The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 18, 1934 · Page 4
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 4

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 18, 1934
Page 4
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'" jf* THE PARIS The Paris Evening News PARIS. TEXAS Established Jnly 10. New York Day by D«y BV O. O. MclNTYRE rSOKTB TEXAS f2^^I| K TE^' ms Second Class Mail Matter at the Post- j |\ o£ _ a* _P*ris. Teias. under Act of Congress C ome*most temperamentaf of^all who live by ^- S79 - ! 1-v.o «^n T"VATX- star nf importance has his own Tke Boy WWMtde Goo* CO P y advertising agencies have be-; Month - 5e of to t broarht to il, rirrr> OT corpor»tioo wl O? Tfc* S*«m win *>• «rte-ttoo of ti ] the peu. Every star of importance has his own j Daily Except Saturday and Sunday 5 ^B*9!«.M«^ d * Iuse paneled office, often! . • P^|.,^iO^< sound proofed, to get away; - . stn^ORipnON RATES ,lTi^5» from it all and think up slogansj - : (include »«*<_»*•> »sno-B-^^«rhat wil! <rrip the world. \ ^ ^^ISth R :..:::::;::.:::: « : w!to»* The a - P etted in theiH By Carrier i^c Per week j P^'JTS^ gg moods like divas of the opera, j s *JAny one of the top noiehersj ^Joubles the income of any twoj ^ N be?i-selling noveUsts. Some ofs ^^^^.^.Jjiheni fly to confer with their! ""•^rr^:.r I fcjHft^ ^"^ <^^ \ » Se^to ^ <^ P S« ?"i."TOiiT-ee *b*t t_* r«t«r| °' °* • ncrre peiit-Trianons doirmg- tne Xevrj j Eusland landscapes. I tt^rj Chieae-o has been the incubating ground ce "" i; of a qna^t^ite o? ad men who have made sal- | aT . v b^rory in their industry—O. B. Winters, § *^S I lie Maxwell, Phi! Lennen and Art Kndner. ,rtl™ i Their yearly incomes, along with about a \ '' CrB ' dozen niore." ran well into six figures, snd all. . ! -i „ t have aiaassea r» aest to t mil d ID ts ««iasj«jy * at ;!:JS -WB <J:s-pa.tcb«» cr*An« bi, ^r*r a- .!*» the . =« or *s^ nniatentional otter J tiCZ * C tli-.ICl-C^*^. \j ji '.-- ^ (.,»»- ^-. . ^ : ! Expert copy writing- has. its artistry rai (brevity. A single line must often tell a story; Conditions Change rbat has several dozen angles- It looks easy- indeed a cinch. Yet thousands are working at! JT everv dav but the percentage who attain i higher brackets is small. ] I talked to an investor with the usual mis-1 eries today. He said the only railroad stock j he had not purchased was that of the Long j Island, telling an impetuous salesman airily | that '"the road didn't so anywhere/' H ' \vi=hps he had not been so fresh. thai it is on a larger scale and in- t-t Tt>lves more money, the rapidly growing difficulties of the railroads in meeting expenses and maintaining their organization *s no mfferent from that of .other utilities that asTe flourished and waned in the past. This is not to say that railroads are things of the past by any means, but it is Apparent •that the changed conditions all over the_worm. the additional and ^aried transportation ia-j . T ,, ft ^ o ^ e -n^^e^ nest to Irvin Cobb. isj ciliries both OB land and in the air. kave "taken : -^-^-^ T ^ 0 ^." inde f at j ffa | ) i e w I G dow shop-j from the railroads their lortner position Oi : -^*^-^--"-- - - - -- saT>remacv and pm them where they rnus-L i I 'adapt .themselves or be adapted to conditions; ec as they are. not as they were or as some of us • *" -would like them to be. Time ^as -when stock ownership irj_ sta^ge lines -restmen btit. present! lisV oaee were seeHungly imperishablejaieans j ^^ ^ _ ^ & ^^.^ t>e . otber dav b v j of eommtmicatior! and a source cr proiit. piitj v ^"l "_t_"^o—c^-Br^i*^ W^st H?re I • ; the telephone and later the radio ha^e tasen ;* -•- D; -v S'^--*^^^^^ "slau-^iek into j from them much of their revenue_and re due- | is a j>e^or^^ ^ ; . rT _ "^. ^ lo ^;; uneven* -3d to a fraction the number of their employes- :-*-«*-- <-j- ^~^- ncreasingly rare visits from ais | ace he lumbers, about with the lost j officers, most of whom, incidentally, j T shoppers, sta-nding before thisj id that" and totally unconscious of | • r+ -ST* IT' A r* c- BACKWARD GLANCES 1. V. MEYHIX People too yotutff to r«m«i»ber the red brick Federal court house poet otflc* bul^dinc that *tood now i« Hie poet office lavra 'can. _jet »om* id«a of the *iz* «tt le*st from the E *re«L_ of on th* lm,wn. In the exact, shape of the founda- help wondering why the lows in such, regular pattern, that im the reason. " "*."" tasti summer some of on the north lawn of th» X*co*r county court hont»\ turned y*llow and it wa* found that the louuda- of the old.-JaJOL tha± _u«o wa«-^ tlon of xh«. b.ttildlnt ; that for more \ *««troyed in .the, 19.1C fir*/ w** tb* cause. Labor • supplied by" tli« than 29 years was in uce a* th* post office and court -was held. •where • Federal PWA WAS u»ed to remove the-«od, out- the 'foundation* ax&vr*-? The house wa» built i» 1$»1-»1 !*"*""* the «od which «tace.ha» *•by Anderson Brothers, a co»tJ*ct- *?J? ."f^t* 1 *^"*^ ? tber T*5* Ins; firm from somewhere in *the * north, Indiana ' I think,, and destroyed; in the 'tire of Shortly before that the building now used as a junior college built for a post office as the quarters In" the old bufidinjr were too it wac intended to u»e court Another 'law* of -nature : te -recall- ' .-to my recollection In this con- 7 nectlon. The olff-Jail was* •ur- > ": rounded by : a high fenco " with pointed boards na!l«d to" atout oak' small the corwer bul!4in$ as house only. • After that fire the ruins ot tne timbers, forminjr a email y«.rd b«- . ; t-veen It and the • ;}a!l btjlldin». \" Kear the *outiiMpe«t; Corner'of^ this '"* fence but outside it was »i_ large cottonwood or sycamore tree and, ,„ , .,.,. . _ . „ ^ »ear this tree the city ha« hunc: old butfdin* vere- razed and the Orie of the large are «loctric~lixht« basement excavation wa^t filled j 5ueh ^ were first ^* with soil without removing the | lighting—the lt±nd that u»ed- thick brick walls that wereunder | carbon- that had to be* I] ground- The soil over these is not ' thick and it is for that reason the ' grass on the lawn has yellowed daily by -the lamp, trimmer^ - Thft£- wws put there to protect: the.. Jail i from- jiro-wlers-^wKo ml^ht ?-try> to^ : at -' the request of the county •" ties. Every spring the side ot ttiis ~ tree nearest this tight .'would pot while elsewhere it remains fairly pass things through-or sreeru Tha soil is so shallow that t fence to prisoners -.tinder c<r?er the moisture has b*en tak*n from | darkness*..and It was so. placed. It and no more can come from bc- lotr on, account or the- brick underneath. At the comer in front of the j put its leaves a weelr 'or soldiers cenotaph is a thre^-o.uar-1 advance of the north.. Aide-of tfre*.?": .ier ^ircl« cf yellow grass, markine | tree -which M^a* furthest £«x>n* tHe^f the round totrer that stood there. * Ji?rb?. and e>vn lon=r*»r in Advance^, i' j and th« *>thpr- corners are siini- . of similar trees in other ! larly marked. Thus Nature mak^-s j ftbe -arc--iisht sery<e4 ,as;a.n » a picture of unseen things and \ ficiai sun and the tr*»e obeyed., anyone fcrrtorant -of the. existence i Xatvre's la-st of the old foundation -walls cannot _ ^ marry cities have been abandoned ror motor There are macy other lUustraiions oi that weaken or -noily aestroy in-^e - is out of tiie * rrrjaT»~:! a ieelinsT one is v "waielmis | ••^..T.i ,T^^~- _._,_- - , ., , •. _,„_-_,„ 4'"" •£• rv^~. ~! r-5 *x ^i^Tivg-T" TeCHTllOlie A ISO j ^esimenis that -prere once immensely Taniaole. : a_^^^- T . 01 " <s ^^'_ i ."^. *^"I^ TJ P ~ t^ss^d around! •""<• Attempts^to return..railroads to .their form- ; j\mmy ^ <~ ^_*^u^-^ B^^e' Butter ! ^iswtns^ emplovm-m are |£ n^-o_^ ^;^^^;;:;::^^; All |. ave j useless.' Tie effort must: pe to preserve _ssj^*os. *-. *^ — -- aitEcli as "possible snd to adapt •s'sar rernains j^u^-^-- to the present-dav demand- And "even, that is I sn:ne> a task to chaU-oge tne Dest minds in tne; - - 0 -^^^ i «f economics and finance. - : Sophs? iue^er s metier is Io_»i outmoaed., i Her son^s belong to &n era eniireiT ^one. ^-e^ 5 I'rtfjTT2 r ; C-8;1^"€ry IS l?Si D-^« ~K~..-_.u u.-_«a.-^i-_v -* „*- i "__" j ° - herself* is no candidate for a beauty prize, let | r*VSust are iier jass of clangour and so sn-,. •b her sense of sho^mansnip, she never fails j TOM&J and Readers' Views ' man.-"he-"acts li»ce a s • he is-a s«taTesmazs. I SLTH' ask ! , h^ my frienfis . public szne:ra.ny to send -Tom back to t«he- ITnit««3 ^t To The "News: la my humble opinion. Texas j * e " at g^-jjij-. ^ is t>laced "more sorely In the bal- } • - - .. ••. 7 . * . , .] Houston, T^tas. •. than it has b«en since the Hogs-Clark contest for |- / W : - T T r ' the ^vemorshlp. mor* ' tb^n 40 I Methodist Heviyal ^^ y^a-rs ago. It is Mgh time for j PrOgX^SS Ai.-Xalilima tMnkiTig: men -hese hardened troupers — that « CHAPTER ^rnsrs PASSAGE AT ARMS "I meant." Mrs. Pc-wers aropli- f;e<i "vhat -when you are verj" iriucii at hc-me'cere." is-e shali look t^ack :o srnile over tills visit and' yofer forirard tlisn •to'isty b'-eT'iiand upon Marsha's. "I undersic-oc from my soii." ste said, "you were rarely besuiifiil. but ii is more tbari ih.3.* which be a^d I s^er" your eyes. cear' cbild. " are sisriposrs 1 T>f yoxir i on The Tesa? railroad commission to Se ^iled this year bv the voters. Is there a reader of The X^w> ?-ho csn sive a reason why rttsi over her cJiasty anci onng • se Jt "^ tinr <=T?ecintis press s£e \ " ' York to | Definitely. Marsha •' shook. • her head- "5he is a., very niimble small person r mother/* said Bob. Hs •wsis siarins at Marsha, i'n a way thai er disconc^ned ber; she could almost h<=-a.r nis inner cnant- "You're here" Tou're here!'* "I .irish," said iiarsha. "that I •srere nice enoajn to belO2g"i~i this house." She realisead i^: had been "I ^resume I shall." ^tarslia { was not Geoffrey «-ho had called r?-rc. She added. "It has been | her- It was on!" Bob. dne before." - ' "Tes:™" slie said wearity after HearU^-charged and s." Miss Gertrude ! t n will be t h* ! and wicked lhios j «eep it up aaach loader, she to come TAX.IHXKA... *_,.".'"' ... ~i^^ nnr - t. ?- I " ljse Methodist -• This is northe nme, nor J a i- ; tracred ^^ tbart my desire to start a "booiru"* artd | eacil .ai^t 4urinsL tbe^ia - da3fs.|fe --< the subject of tliis letter "would- 1 has been irs prog-r«ss; •.;.- ;Xfee- ;.jR«H.v ; ".^ quickly ''blue pencil" the susses- I VT. O. -Bucy. -pastor, planned- tJjis"- tlOTj. howevert •*••% ha^e in ottr j vreek's sen,'ices in eoajunctioa -with * '; .ir-.Mst a man who is destined to i various orsanJzations. . •with -tl»««*^ — be presidents? the United State*, j special nights: Monday, feoard or vrh^ln a southern Democrat i*--j steward's atsrht; Tuesday, church chosen for that exalted position- I siig^h.t: "Wednesday. ISyeryTnar.'s TVIth the tremendous sho-wsng he f Bible class, nisrfct: Xhursday. ft*.- -. has roade in a comparatively short' | t«mity nls:ht:--and— Frid^yr- laon* ~ i : time, tosetfeer vriih that, of John j [club ~n!gbt,;' " f" _ _:""!„ L.1"- " V.' Ga-rner, Jesse Jones and others.! - - that 'day is not far distant. He | is, without ^a^i^oca-^o^- ' or " I * ex ~ } as. but having: been just to aH sections of tlss nation. h« has FOR MAX AT GOBER of "«"«£" yS^v; ev^^n^" = i It ^. actuaJlyjnakins h^r ill. Xo*>eiriber ija.<3 fros^n and tnaw- d again and a.gB.iix; the last of Its re-ek* was heJd. for the most part. fog which turr*e<! the river harbor craft clamorous and scenes "XVe'll not quarrel at-csui: that." | MiLrsha sta.te'3". "I 'eel as fio -you. j Xo, tha-nk you, Alice, I don't care | for ars" srvrset." 1 She ro*e tiien: "If you be good 1 in to excuse ir.e. Aunt — " that nsade old and e«rily new. ?" She shonid not, ed tfee s.3mIration a.n<5 all ixis colieagrti^s. wKicli it TI T«^5;A ot««ers? --S- .liffttiio* to..— Beinjr a tm* aa<3 trie^ D*nu _• one tbat rtas <io<x5 as firm as | a yjone- -w^al! for carrying out t^e | " f party platform that -n-as adopted 1 at the CMcaso convention, there ^ was no Deviation, which TO^lit. | temporary p-opti- j CITT,—^Furser&I serV- beld at G^er, ^Tuesd^r afternoon. I?y" the Rev, A- H. HthricKe. ; pastor of the Baptist" cburcb bere. Mr. Ke— son, - died at his Isoine 13 •"Well," 3iiss Gertmde murmur- 5 G-enrad© was"!cud irs her s Marsha, lett the room. She | description:; o£ tiie dea-ths from in- had never thoughi. anything coaid | flnen •crag "creeping over •larit— with certain clashes of — Qt- j and ' ^ys. * Beside? fTS^rnntentalii.o'uJ fn brincinsr ininion- -of doHars !TI | bee's notified by "Wiley F- Corl, ' touch ilarsha. and Marsha, -was ob- I t he city to paralyze tt"; she shook viousfy touched. "But it won't last, j her head and srloated, a blue- it can*t last*" she thought, triain- | blooded grhoul. "w^hc phantly. cinaiion for the called ber-fias- morbid. "iriy the drawing read *KTLJj HOIJ> KEARTSG XET«^ TORK. f/P5. — stockhjsldera ef tfc-e er" :: ^OTTS^aziy benefits to nc- did n<>t do- t *• ary tm«i'*e, that & plan of been prepared 3k«-sorn Seely's htisband and stage partner j nnv Fie'cs is also a performer "^Tiose terror > 5r q- the office than one of the four rerr;<r? That is the sltiienon JTJ ^"hich i esas vot- "ers are placed by bavirs:r fh<? n;^bprs of ^nat cKm-jin b*> ? T«^"HT-i"^a 1 r-os*"d =e T ectec bv r=c-r- —----.- — -•- -• /- „ . 1 5 Sr^^oti TlCr-^re^o oih-r offida^ io ; ^?t rk ^ t^Jf^^^ ^^^ S^hS ! be eiect..ea tne -.U.T: s ra^en-. n^. ve ^.,.-^ : -^ £ ^--•• ^ .^ ^---„ ^ sg ] OOI ^ back-room" ^hen Rndy | jtics to stucy tne carjaiastes^ sKo^a.^-e ^.^a ^-^^^ -_— ^ berf Tr-^^^^^e : iT , ^hatyoii-j Jairiy 5TneIi:g-n: ^"v b;0 ^-_^: ur ^ ! ^ ;, ! ; e -*"Co = cal^Tns at z Maine crossroads. j ? 3T"n<l5 ot otn^rs to c*e 'O-ec: ^or i.'-»;**r: ^ >•-•-: ; possible chance for the vot«r^ tojesrp w "^ch ! ti T ^ ? ;-- * a :!.^ r? d suits fnr ^omen are creep-I 6 x&e -Better ^qr^<>i'^ ^"• i -^ :? " = ••; •-;'""J ; ,, r ., • ?n ^ v -T-r -vra-d^obe and fashion 3i» b«st service arc tneref^re srous«i De ^iec,-:— ;;*- - _'' ; ,._ 3 „„ , ^ ?rrrf ^ a room, •wantiiig to move ^his. that, 5 Marsha forced her smile and knowing' she dared sot as each ob- ] dTvelt. upon those lines o* Eoas•*»—: had Its sacred spot—-wondered I man's •srhich have to do •with on? since she nad cone more toan ; ^.^^^^ GtkoffT .^-. had telephoned f dresEJn? and washing ^r.d eating u^h at the word "nice - _acd . _ hne ghe ^.^ ^^ perbaps . j and thinking ar.d "God kno^s f she said it 'seriously -ar.c : , . \ ^^ v .- ghe tried to fSIl her tirce her eyes had brimmed- «ne wanted to see Dim. needed j ^^ ^ ^^ not ^ thfrk ^ -But, dear, you -do belong- in this *o Sl£ -s hlEn - ^ | thongrht a great deal and she coul<; house and to us!"* Bob's inother She vrauted to be taken back by > not j.,j| j, er assured her. She added in an aside to Bob, "A Httle nerv-aiis." and she added" to that, aud more *o\:dly. »ert h!s post, although the oppo- { rt?* sitfon Tran sturnpin?? thp state, In-'^iisd filed nnd*«r t3b«*;i>r<yrjsiocat of dnlclrssr- !n aJt sorts of falsw* accu-; the national' batiJcns?t<rv act upon yation? against "hlro. So did they. j_ -sirhich A hearing -wiiJ-be b^ld July lorig asro! against the Prince ol i 31 !n the 'IPedr-ra?'District court at P-»ace. He looks like a states- : Fort ."STorth. Teitas.' ; "Bob. -win you be so srood as to" ring: for tear™ had catsght It all. Bob ^- .. , - -, ' T r-r.'-r r .5j* a/'.-'r.^r^^red of tailored ladies to 1 , One -of, the eancisavp? :s ZT, o^ operator ; —_. ^;^ -V-'^i'-^V Era^« Kathsr^A Cor- j ^o has beer coanT-jd j^ trose -KO ?:aw . ; -; : "^"'j^; ^ 0 ^ In h _ daj the S T o&stacies in ;ne -way o: pr:ect:v^ en^.^-e^--- : -._; "", / .^_ _, OTr ^-^^ ::: :,, London of t^.^r^*^ 0 "., 18 ^;.^"-;^^.^/^ rr^V^t" ^"precisely" s^r-i'^rt reTC . r -wrjthont a lapel rose, i repatatioB a* ,-f'aN-. .-i^.i-;^ .^r. ""'-'_«"_ ^^ - < r ;-: 3 -.r t -v.c.7—if-r^-^t m r *a-I for tailored effects! treasurer. Tb* 5 otner three a"? r-ra-'.-ricaii;/ r;^- '- ''^ >; ,^ - /'^''_.^ " ' ; kno^vrn quantities except that on^ ;s a ^ard.:- ^ i> -- = - v -'••' -- ^ | i a: Ben Riley's last r^ght with a) £££•{.** for ~c-e]^ f *tion to £r; ^-ff'^e *?iat CC'^ 'appear to hgve bee?- ofiV-^nTiy ara e:iec!:-ve-i <y Sfliil.lKl^iTt'C '"^ -.^^ pB?'- "">'"»' : 't oie o p tn^S" 0 f' 1 ." 10 n 1 :*?*"- v.-'i'- r-p ""'-Te'j TP'O *be -oiri-ce *o dro'w the !our t/><--us&T:.c •> salary. s!;s5 ~^-- &'•,*.!•'• ^-.a.. >.'>.:>•- <•.- „__ ^ *.- r/ .,.,,,.•„, T '.,_> , - - j- - - ; j * , ^ j Ti.» i r ^ SS' 1 ' I-'-* <. • ~ — *.i.' T'. j-i if - ';; rr> ; T "T'.I-^- r r :.'. ' . • r^. . T» -.^. rf?ja*j. i •. •' 'ith passion for palaver.? ith keen aualysis into the enorm- '• ^f^. A . v---s T>>a :no- *o be cnoted H:s secret is safe. | o ,;;<**• '•_• _, - . . ^, wha: v.f, %ras talking about: 3 s?i crimnas * r-.r j'&:^ :o rsex- land of oppor- vork^r.—Nelson In the News 1 3 Years Ago From £/te fxXes ef The Paris ^forn- £n_7 News thirteen year* «_w» laid a hand on her shoulder as he moved toward the belL They wer* both an.xioTis thar she should be happily z~ case •with them and beyond feelins: n«rvotzs 'Thile "within ih»ir r^ach, **Oh. dor.'t!" she thought, "don't be !so Jcind- Th» tea. -was, patently, a sala affafr: vie best of all th? ?oc--2 porce- brought'to *^t on a solid table before ^frs- P<rwer?. Jlrs. Powers Treasured Irom & caddy tea that had com* from China. Bob sat etaringr at ifarslia. Marsha tried to spes-jc easily, naturally, btit Rhs could not. At dinner that uS^fct -*ii«s Ger- tr«2{E<c 'was rarely Io<5t_aciOtis- £h* had th< c«rio«lty that thrives tn real spiritual toe* apon -xhJch *ju-e*ttions may tread. "I am. frankly. eaa:er." «h« admitted vrith an acid jrmtl*, "to hear of yo-ar adventore of this &£t- •emoon; I conld not conceive th« —iet u* say—ineianc^.'" a btt straag:*.' 't ready to ^ear. MONDAY, JULY 18, 1921 j Sis cars of T'?3rs.rker j ? grave! arrived at • port to be spread on the roa-d f rota Paris j M'prell scd Ba'L engaged in a confection- f a ISltl* : ca"y at th* sHver -srbicij. having I coTTie from such proudly respec- ! table aJicestors. fca.d *J«r».y* mad* i her f*«I more than ever the Parish TV bxjsjrjess, made an sssignn^er.r for benefit f their creditors. narrJnjr E- ^'. Garnri* as- j she knew *iie "How <!i<S Mr*. Powers imprest you?" Miiw Grertr»«a«. prob^tf on. "Sh« ijnpr«MM»<3 tne a*- * woman 3:013* i»to ca.p« at t ifarsha, answered «cra.t> We knov v-hat "Hr. Garr-er e.nd Js^k think about prohibit:on, but v*- C&JCT ,-oar minds until w*» be^r frotc Sister '„ .41 Cspon-e &J>o Mickey Mouse.—Bal'as l:ss iKort* th»o one vr&y, just now. is our best iittk Babe R-nh wade" h?* 56*:- fcom^r at D-rtroit, { ihf Icyj^sT in hb career, the hall falling 560; fppt from horrif plate. { A compu'^iry sewer district -was. created | by "I":*? city f'.; 3 ncii in west Paris, N'inth arid Tu-eiftb, Bonlians and chy that «re the «o»p Jhzt. iRBijtil* iflce doy fo*ii5C treated for nsanjre; and fcrtji<J *e« ii-er '^ivin^" the amaSs to tfee Feisal «f , has bought 'a an* -axje. — TJbe city Council c-b^t-ober bad b^ng on one] .;of tise mtlls. an- -«niargf'.d framed photograph off '•-/•. W. Wadf. donor of - : tfee Warlick p&rk to the j ; ftity, 'and wbitrli itad been renamed Wade P*rk! lia h_s or «So yo« rex? wire Trtons?" That wais Ma-raha'* 'oi3 manner, tiat «h* h»d Jo«T- her way to th* mueSc «hd »h« «ouW bot chant th« words wi<1* * »#w bittern***. Even Ortrud* vho *'tw little b^- noticed e one thoiigh ily resiles??:" 1 Miss Gertrude com- pl&*ried o"v£r* her so.itA^r^ csrtis on'y of "kaiingr" ones o^n drear- J and he _ never ^ nd ^ ny ^^eicni^^ ~;r=e. j Jt was a ^11,,.- wher, - Marsha She irroved io-war<j the clEms [ rrralise^ Kob kne-tc. He caaie the rc*---rn. "j^lice." ehe said, her voice i last ev^Rinsr of Novemoer. Alice quick and sharpened by strain. |Adrnitt<*d hi^n ia her grrlsn and "did Mr, Tarleton relephose this | jtf!*jjt tray; Marsha looked up from a't-sraooa?" i the book. «-hich was with a!! the Alice answered wiih. "Ko. Miss j resrt, 5he*d read lately, "so du!I- T> Varsha." ? ^° "** nte staTiflins In t'n« doorway Miss Gertmde «miied without i raising: her eyes from her plate; her smugness sang^. *The ^ar of har-J." and i >'«*« « !TK - i*^ to the ha!! and to fill it- She appreciated his silent entrance; It "s^ss -novel ana transgressor is Marsha sa.**", thrown J'-er F'harlsee "nrho thanked his that God long- "I didn't hexr you," »he "Come in—"* H* moved across th* room | o«t «peaJc!nc and -with the ! stride of a tall man -whose I has been thir.n*d by -nrork o«t- j doors ar.<S wtio»e shoulders have bees broadened by it. 3-Ia.rshA looked tsp at him tcst- ingl-y. "I think yoa're not very glad to «*e nse^" she said. "God help m*. I am*"* h* *n- roust *h* rum back to t.te j -^-^g. feUs vo f c « «- a » roughened heart that could «off«r? . and h 5*-breathed a bit onevcnly. She rose to «rt*r,<S by him; he TODAY'S CROSSWORD PUZZLE ACROSS Solution of Yesterday's Puzrfe that he was not a« other men. ?h« cocld not stand intsch more. *he felt, as she stood by a -sB-Iado!- o* 'he dratcing room to trace th« car?, by their glea-niisg lights that followed th« avenae. Tears, it. had | fc^r-jn since «he ha<! Faffered thus from her asnt'a smile and i^s irn- V/hat had made her turn? VThat cotjld sBe do aboat Bob? It was Geoffrey sb* -wanted. r«?y. Cloae to tfcr^e -ffwjks lie had j b<t'-n fn town rio^r, and without i K*r;<2!ii8r » •word to h«r. f ?h« pt_CT«d de^p on her cigarette ] *<, s^e^ £n the blue, Ooatlnsr irnjoke, i Mrv. Powers, itayins. "But <J«sar, i ~;<.><i «So belong *n this hou»« and to! had evidently bees open and coat LittI* b«?ads of or> feis 'W'aJstcws.t^ ills ' «hjrt wa« pock-rnark«d. '<• Iox>k»d iBorfr mffletS rhasn *h* dre»in<»«!l 1**, •srlso ^a« «Q con- <sd, co'i 5 <5 *ook. <To Be Continued.> in that hou»«T f Why couldn't »he lao»h at it? She { at nervouw break- 1 she to *aff«r on«? Sh« { mustn't cry. *sd »b« wanted to cry | Ai; «h« time- " f "D<«sbtle»« Mr«. Power* will b« [ r«^«ved," said His* Gertmd* w&o f "appeared to p_unrs« th« theme, "but f it '-TOI ««cai hard to the young I man for «t time . . . although I • ,e h* will 5iv« to thank s hat Mar»ha*« "X tt * •*** "Bat you're nimply too fond of mf-. A^rsl," Manjha replied, *>«>« think everyone rrjusst lo^'d me a*. you do!" it *ii«rie«d Miaw Gertrnd*. Ch« ciaft . J, lier'"" " 'an<rry lltlle, ^iHce «4H>«ar*«l »<•• «ay, **TJ>* tclephamte, 5fl«»s Marsha "* but It Today's Amuiemento Bnster YooV* T W. C. FksM* Marsh At TKe Here Corn** Th« Groom H«|«*T PatHcta KUfe* At TKe L*m*r H»-i<iin« Shooter William G«r«m» PTIWK-J» -•!>«: At Tlkt Grwi4 4. Cut oS cork l^. Assist li. Turn to tft* 5«. IS. Kiafl or &!rti ^i. City ia N"*- -;T, Swiss mcan- CKla* IS. Par* 29, PUcii*- Oae*» tent ii. Writer or nature 29. Wi! 41. Small « At jso t!rrj« 4T. Issa^s another ed so. T.xj 1 ^ fi_ni 55. 55. Former PresJ- nlck- . SOS SI tool or S7. DOWN S. CoOf cf Iov« 2. Extinct blrsS *. &»** T. Brfes «-X Color 42. T « s; ; « : J « 45. TaiS S3. 35 28 33 Z3

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