The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on August 24, 1987 · Page 15
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 15

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 24, 1987
Page 15
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Page 15 article text (OCR)

THE RA\TOV.\ Xnw wri't griunr MS * •JIMS !ur xanqnat SSTKBCS MHR*.! .HaHW3 : .««:. -SHOT. "'*«sr MI o jr* was! 1 Sue. " SM-ftamc. «srt pnesBof; ace ," I Jt 9T A '- oaE aaaeaO SUMS. • less srwt s«rs jt 2e *-*-™~« i. •-»»*""-.• .erase asr> a-3rioe= wast :CT * :*£» Saaaal 'S LBtt 1CTX-S&3 w- Je .ifisaa: ansoaic! rat i saei as; .s 1 w» aasBos Eaararaes 't v? a' iave asSBSct T^smrsi ^'ns*-<-» 'iMesari OK Sat «.. i "arras sarr ajs. P •«e2e iet '&&. .^SBJ it jesss teif : i - ; 12. Si—snrai Fw sear. ! e si-ia i |S4*s. .MTKCT t mass. \sra. KM _ %LE- sS>"Sif« iifti":'f>i- 1*' 8 - 0 S=K xexcxi. Scs war ; ' GOAHEAD UCGB S asESe tare iawssst if ; :ar5 " :S£ PSSX3 Or VOCX 2QG- T ROCKING CHAIRS ^•^T^-^'-'"* 1 REDL0BSTEE Sir'L .^/^i ;Z ^ Rootc SaksoersoG USTSAUAN SHEPSOO- pesa t THE KEBO1 ClMn».V.M - Mtsiftrt » '""*' * w "**' !r ' r=1 -»' r 5U*si«« w»Ji!> arrwrt iCcr JE «i-t 1'. ri. .t24 i2«i *±er s p s: J.«Vnr.r. ' ~~ CSED "ASHESS- ['•f'.rr, i >m>n.'» TO LASCS; ssKXf— .* prr* W FRESH SHRIMP DAM » DKVER REPA1S-; cvata .WSST CSEDCT KAMCEX - So'ijfoction of your money back.! «B-25»-7tt1 or W-33MH9 REMNANT RVXjS lr»«»p»n»rv«»f>d»y«<*tcr>fr>5. n! iRrKtn* Siro» ruqi to nwfct from rurwwnts wx! -)oc* rwj from y«m »cr»pt, of ctocfwt J rouna ft sJintPC 6r «!104 $4 05 AMWAY PRODUCTS • l^ lUfflt. c: Satisfaction or your mon«y DacK! TO OfiDES cc-molrir plans, print prOf*c: ixtme »nd number. •no your rvim«, »d<jrtsj »nO lip code. S*o<3 cn*cV Of mon*j .95 for c»t»toc Ql pTO)«ct» in DISCOUNT COUPONS! S*od to" FREE SfSIXrXS SEMEN AX ! |H*iI,I, Ba>.r»s. A ..»_ ; ^ iCOl'.NSELOR COOSDI>ATOS-I P.O. Rot 1000 . OK 7400»-X»0 v.v Or p«»» rrosw stj> svwr if you're willing to iJlako'rjfXri-ERVsERVICf:- VPC*! -S^Lf^L^r!* -"** ^^w^NwrrPtiatAiiw-i TKI \2 to - jTELVS STATE OPTIC.U- ftoaw. Ust $aa<ta<> : It DRIVE A TRUCK ; K«*i j s.xjt»oo and »*r\wc R » R BaXui'lC- I'*' 1 " »J> !»feri »*i.««« Miss. 1 |l»ae»<nni* !nxit B j«ir am • we're willint to train 7* FREE. Tlis tMity is for the first 10 that Qulify. Call Mr. fret** 4534244, •ATVRE HOUSEKEEPER- T mfc cur lor : >cu<|[ ctitow, t C»I1 d-SCC Vt»Trc » a 4 UN«e. fAltT-TtllE— "i our tKat E\crtl«« No HAKKS PCCC3 II <rah 34, ius arsis. eijolpoeot «xi «fc« mntxt Trmj Tboopwc or Us Marts <ri id NEW CAR SALESPERSONS Needed to sell the hottest pro duct on the US markpl E» cellent pay plan F uil benefits of fered Only money motivated salespersons need apply Call tor appt Charlie Thomas Hyundai 947-6030 ASK FOR DON KIRKPA TRICK JA OF !AVnj«?<- o in nml of » p» arf iRtmicun la c«t for pattrnts bnnaiulnn IreatmnM Applicant] mini br hicii scfwil graduates A luw pm-ww patwrt carf experience •m- BAY AREA HOME HEALTH 535'BAYSHOREDR. LA PORTE, TEX AS 77571 (7J31471-8443 (Medicore/Bfu* Cross oppr. Provider Licensed by TDM, member NAMC. Now hiring RN's for Doy shift with few weekends. Wot* lovely 6oy oreo. Excellent solory, benefits. Full service Agency. Director needed. Sam v * AmUBSES SEEDED- for ail slufU Appl) :n person onlj Hilliartl« Rntaurant, lnter>e<.tioa at H«\ i<0 i raia to Ho carpentry, plumbmg. t mamunance Wm funiHti raobde n«M t ular> Sen: qualtficaiiixis t aiee to TheBayto»-nSun,PO Box «. BB»»77, site ein sales nuM(er m Ba;lo«n nfcewary Automotive CAM UF TO Wt>-~ik T«»mf mpafcots in the ftaytonn area No tipenence or jeHinf ro»jiml Ii;. B>. « wnte »ei Jl«w, Brtlord. TX. »Kt j.^-anti Bids wtll l>e receive*! b> } ll>e CiWimunny IVvelopmenl Prx^^ram. a division of the City of Bjytown. until JO w> a m, Tues- jdas Sept s. T!*s? for the i K K II A B U. I T A T10 \ A X O [KKPAIK «K HOl'SKS Project numbers are »6-<«K K-I2/IK-I3. Bn!s will be opened at that time ami bidders may be present The office of the Community Develop ment IVopram is located at «0 W f>efee. BayioMtn. Texas TTSSV Location of the project, specifica- twiu., and detailed information may be obtained by calling at the office of the Community Development Program. Tt>* Community IWelopment Program rest^es Ihe rljjhl lo reject a;ny and all bids or accrpl any bid deemed most advantageous to U. R rent K Barnes Community r>e%-etapmen( Planner SUN CLASSIFIED 422-8323 World news Iranian boats chased from convo MANAMA. Sahrssi ,AP< — *>»ee :aore ^sl isaksH^? beaded iati> tise Persian Gi±f escorted t>v 1. .5:,., w -irs dsy 25 a>e ssaae-c.^ r^-aggd ss^srcssatasr SrxSjS'Coc sasii\: o tbe SJrsit <s Korns-uz, sfesssa^:. soerees SJUG.. 1>!e sJHppiro; sources sis.-' sajd she *IC'Saai sn<l tbs frs^s?-? Ha ijssj \Kvv- ir c:'.,rrv-r scvSgfflS'5ixrrc«s ssic r«v srr^sE saiiir^ ab.v«'j. Lbtxi^b: :c- r*? i:r.v- ai52 i»Tare salSs§ tcsgesber :c--w-ird tfoe coc.vy\ ^nc w«-re or^rtvi; :o ssy swsy. ^%>>e£i tbey didn't sltar cxxrrse, fisres: w«« r-rtxi. j^.jc. :ae sixirces. sis? speisiizii ee c^oiia-c^- «.>: ?jx-s-;.~i::y 'Tbe -.•Sxv.v-s h-^^V.- ~arsfcips aboat SJTaiies behind cbe Evncss-tOE ci ' txit o.f zbe gulf, saic the g»iif-aased sJuppiag sc*crc*&. \vtjc -K tiviiiy in sije gulf asc -bi£s>?d their reports on sh::.p siahrinss. Tfee srrivsl of the nev ifcree-tscker ccc^vy- the sixa csrje^ \T»Y to be gi\-«n U.S.. Sa^ss sad protected by -.he c.S , ,\avy . tbe shipciixg executives. Tfe? X~?.vy Ms been sryin? :o oa:::o oecvoy EKiverDents ro niiroinire tie risk of Inssian jSnXes positksi of Sse isboursi COTA\>V was not krx>v,-n. the sxirces S.- Witnesses said ti>? Bn>QssK?x3 er.ien?.d tbe lU^n:aie ia~i Korraur a: about S a.m. It TR-SS cruising wich :bs»' cie#:n.nvr asi the friga:e USS Oxsuineiin st 5 nsu'ic^l i"Ue<. in later, sfeajaicg executrws sal-d :rseir -sfcips Two reported tbat tbe Guadacanal was steaming abesd of ih? ine Gusdaicsnal's eigbr 5ea Siailioo niine-fw^eDtaa aux been scouting ibe suit as tiw eccrray ra ~ :!,ius? :he twV.x^cJ KV ?:nsU o:' "SS Jvkki Hlse arvNa < arre^f human right 'MOSCOW . AP 1 - - A La:vian human nshts activist <^:d Moiklay iha: So^•ie£ police brv&e o-pen an arKsjtiiWn: ooor in Kiss anvi ArnsJtxi U leaders of a naiiOKaltsi demonstration thst drew Usousiinc* EH:O :*. coflfrontsdon widi suiboritie?,. Juris Zirnilis, reached by tele-phone in the Latvian ci-p.-Uii- of Rr^a. said authorities cook members of the Latvian Helsinki Wasch fcu,n->ar, rights group to s. local police station for ihreo hours, Tbe group members %\T?re among, thousands of .Latviaixs, I_t;hua- raans and Estonians wfeo rallied Sunday on the anniversary of th-e li>39 Hitler-Stslin pact that paved the way for the Soviet takeover o:' tbe Baitic states. Soviet media have denounced the denvonstrstMns ?.s provoc:\t;ons by Western radi-o broadcasts and emigre or^an:: ations . Thousands protest striker's death SEOUL, South Korea ;. AP' 1 — A powerful oppositior, coalitkm called oo South Koreans Monday to wear biac^c ribbons and join .horn- honking demonstrations to protest the death of a striking worker in a clash with riot police, Tbe National Coalition for a Democratic Constitution also called on President Chun Deo-hwan to step down because of the death of 22- year-old Lee Suk-k>ii, Lee was the first to die in the wave of labor unrest that has swept South Korea for more than a month. The coalition organized huge demonstrations in June that resulted in Chun's agreeing to more freedoms, including greater labor liberty. Before the reforms, strikes had been virtually illegal. In Seoul on Sunday. 5,000 workers and students battled riot police with firebombs and rocks and 300 workers and students staged an overnight sit-in at Vonsei University, The protesters were demanding an official apology for Lee's death, the release of imprisoned workers and restoration of jobs to dismissed workers, National news Death threats aimed at hemophiliacs ARCADIA. Fla. «, AP> — Three hemophiliac brothers who carry ihe. AIDS virus braved death threats as they prepared to return to their public elementary school for the first time in a year A federal court order reinstating the children in regular classes is being contested by a parents' group. Citizens Against AIDS in Schools, which called for a week-long boycott of classes Louise and Cliff Ray kept their sons Ricky. 10. Robert. 9. and Randy. 8, in seclusion Sunday, a day after the family received four threatening telephone calls. One hysterical caller said. "Your children will die/' and another threatened to burn down their house. according to Ray, "It's a little tense. The boys are anxious about it." Louise Kay said as she got school clothes ready for Monday's start of the school year. About 500 people attended a boycott rally Friday night. Group members said, however, they would not picket Memorial Elementary School or make any show of force when classes resumed. DeSoto County school officials banned the boys from classrooms last fall after the youngsters tested positive for antibodies to the virus that causes acquired immune deficiency syndrome. The Rays moved to Bay Minette. Ala., but when the records caught up to them. they returned here. Doctors believe the brothers, K all hemophiliacs, were exposed through plasma-based medication they take to clot their blood. They do not have AIDS or symptoms related to the disease. Lonetree laces possible life sentence QUANTICO. Va. (AP) — Sgt. Clayton Lonetree' s lawyers say they think they have a better chance getting his conviction overturned than gaining leniency when he is sentenced for allegedly passing secrets to his Soviet lover. The eight military- jurors who convicted the 25-year-old American Indian on Friday on 13 counts could issue a life prison term Monday. As in the month-long trial, which was punctuated by frequent government censorship, the defense planned to call no witnesses during the sentencing hearing, said defense attorney Michael Stuhf f . Lonetree, of St. Paul, Minn., was the first Marine to stand court- martial for espionage. Authorities alleged he gave the KGB. the Soviet secret police, identities of CIA agents and floor plans to the U.S. embassies in Moscow and Vienna, where he worked as a guard. Prosecutors charged him with passing secrets to the Soviets after falling in love with a Soviet translator, Violctta Snnni. Lonetree's lawyers said he gave away nothing of value. MX missile dependability questioned WASHINGTON (AP) — Numerous guidance problems with the multi-warhead MX missile arc raising "serious questions" about the dependability of one of the nation's front-line nuclear weapons, a House committee report says. "Of the 22 deployed so far, eight don't even have a guidance system and are thus clearly and obviously unguidcd missiles," said Rep. Les Aspin, D-Wis., chairman of the House Armed Services Committee that released Uie report Sunday. One hundred of the missiles are expected to be deployed. "The Air Force says the other 14 arc fine, but it has appointed a scientific panel to took Into the issues, which indicates the Air Force isn't so sure," Aspin said. The report from the Democratic -controlled panel was sharply critical of Northrop Corp., which built the inertial measurement unit, as the guidance system Is formally known. U also criticized the Air Force for pushing quantity Instead of quality

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