The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on January 20, 1948 · Page 6
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 6

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 20, 1948
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

PAOK'SIX 1HB DAILY RBO1FTEK, HABB1SBUBG, SUE* TUESDAY, J A N U A R Y 20. 1048 . . like that experienced by all of HARRIS' patrons is nurtured by prescription service perfect in every detail! It's the same kind of confidence you have in your doctor--relying upon our pharmaceutical experience and training. Complete stock of new, modern drugs. Ezra and Carl L. Harris, Pharmacists Carrier Mills, 111. SPICY-TOP FIG COFFEECAKE "Most women have recipes for coffeecake, but here is one that's really new and different. The features that -make it so rich and delicious are 'baked-in figs, which give it a grand chewiness, and a crispy sweet topping with fragrant cinnamon flavor. -The teasing aroma -while baking will tantalize the family till sen-ing time. Spicy-Top Fig Coffeecake is versatile, too. Try it for Sunday night supper or when you have a crowd, for it is a large cake and -will stay tender and moist to the last crumb. Clip the recipe now and put it first among your coffeecake recipes. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS YOU SWD SHE WAS AUNT MESTCK./ ) WEIL. ISNT SHE? Changing Years By Merrill Blosser Ironclad SS? » (HESTFR/M iT'cJICe OF YOUTOSA' g^^sa^ssv^* WALTER. PASSED AWAY.' -"POOR DEAR WALTCR.' ITS BEEN THIRTY YCARS NBXr MONTH SlAJCB HgWeMTT?^. \J±!!^!!L^r^ \ I ~ " I wr-ir»* Reception Honors Miss Hazel Harrison A reception in honor o. _ Miss JIazcl Harrison, famous piaiiisl who appeared in concert Sum ay afternoon in the auditorium of the Junior high school, was he d '»; mediately after the concei-I at h home of Mr. and Mrs. Ho\\.u i Scs. 812 East Walnut sUrc . where friends and members of the Bona Fide Federated club tfathei- cd to meet the sirtibt. Punch and cookies were served to the following, who attended: Mcsdamcs Helen W'H''!"\° l Portcc. Lela Garnctt. Katie Kent, Annie Miller. Mabel Kawlimjs. Ma- --TM^» rii- Hrijws, Lutiohin Jordan, A,,,,'* iistn Kelly. Nellie Adams, jJJJ'' vicvo Winston. Lydia White. Mahoi Winston, Willie Lowe; MIsW, Opal Maybcrry. Beulah Whit,? Nonna Crawford, Frances Win' sloii, Betty White. Edna White', the honored guest, and Mr. and' .Mrs. Jones. Largest Fishing ricr ' The world's largest pier devoted exclusively to handling nsh a j ( seafoods Is the Boston fish p| er i where as much os 400 miln 0 'i pounds of fish are processed arum" ally. ISN'T IT SIMPLY \ PERFECTLV . INCREO.'AUNT | t CVASTATIN/ HESTER'S 0EEN M ONE OR TWO ; ^R.NG. TOE JWAYS,;IHOUGH, ·194B-FASHIONS W*7^, irn^wn SHE'S STUL. AHEAD OF THE YEARS / lkjfe YOU MEAN MY CORSET. JUNE? THIS MODEL IS KNOWN: AS THE 7 OLD STRANGLERl Ti FIRST WEEK. L WORE rr. L I HONESTLY FAINTED REGULARLY EVERV HOUR ON THE" HOUR/ ,/-Ze 'TIGHTER. GIRLS /I CAN STILL. BREATHE' L'lL ABNER It Ain't Necessarily Sone/T^ By Al Capp 'FEARLESS FOSD1CK' i WILL BE BACK IN TH' i NOOSEPAPERS/T-UOOKf ; GOOCM IS NOW AS SANE 'AS AMY OTHER MAN.V (HAWTTHETGOOD " .. *-. -~ *r j THASS MEWS.'. \* w ¥ C3U3- 1-S.O MO' DONT RE.ELIZE WHUT A HANDY-CAP BEIN' SANE IS TO A CARTOONIST .T-- Suprise Your Best Friend At Vdefntirae With a Portrait of Yourself Have Your Sitting Made Now So You Wi!l Not Be To Late NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY Grindie- Phone 777 if Studios 101/2 W. Poplar White House Press Cord Will Take You Lots of Places, But Not White H©ys@ By HARMAN W. NICHOLS United Press Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON, Jan. 20--(CO-An invitation to join the -White Correspondents' Associa- A superbly delicious coffeecake to make Sunday breakfasts extra special SPICY-TOP FIG COFFEECAKE 1 cup figs, cut in small pieces 2 cups sifted all-purpose flour 1 cup sugar 2 teaspoons baiting powder V/ 2 teaspoons salt % cup Spry 1 tablespoon grated orange rind 3 tablespoons water 3 eggs and 1 egg yolk, unbeaten 1 egg white, beaten until foamy Pour boiling water over figs and let stand 10 minutes. Drain. Sift flour,' sugar baking powder, and salt into mixing bowl. Drop in Spry and orange ' rind. Add water, 3 eggs and 1 egg yolk, and beat 150 strokes. Add drained .figs and mix thoroughly. Spread batter in Sprycoated 14 x 9-inch pan. Pour egg white over batter ; and sprinkle with Spicy Crisp Topping. Bake in hot oven (400 F.) 2o-3o minutes. v Spicy Crisp Topping. Mix together 6 tablespoons brown sugar, 1 table- ·· spoon cinnamon, V* cup chopped nuts and 2 tablespoons melted butter. House tion! First comes a letter in an important-looking envelope. It is signed by the secretary-treasurer and says that credentials will be issued for the two-year period, 1948-1949- Take a run over to room 1422 in the Treasury building and get yourself fingerprinted by the Secret Service." To minimize waiting, it says, the membership list has been assigned to appear in alphabetical order. Your time is 2:15 p. m. on a certain day. And don't be late. But first you have to have your picture taken. Size 1 1-2 by 1 1-2 inches. So you call the picture men down the street and make an appointment. You put on your Sunday best, get a fresh haircut and slick the forelock. You Feel Important You go in for a sitting. Head up a little. Smile, sir. You jerk up the noggin and grin like all get · Applied over present walls · Set in cement · Sealed in cement 0 No nails used · Removal of fixtures not necessary 0 New large size tite « 14 beautiful" pastel colors · Very economical · Free estimate · Expert installation · Visit our display rooms out. The picture guy squeezes ,he bulb. You get up to go. "Hey,"' the man says. "Wait a minute. I have instructions to ake half a dozen poses of you. tfow let's try it with your hands 'olded, leaning over on this table." You feel important. The fellow Courses for SID Eiiension Classes Dale Wilson, county superintendent of schools, in response to inquiries about SIU spring, exten- L 0 VaT workers, includini^Irs. M. sion courses in neai by towns, to- Ciaskin , H arrisburg township Broadcasts Aid March of Dimes With the March of Dimes campaign underway, WEBQ has been donating 15-minute and 30-minute transcriptions daily to aid the drive, it was announced today. iday revealed those that will be given in this area. They are: Carmi--English 305, American at high Poetry, first meeting school at 7 p. m. Jan. 27. Golconda -- Agriculture 310, % ULL iCtTl iiiijJUi Lain. a.*iv, A^,»*V ·- ·^« v » w v » » « -- --cr · snaps you and snaps you again and Teaching Agriculture, high school again You can come back in ^ « TM T -" 9Q three days for the 1 1-2 by 1 1-2 job to paste on your press card. That'll be $1. So you go back on the right day and get the little picture, plus six big ones, which it says on the folder you can keep for S25. Fingerprints Taken p. m. Jan. 29. McLeansboro -- Education B. Gaskins, Harrisburg township drive chairman, also are broadcasting to help with the campaign. 331, American Public Education, 7 p. m. Jan. 27 at East Side grade school. Shawncetowr. -- Health Educa- tio'a 350, Health Education Meth Ithaca Helps Ithaca ITHACA, N. Y. U.E--The Modern city of Ithaca, N. Y., will help the. age-old city of Ithaca, Greece, replace books lost during the war. In response to an appeal from the mayor of the Greek community, residents of the upstate New York city raised $400 to buy the requested books. MACHINE AND WELDING SHOP AT MURRAY, KENTUCKY Good location; doinsr business in same location for 27 years. Distributors for Lindy Air Products. Good boat trailer business in the spring. Also have good established business in btiildinjr fuel oil tanks. Long lease, reasonable rent. Reason for selling, owner in poor health. See or Call L. MURRAY M A C H I N E AND TOOL 106 North Kourth Street Murray. Ky. Phone 338 CO. ods Applicable to Public Schools, lelementarv school 7 p. m. Jan. 21. - - i Vienna--Music 307, Recreation- Well and good. Isow you r u n j a l 7y lus i c and Singing Games, high _ /er to the Treasury building and j scnoo i 7 p . m . Jan. 28. 1 get your fingerprints taken so i The CQurse jn Harrlsburg . E du-J Uncle Sam can check your record g _ Audio .visual Methods before letting you have the card Education, will be held at the The Secret Service does the job ior hi h school) the first meet . thoroushly. Right hand first, lin- · ing ^ 7 ° m Jan 2 7. File $11 Million Suit Against Ford COLUMBUS, O., Jan. 20--(UE A damage suit asking $11,302, thoroughlv. ^... 0 .. ..-- -- , ger by finger. Left hand next.) Then the whole hand on the card.! You start to wash the printer's i ink off your hands and the man says "whoa." Got to have two sets. So" you do it all over again. Now, he says, go back to room 1422 with these prints and your picture There voa are asked to --.v u «...«.,., *-- -0 · · put your right thumb in another j 5SO against the Ford Motor Co.. i gob of ink and imprint same on i Dearborn Motors. Inc.. the Ohio the card. The picture is glued on. Tractor Implement Co. and ol- the man pats you on the back and ficials ot the three firms was Wed wishes you luck. You're in--a today in federal court here, member" of charmed circle of The action, brought by Elmer White House correspondents! You | F Schatz, his wife and two cor- look at the card. There's your pic- j pra tions which they control--the | ture, a shot of the White House j -f ruck-Tractor Equipment Co. and, and at the bottom the bold sig-: Truck-Tractor Equipment, Inc.-- } nature of Charles G. Ross, sccre- t charges the Ford group with il" ' legal conspiracy to deprive ll ^ the Schatz companies of their business of distributing and selling Ferguson farm tractors and im-l /VHU wiimu «iii mv; v«»»v« (;,-·. ' elements in the state of Ohio, you. besides into the White House? |' The suit asse rts that Harry Fcr- You look into the matter--after all ! cuson invented a new type of farm it f Henr Ford tary to the President of the United States. "Thank you. Mister.'' Haven't Unlocked Gates And where will the card get A GIFT OF LASTING BEAUTY DURATILE METAL WALL TILE 1 for BATHROOMS and KITCHENS ·that trouble--and find that it ; J" rac t or which the elder Henry Ford (won't get you into the White j ,« rcc d in 1938 to manufacture and t 1 House at all: The pretty card j ^ich the Ferguson organization jwith all the official fixings and j mar }j" e tcd together with a line of Secretary Ross's signature doesn't · farm implements developed by Fcr-j mean a thing as far as the White : rtuson . Severence of this arrange-; House is concerned. It takes a snc- ^ cn t last July 1 resulted in an-' cial card or a pre-arranged ap-' other suit, filed in Nov.- York! pointment lo get into the White' j C5r ii cr this month, by Ferguson; House offices, although to.urists j a o a j ns t the Ford company and of-' are admitted freely to the residcn- i f^ c \ z ] S for $251.000.000 damages, tial mansion. 'House Beautiful" look. Dura- Give yourself that bathroom and kitchen with the " ,, · ^,m *·· »^«ww--. *r^ - -^ . F.H.A. Financing if desired. Satisfaction Guaranteed MAH. THIS COUPON I Am Interested in Tile for-Bathroom O Kitchen KEITH BUILDERS SUPPLY LOCUST AT MILU FREE PLANS AND COLOR ADVICE! EVENINGS.. CALL KENNETH KEITH. 217R Name Address Before the war. the White House , .correspondents' card was enough ' to get a reporter in'« White House ' [offices and presidential press conferences. But they locked the , 'gates on Pearl Harbor day and ' haven't unlocked them yet except for holders of the special cards. 'The White House explanation for 'continuing the system, ever, though the war has been over more than two years, is that it is ·principally necessary as a means of holding down attendance at , press conferences because the ·press corps has grown so big. ! The regular pass, you find, will , get you into a lot of other govern- jmcnt buildings after hours It's 'still the only central credential · jfor the executive branch of gov- . crnmcnt. ; I And it'll get you a ride on a i streetcar -- plus a dime for the jfarc. Radio for Work«= Dcpt. W O R C E S T E R , M^. ·!'?'-- Worcester's public works depart roent is one of the first municipal , agencies other than fire and police departments to have a shortwave t radio system. The $8.000 system jwas installed in Jhe department's I trucks and automobiles in the be- jlief it would improve co-ordination during flash llonds ar.d snow- si orms. ; ficials City Ba-s Union CORDELE*. Ga. aiK'--Thc City has adopted a rcsolu- in? the city from em- A' person who is a mcm- of a labor union. The action "lo guarantee safety, icalth of Cordelc citi- against conditions misht arise from The Daily Register, 20c a week, carrier boy. The Daily Register, 2ftc a week, by carrier boy. Spectacles Spectacle Repairing (has. S. Boicourt Optometrist 110 N. Vine Harrisburg Phone 459-R The Food Of Your Lifetime Richest in Food Value Richest in Vitamins Richest in From One of Americas Finest Dairies UNIFORM RICHNESS DAY AFTER DAY In Sanitary, Pure-Pak Disposable Boiites YOUR BV0RITE BRAND NEWSPAPER!

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