The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 18, 1934 · Page 2
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 2

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 18, 1934
Page 2
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THE PAWS NEWS, , JUET 1% /I/I Club s LeotaLeverettBecomesTlie \ Bride Of William Finney Make This Model At Home Pari* New* Daily Pattern The carriage of Ali=* Leota l.everett. only uausrhter of Dr. ar.4 Mrs. Jaaada.5 I>eoiiard L.e\erett. to 1 lAViIiian^ Breck-en i-'i::r:t-> . son o: '•••Mr- -and Mrs. Rv;cin3.1d H. Finney „ took j?l^ce "'u<e>da> -fter.i^on at %:SO o'clock ;v. ::..e v'-:.:r:-- i-'rv?- bvteriaTi c""urch. The pas-;c-r. i)r. F. L. W^L-. .^v.<-d i..> L>r. \V. Al. mony in the pr <-:?». nee c~ s-e\ez-&. hundred re^t:ves ar.d :r:ends. The altar v.-;is banked with ferns and v-a!::^ ::: a ryra::.:d shape which was accvr.t uated with :a.:! prelUilt Miss Thetis Will:a:r.s •na"n'a"-At L?a-A" ana "I lx>v« Yo^ Trv:y." iiv,--orr.-,;anied by Miss V>"i! :-' the -r-r^in v. hv al^o p;ayed t.'ic- brical i-h-.j-ri;^ :ro::i cessional a^c. Mrndeissehn's ^Ved- Th» briav, who wa> c.-- vn in marria-Ss b;. her fat her. wore a lines with via -vled;cj sleevi^ was a band cf the =ame pearls, vill-e. the farmer Anr. Kze'I of M-S5 Kather 3 Tie P --•;.••_ on v/as n.iaid "YOU'RE TELLING W. C. FELDS irh<. i-ausrhs. Morx- I-a TOC NEEX> NO GLASSES TO SEE rrs CHIC: PATTERN i9i'i By ANNE ADA! » It requires no field glasses to ^ee that the young lady in the sketch is wearing a very smart frock. We don't know what she is Icoklug: at, but xve are dead certain thai a lot of eyes are looking a*, her . . . with a siini of green in them! Though there is no reason for :t.' Anybody can have this charming frock who will take the trouble to make it, and it is very little trouble. Even if you have r.«\ er made a frock before the instructions and si:r.ple sew cha't €xr'la:r. it fr-. a way that removes all sewing: hazards. Dor.'i you simply love that yoke? Pattern IS*I Is available Jn sues 14. 1?, IS. 20. S2, 34. 36. 3S and 40. Size IS takes S ~; yards 3S inch fabric- Send FIFTEEN CENTS (I5c) In :cins or stamps v coins preferred* for this Aarte Adams pattern Write plainly name address an<i •style number. BE SURE TO STATK -stshioss. the newest fabrics, and th« 3'cmmer season's outstanding accessories are illustrated a_nd described in the XEW AXXE ADAMS PATTERN SOOK FOR SUMMER. ORDER TOUR COPY OF THIS KSI-PFT;i_ NEW SUMMER BOOK. PRICE OF BOOK FIFTEEN CENTS. BOOS AND PATTERN TOGETHER, T1VSNTT- FIV3 CENTS. Address orders to Th» Paris" Xevrs Pattern Z>er*aj"tment. 243 •-Vest ITtb Street, New Tork City. HUGO LOCAL NEWS, PERSONAL ITEMS HL'GO. Okla-. — Announcement has been received here of the approaching marriage of Miss KJitheri«i^ Huneke, dau£ht«r of Mr. and Mrs, Frank Huneke of Dallas, former Hugoans. to J. F. Klingensmith of Xocona. the wedding to take place August 4. Mrs. G. \V, Johnson and Miss Katherine Johnson are visiting in Mountain View, Ark. Mr. and Mrs. Herschel McXabb and son of Ponca City are visiting Messrs, and Mmes, R. M, McNabb au<J Arthur Moore- Mrs. H. I>. Cartwrisht i* visit- ins relatives in Galveston. Joe Pierce. Jr., is recuperating" at l>octors Hospital after an op~ eratlon. A. Wolfe and nephew. Billy Wolfe/ are visiting at Mineola. Texas. Henry Young. vocational instructor ivas the speaker at Tuesday's civic luncheon when the Ko- tarlans were hosts to the Lions. Chamber of Commerce and Retail Merchants members at the Metho- { dist church. Mrs. Ernest Holloc of lx>s Fres- j a os, Texas has been visiting Mr. j und Mrs, William Sizerrsore. | Mrs. L. D. Roarfc and daujrht-er | Mary Jane of Kansas City are vis-! itinsr Mrs. U. G. Knox. j Wayne San^uin is visiting his j sister. Miss Selma Sangruin inj Paris. Aiiss Mary Karris i* visiting Miss Emma Taylc-r at LAURA WHEFXER LACE-TRIMMED COLONIAL FIGURES ON BEDSPREAD COLONIAL BEDSPREAD PATTERN 782 Not oniy the handicrafts of Co!- » the bedroom. These ficures— Osia.i days appeal to Uj but the ; can't you Irna^Jne them in a variety- very Colcnial figures do. Their \ of lovely colors—are especiilly make :In?' v> not only dec- : fitting for a -bedspread. Besides orative but a. very dainty motif, for the- simple embroidery which is used, a very decorative not« i* added by a plastic touch to the figures, that makes them very lovely. The- flower sprays are don* in the popular French knot flotr- ers. This design is a companion one to pattern 597 shown *om* weeks ago: using these two patterns a complete bedroom *et c»a b.> decorated with these Colonial figures. Pattern 7S± comes to you with a transfer pattern of a. motif 15x1* Inches, a spray 6x1 S inches, a. .spray SrsxlS inches, one and on« reverse of a 3 1-4x3 75 inch spray, and four 4 2-4x5 inch ones; directions for doing the «mbrold«ry; illustrations of mi stitches used; and material requirement*. Send 10 cents in stamp* or coin (coin preferred> for this pattern to The Paris News, Needlecraft Dept.. S2 Eishtn avenue Xew York. X. T. 1 WOMAN, 28 MEN IN COTTON SCHOOL COMMERCE. — Twenty-n!ne persons, including one -woman. ar« enrolied in the cotton school conducted, by H. F. Taylor of th« Bureau of Agricultural Economic*, United States Department of Ax- ricu'tar*. The school trill last through "Friday. The ancient Mayas had hiero- crlyphic books on history, medicine, astronomy, divination and I subjects. 2 REVIVALS HELD NEAR WOLFE CITY W. B. FINNEY e5 and \--hite giacioli, t::a H'jtc'^ins cf Hous- "MEN IN WHITE" l-sf P!a? Tria: TToii TJte crsra.nza 1 ds-L^i'-s. streamers draper from the crys- Jenkins of Oklahoma City. ._._ .. _,.. .,, ...... ^, ~ —***" c^ ^*^c^vin— silver holders ai each corner of,- "~ ~ ~" the tablr lighted in the room. Mrs. I aey ' Mr - an ~ Mrs - Mcilahan 01 Ada. Richards ^ras in charge of i C3arksvil-e. Mr. and Mrs, Richey the cake and -a-ss assisted in serv- j of Drrant. Okla., Mr. ar.d Mrs. ing- by Misd; Olivia Hunter and! T> O .J McDowell of Huso yr and Miss Margaret Kzell. Miss Mary: , Virginia Johnson and Miss Kath-: ' Vrs " ^ Sparaaaa of Commerce, erine Few presided at punch bowl. ; £ nd -- Ir - ^-^^ Mr?. Robert Finaey Immediate!-.- folio wins: the re- ^ arkd son ' Jarn&s - r '* Co.eman. veption. Mr. and Mrs. Finney left for s. trip to points in thv i:orth and Chicago and on their return. it- Texas vriil j>e at home in irY-it <_:s.tvc ~;th the J. C. Penney Co The l-ride. a.fte: At The Plaza Hoilyw-'ood has never produced a funnier fHm than "You're T-e'I- at the Plaza, iheatre. greeted an enthusiastic audience. HEADLINE SHOOTERS - ^ «. - T inney a tie=c-:-i Fa-s Jur.- . •--;;-e. wsere sne ^3.5 3. i-I?o it rnemb*-r of Junior ___ _ _^ _^_^ „-„„ la the nira. Fields introduc-r^ ; L^^e ^'*3r»esc^e ^o^i s.ot ^- Oicn tJ5*r'— :-arty. relatives s.r.c cst , --^ ^cSl vrnere ce ^as a niera;-v'r | ]. a -n^nter yesterday too. Fields de- .*.,>... v^.'" ..." -- - ' C * "-^i ~ —1 3 i ^ T-. V, ra L.~— j-^ T ^>^% *^T3 • " T"-\ : . . . v ,, -r. -.-. -C-icv-'TC •,nt c-=r- -, •-•- -.-if—a .-i iK _a j—^-aii^a i.ra.!.^,.i»-, pjcts a cnaracter roic-. tnat of a '. : .".~^ room **-ST dec- ; i: - - "- "- ^ — member of tna Theia j srrial] town optician •n.'ho spend 1 reer. a:;-i ~"h:-.-. ar,d Orr.esra fraternity and iho ; all of his ti~e •putterins' aro T J«0 or;-; -jsei - : p the " VounK Men's L-^ncheon cls;b. i nutty iTiveritions. ranrin-r frorr; a ".'TT; •.-=--. Ir. :ce c.r.. HS-' -,v. A Karper o* Texark£n.a, Mrs.; - ::re i.:-..--- v.-^r iii-i •;••.:-.:-. a vr TV Palmer of Dallas. Mrs. Acs! Tt Jsr-'r un- 1 .;! s farrily crisis CITY.—Baptist revivals begin this week at Gober under direction of the Rev. JL. H. Ethrid^re. loca? pastor. a\nd at Chapel Hili with the pastor, the Rev. K. G. Nelson in charge. Recent births here include a daughter born to Mr. and Mrs, .Louise Monroe, a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Jim TV*!lJ>urn an<i a son to Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Dees. D-vv-srht Rhoades and Mr. and Mr?. Martin Rho-ides are visltin---: Mrs. I,ouis Griffin and son Gene i of Dallas are visitinsr Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Wh::tle this \-i-eek. Miss Mildred Jones of the Three F co inns-unity is improving after a recent operation at a "Dal- Miss i-ucille Cuddy, daushter of Mr. and Mrs, K, A. Cuddy of the Three P community, s-affered -painful injury to her face wheu kicked by a mule last Friday, Miss Gene Sanders of Center is visitine Mrs. H. C- Titts-k-orth. Miss Almena Perry is x-is:tinir :>rr. and Mrs. E. G. Glaztner irx Marir-tta. O-c!a~, this we^k. ?.'rs. R. 1^ My'ISns and tnr*-c sons have returned from, a month spent in "West Texas. At The Lamar Parisians -will be slven the op- portuniiy. Thursday a.nd Friday, to see the film version of the Pulitzer Prize Play. "iTen In j.V"liite," showing- at the La.mar .theatre for rsvo «Jac.- s only. The film version Clark Oa- ble and Myraa Ix>y H in n picture thai surpasses in scop* the st^gre Play. &s the greater versatility of the talking picture is brought into play, and e'f*cts ar* achieved thai could never be a.chieved on th<? ;;; - Til a j-.l Harris of rort V.'orth, Ray '• r ' 1 Weight Control Withoc* Painful Prohibitions If appeiire is your weakness, our^'fi ir in diis simple pleasani: **zy. Take 2. lid-bir between meals 21 1£X 2 and 4. In liquid form, the calories in one Dr.. Pepper are usable •cvirhouc delav. Hungry cells consume them irnmediarelv . . , completely. iNorhirsg: is lefr for excess far. Wich mis partial appeasement of hunger, it's not likely you'll over-ear. K Keep avoirdupois down. likel ou'll over-ear. Keep energ o. ence has nacl of r.a.r<J. <5eep-* r- At The Grand i Thri:Is rut: rar.;partt and ro- i mance proarr«r-s'sea at a rr,;l--j-a-:r.:n- j ute pace fn "rJead'-r!*? S'~o-C'"€r, j . - » J ^ .-J! . .«• J»,--* orn Tn* "'* ^ *> .-^ cu*'*.. ' ac* c^Tt*^rsrr.2iT^. I-BT?'? J'rtn^? T^T^.'.'cr" ; -^f.y.~**'^ r.»^r so'r. *^;***:: r . T'^^^t af*^r i *"?rnoo"lT^*r*" t^*" j»?i^f*-*?F^T'T 1 ! f'o^^'f* ? ri^ar h??r hom^. Fl^'^lizir? F' T '" '-* >ilt B: BT! Clark Gable appears as I>r, F»r- .sruson in "ilen In vVhlte," z yoans interne -who realizes all ^he obli- 5a.tions of his profession but has not ret been able to resign himself to the tfeprivatiOTj of a sonal social instance. His love for a society j:i r l. played by Myma Ixk~. is the great ba.r to his pt:r- suit of m»<IIca.T know>dse 5n a foreign country: he plans m*r- rjasre and a vacation abroad, IronlcaHy. and unfortunately. It IK hi« very talent as a. gurnreori that bring* about ais impaJE»e, for :he doctor under -whom he •works insists that he devote all his time in hia studies, -whJch -sriT! take T?ia.r>y years to complete. Out of thiif conflict KTOW many surpriairsjr ai>d 5ntere*t!ni? event* that resutt :ri a piay of je-jch excellence ms to b* voted the best produced on the Atricri-^an rtai?<; for the yar ' LEGION MEN FROM HUGO ATTEND >tEET HUGO. Okia,. — Joe A. Wolfe. ^omirtancer of the I^ocke Sanders r>o«t Xo. ">3. Arr.eriCAn Zs+nflo-n; BUI White, adjutant: A. A. Ray. »erv- ^r« officer; John Cssery and Guy Hushes attended the Third District convention at Atokz TaeHdaj-. : x-as elected comrnander «rucc«ed- :nz Guy Ruwrll. Plan* •K.-fTf made for the district junior ba»ebs!l! tournament in Busro, July Z*,-Z~, hy teamn from i n be ?»^n stn'J HuffO. Guy Hu^h«?» offScJaJ scrsrer. COMMUiNTTY NEWS OF FORD'S ACADEMY fafthfal to <&.S7r* Jnrn ^*'*«*"»nj5 and Illinois. : FORD'S ACAJJEMT — A Imrsr-s numi>«r of Woman's Horn« D^rn- r«n*tration c!ub mcmfa'ern from Ford's Academy *tterj<5'»r<3 th« «n- i r*amr>m«nt at th« Girt Scout !o<5ir« I in Part* Friday and Saturday. ! Farm«r» arc b«^lnnJnjr to jf«l 1 roons for th«ir cucumber crop j «tne« th«- rec*nt rain*. | YotJwr folk* of ihi* o«>mmantcy ; w«r« *mertairj«4 with a muxical i by th* Holmeis »t.rin«r band Thvr*- P»na| !nstif.utt«>n« In ] day *v«n1n« at th« bom«t of Mr. Til.. <ff OhSrse*!te Jn at^Tz ««!>«vtr»»i« eo. j -^p-vg* • ; ^B ,-. •js-.t'"' 7 ^ '£$ W NOW— The Exact Age of Blatz Old Heidelberg Beer Is Guaranteed E VERYONE has always known — that to be good—beer must be aged. Many indefinite claims have be*n made as to the age of beers—but now Blatz announces the greatest advancement in the brewing industry in 20 years — and guarantees f£e exact age of every bottle of BJatz Old Heidelberg Beer. It requires millions of dollar? in equipment — row upon row of huge ageing vats — to make this guarantee possible. Every one of these vats carries the date on •which its contents was brewed. When ially- aged, when it has reached that exact time when the beer has all that is best — the satisfying richness of flavor — the full body and strength —then it is bottled, and there is shown on every bottle the exact date that beer was brewed, It is your guide and guarantee that Blatz Old Heidelberg Beer is fully-aged, l-i ! KT R ID L*T K D B T J. D. GIBSON O list. Kutr fewjitoo* I L VV A O K f t BEER 11 nd M«. P, Horrtmon.

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