Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on August 22, 1962 · Page 20
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 20

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 22, 1962
Page 20
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50 WE6 " AUGUST lok * L-KEAL ESTATE L-1 Houses $50 CASH AND MOVE IN A'iro. clran. neat, two bedroom, one hath house. Recently redecorated inside and out. Total price — $11,000. 411 East La- Granpe Street. J. N. FOGG REALTY AND INVESTMENTS 477-5050 433-5589 THREE BEDROOM home. Three years LEGAL NOTICES^ sumptron ef tonglblt personal property end upon fh* sole of services os defined In ft. S. <7:30t, «f seq., inclusive, with the proceeds of such tent ta be dedlcoted ond used for the purposes of paying ordinary end statutory cost of operating end conducting the general municipal functions of the City; constructing, re-surfocing one! Improving public streets, sidewalks and brldaes; constructing, purchasing, Improving, maintaining end operotlng fir* depcrl- ment stations ond equipment, police deportment stotlons ond equipment, public safety and civil defense facilities ond equipment, garbage and seweraae disposal ond health and sanitation equipment and facilities, recreation facilities and equipment; constructing, acquiring or Improving public buildings ond any work of permanent public Improvement. Including equipment ond furnishings therefor, title to which shall be In the public; any lawful corporate purpose end for any one or more of such purposes? That the said election will be held of the following polling places, oil of which ore within the corporate limits of the City rmec. ocurrwvivi IIUIMC. MHCV: 7cvi-j ui <r murm me corporore nmiTS OT Tnc CJTy old. Large lot wtfh Trees. Near Prten of Loke Chorles, Loufsfana, Voting ma- Lnke Sciioot. HE 6-7424. I chfnes ore to be used for the recorda- - I tfofl of the vote, Ond the fnllnwSnn n»r THIRTY MINUTES Loke Charles. Lorp_e SO n S havt been appomfed to fcrv* a? e?cc seven room house, scenic, .8 ocre, od- tion officials' 5"»e a5 EKX locent acreage to loose. Small cash. Precinct Numbers 12, 13, 14 40 Uh lo« interest. Owner will finance. Write Ward School. 400 S. Ryan-Commission ,0, vi-,. Amrrimn Pr« s . e rs: Mrs . Sarah chopmonTw "Taura C. Dees, Miss Mae Thompson. Clerk: Joseph H. saroour. Precinct Numbers 16, 17, 30 US Army Reserve, 2300 16th Street—Commissioners: Mrs. Andrew McGowon, Mrs. BUSINESS MARKETS STOCK MARKET Box 503, American Press. BY OWNER: Three bedroom brick, H<j b o j h s. in University. Approximately SfOO down ond notes $125 or will sell GR7-3424 Offer 5:30 on assumption pTI. COUNTRY HOME: Three large bedrooms, large kitchen and living room. n L r 9 ,. e r > James McCebe. Couch . Precinct Numbers 18, 19, 34, Oak Park rooms, lorye Micnen ana nvmy room. .-, •--••"-• >»uiuwct a m, 17, .M, JJQK KQrK 2 : : ceres. Fenced ond cross-fenced. Elementary School. 2000 17th Street — S.c-ropc sied ond barn. Close to Sul- ! Commissioners: Mrs. Earl Coleman, Mrs. iVi.ii- Mitrrv/i A riwtl hitul n*lrtn DM| ' i Om KOOQIO, MrS. Don Wkf» rtarlr- U/!t_ p'mr. Hurry! A real buy! E:.;ctc. JA J-M69. Lt^SE-PURCHASE or bidroom brick home, Sl-'O monthly. Available Write Box 601, Am ose ro sin- f " ";«««'cij. mrs. can foreman, Mrs. Dolon Real ' .T om Roggio, Mrs. Don Wise. Clerk: Wll- i (mm i: AAf-rirmntimn ! °o n f liam G. McClanahan. i l -,r: eC J. n . C .L. Nu ^. e , r , s J'.. 2 - .'- Goojport' North Rol- Auto Shares Pace Advance In Trading STOCK AVERAGES Compiled by The Associated Press « Indus! Rails Ufil. Stocks Prev. day 316.7 104.5 127.7 223.7 Week ego ..,,...315.7 103.9 12«.2 222.4 Month ago 302.1 103.0 121.5 514.0 Year ago 370.8 125.7 133.6 255.5 By ED MORSE AP Business News Writer NEW YORK (API-Responding to an optimistic forecast by General Motors, auto shares paced a vigorous stock market advance early this afternoon. Trading was heavy. The Associated Press average Nr ' h of N slocks at n <x> n ^s up .7 at k: Pete Dolovlslo. 4. 5, t, 11, u. S. C Pine Press. UNIVERSITY PLACE: Three bedrooms", r) r 5T nvenue ana Pine Street-Commls- o'd brick, den, carpeted, bum-Ins, cy- sloners: Mrs. Shields Gllmore, Mrs Be- prcss fence. 260 Frailer. GR 7-5394. atrice Chandler. Mrs. Walter B Cohen THREE BEDROOM, IVi bath/New point Clerk: Terrel1 Woo ' tfv outside. Polio. Fenced back yard. 100% . . G! loon. HE 9-2W5 offer S. 1-2 Lots Clerk: Terrell Woosle'y. Numbrs «MK c . ' ' CentrQl c °°BOO Klrby Street-Commissioners, Mrs. Jr " Mr s. Earl Coleman, ' " . , House. Clerk: Wode Plouche o. 15 L oke Blvd. - Com- IDLKW1LDE LANE 8p;.(inus residential lot. 200 x 1.30' u-itli trees CALL MINES HEAL ESTATE AGENCY HE 3-0959 HE 9-5244 HE 9-9926 HE 9-4019 Pioneer Building Mr. Cork R. Carver Mr. James W. Cromwell , Mrs. c-ro-ae B. Hines Jr. (van _ Robert _. __ Precinct Numbers Chorles Hlph. Ente I Elmlra Rock, Mrs'"junc Wul'tf^'cirrk* Wilfred G. Quirk. ' u, P K CCI 2 c ' Nurnbrr s ". 37. LoGrange Jr. Hiijh, Ryon Street—Commissioners: Mrs Mike Benalis, Miss Leslie Jean Courville, Ji-'j L 5 uro Br °ussord. Clerk: Mrs. Mary Wood Propes. Precinct Number 38, Dolby School, University Place—Commissioners: Mrs. Tom- nL Rlmes '. Mr '- Pof Lundy, Mrs. Jean Little. Clerk: John W. Sullivan Precinct Numbers 20, 21, 22, Barbe El- M?!" o2i i£ ei i n S l r . ert -C8mmlssloner»: Mrs. Pot Rhodes, Mrs. Marie Move, Mrs. Warren Bertrand. Clerk: Ray S. We have o new subdivision. Beautiful lots \v,:h thadt? trees. 530 down, S15 monthly. HriT-j rf oil kinds. Can be financed. Easy trrr-is. PALERMO REAL ESTATE Office JA 7-9577 f- J. Palermo JA 7-9710 S'Dicy Richard J A 7-5464 E. J. Walsh JA 7-7574 Ruby Greenwood HE 3-2906 J R. Palermo J A 7-9577 7£ LOT. 220 East Parkway, University Place. 100' lot, Colletta Street. HE 9- t:y,. HE 3-6407. T>VO CLEARED lots In Prien Area. GR- 7-.:?oO. . g,.. , e aov- chool off Highway 378 on Stlftel Street. > t^" 1 . 0 authority of the City ot Lake rite A. R. Barnette, W. 1, Box 20, ' r^ r L"', has °9reed and hereby affirms ees wile. 239-««8. I P n ° de - c ' ares 'o the voters of the City of LOT 86' x 134', trees, gross, deep well, sewerage system, natural gas, utility building. l'« niile from Westlake High Sc V: . .._ „„. , Leesville. 239-4458.' L ... business Property BY OWNER: 38' x 38' store building, loined 1o a six room house. With two lots. 2022 Knapp Street. $11,500. Down payment, terms available. HE 3-2323. O. Daioie. Srh School ' ' Leulsiana Avenue— Commls- C ' v 'ncent, Mrs. Angle nye-Comrnissloners: Mrs. Vero Pulliom, Clarence V. Strotton. Jr., Mrs. Simon Davidson. Clerk: Carl S Coco The polls will be open at 6:00 o'clock !„?!', £ = ,2," remal n open until not later than 8:00 o clock p.m., exceot that persons within the barrlcVs or within the enclosures of Ihe voting precinct building ot 8:00 o clock p.m. shall be entitled vo l e ,'^ uf no vote 5ha " b e cast later ° n " elk on the sold , ,. : . ;L v.iir v .i, vn ,, le sujo th*r°? ud °, te ,' ? n| Y qualified electors of the City of Loke Charles, Louisiana, un- aer trie Constitution and laws of the State of Louisiana, Including Sections 2 and 3 of Article 8 shall be entitled to vote af said election. Jfat Si'y h .S2" ne Jl- .? ctin 5. as the gov- 100 x 100. Seven room ,J"" ««u.«w.ou, or ot the discretion of :. Two apartments, 1 four ] IJ! mf our "L" ° su _ m ln excess of $200,room, two baths, ond two i °° each Year but not to exceed thirty in rpor. Furnished, $10»~ 1 " crni ot the totol soles ond use tox cr HE 3-5094 1 Proceeds for such yeor CORNER LOT 100 x 100. Seven r o o PTI house, duplex, ~ .... room, I thre rcu'm house SCO. By owi 10*' 6" x 150" lot. Small house ond go- raqe apartment on property. Call after 5 p.m. GR 7-2407. Highvay 90 West. L-i> Acreage 20 ACRES, improved pasture land. Carlyss area. 5650 per ocre. Terms can be arranged. For further Informoton Palermo Real Estate. JA 7-9710, JA 7-9577. TWO ACf>£ TRACT on Houston River Poad, Sulphur. Can be bought, 10% down, S25 monthly. Palermo R e o I EMate. JA7-7710, JA 7-9577. , ACREAGE OFF DeOulncy Highway 140. A i I improved pastures. Financing. Pc;crrno Real Estate. JA 7-9577, JA 79710. 40 ACRES of wooded land, with good rooas. Located 1,000 feet from freeway. Thr, land is bound to increase In value. J! 000 per acre for quick sale. Terms. M ; lchell_Agency. HE 9-3625. 50 ACRE and 325 acre tract of land Aooul three miles North of DeOuincy. 50 ocre tract has good roads $110 per o:rc. Mitchell Agency. HE 9-3625. FOUR ACRES on DeQuincy highway. Beautiful trees. 633' frontage. Contact Joe Denton, JA 7-3114. Sruth of Hollywood. This lond Is bound to increase in value. $1,000 per acre for quick sale. Terms. Mitchell Agency. HE 9-3*25. .-----•••- "•*..'"* 'witrra ui |fie City OT Lake Charles that the proceeds of the rr,r/ ^ '<>r lawful corporate purposes as set out In the RJ?lSh C ?h t0 r be . vofe< ' on °nd comment ina with the first year said tax Is levied a "°. '" *ach year thereafter the Council fi 0 " be required to set aside for capita day'iS' ScVembe'?, me, . o'cck a.m. the City Council of the Cl'ty of Lake L j Colored Property ~BRTCK~HOME Biy 3 bedroom home with beautiful oak floors. This house is l"catecl on a huge 100x140 ft. lot. The total price is only $8700 all you need is $500 and its all jours. Norris and Baxter Real Estate Co., Inc. «ln' n' , WMI eP " P"bHc session ot the reaular meetlnq place of Lok, ^il ln , the , Citv Hall, P at/ o knhS , cflarles - Louisiana, and will then publicly examine and canvass the returns nnt? h electlon ' ond declare and promul ' ^ result5 of sa l d election D ° n ? sianed at LG l<e Charles, ii, Ponsh ' Louisiana, by Bufhorily ?he Ot" C % 0 f O l' ed r bv the City Coun t Atlesl: . C. A/I. JACKSON, President of the Council. FLORENCE N. MOORE, Clerk of the Council. Authorized by Ordinance No an the^Ot up .2, and utilities unchanged. The ticker tape ran late. Trading was most active among the motors and chemicals. Some of the "takeover" oil stocks also were strong. It was glad news to Wall Street an all time profit record this year, said i* expects 1963 to be every bit as good for the auto industry. Steels were irregularly lower. Selected stocks throughout the list did well but. aside from autos, chemicals, and oils there was little group strength. GM, although heavily traded, was up only a fraction but Chrysler and Ford each spurted more than a point each. American Motors reached a 1903 high as it gained half a point or so. Studebaker continued in demand, add- Ing a fraction and changing hands on a block of 10,000 shares. Du Pont (ex dividend) and Eastman Kodak, each added a couple of points. Union Carbide and Allied Chemical were up about a point each. Gains of nearly 2 by Kerr-McGee Oil and more than a point apiece by Amerada and General American Oil were accounted for by renewed rumors that stockholders would profit by merger or takeover deals, brokers said, i IBM came within a fraction of the 400 level as it spurted about 7 points and Wall Street watched to see whether the stock could pierce that important line. Meanwhile, Martin-Marietta, the market pacemaker for four straight sessions, eased on belated profit taking while other space age stocks were irregular. Prices advanced in moderately active trading on the American i Stock Exchange. DOW JONES Four in Sulphur Get Eagle Awards LIVESTOCK Area Sales Results COLTHARP'S, DERIDOER Tuesday, Aug. 21 so C d ATTLE RECEIPTS: Large. 806 head MARKET CONDITIONS-Trading Ac- Dema nd: Good. Prices: Fulst d 1 ECEIPTS: Moderate. 211 head A J^'? KET CONDITIONS— Trading ' Good - ° . STOCKERS: Good to choice (250 Ibs. up) 25-28, common and medium (250 Ibs up) 20-24, good light (250 Ibs. down) 28-35 Steers and Heifers SLAUGHTER: Good to choict 22,50-24, standard 20-21, utility 19-20. STOCKER STEERS: Good 22-23.50 Common and medium 17-21. STOCKER HEIFERS: Good 21-23. Common and medium 17-20. Cows . 5 K A , l i GH T ER: Commercial 15-U, ulili- ty 13-14, cutter 12-13, canner 8-11.50, shells o down. G °° d 16 Cow-and-Coll-Per-Poir ALFRED E. ROBERTS, Aug. 22-29 Sept. 5-12-19. Mayor. Vets Affairs Fund Eyed By Lawmakers Bulls Commence! 18-19, utility 74-17, cutter 14-15. i*n ar J 0 ! W ?" d 9 " |S (18 ° '» !« . 16-17, choice barrows and gilts (140 £< > n u' I5 'L 5i - io - butcher plas "» VIM IDS.) 13-14, medium barrows and gilts 1112. sows (400 Ibs. down) 13-14, heavier sows (old) 12-13, Good feeder pigs ?4 15^ |° mr ™>n and medium 10-13, woods hogs State Increased Public Relations, Paper Reports BOO 3rd Ave. HE 9-9306 CHOICE HOMESITES for sole In Bel". A<r, Quccnsboro, ond Woodlown J700; S500 terms, $25 down on'd 520 month. Coll A. J. Bryont Lumber I ' Miscellaneous NEW ORLEANS (AP)-Public relations costs rose $53,000 during the first year of Gov. Jimmie H BATON ROUGE (AP)—A bud-: Davis> administration, get study showed Tuesday the six- The Tim es-Picayune, which re- man Veterans Affairs Commission' 5° rted the rise in a stor y Tues ~ spent $20,349 during the 1961-62 i ay ni S nt - . said tn e increase rep- fiscal year for expenses. resents a rise of 40 per cent. The •*"*** J v,w* Avii CAIJCUOca. «-v w». *w j^^i. VUiJL. 4. JJU The Legislative Budget Commit- news P a P"' said public relations tee has approved the budget for! ex P enses for Louisiana rose from fho n^nnWrvi^v,* _r «r_/ . * JR157 fldft in IQCQ-Cn *« *inn Ann ;.. LODGE NOTICES the Department of Veterans Affairs, but tied the usual strings to a request for $3,915 in out of state travel expenses. The committee has said it would act on out-of-slate expenses only when state agencies bring in request for specific trips and justify them. The Veterans Affairs Commission requested a/id had approved $16,875 for in-state travel and meeting expenses. The d e p a r tment's budget showed the commission last fiscal hold se, tate expenses and $16,168 e , instruction in the onnw, ' or travel and meeting expenses Wednesday, August 22 at i in the 7:30 p.m. All Master Ma- B sons urged to attend. HAROLD H. YOUNG, Pres. WILLIAM HOLLOWAY, Sec. Stated meeting 1962, at 7:30 p.m. For Jhe transaction of business One EA oegree will be conferred. All Masons ore cordially Invited to at lend. W, N. FRASER, W. M. F. I. STALNECKER, Sec. NOTICE OF PUBLIC SALE Manny Sachs, d-b-a Louisiana Point and Body Shop, Lake Charles, Louisiana, has advertised his Intentions to sell the fol- lowlnn vehicles. Said motor vehicles will be offerc-d at public sole to the highest bidder at his yard on the 31st ot August ot ll:oo o'clock. Said sale to be bene fit of appraisement; 19i3 Chrysler Mtr. Mo. C53-8-50244 Lie. No. 55468) Lo-el; Due: $107.50. 1953 Pontlac Mir. No. K8XH-35364 Lie. No. HV-110 Tex-41; Due: $121.50. 1949 Sludcbaker Mtr. No. 637629 Lie. No. 7i.0-084 La-60; Due: $113.00. •Aug. 2?. .If NOTICE 7o th« qualified electors ol lh« city of Loke Charles, Louisiana: You art hereby notified that on the JOlh day of August, 1962, the City Council of the CHy of Lake Charles, ordered that on election be held in sold City on Hie ?5th day ol September, 1962, for the purpoie of submitting to the qualified electors of said City the following proposition: i f f PROPOSITION 61.oil the City of Loke Charles, Louisiana, through Ifs City Council, the governing authority thereol, under the au- i'-onty ol Sub Part D of Part I of Chapter 6 of Title 33 ol Ihe Louisiana Rev. cd Siolutes ol 1950 (R. S. 33:2711, et M.':U, be outhorlied to levy and colic t within sold City o tax ot one per i ml (Hi; upon the sale at relail, the tu-, Ihe legie or renlal, the consumption ond the sloruae for vs» or con- I expenses for in-state meetings and travel last year were for 40 meetings each at $25 a day attendance at state in 1959-60 to $180,487 in Davis' first year. The statistics, given in data provided some members of the legislature, showed a public relations firm headed by Ed Reed got $27,250 from governmenl agencies in 1960-61, the newspaper said. The firm of Gould-Bleiden and Manley received $23,400 in retainers from various state agencies the same year. ventions of veterans groups and conferences on veterans affairs. Out-of-state travel consisted of attendance at national conventions of veterans organizations to which members belong and of meetings of national veterans groups in such places as Las Vegas, Mobile, Washington, D.C., Louisville, New York City, Denver and Indianapolis. Caroline, Mother Undisturbed by 'Quake in Italy RAVELLO, Italy (AP) — Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy and her daughter Caroline, safely through an earthquake that rattled windows but did no damage to their vacation villa, went to the beach as usual today. Mrs. Kennedy was reported to have assured her husband that she and their 4-year-old daughter were well The quake Tuesday night caused only a slight tremor here. Pictures fell off a few walls. Three Men Join Naval Reserve The Lake Charles Naval Reserve unit is stronger by three men this week. The three seamen recruits are Thomas H. Boudreaux, Henry M. Batiste, and Gary Joseph Doucet. Two other men from the local unit have received orders to active duty. Both men will report to Houston for physicals and swearing in, then to Charleston Naval Receiving Station where they will await duty assignments to the fleet. Before being assigned they will be tested and interviewed for the type of work they wish to do. Thomas St. Dizier, seaman recruit, is to report to Houston on August 22. Victor J. Boutte, seaman apprentice, is scheduled for October 3. Flags Available At Sulphur Office SULPHUR (Spl.) - U. S. Flag kits are available, at cost price, in the Lake Charles American Press office in Sulphur. The American Press office is located in Room 204 of the Foreman building in downtown Sulphur. Cost of the kits is $3 each. The office is open 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. each weekday. I DOW JONES \ (Wednesday) ! Fourth Hour Averages: {~ lals • 613.99 up 5.35 u?mi«-; I»-»«P -86 Fourth Hour sto'cksV 12083up M Allied Chemicals .... , 0 American Bakeries '.'..'" ,,, 4 American Can J?i* American T8.T , ,,5 ,' Anaconda .. 1 '« / " • SULPHUR (SpU—Four Scouts from the West Calcasieu district were elevated to the rank of Eagle at a district Court of Honor Tuesday night in the Sulphur city hall courtroom. Receiving the Eagle awards were Ronnie Ourso, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Ourso; Steve Henrich, son of Mr. and Mrs. G. J. Henrich; John Grubb, son of Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Grubb; and Billy Raxsdale, son of Mr. and Mrs. V. R. Raxsdale. Ourso is a member of Post 33, sponsored by the Sulphur Rotary club with Frank Fellows Jr. as unit leader. Scouts Henrich, Grubb and Raxsdale are mem- „ Aircraft Branlff " Cities Service Continental oil ',"" Eastern Airlines .i... '" Firestone ., .. Ford ....',', General Dynamics"' General Motors .. General Telephone W. R. Grace Gulf on ;;;;. Gulf states ....'.'.', Hercules Powder , Kennecott Copper Lockheed T. Mack Trucks Montgomery Word National Airlines Olln Mathleson Pen American ..! We 51 Vj 3H'J S3',« 2 Hi 36 36'/j 71?i 51% 38 Z7V4 Plote Gla » fears Roebuck ".'.'I."!.'! ............. '?!, Socony Mobil ..... . ............. "»,4 Soufhern Pacific ...... ' ............ S?,, Standard of California I"::":*:" 57% steel Three Hurt When Two Cars Collide Minor injuries were sustained by three persons yesterday in an automobile accident at Ryan and 18th streets, according to Lake Charles cily police. Mary Brown Martinez, 29, Mario Martinez, 4, and Pilar Martinez, 6, all of 412 West School street, were said to be slightly injured as a result of an accident at 6:05 p.m. yesterday. Police said the Martinez car was proceeding south on Ryan when a car driven by Henry Alan Kratzer, 23, of 4312 Auburn street, which was proceeding north on Ryan, turned left in front of the Martinez car. Damage to the Martinez car was estimated by police at $300, and at $225 to 'the Kratzer car. Kratzer was ticketed for failure to yield the right of way. Covington Youth Killed in Wreck MADISONV1LLE, La. (AP) — Leonard Knight, 19, of Covington, La., was killed Monday in a one- car crash near Madisonville, La, hers of Troop 8t of Maplewood, sponsored by the Westminster Presbyterian church with D. A. Carter Sr. as scoutmaster. Eagte awards were presented by Jeron LaFarque, who was an Eagle Scout while a member of Troop 33. The Bronze Palm was presented to Wayne Vice of Troop 38, sponsored by the Sulphur Optimist club and the Silver Palm was awarded Victor Wimberly Jr., a member of Post 33. The palm presentations were made by Derrell Koonce, district commissioner. Scouts advancing to the rank of Star were Terry Batchelor, Post 33; Paul Simpson, Troop 16; Ray McDaniel, Troop 33; Jack Do Image and Tommy Williams, Troop 37; Carl Benoit and Keith LaBorde, Troop 50, Harold Mar-, tin and Mike Greer, Troop 84. Star presentations were made by Carter Simpson, a veteran Scouter. Advancing to the rank of Life Scout were Danny Whelchel and Dean Manning, Troop 33; Jody Boggs, Troop 37; and Eston Singletary, Troop 84. Presentations were made by G. J. Henrich, council executive board member. The Myron J. LaFargue Trophy for advancements and parental support went to Troop 81. Opening and closing ceremonies were conducted by Troop 38. Approximately 150 parents and Scouts attended. DENNIS THE MENACE Beaumont* Man Draws DWI Fine In Sulphur Court SULPHUR (Spl.) - Thomas Daigle, 20, a Beaumont, Texas, oilfield worker pleaded guilty this morning in Sulphur city court to a charge of drunken driving and was fined $135. An Oklahoma student forfeited a $26 cash bond for non-appearance on a charge of running two red lights. Other cases involved charges of speeding and disturbing the peace. Sulphur Meet Will Kick-Off Scout Drive SULPHUR (Spl.) - The annual Fall Roundup program for the West Calcasieu District Boy Scouts of America will be "kicked-off" at a meeting Sep. lember 6 in Sulphur city hall. Plans for the roundup program and the annual district banquet were discussed at the monthly district committee meeting held Tuesday night following a Court of Honorl J. Earl Koonce, district chairman, presided. The annual district meeting and banquet was tentatively scheduled for the W. W. Lewis Junior high school cafeteria on the first or second Thursday in November. G. C. Gibson is chairman of arrangements and serving with him are TODAY'S ANSWER Franklin Koonce. Foot and Derrell The committee also made plans to attend the Calcasieu Area Council executive board meeting August 30 in DeQuincy. The Fall Roundup is designed to increase participation in the Scouting program. As dwarf stars shrink, they convert gravitational energy into heat and light. They may glow weakly for several billion years before the last ray flickers out. SPECIALS GOOD WEDNESDAY-THURS DAY-FRIDAY-SATURDAY MEATS ANY ITEM IN THIS GROUP 3 BIG POUNDS $ 1. RUMP • FRESH COUNTRY PORK BACK BONES • FRESH PORK STEAKS • END GUT PORK CHOPS • PORK LIVER OR STEW • SALT MEAT • CHUCK STEAK O GROUND MEAT • SLAB BACON 39 LB. PRODUCE LETTUCE 33- I0c TOMATOES 2 Lb ,25c RED POTATOES 10.,,, 39c ONLY . . . QUANTITIES LIMITED . . . FREE...2 Lbs. SUGAR WITH REG. PURCHASE OF $12.50 OR MORE BAMA . . 12-OZ. JAR PRESERVES 4,o, $1 SOUR OR DILL PICKLES £ 25c STOCK UP NOW ROStDALE PRODUCTS SWEET PEAS NO. 303 CANS CREAM STYLE CORN WHOLE CORN WHOLE TOMATOES 6 STOCK UP AT THESE PRICES! UNCLE WILLIAM'S PORK & BEANS 12, r $1 TOP KICK MGFOOD BUY NOW , . SAVE 20 POUND DEAL 5 LBS. CHUCK 5 LBS. STEW 5 LBS, SEVENS 5 LBS. GROUND MEAT GLADIOLA CAKE MIX SEAPORT COFFEE. ONE HAI HOG FOR ONE HALF OR WHOLE CUT FREE 5 LBS. SIRLOIN 5 LBS. T-BONE 5 LBS. ROUND 5 LBS. RIB CHOPS 5 LBS. GROUND MEAT $1 Remember ... We handle aged CORN-FEP HEAVY BEEF, cut to your specifications, that will meet or beat any beef sold in this area, "ASK FOR YOUR CHOICE CUT" 2301 WESTWOOD ROAD WESTLAKE-7 AH-8 PM-7 DAYS '/: OR WHOLE CALF (Uver - Tongue - Heart Free) Cut lip Free Lb.

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