The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 9, 1948 · Page 12
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 12

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, July 9, 1948
Page 12
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Page 12 article text (OCR)

«MY.ZJMpwr OP A MAM WHO ^rwirrw our AT* 5 PC* A*»VI - -· - O*«N At A RICH CMC- ALL HE NEED* t« eoucAaeANp " CAR-PLUS* THIS MO8NIHS M O*p«rtnUy Bas LlmHatiMM Indians Win, Bosox Also Cleveland. July 8 vP--The In-! dians turned their batting power j on aa old teammate. Al Gettel. to- j day and drove their way to a 14 to i 1 victory over the Chicago White 1 Sox. , The Tribe knocked Gettel and · two successors for 15 hits, mclud- irsf a pair of home runs and six j doubles, to score their highest total j of runs for the season and retain ; their American League lead j { Ken Keltner registered hss 20:' I round tripper iv ith two aboard in ; the seventh inning. Catcher Jim! Eegan hit his lifih with one; aboard in the third. The score: R. H. Chicago . . 1 8 Cleveland 14 15 Gettel. Moulder Grove and A Robinson: Bearden and Hegan JOE! IAX ASHAMED yoo! £Z. NAJ1.S -- w PUBLIC! MITT AND JEFF Jeff Wasn't So Dumb--It Was Shallow Water Dynamite Inventor HORIZONTAL 1.7 Pictured inventor of dynamite 12 Height 13 Entertains IS Conducted 15 Those ur.der age 18 Carpenter's tool 19 Leave out 21 Dry 22 Grant VERTICAL 1 In tirr.e (mus:c) 2 Gentlcwo 3 Foot Car- 4 Bcverssc 5 Discoid goddess 6 Low sar.d h.H 7 Nostril 8 Mystic ejaculations 9 Bushel (ab ) 10 Hebrew nscetsc i This Hand Stumped I Even The Experts . Q I 0 7 3 * 7 5 2 E.: 1 ' o ! 23 Musical drama n He was a 25 Modified in his field 26 Postures 12 Sailing vessel 27 In what place' 14 He was a Timers Swamp Browns Detroit. July 8 WPv--Detroit Tiger third baseman George Kell. who has been named as a starter on the American League all star team suffered a sprained ankle today while the Tigers were trimming the St Louis Browns. 12 to 2. Kell was lifted from the game ·in the eighth inning, but his injury was described as "not serious " . Virgil Trucks limited the Brownies to five scattered hits as the Tigers posted their fourth straight ·Win and their second in a row over the St. Louis club Freddie Biscan. the first of three St. Louis pitchers. was charged -with the loss. The score: R H. St Louis 2 5 Detroit . 12 15 Biscan. Ostrowsky, \Vidmar and Partee, Moss: Trucks and Riebe. 28 While 29 Id est (ab.) 30 Social class 33 Snares 37 Shield bearings 38 Biblical word 39 Old 40 Icelandic writings 44 Storage pit 45 Term used in golf 46 Surround 43 Fish 49 Endow authority 51 He established prizes" for achievement in literature, peace and 17 Either 20 Handled 22 Holds together 24 Donkeys 25 Taunts 39 nsccoon-1 mam-nsl 31 Silvery 32 Arm covering 34 Straightens 35 Royal residence 35 Coast 40 V/ithin f comb, form) 41 Decigram (ab.) 42 Quoit 43 Coy 46 Especial!" ( a b ) 47 Expsre 50 Type mcasuie 52 Eye (Scot.) A K 8 5 2 V 9 S 6 3 4 7 5 3 * K 4 E. 2 ' 0 i 53 Musical speed 54 Dairy -ood N W E S Dealer 4 A 9 6 4 V 104 · 962 4 . Q J 6 3 V A K 5 2 * A K J 1 0 + A 1 0 9 3 Rubber--Neither vul. South West North East I V Pass 1N.T. Pass 3* Pass 3 V -Pass 4 V Pass Pass Pass Opening--A 2 9 Homer Beats A's New York. July 8 UP---Tommy Henrich's "bases-loaded homer off Carl Scheib helped the New York Yankees snap a four-game losing streak today with a 6-5 win over the Philadelphia Athletics. Scheib had the Yankees at his mercy until Henrich belted his ninth homer with three on in the seventh. That tied the score at 5-5. The Yanks won it in the eighth on George McQuian's doable, a sacrifice and Cliff Mapcs* long fly to right, scoring McQuinn. Elmer Valo made a fine leaping catch of Mapes" fly against the right field stands. The score: R. H E Philadelphia . . . 5 8 0 N e w York 6 9 0 Scheib and Kosar; Page Reynolds. Gumbert and Berra. Poat. Carnival Bosox Defeat Nats Boston. July 8 f/F"--Lefty Mel Parnell keot eieht hits well scattered while hurling the Boston Red Sox to a 4-1 victory over the Washington Senators tonight before a 26.996 crowd. Early Wynn. the Senators* starting pitcher, had to retire in the second inning when Birdie Tebbetts lashed a sinele off his right ankle while driving in Bobby Doerr with the deciding Tun. The score: R H E Washington _ . . \ 8 0 Boston 4 8 1 Wynn. Thompson and Ex-aas: Parnell and Tebbetts. Court News By WILLIAM E. McKENNEY America's Card Authority Written For NEA Service Do ou become a little bit discouraged when you misplay a hand? You shouldn't, because misplays can improve your game. Remember too that the experts blow many a hand. When today's hand was played, four of the country's greatest card players were at the table, and at least eight Life Masters were kibitzing When an expert rnisplays a hand, the others are quick to tell him about it. but not one of them noticed that this contract could have been made. East wins the opening lead of the deuce of spades with the ace and returns the queen of clubs. The correct play is not to win this club trick with the ace. but to let the queen hold. When East continues with the three o£ clubs. South should win with the ace, which will drop the k'.ng. Now declarer leads the ten of clubs. West discards a diamond. East wins with the jack and leads a small spade which declarer trumps with the five o£ hearts. Now South leads the nine o£ clubs, and if West makes the mistake of trumping. South will overtrump in dummy, pick up the trumps and make his contract. If West refuses to trump, declarer goes down one trick, losing two clubs, a spade and the lone heart Later in the evening, one of the experts who had been thinking about the hand, told South how he could have made it Instead of leading the ten of clubs at trick four and letting East win it with the jack, he should have led a small heart to dummy, led the queen of spades and discarded the nine of clubs from his own hand West would have won with the king of spades, but he could not return a club. Declarer would win either a heart or diamond return in dummy, lead the ten of clubs Then he could pick up West's four trumps and make the contract. It is true that if declarer had won the qu^en of clubs with the ace at trick two and then picked up the trumns. he could have made the hand. But this would not have been the correct percentage play because it would work only when the clubs are divided king and one I THERE'S ONLY O^E ) VESTHIS IS J X DRAW3*CK--IPyou / ppy N | CE! TRV TO KiSS A KL \ CANOE ITMSGHT \ i UPSET AND TK£N BC7K j VL 3E THROWN £ WTO BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES uani ·WS. A. ClAM'BPACc. TOS. ·SOME NOW THAT WE'RE FRIENDS AGAIN, THE TREATS ARE ON fAE TriAi 3R=AKI.\" US AT FARO, 3OSS: SHALL I CLOSE Vr: L£i HIM FLAY/ MAYBE H'.S LUCK WONT LAST/ Eqnity · Joseph C. Knctts vs Kathleen E. Kaotts. bill of complaint for an ' absolute divorce. Kegma O. Stitz vs Adam W. ; Stitz. bill of complaint for an absolute divorce Marriage Licenses Samuel Einhom. 53. and Myrtle T. Lee, 28. divorced both of Balti- , inore. James Leslie Fossett 32, colored. ' and Rosie Les Brown. 27. colored. both of 308 Klinehart's alley this city. Charles S Stambaugh. 22. Rocky Eidge and Kathryn W. Mentzer 21, Detour. Albert Sabo. Jr. 21. Caiawissa. P«u and Adelaide V. Craig. 20 Orangeville. Pa. Melvic F. Aucker. 24. divorced. and Barbara Jean Stamm. 19. divorced- both of Milton. Pa. Fred Sari Dill. 21. Yagertown. Pa_ and Marion Leah Holiracple. 18 York Pa Raymond ~E Powell. 59. colored divorced, scd Ella May French. 43. colored, both of Waynesboro, Pa. Emanuel Keener, 23, and Arlene R- Horst. 21. both of Lebanon. Pa. Frederick D. Gutshall. 25. Mil- lersfaurg. Pa . and Pauline A. VTit- aier. 19. Dalniatia. Pa. Property Deeded L. Sheridan Barber. Jr. and Kife to J. Albert Saffer and wife, rfty, SIO. L, Sheridan Barber, Jr., and wife to J. Albert Saffer and wife, city, $10. Lester S. Birely and wife to Elmer C. Fuss and wife, courty. *10. Frank H. Wachter and tv-ife, et at to Edward A. Wachter and wife, county. $10. Franklin R. Hitchcock and wife to Roy F. Snyder and wife, county. $10. Manuel M. Weinberg and wife to - H. Gordon and wife, "Maybe we'd better say, 'candidate returned to Washington by overwhelming majority,' instead of 'told to get out of town and stay out!'" iVIKTS A CANDIDATE ' With the annual. Brunswick. \ municipal election less than a j month in the offing, little interest has thus far been manifested in the selection of candidates for the ' several offices to be filled early next month As far as has been learned, only two petitions for candidacy have ; thus far been obtained from City ' Clerk Claude Lutman They are bcins circulated in the ir.;"-e't of Mayor S. T. Virts. who will be a candidate for re-election, and by V.'. C Wheeler. Councilman from the Th'.rd Ward. \\ho will also seek re-election. Those cor:e;nplatin2 cand.dacy :n the forthcoming election, have only a l.ltle more than two weeks :n \\h;ch to aaalify for a place on the bailot. as the law requires that candidates f.le their petit.ons at least ten days prior to the election, w'meh. th : s year will be held Tuesday. August 3rd Shifts In Diplomatic Posts Made By Truman Washington. July S iJP" -- President Truman u.cersd shifts today in two high diplomatic posts, but he still had some impottant administrative appointments to decide upon He named Staqton Griffis. who has been Ambassador to Poland, as ths new Ambassador to Egypt. \VaIcemar J. Gallrnan of New York, a career diplomat, was appointed to succeed Griffis at Warsaw. Both appointments are subject to Senate confirmation when Con- I STEELERS SIGN THREE I Pittsburgh. J u l y 8 t^Pi--T h e · Pittsburgh Steelers announced to- j day the signing of two players who i have played with the club two i years--End Val Jansante of Bent! leyville and Halfback Max Kiel' basa of Pittsburgh The club also signed Ray Schlieden of P i t t s burgh. a guard who last season ' played with the Richmond Rebels, a minor league pro team. Radio Program FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS WELL. X NOW DO YOU HIT ME \ BELIEVE ME? WITH A HAMMER., | HARRY' : LOYAL AMD APPROVED ORDER OF JOLLY 2, PRUNES MEMBERS JUST LET" ONE TRY ro STOP ME.' I'LL. TAKE TMe JOLLY Our OF Hi,GOONS! YOU'VE 7 MET JOU-Y PRUNc MASCCfT-- SAY HELLO TO ~U£ BOYS, SOUFFLE? Good Iixer \ JUST LET US DO.VM FROMHERc, OOOK. AMD WE'LL. UFt=L= YOU/ ^: ii^ f '^ vfe. /I i ft fej %HL wvr *^ ^ °^JJBT' U ^ · f~^-s^' v "" -^-\ PR. t*«« BT NEA SfiRvtCE. IMC. T. if. REC- ^ -COPR. t»a BT NEA seavtcE. IMC. U-«. PAT. OFF. VIC FLINT Sometimes A Gun Is Kanfly i HEARD VOICES, BUT ffS CREEPY QUIET NOW. AND vic wrrHOUT PISTOL/ Silk was too busy to look behind him. That was a break for me. SO SHt V/EMT THIS la. WAY/--WELL, AA1SS ? 6AILANT*EE, YOU CAN START SAVINS YOUR PEAYERS. PKISCDL.LA'3 POP MBS ABC N-BC CBS WOK WTMAt. TVFMD Mr. Truaian still must choose a Secretary of Labor to Kucceed the late JLewis Schwellcnbach plane nearby PLANE RAMS BARX La ?5ala. July 3 ^ -- T w o fliers were slightly injured iate last night when their ii^r crashed into a bam at Wicornico Kobert Hamilton. "6. o£ McLean Va . uas hospitalized for lacerations about the right eye and chin Marine Cpl Maurice "Wentz of Henderson Hal'. Arlingtor. Va was treated for miTior injuries * : Mrs Robert P. BO-A ling. Jr . whose barn they hit. said she understood the fliers were returning to Washington from North Carolina but got lost after they made a stop to visit friends at Morgarttoun. Md. Grace G. Stevens to C. Grayson Stevens, et al, county, $1. Virtually every country in the world has salt deposit*. DCCKPIN OPENINGS Sam Roderick is getting ready for the next duckpin season. He has a franchise open in a minor or unlimited average league at the Health Center and a similar berth open at the Walkersvrtle Bowling Center. He is available at the Health Center here. BOOST POWER RATES Wash-.ngton. July S 7^--The average V.'ashincton consumer's electric bill :s s'ated to £0 ua between 32 and 40 cents a month July 21 under rate adjustments approved today by the Public Utili- Ccrnmjss.on for the Potomac E'eclric Power Co The co-nrrussjO-. ordered Pepco to submit immediately a revised rate schedule based on an annual increased average of S2.750 000 in' stead of the S3.000.000 the company had sought. At a hearing completed yesterday, company officials sa'.d the rate increases are necessary because of the nsms cost of coal and because of a badly needed planned expansion program. More than one-half of the 2015 cadets at the U. S. MiUtary Academy at West Point are veterans. TEACHERS DUCK ISSt'E Cleveland. July 8 /Pt--The representative assembly of the National Education Association decided today not to take Gov. Thomas E Dc-.vey to \ask on the floor, and left to its executive committee further investigation of reports Dewey made anti-tearher remarks to other Governors. Evening Report. 1» M!n.--nbc Newscast Every Day--cbs Network Silent Hour--abc-«ast Kiddies Hour (repeat)--abc-west Network Sint (1 hr )--mbs-cast Kiddies Hour rcpcar)--mbs-^est 6:15--Sport*- JIa«'C Tune--cbc You anil Politics--cbs 6:30--Music Tir^e--cbs-eist Lum and Abnsr repeat--cbs-'srcst 6 45--Newscast by Three^nbo Lowe;! Thorras (repeat II)--cbs 7.00--Suppe"- Club--nbc-bas:c The Le^viS Show--cbs News a-5 CornTnci^tary--abc Fu'.toa Lewis. Jr.--rr:bs 7:15--News ar-d Co^rr»-t--nbc La;'v Cor^inentarj--abc News: D:nri^r Da:e--i^bs 7:30--Music For -lerrv \\arn» S^-ow--cb« Lone Kar-cer Drama--abc Henry J Taylor--mb* 7:13--Ka^f-bcra Corn-rent--nbo New*; Broadcast--cbs Sports Comment---mbs S 00--Fa-j! Lai.=j;» Bar.d--nbc Mr ard Jane Ace--cbs Fat Man E"tective--a^c Always a VVoiriarj--mbs 8:30--TV Be Ar.nci.nced--r.bc To B* Annot:r;ced--cbs This is F B I . Drar~a--abc Lea%e It so Gir^s--mbs S 55--Billy Ko!e Comment--nbt 9.00--First F.aro Quartet--r.bc To B» Announced--cbs Break tSe Bank--abc Gabriel Heatter. Comment--rnbs 9:15--News 9:30--Lyman Waltz Tine--nbc The'Sr.mmer Re\ue--cbs The Shp-iff. Prarpi--abc To Be Announced--mbs 9:55--Five-Minute Sports--abc 10:00--Mj«stery Theater--nbc PJiil Baser Qn'i--cbs To Be Announced--?be Meet the Press--robs 10.30--Bill Stern Sports---be Spike Jones Re^ue--cbs Tex Beneka Band--mbs 10.*5--Pro and Con--nbc 11.00--Xews, Variety. : hrs --cbs News and Dance Hour--abc News, Dance Band 2 hrs --mbs 11:15--News Var «ty to 1--nbc 12.00--Dajicinc Continued--abc-west Suggestion ' ODR BOARDING HOrSE OUR \ACACTION --,4 AR= AS COMMON £ I EX £5. T.A AS SHVSTcRS AM ^ T\\O £=R= ''- 'i "\ O" ! /~~ ^ J f e - * ^ OUT WAT :_ ' J -i/ \VriV, THE \ / VCXJ ARE VC\V CSSSRV.M 1 A \ ' '', -A 1 / SDL'-'C-? TK_ \ } eRH.-^ ^.^vp5-HS OF_\'.HM \ ·^t ; V tVHNJ NOTsCE ! WCOPS D.E5V3" i } \ AVP AM A,ViA,£u : ^.'TH'3L,'LL, i -- -- ' v LETS HX! THINSK HE'S A STUF!7 OHM'US AX!' iT"^ XO FUN3 FCOUN)' HIV1-'- Ti=^. SUV'LL BE 'Vi H 5 N30SE/ A=^Trrr ! »§FiTALf. ; ^^ri-±^c, sr-r; j=«^,£ .^.^itj* ^^^ ·-- * X V j

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