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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 1

Frederick, Maryland
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Thursday, December 24, 1931
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Edition MIRE WEATHER FORBCA8T ·L MARYLAND: Rain tonight and possibly Friday morning. Colder Friday. Frah. po* sibly strong northwest winds. fOL. LV.--NO. 60. (AT) Fm* SEA. FREDEEICK, MD, TBHESDAT, DECEMBER * * * f*.u»-,..«. TWELVE PAGES FBICE-TWO CKFTS i/TM HUE LY FIVE I 21 YEARS 'RESTRAINING ORDER IN WENDEL CASE DISSOLVED Judge Holds Will Is Properly, Before Surrogate's Court. , DRIVE FOR AID OF CONTINUES AS CHRISTMAS NEARS New York. Dec. 24 CAP).--The re- ' ing order secured by Rosa Dew j of vicksburg. MISS., alleged , Foodstuffs Delivered Through- 600 Youngsters Flock To Tivoli of the late Ella Wendel. i late Ella prevent probate of the millionaire ,, . , , 'spinsters will, wac dissolved in Fwi- Has Actually Fallen Only i e.-ai court today. | Miss Stansbary brought suit in fed- i era! court against Charles G. Koss, for- j merlv attorney for Miss -'endel, Isa- ! G. Koss. his daughter and prta- persona! beneficiary urider the will. three Times On That Day In That Period. out City This Afternoon And Evening. This Morning For Annual Party. Many Students Return To Spend Christmas Holidays In Frederick IN 1915 WARMEST; CASH FOND OF NEARLY $300, GARRY GIFTS TO AID HUGE SUPPLY OF FOOD! THOSE HERE IN NEED President's Wife Attends Theater Where Poor Children Are Assembled. action before the surrogate's court of 40 TM 4(U(I PAT ,iOCT X 14 lfl 1JL5 UULUriM York the court COMFORTS FRIGHTENED ie that a release and waiver r-ven : M ayor Grateful For Gifts And ; Free Movies Gift Of Manage- j by herself was void, to direct that the J · ^* will be probated in Westchester county j i and to establish her claim that she j Ve Years Ago Rain Fell All Day ' was an heir of Miss Wendel through j I * ! distant relationship. ! The opinion of Judge Julian W. Mack j | makes f. plain that the uatter of Miss j · Wendel's will is properly before the I j surrogate's court which has jurisdic- Hopes Ail Will Have Merry Christmas. ment To .Entertain Children. -Figures For Two Decades Given. Iristmas Day may be colder than day of the past week according to ·weather forecast received by The j irs at noon today. Ii predicts colder j er Friday with fresh and possibl northwest winds. Trucks loaned by merchants and i Approximately 600 Frederick young- by city employes and polices: ^ rs S 0 ^^ '-^^ morning to the Warn". . ",, , __ . . . er Brotbers Tivoli Theater, George N. ; movec to aU «» t « teE » of K:«^^ i Pavette. manager, to attend the annual I this afternoon, carrying the hundred ' chrjtmas party. Children from Uay Hundred Out-Of-Luck Boys And Girls Sent Home Smiling. II C UAIf PC MPW PI PA · '"*"" ·"·· v -"""--* t *··»--.»"·* ·«· ~-~i-^-- ^nnsimas pony, uniioren irom uay | Washington. Dec. 24 (AP).--With U. o. NlArVtO re til rl_tA .'sacks and baskets of Christmas din- - tots accompanied by their parents to ;' ;wo Mrs. Herbert Hoovers as stars and Tfl I A P N TO A.VFRT WAR ' ners and winter provisions to the needy, '"big: boys" who scorned to be accom-' I U J M r n n l u « » t n i IIMH . ^ ^ ^ baske , went ^ ^ Jajt ; pa ^ eA by ^yo^ arriv ed at the local the whole Marine band in the orcbes- , J» WJC AiWi, VOOA.CV »Ci*i. (A/ biJC i^ab j pimiCU OV aJJt Ulie BIIiYCU SI LUC 1UU31 ' ; house on the last street, where the j playhouse, and aU carried in their arms · :ra «"'· today's Christmas party for the on. Dec. 26 (AP).--New ! lruc £ j^elf could not go. five children ; gifts for the poor. Some kiddies were i poor in a Washington theater had a :ons to Japan to prevent i ^ho awaited is found the policeman of so generous as to bring with them sev- ] spirit and ^IK that warmed the stilities in Manchuria were j their beat bringing elso a hamper of I eral bundles, all of which were laid at i ,, 1 today by the State Depart- ! small toys, supplying the need which he ' *·-- *--- -- --- -"--"--'- "-«-»--» hearts. meat. The departm e n t said Ambassador j look. So skeptical was the officer about | r b to b Forbes in Tokyo has been a new Christmas was heralded by |rcast skies and medium winter temp- i ares," the Frederick weather observ- ! i has studiously scanned the skies i to express again to | many years, today dug back through ' eign Office the American records for 21 years to note just j concern over reports Christmas weather had been treat- j army was contemplating movements on Frederick in pasc times. j Chinchow. were some of the things he | Ambassador Forbes «ras instructed sd, in reports running back in 1910i I to call the Japanese government's at- the Christmases have been clear ; rention to -etwts from miiitarv ob- ! Police department under the direction of Chief William F. Sterner. A single check for more than thirty dollars, arriving this morning, brought the total the foot of an attractively lighted feared even Santa Claus would over- i Christmas tree in the foyer of the tbea- It sent 1.600 little out-of-luck and girls homeward with smiles and -covered bags of he man with the to fill Billy Sun- |just a hie cloudy. e were only five ·servers of several nations, including: real white 1 S American nuT-tary attache, to the ow fell on only three Christmas highest Christmas temperature 56; the lowest, 12; and Christmas effect there was no evidence China -was engages in preparing for an. off ensive- to the end of the foyer. All sorts j Christmas lady in a green suit with of parcels were evident. Some were i velvet lapels and cuffs, green velvet wrapped in gay papers and labeled with ^KJSMSJSL By far the most of the contentions, £··"·*»!* ~?^S however, were in stocks of goods from : been _;iest Christmas was five years when rain fell practically all day, ! long a quarter of an inch of pre- | Itation. The most snow wac, on the ad year before last, when all travel over at least four inches, remain- I from the heavy snow two da;-, be- hat with gittering buckles in front, took her place in the first box. With her was pretty Mrs. Herbert ouiiu, ticnvj ^uciiiiso. And though i Hoover, Jr., in a suit of tweed with the entire lot was somewhat less than large brown checks, brown fox fur and ciose-flttiag brown hat. Up came the long line of children as eager for Mrs. Hoover's smile as for Students from mr.versst les. colleges .,nd preparatory schools in many slaw* :ia\e retarued to Frederick for the C:"trnas holidays and plan to p«r- '....·ipjte 1:1 the (re 1 .:-.i'.:e« -ahich ha\e_ Seen arranged for the week brginiDK ·*-i:h Christmas Day and continuing un;:: Ne»- Year. Still other boys and Sirls »re returning !o their homes In this city and county this evening and Chri»tjnas Day. and quite « Jew who graduated fnxn colleges last year or In -.he past few years and now have POAI- tions in other cities are resuming for the wees-e:id or longer. Holiday !or some college students began o'. er a »eek ago. aixi they have oeen returning ever since then. The majority returned on Saturday. but about the city The majority of students come from the University of Maryland and We-stem Maryland college, although various educational in- ilitutions are represented upon the list chosen by local boys »nd girls. Not as many o£ the large northern universities are represented in the list having Fredericktonians on their enrollment, however. In the cases of stud- rnt nurses at hospitals of the state, only one day holiday is permitted In ·arsons instances. Among those from this city and county who have returned and the institutions where they have been studying are the following: University of Maryland--Herman Remsberg, Howard Taylor. James Zimmerman. Eugene Thomas. MiUard Svler, Bernard O. Thomas. John Hull. Wil!:im Humm. James Snouffcr, Glenn Garber. Vcra Klein. Elisabeth Pyles. Washington and Lee University--Robert McCardell, William Schildknecht and Claude Barrick. Johns Hopkins University--Howard McGregor. Marlon Grove. Gordonier Harper. Ewrett SchUdknecht, David r. Wilbur Kern. rn Maryland College--Lease Bussard. Victor Pataer. Edgar Palmer. Hanford Boyer. Welsh Boyer. Mary McComas, Robert S. Tyson, Jr., Dorothy "Wichter. Bliss Electrical School--Joseph K. ! c Bussard. George Daiisijerjer. Charles Poole. Sulliris Cv'llepr--Made' Harper Penris'.\ania State Teachers' Coli?--Inez Betson TiVAs!i No-nial - Mary J*r- Hooper, IVlIlie Howard. Dorothy Bair A;isjit4 Mi:ii4r' Academy--Spang'-er K:-Her. Tome Institute--Neion Lanfdale Mi S: Man's Co'.'.im---)wph Ganv. E'.iger.? Archibald Axar.der. III. Gvorse Zey;'.er » Carr.eige Institute of Techno^osy-- Harry J Lebherr. Jr. Notre Dame Co'.lese--Jaise Roddy. Princeton fnnersity--W Harr.' Ha!!- t-r. J r . J»hn Francis Smiih and Max WlS. Maryland Institute--Mary Beail Castle and Margaret. Gittir.ger. Pe:in HaU Academy--Maxine LeGore. Averett Co~ege--Virginia Royal and Th^Iraa MuUinlx. Frank'.la and Marshal! Co"e«c-- Joseph H Apple. Jr. Duke University--Ralston LeGore. American University--Gladstone Williams. Chester Bowers and Amelia V.'eSnberg. Brown University--G. Harris Stauffer. Harvard University Graduate School --Robert E. Ciapp. Jr. The Newman School. Lakewood. N. j._W. Clinton McSherr}-. Jr. University of Virir-Ria--Charles H. Coniey. Jr . Edward Storm. University of Maryland Dental School --Howard Taylor. Mt. St. Joseph's College--Margaret Hardy. Adeie Lcbherz. Bridge water College--John Derr. Lebanon Valley College--Virginia. Coblcntz. Dickinson College--Robert R. Luckle. Jr. Gettysburg College--Edward Smith. Georgetown University--David Everhart. Pindlay College. Ftndlay. O.--John Saxten. St. Margaret's School. Tappahannock. Vr..--Ann Graham Dennis. Union Memorial Hospital. Baltimore --Virginia Williamson. Enoch Pratt Library. Baltimore-Katharine R. Kicffer, Monica M. Halter. SANTA CLAOS ILL NO! MAKE HIS Will Have To Use. Some Other Conveyance To Reach Most Of U. S. Homes. NO PROSPECTS OF WHITE CHRISTMAS IN THE EAST Chicago And New York Have "Heat Waves"--Snakes Come Out In Mid-West. Jerusalem, Dec. 24 (AP) .-^Jerusalem : so that every poor family in Frederick ; · and Bethlehem were thronged today , might-enjoy Christmas. Manv of the · ' less clothing. Loaves of bread, _ other "dishes" wiih visitors, many of them Americans, · contributions were from outside"the" city! j rable ani S 3111 ^ a n ° other toys for planning to attend the midnight serv- i some of the outstanding gifts being · t^'iren '*'£ placed side by side on outstanding gifts being ice at the church of the Nativity in · from business arms outside the county. the tiny village where Christ was born, j Dae to the great number of donors, | Tomorrow morning about 7 o'clock, i :he list of their names was still inhere were few Christmas day rec- i Palestine time. Canon Charles Bridg- | complete today, and probably will not in the past score of years, but on ! rnan. American chaplain of St. George's j be entirely checked until after Christ- :ral occasions the weather man \ Anglican Cathedral will press a key here j mas day. Few Christmas Records. tne both. Her sharp eyes picked up out a little red-haired girl who was crying in fright at the light glare and she went floor, amid the dim van-colored ; across the stage to comfort her. She CANTATA TO BE GIVEN BY CHOIR SUNDAY EVENING DR. ANDRE ACQUITTED BY JURY ON MURDER CHARGE (Br The Auoelated Pirn) The weather man seems to have «r* ganized a conspiracy with the elementf to keep Santa Claus from using h!» sleigh and reindeer In mos'- parts o! the United Slates this Christmas. Prospects for a "white Christmas'* east of the Mississippi were about nil and they weren't much better for the western half of the nation. There may be some snow by tonight la Colorado. Wyoming. Montana, northern Nevada and Idaho but that's as for as the weather forecast would go. Meanwhile the pre-Christmas "heat wave" continues. Chicago had 52 decrees yesterday, the hottest December 23 since back in 1904. New York hod a maximum of 52--the "wannesi December 23 in 24 years. Flowers were blooming in Flttstmrfn. Golfers were_prepar!ng to try. out tlMir Christmas gift equipment la Detroit and Louisville looked for the warmest Christmas since 1898. Even ttte snakes have been fooled. Both Ionia. Mich., and Indianapolis sent in reports that reptiles have been coming out of their notes to see what it was ail about. lights of the tree and other decorations | picked out the pathetic looking mother C. M. Cassel Guest Soloist In ; Found Not Guilty Of Slaying Evan. Reformed Church. Former Fiancee. ed attention to unusual dips in the releasing an electrical current which ther chart for the month. For in- will Sash a message to St. Thomas Employes Boosted Fund. Every policeman and every regular playhouse. I Passing into the main part of the i theater, the kiddies unceremoniously i found their places and awaited the I program prepared for them. The sing| ing of Christmas carols than began j and talked with her. ice, in 1910 December was record- church. New York, eastern standard · city employe gave to the fund, enabling j ^^ as "an exceedingly cold month, the time. The impulse will ring the caril- · the department not only to distribute ! Jr» under the leadership of Charles A. Opel, with Winston C. Shipley as organist. Ion of bells in the New York church. test for many years on record." The JTIHTTH that vear was below freez- every day but two, and the max- SLOT M A C H I N E MONEY m temperature stayed near freez- : for half the month. ! G I V E N TO INSTITUTIONS ecember of 1918 was one o: mest on record, but it rema.'isd a. day of 1329 to sec tlie record tune December warmth. The day the fifieenth. when ihe temper; reached 72 degrees, ·he weather man's figures and corn- its for each Christmas day are re- ! ied below, wi:-h first the maimum i ' Christmas dinners, but also to keep ' following the carols, motion pictures | provisions aside for later winter needs j were shown and entertained the youth- j In view of the great need evidenced ! fal audience until about 11.30 o'clock. : this wiaier, i; was thought the .up- j During that time persons entering the ' plies given out exceeded those of any i outer doors of the theater could easily CHRISTMAS PROGRAM AT MEETING OF LIONS CLUB Plan To Aid Unemployed Is Also Endorsed. A program of Christmas music, be- The annual custom of ! hear stacks of childish merriment re- '· ginning with "O Holy Night" · and a by Sheriff Proul n Anns Arunde! county reso; Under an order of Circuit then the minimum figure being 1 Juc « e ^°^, . Moss ^V^r^ ^ e ! wished that "everybody in Frederick" ! with a trinket pr ·n: "Pen the and distributed trie . ^ o - £d j^o a "-^^ chriamas." j direction of Mr 910--31, 25: clear. j m! ^ey in them among Sve institutions ; . j v t ^ conciU5i ; 111--40, 30: cloudy; snow on ground. ' here 312--10. 12; clear, snow cisappear- sleighing. 913--11. 36; raining. j 914--34, 26; snow Surries: sleighing, j 915--56. 29; rain turning to snow. ', clear, inch of snow on j Markets Fairly Even. New York. Dec. 24 (AP) .--Securities drifted on a fairly even keel while holiday preparations di- 916--41.24; clear, inch of snow on j " er tt much of VTall street's attention md. ' -rom price levels. The report of the )17--40. 36; rrace of rain. \ Young plan advisory committee was 318--44, 38; cloudy; high winds. i generally regarded with satisfaction in 319--34, 21: clear; bitter winds. ! banking quarters but it was regarded 920--31, 23; clear; ice forzoed. j ** a st «? ol to ° pre^irniary a nature 921--37, 34; c'.cpjdy; little snow on i to TM~e a. notable effec; upon security ;ad. I markets. Fluctuations is share prices 932--44. 31; clear: trace of snow left ^* re confined to extraordinarily narrow -ow places. limits. Call money renewed £t 3 per ^23--m, 30; irace of snaw feU in cerlt - Sterling was firm at the open- rEoon. ' i"5 'with cables quoted at S3.43. up l'.i 924--24, 27; clear after shower in ' cents. y morning, i · 125--41. 30; oarily cloudy ace foggy. ! 33th Wedding Anniversaries. 926--42. 35: raided all day; .25 inch ! M^ad ilrs - V?miarn H. Care, acd · Mrs. Fred W. Hovermale, of Brunswick, cipitatioa. 927--35, 16; clear and cold; trace i a re today celefaratiiig at their homes -sow on ground. I their fifty-fifth wedding anniversaries. 928--51, 22; ciear; ihkk ice begic- f^oth coupses were laarried Christmas to melt. · · Eve. 3S76. ^frs. Care also celebrated 14: partly cloudy; four her 79th birthday on Monday. b£s of snow 33 ground. · 930--39. 16: partly clyjdy: trace , Pays Fhie. Ko-rard C. I^ayton. wio -ras fineci $5 by Jisti-ce Bowers for drakeaBess in ?oi» Court Tttesda- night, paid his S:ie and ~as released. Toe naze was erroneously published as Harry Layton. Bncteystown P. T. A. Meeting. -, The Decemse.- meeting of the Buck: eystown P. T. A. was in charge of the teachers of the Buckeystown school, who presented an interesting Chrisc, mas program Monday night at 7.30 o'clock. Following the program a snc- ; cessful sal-e o. cakes, candies and ice cream was held for the benefit of the school library. The following program '· was arranged by Miss Keller and Miss · Fuimer. teachers, with Mrs. C. E. Xicaols assisting: Recitation, Welcome, Gra-32 Plunkard; one act play, "Motfjer Goose Entertains""; "A Christmas Mir, acle," introducing the "five following .selections: duet, "Jolly Old St. Nich| las." "Spirit of Christmas." Helen ' Shankle; "Jingie Bells," "Christmas ; Faries" and "Upon the. Housetops"; , the "Nations' Christinas Party," depict, ing the origin of Car^tmas in each . nation. The following Christ*c-is car"'Is were then sung by all ;he "Nations": "Manger Sorig." "Hark, ^he Herald Angels Sir.g." "Holy Night." "O. LitSc Town of 3etheheni." and "Joy to the World.TM A little sketch. "The Guiding Star." -STZS given, and the nieei closed w»ta tie ijrzn, "O Corce. A^ Ye Faitn- "Our Gang" comedy, i hotel at noon. from the far from silent ap- i The community plan of asking em- expressed, the event was j ployed persons to devote one day's -Access, and every child teft ; wages per month to the relief presented him under the ;of the jobless was presented by Payette, the manager. Holmes D. Baker and James H. I .T.. ...^ conclusion of the party. Boy GambriH, Jr., representing the Fred- Scouts collected the gifts into boxes and I enck County Emergency Relief Asso- celivered them to the offices of the ] ciatlon. and was indorsed by the club. Children's Aid Society, from where they | The line of sixty to eighty applicants were taken this afternoon to the poor. ; ^ch day at the association's office the distribution being in charge ! seeking work !ii preference to aid was of Mrs. Michael E. Pue, executive sec- · pictured by the speakers, and members retary of the Aid Society. j o f the club cited the examples of Sunday evening at 7.30 o'clock, the Evangelical Reformed church choir will render a Christmas cantata by Charles Fonteyn Manning, entitled the "Manger Throne." The selection of this work is in keeping with the plan adopted by the National Federation of Music Clubs to sponsor for this year the works of American composers. Mr. Manney is the composer of over fifty Rraceful and individual songs besides anthems, carols and cantatas. Chas. M. Cassel will be the guest soloist, and will sing one of Dudley Buck's compositions (both words and music.) The program ftr Sunday evening is as follows: Solo, The Night Song of Bethlehem, by Dudley Buck. Mr. Cassel: cantata. The Manger Throne, by Manney; Part 1, The Annunciation: ban tone recitative. Mr. Cassel: solo. Frank N. Shipley: chorus. Part 2. The Vision of the Shepherds, duet. Miss Lough. Mr. Cassel: chorus. There Were Shepherds; part 3. The Wise recitative. Mr. Cassel: Reno. Nev. Dec. 24 (AP).--A jury today acqultcd Dr. Carl Pierre Andre, young West Virginia dentist, of murder. He was accused of killing his former fiancee, Mrs. Martha Hutchinson. The decision was greeted by cheers from spectators. Saying "this !s the best Christmas present I ever had" Dr. Andre immediately wired news of his acquital to his mother who is ill in bed at Fairmont. W. Va. Mrs. Hutchinson. a 21 year old widow, was killed September 13 in a fall from Dr. Andre's speeding automobile on the outskirts of Reno. The prosecution charged Andre cither shoved her out of the machine or caused her to fall by reckless driving. The verdict followed eight days of sensational icstimony which involved almost every phase of night life in Reno. Mild Day Seen. Washington. Dec. 24 (AP).--A mM day with some scattered rain and virtually no snow is the Christmas day weather forecast. The Weather Bureau today s»w the probability of snow la one sectloa^-- western Montana and northwestern Wyoming. The remainder of the country is bare and thermometer readings far above normal. Eastern states wiE be partly overcast and it may rain along the Great ~ Lakes, in New England and in New- York and Pennsylvania. Colder weather is due especially in the northern area, and freezing temperatures may be expected before nightfall. EAGLES AID POOR ROBBED OF MONEY AND CLOTHING AND JEWELRY i USES TONGUE TO DIAL ! WORK OF BAM ROBBERY , , , ^f Gladness Men of OW. Part I *"»lehem: So.o. "Beside Thy Cradle." i Mr. Cassel: chorus. "No Pomp of j Earth!- Kingdoms." It will take forty »*On iC j, v 1^1 _ 3TM piUCCS. s the 1931 Chnstnias drew nigh it ams certain there" would be no re- ;g of icy weather. City Forester CyrE Klein reported tha: he picked unch of sturdy-iooking dandelions Baker Park this morning- Given Double Holiday. banis throughout Maryland fiT- c:osei Friday and Saturday ;· co- rance of the Christmas ho'.idav. The urciay extension proclaimed by ernor Ritchie several weeks ago. JSON NAMED BY HOOVER fO DISARMAMENT MEETING |Vashir.gtori. Dec. 24 fAP.--Hugh S ' son. ambassador to 3°lgium and of America's delegation to the J aratory disarmament commission, | be selected by President Hoover i ?. d'-'.rgate to the Geneva arms con- THE WEATHER TODAY Precipitation for 24 hoars ending at 7 a. m.. today--none. Precipitation, December to date-I 93 inch. - Nonnal December precipitation. 3.11 inches; actual December, 1930, 354 jches. This year's deficiency to December :--2.:7 inches. H-gh temperature yesterday--57. Low temperature last night--45. S'm sets today--4.53 p. m. Sun rises tomorrow--7.28 3. m. Moor, rises tomorrow--5 25 p. m. Moon sets tomorrow--325 a. m. Asks S18.000 For Husband's Death. Fannie M. Baker, administratrix of :hs estate of Morris A. Baker, of Frederick, Sled ia the District Supreme Court in Washir.gion. a suit for S10.000 carnages against Edward C. Sherman. 3324 Newark street northwest. Washington, for the death of Baker las: January. The suit claims that Baker was walking along the Frederick pike --hen he was struck by the automobile of Sherman, ^iuch was allegedly being driven at a fast rate offSpeed. Attorneys Leo Weinberg. Frederick, and Arthur C. Keefer. Washington, filed the suit. i It was pointed out that while all local , service clubs were backing the plan. It ] was not confined to any particular Foot, ^^ricies. "°ut was a corr.inunity work. I i Announcement was made of the I Notifies Police Anyhow. jMidctetown club ladies' night to be I I held Monday. Guests were C. R. Mc- 1 Albanv. N. Y., Dec. 24 (AP).-A j^"*- B * Itirno \ e: R * v ' J - B - T TM veT . . .". , j -_ j j f^t. ,a--T ; Qsteco. r*. i.. ana Eart^toii L». Rothcn- Dniw tCliCT DOt*QQ JT12^1Ct SlUu *OOv. t»13U~ · ?c a telephone cumber with his tongue j oe ' er - crlCa " ^ he^t^ThSr £"ZrZ ' ALL STATE POLICEMEN b? joLr^d. 0 L $4 ^ -.ea^g the Ai- i OFFER BLOOD FOR WOMAN bany Morris Plan Bank siwrtly before ; midnight after working over accounts, i At the door two inen forced him back r^ide and made him ooes Uie safe. *Kand was then bcsmd UghUy -=rjth -Ire and left Jving on the floor. The gunmen took his keys, scooped up · C 4 200 from the safe and Dec, locking ·jie front 3oor behind taem. An hour and a half later Hand suc- "eeaed in jarring a telephone receiver and Sevenfold Amen. It is open to the Th- Evangelical Reformed church Trill inaugurate Christmas day with the annual Christmas dawn sen-ice at six o'clock in the Baltimoro. Dec. 24 'Ap") --Maryland's entire state police .'or^c. 75 strong. voturitcerea b:ood :«:ay for a cor.Terfi- plat^d transfusion for the wife of one - Mr. Roby Retired. James P. Roby. Brunswick, an engineer on the Capitol Linitec, ruiming between W«hir.gtor» and Cuaiber^nd. ·s-as retired frorr, the service of the Baltimore and Ohio railroad Tuesday of la.=t vieek. a':cr serir.g 43 years and 7 months w.ta the company. its hook. tTsing his tongue he dialed numbers at random until he Sr-sT.- heard an answer in the dng- lir.g receivej-. The response came from E. Corning Davis. Jr.. an insurance man, who wakened at the ringing of his telephone. "Call the police." cr.ed Hand. "The bank has been robbed." Davis notified the police. The latter hurried to the bank, battered in the Soor and freed Hand. ·e'er. ~ere selected from nearby ?"io--tat.ons and sent to the Maryland General Hospital wh?re Mrs. Arthu.- W. ?:-^mmer has been a patient. In event the blood of the eight was not of the right type po'.ice officers said other mercbers of the force urould Observes 75th Birthday. P. Rice second oldest member of the Maryland State Funeral Directors' Association ar.d well known resident of Frederick, on Wednesday ob,=e--ed his 75th birthday and received telegrams, letters anci personal felicitations. In the evening about 50 friends railed to expend their best wishes to Mr. R.ce. who a"-so was the recipient or many rift?. For 59 years he has ·»en a-~::'.vc'.j oncaged in the unoertak- r.g business, having be--an his long bcr. Rice, of Freden-k. Mr. Rice is at his place of business every day and likewise evidences an actr.e ic- ; Robbers early today held up Richy I Craig. Jr.. an entertainer, and stole i $130. his shoes, trousers and a watch j as he was driving toward Baltimore , on a road near here. ' Craig was on his way from New Torfc to fill an engagement in Baltimore when · the robbers forced his car of! the road r.tP.r here. The robbers took the ignition key to his machine, he said, before they left. Craig started the motor with another , key and drove to the Conowiago police ' substation where he reported the robbery. Fifty Baskets Of Food Distributed Today Among: Needy. Aerie No. 1067. Fraternal Order of Eagles, of this city, is today distributing baskets of food to approximately fifty families whom it has listed as worthy and in need. The distrifauttaa is aa annual custom of the lodge. A committee composed of the trustees will direct the distribution. A number of members of the order wiE meet at the home on Market Space this evening to go caroling. In accord with its annmJ cos- lorn, the memonal committee of the order on Sunday afternoon visited the graves of aii the deceased members. Wreaths were placed on fifty-two graves. The committee reported its visitation at the weekly meeting h*2d Wednesday night, which was given the approval of the asne. SECOND DOUBLE HOLIDAY IN VIRGINIA PROCLAIMED Ri-hsiond. Vs.. Dec. 24 (AP 1 ).--Governor Po'.lard. in wishing all V.rginians; a merry Christmas and a happy New Vear. today proclaimed tTO extra hoi- He called upon residents of Virginia V observe the extra holiday with the ziiin; of thanks becau.=e this state has been more fortunate" than some cunns the depression. The two extra ho'-.days are the Saturdays following Christmas ana New Year's cav. BECKLEY, W. VA., HAS 5200,000 FIRE LOSS Bechiey. w. Va.. Dec. 24 (AP).-Three stores, -he^r cotiaters pSedi hjga ·with Chrutoias uierchacdise, were de- strojed by fire today. Firszisi estimated the damage at sore than $200,- (XX) C^rataole J. C«n McDowell was in- r-red seriously. He wss aiding Sreoea whpr. ihe floor of oss store ocCapsed arxj he vas dropped ^ito the flaming bas?rncr;t. Police asd ftrerccri 'ccmed a human Iscder to rescas ire first group came from substations at Lfi-re".. Benson ar.d RancallstoTn in scciit.on to the headquarters squad. Mrs. Piucr.iEor ?.er,t to the hosp.tal last night after a hemorrhage. Has Chin Cut in Fall. Losing his footing on a scaffold on wh:.-h he was working at the new home * ] o' Dr. B M. Dav_s. Rocicwcll T?rrac^, First Eve: What did you 'near at the j Miller B. Cawl;. plasterer. 28 We-it cpera yesterday? South street, fell to the floor, str.k-n^ Secord:' All sorts of things. Smith , his chin a snarp b'.o-s- against a src- « coin? bankrupt. Mrs. Brown has ctyed tion of bannL^ter Althojgh h-^ chin r*?.7. ar;d the Whites are having a di- ^aj rut rather i'"3,;, ?.Ir Ca^f'.i CJH- Show. , tinned at his work after treatment.. Bnckeystown Farm Sold. The Maurice Newton Hahn farm of 170 acres, situated one and one-half m.ies South of Buckeystown, was purchased at public auction at the court house this morning by Miss Theresa S. Graff, tr-istee for her father. John P. Graff. Buckeystowri. for S10.000. Mr. Graff was holder of the mortgage. Parsons was assignee and John L. Dutro-K-. auctioneer. Killed Retornine From FnneraL Frna. I:aly. Dec 24 f.1P.--1 pas.«:ngery --«rc killed, six were injured and a score of ethers returning froai the funeral of Amolco Mussolini were badly shaken today wh^r. the Bologna expr*sis ;Mmpcd the track at Corona to ,«*a::rn. r.ear 'n«re. Three cars were overturned. Jailed For Drunkenness, ChArsed with drunkenness and disorder;- cosiuc;^ Adrian Make3, colored, was s?n: to ;'ail Wednesday night after being arrested by OScer Murrav. He was r.elc under $25 co^at«raa for a .-eanne -on:gh; TraSic charges were against S 'R. Pensel. and Robert Zeabortz. ChrKtraas Cantata. Thr Senior Christen Endeavor Soci- ·"-· of tile Centennial Memorial C. B. ·h irch wii: presen-t a Christmas cantata, entitled. · A Chr^unas Candle." Pr-.dav morniri? at 6 o'clock in the - r i r . - h of -xhich Rev. DeWitt P. Zuse -o pastor. NO PAPER FRIDAY Therp will be no issue of The Xews Christmas day. The business and editorial offices will be open Friday evening after five o'clock. Saved. Por: Ar-srl-es. Dsc. C4 (API.--While L'nued States and Caradian pa»rol boati searched healing seas for her, the tug Roosevelt escaped the fury of a · .tonr. and reached shelter in Neah bay safely today. Nothing had been beard from her since she messaged "for Goi'« harry" las; nagii^

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