The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 21, 1932 · Page 7
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 7

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 21, 1932
Page 7
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THB DAILY HEWS, FSBDEBICK. MD., 8ATUEDAT, MAY 21,1932. 8ZVKM BT JAMES DOVAHVE NEA Service Writer. With coasts suaurer and hot r. many aocorins ·wil be trwi- by eapaec of their e*» avcrbe*t- lag It is q'Ji^e » probieai v locate the cause ol tha, :or there are about 30 fa-.^:* -riici can ca-^a* it to occur. Toe units abtxr. *hadx UMM SO faults are :ound are: Fan. refe4or. cylinder bkxfe. iherajowat. pfetos* *ad piston n=5». Taws pasap. toee oo^i- caraartoor. distributor, isai- Timing gears and chain, braias, cl»ch, and mnffier. * * * IB rezaednsg an overheating engine, it 3 -ar«21 to check over aJi these ^Slides Vlffiam Smucher --Mr Paul Sajlor and !amily spent Monda e\*iUng vitti Mr and MTB. Clarence Cl^baugh ^£ Middicburg. n tie spruis training season. Sid- , Is S«Mnrt»dy GamMinc? ney Weil haa. no bat :eaa» ao money. In o'.uer ·» ,-rds.. WeU a*$ Jixir-d *HK«- a=i a \«v thiu s**t, la his Sicday body ·· gamble or. the R*d«. on '.»«. pan:? A lew DKc'.hs pass and »e find · theory that a strong club as a the pi*s.derst rf the Cincinnati Beds baseba^ to»n »:li make more money to pay the debts as they Spcctxl frtcr on !-prini FnLcf rhtckrai :e pound L*t mt (ill »o»r «*4rr t»r lh»t Memorial D»y euttaf. IMtOBf ti96K. »*!» chick* M4 *» W««t South 9tr«*l. Fndrrick. M.r.Urd. a \rry good sail cl'-b. which he _ en-.:* didn't n.e«d n : ^:i'y to ac- laU due quire, and lor aU I know he may have i Whether Jw o»es the eZube irons a r.eiv pair of -eani. which he ob.air.ed his hi«h-pr:c«d plav- He has~k=e :t w-.tfe aching ssore era, or nhetht-r he borrowed the rr-ne than a magicians wand, a »ts2 hat aod i from a bank or vante. he Un't »:~as Manager Dan Ho*y helping out back ! But :'- 15 a fact :hat the ball club of the crops Oar C:::C::UIA.. cperAi.tes are theas- »:-.?* nonpiised Bs«ba:: ha* been coa- i-"ec a.- a s-rir'tv ^ash bue*s far so r"i" \{..r» cs?c ·-. "y -" the ma.'.-r ATTENTION I M l SUV Bu.krr tie*. We carry only standard coals. Their quality cannot be surpassed. Geo. S. Rodock Son FUth St st Fa. B. B. Ho»vy ha\e coatrt\ed to rut : A treoieadoas h" j * oe« «n U:P!»J m tb« »«»b»n ».n- (irawrat fine cro»d.- » *«« li" \ MirVci trct. C»r ibcrt «bil* c-nniti's af.eadar.ce S ALBfcRT C. PALMER. iioi. oeea abc-' tne b*st in the Naf.or.a! ^ JffffffrftfrffffTTTrfJ League *o !*r and it »ould have beer. !!:uc.3 i»rgfr but fc*r coid nv"e*"hfr and , w --____^_----^___«_. :a;:i or- :nsr. days when th« ; READ THE STORY. THEN COLOR THE PICTURE about; an inch when pressed lightly. When one* the Ttsies reached oa:- ; take a snooze. mlcri'sy oetYMB the fan and puKy. OiZ . doors they heard more of the pUytass "We have -o special p'.aoe :r. on the fan be!:, -a-l^ch sometimes oc-! snores. -He sure was t^ed." said :: so. »ner t-.^tia. *e aught j ;( ^ r s . u , , fr; . si ._ e . s CUPS froiai a leai at the gear ease cover) Scouty "We had besi_l'ia\-L-hi!a alons--2nd-- I th^ik ;;'« brf. :o '.oa.: r:;s: · ,. ;e csr.i..... ?.·: cu-.r. of th* engine. ·Jrtl cause it. to slip, i "He says there's nothisg sjore to see j here We've lou : t.2i.- :_ ,j: i c.m^ rr. t ·· -. r H^riace ihc belt azter the leak has' around this p^ce. It seenis to me that. been stopped. . '-re d best move akng asms ans travel Leaking radiators -srsZI aiTrayc cause on our oa-E." cried. · Listen 10 *.-'.£ '.-:·· the engine to overheat. A good repair- "I gtiess you're r.ght," said Wutcy., tj-.e you canno: I: 4 \e -.our -.\^h A , "I just aish I has a chance to fly · ne» i?ct -se w:.l nr.d. Mr. Weil Snulr*. I The ne» cli;o has color, hitllr. The K-_- -fL'u.-i:v ^:jir^-- before streisgth ar.d a i'.ro:^ pubL :h* t-j--.:-; -*.x-.-- v ,v:ec a \ e .x- ap?*a! Tne r.5ial prt?f that :he tv»: ;s.r.ed Chi i H.;F- Be ·:. Frr-i. J^e - :ed hct -x-r -h*- re;uvenat*d M?:r 5,'e . A:.c K.;:. ? \V.»::-. Roett- ^^ ·« "P t - -' ^·· 1% *tr held the ?er ar.". adcec Bst? He.-~.xr:. Er:i^: cay sn hor.^r -f L rr.r-ri- WJ1 Lor.:sarci a:.a;. G::cK?rt tr.rough ^f'-er a close c^^.o:-. at flrr. s a smart ·-?d' land i :"*e'.f a£.iir For a ba:: cl^-j -hat -*is hard pressed :.o. os.:y Cor rr:,r!ev : rw rurrx-rs: K "-.I-. igfci M»cbtB« Werk--5tt* S\FE WORK A SPECIALTY JAMES E. SOLT LIGHT WEtDI-VC. OF *UL METAIS \\ORK IN BJt-tS. BKONfC AND A L L M M I M Ladiesburg « » « t » * % » J 103 Mijnolia Arc. Phone 970-J » ' J » \ L \ K S EXFEB1ENCC J j i' WWWWWWW "" fWWJ i The others, in real man can fix this trouble, as -arell as clean out the radiator core -which is often clogsred -snih mud. sand, la leaves and other material. He can so c^ean the inside of jour radiator. I gone, so it U here no more. Aa. vrhat'i i trailed along around a the air aga^a. nut. shucis . The:: u? the- :ua-.?ea to =-^r: :he_I have no plane. ! hike. "The on« he lei yx use before is · l;ke" "Corce on.' ^i:i Sco-i'v. ":'. jou It wasrit very lonj ·_..! Dor:.:- Sometirces a heavy coat of pa^nt oa the radiator core TrSi cause ii t-o lose Its cooling efficiency. Keoiov* the heavj coal and spray i*ii a light radiator paint. y Y V* the use of irishing, Thee the wishing'^ ! All of z. sudden the all a :j^ny I all is vain?" stilt man. Windy cried. "He-lo. .here. Tell us, ivhere are ·X- * * | tall, i'-m f«llo-.v. Thay sat co-am on Lhe ground a you bound for?' : nrhi. Then Coppy jumped up. with j -Oh. don't muid ni-e." '.he stilt man ; a snii. "We're funny little felloes." j said, ' b u t jus:, ivep -Aj.iir.s ^-.ra.ght A clean cylinder block -»U1 do a lot j he exclaimed. "Here we all s:t- i ahead. You'll shortly r t ach a h?use ; to keep your car from overheating. If "Why not st-ar: strolling o'er the'v,cere there are'.".^; tr..ngs hi j 'land? The roa% is nice; the weather : store.' covered Trith a *'m of dirt, oil or dust. the air forced back on to it by the fan can do iit-tle to penetrate the coatmg ana cool the block. Clean the of the block, too. grand. I feel that I could -Ralk for (To be c?r.:^ij'e miles, 'cause Tm not tired a b:t." i (Copyright, I53C. XSA Ser.:c*. Then Diincy opened up his eyes and! snapped. 'Say. do you realize that may- j (The Tinies arri\e a: a strange hiise . . a reLab-e radiator clearer and j be soraeone else is tired? I -want to | in tie next s:ory.i folio-sreng direcuocs contaired on the j package. Carbon on cylinder irali -win act as insulator agains; the cooling ef- :e-:t of the -s-ater in oiistide the cyimder. The heat is held the combustion chamber. It's best to carbon renscved often. ~ * * Keep the wa:«r pucip Tightened at ail have materially increased- fc was com-j 246 m_llions f^r '.eterans. and 3T mil-j for Cor-gressman Phil S-Kns of i - ons or setting under the war claims | Tsrster jacket California, Trho wanted to anrxer a ·widely circsilated letter from the cu . Pon- de Xemours company in its vig- j orous campaign to bring pressure on j [ Congress for expense reduction by cut- j ting out certain government functions. | ***' « ° :her TM on5 ,~ £ , ns * -j- co-?..._ 6 rimes. Often the ITS ou; and water seeps through the gland nuts. Or ihe grease in the pump grease cup may wear down and allow the -water to seep through vhe cup Keep she cup r.-el! packed with hard grease. ·~ * This Looked Bad Deducting interest. -'·'~V' : -ig- fund and certain A Better Comparison j The increase in the budget for 1933.! BLOOD-TESTED CHICKS Hr.«n .nd \\hlt. s C Lc(b«nu. *S-U-0. bar. II hue and Beff ftoa. Aacon«. BnO anil KUck Ilcor;at. Krtt. Gel4»n Mhlle aad Siltrrr-Larrd l\t»nd*ltr. U fir 10». J«r»*r Rlafk t.isnl*. LJ£ht Brahmag Buff Orpin;toQk Ml prr hundred. A»«rtrd dtxvd. $8 prr ll* 10O prr rrnt. delivery cyanntced 1 to H-wv«k-01d chicks. Turkey l*ocli«. · Darkling*, toe Free Cxlilvs rhonr Ml. Air? II« BECK'S IIATCHEBY Dept- L.. MU AtTT. M«i. SIDNEY WE3L Fonts DS4.000.000 Too lean or too nch an adjustment · 1932, an mere ot the carb-retor -Aill cause overheating. I cy major spark pluss. Adjust your ! 1 oaci and , gance. ; But the picture is out of proportion, I regardless of acyw badly we need federal · economy ngnt now. ! The year 1927 was the lowest since j 1317 while 1932 was the largest--and ' most of the increase was represented Budget Bureau suggests as , by efforts of Congress for things that stimulate employment. Sspen- ; citures for public works alone cad increased higrraraj nrers and aaroors ana flooa contro. ; carburetor :-o surrrcer or.rmr. clean or renew spark plugs. Improper timing is irequer^ly cajse of an en25ne getting t;-o ho _ , the spark is lat-e, ihe charze will bum ^^ O:iie:: corstruction activities ac- later and more si-oily, exp.xing more I coacxi for a lor; more, cylinder surface ana causing more hea; * * * ! to be absorbed. If the spark is earl-. Where the Money Went | detonation, will take place, causing s. I Increases besiee tha; of 435 srans. leaving a balance of only 32 millions :a sraaH inireases throughout the Draw your inferences. Those statistics, at least, -x.11 gr.e you a much clearer picture of ishere the money has been going than you'll get from the superficial propagandise. Those fellows care nc; attach publu Jd"fco» S-88.000..0«0 » S 623^ . l^l '^.^J^^^J:^::;^^ \ ' "^r. We-I calmly fl. for highways, publ.c buiIcLess. j ^"° f."."^.- 5 ^"^^. ^t.^;' ^"^Vg-"^-* ! e ~ orr:l - ous araoun: o; r_se ui temperature. BEHIND THE SCENES IN ,1 ! on public woris. the Budget Bureau; ! snows, included 155 millions for the i i agriculture marketing fund--so-called | 1 farm relief. 167 minions for postal def- ! , icit, 75 mGioES for ship coastniction . in the navy and through Shipping · . Board loans, 47 _ millions for aircraft. construction and aeronautical actj--ties.. Athletes Ilappy. You can iager that he can'; pay ha a-mletes in business college currency, because the professional baseball player is very foad of his scratch, and would ra:se a scream that could be heard in K^iigolar-d if the Reds' front office hap:o be four cents thort. asserts that "an of cash" went to St. ou.s in the Haley transaction i T ;ih players Gir.k and Benny ! ^i i Frej-. Some more cash, it appears-; Weil says -a pwdly sum"-T,ent to St j . Rid t Louzs a S am for tne return of Benny :,,-,,_,,,,.,, ^ ' , f T; .etes. Ladveiburj Ma 31 --Th* tenth coo- have \ent.on of the L^therin Sunday Schcol . n wa* neld at Mt. Z:cr. i chjr,-.i 01 May IT The prc- i opcnd D-. Re\ Frink Fife pastor of the cli-ir;.-. Re 1 .. A T Sjt- ;l;tTe. vf Bjil:.:ro:o iormtrl:. o! Tar.r;.- '.yxr. sp-^ac Robert Smith, of F.xier- i cecided to E'.'-e S100 to Or Miikr for the ! !rnn M'. School for Boys in Virginia Dr. Samuel McDo.i?h. of Baltimore ( | then spoke In the afternoon Rev. R. j C Sorn.k of Ba.timore. Miked on the j "Beatitudes" Dr Oscar B'-sck-AclJor. i v)f Christ Cnurca. Baltimore, took for i h» meisatc-. "What Can You Do?'' T.-.e , ^st speaker -a as Rev Dr. Carl C. Ras- cnusen. of the Lutheran Memorial. church. Wash.ngton. D. C. The Ladies Aid Society served dinner. i --Mr. James Dixon and famii;.- of Frederick; Mr. Guy Dixon and family. of Mt Pleasant, cal.ed on Mrs Wade ·Corum. Sunday 1 --^L-. and .Mrs Elmer Bireiy. Mr ' and Mrs. F H. Birtly spent Sur.da , ; afternoon in the home of Mr. P. D. I i Koons and family of Detour. V^:t-ors ' in the same home iere Mr and Mrs. i Jesse Bireiy and daughter. Mary Jane. all of Allen vows. Pa.; Mr Fred Bu-ely. ,of Marcus Hook. Pa.; Miss Alberta Moore, of Slatington. Pa ; Mr Arch:e , Chrcnister. of New Oxford. Pa. _ i --Mr. and Mrs. Harry Albsugh spent j *·' '"baSh wuh tr ' and Mrs " Lu:her 1 [i When your children, }j '' --^L-.* and Mrs. J. P. Delphey of Mid- ] £ like the buds of flOW- ers, blossom forth in jj spring attire, just no- g tice how much they JJ have grown in a year. 3 There should be a new a photograph to keep, for all time, this record of change. It must be made now. Make an appointment today . . . PHONE 799 Edmonston Studio ""While Toti Are About It . . . Get a Good Picture'' The BULOVA BAGUETTE "MISS AMEEICA" Th« New Nationally Advertised Up-To-Eate Ladies' Watch NOW ON SALE AT McCLEERY'S JEWELRY STORE 48 North Market St. Frederick, Mi C A DAY FAYS FOR A Frigidaire No Down rurmrnt No Installation Charjr- Potomac Edison Co. 28 W. Patrick St Mr. and Mrs. Charles Vetter and daugh- -«"- Marjorle. aU of »ederu:k: Roy Starner. George Rlcnarc WKUagtoa. D - C: Mr ana Mrs. MUard Wim- aser. and Milton Wanaier. --Mr. and Mns Ray Weddle and family of Thunnont, spent a day wuh Miss Lottie Troxell --Mrs. Emory Saylor spent Monday nnh her mother and sister. Mrs. EC- r along j by ^^ g. ' hn and ba- .., tne v on:e of ilr j Mrs. Paul Hon. Union Bridge ·Mr. and Mrs. Charles Troxell. of day Clarence *? YORK Frey to the Reds. j Ujir'and'Mrs. Guv Dixon spent SUP.- THE PEOPLES FINANCE CO. What is the answer? Weli. it loaks as ; d a fterroon in the home of Mr. and if Mr. Weil has introduced the credit | ilrs CTaude Saylor t ,,,,.,,,,, ;-- Ho^n,-i -r-no nn i, «»i,,r«TM - _ M ^ s " Cnarlotte '" Easor speni s-onday | system into baseba:! The only solution afternoon with Mr. aad Mrs. Robert the baseball writers have been able to cLg up is that Mr Weil a financing h» operations on credit, in the same " _-^-_ Burleigh Smith and family of manner 90 per cent, of the world's bus!- . nea - Walkersville, spent Sunday with ness. e::ce?t baseball. LS conducted. (i; - an[ j T^ -Wi^iam Long. BT BO0SET DUTCHEB XEA Service Writer. Wasiungton, May 14--If you can tot- Jaw tie statistics tha^ are being htirlec abou-; aa 15 curing ;-he b^ badge:- | [gj baiaacmg- aos. yoa are coing better J ig! than many of ts who are here en tie j !gj ground. You tuck a statistic away sontewhere Jbr safe keeping ovemigii- and the nest mommg you're as ^keiy to find ft a totally different statistic. swoZen ecormcrjsly or shraiiken to a mere shad- · ow of its former self. gl Tnat disconcertnK capriciousress ', o' the ihirgs msy be observed in every- ' '=1| tiling from the Treasury s estimates of deficits and of returns from specific new taxes and. various estimates to be saved through reorgar-zatioris 10 the wild, phoney figures often tossed on tile 3jr of Congress and the information broadcast 1-1 ib« country »aK the pos^-wsz- jumps in Put Little Eac eek! XJOXi JrriUJTiUiO riiir»-«iJja \j\J. LOANS PAY OFF YOUR BILLS . . . Do not hesitate to see us if you need money. It's our business to lend it to you. Quick service. Strictly confidential, friendly and dignified. WE WILL LEND YOU UP TO S300 Peoples Finance Co. 15 N. COURT ST. (Mr. Sam in charge) FHONE 1473 Cfce refreshes set of figures, however. has come from the Buigec Bureau. It jws exactly tiss aitlnties for which federal expenses in tie past cecace OXYPHANN PEOPLE CANT S£5 _ r vot to-s. SMOKE re^cS OSe A 25c A SHARE IN THE 18th SERIES OF \ The Fidelity Building Loan Association Will at Maturity Bring You $100 ... Which is 4.68% Per Annum On Your Savings YOUR FUR COAT should be thoroughly and expertly cleaned before putting away for the Summer. Dust aad soil destroy, not only the lustre, but the pelt itself. Your Fur Coat Cleaned INSIDE and OUT. (Absolutely Safe) Only $3.50 QUAKER CITY FBEDEEICK'S OLDEST. BIGGEST AND BEST CLEANERS AND DYERS Banking Service on a personal basis E believe that personal contact is the basis of satisfactory banking service, and we consider every customer as a friend whom we are glad to know and anxious to please. 314% Interest Paid On Savings COMMERCIAL BANK OF MARYLAND l lUTl 1TTI IT Tf ITTt | $1.00aWeekWiiI I Mature to $400.00 ~~ ! g' Here i? a ?afe invest- g=S j Bi nient. free of taxes and ^s' jf, ofiieriiia; unquestioBed S security. All loans made jp : on property risrht in our § OTVU r-itv and COUIHV nl Hf! . · ' g safe mara;ins. roanc-fii ' ff! en^h \veek by tlio bor- *---. g rmvers. Consideration OFFICE AT The Fredericktown Savings Institution · · · Get Your Shares NOW! FIRST PAYMENT SATURDAY, JUNE 4 I HOME | CLEANLINESS ; J When you burn high grade , B :oal you will observe a j m j · marked improvement in the j ( cleanliness of your home. H In delivering coal we exer- · g cise the greatest care, too. j If Yon will like our coal serv- j J ice--it merits your full con- -Zri e fidence. 1 MARKELLFORD A '· PHONE 202 ANNOUNCEMENT New Prices For Ice i Effective at once at new ice plant on East Street, between Third and Fourth Sts., until further notice: Retail Prices For Ice Delivered Anywhere ia City Limits 100-lb. block 40c 75-lb. block 30c 50-lb. block 20c 25-lb. block 10c 12^-lb. block 5c Platform Prices 300-lb.. block 60c 100-lb. block 25c 75-lb. block 20c 50-lb. block 15c 25-lb. block 10c -lb. block 5c Plant Open Day and Xight Phone 839 Sincerely, T. S. MICHAEL ICE MANTJFACTUKER AND DISTRIBUTOR

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