Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico on May 9, 1965 · Page 9
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Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico · Page 9

Clovis, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 9, 1965
Page 9
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Roundup Of News From Clovis High PLAINSMAN "Here Ye! Here Ye!" called I Lynn Blankenship over the mike las she sought the undivided attention to the students who were anxious to find out who were Mr. and Miss Plainsman, the color of the yearbook and when I they were to be handed out. After Lynn had finished, Mrs. I Bess Booth announced the public relation staff of the school vear '68-'66. Bank, installed the officers. Two different awards are giv- ( theti started making a prelim- They are Kit Stewart, presi-ien. To qualify for the first, alinary outline and rough draft dent; Dick Jones, first vice student must be able to type 40 president; Wayne Hallmark, words a minute without an error, second vice president; and Sam-land for the other, 50 words. He my Bartee as secretary treas- must maintain this average on urer. all timed writings until the end Captain Gene Ainsworth ofjof school. Cannon AFB was the speaker \ Typing teachers offering the for the evening. After Captain awards are Mrs. Lois Barring Atnsworth's speech, David turned the gavel of authority to Dick .Jones, before ending the eve- ton Mrs. Ruth Baxter, and Mrs. Jean Webb. They urge all students to strive for these awards which are a great asset to the student when applying for a For plainsman staff they were ning's ceremonies. [Carol King, editor and activi- HISTORY FINISHED I ties; junior and sophomore clas-l "The Adventure of the Amer- job where typing is required, ses, Sharon and Sybil More-jjcan People," the textbook used ' AMERICAN HISTORY land: senior class. Donna Rury; !t n is year in Mr. Brooks Jen- Origin, methods, and goals of sports editor Dick J o n c s; : n ings' history classes, was fin- communism is the final topic business manager. Wanda j s ) 1PC ] ] as t week. ; of study for American history Spradlin; clubs. Suzi Szatkow- The test for the last chapter, Basses'under Mr. Arthur Cole, gki: studies and art editor, Bar-,one entitled bara Berger. I World. . . for the paper. The students had to have five different references and one encyclopedia. They could have more, but this was the minimum. Now that they are in. the students can't wait until next year to start on another one for the senior English classes. They don't know it yet, but they'll also be doing one on Hamlett. Martha thanked the juniors for the banquet and prom on the behalf of the senior members. Carolyn Boyd, parliamentarian,!for jobs. dents were taught the correct method to be used in selling a product or in selling themselves gave the appropriate number of licks when the meeting was adjourned, and refreshments were served. SELLING "Everyone loves to have these boxes of super strength Kleenex BOY'S P.E. Coach Bob Henry's P.E. classes have been on a rigorous How many boxes do you want?" Each student learned the five "p's" of selling. These include perserverance, personality, psychology planning, and presentation. Also, the students studied the buyer's feelings and the seller's feelings in business transac- _,.,.. . jtions, and how each person From Kleenex to pens o! should deal wjth tne otheri books, every item imaginable: was being sold this week in Mr. ' ART CLUB Lonnie Jarrett's Speech 1 class-: As a regular meeting of the es when the students gave theirlC.H.S. Art Club, seven members "In an Uneasy j For the remainder of the 1964- opportunities for j(55 sc hool year, these classes will La Sesalpha staff; Barbara jgood and disaster." was given!view slides daily for an over-all Keener, editor-in-chief; Dianna!Friday. It covered the time in 1 picture of Communistic ideals. Douglas, editorial editor; Bar- the history of the United States 1 The first three sets of slides j bara Berger, society editor; and f rom tne launching of the first shown this week were "Why; Ritchie Burch and Wayne Hod- carth satellite to just before as-,study Communism," "What! son. snorts editors. i sassionatlon of President Ken-.Communism Is." and "The Mis- WINNF.RS ANNOtNCEI) inedVi | {orv of Commun jsm: from Marx "Etched in Memory" was the N ext wee k the students will jto Lenin." theme of this year's annual with b c required to recite the first; The students will be tested on Lynn Blankenship as editor-in-. am j i as t names of the 36 presi-;^ fj] ms f nr a grade to be av- rhicf and Bans Hastings. busi- (( ] en t s ness manager. Mrs Leona Headj servec | was selected as the person loj' RESEARCH PAPERS whom the annual was ded.ratod. j ^ eva , uatjon of rcsearch pa Janet C.armack and Buz/ the order that they era ged with their history grades. Eight sets of slides will be shown I in all. SPORTS DAY were announced Miss and Mr Plainsman at (lie yearbook assembly on niankenshlp. editor, the winners. pers was being done by Individ-; some of the outstanding girls The boys started running three weeks ago and they ran an average of five laps around the gym a day. Now that the weather has warmed up the P. E. Classes have started running on the track outside. The first relays were the 100 After each boy ran, he then ran the 202- and 440. Next week the P.E. classes will start on the mile run. After the running Is completed the boys will start throwing the shot put and the discus and high jumping. BANQUET SPEECH The Future Business Leaders first sales talks. Under the direction of Mrs. attended the Faculty Art Show of the Festival of Fine Arts, at Pearce, student teacher, the stu- ENMU, March 29. Artists showing their \ work were Vernon Acker, Peter Welz- ler, and Chris Olkas, all members of the Art Department at Eastern. The three artists displayed oils, pop art, ink animal, drawings, modern art, and the ceramics of Peter Wetzler. Members also visited the newly erected student union building. Mrs. Head, sponsor of the Art Club, accompanied the students, They were Barbara Berger, Vivian Flores, Judy Fraizer, Su Hughes, Terry McMillan, and Steve Watson. Mrs. Mary Lee Garrett will talk to the members about her art career when they visit her ,, MaFy L « e f ™ Mr » Jackie Garnsons of America Banquet scheduled „ . , , „,.... , ., last week at the Holiday Inn was Tuesday. Lvnn! H °« ers ^sence. , a nd Mrs. Leketa Phillips' girls nighli g hted by a speech by Mr. announced The studcnls wcre assigned! physical education classes went Bob Ec hols i three papers to evaluate under Uo the statewide track and field j The b anquet was opened with the topics of form of note cards,'sports day at Portales, May 8. a er presented by Martha First runners-up to Miss and:form of bibliography cards, me Mr. Plainsman were Marilyn chanics of the paper, and form: Katie Dawson and S h Katie Dawson and Sharon Snndors and Hon Harmon. Sec- of tho final outline. vi <J runnors-up were Jill Var- students, may and Wayne Hallmark. roa ,j a ( npm j' s lOreer went for the 50 yard dash if they wish, j while Glenda Beasley and Mary and cotn-jl-ou Salmon ran in the 75 yard After the assonibly the purple [)are \\ W ith their own. but onlyldash and the 100 yard dash. Melody Beacham and Barbara vi silver annuals were dis- three may be evaluated. -.bitted by tne staff, which in- Grammar notebooks were also!Larson entered the 440 run. Raided Pat Bender Administra- checked as to content, and form, tie Dawson. Nancy Yarger, Lin- The grammar lessons consist of da Snyder, and Sharon Greer the study of verbals, infinitives, entered the 200 pursuit; with participles and gerunds. :Jane Hallmark, Junita House, :,..n editor. Kathy Doiozicr, studies editor. Jane Leavellc, organization editor: ,Iw Swart?, .ports editor; Lora Deaton. rlas- .<•? editor; IJabs Hastings, .'idver- •.<ing editor, Mackie Austin. «,.py rradi- ami Linda ForK'.i- •>v.n the spor.s'ir A »-eview test will insure the Mary McAlister, and complete knowledge of these Beacham running in lessons. Melody Hammond, recording secretary, and the F.B.L.A. pledge given by Sheri Vohs, corresponding secretary for the organization. Guest speaker, Bob Echols, spoke on how to attain a successful business. Mr. Echols stated, "If you have optimism and enthusiasm, you can reach your goal in life." Immediately following the banquet, the installation of new officers took place. This was pre- Jl ARF.y, Ber.ito .luare/. the first pres- the 300 j s j ded over by Coy Bombarger, shuttle. In the 440 relay were t ^ e out-going president. Hosie Hill, Barbara Larson Nancy Yarger. and Dianne Cook. INSTALLATION anruai ir<t;\i!a: ; nn Spa Mcv,," ;-,'-, H Mr C lCh SC pres;:lf<l over • 'iv.V.cs. Mr ationa is IxMnt; studied a.-scx under the Henry J'<'na 'f studying this Other guests in atteadance at the banquet were: Vemon Mills Mr. and are study r^ ' "i * ' Schools Menus Public School Menu MOM>\Y Italian Sj-a/'ift'-i tossed <j!ac! buttered freer; toanv '•,'.! rolls b'.jttrr, 4 pint. milk, apricot rob' In the standing broad jump,superintendent of schools; \\cre Katie Dawson and MaryJRoy Lazenby, sponsor, Lou Salmon with Cindy Brue- principal and Mrs. Harlen Beas-, land and Kris Clark with the ] ev . j !)'»!<- provident of Mex- (IUr-,i--. ; " Iti-AK MEETINT, ' (!u;a1;on>, trun.^ation.v Ttie field events were the high The back porch of Missie Sim- ! p.- jump with Barbara Larson and|mons' house was the location of Jiiar«v. "tiir- Abraham Lincoln Mary McAlister, the. .running Uhe Hi-AK meeting Monday, if Mexico", \vd- been a source board jump with Dianne Cook ! May 2. >f fasrinati'-n for many Spanish and Sue Deaton, and the shot put ! Martha Hammond, president, ;av-,.<. T!>:v ((•<» j, truf* of thiv with Melody Beachem and Krisjcalled the meeting to order, then -pun -A-, c!;.-v. jfl.trk. jthe prayer was given and the Tne relation of Juare/ to Lin-! Softball was also included in'club song sung. •o'n will !>•> discussed at great the field events. Linda Franz, newly elected in the n.'ar future, from ENGLISH TIT club treasurer, gave a treasur- TV Fjiglish III classes finally ! er's report and Babs Hastings, turned in their yearly research secretary, took roll and read the papers. The papers were from minutes of the last meeting. !'•'• t'dut'.'iti'iii i'.' t'li'M 1 b<*r*»es to tbrir intimdy deaths that occurred in the same way TlMF.l) WHITINGS ; T>!':f!," I vt'.iilt-nis are now tak- 1 ins timed '.vr'.tinus to qualify for •; awanli. to b« i given at the rnd of the school vear. 1,000 to 1,500 words and contain-d an analysis of a chosen sub- je<-t The about New and old business was discussed. The most important topic classes four to of discussion was a swimming took notes for! party and dance soon to be held five weeks and bv Hi-AK. bier. M.- 1'UttiT, TfFSDAY ;I! >:r.»\% . \vKnvi:sn\Y ir.'-'r on I-i;ir.. r }i:i;tn tx-itn?, c > 'ir.: n.ilk. C* po- pud- < JM'. <-arr'.it-. iiH'l-lt-d SUM s.'i;nr s;»Ud. hu'. roils, hutu-r, '.- junt m:Lk u'c cream cu}' FUII»\Y MarariT:: an-i tiu-ex* lettiK-f a;:ii t'.ntuito >a!.nl buttered J»M« butter, h pint milk, iruit Jelio. Socred Heort Menu MONUAV Hmnhurpi-! i>n h.n~. relish rn'.x."i \eiietahles. truit cup plain cake milk TIKSDAV Keel stew stu ks. corn bread and butter, apple rr;sp. juilk ^!^;^ in blanM't. M-a>oned pin- tu tn-ans. buttereil sjjJnacii. tuss- i-il ^alud ttiocolatf cuke, nulk THIRSDAY Hamburger Meak and gravy Vk hipped potatoes, cabbage slaw. hot rolls and butter, milk FHIUAY Drilled cheese sandwiches buttered corn carrot and raisin •alad, fruit Jello, milk. WAFFI.K WKH A hot wattle samiwich makes hearty 1 u n c-n lau> Pit-pan- eriL»ug!i baiter iroin a mu or from bcrairh. to make iix servings, adding 'i cup (A grated chiH-se to the baiter when it's reads to be baked Bakt- in hut uatfle ito» u ntl i steaminu stops.. Sandwitli individual waf He section^ togrtiier *it;i 2 shce< of panfrit^J crisp, drained bacov for filling. SeiAe with warm maple or iuaple-i>leua«.'d syrup i 3 DAYS ONLY! BEGINS MONDAY MAY 10th! BUILD BABY'S PHOTO ALBUM.WITH Beautiful 5x7" photograph, for only COc ,0:7 fe_ Po your b»bs:4>r»gginf with * b*u. 4iful pkoto , % .^wortli nore thin » \ thousand word*." Get a, oompleUly finighed photograph for only .§9*. (You will not be urg«d to buy but if you vuh the rtBiaicing poiM thtrre youra for 1-85 f or UK flrtt, U5 for the 2nd tod II for my tdditu»n*l !•% 9 : -2:00 — 1:UO— 5:00 an allery In the fietf ting thetf stores typed up, Mrs, 6«Ss fifth period Journalism took amt oat, evetf while, to pass the I 1 man around the room s&n to person so that tt signed t)v everyone Ml Cl immediately after had finished typing his an annual would be placi front of him on his desk 6f in his hands for him to sign. By the time the class peiiod was over, nearly every sludent had had his annual signed..,by every individual in the das**, nneui AYS FIRST QUALITY* clearance STOCKS! SPECIALLY PURCHASED NEW ASSORTMENTS! THE MORE THAN 7,000 YARDS TO CHOOSE FROM SPECIAL PURCHASE FROM WAREHOUSE STOCK! Penney's Own DANSTAR Sportswear Fabric In Solids And Prints . . . Yd. NOTION SPECIAL! Big assortment of notions on cards • Scissor • Needles • Bobbins • Tape Measures, more! 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