The News from Frederick, Maryland on September 2, 1967 · Page 19
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 19

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 2, 1967
Page 19
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Radio · TV Highlights tlk char- . H ' l f l »l ClNU'l "Tin- piojiTt iH-g.m ;ts a teal i n o nio\ ii % ' Fiank (ilicks piotluccr of the series n M 1 tYh'tUion Kattui Wnt«r H'.LLYVUXn i A! 1 1 l l n I'.ki'l) as it Mi'ins network U'l · \ i-.un'« moM ctmtroxcisial piop- i - t l tt tlk' new season m n \ be wlwt was coiHvixeti as a stand- ,u d Western series designed to amuse the earl\ evening "family audience " ' It is ABC's "The legend of (.'ustor " described jy the net \ \ o i k as "a fictionalized account rf the military career of Lt Col George A Custer between 1868 .ind 1875. the year before his death at the Little Big Horn." I'uster," described by the nef- jnd a period of American history of which television is very fond The post-Civil War caval- i \ officer most famous for fighting Indians appeared to be a natural for the kind of treatment which has proved so successful in the case of Daniel Koane and Davy Crockett But the masterminds overlooked two details The first is that Custer is no hero to an American Indian minority of ,i'\)ut 600 000 which is sensitive about the way the redskin is de- pitted on the screen The second i.s a sharp difference of opinion between Civil War buffs -- a 5 A.M. to lOatNITE! JTOKYtOOK MRK " fU 134 GETTYSBfflf;. PA * PUPPET «id AMIMAL StJOKS duly INDIAN A T T A C K S f O R T ! , . . - FEATURING TONITE The Young Breed DANCING TILL 12:30 SUNDAY The Jade Bros. And The Professionals At The GOLD DUST INN NIGHT CLUB Dancing Till 1 A.M. able iiNuil the post-Civil War period and have opinions "We would tell them what we wanted and some of them would say, 'Okay, but Custer is our D.ivid Wcisbnrt bought the HERO? And we'd send them l i m i t s to a book b\ David Hum- home to write But when they plireys Miller who is considered came back with scripts, Custer to be an authority on the char- was a heavy.'' actei ami the period Weisbart The cavalry-vs.-the Injuns is spent two years p'-^paring to one of the staples of movies and make it as 'The Day Custer television. While it is occasion- Fell." and then it was decided ally permitted to have an an i- that with all the necessary sets hero in adult shows, no one and all the Indians, it would be would risk a leading character too expensive It was shelved who failed to live up to the Boy for a while and then it was de- Scout's credo. cidel to change it into a series--but taking place before Sort. Parker Named the Little Big Horn." W A P C 1 Ghcksman was brought in as w Al., Counselor producer after the pilot film had s t Caroline M. Parker, been shot With little acquam- dau | hter of Mr and Mrs Er . tance wUh Custer s career, he nest G Q1 RFD ? Fred . was quite unprepared for reac- rick recently was named a Wo . lion even before the public was men , s A ' c counselor in exposed to the series. Texas "First, I started getting tele- Sergeant Parker was assigned phone calls--angry calls--even tc the Dallas area, which in- at home," he said. "Pamphlets c i u des 31 counties. She is one of and letters were slipped under three WAC counselors assigned my door. Pamphlets were left at | 0 the main Army Recruiting the studio gate. I suddenly real- Main Station at Dallas, which ized there was a big Indian lob- covers 102 counties in north and by and decidedly antagonistic, central Texas. They could not have seen the A native of Ashland, Pa , she shows since I felt we were por- has been in the WAC since Aug- traying Indians with dignity and ust, 1962. respect." She was served as a medical "It was not only the Indians in specialist at Fort Sill, Okla.. and the protest act. Glicksman and as a medical and administrative others started to get letters specialist at Landstuhl, Ger- from Civil War students and many She also has served as an they ranged with equal conviction from pro-Custer to antv- Custer Custer's place in history was achieved in 1876 when he and almost 300 of his men--his whole force--weie wiped cut by the Indians in Montana Ghcksman said there also hsd bean Custer trouble when they were rounding up scripts. Inevitably, a lot of the writers who specialize in t'ie endless cowboy-cavalry-Indian stories for Westerns become knowledge- admmLstrative specialist at Koit Hood, Tex , and prior to arriving in Dallas, spent two months ut the Ft. Benjamin Arrispr Recruiting School in Indianapolis, Ind. The 25.8 million veterans now in civil life range in age from teenagers to over 90. Their average age is 44 years, according to the Veterans Administration. FARMERS Sl'PPLY CO. DELAVAL MILKERS All Genuine D*L»v«l Milker Ptft* Full Line Of Farm H»rtw»r« New Idea Farm Machinery Deming Water Pumpt Open Frii«v Nights I'n'n » O'clock South Carroll St. Frederick, Md. Phone Monument 3-3177 Sat., Sept. 2 thru Tues. Sept. DICK VAN DYKE In Divorce American Style Show Times Sat. 6:00, 7:53. 9:46 Sun. 3:12, 5:12, 7:12, 9:12 Daily 7:20, 9:13 REAl'TY-mCN/TY WARMTH and (iRACfOt'SNESS All ver\ important in our Funeral Home DAILEY'S H'NERAI. HOME 1201 NORTH MARKET ST. Successor To r. F, Cline Son EST '«83 Tr« «lition--I nilprstanclmg and Personal Utenlion is a l w a v s extended at Dailey's. FIND OUT BEFORE YOU BUY IF YOUR CHILD WILL TAKE TO THE PIANO TIIK NKVVS. Frederick. Maryland Saturday. SrpU-mhrr 2. IM7 19 Washington -WRC-TV 5--WTTG-TV 7--WMAL-TV 9--WTOP-TV 2--WHAfc-TV Rent a New WURLITZER Only $10 Per Month A child it tht piano d»v«lop» lnd«p«nd«nc»and i«lf-contid«nc». Ha learnt discipline, concentration, polie and pride of accomplishment . . . qualities which can lead to success In many other fields as well as music. COM! IN OH PHONI NOW ··Itimor* 11--WBAL-TV on«ut«r ·--WGAL-TV 11--WJI-TV SATURDAY 4-30-- 2,9-- ( C ) Horse Race 5-- Movie-- "Drums" 13-- ABC Scope 20-- Gigantor 26-- World of Brother Buzz 5:00-- 2-- (C) Daktari 4-- (O Sports Omnibus 7,13-- (C) Wide World of Sports 8-- (C) Horse Race 9-- (C) Upbeat 11-- (C) Krazy Kartoons 20-- Eighth Man 24-- All Aboard 5:30-- 4-- (C) News 8-- Alfred Hitchcock 11-- (C) It's Racing Time 20 -- Timmy and Lassie 26-- What's News 6-00--2 -- Movie-- "The Redmen and the Renegades" 4-- (C) Moment With 5-- Outer Limits 8,9_(C) News 11-- Pinbusters 20-- ( C ) Ernest Tubb 6-30-- 4,8-- (C) News 7_(C) Amateur Championship 9-- (C) News 13-- Movie-- "It Should Happen to You" 20-- (C) Carl Smith 26-- No Doubt About It TIVOLI NOW THROUGH TUESDAY SHOWS TODAY t SUNDAY 1 10--) 40--4 15 * * 45 MON. AT 1--1 3ft--7 * I 38 77e wacKlest road race ever runl WALT DISNEY ... , NAITEX BRENNAN' TOW LOWELL -MAAV ·WTTHEW «*OI {?_,».., CAREER · DOTRICEtriWYNN FREE STATE INN RESTAURANT - LOUNGE OPEN DAILY TILL MIDNIGHT SPECIAL LUNCHEON COCKTAIL SPECIAL DAILY 11-2 95c A DIFFERENT ONE EVERY DAY FRL -- SAT. -- S I N . Entertainment 8:30 To 12 Serving The Best In Chicken, Steak and Seafood Formerly Mrs. Rose's Chicken Steak House Route 40 West LAST TIMES TON'ITE "Reluctant Astronaut" "Gunfijrht In Abilene" SUNDAY MONDAY Friday Saturday Nights Bill CULLOP AND THE MELODY MEN With Miss Vickie Day Sunday 4:30 To 6:30 FRIED CHICKEN PLATTER 49 Dancing 8:30 To 11:30 THE BLUE NOTES WITH MISS ZITA MILO $1.00 Admission Charge At All Times MONOCACY PARK TAVERN 7:00-- 4-- Film Feature 5- -Route 66 8 -- McHale's Navy i 9-- (C) NFL Action 11-- (C) News 20-- (Cl Monroes 26-- From Here to There 7:30-- (C) 2,9-- Away We Go 4,8,11-- (C) Flipper 7-- (C) Dating Game 26-- Sport of the W*.ek 8:00-- 4,8,11-- (C) Please Don't Eat the Daisies 5-- Rogues 7,13-- (C) Newlywed Game 20--12 0' Clock High 8-30-- 2-- (C) Mission: Impossible 4,8,11-- (C) Get Smart 7,13-- (C) Lawrence Welk 9-- ( C ) Sail to Glory 9-00-- 4,8,11-- (C) Movie "Ironside" 5_(C) David Susskind 20-- ( C ) Bullfights 9:30--- 2,9-- (C) Pro Football -- Packers vs. Browns 7,13-- (C) Piccadilly Palace 26-- Toy That Grew Up 10-30-- 7-- (C) Lowell Thomas 13-- ( C ) Dating Game 26-- Turn of the Century- doors 9--(C) Face the Nation 13--Newsmakers 20--Movie--·" Lillian Russell" 1:00--4,8,--(C) Meet The Press 5--Movie--"Lucky Nick Cam" 7--(C) ABC Scope 9--(C) Four Winds to Adventure 13--Science Reporter 1:30--2-- (C) Face the Nation 4--(C) Frontiers of Faith 7,13--(C) Issues and Answers 8--(C) Baseball --Phillies vs. Pirates 9--(C) Liquid Fire 2.00--2--(C) Going Places 4--(C) George Washington University 7--(C) Close Up 9--(C) Pro Soccer 11--(C) Meet the Press 1 13--Movie--' 'The Spanish I Main" 12.30--2--To Be Announced 1 4--Movie--"Stage i Fright" | 7--(C) Wide World of Sports 11--Liquid Fire 20--Movie--"Penny ( Serenade" I 1 3:00--5--Movie--"Adventures of Captain Fabian" H_Movie--"A Night at , the Opera" i 26--Nine on Japan 3:30--26--U.S A --Art 1 4 : oo--4--(C) Frank McGee Report 7--(C) Bowling Fun 8--To Be Announced 13--Blondes 26--Book Beat 4:30--2,9--(C) Golf Tournament 4,8,11--(C) Pro Football --Patriots vs. Broncos 20--Movie--"The Inn on Dartmoor" 26--Experiment 5:00--5--Movie--"The Inspector General" 7--Dick Powell Theatre , 13--Movie--"The Two Mrs. Carrolls" 26--Creative Person 5:30-- 26--Your Dollar's Worth Arrange for a low cost Farmers and Me- chanies National Bank Auto Loan when you purchase that brand new car. 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Open To The Public AMERICAN LEGION POST 282 \\OODSltOKO, \ 1 A R Y L \ M ) \IK-( ONDITIONKl) THK MELLOW TONKS Fridays and Saturdays FOR Y O l R DANCING PLKASIRE D I A L 301-871-2222 KM RESERVATIONS I'OK P R I V A T E PARTIES V.F.W. COUNTRY CLUB MONDAY, SEPT. 4th Labor Day Beef Roast $2-50 I'KR PERSON 5 P.M. To 7 P.M. Tickets Available At Club House VJKMBKRS AND (it KSTS OVLY 10-00--2--Lamp Unto My Feet 4--(C) Jewish Community Hour 5--Movie--"The Prisoner of the Iron Mask" 7,13--(C) Linus the Lionhearted 8-- ( O Liquid Fire 9 -- i C ) Mighty Heroes 11--Good News 20-- Death Valley Days 10 30--2--Look Up and Live 4--Station to Stalior 7 , 1 3 -- ( C Peter Potamus 8--Superman 9 -- ( C ) Underdog 11-- Mo\ie--"Pardon My Sarong" 20--Sheriff of Cochise 11 00--2--Camera Three 4 -- C i Acros.s the Fence 7,13--(C) Bullwmkle 8--Mister Ed 9--Movie--"Abbott and Costello Go to Mars' 20--Movie--"Dimples" 11 30-- 2-- ( C ) Eleanor Nash 4--(O Dimension Washington 5--Sea Hunt 7 -- ( C ) Discovery '67 8--Sea Hunt 13--Peabody Workshop 12-00--2--Movie--"The Forbidden Moon" 4-- ( C ) Georgetown Forum, 5--Route 66 7- O Championship i 7:00--2,9--(C) Lassie 5--(C) Post Time Races 7,13--(C) Voyage 20--(C) Monroe 26--New in Perpective 7 30--2--To Be Announced 4.8,11--(C) Disney's World S--(C) Center Stage 9--(C) 21st Century ft oO--2,9--(C) Ed Sullivan 7,13--(C) FBI 20-- Profiles in Courage 26--Classics Festival 8 30--4,8,11--(C) Make a Deal 5--(C Insight 9.00--2,9--(C) Our Place 4,8,11--(C) Bonanza 5--(C) Mark Evans 7,13--Movie--(C) "The Sheepman" 20--Movie--"The Wayward Wife" 26--Washington News ^ 30--5-- C ) Opinion Washington 26--Net Playhouse 10 00-- 2-- (C) Candid Camera 4 8,11- ( C ) The Saint 5 -- ( C ) Joe Pyne 9-- (C) Movie--"Go Go Mama" 10 30--2- ( C ) What's My Line 9 26--U S A --Poetry 11 00--2,4 7,8,9,11,13--(C) News 20--News 11 I S -- 7 -- M o v i e -- ( C ) "Susan Slept Here" 9-Movie--(O "Bell Book arxl Candle" 11 30--2--Movie--"Dangerous Hideaway" 13- M o v i e -- " C l u n y Brown" 11-30--2,9--Dick Van Dyke 4,8,11--(C) Hollywood Squares S--(C) True Adventure 7,13--Family Game 20--Loretta Young 12:00--2,9--(C) Love of Life 4,11--(C) Jeooardy 5-(C) News 7,13--Everybody's Talking 8--(C) Baseball --Phillies vs. Braves 20--Movie--"Walk a Crooked Mile" 12:30--2,9--(C) Search for Tomorrow 4,11--(C) Eye Guess ' 5-- (C) Panorama 7,13--Donna Reed i 12:45--2,9--(C) Guiding Light 1:00--2-- (C) Woman's Angle 4--(C) PDQ 7--Fugitive 9--(C) News 11--Virginia Graham 13--Movie--"Guest Wife" 1:30--2,9--(C) As The World Turns 4--(C) Let's Make A Deal 11--Tell Me, Dr. Brothers 2:00--2,9--(C) Password 4,11--(C) Days of Our Lives 7--(C) Newlywed Game 20--Movie--"A Lady Takes a Chance" 2:30--2,9--(C )House Party 4,8,11--(C) Doctors 7--(C) Dream Girl 13--(C) Mike Douglas I 3.00--2,9--(C) To Tell the Truth i 4,8,11--(C) Another I World 5--(C) Countdown Carnival 7--General Hospital 3:30--2,9--(C) Edge of Night 4,8,11--(C) You Don't Say! 5--Superman 7--(C) Dark Shadows 5--(C) News 7,13--(C) Big Valley 26--Georgetown Forum 10:3O--5--Alfred Hitchcock 26--Nine to Get Ready 11:00--2,4,7,8,9,11,13--(C) News 20--Movie--"Sahara" 11:30--9--(C) Movie--"Never 1:20--2--Movie--"Domino Kid" 1:30--9--(C) Movie--"Never Steal Anything Small" 13--Movie--"Black Hand" TUESDAY MONDAY ft--Championship Bowl ing 9 i C i Capital Conversation 11 - ( C ) Movie--"The Iyng Hot Summer" 13- Yet Set 123ft 4 i O Meeting of the Minds 8 (O Call of t'.ie i m t - 9 3O--2--News S--Movie--"The Hitchhiker" 11--Good News 20-Jack La Lanne 10 00--2--(C) Truth or Consequences 4 8 (O Snap Judgment 7- Virginia Graham --Candid Camera 11-- Sparetime Bowling 13--i O Newlywed Game 20--Cartoon Carnival 10 30- 2-- ( C ) Divorce Court 4 , 8 . 1 1 -- ( C i Concentration 7- O Here's Barbara »- Beverly Hillbillies 13 -Dateline Hollywood 20- Horn per Room 11 00 2 »- Andy G r i f f i t h 4,8.11 i O Personality 5- O Truth or Consequences 7,B i O Hono\ moon Race 4 00--2,--Secret Storm ! 4,8,11--(O Match I Game . 5--Dennis the Menace 7,13--fC) Dating Game 20--Patty Duke 4 30--2,8--(C)"Horse Race 4--(C) Movie--"Storm in Jamaica" 5--(C) Super Heroes 7--(C) Mike Douglas, 9--(C) Golf Tournament 11--(C) Krazy Kartoons 13--(Ci Merv Griffin I 20--Wing Ding! i 26--Folk Guitar ! 5 00--2--(C) Golf Tournament , 5--(C) Flint-stones 8-- CO Bugs Bunny 11--Cheyenne 26--Friendly Giant 5 30--3--(O News 8 -- ( C ) Merv G r i f f i n 20--Timmy and Lassie 26-What's New 6 (XI 2-To Be Announced 4,7 8,9,11,13--(C) News 1 5-Mister Ed ! 20--Little Rascals 26--Observ m« Eye ' 6 30--2,9--(C) News I 4,8--(O News ' 5--My Favorite M a r t i a n 7,13-"(C) News 20- -( C ) Kooky and His , Friends j 7 0'; 2 »-- ( C ) News i 4 8,11 ( C ' i Baseball Indians vs Twins j 5-- McHale's Navy | 7-- FTioop ' 13-- Leave it to Beaver 20-- Rawhide 26 -- Modern Woman 7 30 2-- To Be Announced .-- ( C ) Truth or Consequences 7,13-- ( C i Iron Horse 9 (C) Gilligan's Island 26- French Chef 8 00--2,9 (O Children's 9:30--2--News 5--'Movie--"Lassie Co. Home" 9--D.C. School Orientation 11--At Home in Marylan 20--Jack La Lanne 10:00--2--(C) Truth or Consequences i 4.8-- (C) Snap Judgmem 7--Virginia Graham 9--Candid Camera 11--Sjjar .'time fowling 13--(C) Newlywed Game 20--Cartoon Carnival 10:30-- 2--(C) Divorce Court 4,8,11--(C) Concentrat ; oD i 7--(C) Here'i, Barbara 9--Beverly Hillbillies ' 13-- Dateline: Hollywood 20--Romper Room 11:00--2,9--Andy Griffith 4,8,11--(C Personality 5--(C) Truth or Consequences 7,13--(C) Honeymoon Race 11:30--2,9--Dick Van DyVe 4,8,11--(C) Hollywood Squares 5--True Adventure 7,13--Family Game 20--Loretta Young j i2 00--2,9--(C Love Of Life ' 4,11--(C) Jeopardy 5--(C News 1 7,13--Everybody's Talking 8--(C) Noonday on 8 20--Movie--"Next Time We Love" 12 30--2,9--(C' Serrch for Tomorrow 4,8,11--(C) Eye Guess 5--(C) Panorama 7,13--Donna Reei 12-4S--2,9--(C) Guiding Light I 00--2--(C i Woman's Angle 4 -- ( C i PDQ 7--Fugitive 8--' C ) Truth or Consequences 8--Mer\ Griffin 9--' C ) News 11--Virginia Graharr n--Movie--'They Knew What They Wanted" 1 -30--2,9--(C ) As the Woi Id Turns 4 8 -- ( C ) Make A Deal 11 -- ( C i Tell Me, Dr Brothers 2 00- 2 9---C i Password 4.8.11--'C i D a y s Of Our Lives 7 -- ( C i N e w l y w e d Gam 0 20- Movie- 'The Private A f f a i r s of Bel Ami" 20- M o v i e -- " K i t Carson" 2 W 2 J -i C ) House Party · 4 8 1 1 ( C i Doctoi s" 7 -- ' C i Dream G i r l i i -- ( C i Mike Douglas CUSTOM PICTURE FRAMING \ll Colors Matting Non-Glare Glass But in rh« Area RICE'S COLOR C E N T K R Mh and Market st. I'hone 6R.S2*0 Musical S- ( C ) Hazel 2(V 12 O Clock High 26- Book Beat 8 30 5 ( C ) Woody Wcxxlbury 7 13 - O Rat Patrol 2v Hinshaw Plays Ives |» 00- 2,9 i C 1 SpeciHl Occasion 7.H (O Felony Squad 2O Movie ( O "Web of Passion" 26 Net J o u r n a l 9 WV 7 l.l i ( P p v t i m Place Ifl 00 2 4 (O Coronet Blue 4 8 1 1 t C i Run F o r Your Ue R E T R E A D I N G SOWKI I. TIKK HATTKRY CO. l?» 113 South Market M. KWSPAPLRl iWSPAPfc.RI

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