The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 9, 1948 · Page 14
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 14

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, July 9, 1948
Page 14
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Kcwt, FraJktfck. MM., Fritay. Jmly f. 1MI ^load Board Appointment t $. I: i Announced Negro Held As Child Slayer; Knife Is Found Contract Requires City Provide Watkins 9 Acres Thoroughfare With the work schedule well in kecging with expectations, opera- Acres 3f real *-.'·* , , . » ,,. Lmne oa Thursday ap- j Baltimore. July 8 JP»-- A 31-year- Sainted William Sialey. Petersville , old Xegro jar.itor was charged to- DUtrict farmer. as a member of the, night with the killing of Marsha Frederick County Roads Board. He jBrilL 11. who was stabbed while *iU fill the uneipired term of the: bicycling with playmates two. days l»te John A. Encle. near Kemp- | ago in a wooded area of northwest Tkrtrn. The terra expires next May ! Baltimore JJ. i The man. Eugene H. James, was * The appointment of Mr. Staley as- · docketed on the charge in North- Jures for the first time since amend- , em p o lice Station after he had £nent of the Roads Board Act bee n taken to the scene of the 'establishing five geographical dis--crime. iricts, * representative from each; j^y^r. police disclosed they had %f the areas. The southwestern sec- ' recovered a butcher knife which Jion of the county had been without i had feeen buried a foot decp and Representation on the Boaro. f ince!covere d V vith rocks in a woods six former C o u n t y Commissioner blocks from the Glen avenue 5po t XSeorge V. Arnold completed his tthere Marsha was stabbed, ·econd term. t -j-ne specific charge entered OH yfcaini Keorjcantzed the books against James was that ^ Lewis J. Martr. Yellow Springs. of "assaulting and stabbing · · - £«cenUy appointed for a five-year, ant } thereby causing the death" of Jenn. represents the northern area: t f, e gj r j J)r. John Messier, Johnsville. rep- i av Have Record «sents the northeastern districts: xhe winsome little girl v. as stab"William Hobbs, president of the j^j jjy a man \\ho jumped out of *£oard represents the southeastern ' .j, e underbrush bordering subur- ^listricts. and Avery Browning.; Dan Glen avenue Barbara Lee Jlyersville. represents the western Sapperstein. il and her brother. *nd northxvestern districts. Alan. 8. were with Marsha or the * The appointment of Mr. Staley, bljj . c r j dc , tions at the Watkins estate development. Lake, are moving rapidly forward and foundation is expected to be the next few it \%as authoritatively stated i Thursday. j In the meantime. City officials ' continue to ponder over the situa- ' lion with respect to the means of ', suitable ingress and egress, cotn- p/ovide necessary thoroughfare facilities. Although the matter has been discussed several tlnies with the School Board in a fruitless effort ' to secure a right-of-way providing for the Parkway exU-nsion, it is understood that "still another joint meeting will be sought by the City in an effort to reach a solution. In any event, the problem will cot be permitted to lie dormant. She city has indicated, for as the . plicated by the inabiiitv to secure realty development advances, tt ' consent of the Board of Education '* paramount that the City reacn of extension of CarroSt p»-ir«.- a v an early decision with respect to an early decision with respect Its thoroughfare plans. Parkway ihrough the grounds of the Fred- · trick High Schoo! | Alternative to this route is the extension of Grove Boulevard, which will necessitate construction Mlirtler Of Americans of a bridge spanning Carroll creek. Variation Of sri.OCI Several wees? ago. C:ty Engineer W. Raymond Walter was sn- YokohaKia. July 8 JP--Five Japanese today were sentenced to be hanged for the murder of 65 structed bv the Mavor and Alder- American airmen prisoners. both Forty-eight o£ :he Americans burned so death in a ceil block men to make a survey of proposals with the view of determining the approximate coit of each. This rtirvey has been completed and it shows a variance of around 532,000. Based on this survey. Mr. \Vai; ter roughly estimated the cost of ^^ ^_ 'the Carroll Parkway extension to Co ^:^ io 'T 1 ' sentenced "to ihc'Tai-. . ·ha* M. AC* h/vsjnriarv r^f Infr Drf?s£flt. . x «r« · i to death in a v.-hen the Tokyo military prison burned in an air raid in May. 1945 The other 17 -.sere cut down with swords by the guards as they attempted to escape their burning cells. The U. S. Eighth Army Military Palestine War Is Resumed Cairo, July 8 (vPj-^The Palestine war was on again tonight. The United Nations mediator gave up hope of stopping it and tried instead to spare Jeruialem's holy places from destruction Count FoLsx Bernadotle of Sweden, the mediator, announced at his Rhodes headquarters the v.'ar ii ors a^j" He said the Jews agreed to ex- rer/d the truce 30 days, the Arabs replied "no," The Arabs flashed orders to tr.eir soldiers to prepare for action when the truce ended. The secretary- general of the Arab League. Abde! Rahman Azzam Pasha, said the Arab nations are passing through a big test. The Jews said :-i Te! Aviv that the Arabs already had started fighting, using planes, tanks and armored cars. The;,- ia:d the Egyptians took the offensive Muth of Tel Aviv. Removing Personnel A U. X. Security Council session was hurriedly called in a desperate attempt 10 stop the fighting. Egypt angrily denied at the coun- cn Uie of a dl table that she had truce. Other top developments tense day were; 1. The U. S. Navy announced American military and United Nations personnel are beinft evacua-' ted from Palestine. The U. S- raval carrier Palau was In Haifa In , take them out. Bernadotte asked both sides to hold up hostilities in Haifa end Beirut. Lebanon, until L". N. officials and guards could leave the war zone. 2. The Arab League announced at a news conference that it accepted under certain conditions Bcrnadotte's requsst for demili- Urizing the Haifa refinery and pipeline terminus and Jerusalem'* holy places. Bern*dott* may talk to the Jews later but he does not expect -agreement on Haifa. He does hope for agreement on Jeru- I saiem 3. Arab Legion artillery and ' armor moved up . to Jerusalem j from the Jordan river base, expecting fighting tomorrow. A few shots were heard ia Jerusalem. 4. The United States and Bri- tain were SAM! to b* working ur- gsntly behind the tcenei to impress on the Arabs their feeling that the truce should be extended. But Azzam Pasha declared Arab relations with Britain will depend on Britain's loyalty to treaties with the Arabs during this crisis. Salt is used for scores of things, including making plastics, nylon yams, dyes, drugs, synthetic rubber, and photographic materials. TO-DAY'S WIT and WISDOM · the '-sest boundary of the present low s prason warden Toshio '· kawa. and guards Hatsuaki Kambe, Kiji Kamimoto and Mataisha Okubo While all the American prisoners perished in the fire none of the 500 Japanese military and poll- . tical prisoners lost their lives. Jiad been delayed for the past j They viewed James in a hneup I high school property at about $20,Ta h-ro c ^. c i j a ;j er Masao Koshi- jnonth after his appointment had t yesterday. 4een unanimously recommended by \ xhe janitor also is being quizzed Jhe Democratic State Central Com- ·. concerning an attack on a woman xnittee. Complete re-organization · in ? h c same genera! area June 15 «£ the Board had been delayed. The remarkably similar circum- Jrending the appointment but was j stanccs surrounding the slaying of completed this T.-eek with the^.jarsha and o f Carol Bardwcl! in Election of Mr Marti as vice-chair- , Washington 12 days ago led to a fnan. Mr. Hobbs had previously pooling of resources by police au- 4x;en elected chairman. Roger H. thorities of the neighboring cities ·TRriilard. County Engineer, serves Boih girls were 11. Both left #s secretary-treasurer by law. ; home on bicycles Both were kill- Cntsxed In Farmint j ed in isolated sections of the re- e A son of Mr. and Mrs. McDuell j spcctive cities. Carol's throat Staley, the new appointee has been | was slashed Marsha was stabbed Canning the home place in Peters- \ souvenir button was found Ville District. He is a director of near the spot where Marsha was She-Farm Bureau and a Past-Master , knifed. It was from a Washing- «Of Brunswick Lodge. No. 191. A. F. j ton excursion boat. ]knd A. Masons. He is a member of ! 4he Burkittsyille Reformed church I ·«nd active in the affairs of the, DISROBED. ROBBED iommuniiv. He has not been active . Baltimore. July 8 (f--A robber iol.-ticallv" and is a Democrat. He wh ° proclaimed "I ve got one murder on my hands and another ^XJlitically £s?££? £,·« tss. i =s - *'»--- - aaf£ ssss.'S^sr i :iTMsi h f^r, r i ** c \- . . . . I tomatic pistol to back it up He - A commission was also receivea i forced Rorne lpto a back room and ^Thursday naming Peter W. Cn!- madc h j m dlsrobc . Then hc ne d -Chester, this city, to the Board of . bv way of thc cash register and Regents of the University of | t Q 0 j c tbe 535 ^laryland. Hi? appointment was i __ announced Wednesday by thc Gov- ;000. Cost of the Grove Boulevard im, provement. including the bridge. ! was estimated at around $52.000. ! Faced with the necessity of pro_ viding a thoroughfare into the I new realty project, designed to · provide housing quarters for 5! families, the Mayor and Aldermen : wistfully eye thc plan \\hich i would net = S32.0CO saving. '. Extension Opposed ! In the meantime, several letters , have been received by city offi- ( | cjals fro.-n local groups opposing j the Carroll Parkway extension. , principally on the grounds that I such a thoroughfare abutting the i school would constitute a safety ", hazard. ' Under the terms of the agree; ment with Watkins Acres. Inc. promoters of the multi-apartment project, the City is required to Great Salt Lake is the largest body of concentrated brine in ·Acrid. AI:TO I N S T A L L E D Frederick Paint Glass Store i33 North Market St.fPrederSck, Md. ANY 6 OR S ROLL. FILM 35 DEVELOPED A PRINTED 30 I1UCR SERVICE ALLEN'S MARKET 2nd ST. BAREFACED LIE Take nothing for granted--even a bearded man can tell a barefaced lie. 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July 8 ',iP- -- Governor "Lane reaffirmed today that he will ^o to the Democratic convention 20 votes for President Tru* "Well vote for him," said Lane. _5vho is national committeeman for ·Maryland. The delegation v a s instructed at the state convention last month to stick with Truman as long as his name is before the coff- Ventiou. As for reports from Philadelphia that Lane has been Mentioned as m. possible vice-presidential candidate. t h e Governor said. "I'll vote for Tydings." The delegation Is also instructed to support Sen- stsr Millard E. Tydings of Maryland for vice president. " . The Maryland pre-convention caucus Tvill be held Sunday night (8.30 p. m.) at the Benjamin Frank- fcn Hotel in Philadelphia. Lane laid. The Governor plans to board » Philadelphia train, probably tomorrow afternoon. ?n Baltimore. Your Furs Hate This Heat! It's never too late to put your valuable furs and coats in storage at Hendrickson's where they will be cool and safe during the summer. 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