The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 24, 1931 · Page 2
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 2

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 24, 1931
Page 2
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THE DAILY NEWS. FSKDEUCK. MD., THUBSDAY. DECEMBER 24, 1831, TRIPLE HOLIDAY TO . Nearly All Business To Be Sus-1 pended Until Monday. | -- ! MANY GIFTS DISTRIBUTED! Wiih tie cl^.- Jf ~^'iza tos'fbt j a^a Karei^i'-ers araJ U.e i .ad'^sii-s v~l ocs«". e t itree-j rLJ hi-ci»\ The tiree-dar j :?r. Ctiristnsas arid i _ _ i+ Ge* tiDar j Albert C R-t:.-:.. _ I ix exteziei ir. r-«--y cirecuocs today. ; Pla' f hii.e bct= ra»ce to relieve tie j r^eecy to sre^'.er extent perhaps than ; lor a r.tar.str cf vears James A.' C. sr.c Mrs Jono. trie mairor.. i tlai--ti to £.'·· the inrris'.es a Cariitatas dinner. The mea. the «ff ID Tloy- The get there before be air. Tbea all 700 Uttte c;;-.«3 can iwip him A»l Xi«e. let'* co (Mtcr." Soottty cried. U 'Jurre no vay la «pstd tttH Udc?" ·I'll try." replied tbe helper- Th«n be shotted tc the tied. "Come on. there, trr and ncovr reel latt." And Cbea UK c-iouu; *e^'. raahlnj p»et- Ke«l abort- :r Coppj abound. "Tbe« te fiuiIA's Lani. ahead." Tix-r j»oop*d don ·"'« a loud hur- r» ! There sat oil F*it*. in his Sie -rased U) all '-be Tu^mu^s aad -Yoa're jn: :n \-jae. IH take you air oc rry ride There's rooa for all of yoj My sleigh'c already loaded and -»«'re ready iar a climb." Aid :=KI h« spied the little pup and afco-jved. · 'A'e^. you've dressed *·"" up! I c:u5'. admrt that he looks fine. What ch*r nt'^ bnng same lad. A dog's a yc-ags'jtr's'. pet Pletaoe hurry! In rcy big sle^h jet. Wfceta Uiii ride '* ever you «tU ae'er lortet Ux 'as you've bad." Tlsy=:i:e« began to grta aix! y r jifd to scramble -a. The ^^d up to the sleigh were oerrous u could be. Then Santa iDOM'-tii, -We are on our war. Well be all tJirougb. by dawn." And, ai the h sa:d Into the ciouds. the T:riia VUU Moaory. : annual,1 p-srlmaee to the penitentiary I aon for Christmas. ""Motber" Bfoooer She: Every i before I go to l^ n o'jdtis P-iMji; Cal Dec 23 I ""here her son. TbonMB J. Hooney, Jslttid. j l wrii* down my thoughts in a It Iwugh a dox-'-xrir' o' -a_= an* 83- i sen-;cj a Iiie-sealeaee as one of the! "I baiea't much aiooey. but I am i book \rhicb I have had for over * f I K*r-(bd aJGth.e-~-av«4ed o~- strte- car i bombers of th« Sac Pram-mm pre- j tirai* him a inle aad icy biasing. It j He: You must have nearly a page · tttry boat. traLrT^i bui tr«n San ! paredaess tar parale of 191*. I a my Tish and prayer that GOT. Bolph . fcr ricir.--So=dagEni^e sir-x Sta ' Praucisco iotfay Vo tcaie Her fcif.-e=ih ' Asied a hat sbe ·sas going to give her ' : **- -- r wTM O1jl ^ » s* 1011 ^ne-" (bohE. , ' i ' -^^~^-~^-^^^ · -- TMTM~"~^^^^ --^------i^^--^^^^-- thec the (To be continued). (Copyngbt. :»31, NBA 6errf«. Inc.) meet a fnenrUj little 'lie^' »o ani'Jjed vU. ir.rluie roait chicker. arj! gra\T. ^fd hi, -,-3^^ tjuic.--f^«t potatoes, maihrd potatoes, sauerkrjiit. horronv. celery. t-fam v ·-* bt ?_-: uiipd bv Harrv L Ebert. of trie Et-.-rt U'F Cream Coir.- ctr-y »hxa itas ie*n hl» ctistoic !or; icm? yean | To Pay Annual Vtat. | Or: Cr-.r-'tmas rr.omir.K fc delegation i o: about fifty or sei-nty-Jne rr.err.bers I o.' t.-.e Fr« Eis C'.ub wli: pa? j thf.r a:-.a^al v ah. w i:i- hc^pita! aad J djtnoute tobsccc*. cor.:-ct:arj and j iroit antoce tie snniates and a!so five j 3. rr.usica; propan-.. The V-iK «as ar- j ranged by e. coir.niittee composed o! L. [ W K^ih. Chan-mar.. Pau! I. Payr.t and WU:n=! 3 Bf.-.r.ctt. Dunns the ho'J- Nes' Year, the Woman's Crirutian Teraperar.ce Vr.:on »1I! aiso visit the hojpitsl and djtr.butc r-fts, Ir.c'.udinr confections fruit, and ·*"£ ho!d a br.ff prsyer ser-.^cc. Sh-riif Charles W. Crum Kill sen-e a special dinner or. C"nstcna5 Day to the prisoners at the Jail. Wednesday right the .'all ro'J numbered twenty- sir. As a rule the prisoners are aJo rctnrffibEred by friends on the ouuide. Mcurjtain C'ty L-cnigc. Knights of Frtrcaf. xn Ucu of Its regular Christmas er.tfrta:nraer.t for children, will conate e. sun: of money to different chaririea for the benefit of the poor. Churches. Sunday schools and fraternal orjanlzat:orj of the city wll! distribute proi'lsioas amorig the poor. Groups of young people nil sine Christmas carols oc ihe street early Christmas morning. Lighted candles w.l] be placed in »1n- co-s's tonight lr. accordance of an old custom. Postal employes ?il! have a full-day holiday Frltlar. with trie exceptlu.i of t-'ne speca 1 . ce'..\ and a dUlnbu- liou clerk iiho wul accommodate box- holders. The Inbby »lii be open all day but there »:11 be no city nor rural deliveries or coUecUons. Christmas Observances. A number o! Christmas observances are planned, la addition to ttx usual qu*- home f3.lbtr.ags. Many of the county churches will elve programs on Christmas alght. while sarly zorrUJE services and carol singing are to be held In large numbers. gh. * e · boy us :h* aer, story.) lild the ·CAD THE STOKT. THEN COLOK THE FICTDU on » the Tlcies rod g^d." *a;d CJo»ny. "vsea T* reach de»p.t* i'j heavy '^afi The . °-' Santa'* to-*T. ~ or. tiie !.!« o'. '.'- *«iel · ' Well, «e »or.'t hue rr.uca tlxe v F ind do»K el'.er. t jjrp." itir.d S*.-:ta's :.«'.p«r »a:d "Well The da.Iy replacement e* pus a clooi »r.:ch rr.'jch drop in J-jst »bo_: tr^ tlnie Santa's In the United States Is about ruppy croud ' G«. I'll be j clartlsg on his »ay. I on!y hype that j $!0 000.000. id, 1 bring you Glad Tidings of Great Joy." ''To you is born a Deliverer, The Anointed Lord." % ALL SAINTS CHURCH A-^ ]^ ruL'liT SQUARE 4? C'hi-i.-tmas Day Ser\"ices ^^n« T . r i O A . M . Holy Communion. 1U.30A.3I. .\I'ii-jiiu£r Prayer aud Holy ! »-T i££ Is Promoted Harry S. Boyie. Jr.. former manager a'. C. It P. Telephone ofllce at Cumberland, has been promoted to em* pisyes sales manager for Maryland with office la Baltimore. Mr. Boyle has been manager at Cumberland 'or the past tvo years. He was a member of the Chamber of Commerce, director of the Cumberland Credit- Bureau, member of the board o! directors O5 the Rotary Club and a. comxitteeman cf a Boy Scou: troop. He is the son c' Mr. and Mrs. Harry S. Boyie. Onmltsiiurg. He ft 5or Bal'-mcre to take up rus new wori oc December 15. Our Best Ulishes tii J £CJAL MUSIC + "Come and Worship; Worship Christ, The Newborn King." Christmas Greetings and Best Wishes for a. Happy New Year to All Our Friends and Patrons. Blue Grey Beauty Shop Bine mod Grey Building 106 West Patrick St. KEMP'S "On The Square,, McCLEERY'S JEWELRY STORE Begs leave to thank you all for yonr generons patronage and many manifestations of friendship and good-wilL We extend to you our sincerest wishes for A Merry Cliristmas -- and -Happy New Year CHRISTMAS GREETINGS A. E. FISHER Stoves. Roofing, Plumbing and Heating KZIATVATOK ELECTRIC EEFBIGERATOKS 11-13 East Patrick Street FrederieX 3Id- Msre than 1,000.000 college students sre numbered lr, the United States, a-c oniy 5.000 in Ess'-and. The United States has e-.ghv times as mar.y stud- er-'-S as Great Britain. A CORRECTION TSt MFT. s Broiiclc-J-. Sh'.rti Adrrriiv- 3rd! sil'Jtd hi-.; been Jt 00 :cjir»J o! 9ic »i liveriuei. KEMP'S "On The Square " We Again Extend At This Merry Christmas Season A Sincere Holiday Greeting I wf I I V We Wish You A Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year I ^I K F K F A f, ** K K A f F. * f *· K f f P. f. f \ f f. f , K Sf For kind thoughts, for loyal support throughout a trying year, for hearty co-operation, for all of the courtesies you have extended us during the past year, we thank you sincerely. May your Christmas be joyful and your New Year prosperous. ^ £ «i ^ JSi «! 8 Markell Ford i 8 The Young Men's Shop Phone 202 :1 A Frederick's Best Store MERRY CHRISTMAS GREETINGS AND GOOD-WILL TO YOU IVI THE FREDERICK COUNTY NATIONAL BANK No. 1 North Market St.

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