The Sandusky Register from Sandusky, Ohio on December 16, 1955 · Page 1
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The Sandusky Register from Sandusky, Ohio · Page 1

Sandusky, Ohio
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Friday, December 16, 1955
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"SANDUSKY, A City That 'ji Growing Places" REGISTER usrKV STAR-NEWS Fair and rather cold WCtthef win continue untU noon Saturday with rising temperatures and fn- preasing cloudiness in the afternoon. I-ow tonight 12. FouBdMl 1822. Vol. 133. No. 281. Inttrnailofitl Ncwi ••r^ie* SANDUSKY, OHIO, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 16, 1955 Unitfd Prett Phon* «I40 PriM f 1T« C M I I HARBOR HEARING HERE JANUARY 24 Commies Seize 11 Vehicles Move Said Act To Compel Recognition BERLIN, Dec. 16 (UP) West Berlin scrap dealers said today the Communists have seized 11 west-bound trucks in another effort to force recognition of the East Zone government. A spokesman for the scrap dealers association said Communist customs guards were holding the truclcs at the Communist Marienborn checkpoint at the Western end of the 110-mile highway from Lsolated Berlin. He said the truckers would have to pay "huge fines" or face out*right confiscation of their trucks. He said the scrap shipments they contained already have been seized by the Red.s. "The action is strictly political," the spokesman .said. "There wa» nothing wrong with the ti'uckers shipping- documerrts. When we inquired at the k German customs office about the matter we were told 'You will have no trouble if your ministry talks to our ministry.' " He said the Communists began their, new interference with the scrap shipment.s this week on a pretext that the shipping documents were not in order. The new Communist move again.'it West Germany came as American authorities announced their firm intention of driving radio-equipped cars into Berlin •when and where they pleased. It was a direct challenge to the Communists to interfere in violation of the four-power agreements guaranteeing the Allies rights in Berlin. The gauntlet was first thrown down Thursday when the Army sent one such radio-equipped car into the Soviet sector with Rep. Ed Edmondson (D-Okla.). By early today the East one Communists had not picked it up. Allied sources in the West Germany capital of Bonn said the Western Allies were considering recommending that their ambassadors in Moscow protest direct to the Kremlin over Soviet violations of four-power agreements of Germany. Geographical Scope Of Planning First Task Of Area Commiliee; Procedure Is Outlined At Meet The job of the newly created area planning committpe is to deride if planning is to be done on an area, county or regional scale. The move toward some form of planning got off the ground Thursday night at a forum on the subject at Perkins school. Attending were members of, Russians Fear Only Germans, iRotarians Told Tom Ireland Says Spirit WillinKnens to Ficht, If Neeea •ary, Gains Respect. 17-Year Old Dies After Killing 3 KITTANNING, PA., Dec. 16 fINS)—Seventeen-year-old John Fallone, captured by an armed posse after he killed three times and wounded his one-time girl friend and a police officer, today is a victim of his own berserk rage. The love-sick boy, wounded by officers who trapped him in a deep woods about 15 miles south of Kittanning, died at Armstrong-co Memorial Hospital Thursday night. One of Fallone's victims, Gladys Small, 15, is described as slightly improved but still critical. She was wounded in the chest with one of the two rifles Fallone used to kill her father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. .Jay Warren Small, and her uncle, William Allen Small. Westinghouse Rejects Offer To Ind Strike PITTSBURGH, Dec. 16 flNS) —Westinghouse Electric Corp. has rejected an offer which would have returned more than 10,000 striking members of the Independent United Electrical Workers Union to work. The union disclosed Thursday that it offered to end its eight- week-old strike, on ccmdition that the company grant a three percent raise for the balance of the current contract—until Oct. 19,56. The union said that after its members returned, negotiations on other issues could ctMitinue. Westinghouse Vice - President Robert D. Bla.sier said that the firm could not accept the UE offer because of competitive reasons. Pt. Clinton Man, Publisher, Seeks Governorship STEUBENVILLE, Dec, 1< (INS) — Robert W. Reider. Port Clinton weekly newspaper publisher, today tossed his hat in the ring for the Democratic nomination for Governor of Ohio. Reider, a political foe of Gov. Frank J. Lausche since the 1954 campaign, made his announcement at a Steubenville meeting of the Northern Ohio Democratic Chairmen's Association. The 39-year -old Reider is a former three -term legislator from Ottawa-co and the unsuccessful 1954 Democratic nominee for Secretary: of Stale. It was his defeat in the election for that post that led Reider to attack Lausche for not aiding other Democratic nominees. In making his announcement. Tom Ireland, CICTeland author and lawyer and Just returned from trips to Germany, Russia and through South America within the year, told Rotary club members here Thursday noon that *'the Germans are the only people in the world whom the Russians fear. "On Germany, more than any one country in Western Europe, depends any serious resistance to Russian aggression. The Germans are the only people whom the Russians believe have any fight left in them. The spirit to fight and the willingness to resort to it if necessary, is the only thing in the world that the present rulers of Russia respect," Ireland said. "There is at present no one in view in Western Germany, to carry on in place of the 79 -year- old Dr. Conrad Adenauer as premier, when he retires. It is a bad omen that Dr. Adenauer felt constrained recently to visit Moscow and to allow the Russians to establish an embassy at Bonn as the base for 300 new Communist operators. Could Go With Russia "The Germans are practical people. Before choosing sides, they will pick probable winners between the Russians and ourselves. If we, give them no more hope of a virile and determined leadership than we have in the last nine years, they will go with Russia as a matter of sheer self-preservation. With the highest respect for President Eisenhower, the allied record for the last nine years has been one of continued acquiescence in insult. "We have conveniently forgotten our pledges at Yalta to re spect sovereign rights of satellite peoples of which they have been ; forcibly deprived. We have time and time again, permitted the Russian promise to respect the the committee which ultimately; will embrace a niembeiship of .36 1 and to include all political subdivisions of the county. Once a decision is reached by a planning committee on the geographical scope of the planning, it will recommend it to the county commissioners for their and; approval or rejection. Frank Dcenier, a member of^ the board of commissioners andj moderator of the panel type session, promised "we're on the way to an area planning commission." Robert Foeller, representative of the Toledo-Lucas-co planning commission, told the slightly under 100 in attendance, "planning tells you where you're going." "A planninif commission is entirely up to you," he said, "and can't be forced on you by the county or state. You must ask for it, and it must be your own program." While Sandusky now has a^ planning committee, it has no CORPSOFENGINEERSTO GET FACTS, FIGURES ON DESIREDIMPROVEMENT A public heariitg on possible improvement of Sandusky harbor will be conducted by the Corps of En- igineers, U, S. Arni>-. m Madison school auditorium on the I afternoon of Jan. 24, city officials have been informed, i The hearing is set to start at 2 p.m. and will continue three or more hours. \ Peter Catri, chairman of the Sandusky port com- [mittee, during a meeting of the committee Thursday I afternoon stated that Madison school was selected as the hearing site as plent\- of parking space is available in that vicinity. The auditorium also has a stage for the half dozen or so people presiding at the hearing «nd Hugh Gaitskell. flanked i there is room for approximately 100 persons who may HEADS BRITAIN'S LABOR PARTY by his wife, waves to a cheering crowd at the Transport House | j^ave evidence to submit to the Corps of Engineers, in London after he defeated both leftist Aneurin Bevan and moderate Herbert Morri.son for the leadership of Britain's Labor parly. The 49-year-old Gaitskell received 157 of 267 votes cast. (NKA Radio-Telephoto\ was cruisers, will construct a large plant in Sandusky on First-st, offjjn the local situation. First Con-jname Sen. John W. Bflcker president, informed The Register-' ... noon. The Inland company, widely- com- Christmas Mail Here Set Mark zoning, but has the right to pass on plats within the three mile area. The tone of the session that all processes, regardless ofiVeuetian-dr, Archie K. Lang, what they are called, are merely;Star-News early Friday afterr working together for the mon good and the future. Harry Fi.scher, who is chair-, man of the committee, tracing the history of the fleclgeing !r» If group, .said its objective is to got;^QnC6f f Ul fUflS a commission to get area planning underway. "We've got to do something. If we don't, there'll be a hodgepodge." Fischer also expressed the opinion that a properly organized planning commission can secure federal funds to carry on its worlc. "It has no Chamber of Commerce connection and the meeting was not sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce," Fischer .said. "The Chamber of Commerce has given financial backing only, and loaned us clerical help. That's the only way it fits into the picture." Inlcmd Seos Boat Co* To Erect Plant Here; Build Large Type Of Cruiser j Congressman A. D. Baumhart, Mr, through whose effort.s the ! hearing was made possible, pointed out that those attending must present facts and figures to prove! the ecQonmic jiistififatioti_fli_fiQSz: sible harbor improvement. He^ said that charts, maps, reports' and outlines should be submitted to show what improvements arC; necessary around Sandusky Bay^ Bricker GOP Favorite Son COLUMBUS. Dec. 16 and give reasons for the project. ;^UP)—The Ohio Republican The congressman said that • • j «^ The Inland Seas Boat Co.. Cleveland, manufacturers of steelj three steps have or will figure/"•g »'''l ^-3"On was expected tO U. S. Will Not Grant Arms To Israel Forces their territories to be ignored. We have expediently turned our backs when half a dozen Amert- Reider .said he chose the northern!can planes were shot down with _ W.\SHINGTON, Dec. 16 (INS> rights" of "American nationals mi—The U. S. has decided to with "Stamped" Thursday, Christmas mail cancellations hit their highest peak Thursday with cancellations totalling 122,000 as compared with 120.700 for the same day in 1934. according: to Acting Postmaster Arthur liarimer. Daily cancellations for the past tour days have averaged 120,000 which is a new record for a four- day period Larimer said. Larimer stated he doubted if last year's record cancellation of 124,700 on Dec. 14 would be passed or equalled this year. He attributed his statement to the fact that there is a more even flow of mail this year with less slacking up of high volume at any one time. He gave the public credit for this as he said people-are co- cress had to appropriate funds' .. >» ifor the Corps of Engineers to:^^ ^^s 'favorite son" presi- i conduct various hearings at Great dential candidate today to known in marine circles, plansj ,,akes and seacoast ports. Sec-iuoIH iho <;tate's "ifi riplr>o«tM to start construction when the ond, the Corps must conduct Xhe^ s ate s 5b delegates building season opens in the hearings and submit data to tor President Eisenhower, spring. The facilities will in-| c^ngpes.s on the separate hear-! State Chairman Ray C Bliss elude five acres of lagoons and; jng, ^rid its recommendations.! said the meeting was to name a five acres of land, formerly own-i Thirdly, should the Corps ap-i favorite son so that a slite of prove a harbor improvement,} delegates could be entered In then it is up to Congress tojlhe May 8 primary who would 'provide funds to carry out the, be for Mr. Eisenhower if he After Congress appro-, seeks re -election, funds for a harbor proj-| A favorite son candidate was can get underway. j g^.^ (jjg government advertises named to hold delegates for Mr. for bids and • lets contracts to! Elsenhower who was not : ed by the Billman interests. ' construction will begin Early with a one story cement block Four -day Average Of 120,000 Es-1 building, Lang said, so that con-i p,.pjpp[ tablishes Record; 1 2 2 , 0 0 Oi struction of larger steel cruisersj nriates i At present the company manufactures 22, 26, 32 and 36 foot steel cruisers, but in the Sandusky plant, according to Lang.| larger models are to be turned! out. The company head said that purchase of the property in San-| dusky will result in expan.sion of facilities, and the opportunity to manufacture the larger cruis- for the local office,' No valuation for the building Ohio Democratic group because "I believe you are the only surviving (Continued on Page 16—Col. 7.) Kefauver In Presidential Field §TATIKTI«K Marriig* Application Charles Eugene Dorton, 26, brake operator, Catlettsburg, Ky., and Betty Ann Perry, 29, at home, Charleston, W. Va. BIRTHS GOOD SAMARITAN Mr. and Mrs. Leo Parker, Ca.slaiia, a daughter. .Mr. and .Mis. Roy Smith, 506 W. Madisun-si, a daughter. PROVIDENCE Mr. and Mrs Billy Marshall, Route 2, Sandusky, a daughter. Mr. and Mrs. William Frankart. Castalia, a daughter. MEMORIAL Mr. and Mrs. Edmond Canterbury, Huron, a daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Strolh- #r, Clyde, a daughter. WASHINGTON, Dec. 16 (UP)— !Sen. Estes Kefauver announced ] formally today that he is a candidate for the 1956 Democratic presidential nomination. The Tennessean told a news conference he again will wage a "vigorous campaign" for the liighest office in the land even though he failed to win his party's nomination in 1952. Kefauver said in a prepared, statement that he will fight forj the nomination in "a number of slate primaries ... as many as 1 can." The statement did not identify these primaries, however. Kefauver is the third Democrat to announce formally for the party's 1956 nominati'^T. others are Adlai E. Stevenson, the 1952 standard bearer, and men were the lo-ss of 45 American heroes' lives. We meekly acquiesced when 6,000 United States prisoners in Korea were deliberately exterminated. "Senator Knowland suggested that we blockade the coast of Red China until American prisons i were released. Unless the United States stands up to its responsibilities as free world leader, we will lose the support of West Germans, at present our best, because it is the only hope, in the western world," Ireland said. Good Catches Of Fish Reported As Ice Is Thickening hold arms from l.srael until thej 0P.e>ali" a much better spirit Middle Eastern situation cools! ^^.s year in the posting of Chnst- off. This mas leilcrs, cards and packages. was disclosed tbday by diplomatic sources who said Yl'y ^lcYfQ jp Crash Causes Burns To Three private contractors. Congressman Baumhart stated that although Congress resumes sessions on Jan. 3, he will be in Sandusky on Jan. 24 to testify at the harbor hearing as the port is within the 13th Congressional district. He appeared recently at the Lorain port hearing, will be available until contrac-j Richard Fuller, e.v-officio may- tors' estimates are completed, he °'' president of the city com' mi.ssion, said that he had re- said. Christmas Gift For Youngsters Residing Here ceived a suggestion from the Corps of Engineers that federal, state and county officials interested in the development of Sandusky Bay should also be represented at the hearing. Chairman Catri assigned different president members of the committee to tack, contact various officials. i The Ohio Since the Penn.sylvania expected to announce before the I Feb. 8 Ohio filing deadline whether he would seek re-election. .\1I candidates contesting for delegates in the Buckeye State must give their written consent before Feb. 8. Alternative Not Mentioned Bliss would not discuss who might get Ohio's big block ©f delegates in next year 's Republican national convention in San Francisco if Mr. Eisenhower decides not to run. The Ohio Republican Central and Executive Comniitteca last summer adopted a resolution aak- Ing Mr. Elsenhower to be a candidate for re-election. The pledge of support was made before the suffered a heart at- organization 's slate Rail-! of delegates would be pledged College Loan Fund Established; road and Lower Lake Dock Co. to Bricker, a one-time vice-presi- By Private Citisens For Youths; use the bay more than any oiherj dential candidate. He could keep Of Erie-co Children's Home. Another substantial Christmas gift has come to the Erie- co Children's Home in the form of a college loan fund which has been established by private citiiens interested | improvements are neee.ssary, in the welfare of the inslitu- : ground the bav a.s far as "i'' A»*ArM»%» T#* Cr«WA tion. coal shipping industiy is con- MlTempi lO ^UYW Youths residing in the Home or , ^ C ^e^ boarded out who are ambitious; ^^^^.^^^^ ^^^^ j^^,,^ .j. blX-T eOr-Uia JOfl opJorriX";:; frost were_named^to collect ciaU; this dream Ihrougli" the! from Sandusky and area Intlus- With a fou;;-to-six inch thickness of ice on Sandusky Bay, the sport of ice-fishing got underway with a bang todaj-, according to officials of the Ohio 'I'Jj'^j Wildlife Sandusky office. Up until today noon, fisher- averaging a catch of] Gov. Frank J. Lausche of' Ohioi 10.31 fish per hour at Bay who announced this week thatJBridge and Battery park, Wild- he will enter Ohio's presidential;life enforcement officers report- primary as a favorite son candi-jed. The catch at Bay Bridge (late. CJOV. Averell Harriman of consisted principally of percli, New Yozk also has announced'and at Battery Park, crappies, ithat his name will be placed in'they said. Sizes were ranging !nomination at the national con-!from four to nine inches. Ivention, but he insists he is noij With continued cold weather, decision was reached as a result; of Israel's punitive raid into Syria which took 49 lives Sunday. The sources added that the. American position on the niattei| has been communicated to Israeli diplomats in Washington and! GREKNWICH, Dec. 16—Two Jerusalem. ; trainmen and a wrecker opera-' Officials feel that so long as tor received sulphuric acid burns'^o^''^'-''' ""^ ^ the current intense bitterness be- this morning when a .\ew York||°. tween Israel and the Arab states Central mail and express train«i\en prevails it would on . . •• .-. i_„j„j! ' flames and cost Ameri left of Arab friends..., U. S. sold arms to the .Jewish so h.idly damaged by the acidliy will be eligible to the loans; state. 'and fumes that they had to beiand The U. S. po.sition is that sideirai ked. jthe Israeli weapons should be pur- Earl Kirkpatrick, 34, Stow, O.,' chased during a "^"P^'-'^t'velv; driver for tlie Morrison Trucking ,,„t quiet period and not when the Co.. Akron, escaped injury when.S • ';^ co^^^^ two sides are nearly at each olh-! his tractor was swung aside as;^ ^''''^^^^ e .V throats. ' the speeding train hit the trailer|;, .-^..-J^^-;-- Ji^airrr" Ji^ Israel asked the U. S. to sell; in midseetum. Acid from theli,j,_.i,e(j participat~ her arms after Egypt made a deal! broken drums was scattered undertaking, to buy guns and other military! along the tracks for nearly equipment from Comnuinist yards. Czechoslovakia, by the board of trustees of tl \t' were blinded by the fumes; local business, David Bogert, a them if he decides to try for the committee member, was asked to; nomination or he could release contact officials of both com-i them as he sees fit. panics about an early meeting! Designation of Bricker as the with the port committee. Athconlinued on Page 16— Col. ».) the proposed meeting an outline! would be prepared as to what'p Q. J . ert L. Perkins, 45, perished in a rescue his son house early jilv fan the hit a tractor-trailer outfit loaded;j^,^^, already is in opcra-i Irialists and merchants on ^tip,npt "to 'res M-ica what is'with drums of the strong acid.|,ion. At present there are 125 toient and possible future ^.Q,^, ,,,^4^. burning .ship if the^The locomotive and 16 cars were; 150 boys and girls who ultimate-exports and imports that could • " ' ' ' " iill' be eligible to the loansi he handled by bo,-* "-"d. . are under the jurisdiction of, pointed out that s Krie-eo Child Welfare Board.; jj,,,,,,. ,.,,ip 3 heavv local manufacturer has boat. It was several local; tonnase from in the 200 1 Already one girl now in college ihas been enabled to continue her ,^^,.„^,„,„„,„ Guy D. Russell, Cleveland, and courses by a grant from the fund. The U. S.'position means that; R. G. Codriiigton, Sheffield Lake.! The plan is being administered Israel cannot get arms from the| engineer and fireman on the lofe News Flashes Perkins, owner of a dry clean- iiig establishment, and his wife and two children escaped from liere house. Then they discovered lft_C()l 71''^'*'^ David, six, was trapped in the building, Perkins went back in an effort to find David and botli were killed. Mrs. Perkins and two children, ' Buddy, eight, and Robert, two, escaped BO.NN, (INS) U. S. until tiie beginning of nextjtram, , . , ^ at the earliest, and per-'and suffered acid burns about ^^.^.^.^i^^ not even then, if the vest the faie and eyes. They were -j.^,^, jjo^,.^, year haps , Eiie-co Children's Home. , with; " ',, .,,„uy . ..,,t,„. : others outside the official board ^ ' u 'serving in an advisory capacity. IGennanv od... 1. ipaci consists of Robert an "active" candidate. DEATHS Mrs Sakie Kotz, 81, 1529 Llndtiey-sU BULLETIN CLEVELAND, Dec. 16 (IP) — Harry Lee Rush, brought here as a murder suspect in the Beverly Potts mystery, said today his confession was a hoax. "I made it al^ up. it was the only way I knew of to get back to Cleveland for the Christmas holidays," Rush kaid shortly after he was flown liere from Los Angeles. Police today ice is expected to reach a thickness by this week-end to make fishing safe around teh Lake^'eak in a sent.s Erie Islands such as Put-in-Bay. Middle and North Bass and Kel-j leys island, the game protectors 1 mentary school a .e said. taken to Willard .Municipal HOS-:J.; pheifter. "chairman; Faher Me- !pital fur first aid. Impaci caused ,c»iUinuea on Page 16-Col. b > I the i()t(!nioti\e to separate from j tile l(> cars and could not be j stupMed b\- llie injured trainmen until it had traveled approxi- iiiulely two miles west of here, got liieir fust The acid damaged mail and p _ _ of i.xpre.>,s cars were halted several LOS AN'GLLES, Dec. 16 (INS „, i cases occurring during tlie past hundred yards from the Route - -Harvey Let Rushkowski, 4.') pocket wars do not let up. Apprehend Boys For Vandalism The I nlted FlalU'C ti'Id in Fast the West slill m )nsulerea lom-i>o\ver rule in Berlin. SHOPPING DAYS LEFT p.. H»lp Pifht Tt Killing Suspect On Way To Ohio month when three boys of ele- 224 crossing when the emergen- year-old transient who confeswd west central section admitted damaging car from the i-v air brakes took hold. John week tHat lie Killed a of tlie city Dietz, conductor, was in charge year-old girl m IMeveland radio an- o H.e train, which was enroutC: 19.)1, was enrouie 12-; PAKIS. (I.N'Si—The 15 .North Atlaiitu' rreai\' coimeil ineiiitiers (iebaleil .it leiutti Indus (lie vU'()s !lie Wesi imi>t lake lo iiiet't ilie ne\v So\iei eoUi-war liireais lu liie Near and Middle F.,isi. » • • BAl.TIMOltf. (l.NS) -- .Mrs. Doroiliy Caruso, 6-. widow of the '-;reiU tenor. 1:;IUK'O C'aiuso. 62. idled ot c;iiicer today at Cnioii FIRE HITS WAREHOUSE the Bimel Co. warehouse Thurs- dav night, destroying radio anditigaHo" television sets, regriferators,: the Erie-co juveiule i ourt and other appliances. i disposition, Adcotk iaid. tennas and windshield wiper; to St. Louis from Cleveland, blades. Acting Police Chief Vic-j David Kinfe, (Greenwich, re- , Memorial hospital, to Cleveland • • » BON'N, (INS) — The chairman today. He was in custody of a Clfve-i,^,,- yVest German Parliamentary leeived leg burns when he slipped! land homicide detective. j investigation committee said to- The report of the police inves-' and tell into tlie spilled acid. He! Rushkowski said he picked the'day that Dr. Otto John, redetect- lurned over to\wi> operaiint; a wrecker near the girl up near a circus, Killed her ,.d furniei L .ivyCkrisHiiMSMli.J CHRISTMAS SHOFPINO HOURS l>i SAN'OIJSKY STORES Monday, 'I'uesday, flle4aM4iy> and Thursday. »M IB. %• f:Sf p. m. Friday and S«tur4«ir. a. m. to 9 p. m. seeui'itv thiet, will be for cro-;>iiit: I uaiuaged trxiui; to remove liuck trailer. the with his fists vstien she ev.ed i-alled to lesui) beioru ih*:' com- land bunea her under a bnd,ie. ,imliee. POSTOFFiCE WINDOW HOURS Saturday, to i f. JD.; &M 4« V> , uooa to i 9. m-

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