pleted serrine a reformatory term for larceny. Both were jailed here pending further action. BETTERS RECORD Detroit. July 10 ,'?--Ann Curtis. San Francisco star, bettered Olympic record time in winning her heat in the 400-meter free style in 5 the event there are pi i cants. The senator will announce of scholarships to various . as soon as all appli- ( cations are received and action ' taken upon them. I : Rec «P* Show Increase p aroles To N never have been and don t psan to is now open to us of escaping a be a can didate" third world war." he said in a . xhe newspaper said it reached DECREES SIGXED Decrees have been signed irs Brooke P° 3 ' ; cem=n about S.45 o'clock on the Mont£o:n- rridav evening on North Market f Corpm;.«:on- strecl - Collateral was forfeited by Jr.ty heads on Luther c.. Bridgewater. Rockville. failing jo obey traffic control signal. S6.45: William H. Funk. Silver Spring, exceeding 50. SII.45: EX ROUTE TO U. X. minutes 25 9 seconds today in pre- j Rome. July 10 .·?--Count Folkc liminaries of the final trials f o r . Bernadotte stopped at Ciampino ' · · - - - places on the U. S Olympic team. HUNGARY ACCUSED Washington. July 10 l~The Voice of America beamed to Budapest today a charge that Hungary's Communist-run government is trying to frighten the people into dialing out news broadcasts from the United States. airport briefly today en route to Lake Success and declared "the war is not on fully yet*' in Palestine. Receipt? in Junc. 1P47. a m o u n t - r a r s "n 1hc State Reformatory on ed to Sl.907.22 and the six-month ' char g e s ° f assaul: and assault with was S10.963.08. intent to murder. Cornelius Simms. Negro. 1947. DEED RECORDED · A deed \vas recorded ISRAEL ACCEPTS Lake Success. July 10 '/P',--Israel notified the U"ited Nations today -.·h*- acrpptt the new 10-dsy cease- i fire proposal. ANOTHER RUSSIAN CHARGE m ore'ttan four vears; sTate Re- Moscow. July 10 ..^.--The United formatory. burglarly. Spates and western Euorpean na- Robert L. McLucas 1947 Wash- tions were accused by a Russian ington County Circuit Court newspaper today ot "exploiting more than one year r h i l c r c n ' in the roming Olympics atory, larceny and Montgomery Ciicuit Court, n o t ; clerk's office for the sale ot a prop- , 11.30 a. m. on the construction of erty on the east side of Willow j 1.492 miles of roadway between srs rsssTM£ a ssi s c s,.rs v c gs, a s: Tne Frederick Counu- Roads Edward D. Storrn represented the -'' cxceed ' :r »S 30. SI1.45. Arrests the Board will open bids on July 26 at plaintiff and H. Kieffer DeLauter werc: iriade b ? Trooper Richard A was attorney for the defendant, j Mvers avenue in the Hargett Addition Bethel and Mountaindale. The con- j ton f « r 4 - v M - « ~ . . ^ . _ - , . i . _ _ ^ W * l « James H. VanFossen. Washing- j was divorced from more than one year State Reform srames. Mrs. ! t. U. 1VATSON' DEAD | i e \ e n u e stamps. i course. I was attorney for Mrs. VanFossen. I several weeks. He w»s 77.

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