Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas on April 4, 1975 · Page 37
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Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas · Page 37

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 4, 1975
Page 37
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Page 37 article text (OCR)

9-t— IUBBOCK AVALANCHE.JOURNAL—Friday Evening. April 4. 1975 ^ v- . Utilities Agency Battle Texas it the only state in the _. , -.^ ,_ rf „„„_ w .. w.. v * «v*.u** **«. 9 V*V^MJ1VI114 VWiUVvU union without a central agency in the Introduction of more than t f\ T*flri 111 tit A nJ tWl-*A lkltlit!>v<* Tit. A t ~ J — _ *_(** f . » ' « ~~'~7'. _ .:'- to regulate public utilities. Tha " could "be shaping legislature's hottest issue. But consumer groups skeptical and fear lawmakers who in the past yielde< consistently to lobbyist press utility regulation measure, "We're going against a tremendous and powerful eco„„— _.. u fWTi «r*i.ui t^v- **« •* .iixruac . v u ill in 1 c i e g nomlc force that we support by hearing, Houston Mayer Fred Paying virlusdly^ unregulated Hofheinz said he favors a state utility commission because the largest city in Texas and fifth' .,.._„. largest in the United States is dent. "The utility industry not capable of fairly regulating shakes down every Texas the private utilities in its limits utility consumer by making us Hofheinz said the utilities have „„,, »u« ^!ns.— _r j_.,— .. budgets twice utility rates," said Jim Boyle an Austin attorney and Texa Consumer Association presi HONORED TEENS—Named as teens of the Dillon of Hutchinson, Dayna Brookman of month for March were, from left, Moxlcy Atkins Junior High. Jim Richards of Atkins JUarlys_ of Hutoiunson Junior High. Patrick and Debbie Gayler of Atkins (Staff Photo) " -" iiiniil"i"il .11 , !••!. MfmnememiemeK- * •" » mBXWCttSt.V **> •» A ,rf«( f f*&67flK TEENS OF MONTH—Honored as top teens ' ior High, Arden Walker of Evans. Janna TOT* 1\>Tn V/*T^ lir^r-ch f *»*-*»« \n( f Trln. f* »«.»!« *^t Tu.T« u ->n TYTJI _ _ — f i -rn t_ _. i '•«•*_ •» • ij^iNa \jr ivium a—wonorea as top teens ior High, Arden Walker of Evans. Janna for March were, from left, Ida Garcia of Tyler of Wilson Junior High and Tony Log- Mackenzie Junior High. Bill Shockley of gins of Wilson. (Staff Photo) Mackenzie. Marilyn Beckner of Evans Jun- Food Additive May Kill Viral Germs WASHINGTON (AP) — A food additive that preserves freshness also will kill certain viruses, scientists have found, raising' the possibility the substance might be useful as ari anti-viral agent. The food additive, butylated hydroxytolucno or BUT, was tested by Pennsylvania State University biophysicisUs to see if it .would render inactive certain viruses that contain fatty substances.. In a report in the current issue of Science magazine, the researchers reported discovering that BHT was a potent killer of fatty or lipid-containing viruses, including the common herpes simplex virus, which causes -cold sores. For Tour Want Ad Dial 763-9311 AUSTIN, Tex. (UP!) — Increase in court. changied «p as by what js the 197 • -• T. —"• -««™ . _. MT»»«* w ^wmw, are mlttees are studyirtg propotals — ranging from a ttrong state ••••-, ; „ ""- r general as a consumer advo- ure, will fall to pass a strong cate to a continuation of the pay the millions of dollars tha -^50.0 are used to , lobby against the Houston's utility .commission." Utility company lobbyists however, say the absence o central regulation encourage, out-of-state investment tha would cease under a stati commission. Utilities now answer to city councils, but folks in the rura areas —half the state's 11 million inhabitants —pay tot all j unregulated rates for telephone service,- electricity, natural gas and water. The energy crisis gradually bgought pressure on the leglsla' ture to create a state utility commission. Lawmakers turnec down such a proposal in 197; but utility rates since have doubled and tripled in many cities with local rate regulation and jumped out of sight in rural areas. Added to that was a plethora of allegations about the opera tions of Southwestern Bel Telephone Co. in a $29.2 million libel suit filed last year by a fired company official and the family of another official who committed suicide and left a note saying, "Watergate is a gnat compared to the Bel system." The allegations —not proven because the suit has nol reached trial. —include ques tionable political contributions to city council candidates..who set the company's rates. Then, in January, Soiithwes ern Bell announced a" ' $4! 'lion 'increase in interstate long distance rates —which are totally unregulated in .Texas Attornev General John Hill, in an unprecedented move, suec the. phone company, blocked-.the increase and is now atempting to have Bell officials justify the APERIES and GARRETS KITCHEN CARPETS GALORE! larg»»lS«t«eli»nlnT»wn- 2808 34th 9 " 5 ' 30 **•"' """*<. 795-6413 ASPARAGUS RHUBARB ONION PLANTS BEDDING PLANTS SPRING BULB? • Elephant Eor« Cama • Gladiolus • Beoenia • Gloxinia • Dahlia COMPLETE SELECTION Of GARDEN SEED SHADE TREES KETELEER JUNIPER Fast growing windbreak- more desirable than Arizona Cypress. SHIP/KENT OF JUNIPER SHRUJS Red Oak • Live Oak Maple • Fruitless Mulberry Sycamore • Locust Stone Pine • Black Pines Flowering Crab • Purple Leaf Plum Quantity Discount Landscape reck available 1 In all sizes. Boulders or Crushed Lava.< {OSES WILL ARRIVE APRIL 8th seed) r >CUm«tis Vine 1 • Tree Peony Day lilies Heail »UUlM*M>UtU«i ;--, /"Tv-v? ,>,''" •* •'/ ', yi BIGGEST LANDSCAPE ROCK treasure" SELECTION* LANDSCAPE SPECIALISTS 5104 34th 7tt-3*77, 799-3*71 OPEN DAIIY, 94 ; CLO$tt SUNDAY These developments remlted was wetk. 1 ^ had to kill the bill becauM it ' -—y»«*'<> •••"•« -wi. «*~">*y»*> W,T.*« *V|»tdMClIV4 dozen bills in the legislature have appeared enmasie before .o change the «tate'» unique committee hearing*, lobbied status in the utility reguUUoh individually end staged field. House and Senate com- commission with' the, attorney current local, regulation utilities councils. In a House committee utility commission as hii law ... practice will allow, but he of admits he may be no match for the TO registered lobbyists employed by the utility companies. "We pay the salaries of the lobbyists and their fat cigars and $300 suit* and expenses,'* Boyle says. ''And we pay for the full-page advertisements that are run in every major the size of and "the city is unable to rriatch man-for-man the resources of the utility companies." . • • 'You mean the largest city in Texas isn't competent to regulate its.utilities —you have to ask-for help from Austin?" asked Rep. Richard Geiger, D- Dallas, "I'm here to say exactly that." Hofheinz said, drawing loud cheers from the partisan. audience at the hearing. BrUcoe UnenUiosl&stlc Commitee chairmen don't expect bills to be released until May 1, leaving only a month for House and Senate debate and action, probable conference committee negotiations over a compromise version/and likely dickering with Gov. Dpfch Briscoe —who has shown little enthusiasm far the idea of creating another state agency. "I think we've got an uphill battle," Boyle said. "The most dangerous part is when we get down to the final days of the session and the possibility arises that we get a weak bill. Then we'll have to try to convince the supporters of utility regulation to kill it — because what we've got now is better than a weak statewide regulation system. "That may be tough to explain to the voters —that you .. The groups Boyle represents metropolitan paper in the state which attempt to convince us that it's in wa beet interest* to give our money to them to capltol lawn rally to draw legislators' spends ai capltol lobbying tor a strong attention. .Boyle much time in the lobby agftiut * utility eammis tion or against achieving '-*' rate* or against the Mr* of large utility compantM ^ercinq With Pwrthoie of Completely 14 ,». G«« stud of •9** — Yowr tors wiH be pierced FtEf by experienced R.N. ot TODDIES FRIDAY A SATURDAY Meflfecey Center *J GERANIUMS StUct from the finest Quality- Diseote Free Stock. Best Varieties and Colors. Priced according to size. 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