The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 10, 1918 · Page 5
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 5

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 10, 1918
Page 5
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4'- PAGE FIVE tM ^AfArtln tlonglnnd was UOBtfesa the .Pilat Alatroh'i club last even* lug nl her home on Fifth avenue west. This Is tho rirBt .meeting or the season. Music on the Vlctrola was enjoyed and .the Indies did lied Cross work, utter which the hostess served a delicious lunch. .The next meeting will lie with Mrs. Harry C.'liliichnne nt her homo 6h tfltth; aVo- uue west. The executive, committee ot the 'Domestic Science club met last evening nt the homo ot Mrs. Carrie Hill, nnd presented her with a pin, tie a token ot thblr remembrance ot her. She lenvos today for North Dakota to he-gone indefinitely artd the club mcm- hern will mlfis her, as she has been un active member of tho club tor about twcnly-flvo fonts. •*> <$> 4> • Mrs. CI. H, Black returned a few days itgo from St. bonis where she has been most "of tho summer with her son, George Xllack, who Is In the MclJine Sanllnrlnui there. Mr. Ulnck will remain at the sanitarium about throe months longer. <5* <S" 1> Mrs. Carry 15. Wnrnock, Minn Mnr- iel-Glbbons and Miss A'era VVarnoek have returned from a week's visit at Manhattan and Camii Winston. They were Joined the last of the week by Jllsa cleo Warnock. •$> Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Colver of Kinsley wlio have been here tor several days visiting tlielr daughters Mrs. Orovnor Milue, and Mrs. \V. K. Evans tnottrcd home ylBterday. 3> <p M,-. and Mrs. J* W. Jones and children of Newton who linve been tho guests of Mr. and Mrs. Charlos Weddle or Fourth avenuu east, have returned to their home. Mr. Franklin Hettinger returned horns lant night from Ann Harbor, MlOignn where he attended Michigan University last year, and has boon employed this summer. nr. and Mrs. II. M. Stowart entertained nt a seven o'clock dinner last evening for Mr. .and Mrs. Curtis Peugh and Mr. * Oliver EloffsDn ot Colorado. «>,$.«• Mrs. Elton Giles and little daughter are bore from near Larned visiting nt the home of her father, Mr. 0. B. Manning and with other relatives, <«> <$•. <!> Mr. and Mrs. K. E. MclteynoldB of Kismet announce the birth of a son August thirtieth, to whom they have given the name Cllston Kent. <!> <•> The S. and S. S. Club will meet tomorrow evening at tho home of Miss J Hope Cearcy on Sixth avenue cast. <S> <S> <«> .._ The R. W. li. club will meet with Xlss ijiicille Glbbs this evening at her homo on Seventh avenue west. • Sgt. Frcu Mills of Ft. Sill, Oklahoma, left today after a short visit with his sister, Mr. and Mrs. li. J-I. Shearer. • " Mr. Wilson Clements has returned from St. Joseph, Mo., where he has been for the last few months. <S> <»> * Mr. Fred Little and Mr. Clifford Little or Greens burg are here today visiting with friends.' «• <&, <$> Mrs. Asher Alford has returned from a visit with her mother, Mrs. Carlton, In Indiana, «• <5><5> Miss Flossie Allen of La Crosse Is the guest for a few days* of Miss Alfreda Yeoman. •p <S> <?> Mrs. Nollie Young has returned from Sallna where she Bpent Beveral days visiting friends. • <S> <S> Mrs. Arthur Hawthorne of Wichita Is hero visiting with her slater, Mrs. Guy Round. «• <•> <S> Mrs. Fred Groenleuf ot Dodge City Is here today visiting with Miaa Bess Liurk. ' <S> <S> <J> Mr. and Mrs .Harry White are in Topeku Ihls week .attondlng the fair there. <S> <8> «> Miss Hazel Work of Ellsworth is the guest of Miss Winifred Leonard, I tho oldest and most respected citizens of the race, made on address In which ho admonished tho young . people agniUBt the evils of thoughtlessness In regard to the future, saying that tho future of the race depends upon the young people. Sol Butler spoke ot the progress made by members of tho race In other parts of the country, and sold that he WBB hopefully looking forward to tho lime when Hutchinson would afford leaders who would he trusted by mem- bere ot both races, and who could raise tho standing of his people. He emphasized the following points as things which should be remenvbered In regard to progress, that the ballot should be carefully utljlzed as an intelligent weapon, that cooperation and organization spell a brighter future, and that the race is In need ot Intelligent leaders. , Mrs,' Bessie'Walker made a short talk on the heeds and future of the race, and the tlilngB upon wh'loh the destiny ot the race depends. After I ho speeches, refreshments were served. To the Public. The KnnBas Central indemnity Company, ot Hutchinson, Kansas, which Is owned and controlled by Hutchinson and Western KnnsaB Investors, Is now located In the Great Amerlcnn Life Building, Just caBt of Convention Hall. ' The large Increase of business during the past year naturally called for more office spneo nnd'permnnent quarters. At the close of business,' August 31st, 1918, - records ot tho company show" It to be In a most healthy condition, with $100,000.00 loans on farm mortgages and over $1,100.00 suvplus and all claims due have been paid promptly—in fact the company never allows a Just claim to remain unpaid over five hours after receipt of proof. The company Is now doing business In Ivansns, Oklahoma and Texas, with over three hundred traveling representatives writing Health and Accident Insurance only. One hundred and eight claims paid to Hutchinson citizens during the past eighteen month*. HutchiUBon citizens should carry their Health and^Accident Insurance with the Kansas Central—the "Home Company— and get quick service on claim day and build up a Hutchinson institution instead of eastern concerns that have no interests In Hutchinson. Wo Invite the citizens of Hutchinson to call and see our new offices and get acquainted with the Home Company—the Company of Service— we assure you a pleasant visit and a souvenir. Come up, ladies cordially Invited. THE KANSAS CENTRAL INDEMNITY COMPANY. 10 -lt Vegetables. ... Fresh licnd lettuce, Celery, sweet potatoes, beets, carrots, tomatoes, hot peppers, mangoes, ye]low wax beans, onions, cauliflower, egg plant, cabbage and potatoes at I. -SMITH'S Grocery and Market. Phone 1G00. , ,10-lt. StovoPlpe and coal hods at O'Donnell's, Fourth and Main. 7-3C \ , DR. ATKINSON Chiropractic Physician 20H North Main. 7-tf Dancers. Class lessonB in ballroom dances ov. cry Friday night, 7:30 to 9. Social dance from 9 to 12. Woodman Hull. Holaday's » piece orchestra. Prlvato lessons by appointment, Phone 11551 7-tf ANNA MCDONNELL. Children's Dances, Beginning September 7, every Saturday afternoon -will teach children's ballroom r.ud fancy dunces. Phono 1450. D IAMONDS Will soon take another Jump in prlco, and if - you contemplato purchasing a diamond in the' next year you can save money by calling on us now. We have a large Unq of Perfect Blue White Diamonds on hand that wo are soiling at tho same low price as last year. Call in and Talk Diamonds with Us. THE HOUSE OF SERVICE THE ZINN JEWELRY & OPTICAL CO, Henry Zlnn John Blrchfleld Official Statement of tho Financial Condition or the PARTRIDGE STATE BANK, at Partridge, state ot Kansas, dt tho close of business on tliu 31st day of August, mm. HtijsotirtcES.. Loans and discounts.,,..fHl' f vtl&.ufi 7 -tf ANNA MCDONNELL. MEETING WELL ATTENDED PROGRESS FOR RACE MADE Ovui-di-afU, unsecured,.. Munk tiulMlnii, JilSU; furniture und, fU65 , United Stated bonds on hand.. Other bonds and wurmnts...... Guaranty fund \ylili Statu Treaa., bomtti , Cash and sight exchange, legal rwaerve . ............v....... Collections In traustt Social at Uroadus Hull Last Night was Beneficial to Colored CHizens« ' The Importance of leaders for the colored race was tho strong point made last night at the niasj meeting held at Bfoadus Hall by Sol atiil Benjamin Butlor. The" tueetlpg wat well attended by all of-line progretKlve members of the raop. Tho orlgt,'Al program was not given, but the e\4 ning was spent mostly In talk* ft«i\ discussions ot the needs ot the race 'Benjamin Butler opened the raeetini by a short talk In "Which he emphasized the need of organization and competent Intelligent leadership of tho race, He stated that progress ctfuld be wade by the coloreij citbseoji of Hutchinson only through the en- tbustaum which they displayed, and the amount o( strong leaden which thev uruducedi ii. Uroadua, one of 01S.8U 3.3115.UU 11I,905.U{| H,Wf3.(IT Totiil ; ; }2W),007.8!J LIAUIUTU'JH: Capital Btoek paid In i 10,000.00 Surplus fund 16,000.90 liiu-rest $>l,li00,63 lixohailge .... 32.4a J1,3UU.04 Less current expenses, Interest - and taxes Paid,, . ,,. 0t2.8i ilC.lti Demand deposits: Individual deposits, subject to check..., Wt.tUM Certificates of deposit, due tu lass than 80 days ..% 11,616.81 183,611.73 Time deports. Certtfluaies of deposit duo on or after 80 day«...,, 389.60 Total ,.J210,I»7.8» State of Kansas, County of Reno, as. I, Jno. W. Anderson, cashier of said bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement is true; that said bank has no liabilities, and Is not Indorser 0 n any »ot» or obligation, Qthor than shown on the above statement, to the best of my knowledge and belief. So help mo dod. WO. W, ANDSJRSON.^ W Cashier. Subscribed and sworn to before me, this llth day of September, 1818. ,„ , • JifBNItY O, O'HARA, (Seal) Notary Public (Commission expires on the jeth day ol January, M'ii) * Correct-rrAttest: % W. a HASKAHO, ' Dlreotor*. 79 Waller B. Wilson, mr* Cwn«|»., •loner, T«peh«, Kau, ^ w bkkb WiNt TO K'flANCl Farm Recently PufthMtd by W. E. Long Has a Distinction. The deed to the farm recently purchased by W. E. Long of this city from Mra. C. D. Henry and children In Lodl' township, Kingman county has quite a distinction. One ot the heirs owning nn equity in the Henry estate i3 nt the battle front. Tho deed had to ho sent to him for his signature and was officially acknowledged "by the adjutant of the 6Dlh regiment. Are You Saving Sugar. Eat fresh fruit—apples, pnnqhes, plumB, grapes, cantaloupes, watermelons, oranges, bhnnrias and lemons. I. SMITH'S Grocery and Market. Phono 1500. 10-U Penches may be dried In a moderately warm oven In forty-eight hours. They should bo cut in halves and stoned. Indications of Strained Eyes Tho symptoms of eyestrain varv considerably with difforchl indtvklu- nls, but In tho majority of naaen headaches aro complained of, sometimes nausea Is present. Indigestion, also, is aultn common, as is dizziness. Wcnrlnff or the proper Glasses Rets rid of tho oye-strafn, together wfth the string of accompanying troubles*. The proper glasses are here. Clarence G. Fear], Optometr/st FEARL «. SON Jewelers and Optometrist* Kslabliabcd 1$%. Full Line of Hats and Caps Save Middle Man's Profit by Buying From \ South Main Phone 1011 l )E I^UXp *^ TODAY *^ V in "Amariyy of ClotheelineAllef B>IWI»lj«(alu«dM I AaAgrC13AF|-iW When the history of the Screen is written, "AnmriUy of Clothesline Alley" will be the Standard by which historian^ judge nil Mary Pickford pictures, MARm DRESSLICR, in Cross Red Nurse Tomorrow—Deluxe WAIXBCE REIB, in Believe Me Xantippe Friday- and Saturday The Biggest Show on Earth We booked this (or Friday and 3at«rday so the school children Could, have toe best chance to see ' he best circus picture ever made. Keep it in wiud—it's a deiudy, 1C l ~*>»<— '--^ IE No Approvals. Every article Guaranteed as Represented. At Sawyer's Lower Prices, Lower Expenses, Exceptional buying facilities. Later you will be unable To Duplicate These Offerings at Present Prices— on Account of the Advance in Cost of Materials FURS of all Kinds That are Wonders for the Money. GORDON Silk Seal Plush Coats at $25 We specialize In Salt's Silk Seal Plush Coats at $25.00 showing unmatchable values at this price; both plain and trimmed. This is also true of the remarkable bargains v/e have in-coats of all wool Chevjyts, Velour. Burella, Kersey and other woolen materials in every v/anted color at this price—$25.00. $21.75 $25.00 $29.75 $35.00 $39,50 $49.00 $59.00 $69.00^ $75.00 $89.00 $98.00 $125.00 $150.00 $189.00 $198.00 Winter Suits of all kinds at As has been our custom heretofore we make It a strong point. to have values out of the ordinary in $25.00 suits especially. Material and labor conditions considered we have never before shown abet­ ter assortment nor given better values in $25.00 Suits than right now. $16.95 $19.75 $25.00 $26.95 $29.75 $35.00 $39.50 $45.00 $49.00 $59.00 $69.00 $75.00 $79.50 $89.00 $98.00 jjj O. F. Sawyer Dry Goods Co., Corner North Main and 2nd Streets, Hutchinscn, Kansas 3 Riverside Park TONIGHT Bobby Barker Company for one more week in latest musical tabs. ^ Dancing Tonight Park Favillion Old Settler's Picnic Tomorrow /ersharp Pencils Always sharp—never sharpened. The most convenient and economical pencil to buy. Fountain Pens For School Use A superior line at Sl-50 to $2.00 each; all self filling and guaranteed satisfactory. Other leading makes from $2.50 to $5.00. Jay T. Brown 120 NORTH MAIN Jeweler & Optician Fine watch, clock and Jewelry repairing. Heosonable prices. ( IS YOUR CHILD STUDYING MUSIC ? IF NOT, WHY NOT? Get that piano now and let her have the opportunity she should have. We have an elegant assortment nf pianos to select from including The Acoustigrande Schumann Bond Packard and the world renowned "Apollo." A/BO a number of good used instruments. VEATCH BROS. PIANO HOUSE Phone 52 Tl10 Homo of High Class Pianos. \ 20 North Main ELBERTA Peaches $3.25 Bu. PRESERVING Pears $2.50 Bu. BLUE Plums $2.25 4 Baskets Crate WHY PAY MORE? 4 bars Creme Oil Soap 30 No, 3 can tomatoes, doz,. .$2.40 Golden Rule Big Chief School tablets, doz ,.. 50 These are 45 sheets tablets, same as last year. Do not cou- fuse these with 35 sheet tablets bought this year. Golden Rule Grocery Phone 296 We Deliver 321 N. Main St. H. D. Kelsey, Proprietor IDfC All Seats r IKId Always DC * TODAY Ruth Clifford in "MIDNIGHT MADNESS" It'u a Bluebird. PrixlticfMl by Iho famous Itupert Julian, 6 main, Tuduy only. Tomorrow Charley Chaplin Billie Rhodes Comedy. Iris Screen Telegram Shuvving official war newa. Thursday Mary Charleson —IN— "Satan's Private Door" A regular potato knife enables one to peel vegetables wlth'-'Kreat speed, yet the paring will always be ot tt»o samp thiiiucss. Drowned breadcrunrus and cream inufee uu excefjeul bre;ittf.\sc twi. PEARL TODAY Last Time Triangle Presents J. Barney Sherry —In— "Tie ARGUMENT" A Tremendous Story With a Great Moral Lesson. ALSO THE MISSING PRINCE The 2nd Episode of "Hands Up" Coming Wed. and Thurs. Douglas Fairbanks -In— "American Aristocracy" PEARL Every Friday and Satarday for 15 Weeks, Starting Sept. 13th Vilajjraph's Latest and Greatest Serial. Featuring With Edith Jor and Joe Ryan WILLIAM DUNCAN With Edith Johnson -IN— "A Fight for Millions" A wonder tale of the great open spaces—the lofty mountains—the wooded hills—the lakes—the great white wastes of Northern siiowfields. Week ROYAL Last Time Today MAE MURRAY -IN— MORMON MAID" Tomorrow and Thursday CONSTANCE TALMADGE in A Heroine who stops the clock of convention and tries to wind it again. Soon Will You See "THE GEEZER OF BERLIN" Watch for it i

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