The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 26, 1956 · Page 6
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 6

Baytown, Texas
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Monday, March 26, 1956
Page 6
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Page 6 JUhr Bayimmt j*u» Inside Washington- Cold Doesn v t Stop Work On Giant. St. Lawrence Seaway job WASHINGTON — Winter's SUbzero tem- its St. La\vr<»npfi SMWSJV smrrmrirv arrnee v,,,;^^ t~ ' r- ,i~>~ ./"..., ii --i_ •. „,;'. ' / -''« ' • '• * WASHINGTON — Winter's subzero peratures that have sent Great Lakes-St. Lawrence shiping into hibernation do not prevent giant earth-moving machinery from clawing up enormous bites of earth and rock from future canal channels and lock sites along the international rapids of the St. Lawrence river. Cold weather has actually improved conditions for handling stubborn marine clay by the big earth-movers, according to a St. Lawrence Seaway Development corporation official. Designs been completed for the Seaway corporation's new administration building at Massena. N. Y., and construction is expected to begin this spring so the colonial- type structure will he ready for oeeupancy by June, 1957. Canada is already buildin? its St. Lawrence Seaway authority across the river at Cornwall, Out. Private contractors working on the United States portion of the seaway have about 350 employes and more than $7 million worth of equipment on the job. New York and Ontario power projects and the Canadian seaway workmen bring this on-site employment to more than 6,000. In addition, field supervising engineers and their staffs for the four government agencies involved exceed 500. Several hundred more engineering-designers, drafts-' men, technicians, specification writers and staff assistants are working on the St. Lawrence projects at Buffalo, Boston, Montreal and Toronto. AGREEMENTS have been reached regarding construction of a new international bridge to Canada's Cornwall island. This will replace the antiquated Roosevelt bridge from the United States to Cornwall. Canadians will build the substructure. The two seaway agencies will build this bridge. Construction' of the United States portion of the seaway was nine per cent complete at the end of 1955, with an expenditure of $S million. By the end of 1956, the goal is 35 per cent of construction completed, with $30 million more spent. •/ . ' Total cost of the seaway is estimated at S30D million, the United States paying $90 million and Canada $215 million. The §600 million power project costs will be divided equally between New York State and Ontario. ! United States seaway work in 1956 will include completion of excavation for Robinson bay and Grasse. River locks. These are WHAT OTHER EDITORS SAY the .only seaway locks on United 'States soil. - ' . EXCAVATION has been the big construction item along the St. Lawrence during the first season, but. in 1956 the giant earthmovers will have competition for attention in the form of concrete-pouring—on a big scale. Lock equipment that must be fabricated .includes four enormous derricks complete, with their operating machinery. One will have a 90-foot boom capable of lifting 46 tons at a 68-foot radius. The other three will have SO-foot booms capable of lifting the same load at a 45-foot radius. Power facilities are progressing on schedule, and New York and Ontario have set the summer of 195S as their target, date for starting the production of St. Lawrence power. While work on dams, dikes and powerhouse is under way, designs have been carefully worked out for enhancing and maintaining the natural beauty of the historic St. Lawrence. The huge dikes and spoil areas will be reforested. Roads, water front and new parks will be landscaped. Recreation areas will be established. Thousands of visitors are expected during construction and even more after the navigation and power projects go into operation. Robert Moses, New York Power authority chairman, said in a recent report that ''the authority reiterates that its objective is not only to generate low cost power and to help build the new seaway, but to conserve the natural beauty of this magnificent river and to promote the healthy develop, rnent of the entire frontage for industry, residence and recreation." ' DALLAS MORNING XEWS Tho exposure of the evils of society, government and business is a part of the duty or the "newspaper. Bui it is n part of that duly because it is a part of printing thc news. When journalism makes new? incidental to the expose, rather than the other way around, it gets into slanted news. And slanted news is ^usually bad in its net effect. The Dallas News has pretty consistently tried to keep its printed matter within, the area of what is priviledged under 'fool laws because it feels that such a policy is fairest to the reader. But"it is also safest to the siockholders. A reputable newspaper ought not to want to wron" anybody for the sake of a headline. If things arc bad ana demons trabh- bad, somebody can be found who Courtesy SNPA or added an additional room—implying that you arc a moron or a drone, or both, if you'don't do likewise These amateur experts naturally relate only their is just possible that even these may be added to and embellished in the telling. In any event it is a wise man who knows that such accomplishments are simply not in his line and who refuses to even try, regardless of patronizing friends and wifely exhortations. FLORIDA TBtES-tTMOX A zoning petition to allow a small worm ranch to be set up near Annie Seaman School has brought tavorable comment on one of the chief characteristics of the worm. ^"J*e. otaer forms of livestock, worms do has the facts and can prove them. The News ha' not rna _ Ke ajl >' noise. Yet worms are among- the busiest tried even in such s. case to be the grand jury al- $fl., m ° sl Productive creatures in or on Uie earth, thought, upon occasion, it has earnest!- u'rsed crand " lLno '^ them to constantly stir the soil there would juries to look into situations which "needed at ten- P robaW J" «>e neither farms nor ranches, nor ceople tion". to look down upon lowly worms. A worm ranch might even be regulation equipment fo r our educational institutions. Youngsters CHARLOTTE OBSERVE VTe are strangely unmoved by word, relayed from Chicago, .thai a new type electronic machine is able to outscore humans in a game of -tic-tac-toe. Most people we know gave up the game Year* ago- besides it always seemed pointless. What would really quicker, our interest is a mechanical robot that learn too soon that most of the in this world is done by creatures who don't make a lot of noise. ORL-EAXS ITEM Interesting. But what about those other couples vrcose probiem must have been the wives flirting- with those 40 husbands? ^Tien it comes to the question of which s»x is the most addicted to flirtation, our observation'has always been that it takes both kinds. THE CHARLOTTE > _ By 1965, if present trends continue, the South will have 30 per cent of the nation's manufacturing- fac- luues. BUL %ve have only 4 per cent of the nation'* nasjc research laboratories. Such an imbalance amoun« to a house dangerously divided against it- seU. Tjnless the South starts shoring up the foundation, the house might topple. Research isn't the only industrial shortcoming S 1 Tat ** & ^' S St ° O " * MS Week p ? Ulted out MONTGOMERY A ~..^,. The Christian Science Monitor announces the formation of a "Don't Do It Yourself Club " to b» composed of wen who can offer satisfactory proof of having "not fixed" a wobbly table or chair, replaced a Duraed-out fuse, or performed other feats about th» house. club should have & great future, if men refuse irtHrni^fa*^ _« 4~ l-_ . ; _ , . **-*"~^ operators. No one is quite so superior and condftsceadinr the man who brags about how he papered the ' MY NIW YORK „ . H MORNING NEWS f Most of us have never bothered to anaivze the ^ac,. thai women of the United States are responsible .or aboiu so per cent o f the money that i, spent, in our counu-y. Advertisers and a few others in the Know a -e cognizant of the truth, but most of the res i of us aren't hep at all. Asd even that isn't the _fui! story. A recent American females also do most'of th° sa.-ing. They make, more than half of all savings decisions and some 60 per cent o -avmgs savings and loan accounts are taff side. Oh, well. We mere males can receive some con?hi a t,,*?. the fact that n " s har d enough to earn ravingit WiD ° Ut haVlng 4lhS added responsibility of the final word m the dis- Washington Merry-Go-Round -Pearson Links Sen. Johnson To Brown-Root Contractors , WASHINGTON - Probably, the Treasury at 30 a.m., Jan. 14 and two most important pieces of un- 0 _ T n ,. 17 thr . , , ' f Sct^e^ °" "' « ^^^^ , ™ , * / Was SCnt to Tocas to <3 uict! y close 1. The election reform bill regu- the entire Brown and Root tax lating campaign contributions, investigation. an , d _....,. , . I have recently obtained photo-. The investigation of these stat copies of approximately 1 000 contributions m connection with Treasury department reports let- thc recent gas bill battle. " tors, and exhibits in the Brown Regarding the first, Sen. Lyn- «nd Root and Root-Lyndon Johndon Johnson, the able and pow- s °» case. They are in a safe do- erfui Democratic leader, does not posit box, available to any author- want to record contributions to iz cd Senate committee or nny ed'i- priniary elections. Regarding the ' Or for personal inspection. second, Mr. Johnson has adroitly They tell a significant story and maneuvered any investigation, of shed particular light on why Sen the gas lobby out of the hands Johnson is not interested in hav" of Sen. Hcnnings (D.. Mo., who ing. the public know about Voliti- planncd a forthright probe, into cal contributions to primaries or the hands of a diluted and, so far, having a Senate committee disr ina , inactive senate committee. too deep into the ga s lobby In view of thc importance of Sen. Johnson has been confront- thesc twft moves, it becomes im- ed- with thc evidence in this case portant to examine, thc past re- Hi s chief-explanation ( s that relations of Sen. Johnson with some Gov. W. Loo Q'Danioi aeainst of th» mor>: potent figures in the whom Johnson was running for natural gas industry, including the Senate at that time stirred Brown and Root, the big Texas up .the tax probe of Brow n nnd Root. Johnson admits that ho called on President Rooncveit on Jan. 13—it was'a matter of newspaper record at that time claims he did not discuss ...... Brown and Root tax matter. Tho Treasury records give overwhelm- in jf testimony to" thc contrarv, however. Repeated efforts were made to reach George Brown of Brown contractors who purchased the big inch and Little Inch pipelines from thc government, and now operate them 3s Texns Eastern Pipeline; and who also own Texas Eastern Production, producers of gas mid oil. Brown and Root have burn the Johnson during h i s political career. He has used their private airplane even during the gas debate, to fly back to Texas, It but the of George Brown that ho suffered a hpart attack last summer, and THE RECORDS of Internal R cv ho visited nt the Brown home on omif show that, one device uV-t several wrek ends during the Eras to finance the Johnson 'campaign LETS HOPE THE TIDE DOESN'T GO OUT W YORK—Occasional- through no fault o' my own I find myself trapped in Grand Central Ve-- minal amid the exurbarrities. Most of the tLve I am trying to cut through from Lexington to VanderbiV on a rainy day, and I knife mv war rudelv along jostling the patient waiters for the 5:17. or sidestepping tneai wanly as if they were disease-ridden We have no common meeting ground, the commuter* and I. ' "" By Mel Heimer left forgotten behind them. thei r eyes glazed neir manner desperate and forlorn. Of Interest To Women - Handy-Man Husband Handy To Have Around battle. Brown a:ul Root continue to be active in "Washington and Elsewhere, politically ar.d otherwise. They nre an important nart of the contracting combine that cot .•i billion-dollar contract to build I". S. Naval and Air bases Spain. was to make out checks to employees of Victoria Gravel Co.. a Brown nnd Root subeidijirv. then use Dart of that money fo'r campaign expenses. For instance, on Mav 26. 19-il, jn S5.000 was paid to J. O. Corwin Jr.! by Victoria Grivcl, nnd charged By CAN'T YOU just see Merrill and Beane wailing for him? irr n \nv-rn Tnniii~\- , , contributions to his own political KUZABKTH TOOMW cess, ho covered thc lube with or- metal supports and extended over campaign. Vcrnon Snnford, of thc ~ bl ~ ^ h V 5ban(1 Binary masking tape. Uie door cracks. Now the babv Texas Press association, who ine babys room is next to the sitter and the baby are undis- handled some of Ramsey's adver- "Wc panicked when we suddenly turbed. " Using, wna indicted. Ramsey, who Pierce, Fenner reath. old boy. a little some- American how a handy-man around the house is valued as highly in Manhattan as in Minnesota, a young- wife who has lived both places off her yoursel Avenue She painted out electric light realized that she could disturb din- and there had been set up an information center. It was not the usual kind; no kind-hearted ladies' told YOU where to get a hotel room, no bland trainman informed you disinterestedly that the 3:21 for Tuckahoe "-as On Track 21. ' This information center is different. It was set up by Merrill Lynch. Pierce, Fenner and Beane a oroKcrage house. It has a lounge, peocled bv sa'uve man virtually by the knowledge that'no Fenner and Beano has is commuter money of his own: his house in Bronxviile i s mortgaged to the hilt, his wife plays losing golf at a buck a hole at tne country c lub and the kids have just avertible. This "is par. nursery door for soundproofing-, a simple metal light socket and ro- flector on Uie floor behind the men, and currently it ha,s an extra added attraction an exhibit by I. B. M., to sho-.v the buddy-buddv r»- 'r 01 - « * m ""• "r ~"n'"~ """/V. 10 """ '-'-"it-'r is open jationship between industr;,- and investment. U da"-k o^ ^orc £--«,• • <K •" S ° l ™ ' Cft wlth ifltenuon is simple: to educate the naive commuter Cb«modo""bar'; n ui 6: 3 i " ^^^ '° * Uy in the room. she touched her toe to a -nne must be protected from btitlon on an electric cord running along the floor. The floor light Grab Bag Of Easy Knowledge iressive, dignified octopus lying in wait just i rack 23. The information _center is open went" out. "He jus TIuj Aimyer, Quick! I. Which United States President issued tho first pilot's license? A Central Press Feature It's Been Said for Governor. Since the grand jurv was called, he is not considered a likely civndidatf In view of this far-flung a.-- livity by one of the most powerful companies in the South, and in view of Sen. Johnson's plo- qiirnt and oft-rcpnated views on the gas-lobby probe and on po- Revenue agents that he id $2,500 of the money to Johnson's campaign hcad- qurfrtors. In another case, Victoria Gravel Co. made out a check for 52,500 to Randolph Mills, tin employee. He deposited it In his own bank on the same day, then withdrew it and turned it over to J. Frank' Jungman, finance chairman of Johnson's campaign in Houston. Record's of the bank, when checked by Internal Revenue agents, showed that Jungman, in turn, deposited it in thc Second National Bank of Houston in the name of the Lyndon Johnson club. A long list of similar withdrawals were either proved or in the process of investigation when the heat was applied in Washington. commuter into the mysteries of stock-investing. IT IS EASY enough to say that the average adult man sould know his own mind and is free to throw away his life as he chooses. If he insists on visiting Jamaica and betting on 3 to 5 shots, or if he chases after the four the hard way in Las Vegas, that's his Eilly business. I have assuaged these lo.-igings myself, and reformers who pluck at inv sleeve get" cold stares. However, the Weslehester and Connecticut commuter is, by the time he heads for his train at night, not average nor adult. ' It Is customary for the exurbanite—dreadino- the bridge game in Westport that night or the Lana Turner movie j n Port Chester?—to stop at the Commodore holt! bar. in the terminal and have an ei bcl- to or two , . . martinis, if he is fastidious Manhattans if he is more of a slob. ^Whcn ho finally emerges on the dead run for -track 37. he is not In complete control of affairs I havo seen them often, their topcots flying free bo- hnd them, o:je arm in and one arm out, "the brief- He may get a plate broken over his head when he arrives home in Darien and he mav have a kin^-sized kauemammer at hi, the'next day, but he AO.. t ha\c any blue-chip stocks. Of course if you invest ir. a that's put in these fool switches last night." she said proudly, "He's always doing some- than four leaves? *> The pretty brunette was Mrs. Viola Loewy, : A -ho grew up in Moorhead. AGnn., and came to New 4,,,.. ,. „. - - u.» ,.-,„- York to get a job. like thousands anotne r tnmg. Xo-, v j ust tnp othe dav "j ', of other girls. A few years later in is tip, gee. . . Success Secrets OXE OF THE paramount rules for success every man and woman should know i« rhat it is best to look for the job or career that holds the most in- leri.'Si and personal appeal, ft was this rule that p into the spor" iirannim. T o-^t she married Raymond Ixwv.y, one of the nation's outstanding "industrial designers. Now they have a two-year-old daughter,' Laurence, and one of the most remarkable apartments in town. —- ——— "it is baby proof and guest timer Wheeler proof," Mrs. Jx>ewz explained. "The baby rides her tricycle in the that living room am] even built a snowman on tho floor thf other day." As you enter the front door" of Uie apartment you pass a lover wall decorated with two rows" of rainbow? 4. What is the meaning of the Navy order, "splice the main brace"? 5. Do rabbits dig the holes they live in? God governs the world, and we 'j^ 1 ™ 1 contributions, it is import- Tn the end, the Brown ".and Root tax liability, previously estimated at S1.0G2, 18-J.87 with a" fraud pen- ally of S531.002..15. was scaled down and settled for 5372,000. More details of the Internal Revenue findings will be reported to- , Do „ „ T* '— ^c issue to Him.-Jo,,n Semocra^'^a^y "in'lhT senate" 3. Docs the moon ever make a Ja >- and onp of the most powerful figures in Washington. Fortunately for the public, a record of Brown't and Root's ao fwo young Ohio mnn good.^business. They had only per- brass rings. I-oewj- hangs his in outdoor .sports to gloves and mufflers" in the rings. The entire anartmcnt has a bcigo rr» 7 jmluence their cho ice: mid they had only 5300 to Jn.esi ;n s.oc* after renting their first small .store. Verse today's Bible WHEREFORE JESUS also, that he might sanctify the people with his own blood, suffered without the gate. Hebrews 13:12. vinyl tile flooring with a grey and Watch Your I^-i PROMENADE - (PROM-cc- nacle) — noun; a walk, especially in a public place for pleasure, dis- carefully collected by the Intern- play or exercise; a place for walk- a! Revenue. It made a thorough ing; a public walk. Dancing— a investigation of Brown and Root's ceremonious opening of a formal taxes—until, suddenly. It was ball, consisting of a march par- stopped. , ticipalcd in by all the guests. Ori- f-r \\r\c; i after Lyndon Johnson, then a congressman, had called on Roosevelt 13, in company with Alvin Wirtz, attorney for Brown and Root and former undersecretary of the Interior. gin: French -from . Sc Promener, Rooscvclt on Jnn . to wa:l;, from medieval French-- Pormenor, from Late Latin — Prominare, to drive forward, from j nn Pro plus minare, to drive animals. It Uappi-nril Today IGVfi — Battlo with Narraguiisctt Indians at Rchoboth, Del. 1945 b'ack- P » u .sore. -„.»-, „„,- ilw ,, llf . WIU i « S n-y an., m lhf - se . asseu - P Jus 'heir liking for people and black scatter design. Occ;.Kional ujingries.i to worK, brought SUCCG.SS to their efforts Km:i]} n! ? s nr « anchorerl firmly to snort order. ihn flnnr u.'ifh a y-,ih^r.,.i^n,i »,'.,„],_ They established a veritable "club" inside thp store with a good .stock of sport,, magazines sr.d book", ^;, r t n? SP , r i, rtfi pict " rcs snd Photographs of local ,a %ml °C"K ' ^^ ThiS was Ih ' ; "<"" where S3 2f*f;mr»n CHnit'fiJ *-• n — 4 ii>* The apartment, which uall be soon on television Monday night when the I/Kiwy's are visited bv Bajjionm Published each weekday afternoon b7 The Baytown Sun, Inc., at Pearce and Aahb«J In Baytown Texw Fred Hartman ...... Editor and Publisher Harry Boswel! ....... Advertising Manager Preston Pendcrgrass .... Managing Editor Beulah Mae Jackson ...... Office Manager Subscription Kates By Carrier— $1.20 Month; $14.40 Y«^ All mail subscriptions are payable in advance, By Mail—Month $1.20, 3 Months J3J»- 6 Months $7.00; Year $14.00 Armed Services 75c Month Entered! as second class matter it the Baytow* Tex*s, Postoffice under thc Act of CongreM * March 3. :870. ^fatjonal Advertisinp Repre»entatlT«: General Advertkir.f Serric* , , . tUb ° conwalcd with showed new stock to the owners and cus " PorKOn to Person" CBS cameras', " ' ''" "" u< ~'' '- ..... — - ..... "' torners thus got a "preview" O f new if>m.«' .Sportsmen enoyed ihe store and customer, wore encouraged to look and read to thei r heart's center/' -xith owners gave time to civic affairs and gave full cooperation to Uie local recreation department-• ana through their friendliness, their reputation a . good fellows" grew .-« their shop grew They hr-Iped' find voluntary workers to help in the playground""' and local sport,, teams found thev could get hp]->' advice and publicity *, well through the co-ov/ner* of tne sporting goods shop. IT SHOULD be stressed that this friendly cooperation was completely sincere, and that both m» n 'on- joyed their civic and community work But in "do- ;s W i i.iiie—JIK'KS The Xninc I—lit' is a composer of songs and light opera. 1 , born in Middletown, Conn., in ISfil. From 1902 to 390-1 eh \vaa the conductor of the Washington Symphony orchestra which he founded. One of his most popular operas was Robin Hood, proti'iicod in J890. Among David Lloyd George, former prime — minister of England, died. . Hiippy Birthday Today Robert Frost. noted American poet; Adm. Robert B. Carney of the United States Navy, and Tennessee Williams', playwright, .should be celebrating their birthdays. Uvitie.s for Johnson has been morrow. Tho important point, however, in not so much what the treasury lost, but that Lyndon Johnson, a pood senator, was the victim of a systsm—a system which requires tremendous amounts of money in order to get a senator elected. But having been the victim of a .system, he is not now leading tho way toward a reform of that system when it comcfi to primary elections). Instead, he wants to reform all the states except Texas and the South, Maine, Vermont nnd New Hampshire. Roosevelt summoned- TClmrr Trey, assistant secretary of the get a warm a fluorescent a ceiling re- Did You Know? world na cellar , n Spam ing what came naturally" they made countless d<xficatcd in St. Giles, patron saint friends and customers. ' ~" "' ~ : J ~ ~~ ' Within six months, the original $300 stock of the .store had grown to J.7,000, and the store had if, be , move/j into jarger cjuariers. They have kep! or, growing since, into * prosperous business, "Bcfausr. •• of vinoyar/irj. Ea/;h year at harvest time a cask of sherry is placed in the cellar never to be touched by humans produced at the Metropolitan Opera in J017, was The Canterbury Pilgrims. Hc also wrote ?,00 songs, including Oh, Promise Me and A Recessional. Hc died on Jan. 16, 1920. What was his name. 2—He is a Finnish statesman, born in J'SOO. who became a lawyer and politicion. He has held the posts of lawyer in municipal and government offices; minister of er of thc Diet; prime minister ing Iff.'iO-JftM. and leader 'of thc Agrarian party. More recently he . ., , , ., ,. . A watrh ticks 1S.WO times a day was elected 1 to the six-year term f>ver S! " tahlf! hol(% -'' th °y fir!< I ™ <*<> county, New ,.Tcr«cy, where he displayed the document to avoid arrest. 2. Yes, Five, .six and seven leaf clovers have been found. 3. Ye.v, but lunar rainbows are infrequent because the light of the moon is relatively feeble, 4. In the British navy it means, ''pass out an extra lot of rum." It has no meaning in the U- S. Navy. 5. European rabbits dig their own; American rabbits take whftt- 1^1 f ' X1 ? la l" ed '-" V/e Onj " y our work anrl ;h * I"' r -' J P^ or n '- ;iT] y i<W million ticj/s a jWr of president of his country. Can we,. Tr.afs the kind of success worth having - .. . . a.'-cording to the Clock and Watch Manufacturers association. yo-,i iirtmc him? (Names at bottom of column) without. 1—Reginald fie Knvcn, 2-Prcs. Urho Hekkoncn,

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