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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
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Saturday, June 24, 1961
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7 wo M U f I I A • I o r June 24, PHone 7-3431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P. M. Calendar Monday, .Jim,? 26 The Nighl Circle of First Bpatist of W. M. S. Church will Superior Court a signed carbon 7:30, in the Fellowship Hall for copy of the actor's will, under meet Monday night, June 20, at Chandler Leaves Estate in Trust LOS ANGELES (AP) - Jeff Chandler's attorney has filed in Bablow. Judges, Clerks Continued from Ptte On* R, Sewell, F K. Ammonnette, Clerks: Mi's. Lucks Cowling, Miss !Marie Heed, Guard: II. N. Garney. $t«ph*nson's School H°u*e Judges A. G, Martin, Earl Cato, Cap'Townsehd, Clerks: Mrs. Faye Powell, Mrs. Verdo Powell, Guard its Royal Service program. The;which Chandler left more than Ann Wollerman Circle will he in j$('00,000 in trust for his tsvo (laugh- charge. (CI ' S A petition accompanying the will Thursday said the original of the document, dated June 9, 1959, Hope Junior Auxiliary Meets In Community Room asked Fifteen students of the 19GO-GJ ;copy. classes of the Hope Junior High School are being offered free had not been found. The court was to recognize the carbon The will made no provision for i Chandler's former wife Marjoric. a property settle- season passes to the Hope Muni-i^ rocc j VL , ( j cipal Pool, with the inclusion off m( , , , f , sw.mmmg lessons. Transporta-,^^ The divorce , )CCanle ^ lAug. 16, IfltiO and the daughters -have lived with her since. Chandler, 42, died June 17 of tion to the pool for the swimming lessons will be provided by the Hope Junior Auxiliary, Mrs. Jud Martindale, Mrs. J. W. Branch, and Mrs. George Robi- complications following a back op- son. I era! ion. Other projects discussed and accepted at the monthly meeting of Ihe auxiliary held in the community Room of the First National Bank. Wednesday, June 21st, were a continuation of the Rest : Home visitations and the participation in the Remedial Reading Program to be instituted in-the Hope Elementary Schools in September. ' Mrs. George Wright, Presi- Judges: Booker Propps, Fred Upton, Richard Wolff, Clerks: Mrs. Rufus Wolff, Mrs. James H. Martindale, Guard: Earl Holt, B'evin* Judges: Jack Bonds, Dale Yocom, Ira Brooks, Clerks: Mrs. Syble Taylor, Mrs. lone Wilson, Guard: A. II. Moore. dent of the Hope Chapter, appointed. Mrs. Walter Verhalen and Mrs. Kelly Bryant as cochairmen of the Visual Aid and Audio Committee, and Mrs. E. P. Young,. Jr.,,Mrs. Henry Seaman,' and Mrs. Dick Watkins as mem- bers'of. the nominating, committee. At the suggestion of Mrs. Geo. Peck, a study will be made to determine the advisibility of a survey of the citizens in the Hope community who have not taken' advantage of polio shots. Assisting Mrs. Peck will be Mrs. Jim McKenzie and Mrs. Albert Graves. Mrs. Lamar Cox discussed the NEW YORK (API-Individuals' savings are getting fatter. And merchants are getting restive. Retail sales have risen slightly in recent days after barely holding even with last year through' most of 1961. But total savings have risen much faster— at a greater rate, final plans for the luncheon meeting on June 30th at which time the Hope Chapter will be presented, its charter by Mrs. James Robinson, President of the National Association of Junior AuxOiary. Bi rths I '* ' Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Bowden of Miami, Fla., announce the arrival ; of a baby girl, Claudia Marie, born Sunday June 18. Maternal grandparents are Mrs. Claude D. Lauterbach of Hope and paternal grandparents are Mr.' and Mrs. James Bowden of Shreveport, La. Mrs. Bowden is the former Sara Marie Lauterbach. Coming and Going Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Ellis, Mark 'and : Ann Kathryn have returned to their home in Manila, Ark. after a visit with her mother More Savings Has Marchan a Bit Worried By SAM OAWSON AP Bu s iness News Analyst Columbus Judges: C. R. White, Mrs. Lee Hicks, Lee Hicks, Clerks: Mrs. T. M. McCorkle, Mrs. Horace Ellen, Guard R. F. Caldwcll. Box 6 Judges: Cecil Bittle, O. B. Hodnett, Lacy Howe, Clerks: Mrs. Lois Hampton, Mfs. Jimmy Miller, Guard: 0. B. Hodnctt. Judges: Mrs, Ruth Seymour, Mrs. Grace Rowland, Mrs. Ed Wilson, Clerks: Mrs. D. K. Dickinson, Mrs. Davis Weaver,' Guard C. II. Wilson. Guernsey Judges: M. E. Patrick. Early Mclver, Harold Bobo, Clerks: Arthur Grey, N.. B. Coleman, Guard Arthur Grey. Jr. Patmof Judges: John .Laha, A-.. N. Rider, Eldridge Formby,. Clerics: Mrs. Guy Martin, Mrs. Carl Hinton, Guard: Clifton Formby. Judges: H. W. Montgomery, Elmer Brakebill, Joe Ball. Clerks: Mrs. Willis Long, Brakebill, Guard: G. Fifty Grove Judges: Ralph Cfider, Mrs. Avis F. Lively. Nolan DIXI€ So. «f Hop* Hi School TONIGHT 7:30-9:00 "For the Love of Mike" and "Comonche Station" SUNDAY . MONDAY When Cary Grant and Retort Mitchum Engage in a duel ever Deborah Ktrr - LOOK OUT ! i in "THE GRASS IS GREENER" in fact, than any time since the 1958 recession. People have the money. Many are holding onto it. Something has to give, the merchants figure. And when the consumer starts buying again in his old free-wheeling way, the recovery now centered largely in manufacturing will be confirmed. Even more reassuring to the retailers, especially those handling durable goods, will be the time when consumers return to the good old American way and 1 the volume of new instalment debt starts to swell. But. when? Some count on summer weather ! to soften up the buying jnstincts. Others think that the real recovery will follow Labor Day, when vacation expenses are out of the way, and jobs may be more, plentiful and seem safer. If you doubt that savings have been increasing, because your own haven't or may have shrunk, here's the official figures. of the Securities and Exchange ommi- sion. It says they went up by $5 billion in the first three months of 1961, or $1.8 billion more than- in the like period a year ago. Banks, savings & loan associations, insurance companies and mutual funds report the trend has continued. Some retailers thought sales of big-ticket items were sticky because people were putting their money into the stock market. But [the SEC says that except for in[vestment in mutual funds and U.S. savings bonds the. holdings of securities dropped by $1.1 jillion. Brokers also have noted that in recent weeks holders of small amounts of. stock have been sel ling rather than buying, leaving much of the stock market support to the institutional investors. Clark, Joe Beatty, Clerks: Robert Rowe, J. M. Watson, Guard: Ralph' Crider. Judges: Webb Laseter Jr., Emil Kaden, Mrs. Ed McCorkle, Clerks Mrs. Sue Perkins, Mrs. Robert O'Neal. lolden,- formerly of California and now a resident of Switzer- and, finds himself the center of controversy for that reason. He has been attacked by Congress, lashed by. his fellow, film workers of Hollywood and criticized indirectly by the actors' union of which he was once an of- 'icer. He is defiant. Saenger THCATftB Actor Lives Abroad, Gets Criticized By BOB THOMAS AP Movie-TV Writer 'irst of two articles STOCKHOLM (AP) - William DANGER SIGNAL by Janet: Henry fdtt* sing In pfirtse? fweet Of the sounds of little feet, And I fervently agree; Whot a comfort they can be! . for when they hove ceosed to pa f re r Something's sure to be the.matter. DOROTHY It All Depends on the Mother Answers on GoMdiued MB PiflB one thdicity is 8, Western 1 outpost and showcase in the middle of the Communist world. It is a refuge for East Germans fleeing Conv munism, \ And the allies' troops there are a symbol of freedom—so long its West Berlin remaids free it holds out hope to anti-Communists behind the Iron Curtain that they may in time become free too. And the Western troops there are a symbol of Western support to the West Berliners. And as long as the present situation endures, the attempt by Russia to make the East German government look like a power in its own These are all reasons for Pre mjer Khrushchev to force a change. . If he can force West to make concessions on Berlin, it will weaken the. confidence of the Western allies in themselves. This is. particularly true because West Berlin, is a key example of Western determination and good, faith in upholding the rights of the West against Communist encroachment. So Khrushchev says' those postwar agreements on Berlin are outdated by events. He wants the West to pull;. itstr oops out of West Berlin. He wants it, he says, to be a demilitarized "free city." IT ALL DEPENDS ON THE MOTHER By HELEN WOROEN ERSKINE Dear Helen: This is a bouquet o my mother—we having just celebrated her birthday. If ever there LAST DAY! Don't Miss "fettle «t lloody Beoch" and "Circle of Deception" LATI SHOW TONIGHT SUNDAY - MONDAY _„ WITH THi HYING TAIL" A*itts . . 0* ChiWr.. 3SC Murphy Absorbs Another Company EL DORADO, Ark. (Ap)-Mur. phy Oil Corp. plans to absorb the 'ngram Oil and Refining Co; of New Orleans, it was announced oday. Murphy would obtain all outstanding common and preferred stock of Ingram in exchange for 400,000 shares of Murphy common stock and K million worth of Murphy preferred stock. Directors of both companies will meet next Wednesday to refer the proposed transaction to. the stock* holders, who must approve. The announcement was made jointly by C. H. Murphy Jr, president of the Murphy company, and 0. H. Ingram, president of the Ingram company. Ingram is a private-owned refiner and marketer operating in the southeastern United States Its refinery output is 200,000 bar rels of crude a day. It has seven product termnials along i waterways and markets in seven states. The Ingram Barge Co. and the Wood River Oil Refining Co. o Minnesota are separately own* by the Ingram family. They ir< not involved in the p e n d i n | merger. "I'm living the kind of life that t think is best, for me and my family," he says. "I'll;.continue to do so, no matter what laws are changed;and what.anybody sayss" Holden is the most noted and the. most articulate of the film personalities who have taken- up life in Switzerland. Hollywood-set- worker unions have castigated him for allegedly aiding "runat way production" of American films abroad. The Kennedy administration; undoubtedly, with an eye on Holden, has recommended eliminating'.tax. havens; overseas for the' likes of wealthy actors. Certain senators have,- agreed. So, has Holden's own. union the Screen Actor's Guild. Holden says, "What the sena- ors and. the Guild- are talking bout .is their problem. It couldn't other me- less," As far as he is concerned, it 'much ado about little. "They talk about al! the Amer- can stars' who* are living in was a finer wife and mother, I have yet to hear of it. I'll never forget my first "official" date. I got home around quarter of 12. Mom was waiting up with every light on, as a cheerful welcome. She opened the door wide and greeted my date with he friendliest smile but she made it clear I was to. come in then and there. Ever since this boy has treated me with the greatest respect. We are one of the closest families in- all California. I hope nothing will ever happen to change this. I wish every girl might have a' mother as Wonderful and understanding as mine. Could you print this tribute to her so that she will see it? Annette Marie Caponetto, Palos Verdes Estater, Calif. Dear Annette: This tribute to your mother should set an example to other daughters and mothers! You are living proof ;that; you have a. mother qualified in! tHe real. sense of the word; to be a mother. Unfortunately, as this' day's .mail'testifies, not all come up to her.standards. Not long ago I published a letter from a 1 possessive mother who regreted the fact that she had lost her son to an ungrateful' daughter-in-law. This sparked dozens of letters" from . infuriated daughters-in-law. Here's a livsly one; ' Short though her letter was I can road her like a book. Her son was probably an only'child who, like his .father, has had to devote-his life to her wishes and desires. • She mistakenly thinks that-because she gave him life, his life belongs to her. God help him! He didn't ask to be'born! Dear Helen: That selfish mother insults my right to be a woman. Mystery of Vanishing Marigolds By FRANCIS STlLLEY (Per Hal .Beyle) NEW YORK (AP)—As pump- kinhead amateur gardeners go, I just about went batty—trying to solve the mystery of my vanishing marigolds. It's a goofy story, though when I tell it I get the impression people think it's me who's goofy. Here's what happened: I started some small marigolds in pots in the house. When they got about three inches tall, I transplanted them to the postage- stamp-sized garden in front of my apartment. I basked in a warm glow of satisfaction, knowing that not only my marigolds but the petunigl! zinnias, cosmos, and pansies all were going to do well this year. After all, I put 100 pounds of peat moss, two bushels of humus and gallons of a super-duper liquid- growth mixture into my 1-100,000- th of an acre. A few days after transplanting the small marigolds, I discovered they were disappearing one by one. The peculiar part was that they had been snapped off cleanly at the stem about an inch above Hope Star Hn. e. I. Atot. -l *t fh« ttar MM *f H«»* HM4 So*fft Arkantti Sfr«ef Me*. N. W«M»um, Editor ft Paul M. J*nci, M«n«tlnfl Editor Oonul P»rke», A<)v#m*M<t M*. % MM. Itt* • Aflef, Classified Mar. C. M. (Pad) Rater, Jr., Cfre'f. Mar. Star** W. Naimar, Mech. Suet. KflfOf Ml p e) Hit PaO; Offlet at Haea, Arkamai undar rhtf Act af March J, 1lf7. Mamtaf af fha Afcdlf iurtau Circulation! ef Subscription Rotes (payable In advance) fly turfier in Hope and. neighboring But he won>tvi*niiit any change I gr ?" n( ? A son respects and loves a mother only when she respects and loves him. This son should respect and love his mother, but his wife comes first. If she doesn't this mother can thank herself hould there be a divorce. Tell her and all other possessiv* mothers of sons to let their boys solve their own problems. Her son syill love her tenfold if she does and what is just as vital, she will gain the love and respect of her daughter-in-law who probably despises her now. As a wife and; mother of a son, I've seen what our selfish, dominating ways Ijpve done to our men. Gold help them regain their manhood. May I carry my responsibilities and duties more unselfishly and with greater dignity throughout the rest of my life. —A Wife and Mother Dear Wife and Mother: To have the courage of your mistakes, to to admit them, is a mark of greatness. Continue on this roatl and your will indeed be an inspiration to your husband and son. where the .Communists are boss. in the status of East Berlin, He wants the West to recognize Communist .East Germany as a legitimate- government. Whether it does or- Dojt> he; says, ,ne will turn control of 4ho.se >access routes to Berlin- oyep the.? East; Germans..;., ... V.. •„,... Khrushchev^ has made it plain the question of 'continuing to use those routes-to Berlin-would have to be settled, between the Wst and the East-Germans, whom the West insists arc, not, a. real government. This would put the West on the spot. So long as ..it insists on the present arrangement, the West can insist it has 1 the right, based on postwar agreements, to use the routs to Berlin and keep troops there; ' •. Once it agreed to Khrushchev's demand?, it would yield its rights, could no/tynger claim them, and have to - dicker as best it could with the "East" Germans Who might let supplies through, as a concession but not as a right. In the end such a Western retreat—together with all the hanky-panky the Communists could cook up -in'the years ahead to mak Western contact with Berlin- .difficult—would almost certainly mean the Joss of West" Berlin to communism. At first, I thought perhaps stray boomerangs from neighbor children had done it. But this is a yo-yo year. Then, while sitting on the front porch .one night, I was sure. I had the answer. Several stray cats threw a party in my garden,; all but wrecking a fine clump of pinks before I could brealt up 'the festivities. This explanation didn't hold up either, unfortunately. The marigolds kept disappearing—but now, roots and all, without a trace left. At dusk a few days ago came the astonishing revelation. While standing in front of the house, chatting with a neighbor lady who hadn't planted any marigolds. in her garden, my eye happened to fall on my own botanical wonderland. A bird about the size of a robin was just yanking out another of the marigolds. And zoom—like a Redstone rocket it went whizzing right by me, clutching my marigold in its pesky beak. In a few seconds, it was out of sight behind buildings across the street. Om maflth fit yMr By mail in Hempsteod, Nevada LoFayetfe, (-toward and Miller Counties — On* mmHt $ .8! Three month) , 1.89 III HlMltM 3.5t On* iMt *.SJ All »th*f m«ll — Thrt* m»nth» , 3.91 Sin menlhi 7.81 OM »««f 15.«« Hafl Advcrtlitnfl Rapreientatlvei Arkansas Doilies, Inc., 1602 Stcricd Bldg. Memphis 2, Tenn.; SOB T\a1a» Sank Bldg., Dallas 2, Texas; 360 N Michigan Ave., Chicago 1, III.; 60 E. 42nd St., New York 17, N. Y.; 1763 Penobscot Bldg., Detroit 2, Mich. Terminal Bldg., Oklahoma City 2, Okta. . . • Member af the Associated Preiti The Associated Press I. entitled exclusively to the use for republication of all the local news printed In thfl newspaper, as well as all AP new •lispatches. Send your problems to Helen Worden Erskine. Be sure to enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope and address her care of this nwspaper. Helpful leaflets available. Write for "Mother Complex." Dorothy Dix is a registered trademark. A Bell Silicate Feature. Switzerland,," Holdew said* "Well, wh» are they? David Niven? He's English. Inglish. Mrs. Leota. Futroll Mr. and Mrs. lees* Dallas spent last week with. Mr jand Mrs. Joe Greene. Deborah Kerr. Peter Ustinov? She'e He's Snglish. Noel Coward? He's Engish. Audrey Hepburn? She's Dutch-English. 'Then they mention Ava Gardner. But watt- •• minute — she's win* in Spain: isn't she? So who does that leave? Me. That's all." The aetor remarked: "It seems o me that Americans have always wen- noted for moving around, or being unafraid of new chal- enges, new frontiers. Now certain people are trying to tell us to stay at home and- not work abroad,- It's * form of isolationism. "Why did- President Kennedy propose^ the peace corps i£ not to get Americans to live and work in foreign lands? "They can change the laws any way they like. That won't make things any different for me. Living in Switzerland has been the most rewarding experience of my life." A Short Short Storv MR. MORGAN, MAN OP ^ THE WORLD By LESTER ARNO Mr. Morgan made himself comfortable in the limousine about to take.off for the international airport. He put his flight bag to his right, adjusted his glasses, reached into his inside coat pocket and pulled out- a handsome black leather passport case. As he leisurely leafed through the enclosures marked "Airline Tickets," "Letters of Credit," "Luggage Checks" and "Landing Card," one could tell at once that to Mr. Morgan this was an old and tired practice. More than that. Mr. Morgan was obviously a world traveler. There was the usual young couple off on their honeymoon, tour- 6 1961 »y MEA, 1Mb Truck Turned Out to Be o Stinker LIVERMORE, Calif. (AP) — Orlandis Brcckenridge, delivered a fire to the Fire Department Tuesday and it was a stinker. Breckenridge, a truck driver for the LJvermore Disposal Co., was. collecting, garbage when his cargo started, blazing, Trailing smoke, he, sped to the fire house, where .the blaze was extinguished. 340,000 FirW SEOUL, ft«r*« <AP) -, Souta military premier^ l|. Cfen. that about of U» fover* wptayes Another ap,Qflf will, b» lei out for draJt tod&ng or other reasons, ist class; the wealthy widow attended by an oversolicitous companion; the crew-cut engineer-salesman type; a foreign gentleman with a. hat brim two inches too wide; a neat clergyman and his tidy wife; an overdressed young woman accompanied by a man who could have been her father but who obviously wasn't. Yes, the limousine load for the airport was populated about as usual, according to the experience, of Mr. Morgan. Next to him sat a lovely young woman, her cheeks flushed with excitement. "I'm on my way to Germany," she confided. "My first trip abroad. I'm meeting my husband in Dusseldorf," Mr. Morgan smiled encouragingly, "lively city, Dusseldorf. Be sure to see the new opera bouse. Magnificent structure. Naturally, you'll start with the old town, JUrl$U#. Very historic. I'm sure your husband will sM-to it thai you see every point of interest," "Herbert's just been there three weeks. Hf was transferred from Mo n Found Dead at Barium Mine MALVERN, Ark. (AP) -George A. Lawrence, about 60, was found dead Thursday at the Barium Co. Mine at Magnet Cove, where he worked. Coroner R. W. Griswold said he apparently fell into a sand blasting, machine' which mangled his right arm: But, he added, the injury .was .not serious enough to cause death. An autopsy was scheduled, Off on Tour PINE BOUFF, Ark, (AP) Federal Judge and Mrs. Gordon E. Young of Pine Bluff enplane Saturday on • six-week tour of 10 European countries. They will visit England^ Ireland, Scotland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Ger- Womon Ties o Youth on Railway BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP)—Polico combed Buffalo's North Side today for a woman who lured a boy .away from his playmates, tied him with butcher's twine and left him, gagged, beside a railroad track. It was the second such event in that section this year. Richard Edington, 5, managed to free himself shortly after his experience Thursday. Except for a few scratches on his arms and legs from scrambling through bushes, he was not injured. He told police the woman had told him they were going to play "cowboy and Indians," stripped him to his underwear, then stuffed a gag in his mouth and a plastic bag over his head before binding him. He was not sexually molested. The case paralleled another last April in which a North Side girl was lured to a railroad right-of- way by a woman and left there bound and gagged. She was found unhurt. Police said descriptions of the woman by the children were similar. She is apparently middle- aged and mentally deranged. many, Holland; Prance. Belgium, and He. Morgan world traveta. Chicago. Please tell me more." Mr. Morgan allowed himself a benign smile "Well, let me see. There are the public squares. The Cornelius platz with its fountain and a statue of Cornelius; the Schadow- platz, it to has a fine monument; he market place and its eques- rian statue of the Elector Johann Wilhelm;, and, of course, the many, many fine museums and art galleries. Oh I envy you your [irst discovery of lovely Dusseldorf." The young woman beamed at Mr. Morgan. "How wonderful it must be to travel everywhere as you do." Mr. Morgan permitted himself a small smile. The last limousine departed from the airport. It held but six. passengers. Each was silent. The limousine pulled up in front of the hotel. The passengers debarked. Five of them went into the hotel;, ow scrolled leisurely away. Mr, Morgan walked up the stairs oi ah old brownstone house located ia • somewhat rundown part of the city, It had a sign in th* window, "Carefree. House" — Room and BoardMjy the month Mrs. Manganoso, Prop." Mr. Morp* unlocked the door opened it ««d. closed it. He put down his \aobn\\9, his flight bag and bis hat. Wen he signed contentedly, Mrs. MangiHoao came into the front hall. "Welcome home, Mr. Morgan. And Where did you go today? India? Africa? The South Seas?" "Pusseldprf, Mrs. Manganoso," Mr. MorfW' replied. "It's 'in Germany. Lovely city, Beautiful public squares, You really should go there some time. Good night." Mr, Morfid picked up his umbrella, his flight b#g and his hat and walked up the stairs to his rented **«* Htvwa* uj-a hurry Woman Drowns in Saline River MONTICELLO, Ark. (AP) ~ Mrs. Glenda Faye Cherry, 2, of Monticello, drowned in the Saline River near Ozment Bluff Thursday when she stepped into a deep hole while wading. Fishermen rescued her sister, Martha Benton, 18, and brother, Jerry Benton, 20, both of Columbus, Ga. after they got in trouble when they tried to help her. The body was not recovered immediately Firm Policy on Berlin Is Offered By ERNEST B. VACCARO WASHINGTON (AP) - Sen. Jacob K. Javits, R-N.Y., offered a resolution today to put Vhe Senate on.. record as backing a firm policy for. continued support 'of West Berlin. He said it would help erase "any ambiguity in U.S. policy" that may have been raised by the suggestion of. Senate Democratic Leader Mike Mansfield of Montana for an internationally protected "free city" of both East and' West Berlin. £ In a speech prepared for delivery in the continuing debate over the Berlin crisis, Javits said that. if Mansfield's suggestoo were accepted, "all of Berlin would be Communist in six months—and Germany would be divided forever." The United States, Javits declared, must safeguard its obligation to remain in Berlin with the same coolness and the same (.,> termination that the Russians are using, not only on that front, but on others." "I would be the last to say that this is not without risk," the New York Republican continued, "but I would be the first to say that it is a risk which if not taken is likely to lead to reverses far worse in character — and could lead to> defeat." f. Sen. John Sherman Cooper, il- Ky., proposed that President Kennedy form a bipartisan consultative committe of foreign policy experts for "a full review and consideration of every aspect of the German and Berlin issues." He suggested such a group, which would "include former Republican Secretary of State Christian A. Herter and former Democratic Secretary Dean AcheC'-i, work under Secretary of State Dean Rusk and consult with former Presidents Dwight D. Eisenhower and Harry S. Truman. Such .a committee, Cooper said, would provide Kennedy with "the broadest base of support for the decisions he will be required to make" on Berlin. Storm Hit Turks v ISTANBUL (AP)-Storms and fresh floods hit scattered sections of Turkey during the night, taking 14 lives and. causing widespread damage. Lightning killed H of the vie- tims, including five children. Dollarway Takes No Action PINE BLUFF, Ark. (AP) -The Dollarway Schol Board took no immediate action Thursday night after interviwing four Negro grade school students who seek transfer from an all-Negro school .0 integrated Dollarway. The ward said it would make a decision "in reasonable time" but gave no hint when that might be. it has said it will not make transfers. HAROLD HINDRIX MM.PWOOO Of ALIR fcwore of MM «Ml YM+ PrewtHYvd N, on Hwy. « to 8Pt out t, tr*y«L folder from tiutMf , tk* QtrmM air line. Hi wmmtitm to !e*rn if he 9bout Ifil SAVE ON AUTO TRUCK —FIRE INSURANCE Ufa ln*ur«Mf .* SAM McHINRY, Atort fhtii* ?44f i er M0f Fuiwrol Horn* and Burial Association TwoWoy Radio, Oxygeh, Air Conditioned Wiom PR 7-4*86 SPRAYERS Row Crop and Posture Sprayers 9 rliHM TiMttalvy PORTER for

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