The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on March 9, 1964 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 9, 1964
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QY TRACK PERFORMERS EXPECTED FOR GULF COAST RELAYS - - PAGE 7 THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS VOL., 52, NO. 8 tloM" to study, at automation, and "tof*1att a continuing top-btvol ass**s- ment ot the relation of the gov- •Tnnumt's program* and our, country's manpower onMto and needs." .<?' He naked Congress to enaott pending leglalatton deallnt with youth unemployment, ed* -Won extenrtonot labor 1«W» 6 include more worker**!*! increaaed and broedenedTn*. eraptoyment Insuranoe. Traler bras OYSTER CREEK -'An unoccupied boa** trailer burned Sunday night, with theflre well underway when th* Oyster Creek Fire Department wa* .ejunmoned. "The trailer wa* parked oa Allen Road with Ite owner reported to be a patient In a Houston nursing home.. A member ot the fin department Auxiliary saMoauoo of the fir* had not beendeter- mUwd, hot fttrnttun^ Itoutu and other arttolH were destroyed. LAKE JACKSON-A poltoa , patrol unit dlsootered aatf tuned In the alarm to brlnf the Fire Department to a Ore in a vaeaatdupletspaTtmont at 147 Trumpet Vine shout HiZO a.m. Sunday. A Hremin said a floor received minor fire dwnagn but It hid notbeendetemlnedhow >Ae fire started. >een and Heard! IBJosks fraining, more jobs WASHING-TOR (AP)-Pr**- Jdent Johnson catted on th* na- don today to mobilise sal tip- grade Ite manpower skill* In a major eftort to wipe out grimly peraletent unemployment. "Overcoming that unem- ptoymeat I* th* gmte*t immediate manpower ehaBeng* before us" Johnson said M asking Congress for a broad range of leglalatlon to create I Jobs and train worker*. %The federal government eannot do the Job alone, Johnr son said In his annual manpower report to Congress. Calling on business, labor and state and local governments to cooperate IncreatlaE an "active manpower policy," the President said: "Th**» programs will take hold and succeed only when we becom* ned that nothing I* to priority over people." Johnson's report wa* u» oompantod by Labor Deportment statistic* *mpha*toas the plight of the poorly eduost- *d worker In an increasingly technical economy, and to* alarmingly high rate of youth* who can't find work. Johnson's metsag* wa* underscored by latest govern- lent figure* ahowlng tost •00,000 new jobs in February did nothing to dent th* nation'* 4,5 mlUlon,Jobte** total. The reason Is the steadily growing flow ot new worker* into th* labor market, particularly youth*. Automated machinery that shrink* Job opportunities also plays a part, Johnson announced "two MONDAY, MARCH 9, 1964 , Ton VW***dayt IOC-Surd*? Further Guard cutbacks as economy move seen WASHINGTON an - s 49 VEARS A FHBEPQKTEk rvttn «i MrNamaru, <Hx> made tlw Armt National umM aw»ii<w 'Mister Mac/ dean of county bankers, dies FRBBPOItT - A prominent ma resMeat and Freeport banker slnee UU, Walter Cartetoa MeUHtoa, n,ot 31* , ttyttospUalaboi**p.a.Saa- OAJ unit •*•**• ntotojy _„ odunu* trsMport shoppets lotoyeoter- rear at th* ww A*P Super Market in Lak* Jackson, but a-step Inside th* store Jt m -^ 'Made, ' TlW M»W e«B*»www "-••"« •• -»—- —-~—• r — dowi*rwnUh*Jaetooo,wlllb*op«for business at TuoMay. . will be at ftW p.m. Tneidajr atUwFlrst MwUndlM CMp* wtth the •ST. Robert UBUwmofltolat- tjei, Burial win be in ikMt- w«od Memorial Park naderdi- nntton of Fweport Ftawral Home. MclMdoa was intimately New A&PWfper Marlcef LJ opening wa* announced by. B. B. Bteabart, vice prortfentof A*P operations In TOM* aid. ing ot It* naw A*P fluper- — _ RY POLLUTION BOARD April 8 «: the new date tor a bearing on an appllcatton to discharge treated sewage effluent Into Bastrop Bayou, aceordtog to Indirect noUfl- caUon from the Ten* Water Pollution Control Board. Boxer takes stand for Jack Ruby At to* original bearing date to Auatto last week, omnl ownor* ot Baotrop Bayou property appsand to recast pmftilaisinonti MRS. D. L. MARTIN Of LJ, due to have open heart surgery In Methodist Hospital to Houston today... * ROTH BAUOH and BOHA EBERBABT of WC Elementary faculty, In I cently to m*thods of day that Jtofc Unby *• n teon- ac* boy "used to oteam tap and^turn purpte" whw anyone disagreed wUh him. . Ross knew Rwby to CBoago whan thoy both wore boys. The formw bowr, wearing dark fliB^.WMthOiioonnjI WUBSM as tlw fourth week ot Rttby's mordor trial began. Rttby UcharajidwtthmurtK with maito* *» bavrtt Ohot down Levllarvor Oswald, tos w-cttsedMaMtootPrasldent Kennedy. up on lea«P's . He saMb»a||dtoeao*us*|nM" were nrtuftw of what he Mflftf "t«i mm, LAMS SMITH of PP. among the freshmen student* who M. E. IJbewpaeher. chairman of the Bastrop Bayou Association, hl« group will ask that tko appUcntlcn be dented. Robert Pine ot Houston Is applying for the permit He plans to build a sewage twat- ment plant to serve an area that Includes the Otonwood Subdivlston, and asks todla- du)rte the effluent Into Bas- tr«p Bayou. iltm Bastrop Bayou Association ooBtenda that the slug- glahDastrcp Bayou pollntod by the UOuent, Before the Potetton Control Board would deny the appll- catlott, Ehsrspoeher said, op- poneotemuatprapbae apruc- UctlaJtemative. The attemaUve. ha sold, Is the nenrty-eompleta plans of On Rlcbwood Village CouncU tor nnewag* treatment ptanU The plant I* being designed Witt a «tev to serving the Qtenwcod SMI as well as the vUHtaltaalf. ' Eterapatkir said thatMay- o? * V. Stepbensonolltfcb. wont was pnsMt wltt hloj. MltViajrt Thursday at the or- Iftosi hewrtng. Alsopiesent was. other Bastrop Bayou pnaratyowww. Including iJiHW 4.1* Bwn». . Be-said It was a pert __. contimttng general program at expansion by the orooft Atlantic * Pacific r*a Company \ Tun i The e«terlor <»l the building, ha* boon d**1gned to recapture th* plantation *tyle ot awtttectureotBaJe* Jackson's history. Vertical white aluminum siding accentuate* th* store front. Tan, white column* rto* ~~^ — th* raised eanopyand all combine to reflect a hint ot th* old Southern plantation, White the wterter hint* at htotory, the vuitorjstep* through to* "magto carpet" door* into th* 80th Contory again. "There's nothing old fashioned about the Interior except the friendly courtesy of the employee* and the traditional AftP low prlc**," Rlnehart*ald. Heading the operations at to* store 1* L. R. SmaUwocd, who** •spartono* with AftP associated with th* growth ot riMt Freeport ttnttonal Bank for almost Ite oattro 80-y*sr spaa in th* are*. Hehadbeenehairmeadto* board sin** t«8l*«ters«vtog tor many yoa*» U pfo*MM» and tanr*etl**il»*v*ry pool- tionlnthebank. H* wa* ntoo ahalrmanof too board ot Bruooport Saving* and Loan AMooUUoofrorolho time ot Ite organttatlon to 19B1. until r*oontly>h*nhi* health did not permit,^h* pro- at th* monthl* board i ae"Jotnsdtatba»fc 18, UIB. The bank ,w» m«K»r Uk* aim at Ike point'*!!) |x4*M f»»rd atelii In an »f- tori i" rut «*t«. Indlralltm* PMM t« *««h • moo* »r)»r tn* November alert Inn*. |nferm*ij «-wtr«» *aM Me- Namara KM *h«w« UMreastmi akepdtUm a**** tlw **)** at Qaard tnd H»**rv* enll* that would not Iw rr*ilr ft»r uee In emorgenrhui. **» ***** he mcMllMxl unl* In »»»« ot a long war. Thi* r«MM put In txveniy IB National ouard infantry awl armor iitvtaiMu awl at* M» Mm infantry lilvtatae* which now ha** a lovor priority-" awl with tt*t l<»*r prtartty. m»n and tees (kedete "Mr. Mae on NOT. 18, hkd been built at West Park AlMMe and West Broad aad} wat chartered on Aug. a, 1*1 V Martlng an assistant cashier, Mcuadon ntvaneedtotkw pMeldency by 1*31. He has demonstrated his belief in hard work in both his banklnt career and in Ms civic nor ttfiUM. over 6,0 voted to I*s1tof ttn*v Tto o6mpl*»ltyot t** •uparmarkot op*r*tton to (CoiatoiHdosiPag**) Junior •MR. MAC'-W. c. Meun**, p|«to>*i in thi. moiorn lobby of Fir* nroopt»*lWtonal Bank, could rotan •torte* troet early day»to Fmpnrt, having come to toe city in ItlSt Servtoea tor th* vertertn Bracorla County banker will to held Twoday. in *: com team _—__- Beelsoeajoyedbaoe- flahlng and vartou* ttklag active part M year*. incofflA, cipctw - flghttnf rtsumed todsjr In XUma on the west ootJtJg Cyprus, shattettnc n •***- llWd wase-tsre foltowinf » weekend ot skirmishes and surging mobs. TT *'••>'• a MTOiat^" " **Wt^**J^^P'*«» Court ha* overturned a StOO, 000 llb*i Judgment*ward*ga Montgomery, -Ate., dty ott- claim a suit against th*»ftrw York Time* and taw Kogro minuter* ba**doa an adv**- ttoamoat. CHJOAOQ - A charterwd Ken kwtor Ugh school in several Braaorla County cittes took part In competttion held Saturday at LamarConsolldated High School tn 80S* nbarg. The ooeinetltton In CUssC. CC, and CCC got the spring series of University inter- acholastte League music contests underway. Brasosport Schools entered (our competing orgnnlsatlone and won three first divisions. three «aaond dirtstoas, and a third division and a fourth, each competing organlxaUjW entered two phases of «*«- petltton-coneert stoftH and sight-raBlng and wen *•*-• ed separately =»•«*. The nweport Junior High Joto) H*fO*, mate * ftr* dl- vMoa) to both i.intirt and alghtreadlog, earning a "poe. .»to-award of awwUke*. »»0owa Tto Ff*iport Junior HlghSov- telhoafo*. „* Or.d. choir «j*Jor «•»••».*?" board for about tft t ^. and wa* a tongtlm* .member of the.ohureh where \.>,..-rf *r* oobwluled. H* ' ,«y »*rv*d fc* a number ot "*j»arf on th* ehurcfc.iBoard of Steward*. * MeUndon wa* married In QatomUk to I*", two years before moving to Freeport. H* was of active senrloe to Ib, community and the county through dllteatt wort wlto civic and eluritabteorsanlsa. Uon*. H* wa* a member at various *mto* cW»*. H* lound great satisfaction to feellaf It* had some part to th* growth »nd betterment ot ttMarO*. McLoBttonUwdattheWest Flrrtf*r^no»e through th* year*. J»*t a short dlsbino. from thebank wstt whton he wa* ucottotod through tto growth tmn a otert wtth* otpjui *to*k of WHO v* aimaUsUtt. under W* teedewMp, ew- po*tto grew from about WOO, 000 to OOP* *» •tflteswnon to* Oow Cb*»l*al CO. •**• Deadlines pass lor dty races Tn* *lil** and •#rv» t^ctar* w could l« *t|»et»d toMtUeanr ilrlv* to redw* ttose foreee •v*n nirthur, II rcwta ahuui fl mttlkM a dlvUlun to maintain IB* law. prloritr witm* tur a jwer, or a Mai at |H1 million e»- nvult). The Armycanaldvrstkilta- v»iim»n( wurthwhUa It pruvtu** a I«M (or oral nuitttlluUtui. A llllla mor* than a ato tlw Ouard ran up the ev* * render Oai alter IU (Ut* aHtots and a crewp of gov. « enters nmwMMfuUy to«f¥ a drmstto owrhatO. % In that reorgaMMtlM. fouro National Ouard and taw HeV*" serve divisional alw ifl smaller units, wvre dropped from tne rolls, a* tiimaailid or obsolete. Leaking tug almost sinks Ckllecite.i Ballots in Brasorta County cities gowmsd by gsawral law are complete tor the April 1 elections, wtth the deadline for filing now passed. RKHWOOO VILLAGE-All incumbents for throe city council positions and city judge filed before deadline with only the Judge's office by - koue, killing the oo^tlot, while trytat to ia«Jw alsaslin atO'Bar* Wternattonal Air- pott, but tha pilot and MMM Bowrseols waaawaffd- ad a ftrot dlvtstoa, also. In •ad took a fourth to |S• • a» ii i rnvf-i* tm~" * UMtoo at 10J Cherry to'whtoh otwrattoM flMtvotftoUn. toeatod at and >ar>AionuiwhiiM<tUav. eta0,e*dbad la the University of aippl'a Scholars Program ot Be CoUege of Liberal Arts, The program provMM •tot instructs for c oWft who '^HfH^lttt trifle* MeaaW.'-Wetaew he — ~^> slnai wwwiw ^wwi™ 1LFTON MASfBY, IVI 9AYNE, MILDR1D BWD- IBl.AC.fAIWMf^Jf Biyldii top immediate *f- fort ot pMveattog poUMton EtaOM***ir*ald, to* ow**w *M working wtth two chanv b*r <coa*m*rc* totted * SAN A Cajwolto Chair •*•*-*•»• second divtotoas. i^ as* Ctty Judge Fred Pete IS seeking re^leetlor, wtth o. U Patton »lso a candidate tor that office, tneumtaent Councilman Mayo WUltams, C. w. Mo> Queen and W. D. Sheffield have LAKE DARBARA-KO sew •andktatof Wed for the ct- ttoM ot mayor and two councilman. unopposed in seeking reelection are tot inaaabeate. Mayor 9, M. wUsoattadCuun- «Umen iionaa Vteoant and O. 0. OuytM. BRAZOfUA*Tkere aretoaw candidates for twoottyeooB- ctl poets te to) tilted W to* city etoeUoa. ia»tts.MMy , r, H, Travu. ». L. CLUTE-A misiing nine. year -old Ctote girl was located Sunday morning *> pin- money Brlto alter »he wan mlMlag from home sine* rrl- dayriMndng. Cluto Police Chief John Cole said Jo Ann Orttfln told of- flcera aha had spant the past two nights in anempty garage. He said the girl started wandering around town Sunday morning and persona who had read the Facts story that ah* was missing, began to call pollee oa seeing ahe fitted the description of the mlaalng Ctrl. L»TA et leetel LAKE jACK80»-Pf»»IP«»> rRKPQRT-A s barge loaded with shell on the Otd M*er la Piesyuri radioed »he Coast Quart fttt* tton (or aid at l!» W»* »*»• day when In danger of atnatat from a aertoue leak. A Coast Quart Station HMkMman said the aktwer. C. M.Bryant of the Mt, Mal» agorda. reported the t»e« wa*i taking on water nut tnd water than stood at three swC A Coast ouardtwatanderew departed lmm~»l»U>IX. arrtv- Inc at J;W a,m. wtth a pwia» to tld lh« tut The X* was ecmiihtwJ at 5 a.m. a«* «he tug »«* t» be repaired, th* apokeaman otW. lanovatiow and T,».hlng"tttmee«agofthe A , p. BeutelElemestary WA, fH nn Mtow who «•••* •• AlMdns*id«tak*d*iaint*to a,, M me sehoel cafetortum. Utltr r*TA FUBPQMT - Th* UKter gencol parent-Teacher A*ao- •tetton win meot at 1 p.". Tuesday te th* sohool eafo- tort** ft* a ptoflram on aeoultag to ehaervaneeof Oirl Sooet week. A film will b» show*. A Mlgakornaad servtee «•*» of Mr*. 8. H. Baker, ch*tr*»a} Mrs. J. ». P«W»« fr**** •** v»Me«**l and *n*wlt»ntiand Hrv . Jota KUl«*d*r, *»y te Ortt wrack CLUTI!-* hoy. HayCarr ol 5M lla»n*», r»eelve<«» un Aagteton Wrtw a* Hayae* Street abuul *:«» «.». ••»• day. polite aaM Uw ywtt* wa* a paaaeoger U a INI Ford •taitoa ««<*> driven by Mary l>. StawUH of MO ktaCMU*. He m« treated at Commeatty HnaplUU tor aheadlaceratian. tlw* ntteewtf. eCBc*ra **«** The BUntUH w*MU and a IMS Chevrolet drt«e* by Jane* t Swteae* ot MM NorHi Highway IM were ho* lreveUa« «wt» whM *wttm*a aH**««w> to M*e a* M* ether «Ucl»'» tfrtver tttempted a Ml turn >i HamMM. pottoe aMMHbera af ciri s«o*t Trow* to* ^ Mr*. w, M. WcteM Mid Mr*, w. M. AfMlrMg. r. w. f 4M nettllolof r*-«teetioe. woliiiB) to aearetekartarrtoaa. The ari»r «l tt* Cfce»wlet »*s eii*r««ti wia Utegal pa*. aue; elaa«« BUHWll* - H«»aw*OJeeV M y, fceiM* Mtnr* Oaf*. 4»i*.t«, wW at » a.«. at *«t T*» t*MM

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